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Nature News/Spring 2019


05 Expanding the ‘blue-belt’ of MPAs around the UK 06 Meet the Expert

Front cover image: Coral polyps, Grand Cayman © Ellen Cuylaerts Editor: Kirsty Meadows Designer: Maddy Long Editorial Team: Kirsty Meadows Christine Maggs Marcus Yeo Wendy Dalton Maddy Long John Henson Webb Connect with us:

10 Breeding Bird Survey 15 Seed money bringing back the Bastard Gumwood 18 Viewing the BIG PICTURE from the seabed 19 Contributing to conservation across the flyway

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18 Window on Wales 28 Conservation Conversation

Images: Cold-water Corals, Anton Dohrn © JNCC | Dr Gwawr Jones © Stephanie Carter | Wren © Natural England/Allan Drewitt | Vanessa Thomas-Williams © James Hutchison | Solan Bank Reef © JNCC | Turtle Dove © Sergey Dereliev | Skomer, Wales © Wendy Dalton | Marion Scott © Marion Scott

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