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MONTHLY HIGHLIGHTS It is time to put on your gloves and come out punching! OK time to not pull the punches. If you are even remotely interested in property investing it is time to step into the ring. 2-3 years ago if you were brave, when the market was down, the world economy was tanking and the scare mongers were warning against drops, you were considered brave to invest. However, if you follow Warren Buffet you know that was the time to buy. 2 years ago if you entered the market you were counting on the market rising. Back then you will recall I was telling people to buy. As a student of history we know Sydney, then Melbourne, then Brisbane move in that order. Well they moved and they are still moving and they will continue to move. That is the commentary that the property and finance experts are saying. Don’t be like those who ‘missed out’ in the early 2000’s and are still waiting for the ‘right time’ or when ‘the prices pull back’. If you can afford it, do your research use my Trid3nt Strategy ® and buy well and sit back and watch the growth. I even wrote a book about how in 15 years you could put $1mill in the bank with just 2 investment properties, bought in the right location at the right price. Well this is the right time. This month I have added a lot of reports to the Toolbox to get you going. For my Diamond and Gold Investors Choice Mortgage clients you CAN’T miss the Residex State of the Market reports for each State. John Edwards CEO tells you where to invest and where there will be sustained growth. The budget came out this week and I have attached an interesting summary but more of interest is ‘The Little Black Book’. I am sure when the major bank, who put this out for their financial planners, find I am sharing this cheat sheet with you they will ask me, nicely, to take it down. Until then download it and keep it as a great reference guide. As always some wonderful magazine articles this month. If in doubt what to buy just buy Aust Property Investor magazine there is so much in that one magazine you will be set. Have a great month Jane Slack-Smith Cover Photo: from installation at Melb Now 2014 MAY|2014


Reports you should read Herron Todd White I believe this is a report that everyone should read. It is a fantastic review of what is happening in capital cities and regional areas for residential and commercial property. This should be your first port of call each month on what is happening in the market. You can download the report here CLICK HERE to download.

ANZ Housing Update Check out this latest report on where the Australian Housing market is and where it is heading. It looks at year on year growth of the Capital cities and clearance rates. Click here to download.

ATO Review These guys take a few years to review the tax information but when they do‌ Check out this report. There are over 1.7 mill property investors, 1.2mill who have negatively geared properties and over 15,000 with more than 6 properties. Interesting read.

Capital City Market Conditions at a glance A quick look around the country to see what stage the markets are in. Data is sourced from Herron Todd White. Source May 2014



RP Data Watch this 10 min video – for a quick recap on the state of the market according to the RP Data and Rismark home value index. A slight slowing in the market, but most capital city properties are sold within 36 days!

Source RP Data

Real Estate View Click here to see the full report which surveyed over 1200 Australian buyers and renters about their views on the current housing market.

2014 Budget – What it means to you Click here to download the 2014 Budget summary now.

The Big Black Book The Big Black Book covers all Government taxes, entitlements and more. This reflects the measures announced in the 2014 Federal Budget. MAY|2014


Magazine Summaries and Reviews for the Month Money Magazine As always Money magazine is full of articles. This month in particular I loved all the letters to Paul. There were so many property related questions from assessing the benefit of moving to the next suburb to access better high schools to assessing the real performance of an investment property for a retired couple. Some great Apps and websites too! I am definitely going to try alpha guru, the idea of flying in business class at economy prices got me. A group of experts also respond to the question where they would spend $10k the answers may surprise you!

Your Investment Property Magazine Great articles this month! I really enjoyed the article on the turnaround suburbs. The description of why there has been stimulus in these areas is well worth the read. Use this information for yourselves to anticipate the next hotspot for you. The experts also contribute their thoughts on where these next boomers may be. The article on the death of mining towns is also a must read, it gives a history to why they worked and why there is so much disappointment in these areas at the moment, and some upside for the future. Others articles are on saving money and building a portfolio, but I found editor Nina Sweeney’s review of a new book compelling.

Australian Property Investor Magazine We all want to know the next hotspot. The cover story this month talks about the key factors you should consider for your own research. One indicator that many miss when looking at an area is the average income, for those buying renovating and selling this is a must to consider for areas with tight affordability it can also indicate capacity to pay more rent. Don’t forget this when you are locating your next hotspot. Speaking of hotspots –is it too late to buy in Sydney? I contribute to this article and explain why it is not too late for the savvy investor. Check it out on page 82. The article on how stamp duty is calculated on private sales and how you can get stung later. Each State is covered on how this is assessed and it’s a great resource to keep on hand. Actually there are so many articles to devour just grab the mag this month. Everything from investor stories, how to get out of a signed contract of sale, infrastructure plans in Brisbane and where to buy…the list is extensive.



This month API has a new Editor and Eynas who has held the reigns for many a year has moved on. What a wonderful magazine developed under her leadership. Now Nicola McDougall takes over. Welcome. I look forward to the next era.

Smart Property Investment Magazine SPI - check out the hotspots around the country this month as well as how to pick your very own. They also do a step by step review of their latest renovation project. Also don’t miss the article on choosing a buyer’s agent. A good buyer’s agent will not only do the research for you on where to buy, they are great negotiators AND they get you into the market sooner. They also tackle the questions about what to do when buying in a strata property and also where to buy metro vs regional.

This month the March intake of students in The Ultimate Guide to Renovation moved onto to Module 8. We are now into the renovation itself. So Module 7 covers an actual cosmetic renovation step by step including a tutorial on how to paint the kitchen bench top. Next week we go through a full structural renovation for our unique ‘Box at the Back’ technique. We steal the commercial construction techniques to create a whole new living area for a fraction of the cost. I can’t wait to share the blue prints on that one. The Module 5 bonus was the Renovation Budget calculator – over 20 years of intellectual property went into building this renovation tool, allowing costing’s, planning and cost tracking. The calc allows the user to decide how to quote a reno with as much or little detail as they want. For instance they can go into detail on actual litres of paint, filler etc per room with recommended costs from our experience, or if they want they can just add a once off painter quote. In the private Facebook page and on the weekly Q&A calls we had lots of discussion about where to buy discounted materials for your renovation and there has been a lot of property purchases this month. So we are all keen to hear how those renovations are going with the before and after photos posted on our Pinterest board. Some great work by students this month! for more information and register your interest for the October intake.



Websites, Apps & Subscriptions you should sign-up for (mostly free) Apps for mobile devices seem to be the latest thing – there are certainly a lot of companies investing big bucks in free apps; I think they will become the new business card of the future so watch this space. Let us know about any you’ve found helpful

Resources Something different this month – a bit of fun. Money magazine revealed a great website where you can get business class flights for economy prices. Check out alpha guru I will be!!

Residex Reports This month the latest quarterly Residex reports came out for each State. I was absorbed for hours in these reading what John Edwards predicts for the future in property and where to buy. If you have not bought one of these reports before you are missing out it is a great resource. I can hardly wait till September when the annual supplement identifies the suburbs that are in correction, entering correction or about to enter a growth phase.

If you are looking for resources, tips and tricks, then check out the Investors Choice Mortgages website. Thank you for those who sent me emails on how much you loved the Property Plus calculator. It’s a borrowing capacity calculator that tells you where you can afford to buy. A wonderful resource, check it out if you have not already and bookmark the page. Disclosure – I purchase with my own money many courses and reports and I give my personal thoughts and opinions on these products and only recommend those I feel of benefit to property investors. In some cases I am invited to be an affiliate of some of these reports, courses and related products and if you buy through my links, I am paid a commission. I believe this does not influence me, but you need to decide that for yourself. I do believe transparency is vital and hence this disclosure.



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