Jim Feldkamp

Arlington, VA, United States


Starting his professional journey as a Naval Flight Officer, Jim Feldkamp was part of the team that navigated the EA-6B aircraft during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1991, launching from the USS Midway. Moving into the Naval Reserves, he became an FBI Special Agent in Norfolk, Virginia, where he was a cornerstone in establishing the Joint Counter Terrorism Task Force and also engaged in aerial surveillance activities. Turning to politics, he sought the Republican nomination for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District in the elections held in 2004 and 2006. He returned to naval service in 2007, assisting in laying the groundwork for what would eventually be known as the NMIO. Here, he was tasked with orchestrating the sharing of non-classified information related to maritime security between various U.S. and international agencies. Currently, he functions as a Subject Matter Expert at Georgetown University, working on a specialized course that focuses on "Terrorism and Unconventional Threats." Before this, he was an adjunct professor at George Mason and George Washington Universities, teaching courses on terrorism. His scholarly work also includes the authorship and editorial role for a textbook, published by Cognella Academic Publishing, that explores the "Theory and Politics of Terrorism."