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XENIA(GREEK FOR HOSPITALITY) George Sarris’ Fish Market Restaurant on Southside is the perfect place to experience that special, Old World feeling of classic Greek hospitality. Since he came to this country more than 40 years ago, Sarris has focused on bringing the heritage, flavors, and sensibilities of his birthplace and family to the people of Birmingham. Olives and olive oil from the groves that surround his home village of Tsitalia. Fish,unbelievably fresh, is served at a price that is easy on a family’s pocketbook. Locally grown vegetables with homemade sauces, imported Greek foods, and wines that pair perfectly with seafood. Tanks with live lobster and rainbow trout, Gulf shrimp, live crawfish in season, the best raw oysters in town and a bounty of fish from the Gulf and as close to home as possible. And always the customers: parents, grandparents, children, whole generations of the people who matter the most. And who make The Fish Market what it is: a place where George Sarris can say, “kali orexi.” (Welcome. Bring your healthy appetite.)

THE FISH MARKET RESTAURANT 612 22nd Street South | Birmingham | 205-322-3330

Faces of Birmingham 2018  
Faces of Birmingham 2018