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MONTHLY HIGHLIGHTS HOW TO FIND YOUR WAY THROUGH THE MAZE OF PROPERTY INVESTING Editor of Your Investment Property magazine Nila Sweeney this month issues a challenge – take action! Often the maze of property investing presents a problem, you get buried in research and inaction. So this month the challenge is do something. Don’t get lost in the maze, start moving forward, start with your plan, organise your finance and start inspecting properties. Sometimes we do get bogged down, however with interest rates so low and the markets in most areas moving up it is time to do something so don’t be left behind. Speaking of interest rates, if you want to learn more of what is happening with fixed rates and what you need to do when considering if it is time to fix interest rates then you need to read this e-book by clicking here. Currently 5year fixed rates are in the low 5%’s pa, with the standard variable rate long term average at 7.5%pa, it would seem like a good time to fix, but is it? Find out in the ebook. This month the magazines all cover different topics – how to add $200,000 in 6 months, how to get a passive income of $90,000pa in 7 years and how to maximise rental riches. If you were going to have to decide on one magazine this month you are in trouble – my advice, grab them all and lock yourself away for a weekend. Over the last 5 months I have been on renovation sites and in the studio filming my latest online video course – The Ultimate Renovation Guide. We are still a few months away from sharing this however, next month I am going to be calling for testers. So if you want complimentary access, to what I believe is going to be one of the best courses you will ever see, then go register now by clicking here and get an extra special gift. Till next month. Jane Slack-Smith P.S. Next month’s Money magazine cover story is BIG. I can’t say much but I am going to be running a webinar about this hot topic and who better to join me than Hotspotting Founder Terry Ryder, so watch for your email for details.

JUNE | 2013


Reports you should read Herron Todd White I believe this is a report that everyone should read. It is a fantastic review of what is happening in capital cities and regional areas for residential and commercial property. This should be your first port of call each month on what is happening in the market. This month they look at what the median priced buyer with a medium term outlook of about six years can expect to be able to purchase. You can download the report here CLICK HERE to download.

Capital City Market Conditions at a glance A quick look around the country to see what stage the markets are in. Data from Herron Todd White

RP Data Watch this 10 min video – for a quick recap on the market – it seems the markets are rebounding. To the end of May 2013, the index results revealed that capital city dwelling values have recovered 2.9% since the recent low, this is according to the RP Data and Rismark home value index.

JUNE | 2013


Magazine Summaries and Reviews for the Month Money Magazine Are you into Stocks? Well you will love the cover story – if not then this edition is full of many other interesting property articles. If you have an investment property you probably don’t want to miss the article on how it may be worth your while to organise repairs to be carried out and paid for before June 30, so that you can claim the deduction this year rather than waiting another 12 months. A leading residential property researcher has identified 263 suburbs where current trends suggest the median value will double over the next 10 years and 792 suburbs where rents are on track to double over the same period. Money takes a closer look at these hot spots. Finally as a money saving strategy, don’t miss the article on apps that allow you to make free calls and texts.

Your Investment Property Magazine The cover story this month is great. Two property experts give radically different strategies on how to generate a $90kpa income. One involves lots of flipping of properties and the other a more stayed low-risk approach. No matter which strategy suits you better, they show you how you can adopt the strategies to your own situation. Other stories this month include ineffective property investor habits, DIY property management (which include a great tip if the potential tenants turn up late and have a dirty back seat in their car then veto their application) and a lot more. The quantity surveying topics this month are plentiful. Don’t miss Washington Brown’s Tyron Hyde article on renovation and depreciation.

Australian Property Investor Magazine I bet the cover story got your attention. We all know that property investing is a long term plan however making over $200k in less than 6 months does sound attractive, 4 investors share their stories. My mate Lisa Parker is one of these investors. She is on track to pull off a renovation, subdivision and strata titling which will make over $500k with her next investment. The article on how to use the research tools effectively is not to be missed. In

JUNE | 2013


fact there is so many must read articles you should just grab a copy.

Smart Property Investment Magazine A jam packed edition this month. Check out the article on foreclosures – everyone wants a bargain but are they really a good investment? It is all about making money, getting positioned for tax time, how to increase the rent on your properties and how to double your money. Once again a quick and easy read. I pick up the SPI magazine when I have limited time and I want a good overview of what is happening in the market and what is trending.

Around the Traps. ANZ chief economist Warren Hogan shared his recent findings on the Australian Property Market. ANZ are indicating NOW is the best time to invest in property as all signs point to a rise in property prices in Australia.

***Competition Update*** Thank you for everyone who contributed to last month’s competition – we received some really great names for the new renovation course and we are working on the final decision so hang in there…

***Join me for a Renovation course June 22nd Sydney*** This does not happen often. For one day I will present Renovating for Profit at Sydney Community College there is 5 seats left so hurry Space is limited to 20 people – this could be the best $249 you spend on your next renovation. Those in the course are going to get the first peak at the new online video course and the opportunity to be a Beta tester to get access free.

***Join me for at a Melbourne Meetup July 2nd*** In January I try to plan a new hobby for the year. This year it was photography – I joined a few Meetup Groups with the plan to attend – as yet I haven’t. However I love the concept of meetups and hence I jumped at the chance to speak at a Melbourne Property Investors Meetup. If you are looking for a group of like-minded people and would like to hear my thoughts on Finance and Renovation strategies then I look forward to seeing your there. Click here for details. $20 will get you a seat.

Looking for a great gift? If you have not got a copy of my latest book yet – then this might be just the thing to make your 2013 goals a reality Order now and you’ll receive free postage and a free e-book; “Renovation Tips and Tricks”. JUNE | 2013


Websites, Apps & Subscriptions you should sign-up for (mostly free) Apps for mobile devices seem to be the latest thing – there are certainly a lot of companies investing big bucks in free apps; I think they will become the new business card of the future so watch this space. Let us know about any you’ve found helpful

Websites This month some resources for your toolbox. Many people are keen to buy regionally. Sign up for the Residex newsletter, they alternate between capital city and regional results. This month they covered the top performing suburbs in each country property market in each State. If this is your market then make sure you subscribe. Click here to sign up now. Are you planning a renovation or do you just need something done around the house? Then why not try Seeking Services. I have used them for everything from moving offices, hanging blinds to tiling. An easy resource to use, just post the job, and wait for quotes to come in, on average 4 per job. The good thing is that they have a ‘2 strikes and you are out’ policy. If they get 2 serious complaints then that business can no longer quote on jobs. So unlike other methods of getting quotes the likelihood of the trade’s person turning up is high. If you are interested in getting your finance structured for portfolio growth and you are looking for resources, tips and tricks then check out the Investors Choice Mortgages website. This is what I do when I am wearing my other hat, I am sure you will find many resources that you will be helpful.

Disclosure – I purchase with my own money many courses and reports and I give my personal thoughts and opinions on these products and only recommend those I feel of benefit to property investors. In some cases I am invited to be an affiliate of some of these reports, courses and related products and if you buy through my links, I am paid a commission. I believe this does not influence me, but you need to decide that for yourself. I do believe transparency is vital and hence this disclosure.

JUNE | 2013


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