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COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE Since the founding of our company in 1984, Southpace has always put the needs of our clients above everything else. Southpace does not own any property, so our clients' interests are never compromised. At Southpace, we buy, sell, lease, develop, manage and invest for our clients in all types of commercial real estate including office, land, industrial, retail, warehouse and special purpose properties.

SOUTHPACE PROPERTIES, INC 300 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Suite 900 | Birmingham, AL 35203 205.326.2222 Pictured left to right: Andrew Loveman, Blake Thomas, Steve Mordecai, Sam Centeno, Julie Gieger, Mike Perry, Joseph Sedita, David Ashford, Cathy Marques, Rich Vanchina, Bill McDavid, Bryan Holt, John Lauriello, Steve Lazarus, Blake Crowe, Gloria Weintraub, Kathy Okrongley, Stephanie Hill, Bill Moss, Shepard Ager, Alex Benson, Michael Randman

Faces of Birmingham 2018  
Faces of Birmingham 2018