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Tobias visits his friends

The start of the journey LITHUANIA

Our teddy bears danced, sang and created postcard for friends inTurkey, Hungarian, Portugal, Romania, Slovak... We wished them a good trip and lots of excitement...

Happy journey!

When the teddy bears come back from their trip - we'll go with him to the field, socialize, sing,  play, explore, celebrate ... .

PORTUGAL The postman Idelivers a big parcel for us

The parcel is a gift from the girls and boys at the kindergarten in a country called Lithuania. The parcel contains a letter, postcards, a book and a Teddy Bear

We have called the Teddy Bear TOBIAS. Our friend is visiting us but will continue his journey to visit kindergarten children in other countries soon‌

Saying “hello and welcome”

We decided to make a red tshirt for him……… him

‌..with our portuguese flag at the back

We made a puzzle with our drawings about our kindergarten which Tobias will take to the next kindergarten

We took a picture from us

We sent a letter of thanks to our friends in Lithuania.

This is the box that TOBIAS travel in to visit our Romanian friends

Arriving at the Post Office in Porches, Portugal

Tobias arrives in ROMANIA Our Romania friend said: “We were glad when Tobias came to our school.”

“We were curious about what we received from Tobias”

“We found friends and a girlfriend bear for Tobias�

“We made cards for the children in the project�

“We made drawings of Tobias”

“We gave Tobias a scarf and a hat with the Romanian flag”

We prepared a package for Turkish children We wrote and added pictures and drawings in the journal

We prepared a package for the Turkish children

We hope Tobias enjoys his onward journey!

Tobias in EskiĹ&#x;ehir, TURKEY

Bear Tobias returned to Lithuania. We are very happy. Tobias found a lot of friends it helped us to became friends with you too. We are glad that Tobias came back with so many presents and impressions..

We sing, dancing, playing with Tobias




Growing into friendship with



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