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Cinema mania grips the city

DBIFF off to a flying start Steve Biswakarma Kochi: “ Changes will not stop at the gates of the venue. Films play an important role in the lives of people.”said A. Sahadevan News Editor, India Vision, while inaugurating the 3rd edition of Don Bosco International film festival (DBIFF) at Don Bosco Image. Film as a medium of mass communication in a mixture of creativity and technology which influence the mind of people, he said. Fr. Jiji Kalavanal, the director of DBIFF welcomed the dignitaries and delegates to the festival. Through film festivals

Here we go: A. Sahadevan delivers the inaugural address the society wants to educate the audience that there are a lot of films that have broken away from conventional plot and are making waves in the industry as well as enriching audience , he said.

Film critic V. C. Haris presided over the function. Don Bosco rector Fr. Jacob Malayat and programe co-ordinator Mr. Rahul Rajan were spoke on the occasion.

Into the frames The endeavor of DBIFF is to reach to the best to cover the whole section of movies including classics in modern times, international films, contemporary Malayalam section, special focus on K.G.George’s film, homage to legendary figures such as Thilakan and C. Sarathchandran.

The international cinema screen of DBIFF is blessed with the creative waves of Bernard Rose, Joseph Cedar, Robert Marshall, and Aki Kaurismaki. The competition entry section is described as a riot of multiple colours of diverse thoughts. 58 movies are included here. Masoom Chappal directed

Juliet Sebastian

by Nehal Ahmmed, narrates the plight of a small tribal girl. Joy of giving by Jishnu Sanath is about the journey of a photographer. Seeking a space called peace by Sayed Maaz Kazmi puts forward the helplessness of an orphan lady. Contemporary malayalam films are also part of the fest.

DBIFF grooms young film makers Pooja Nair P. The director of Don Bosco Image and maker of the movie, 'Seasons of Love', which received the best short film Signis award at RT film festival Rome and special Jury award Niepokalanow, takes up an entirely different role here as the director of Don Bosco International film festival. The festival under the leadership of Fr. Jiji encourages the young film makers to climb the pinnacles of cinematic art.

? What is the real motivation behind conducting Don Bosco International film festival which has entered its third edition "Our main aim is to promote the creative and technical skills of our upcoming film makers. Here we provide them the opportunity to project and showcase their talent, creativity and even they are getting the chance to get their film viewed before the delegates of DBIFF."

? How is the third edition of DBIFF going to be unique Compared to the last festival that we have conducted, we have tried to bring uniqueness in all aspects. Earlier we managed with one theatre, which has now been increased to four. In the technical aspects, we have used Blue Ray projections. Even there is great advance in the standard of the entries of films that we received this year. We have been able to expand and spread to other parts of Kerala and this helped us to receive entries from outside Kerala and even abroad.

? What are the main challenges and difficulties you faced as the organizer of the festival Difficulty is the other part of the coin, so for any venture, we will have to face difficulties. Even here there were many challenges ahead of us. The major challenge was to collect the blue ray disc of the movies, which was not available in India. We managed to collect those discs from UK through our friends. Another major challenge before us was to get a good number of delegates who are really passionate about movies more than those who take it as a time pass. Getting the co-operation of the people working within the industry was a hard job. Getting good quality movies was also a problem.


What are the creative aspects of dbiff 2012

We have made DBIFF 2012 creative in its organizational style. The main focus was on giving more information to the public about DBIFF, and through social networking websites we received several responses favouring us. We have brought out a creative logo and signature tune which is entirely different from DBIFF 2011. This year we will screen a short film named 'Beyond' which will help the upcoming film makers to learn about how to make a short film.

? Have the standard of entries improved compared to the previous festivals Definitely there is a big change in the standard of the entries of the short films that we have received. We have received entries not only from students of media schools but even from students not connected with media. There is a better quality in the movies of students outside media. This proves that "Creativity cannot be taught in media schools." What we can do is to make them familier with the technologies. Present young film makers are giving much prodution rather than its content and treatment, which means technology is overruling creativity.

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Audience throng for opening forum DBIFF witnessed a packed theatre at its first open forum. The renowned director of ‘Sthalam’, Mr. Shivaprasad responded to the queries of young film makers and cinema enthusiasts. A well known film critique moderator, Dr. V. C. Haris led the different segments of the session helping to reach satisfactory conclusions. Dramatist Mr. Chandra Hasan who was the voice of the protagonist Kallen Pokkudan shared the dais with the other dignitaries. Printed & Published by Don Bosco IGACT, Vennala Editors: Jobin & Abin- Don Bosco Arts & Science College- Angadikadavu

Don Bosco Internatioal Film Fest 2012 Newsletter  

Don Bosco Internatioal Film Fest 2012 Newsletter published

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