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Created by Rishane Isaac Ricketts & Jorge Mena

• We use the talent that God gave us to create this colorful and creative art, in order to bring people to God through our witness and social labor, trying to be agents of change within the society, we want motivate the people around us to use their talents with positive purposes. • With our artistic paints based in this new technique, we want to promote and expose our Afro Costa Rican heritage and culture, reflected in each piece of art

Lead people to God through our art

Support through our social work those in need

Promote the Afro Costa Rican artistic heritage

Each piece of art incorporates: 32cm x 47cm

• Wood • Acrylic paint • Fabrics and fancy accessories.

Afro Breakfast organized by ULACIT University

Let It Shine Gospel Festival Organized by Master Key

Culture Day Celebrated at “Asamblea Legislativa”

Conference with students from the National University (UNA) at KOKI BEACH Restaurant

Corporative meeting called Connect 2 - AIESEC

Donation to support children of “Cuidados Paliativos” Foundation

“Reach and Touch” people with our project…you can help too!

Costa Rican Presidential Gift for Mr. Barak Obama

Paint made in Honor of Nelson Mandela, now is exposed in his museum (South Africa).

World Intellectual Property Organization gave us the National Award for Creativity and Innovation

Official Magazine Riish and Toosh 2014  
Official Magazine Riish and Toosh 2014  

Here you will find the updated information about our Afro Costa Rican Paints Project Riish and Toosh until December 2013. www.rishandtosh....