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SERVPRO® of Southern New England and New York

Are You Brand READY? Is your franchise ready and willing to leverage the SERVPRO® presence created by the National Advertising and Marketing Campaigns so that more jobs are made available to your office? Are you ready to leverage the image of reliability, credibility, and trust to take your business to the next level? Leveraging the SERVPRO® brand will give your business an instant elevation over your competitors and give you the edge on new business development.


As the SERVPRO® family prepares to once again convene and discuss the latest news and events from our industry, consider the venue – Orlando, Florida – and the consistent and instantly recognizable brands with which it is associated. Let the longstanding tradition of excellence exhibited by both the Walt Disney Company and Servpro Industries serve as a reminder that your Brand representation at the franchise level is the foundation for potential excellence.

Inspect your Production Vehicle and Production Employee appearances – including uniforms and personal grooming. Be sure the Servpro Industries office materials are displayed in prominent places to inspire office personnel. Regularly accompany your marketers as they perform route sales visits to insure they are conducting themselves in a manner consistent with the SERVPRO® Brand. Make sure the marketing materials are up to date, have accurate information, and are consistent with the standard of excellence associated with SERVPRO®. If a customer has been exposed to the SERVPRO® National Advertising Campaign and the images and information have informed her choice for a service provider, the member of the SERVPRO® team that arrives must meet and exceed her expectations. Production Employees must be able to communicate in a professional and respectful way. Implementation of a series of value-added exercises at the commencement of production can inspire confidence in a customer that they have made the right choice; for example, line their floors with painters paper – it is inexpensive, easy to transport, and easy to install. Even if the floor would be easily cleaned on your exit, these small Continued on page 2


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efforts are noticed. Install an easy containment barrier - even if not completely necessary - and wear paper shoe coverings whenever possible. The short installation time and minimal cost in supplies far outweigh the potential benefit in perception and ultimately customer satisfaction. If a Center of Influence views SERVPRO® commercials and expects the local SERVPRO® of Anywhere franchise to be able to handle any sized disaster, then your representative must be prepared to discuss any sized disaster. The Center of Influence does not need to know that SERVPRO® of Anywhere will be calling in the resources of a large loss provider; representatives should not talk about outsourcing or sub-contracting. All the COI needs to know is that his local contact can handle whatever comes his way. Representatives should be able to talk about the elements of production and inspire a confidence in the COI that SERVPRO® is capable of handling any situation. Are you ready for Orlando? Is your franchise ready to respond with confidence to any sized disaster? Are you ready to Be the Brand? To be the Brand means you are ready to leverage the presence created by the National Advertising and Marketing Campaigns so consumers and clients associate your business with what they see and hear; building credibility trust, and strong relationships. As you prepare to visit Orlando, one of the world’s most consistent and recognized Brands, let it serve as a reminder to inspect your Brand to ensure your branding is in top shape. to make certain you are Brand Ready

What to DO – to make it Like it never even happened?

Complete the Job Loss with SERVPRO Success!! Read the instructions out of the BEST BOOKS Advertising Section - Posters, Brochures, Newsletters, Postcards, etc. Equipment Section - Airmovers, Extractors, Truckmounts, etc. Office/Administration Section - Forms, Invoices, Supplies, etc. Operating Supplies Section - Brushes, Accessories, Sponges, etc. Professional Cleaning Products and Agents Section Training Section - Tapes, Manuals, Spec Sheets, etc. Vehicles Section - Box Vans, Cargo Vans, etc.

June 2012 - 3

Top Ten Volume Leaders Gross Volume Leaders April 2012

Per License Average Volume Leaders April 2012


Steve & Brenda Young


Mitch Kaikow & Stu Cleary



Dave Kluger


Daniel & Allison Wallace



Frank Mattos


Steve & Brenda Young



Lou & Michelle, Danielle, Justin Sepe & Nicole Travis


Lou & Michelle, Danielle, Justin Sepe & Nicole Travis



John Maughan


Rob Citrangola



Joe Pelli


John & Shayna Luciani



Rob Citrangola


John Maughan



Brad & Barbara Johnson


Michael Geria



Mitch Kaikow & Stu Cleary


Ralph Rimauldo



Charles & Donna Vingoe


D. Kluger


ise H E NLeLwO Franch cing


& o n o c ia o L m Willia en Loiacono Steph of 速

O SERVPR assapequa ale/M d g n i m Far

Contact Information: SERVPRO速 of Farmingdale/Massapequa #10073 1 Rome Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735 Phone: (516)221-3666 Fax: (516)221-3677 E-Mail: Operating Territory: The bounded area in Nassau County, New York that is described as the entire Villages of Farmingdale and Massapequa Park also to include the entire Hamlets of Massapequa, East Massapequa, North Massapequa and South Farmingdale...


Grassroots PR Program The Grassroots PR (GRPR) program, which kicked off shortly after the 2008 Annual National Convention, has shown very solid results for Franchises around the country. As new Franchisees and Marketing Representatives may not be aware of the program, a quick review may be in order to help ensure we are all up to speed on how the program works and what function it serves. For the SERVPRO® Franchise community, GRPR serves to create media lists for every Franchise in the country. Generally five to ten of the closest media outlets to your Franchise are on your list, including daily newspapers, weekly papers and local broadcast news stations. One of the greatest strengths of the Grassroots program is the ability to send system-wide releases simultaneously. A system-wide press release can be customized through the Grassroots PR program to include your Franchise’s name, the name of the Owners or contact person and your local phone number, as well. This makes it appear as though the release came directly from your Franchise without the enormous time expenditure of getting thousands of press releases proofed and approved. Grassroots then sends the customized release to your local media list. The Grassroots “stamp” on the release gives it more weight, as Grassroots PR is a recognized distribution service. As a part of the Grassroots PR Program, the SERVPRO® Marketing Services team and GRPR work to provide several press release opportunities throughout the year. We want to ensure your contact information and media list is accurate for these distributions. On January 24, 2012, Franchises received an e-mail from GRPR containing a secure link, specific for your Franchise. Through that link, you are able to review and verify primary contact information and view your current media list. You can also make changes to this information. This is important because the contact information will appear in your press releases and be distributed to your listed media list. You may visit this link any time to make changes to your list or contact information. If you did not receive this e-mail, have misplaced it or were not in the Franchise System yet, or if you have any questions, please contact the GRPR Help Desk at 1-888-607-9655 or e-mail and request the link be resent. Once you receive the link, be sure to save it in a safe place, as the link never expires, allowing you to revisit and make changes at any time. A Bulletin is distributed to Franchisees prior to any Franchise-wide press release being sent to the media. The Bulletin includes a copy of the press release for Franchises to review, along with information on how to opt out of the release if preferred. Each media Bulletin also includes a link (shown below) where you can review information about the GRPR program. Weekly e-Zine: May 21, 2012 for Owners to Review and Share with their Marketing Representatives them.

t ay ac od nt ® T Co R O P RV SE

June 2012 - 5

Sporicidin® Mold Resistant Coatings are water-based permanent coatings developed for remediation and flood damage restoration. Sealing nanotechnology provides long-term protection against moisture, while the EPA-registered antimicrobial protects the coating film from mold, mildew, algae, and odor-causing bacteria. These coatings, when used in conjunction with Sporicidin® brand mold cleaners and Sporicidin® disinfectants, provide a professional CLEAN-KILL-SEAL approach to microbial remediation. Sporicidin® Mold Resistant Coatings benefits include: • Easy-to-use • Fast-drying • Will not crack, peel or chip • Non-toxic

• AQMD & CARB compliant • Low Odor/Low VOC • Environmentally safe – non-leeching • Bonds to porous and non-porous materials

Thank you for your support of the SERVPRO® Products & Resources Team. To order, contact one of our Customer Care Specialists at 1-800-826-4692. For more information, contact your SERVPRO® Product Sales Coordinator.


May 2012 - 5

June 2012 - 7

In my Cubicle And out… By Melanie Hackney

“Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he’s been robbed. The fact is that most putts don’t drop, most beef is tough, most children grow up to be just people, most successful marriages require a high degree of mutual toleration, and most jobs are more often dull than otherwise. Life is like an old time journey...delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas, and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride.”

~Gordon B. Hinckley~

Just about this time of year, every year, everyone ‘roundabout declares as often as possible they are more than ready for a break, a vacation, sun-n-fun w/tan, extra sleep, a good book to read, served up with a healthy portion of peace and quiet, please! It becomes extremely difficult to remain motivated by tasks in need of completion. The pollen has everyone sniffing, sneezing, and eyes red, swollen and heavy with sleepiness. We droop just as flora using extra water to keep blossoms full with scent and pollen go limp or slump over either from too much weight or not enough liquid. We need the break! Need to make the break, take the break and enjoy the break. SERVPRO® National Convention seems a good time to break away and soak up a few rays or savor AC and shade, supplement sleep, restore depleted business and personal supplies, hoard some healthy peace and quiet for noisier moments. Read the book, revive with new friends, relish time with old friends, regenerate and restore energy, replenish motivation, refine your focus and refresh your goals.

Take a break, ‘cause Summer days Fall right into Winter. Folks say make hay while the sun shines!

SERVPRO® says:

Your Future Begins TODAY! Enjoy the ride!


Chart Toppers January 2011

Words of Wisdom Branding ~ building credibility, trust, and strong relationships. The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do. -James Jeans

What’s a brand? A singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of the prospect. - Al Ries

Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand. - David Ogilvy

Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business. - Warren Buffett

A brand is a living entity – and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures - Michael Eisner, CEO Disney

Brand equity is the sum of all the hearts and minds of every single person that comes into contact with your company. - Christopher Betzter

Customers must recognize that you stand for something. - Howard Schultz, Starbucks

Brands are the express checkout for people living their lives at ever increasing speed. - Brandweek

Cleaning Residential Kaikow & Cleary Duct Commercial Mattos Fire Commercial Young Fire Residential Pelli Young In-house Construction Young Mold Commercial Reilly Mold Residential Maughan Vingoe Pelli Resale Rookie Gedney Water Commercial D. Kluger Water Residential D. Kluger Total Volume D. Kluger Young

June 2012 - 9

SERVPRO Training 速

Water Certification


Crew Training

Binghamton East

Mark Dumas, II

Binghamton East

Zachary Evans


Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown


Coby Gooding

Coby Gooding

Northern Sussex County

Arnt Rikardsen

Arnt Rikardsen

Salem County

Eric Jarrell

Salem County

Kerry Thompson

South-East Monroe County

Harry Quinones

Upper Cape Cod & The Islands

John Seymore

Upper Cape Cod & The Islands

Adan Lom

Fire Certification

Harry Quinones John Seymore Adan Lom

We extend congratulations and best wishes to those receiving their SERVPRO速 TRAINING CERTIFICATES

of Southern New England & New York




Believe In A Dream Grow Relationships Share The SERVPRO速 Story Be Financially Frugal Follow The System

To Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

To develop a team of quality people who focus on excellent service, fairness, and mutual respect.

VISION To be the premier cleaning and restoration company in the world

The Industry Leader in Complete Document, File and Paper Restoration Services DFD – Document Restoration Services’ capabilities range from document freeze drying, copying and file folder replacements to mold spore removal. DFD has the most advanced freeze drying capabilities and our team is equipped and trained to handle/process any job with the utmost urgency and care. DFD is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and HIPAA compliant. In the event the customer is in need of any of their records during processing, DFD has the capability to retrieve, scan and e-mail individual files upon customer request.

DFDs’ Custom Designed Vacuum Freeze Drying Chamber

Water Damaged Files

DFDs’ In-House Copying/Scanning/Printing Center

Smoke Damaged Files

File Re-Building

DFD Offers the Following Full-Service and Complete Document Reclamation Services: • Mitigation - Capture and Assess Damage • Drying - Chamber and Freeze Drying • Restoration - Cleaning and Treatments • Duplication/Reproduction - File Copying and Re-Building

DFD Expertise in Restoring: • Medical and Dental Files • Legal and Accounting Records • Library and School Books • Engineering and Architectural Drawings • X-Rays and Microfiche • Electronic Media

National Hot Line: 888-217-3418

Use your smart phone to scan this code or go to

24/7/365 Emergency Response

DFD - National Headquarters 11847 Levan Road Livonia, MI 48150 For more information about DFD visit