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Golf Course Designer‟s Statement of Interest, Qualifications and Introduction Submitted for Consideration by:

Lee Trevino Golf And

Golf Links Inc 325 Hurst Drive Old Hickory, Tennessee 37138 615-847-8877 615-847-0053- facsimiles

Introduction Lee Trevino Golf Design and Golf Links Inc are pleased to submit this information for your consideration in selecting a stellar golf course design firm. Our design offices are located in Nashville, Tennessee. U.S.A. Our 30 years of design experience includes more than 40 courses here is the US and around the world. Legendary Golfer Lee Trevino, winner of six majors, 29 PGA Tour and 29 Champion Tour wins, is an icon in the global golf leagues. Lee‟s vision for creating classic golf courses is based on his lifetime of enjoying play with both world class pros as well as beginning amateurs. He has played thousands of golf courses and is an expert in creating high quality, player friendly golf courses. Jerry Lemons, President and founder of Golf Links Inc. is an active participant in the design of every course adding his vast knowledge of turf grass management, soils, construction management, ecosystem management, sound environmental approach and traditional design to every golf hole. His love for the game is clearly demonstrated in his work and reflected in the traditional style of his courses. His insight and unique vision provide economically sound projects that are profitable and enjoyable to play. Golf course design is very complex and requires a multitude of talents apart from other design fields. It requires special expertise in production of detailed specifications and plans, construction management, turf grass management, landscape design, civil engineering, environmental laws as well as an extensive knowledge of golf and how the game is played. Golf course design also relies on others, like Lee Trevino, who bring their knowledge and vast experience to a project‟s design. This team approach is the way our company has always and will always conduct our business.

Member of The American Society of Golf Course Architects


Expertise & Services Offered • Master Planning • Site Analysis and Evaluation Studies • Environmental Studies • Conceptual Plans • Turfgrass Plans • Clearing Plans • Subsurface Drainage Plans • Staking Plans • Irrigation System and Pump Station Plans • Finish Grading (with Cuts and Fills) Plans • Cart Path/Service Road Plans • Bunker Plans • Construction Schedules & Gantt Time Lines • Greens Contour Detail Plans with 6" Contours and 3-D Renderings • Technical Specifications and Details • Materials and Quantity Schedules • Detailed Construction Cost Budgets • Construction Management • Golf Course Grow-In and Maintenance Consulting Services • Photo Realistic Computer Model “Fly Though” of Golf Holes • Our plans are created in various digital formats capable of being reproduced at the client‟s request.

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Lee Trevino-The Player Professional Majors: 10 U.S. Open: 1968, 1971 Open Championship: 1971, 1972 PGA Championship: 1974, 1984 U.S. Senior Open: 1990 PGA Seniors' Championship: 1992, 1994 The Tradition: 1992

Other Significant Victories: PGA TOUR WINS: 26 1968: Hawaiian Open 1969: Tucson Open 1970: Tucson Open, National Airlines Open 1971: Tallahassee Open, Memphis Classic, Canadian Open, Sahara Invitational 1972: Memphis Classic, Greater Hartford Open, Greater St. Louis Classic 1973: Jackie Gleason-Inverrary, Doral Eastern Open 1974: New Orleans Open 1975: Florida Citrus Open 1976: Colonial National Invitation 1977: Canadian Open 1978: Colonial National Invitation 1979: Canadian Open 1980: Tournament Players Championship, Memphis Classic, San Antonio-Texas Open 1981: Tournament Of Champions Champions Tour: 26 1990: Royal Caribbean Classic, Aetna Challenge, Vintage Invitational, Doug Sanders Kingwood Celebrity Classic, NYNEX Commemorative, Transamerica Senior Golf Championship 1991 Aetna Challenge, Vantage at the Dominion, Sunwest Bank/Charley Pride Senior Open, Bell Atlantic Classic 1992: Vantage at the Dominion, Las Vegas Senior Classic, Bell Atlantic Classic 1993: Cadillac NFL Classic, Nationwide Championship, Vantage Championship 1994: Royal Caribbean Classic, PaineWebber Invitational, Bell Atlantic Classic, BellSouth Senior Classic, Northville Long Island Classic 1995: Northville Long Island Classic, The Transamerica 1996: Emerald Coast Classic 1997: Southwestern Bell Dominion 2000: Cadillac NFL Golf Classic

Member of The American Society of Golf Course Architects


Other Wins: 1974: World Series of Golf 1975: Mexican Open 1977: Morocco Grand Prix 1978: Benson and Hedges 1978: Lancome Trophy 1979: Canadian PGA 1983: Canadian PGA 1992: Mitsukoshi Classic 1993: Fuji Electric Grandslam 1994: American Express Grandslam 1995: Legends of Golf with Mike Hill Other Accomplishments: World Golf Hall of Fame Member Inducted in 1981 Player of the Year: 1971 Vardon Trophy: 1970, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1980 PGA TOUR leading money winner: 1970 Ryder Cup: 1969, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1979, 1981. Captain in 1985.

Member of The American Society of Golf Course Architects


Lee Trevino -The Designer

Rarity Club Jasper, Tennessee

Spanish Dagger at Santa Teresa Country Club Santa Teresa, NM

Golf Club of Texas San Antonio, TX Swaneset Bay Vancouver, British Columbia

Torres Blancas Golf Club Green Valley, Arizona

Vietnam Golf & Country Club East course Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Geneva National Golf Club Lake Geneva, WI

Appletree Golf Club Colorado Springs, CO

Chamisa Hills Country Club Rio Rancho, NM

Crooked Tree Golf Course Tucson Arizona Woodson Bend Resort Bronston, KY Ironwood Golf & Country Club Greenville, NC

Marina El Cid Mazatlan, Mexico

La Cita Golf & Country Club – Titusville, FL

Mustang at Lely Flamingo Island Naples, FL

Member of The American Society of Golf Course Architects


Lee Trevino -The Legend Many golfers are self made, but the man who made the most out of what he started with has to be Lee Trevino. Trevino rose from an east Dallas three room shack with no plumbing to become inarguably the most consistent „shot-maker‟ the game has ever seen. As a boy, Trevino was in the cotton fields working by the time he was five. "I thought hard work was just how life was,'' he said. His family's home was 100 yards from the seventh fairway of the Dallas Athletic Club, and by the time Trevino was eight, he was caddying. With his agile mind, a tremendous work ethic and a natural athletic performance, Trevino carved his way to the top in a story unlike most others in golf history. When he burst onto the golf scene he was a squat 5-foot-7, 180-pound ball of fire whose rapid wit made players and galleries laugh, and whose game commanded their respect. In June 1968, the still unknown 28-year-old won the U.S. Open at Oak Hill with a record-tying score of 275. Three years later, Trevino won his second U.S. Open, this time at Merion in a classic 18-hole playoff with Jack Nicklaus. Within 20 days he added the Canadian Open and the British Open at Royal Birkdale, completing an unprecedented international sweep. The next year he won the British Open again, this time at Muirfield. His final two major championships would come in the PGA, first at Tanglewood in 1974, and finally at Shoal Creek in 1984. A turning point in his career came when he played at Shady Oaks in Fort Worth and saw Ben Hogan on the practice range. From that day on, Trevino honed a fade ????that would make him one of the most accurate players the game has ever seen. Sometimes he would yell, "Don't move, hole!'' when he'd hit an iron at the pin. Trevino did it with a strong grip, stood with his body aligned well left of his target and essentially shoved the ball outward with a strong blocking action of his left side. British writer Leonard Crawley called it "an agrarian method," but perhaps no one has ever hit the ball as consistently solid. Lee Trevino‟s record wins on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour and his lively character with the players and crowds has made him a favorite both on the course and off.

Member of The American Society of Golf Course Architects


Jerry Lemons ASGCA - The Designer The Rarity Club Jasper, TN

Stone Creek Golf Club Makanda, IL

Collins River Golf Club McMinnville, TN

Rolling Hills Country Club Paducah, KY

Harpeth Valley Golf Center Nashville, TN

The Forest at Palisades Alton, IL

Dickson Country Club Dickson, TN

Dogwood Hills Golf Course Cunningham, KY

River Watch Resort Smithville, TN Willow Springs Golf Course Athens,TN Macon County Golf Course Lafayette, TN Harvest Hills Golf Course Harvest, AL Transfar Xioshan Golf Club Xioshan, China

Willow Brook Golf Club Manchester, TN

Riverside Golf Center Old Hickory, TN

Westwood Country Club Paducah, KY

Deer Lakes Golf Course Salem, KY

Wynn Ridge Golf Club Troy, TN

Diamond Oaks Golf Club Trenton, TN

Dogwood Hills Golf Club Portland, TN

WynnLinks Golf Club Sharon, TN

Ravenwood Country Club Nashville, TN

Old Hickory Country Club Old Hickory, TN Princeton Golf Club Princeton, KY Gallatin Country Club Gallatin, TN

Member of The American Society of Golf Course Architects


Detailed Plans Lee Trevino Golf Design and Golf Links Inc provide a number of visual plans for our clients. These include three-dimensional renderings and “Fly Through� videos of each golf hole that we design so our clients can see the hole prior to construction. This also assists the shaping specialist in seeing before building each hole and each bunker. This eliminates most questions and confusion as to the intent of the design. It also allows flexibility prior to construction should the client request changes. We are pleased to provide an example of our renderings.

Member of The American Society of Golf Course Architects


Rarity Club Jasper Tennessee

Member of The American Society of Golf Course Architects


Detailed Plans

Member of The American Society of Golf Course Architects


Closing Our Golf Course Design Team is dedicated to each client to insure that the finest golf course is designed and built on your site. The methods we use not only meet, but exceed industry standards and most of all, exceed your expectations. Our previous projects exemplify our hard work, experience, and desire to bring the highest level of quality championship golf to our clientsâ€&#x; at the most affordable price. The golf courses we produce are ones that every level of golfer can find challenging and enjoyable to play and every owner finds affordable to maintain and own. We want you to be yet another client who says they would build a Lee Trevino Golf Course again because they did it the right way and within our budget. Thank you for the opportunity to present our interest and qualifications for your golf course design work. We look forward to working with you and making your project a world class facility!

Warmest regards,

Lee & Jerry

Member of The American Society of Golf Course Architects

Lee Trevino Golf Design  

Lee Trevino Golf Design