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LAWYERS FIGHTING THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC Opioid overdoses killed 64,000 Americans last year – more deaths than those caused by car accidents or guns. The CDC estimates that more than 2 million Americans have a substance abuse problem involving prescription opioids. We all know someone who has been affected by this tragedy, and the cost to our communities is staggering. Cory Watson is among law firms leading the way in historic litigation that holds drug manufacturers accountable for the role they have played in accelerating the opioid epidemic. Counties and cities are fighting back to recover the billions of taxpayer dollars associated with the opioid crisis. The lawyers at Cory Watson are going toe-to-toe with opioid manufacturers who have raked in billions in profits at the expense of devastated families and communities. Cory Watson is proud to fight the prescription drug overdose epidemic and help restore our communities.

CORY WATSON ATTORNEYS 2131 Magnolia Ave South | Birmingham, AL 35205 | 205.328. 2200

Faces of Birmingham 2018  
Faces of Birmingham 2018