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|J. T. A.)—China is the IVienna— (J. T.-A.)—A Jewonly co' in- "theworld^ which has serter^e b r n ' ish merchant of Vienna, named kind, the t v never t ited the.: Jews and it is Arnold filed salt for divorce also thi land where Jews have Whole Center to Be Used in against.his wife on the ground Country - Wide Mesabership charr? of err-: never grown rich,,-is the statement -that- she made duaplings with Chanukah Festivity To. Drive Latter Part of dent ki"ecl m the Vslna nots of Xo\. made here by Dr. Kiahg-Kang-ho, non Kosher fat. Month "Sex in Civilization" Sabject of professor of Chinese at McGill Unimorrow Night 10, it was learned here if the reThe court refused to grant -.•"•'Lecture - by .'.Eminent. ! port carried by the "Gazeta VCarversity. .• • • • : ; the divorce on- these grounds, York.—(J. T. „ , . . A.)—-The , . Jews sawska." organ of the artj-Semitic Psychologist Pointing out that the Chinese and The "mammoth Senior Council but warned the wife in the fuof America must mspiay their eonfi- National Democratic partv. is cor-muusic vill the Jews are kindred- races, Professor Chanukah Carnival, being staged by ture not to offend the religious deuce in Zionism as generously as! r e C j . The toll of: unhappy marriages and Kang-ho declared that:": Jews have all of the' constituent clubs in the scruples of her hasband. have' the Jews in Palestine in order! -ri,o ™^»~ -™-,1 -•-«* •- r r I , t . . unfulfilled lives in the new genera- been settled in China since the year Council, will be held at the J. C. C. that the rebuilding of Palestine ma this Saturday ^ evening, December 12, tion, due to the latterV boldness in 100. The first Jewish .settlers, he undertaking a .new type..of life, mil said, were a group of 300 who emi-from 7:30 to. midnight. The entire be discussed : by. Prof.' Samuel D. grated to Northern China and settled Center is being used in providing Schnialhausen, in . his'• talk on "Sexin the capital city EL-ai-Fung. /They varied entertainment and a carnival in Civilization,"* Wednesday evening) were treated'with the utmost tolet-- atmosphere.;; Sam Epstein is general Dec. 16, "at the Jewish Community ance there and' were permitted to c h a i r m a n . ] ' ; ' \ - .- •"••••• -.-' •-. .. Convention. The events and- the' rooms • in which ' C e n t e r . - •• • • - ; - : •: - .• • '- . , ^ - : ' ?: is s erect a synagogue which has been reThe statement of Zionist aims oc-i would be unconst r-fi-"-* F T • I ~Schmalhausen, who is in cnarge of built ten timesand still stands on its they will-take -place-include: Bingo game,by A < Z. A. :No. 1, in reception curs in a circular. letter which has j fense committee i= b c r ; ^ r"' J . t the New Yo*rk' Clinic for Problem ancient site. . rooms; "Powder Biver," by. Xi Lamb-, been sent to every Zionist in the Unit-1 take up the fgiht -'n .v zSI cZ i Children, speaks under the auspices" Although the Jews and the Chinese da, in rooms C and D; graphology States as part of an intensive ef- j accused. of the Omaha Community "Forum, Affects ed intermingled, the Jewish faith still exhibition, by Maurice Katz, rooms Stringent Legislation fort to increase the membership of sponsored jointly by the Jewish ComInflux of Jewish Immisurvives in China, he said. E and F ; swimming, stunts, by A. the Zionist Organization. Departing munity Center and Council of Jewr rgrznis Z. A. No. 100, in swimming-pool; from the customary procedure cf con- j j - •' ish Women. He will answer quesdance., under auspices of the Psi Mu, ducting membership activities in the | tions from the audience, following in auditorium; lido Cabaret, by Al- Paris.—(J. T .A.) — The growing "y spring, the new Administration his talk. b e d n n i pha Tau, in iodge room; bathing unemployment-in. Fiance _ is causing jh a _ ' d e s i terf t h e vexiod Asylums and sanitariums are fillmuch concern to the Jewish populabeauty contest,-by Fa Hon, in rooms from December 15th until February 1 ing up with nervous wrecks as a K and L; fortune telling, by Pi Al-tion, as the first victims of a" pro- for the enrollment of great masses result of the new, life and codes, acpha Lambda, in rooms H and G; gressive "severity in immigration and of Jews. The letter indicates that the cording to Schmalhausen, a former gymnastic. exhibition, under direc- labor legislation are usually foreign financial difficulties facing the Zionassistant in psychology at Harvard. tion of E. ~M." Segal, - in gymnasium; workers, of whom the majority are ist Organisation have made essential "There is " grave -danger of a j Noted Lecturer c r ; I-I:^ . radio exhibition/by Nathan Strauss Jews. the early beginning of this nationworldwide catastrophe of sick souls. Speak Here I?rrc" club, in board room; ."Oh, My OperaThe French government ordered wide drive. jI In curing one evil; modern' man com- Statistics for First Nine Months tion," a skit bj the Henrietta Szold that the number of foreigners emPointing out that the pioneers in j ,. mits another. We have overcome of 1931 Are ployed in public works be limited to Palestine have withstood the economic club, in rooms M and N. Compiled sex expression, but are in danger of Dr. A. L. Sachc "Powder River," to : be conducted ten per cent. depression with remarkable courage succumbing to sex repre'ssion,"'Protorian and i e c t u i c New York.—(J. T. A.)—For the by the A. Z; A. 1 chapter, will of-1 The French press is agitating for and confidence, the leaders of the Tsresent terra of l" fessor Schmalhausen states. He is fer patrons an old time gambling atj the exclusion ofall foreign labor Zionist Organization in their first j % first time on record, the number of 42 and unmarried. :, . _ .. ;he B'rith '-'-— His analysis of sex - morals and persons leaving the United States ex- mosphere with sawdust floors,^ raffl- from France. Should such legislation public statement since their election ] orgs ing events, roulette, wild west, decorabe enacted, which is, however, receeded the number of those entering, to office, emphasize the importance of I marriage in the lights of the . newmance of the psychology has T>een endorsed by according to figures" of immigration tions," etc. "The Psi Mu dance is to garded as highly improbable, some Harry Elmer Barnes, a Community and emigration during the first nine be carried on on the "five-cents-a- hundred thousand Jews from Russia, Forum speaker last year; '. Bertrand months of 19S1 compiled by the Na-dance" plan. The Lido Cabaret -will Poland and other countries would be FV ^ CiTtional Industrial Conference Board. offer singing and dancing, plus re- affected. Galuth, and for the establishment of i Russell and Havelodr Ellis. freshments in typical New York "nite the National Home in Palestine." \ Twenty-two thousand, seven hunEven the traditional defender of "Behold- America," is his most reThis is the lect_" r •• c. Zionist • districts throughout the I cent book. His best known book is dred and sixty-nine more persons left club" surroundings. Fortunes are toforeign immigration, Deputy Charles poned from the X-\ the country than the number of im-be told by the "Pals" in three differ- Lambert, author of a very liberal law country are urged to inaugurate mem"Why We Misbehave." due to the fact t . . 1 ent ways in three tents. The Hen-for naturalization, novr demands the bership campaigns at once. T Single admissions/to the Schmal- migrants.; admitted. called tc the lie!" ~f hausen L lecture are 51. Tickets may This change has been. brought rietta Szold skit is to be a modern strictest "regulation of alien labor. • •.• be obtained at the Jewish Com- about by the restriction of immi- silhouette comedy. ••Of all the fields of endeavor in munity Center. gration during the last two or .three "'•""As an activity of the Senior- Coun- France,-"the* agricultural field alone years, and in particular byVthe na- cil in general, a giant : radio is to be seems. to impose: no restrictions for i u * * * »» •*- r* r^t-*7- ~ ^ . tional origins quota system which installed-in the- lobby of the'.Center Jews. Despite the .encouragement. p went into operation July 1, 1929. for the carnival,-"and throughout: the given" them • in - this direction, how- j During the last half of, the fiscal evening /patrons "wiir be informed con- ever, thes year it is shown that departures ex- cerning- the events >11 aver_the" build- tant to tafce up agricniSteral work. . .- ' .. - -.-...•-. • U .u ceeded admission, although the con-ing. ... According to reports by the clubs, trary was the case during the first worn: c^ half of the year. About Jan. 1, 1931, advance salts were above the antici: B'nai B^rith Z. pated receipts. The various clubs of Berlin.—(J. T. A.)—The suggestion | ^ the departures began to; outnumber 'that "Germany follow the precedent of i ^ the Un the arrivals, and from then until the Council are active in their campaign for the prize which is to be France in the case" of its General Bou- j L~ the end of June the excess was Palestine Economic Corporation x awarded the group selling the great* iec D,048, while July, August and SepA number, of teams, led by a langer and place Adolph Hiiler on ji T. ^ Increases Authorized Cani jas est number of tickets. Ida Blacker is large delegation from the Junior trial "for conspiracy against the State,) tember iincreased the th excess. Th The Ital to $10,030,000..-' ^ ? ^ repoiv tarn in the tide, i t was said, has conducting the ticket distribution, Hadassah,. collected for the Jewish is made by Dr. Bruno Weil, prominent !j newspaper and Art Gleason is chairman of the National Fund. Flag day last Sun- Central Verein leader, in a new "book [ " " "'•"-"•'T" New Tork—(J. T. A.)—The Pales- been broiight about by recent Fed- awards committee. eral-legislation, together withdrastic day. A definite checkup of the entitled "Hitler and Boul anger," ,iust j! The lecture mciu__tine Economic Corporation has in: Hyman Goodbinder, who has been amount collected has not been made, published. administrative measures. vested, or committed itself to invest i ground ont^ of vl supervising • the stunts, promises^ a but Ida Daytch, chairman of the 1)0 Dr. Weil, who last year brought I of the world's giec. in Palestine enterprises the sum, of -• "The {present measures for-the condiversified program well worth while. one^day drive, reports that the re-conclusive evidence of the innoicence ! $2,751,591, according • to- the fourth trol of immigration," the conference of Captain Dreyfcs, through the pub-1 ^ ; ^ t c femerged. " ' t ^ " ^„'.""• . ' , "r o^,f annual report of . the organization, board says, "were born of the-feeling •Tickets,, at a nominal sum, may be sponse was very satisfactory. thatin : the present juncture addiO T,1',. " , Flag day for the purpose of rais- lication of German documents, has [ " . ^ ^^•^^^' submitted by Bernard Flexner,-covere p purchased at the door. ?i/>TTt- n T^>Tm m T^^ty*^ i ~'£K between r^p:. w Apr , hn^i i- i ~ . to" our: population would only i now drawn a parallel c ing money to buy land in Palestine ing its activities forithe;^ear 1930. tions: tions: to"; our:, population - would only i • the , was held in many communities asgerism in France' in 1SS-5 ana HitThe authorized capital/of the Corp- add to lour trouble^ Any doubt that S present satus of : throughout the country on the same lerism in Germany in "1931." oration ,has been increased, in the may have ; existed whether these General Georges Ernest Jean_Marie j day. past year from ,_$3,£OP,000 to J. $10;- measures _ would attain, the restricvrho Tt>ecaine the Since the first Flag day on Cha030,000 and a reorganization; of the tions desirea is 'removed Try "the facts nukah IS years ago, more than i,- minister of war in 1SS5, achieved wide ^B capital structure • - is - - in - progress regarding their operation here preA special Chanukah program fea- 000,000 has been j-aised through this popularity because of his vrar talk | through, which the contributed, sur-: sented." • •"..':'.' tured the celebration of the 47th an- medium for the Jewish National At t SUT>- '' *"^ Attempts to £iis of-the Corporation "will be inniversary of the .B'nai Israel con- fund. press the spread of Boulanger.?"1 CKased to $1,721,000.•;/ , :-.; -7 gregation,- 18th and Chicago, last were made by the French gcnc~7i'Che- activities of the Corporation Sunday evening, A capacity crowd xnent, Dr. Weil states, and the ITC^CI consisted of the grant, of credit to attended. Senate, sitting as a high court c" , Palestine "agricultural, industrial • and justice, found the- general guilts cf, Cantor A. Schwaczkin and his housing loan institutions, and partici13 . ' ^ conspiracy against the state. D - ' - , A membership drive to start the choir and orchestra gave several sepation as shareholders in Palestinian Solos, were rendered by anger fled to Brussels and co:r.m tt3J projects which are likely to; be of im- first of the year was decided upon lections. portance in the economic develop- at the meeting of the local Zionist Lawrence J. Finkel, accompanied^ by suicide there in 1SS1. ment of the country. _" , -• "['':','•"_District held Tuesday morning. M. Margaret Hurwitz, and selections The effects -of the Boulanger pc" !ff report notes.the fact that there D. Brodkey will act as. chairman for given bv a string tria consisting of Irvin C. Levin was re-elected presi- declares Dr. Weil, "show that the Frank, Harry Eobinson, and Oscar dent "of'the Omaha Hebrew dub-for of a war of revenge is far freir> o_ r~-i-r been an increasing' amount' of the campaign. from outstanding" loans' -Philip M. Klutznick reported on Weinstein, accompanied by Harry the coming term at the election of ing popular." Notwithstandin. Addresses were delivreinvested in various economic enter- the national convention of the Zion- Braviroff. I Boulkngerism evaporated like s. c prises in Palestine. Of a total invest- ist organization held in November ered ... by . Judah Wolf son, PhiUp ! cf steam," Dr. Weil says that at Atlantic City. He stressed the Klutznick and Sol .'Wezelman. ment of S528,000 during the year the • Sozdangerism asd Kitlerism 1 The committee in charge was Wilsum of $175,000 was derived from re- program of industrializing Palestine ; ^rnHar causes and that the Ge: so that it can become self-support- liam Milder, .H.. Marcus .and Harry payments on outstanding loans^ ' government should dsal with the ing. 1 Weiner. Milder acted, as chairman •"It has been the policy, of the i&r as Fh governmen-li v. s thie French for the ' evening, and . introductory Corporation to stress in its activities -vith th Temarks were naade by him and by the sound social-economic developMarcus. •"'"'. ment of the country- rather than the I securing of maximum returns," the Mrs. Fannie Wintroub, 45, died t report stresses. ,j lil iff early last Friday morning, after talc- { [Ml I.' Pointing out that in establishing a id ing poison by • mistake, thinking it | pioneer community on a self-supportwas medicine. Funeral services were ! ing basis the development "of strong A large crowo. attencieci aie . local credit institutions is an obvious held at the home, with burial in Gold- . i fit dance, card party and_br. necessity, the report states that the on Hill cemeterv. All of the present officers of the held, by the Daughters ^ of ^ioCorporation * has heretofore interSociety" were unanimously the city" attditoriun! Sunday, all ested itself in the credit co-operative the .election"; of officers caeds to go to the Jewish Nat,, movement,' particularly .in the rural held at the regular meeting of the Fund. . centers. It holds three-fourths of the troub; and two sisters, Mrs. Max ] organisation. A variet. ol! crlc:'.-, ' " " shares of the capital of the Central Kaplan and Mrs. B. Brown. Mrs...£. Tatle, presiI<Irs. Wintroub, who has lived in Bank of Cooperative Institutions in "Wolf, vice president; was a member of |j , featured. Tl 3 ary , Palestine, Ltd., which institution is Omaha 25 years, Al i the affa": devoted solely to the development of Hadassah. the Jewish Women's Wei-, g lentil'the co-operatives. ,. SI-x Fromkin, financial-secretory. Jewish Women., i tion nest i "There j

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vin C. Uxhr, . Amsterdam.—A request for an inNew York.—A Sabbath Liturgy for fleers of the organization - held at the) benefit alfc r." " ' s . " S. r tbe Preformed Jewish Service has Just I governmental subvention Jewish Community Center last Sunbeen completed by Ernest Blodi, disto the Eabbinate of Holland has been Haifa—(J. T. A.)—A one-year day afternoon. . • " stated. American. J Jewish h composp | submitted to Parliament road plan, involving an expenditure tinguished Amercn. The. other officers named are 3. 3. of 20,000 pon/ids, to bs repaid in five er. who is noted for his use of H«H { It is believed that the request will years, has been referred to a commit- braic material in his musical coir.posi- be granted "inasmuch as many dep- Friedman, vice-presidSst; Sol Eosea1 berg, secretary; John Feldman, •: . • tee of -the Municipality. It- presup- tions, it was announced by his ilaugh- uties favor the project. trea.sarer; H. Shrier, S. Altschuler, feculty poses a network of roads totaling 25 t e r r MissiLucicnne Bloch. ' • j . . ———:——• grade. F". kilometers;' . • ' Mr. Block i s : now i n E o v e r e d o ' Boston.—The s u m s f $50,000 will and A. Schneider, • trustees. •—— ' " • I u b e n a ; •' r If this-.Bcheme fails to receive Gov- Switzerland, where .he h a s completed be' subscribed .within t h e :"next five BudapesL-^-The ceatury-old Jevds'n j in • Jugo-5 ~ - work,I .years f o r t h e .establishment of a ernment-approval, the same commit- t w o versions .pf\ h i s . present . tee is to prepare n more modest plan which lie' was cbmnussioned to under- j New • : Englana Jewish coionv in banking 'firm, founded feyEaron Eoh- j Dr.- S ' .«- * cost .'.•between • 5,000 a n d : 6,0001 tales by: Felix a n d Gerald • Wprburg j Palestine, it-.was decided a t a Zion- ner, announced its liquidation as the | to the IT ~ . ! . | tlit the present fi 1st' conference he1"1*" (•of-.New York City. coaiids.




PAGE 2—THE JEWISH PRESS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1931 Pins who will attend Saturday.


services this

It takes a great man to make a good listener.—Helps.

—. p- f


eauiy e§ borne to Ann R. Silver in the field of her 'profession— achievements that are sure to take for their toll any trace of feminine loveliness. Yet Madame Rubinstein looks as if she had lived leisurely;and luxuriously all her life. Her eyes have a youthful sparkle. Her luxurious black hair is thick and silky with no tell-tale traces of gray. Her skin is smooth as a young girl's. She wears colorful clothes that are- exotic and brilliant—gowns which more youthful women would find too difficult—and yet she carries them off perfectly. No, she doesn't look her age. And if she can do it, she main"No woman—particularly a Jewish tains, why can't others ? woman—need ever look more than 35 THREE SIMPLE RULES no matter how old she really is!" "You- can do it," 'she advises her Encouraging words, these, and true for they come from the lips of a wom- kinswomen, *by following three simple an who herself, at the age of 59, looks rules; exercise, grooming and cultia good 20 years younger—despite an vation of your own individuality. And( unusually hectic life and in the face if you begin in your youth, you will of business worries and responsibili- remain eternally young." tise that would have brought myriad - Her advice is aimed particularly at wrinkles and premature old age to Jewish girls who, she believes, have any other person. ' a head start on other races in the She is Madame Helena Kubinstein, matter of beauty. The natural .posinternationally known beauty special- sibilities of the typical Jewish girl— ist and advisor to the women of New her dark hair, luminous eyes, olive York, London, Paris, Australia, New skin and vivacious coloring—are Zealand and India for the past thirty assets which, properly utilized, could years. She is a financial power, a make her a beauty overnight. great business woman and a pioneer But the trouble is, Madame RubinMadame Helena Rubinstein, internationally" known beauty specialist, tells in this interesting1 interview all about her romantic rise to success. The feminine beauty dictator also reveals how the Jewish girl can best develop her individual racial type. The author of this article is a well known feature -writer formerly with The New York World, Daily News and other metropolitan dailies. The Seven Arts Feature Syndicate introduces her, wit hthis interview, to the Anglo-Jewish Press of this country. —The Editor.



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stein complains, that the Jewish girl "refuses to make the most of herself. She would rather be anything else hut;natural.;" She bleaches her hair to look Nordic. She over rouges, forgetting that, she is not like her less colorful sisters. Her natural flair for clothes—and the Jewish girl can wear clothes better than anyone else—is overworked in her attempt to outshine her friends. She neglects her skin and tries to cover up the blemishes and pimples with a thick layer of powder. She likes good food and hates to restrain her appetite with the result that she gets that 'typical Jewish heaviness" for the rest of her life." With her Oriental features, the Jewish girl could be tremendously interesting. She need not, if she doesn't care to, be the decided Eastern type; she has all the possibilities to look as French, Spanish or Italian as the native women themselves. She has every heritage of he,r race to develop her beauty—if she does the most with it-". Madame Rubinstein's contributions to the beauty knowledge of the present age are equalled only in interest by her own tremendous personal success. Her story is the rise of a little Polish. Jewish to riches and renown.

HER STORY Her New York salon with its chartreuse walls, modernistic furniture of expensive woods and luxurious hangings is a far cry from the little attic room with its painted wicker chairs where she made her first timorous step into the business world. She was only IS when she started—more to forget a school girl love affair than to make money. The eldest of eight daughters of a wealthy Kracow merchant, she decided, on the completion of her gymnasium course, to take up medicine .and studied at Vienna and Paris. But the odor of iodine and chloroform were too strong for the young girl who fainted each time she had to handle the drugs. She was forced to give up the idea of a doctorate. While at school, however, she had fallen in love with, a young student— a nobody, in the eyes of her parents —and planned • to marry him, against their wishes. Her father undertook to break up the undesirable romance and proceeded, as fathers everywhere have done, to ship his daughter as far from the scene and presence of her beloved as was possible. So the young Helena took a boat—-not to America as everyone else was doing—but to Australia. In Queenstown, on her uncle's sheep ranch, she languished, trying hard to reconcile herself to the parental dictum—no medicine, no love* nothing but the ruthless sun and drastic climate of a strange.continent for comfort. She did. not, however, languish as the ladies of historic and literary fame are supposed to have .done. Her heart may. have been troubled 'but -her physical being did not suffer. Nor did her beauty, for she had taken along with her a cream preparation from a Polish physician which; was calculated to keep her skin soft and fresh despite, the drying effects of the strong Australian sun. It wasn't long before the other women around there noticed and remarked, on the unusual texture of young Helena's skin—unusual compared to their dried, prematurely wrinkled faces, the inevitable result of the climate. They inquired discreetly for the secret and were given a generous portion of her beautifying cream. One of the women was Madame Modjeska, the famous Polish actress, then on tour through Australia.-Gratified with the effects of the cream, she suggested that the young girl make up larger quantities for sale. Her uncle was frankly skeptical when Helena, tiring of living with memories, clutched * eagerly at this straw and determined to drown her heartaches in business. She took a little attic room in Melbourne, bought and painted the furniture herself—a lively green, still her favorite color. She had no money except the monthly allowance ; from Poland and on this she prepared to execute the orders which suddenly came pouring in. But the money .was soon inadequate for her purposes and she was compelled to buy her ingredients on credit. At the;age of, 20 she had to her personal account a "little - ovev • one hundred thousand pounds sterling!

lease on the home of the Marquis of Salisbury. Her; salon is still there. With her business launched, she turned to her studies again. She went to Berlin, studied under famous facial surgeons and became familiar with Tonight the most- advanced developments of Dr. William S. Friedman, Rabbi beauty-•culture. She spent years in the of Temple Emanuel of Denver, Colo., laboratories of great scientists, in re- will occupy the pulpit at Temple search with chemists. Her products Israel at this evening's services, began to appear one by one and to be starting at S p. m. in demand both abroad and here in He is one of the leading citizens America. Her slogan, "Beauty for of Denver and one of the most promiEvery Woman" seemed to have made nent citizens of the state, of which all v,"omen beauty-conscious. he has been a resident for the pas" Today, Madame Helena Rubinstein forty-two years, serving on many has a personal fortune that goes well state commissions. At the conclusion of the services into eight figures. She possesses one of the most * complete collections of tonight, the Sisterhood will tender a antique' jewelry in the world, a collec- reception to Dr. Friedman in the tion of inestimable value. She main- vestry rooms. Everyone is cordially tains five homes, in New York, invited to attend. Greenwich, Conn.; London, Paris and Tomorrow Melbourne. Her salons dot four con- , Saturday morning services will be tinents and she is a continual visitor held tomorrow as usual at 10:30 at them. Despite her " extraordinary a., m. activity, she found time to become the - . _ . Kaddish wife of Edward Titus, "publisher, and Kaddish will "be recited this Sabmother of two sons, now students at hath for Edgar William Polhick. Oxford. by the Ladies' Auxiliary of the TalExercise, Grooming, mud Torah. Individuality Her advice, for which women are Bar Mitzvah of Alfred Krasne, glad to pay large sums, is not some sonThe of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Krasne, confounding- formula but simple will take Saturday " morning, enough to be followed at home. Es- December place at 9 o'clock at the sentially, it is covered in the three Chevra B'nai12,Yisroel Synagogue at rules mentioned above. It is not neces- 618 Mynster street. sary, she contends, to spend much will entertain about thirty money in these unstable times for of Alfred his young friends at a Theater beauty preparations. Thirty dollars a party the Broadway theater on year, according to her calculations, is Sundayatafternoon. more than'enough to allow for an annual outlay of powder, rouge, lipstick, Council Bluffs Lodge No. 6SS creams, astringents ,eye shadow and of The the Independent of the B'nai mascara. But these alone, she warns, B'rith will hold aOrder regular meeting will not make the beauty. next Monday evening, December 14. "Exercise!" she urges. "Don't be at the Eagles Hall. Nomination of lazy—not even for one day. The officers for the ensuing term will stories of leisurely beauties are just take place and all members are urged so many misleading falsehoods. You to be present. cannot shirk the daily massage, the Mrs. Bessie Roffman, 2504 West hours of hair brushing and invigorating exercise, if you want to look well Broadway, passed away Saturdav in the later years when age wrecks night at the Clarkson "Hospital in Omaha, following a lingering illness. havoc to the best features. "Grooming! That is more import- She was 61 years old. She is surby her husband, M. Roffman; ant today than prettiness. A clear vived one daughter, Sain Sacks:of skin, clean hair, manicured nails, and Council Bluffs, Mrs. and four sons, Sam tasteful clothes create a woman who and George, of Council Bluffs, asd will be regarded as a beauty in the Roy and Abe Roffman of Omaha. ensemble, no matter how ugly her Funeral services were held Sunday face or unattractive her figure. afternoon at the Jewish Funeral "And individuality! Cultivate the Home in Omaha, with burial at the real you—not a haphazard immitation Golden Hill cemeterv. of someone on the screen or in the rotogravure section. Make your own The Council Bluffs Chapter No.' 7 personality, your" own style of loveli- of the A. Z. A. will hold a meeting ness so that others may follow you. next Wednesday evening, December That is the secret of the beautiful 16, at the home of Henry Mendelson, women you envy!" 10 North 2Sth street An election ;of (Copyright, 1931, by Saven Arts officers, and initiation of new memFeature Syndicate.) bers will take place. Plans will also be completed for the local celebration of the National A. Z. A. Day, which. I will be held Sunday, Dec. 20, at the Eagles Hall.. All members are urged to attend.

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A comparatively small suai set aside each year for an Equitable Life Annuity will guarantee you s fixed monthly Incorae of $100, $200s'$300 or $500 fir life, beginning at any sge after 50. If you prefer, the snntiity may be purchased by a lump-sum payment.

Reviews and lectures next Wednesday afternoon, December 16, at the Strand theater ballroom. He will review the play, "Apple Cart," which is now being presented at the Brandeis theater in Omaha. The public is cordially invited to be present. The Council Bluffs Agudas Achim Association will hold a meeting next Thursday evening, December 17, at the Eagles Hall.


The Ladies' Aid Society will hold a regular meeting next Tuesday afternoon, December 15, at the synagogue at 618 Mynster street. All members are urged to be present. ; A Children's Chanukah. party was given. Tuesday afternoon at the synagogue between the hours of 5 and 7 o'clock and was attended by about .75 children. Chanukah games and songs were played," and'a." "good time-was had by all. Potato Lotkas and Tea verc servecl by members of the Ladles' Auxiliary of the Talmud Torah. 'Irs. Abe Gilinsky, president, was assisted by Mesdames H. Brinn, E. Hoffmri, M. Hoffman, D. Fox, H. Krause, 11. Wolpa Leo Fi,tch, H. Bondarin c.:iJ J. Z. Stadlan. A Last Day Chanukah party v-r.l ! be . given for the members of llic ' Junior Congregation this afternoon, December 11, at 4:30. o'clock. The regular Friday evening service "vrili begin at 5 o'clock with Haim Diamond as "Chazan."


KSPRESENTATIVE 545 Omaha National Bank Bidg.,



Phone: AT 4367


• [C£ r rrr

\Q\J V'vT


Tf'" <



e civ s d i "voin

5 p. m. to S

T '.. TTi.

On Saturday morning all members !. of the Junior Congregation are urged | ' to be at the synagogue at 9 o'clock ' ^ to be present at the Bar Mitzvah of • _1 Alfred Krasne. Two Tablet pins will t" be awarded to the bearers of Aleph.,;

', v

"'. V . "


i "


SJ - i-»' » ' . ' - v* -. \ ", t.'»"

161H 1JWZ~7S


Rabbi Frederick Cohn of Omaha

"Just Ground the 'Comer from JSvefytteng?

BUSINESS-SPREADS Her success in Australia gave her courage to" try other countries. She went" to London" and took a 99-year

<sr- ± ' i ,

. . . - . . . . . . - . . , . - . . . . . . . . . 4 . will give the third'of a series of Boole

A large crowd attended the Chanukah program which was presented Sunday afternoon at the Chevra B'nai Yisroel Synagogue by the children of the Talmud Torah. Mr. J: Z. Stadlan, principal of the Sunday school, was chairman and spoke of the significance of Chanukah. A Children's Chanukah service was given, followed by the Kindling of the Lights, and two ritual songs, "Hanorus Halolu" and -"Moas Tzur," Yiddish and English, were rendered, and also several violin solos. Mrs. J. Z. Stadlan gave a Historical review of the epic of the Maccabean tribe. Mrs. Abe Gilinsky spoke and appealed -tt> the -parents^ about registration for. the children for the Talmud Torah classes. Aleph Buttons were presented to twelve children for regular attendance at the Saturday morning services for six consecutive weeks. The members of the "K'hal Tz'eerim," who received the awards, are.Malkah Haim, Mayer, and Shiomol Diamond, Haim Fox, Lea Fried, Avrohom Krasne, Baruch Krasna, Haim Roffman, Mirian Perlmc.tter, Igal Stacllan and Jacob \Vol~ pa. Miss Shirley Maltz won the first prise in the Menorait cutting puzzle, and was awarded vritli a menorah. Mr. Stadlan thanked the six Sunday School teachers for their good work and presented them with gift boxes. The teachers are the Misses Sadie Endelman, Ruth -Shyken* Toby Katelman, Rose Fox, and Sarah Solomonow and Mrs. Stadlan. Mr. Stadlan also thanked the Talmud Torah committee and the Ladies' Auxiliary for their harmonious co-operation. Candy and "Dreidlach". were given to those present, which was donated



; I.



Montreal.—(J. T. A.)—:The expulsion from Canadian Universities of all Jewish students. on the ground that they aa-e "undesirable," is demanded by the anti-Semitic FrenchCanadkui newspaper, "Le.Miror." ' A bitter attack against what it terms the invasion of the Jews in the Montreal University • is launched by the nevvspaper -which declares: "If the Jews want a university, vrhy don't they build one, since they count in their ranks ihoTe millionaires than we. have." In the same issue the paper takes to tasls:>a liberal French, publication for extending Holy Day greetings to the Jewish, community. In this connection it asserts that the Jews are instructed by the Talmud "to cheat and rob the Gentile; to corrupt Christian women." The Jewish New Year, says "Le Mirer," "serves the purpose of strengthening the Jews' resolution for further- Judas acts against the Christians." ' • The anti-Jewish agitation. of the paper is believed to be responsible for the boycotts against Jewish merchants. A French storekeeper has prominently displayed a sign in his windows bearing the inscription: "Do not buy from Jews." Thus far there has been no protest against this open attempt at boycott. In many, circles the strength of the anti-Jewish agitation is ascribed as the reason for Premier Taschefeau's hesitancy to include a Jewish minister in his cabinet, although the Jewish deputy, Peter Bercovitch, has been warmly acclaimed • by the English press.

rp?5rr! the arrangement,' the equipment to 11 M \\ which has been added the latest, obtainable, coupled with a complete beauty service. ..'•'• Hiss. Margaret Fuller will continue Sirs. Champe attended NorhtwestIn behalf of the sale of seals to her Mothers' course at the Labor ern University at Chicago; she is afLyceum this Tuesday evening at 8 filiated with many Jewish -activities. help the tubercular, President Herbert Hoover has issued the following p. m., under the auspices of the Ladies . Labor Lyceum Club. Five Kings will be tyrants from policy, statement from the Yfhite house: more. lectures, each dealing with an vdien subjects are "rebels from prin"I commend to all oar people the entirely different phase of child care, cipals.—Burke. annual sale of Christmas Seals conwill be given on successive Tuesday evenings. , .-..: •' This ' Tuesday,. .Miss.;: Fuller will speak on how .tt> develop the child in the teens. The public is invited.' Admission is free.

Daughters of Zion A check-up on the tickets sold and the money realized for the benefit card party, bazaar and dance of the Daughters of Zion at the municipal auditorium Sunday will be held, at the next meeting of the organization to be held at the Jewish Community Center "Wednesday, December 16. AH committees and members are therefore asked to attend prepared to make their reports. , . , • _ Jacob S. Pearlstein, executive -director of the Jewish Welfare Federation and Community Center, address the meeting "Wednesday. A board meeting will preced the regular meeting. ' ' The organization has expressed -. its appreciation to all committees and members who helped make the card party,' bazaar and dance a success, and to those individuals and firms who contributed to the bazaar. Especial thanks Were given to John Feldman.


Bikur Cholim The next meeting of the Bikur Cholim Society will be held Monday afternoon at 2 p. m. at the 25th and Seward street synagogue. The' meeting is starting early because of the large amount of important business to be transacted. Very important reports will be read at the meeting. All members are urged to attend.



The Thorpeian Athletic: club announce that their annual New Year celebration will be held in the Some Hotel Crystal rooms a la cabaret style. The committee in charge has reported that the • "hottest" band in this territory has been engaged. An elaborate dinner will be served. Also, a valuable and novel favor will be given to each lady present. •; A troupe of well known ; professional merrymakers have been engaged for the affair. Reservations should be made at once with Irvin Levin, as the gala party is being limited to one- hundred people, and from present indications a capacity audience will be present.



The Ak-Sar-Ben Bowling Alleys 'formerly Francisco's), on the fourth floor at 16th and Harney Wrecked Cars Rebuilt Sts., is open day and night for Curtains and Upholstering •patrons of the bowling sport. Ellis Doors Tightened to Fit and La Fvue, the new proprietors, Woodwork and Painting extend to the Jewish people of Dmaha every courtesy in enjoying Radiator Repairing themselves at the Ak-Sar-Ben alleys. These alleys have always been the headquarters for the Jewish lGth and Cursing Sts. oin-sniashLng leagues. At present shere are a total of thirty-two JAckson 7640 .eagues which are to play on these . illeys. "The people seen to be reacting .*ery kindly toward the recreative sport of "bowling," Ellis and La •> Sue stated. "Our motto is to 'bowl for health.' In boTviing, besides ts fascination, everj- muscle gets Bowl for Your nto play, giving the human body Health's Sake exercise in needed parts. Besides being a healthful sport Alleys Open Cor the fall and -winter seasons, Day and Night Mr. Ellis points out that great enjoyment can be derived from bowing. "It is an ideal place to meet rour friends and escape from the AK - SAS - BEN drudgeries and worries of the BOWLING ALLEYS ousiness day. Here you can enjoy :wo delightful hours for only CO 16th and Harney 4th Floor ;ents in amicable, competitive ELLIS and LA RVC, Proprietors ;port with your friends and business associates." The Ak-Sar-Ben alleys take painstaking care to give the utmost ventilation to the bowlers, having but recently installed two aeroplane fans. Ellis and La Rue operated a jowling alley in.Fremont prior to assuming ownership of the AkSar-Ben alleys. They boast the Dest kept alleys in the raid-west, snd have a force of forty-five people on .the payroll. "Dad". Htmtington, veteran floor manager, has been connected with The Sign of bowling- for the past twelve years. Good Workmanship 'William Gaines, the other floor has served in that caOffices Brandeis Theatre Bidg manager, pacitv for a like number of years. OMAHA


. Aferamsaa Ail! Co. 852 Brandeis Theatre Bldg. JA. 4S11


You can now buy a EEO as low as Sp995 Lansing

l e e Barlsh Motor Co. V BAKISH, Pres.

2562 Farnam JA. 1997


Daughters of Israel

On December .17 Junior Hadassah is sponsoring "Hadassah Night" at A regular meeting of the Daugh- the J. C. C. The public is invited. ters of Israel Aid Society will be Refreshments will be served. helcT Tuesday, December 15, at' the Old People's Home, 2504 Charles street, at 2 o'clock. ;

Senior Council

"• Election of officers will be held.

In preparation for the Senior Council carnival Saturday night, a rally of all clubs of the Council was held Tuesday evening in the lodge : The" regular monthly meeting of room of the Center, with more than the Hadassah Cultural will ba held 200 members present. The purpose Monday noon, December 14, at 12:45 of the gathering was to promote enat "the Blackstone hotel. Rabbi David thusiasm for the carnival. Goldstein will address the group on Julius Bisno, president of the Council, p presided at a program which "Theodor Herd." i f "pep" " " talks by Mrs. J. Abrahamson will read a conssited of b brief y paper on Chanukah. For reserva- Hyman Goodbirider and Sam Eptions, call Mrs. Max Fromkin, chair- stein; popular songs by Mrs. Stanman of the group, at Harney 2671. ley F. Levin; recitations by Henry Hornstein; and refreshments. The outline of events for the carnival



J. M. CALAI 3R1A .1 Xet Calabria make the combing of your children's hair a pleasure. Arthur Builciin 5—208 So. lSlb Down Stairs

Hadassali Cultural . -

Council of . Jewisli Women


ducted hy the National Tuberculosis all services to mankind in helping].en the seal sale was donated, last Association and its affiliated State to check and destroy a disease which J Friday by Geor c Brrmdeis, met" and local associations. These seals endangers millions of. "homes and'.chant prince erf Omaha, and resignI. Mr. Bi-fflsold during the holiday season pro- J •weakens millions liunci clolh'.r health vide the funds -which make possible daily the children and youth of the I c"c:f bontri ' bond.. It the organised campaign £o? the pre- na on. p.r.tin? pa?tn->r,stov F , C. veniioa of tuberculosis. T eltime forts are -hoving encouraging ra- and physical stamina cf or.r per--! Fntto-n. suits in i diminishing •death rate. Davidson of the Nebraska The proceeds of the s I sale? makej (Signed) HEEBEET KOOVEE. • j Power company bought a hundred possible one of the most valuable The largest personal donation giv-1 dollar health bond Wednesday.

was presented and the various details, of the program arranged. Cards and dancing occupied the remainder The Current Topics Course of the of the evening. Council of Jewish Women wall meet Tsssday morning, December 15, at A. Z. A. No. 1. tho Community Center. Rabbi Goldstein's subject will be "Standards of Final plans have been made for Relief—With Special Reference ot the Unemployment Situation." ; International A. Z. A. day on D e c Following this meeting the Peace 20. The program consists of a privstudy group will have their meet- ate dance Saturday evening, a. basing. The program which was ar- ketball game Sunday afternoon, and and open meeting Sunranged for the last meeting was not adaybanquet evening. ,The Judas Maccabeus presented, and instead will be given degree team, will put on this degree at 'ihis time. during the open meeting. , 1'he Legislation Study group will inEGt Wednesday, December 16 at the home of Mrs. Philip Schwartz at XI Lambda : . 10 a. m. Mrs. Ben Glazer will lead the discussion on "Naturalization and The Xi Lambda cabin on the Citizenship Rights of Women an<3 Platte river has been completely reChildren." A short; parliamentary novated and warmly furnished to drill is given at every meeting. This give every comfort during the winis led by Mrs. .Schwartz,-the chair-, ter months. man of the Legislation group. After the New Year dinner dance,

Conservative Auxiliary Preparations are being rapidly completed for the third annual congregational dinner of the Conservative Synagogue, which will take place Sunday, December 27, at 5:30 p. m., in the auditorium of the Jewish Community Center, under the auspices of the Women's Auxiliary. Mrs. E. A. Simon and her committee have planned on .excellent dinner for that evening, and Tseervations, which are $1.25 per plate, will be Bumber. The highlight of the evening will be an address by Professor.'-Mord'cicai M. Kaplan of New York City, who i.= one of the outstanding leaders of Conservative Judaism in America. In addition, a splendid program of entertaniment is being Levanson, b Mrs. M M. M F - L arrangedd by program chairman of the auxili* ary.

Tho regular weekly matinee dance at the J. C. C. jinder the sponsorship of the Psi Mu will be held Sunday afternoon, with Jimmy Jones ?.nd his orchestra, again furnishing iho music.

the fraternity brothers. are plan-, ning many affairs to take place in the cabin. The arrangement in the cabin is very unique and many of the fraternity treasurers are lodged there. The members are pledged to secrecy as to the location of the c a b i n . "



Barber—For Those Who Are Particuhir Paston Billiard Barber Shop lGth 6 Farnam


.•" .'New.Beauty-Shoppe Mrs. Vee Champe, well known for her beauty work, has returned to Omaha and brings a wealth of individual beauty creations from IStew York and Hollywood.' She has just opened the Vee Champe Beauty Shoppe in the Orpheum Theater BMg.r 1513 Harney. : Her location is that of the former Monh'eit Beauty Salon. Mrs. Champe said she felt "it was a pity to let a shop that had the possibilities that one of Omaha's former outstanding beauty r shops had to offer to go to waste.' She is nowf offering, an .individual service in adsiition to-the beauty of

fi *

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ISth and St. Mary's—ST. 722? M> ' "W,




Cccuty Service at 1513 Haraey St.

COit mi


(Formerly Monlieifs Beauty Salon)




Specializing in Scalp Treatment G32



U. D

AND SLIP C3VZ7. CO, 213 So. 19—J A. 2C4S

"Where Quality Is Supreme"


ATianlic 22ST

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Where P People E;

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•••..•• >.

Recently, Sam Garrop, erstwhile pledge, was taken to the cabin and duly initiated.

Your Easiness And Can Assure You of a Pleasant Business rsiship.


• Service With a Smile • Free .Delivery E-ith eaS Scsfartl Etrsets

U l l l i LACE LAUNDRY { 5007 Leavenworth • WAlaut IS50

"' \ I

rCourteous Service Delivery Anj"rfier In the City S C-sjn-Ef^g: S t r e e t

1 I






THE JEWISH PRESS Published every Friday at Omaha, Nebraska, by

THE JEWISH PRESS PUBLISHING COMPANY SIOUX CITY OFFICE JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER—SOS Pierce Street Subscription Price, one year - - - - - - §2.50 Advertising rates furnished on application Office: 490 Brandeis Theater Building Telephone: ATlantic 1450 DAVID BLACKER - • - - Business and Managing Editor FRANK R. ACKERMAN - - - - - - - - Editor FREDA BOLKER MILDER - - Sodety Editor FANNIE KATELMAN, Council Bluffs, Ta., Correspondent ANN PILL - - - - - - Sioux City, Towa. Correspondent


The American Jewish Committee celebrated its twenty-fif th anniversary this past week, marking a quarter of a century of important and enduring service to the Jewish people in this country and abroad. In the life of-a large organization, a span of twenty-five years usually serves as a preface for the work to be done; in this instance it has proven to be a sufficient length of time for the American Jewish Committee to become a significant and valiant guardian of Jewish rights, a fearless champion against those committing wrongs against the Jewish people. The Committee was organized by leading Jews in the United States in 1908, shortly after the widespread massacres of Jews in Russia. Its purpose then^ as now, as to safeguarding the rights of Jews in all parts of, and to extend relief to Jews who become-the victims of persecution or disaster. In fulfilling the hopes of its organizers, the Committee has earned the confidence and praise of American Jewry and the Jewish communities in many other lands. It was mainly instrumental in procuring in 1911 the annulment by the United States of the commercial treaty with Czarist Russia, because of the latter's persistent refusal to recognize passports lawfuly issued to American citizens of the Jewish faith. Though still in its youth, the Committee was forced to pass through the trying World War with its devastating effect "on the Jewish populace. It was due to the Committee's initiative that the Joint Distribution Committee was established, lending its magnificent aid toward the regeneration of war-torn Jewish groups. It also compiled what are now invaluable statistics of the participation of American Jews in the historic ; world upheaval. . At the conclusion of the War, .the Committee joined in sending to the Versailles peace confer; enee a delegation headed by the late Reverend ' Louis Marshall,^^ This Jewish delegation of the American Jewish Committee was chiefly responsible for the insertion in the peace treaties of „ clauses protecting the political and civil rights of persons who t>elong to racial, linguistic, and religious minorities, and since then the Committee has striven valiantiy to hold these gains which enshrined minority rights in law. Now that the world is in the throes of a gigantic economic disruption with the Jews suffering most because of anti-Semitism and the preponderance of Jews in the trading class, the Committee is extending its every effort to bring jabout an improvement in the politico-economic conditions of the Jews in Eastern Europe. The tragic conditions extant in the Jewish communities bring into relief more than ever the need of such an organization as the American Jewish Committee. Indeed, Jewish leaders in sevt?raS countries have asked the American Jewish Committee to broaden into a World Jewish Committee, a clearing house for the Jewish people in the effort to establish a stronger economic basis of Jewish life aid-to preserve the spiritual values. This is the highest tribute payable to this yalu\ble organization but twenty-five years young. recognizing that it is an instrument of catholic Israel for the maintenance of Jewish rights in all lands and for the furtherance and deepening of Jewish ideals. .

of my own spirit, thus prove my primacy over all who would degrade or drag me down." This utterance, strangely enough, fits in with tile stirring appeal given here last week by Maurice Samuels for the Jew to be proud of his destiny and to get enjoyment, cheer, and satisfaction therefrom. Samuels pointed out that whether he willed it or not, the Jew would retain his identity of a Jew. Anti-Semitism today is of such a natur.e that assimilation of more than one-tenth of the Jewish people is an impossibility. Today, Judophobia prevails not only because of the hatred of the Jews' religion—"The dislike of the unlike"—-but also because of an economic motive, competition in trade. Anti-Semitism as it poisons the minds of the present generations is not of a religious' connotation but racial in character. Since, there is no doubt whether we will survive as Jews, as Samuels so eloquently put it, the question is whether the Jews will lose the content of their identity without losing the identity. The first step toward keeping the Jewish content in Israel's life is the acceptance of the weight of our destiny—and recognizing that it is no burden but an advantage. The rich heritage of Israel gives us a historical background and a spiritual vigor which can furnish an inexhaustible source of inspiration. And once realizing how gripping and rosely-hued is the future destiny of the Jew, we can then proceed to re-establish the contacts with the traditions and philosophy and learning that gave our noble ancestors strength and mental alertness. A natural revivification of Hebraic culture in its • deeper, more significant phases would follow, with the Jew again serving as a vital influence of advancement in the world. But first we must slice the "if" off of Holmes' writing and answer him: "I therefore am a Jew. I do not look down with shame but up with pride upon my fate and by mastery of my own spirit, thus proving my primacy over all who would degrade or drag me down."

From Contemporary Pens

The "Golden Chain" has become familiar as a symbol of the spiritual brotherhood, the indestructible nexus between Jew and Jew of all epochs, of all climes, of all conditions. But we must not forget yet another and no less important aspect of this unity. The Jewish spirit that lives and breathes in all Jews, oversteps not merely the bounds of country, upbringing and pursuit, but also the difference between young and old. Latest or awake, it is of the essence of the Jewish child no less than of his father and mother. It is a precious and imperishable heritage which'every Jew receives at birth and which, if fostered and not stifled, tended and not neglected, means untold riches of the mind and soul for himself to enjoy and for his children to receive from him in turn. And therefore the Jewish message must be brought to our boys and girls from the most tender age, as well as to the generation of grown men and women. From the tiny tots to the greybeards, one and all must be given the means of hearing the Jewish call and of finding in themselves a responsive echo. But the children and the youth have the first claim. Nor does one need to state the obvious—that the younger they are the more receptive is their ear, the more, impressionable their mind, the more plastic their consciousness. '- To say all this is only to re-state the problem of the Jewish youth, in this as in all other countries, in this era of transition, of the fading out of landmarks, of the battering siege of every kind of alien and alienating force and influence. One is happy to feel that many of our best men and women are fully alive to the problem and determined to grapple with it. Largely under the initiative of a band of devoted Zionist women, steps have been and are being taken to provide spiritual fare for the youth of Johannesburg and to evoke their innate Jewish consciousness at every stage in their development and mental growth. Hebrew kindergartens are being estab— OUR DESTINY. . lished for the smallest children; juvenile groups JoMn Haynes Holmes, noted Chiistian clergy- are being formed for those of slightly higher age, man of New York, has frequently used his mighty a^ witness the unprecedented gathering of seven Tien as a cudgel in defense of the Jewish people. hundred young children last Saturday night; With penetrating insight, he has written clearly quiet but effective work is being done by "Ha^nd unmincingly of Jewish problems, caring not bonim" groups of children of similar and slightly how he belabored his co-rellglonists. In just such greater age; for the older juveniles or younger a vein is his article, "Through Gentile Eyes/' in adolescents—whichever one prefers to designate Opinion, a new weekly journal of Jewish life and them—there are the Young Israel and Judean Societies ; and for the young men and women who letters. "The Jew is a living embodiment of all that seek Jewish self-knowledge, Jewish self-expression, Jewish self-realization, there is the ads most grievous in Christian history," writes Dr. mirable Association of Jewish groups, whose latHolmes. "For a Gentile to come into the presence est and very successful activity is reported in this jf a Jew is to feel himself embarrassed, stricken issue. This enumeration does not pretend: to be vith shame, convicted of sin. In the facs of the exhaustive; there must be added the cultural and .'leritage of horror which the centuries bestow educational work of the Hebrew Schools, the acjpon the Gentile from out the years of his op- tivities of .the Students' Jewish Association, of pressive relations with the Jew, I marvel that numerous little known but often extremely active iny- Gentile can ever find anything in any Jew young people's Societies, of the Jewish Guild, and Lo the Gentile of "the latter's frailties, of his fail- the like; but enough has been said to demonl e through generations to fulfill the precepts strate that there, is a great and growing spiritual of his religion of brotherhood and peace, of his and intellectual ferment amongst the Jewish oetrayal of that gospel of love which was brought youth of Johannesburg— and doubtless Jth#same to the world-by the Nazarene who was himself can be. said of other centres—which augurs well -\ Jew. for the evolution of a coming South African Jew"If therefore, I were a Jew, I would seek as ish generation imbued with a strong and con•ittle to escape my destiny as. to hide my race. I scious Jewish, sentiment and., outlook.—South vould strive to look not down with shame but Africa Record. up with pride upon my fate and by my mastery.


RABBI LOUIS I. NEWMAN Congregation Rodep>-Sfe'<^om, New York

»i.«.»frgggf4 AARON SAPIRO IS IN THE limelight once more. He is a close personal friend of Governor Rolph and is playing an important role in the Mooney-Billings case. Sapiro executed one magnificent coup in the Ford case; it remains to be seen •whether he can duplicate his success in this instance. The Mooney-Billings affair is a jungle of tangled forces, and many a person who has sought to find his way therein, has been disappointed. Perhaps Aaron Sapiro holds the clue to the highway out of the labyrinth. If so, it will be a notable contribution to the safeguarding of American liberalism.

Synagogues ought free their leaders from the grinding routine of administrative work so that they could write and preach the "living void" to those who are eager to hear it. Instead Eabbis are oftentimes chained to their desks, and compelled to adopt the role of a high-powered efficiency expert, who must watch membership, finances, the growth of auxiliary organisations, the developments of crowds at service;? by means of pub"THE JEWISH UNIT OF TEE licity devices, end similar essential Keligiows Organizations "will hold its annual tea and grocery shower," but frequently unpalatable tasks. states a Mid-western weekly bulletin. Every Rabbi must know how much A shower of tea, vre can understand, activity the traffic will bear; he from his congregabut a shower of groceries might be j must not be aloof C painful. However, it is all in a good j tion or so TMI. J" that- he seems to be cause, and even Eabbis must not ob- without interest in them pastorally. 1 ject to having a few potatoes thrown Nevertheless, he must have time to study, room, to grow, and energy to at them occasionally. give assent to the myriad calls made upon his time by worthwhile causes. THE JEWISH "PENCHANT FOE publicity is notorious. A Jewish leader of world note describes it as THE BARUCH BOOM Bernard Baruch, a great figure in follows: "In Europe when the Gentiles wish to build a church, they lay the Wilson administration, seems to the foundations, erect the walls., and be staging a political come-back. Several weeks ago, it was Barneh finally raise the spire, is which, after many years, they place the bells. But vho vhas chosen to sponsor the Ritthe Jews begin with the bells first." chie presidential boom. It is certain This same leader defines a pessimist if the Democrats vrin the next as a man who is always predicting election, Baruch will come into his the worst, and when it comes, he is ewn. still not satisfied. But strangest of all is the fact that even the Republicans seems to desire " O U T S I D E ACTIVITIES," OB has good will and counsel. Gossip has it that twice in recent community work by the Rabbis beyond the confines of their Temples is weeks has Hoover invited him to the a bugbear to lay synagogue leaders, White House for consultation. Baruch, it was once said by a leadThe laity take pride in their Rabbi's prominence, but they Ere SIWEI^S ing Washington newspaperman, has afraid he is looking away from them hopes of becoming the American and losing interest in their personali- Disraeli. ty and problems. Colleagues confess to iss that whereas they once included in the weekly bulletins a list of their nonTernple speaking engagements, they Minsk.—{.T. T. A.) — The city of refrain from doing so now. Their . „often. „ „ „ Minsk- capital of White Russia, with fingers have been burned toe = Now they must accept invitations j a total population-of 150,000, half of surreptitiously, even though they are whom are Jews, was voted the most besieged on all sides bv Jewish and literate city In the Soviet Union. In the whole of Minsk, there are non-Jewish organizations. While it is true that an overabund- only l.OaO illiterates, it. is disclosed. ance of extra-Temple engagements A campaign to eradicate all illiteracy breaks down the health, of the Eabbi, in the city has been launched by the the congregation makes a mistake if local Soviet, which has set itself a it seeks to parochialize its minister. six months time limit. not be pioneers of social progress, and receive the favorable comment of the majority. Boies Penrose was right: "People do not -wish to be reformed; they wish to be let alone." But Jews will not allow humanity to remain at pesce. We are the yeast that creates the ferment. We are the goard which pricks into action. It is not pleasant, but it is necessary.

a.ct exactly in the same fashion as the group now in control.

DUMPLINGS WITH NON-KOSHer fat were made the cause for a divorce suit by a Jewish merchant of Vienna against his wife. In America, many Reform Jews would be tempted to file suit if their wives served them dumplings with Kosher fat. Nevertheless it must be noted that the observance of the dietary laws among young Jews is not disappearing with nearly the rapidity commonly believed. We are" living in an era of neo-traditionalism and Jewish customs are maintaining themselves, especially among families in centers EAY S T A N N A R D BAKER of large Jewish population. throws interesting light in his latest installment of "The Life and Letters H. L. MENCKEN APPARENTLY of Woodrow Wilson,'1 appearing in, loves the people of Israel after all, the Republican "New York Herald- despite his caustic remarks in "A Tribune," upon the relationships be- Treatise on the Gods." In the "Coltween the illustrious war president umbia Spectator" he declares that and Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis. the present-day American student is In the crisis of the discussion over even more conservative than his parthe proposed reforms in the Ameri- ents, and American liberalism may be can banking system, President Wil- laid to immigration which brought son "was greatly assisted by a con- the Jews to the country." Without ference with Louis D. Brandeis, of the Jews there would be no liberalism Boston, in whose judgment he had in America. This is an old, old story. much confidence. Brandeis presented I have described it in detail in my powerful arguments in support of book, "Jewish. Influence en Christian Bryan's main contentions, first that Reform Movements." Joseph Jacobs 'power to issue currency should be has traced this tendency in modern vested exclusively in government of- liberal movements in "Jewish Contrificials, even when the currency is butions to Civilization." issued against commercial paper,' and If you encounter liberalism, "chersecond, that the board should be dis- chez At the same time, Jews tinctly a government body and 'the must lebeJuif." prepared to pay thepnealty function of the bankers should be for their iconoclasm. They cannot limited to an advisory council.'" have their cake and eat it. They canHe warned Wilson also that the "conflict between the policies of the administration and the desires of the financiers and big business men is an irreconcilable one." He went on to say, however: "While we must give the most careful consideration to their recommendations and avail ourselves of thier expert knowledge, it is extremely dangerous to follow their advice even in a field technically their own." He urged Wilson also not to be alarmed into passing a bill "in order to prevent panic conditions" before he had ;made sure that the changes propped would really innure to the benefit«0f the people. ; Wilson regarded these as weighty words. Added to the ,criticisms of Bryan, McAdoo, Owen and Samuel Ur.termeyer, they brought the essential issue of control to a point where a final decision was unavoidable. At least three Jews played an important part in shaping the historic Federal Reserve Act, Louis D. Brandeis, Samuel Untermeyer and Paul Warburg. The influence of Mr. Schiff was also considerable. It is interesting to- observe that Mr. Brandeis' words run true to form, namely that he speaks of the necessity of democratic checks against the inevitably selfish attitude of vested interests.

Minsk 3Iosi Literate City in Soviet Russia

the holiday mood looks towards


"THE TEMPLE BULLETIN" OF Temple Beth Zion of Buffalo, of which Joseph L. Fink is Rabbi, contains the following item: "It is a sign of health and active interest in our congregation when our attendance at services is as large as, for example, it was? last Friday evening. The Temple was crowded to the doors, including the balcony. About 1,200 men and women came to participate in our service and to hear the Rabbi's sermon. We are extremely happy over this spirit of co-operative interest and we pray that the religious zeal and attention that our attendance indicates, will continue to grow and extend itself to the other^ congregations of our community. That Temple Beth Zion hsa grown greatly in numbers is obvious. May there be" a corresponding growth in congregational friendship and loyalty." Crowds! Crowds! Crowds! Synagogue leaders, Rabbis and laymen alike, wish crowds at their services. At the moment we do not know what theme Rabbi Fink discussed, but a persual of his weekly bnlleitns indicates htat he falls back upon "timely topics" only rarely. We congratulate Rabbi Fink upon the widespread interest in his message. At the same time we rejoice in the fact thai in his congregation the spirit of piety is so mounting that worshippers attend services regardless of the subject to be considered- When Reform Jews attend^ divine services through inner choice'rather, tha outer allurements we will not have reared our ample and beautiful edifices in vain. '"REMOTE CONTROL' IN THE Churches" has just appeared in "The Thinker" magazine, and I take tfcej liberty to bring it to the attention of the readers of this column. A Christian minister declared to me recently that the conditions I undoubtedly have discovered in the synagogues of the country, particularly in the provinces, are a replica of conditions in the churches as well. The mling caste in American Temples may not enjoy ray article, but I offer it to them for whatever it may be worth. Its saving grace lies in the fact that tha middle class, rising to. affluence and power, would


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Tniais of Orthodos: ^75 aid and Trill interval cninrtos authcrizies, •-'Saturday, Dec 12. Senior: Council Carnival. "7:30 25. :xn. :SmiBay, Dec. 13. TM ~M.u Danes. S j . m , Center ^Ballroom. Concert: IHazomir Singing society. 3 p . -sa. Auspices .Jewish Community Center. Tnes&zy, Dec. la. l?eace Group jHeeiing. ifhoO a. m. Auspices Coundl of Jewish "Women. "•TCe2n£siir.y, J)sc. IS. Community Chest "3Ieeting. 4


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i e r iTL':e~vtrat i ori t o t

:Egfitia~ time, 5iiday eve- . come TO ::„- cc-or.m. OT nin.g, Dec. 11.. 4^20 -p. m, j restrlcticr^. Toaigiit i " . i n the wonsi in the INSTOHNCE 12NGAGE3IENT in several other radio programs and -Tonigriit we celebrate the last e~e- ! -frgxe Amsricsn citizens sT IVTrs. S. Heyn announces the SD-is active iin dramatic and musical :ning of Chaim&ah. 'liabbi -David A. {xhsir husbands abroad. IT j3. on. Eagement of her daughter, 3Bss circles of tthe school. She will spend Goldstein will speak1 en "The Coin- ]=2rL consuls ILecture: Profess or Samuel D. Charlotte Eeyn, "to Saunders Stein- the holidays "with liar parents, 3Ir. age lo 33e Different. '—a- Chanukah | j—ve • refus Schrnalkausen, on "Sex i n Bach of "this city, jtcumerly nf iSt. and 3irs. Joseph llirscheribaum. m," 8 p . -m. Aus- f Xouis. The -wedding mil take place relational Dinner __ _ D m^a h a Comrnuiiity late in January. Hernemher to reserve Dec. 27 as j •»-. , ^ g -fa£^ that "their Ani£ "Fmrrrn. ".Mr- and JSSxs. -Hyrtiie BiQIip mildthe date .of ;the mrtxaai .congrsgs- i j^g ^hlo .alg in To sirrmnrt support; thprr tiistn .jms; tnsrt.! 3KENUPTML AEFATES ' er, TVTT. and ZMrs. Albion Speier, and Thursday, Dec. 17. tional dinner. Professor Hordscai j-tij^v vrHl not becosie public burdsiis. i jiliss liona Xincdln "has been rthe 3 i s s Josephine 3Ionheit -were among Sadassah [Night. Auspices Jun- | .31. Saplan Trill be -the speaker of j "* Jiecipisnt of several lovely .affairs. she • Ornnhans who attended ±he3Iiliiox and Senior Sadassah. 1 the -evening| On .Sunday afternoon, "JVTisB IHixmie dary IBall i n lincoln, INeb., last IMiller and TH-^ 3Juth Silver enter- week-end. • -€aniing JSrents Jerdsh I'inasesi- INsmed lained 20 guests a t i h e Jatter'aiinine : Simday, ,T>ec 30. Derlm.—CaxI Helchior, .noted Jew- j in .honor of HissZLinEQln TvhoseBn- J C K I O E TT-4T)A5K4TT PARTY I ish dinariciEr, was named by Sans j -A. 2. A.. Day. jgagpment to Joseph :Sorwich of Chii1 inridge ixrther, -president of "the ZBeichsbais, 1 IPsi 2In Dance. 3 33. .m. C-en.cago was .recently announced. -A: -A pajama, svriraroing and j y was ":held Tuesday • e%-ening' at "ter Ballroom. a member of :a Special Advisory Coraxedar chest was rpresented to .the .Tuesday, Dec. 22. onittee on. ^irrtarnatiosal J/ayments .of j Jiride-io-be. Prizes -were won Tb.y-the Omaha J^ihletic xlub hy Tnpm3Hisses Gele StoILer, 3Beriiia jBannml ijers id ~£hs Junior Sadassah. Thirty ^ible .Study Class. 3.0:30 a. r e he Sank. ! imembers .attended. -Auspices Conservative SynaGrace 3Qotz. TTTJ?; TVTr;?rfTTp Steincainp, jjational gogue ATrnTinry3Irs. TV. .Siklin, ~SSxs. S. -Novak, ."JVJL. U . .champion, gave JJ swim3IondEy, Dec. 2S. and Ulrs. 3. Uiumldn entertained 2.0 ~rrihig -derrfanstration. 3"rizes v^ere 3Ieethig: Council of Jewish jraests at _a shower aor "\Ti5w Hjin- "won by "the jffisses Sarah INoddle,"Women. -2:30 -p. :m. •Eoln at the labor "Lyceum on last lEthel Stoller, Soldie Seidman, 3Jose Ittanday. Sunday, "Mrs. ~W.. IKuklin -jenreriained 30 guests rat :a dinner at 3Iandel, IRuth Blobodrnsky sm& XdlIhex 'home -when IMiss ^Lincoln, Joe Jian\!Nachschoen. ^ palmist 'Vras an 33hrwich, and 3trs. IBerthn "Woli of interesting aceatuxe of "the evening. lr f SIXTEENTH AT $ARN.£M 'Chicag-o shared iunmrs. .IHrs. ~~W:oB AT> educational jurogram aor :ihe 5s "visiting here with "her -parents, TEEN Jewish IPeople of Dmaha ev3Ur. and ULrs. "William ZEntler. Tsnrpie Israel 3Blayers presented a ery Sunday evening. _£NNDUNCE SDSTH "TaudevilLe jjerxormance of :seven 3£ree "to -active and senior iraemJtlr. .and JULrs. IRntnan Sitnick an-;acts, nnusical and aramatic, at ~the bers of Hm Jewish ComTemple -vestry, xmder Tne direction tnounce -the birth of a son, Jerry jmmity Center. JUartm, at the Methodist Ihospital on JH Ulrs. Hsidor IZiegler. Sunday, Dec. -J27. -Flsyers -included mrs. 3 . IBoasJ iectnre, lEroiessor IModecai 31. iiej^, ^Herbert Seavenrich, Jlsidor Xaplan, B p . in. Ziegler, arji 3Iiss Cecilia ISeiler. IBAE 3ITEZYAHS Smuiay, Jan. 3. 1S32 Joseph .Harris, son trf Jilr. .and "The Guardsmen," a play by UTT, :and 3Irs. J. J . Slosburg" sn35Irs. II. Harris, -wall celebrate His ±2rtahred 32 quests ist :a dinner dance 3It)"kiiLl. .Center Havers' IBar IHitsvah Dec. 12, art ifaje -B'nai jat "their ihome. Guild. B 33. m. Israel .synagogue, at 13th ^imH -ChiSundiiy, Jan. 10. 1232. cago streets. '33xs. -Sol Degen -and IVTTS. 3Iorton Xectnre: liabbi Albert Iffinds, ZReform Judaism. S ~p. m. ZDegen sntexsiined 16 guests ;at "the r. and "Sirs. X -T?fmTnPTnrrm an- TiQnie Sunday, Jan. 17, 1SS2. of ^he •fornier 3irs. William jiannce "the JBar IBIitzvah :of "their ZHarris, 3Irs. ^3Ieyer -Lecture: TEabbi David Aronson, 3DE, ZRobert, on -Saturday, Dec. 2v, Z3Iiss ^lEdith jEeavenfidh, ConservativE Judaism. B ~p. m. ,afc ±he IB:nai Jacob synagogue, 24th Visitors. Sunday, Jan. 24, 1B32T and ISIcholas, instead of 'Dec. 12 as ^iLecture: Professor Closes Jung, jnEviausly cnnoimcea. Orthodox Judaism. 8 -p. ra. ice nlaln3fsky who atSunday, Jan. 31, 1G32. : : dkended ---school :in California, spent 3Ir. and jilrs. 4- "Znsman iitvite "the Holiday -cacation ^svith "Mrs. Xi. miustrated ^Lecture: "The TTTail _sQl "those to 'whom inmouncemeiits ZEichards of .San Jose, 'Cal. of ."the Wandering Jew," Jjy lave "been mailed "±o attend She IBar USarvin .luwentnal. S p . ra. JEtzvah dinner given in ionor of "flieir son. Joseph IHymie, J>ec. 33, 3Irs. IReuhen '."EtiiaTntfsky was jretjven. Dake 25 Tnhautes longer. He± "5 until 9 bxlocfe s t ±heir-hiniifi, Blscted president oi ifae "Women's "Welfare organization, and ISErs.rHnr- move dcrom oven. "Put together "with -a -Newport .avenue. ay -Lajiidus, idee ^president. chocolate silling' of 3 "tablespotms cocoa, J2" caps pnwdei^d sugar, : •SOCUJ-. 3IDTES z3 !Peafl "WHilte iin "J&. 'Virgin 3htra\Spoan sitonsniu^, II 'Xeaspoan ISIr. and 3Irs. JHasry -Enseter ox disej" TK2S Tjlaying: -at "the 3Ioon ihe;and cold black coffee t o thin out. IDs? Itlomes and 3irs. "Howard Hose jxter, silk shirts were adver- J3ervB with whippEd cream and a of St. Joseph have -returned rto their tised s.and s suitable gifts 3xtr JOOBH. garnish m -chopped muts., after spending ±he "Tre-eek-enfl. Caiuiied Sweet 3*ahitaes. •with j&r. Jineetef!s imd JSxs. -Rose's Uoil -6 .large potatoes until aimost mother, 3Irs. ITmnip IKneeter. j Hone. IPesl and .slice them. IPkrce in JStchen Qiats n "very -well greased baking disli and liss ILIbb}' jHe-reitz spent "xhe cover with. 3iaro or other syxup. IBake Traek-en'c] in Lincoln Tviiere several •Sirs. B a v i d -TSI. until syrup is candied. lovely affairs Trere 'given in her .honor. HSlitz Torte I3Irs. Uave .A.. 3fester nf One enp ifiour. arrived Sunday "±o be thE guest of IChree-icourths .cup sugar. .ier parents, -3Ir. .and 3Irs. IEhiIip: Qnerhalf teaspoon salt. IRiafhan. She "roll remain in QmaOne "teaspaon baking powder. Jia iar several -weeks, j&zs. SBfixter Tour -eggs. Teas jfoTraeriy 3Iiss "3T-etta UJafhan <a£ :Seven -tablespoons water. FDPw TOUR -tfais city. Qns^ihixd xup oil or -butter. OnE-haK teaspo on vaniHa. .3Irs. S. Siivarman i s spending "the Si£t and rmix iiry ingrfidients. A5d month _in Chicago -Visiting -TOith "her beaten •yolks and shortening. Jiake children, and her "hrother, :and ^iheir in two layers until slightly xaised •families. -and somewhat set. Take irorn ihe oven ;and cover rfchem "with stiffly Tiliss ^Heien 32rUor entertamed at beaten -whites :and add 1 enp powtables of .bridge in :her ^IB dered -sugar mixed "together (as a^ at 'oHio "ISiason -street, fSunday nierangue) and sprinkle chopped i afternoon. Prizes "were "won "by h over both layers. Tieturn ~bo 3Iiss TEEeien Castetaian imH IHiss Sue llobennan. • • •


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ss IRebecca ^Kirschenhaum, stn-at Iowa nnivsrsity, 3owa Cffcy, la,, sang over the rratiio on i h e unihour last ."Monday-evening. "Kirslienhanm lias "taken ;part

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WALEUS STRANDED—With the grinding to pieces of the fur carrying steamer Baychimo in the Alaskan ice pack north of Wainwright, American women will be short a §1,000,000 cargo of furs this winter. The above photo shows a walrus catch on one of the far northern beaches visited by the Baychimo prior to being caught in the ice.

^ ; ? «& ~: ^ \

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* -/-:-,;

JAPANESE SOLDIERS READY TO ADVANCE—Guns trained on what? Maybe Chinese soldiers! In any event these Japanese soldiers are awaiting the command to fire or charge the "enemy." Scenes cf this type are not unusual these days in Manchuria near Tahsing.

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. A ,

DEMOCRATIC LEADERS GREET RITCHIE^-Maybr Cermak and other Democratic leaders of the city of Chicago, greet Governor Albert C. Ritchie, of Maryland, center, upon Ritchie's arrival in the Windy City. Governor RitcHie is being boomed as a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. v


~l "' '•^

" * ^ B M » *- #




S -r

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EX-HIJACKER TO WED—Mrs. Grace Bern, of California, confessed ex-hijacker, wounded by Vincent Lucich, who is serving a term in San Quentin, California -prison, for a rum feud murder, has revealed that she plans marrying former U. S. Deputy Marshal G. T. Powers. Powers was one of the guards at the trial of Imcich.




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- ?-~ - :;s"; 'M 1 ' -

HE REFUSES TO EVACUATE—General Ma Chan Shan, commander of all Chinese troops in Manchuria, is snapped in his Chinchow, Manchuria* stronghold, carefully guarded by one of his "trusties."



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IN NEW ROLE—Disclosing the fact that she is a skilled cowgirl as well as a racing motorboat pilot of international repute, Miss Loretta Turnbull, rides as grand marshal of the annual Christmas parade in her home town, Monrovia, Cal.

. ^ , ^ v ; ?* ^

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STAR'S JEWELS ON BLOCK—The trinkets aid silverware of the late "tomboy of the screen," Mabel Normand, valued in excess .of $100,000, are to be placed on the auction block in Los Angeles. One of the pieces, a bracelet containing1 51S diamonds, is valued at $10,00©. '•Margaret Sherwood, of Los "SOAKiNG UP THE SUM"—Still bothered by & cold ecrlr^e'.sd Ii £an Francisco DOLLED UP—FOS CHAHITY'S SAKE—Miss Elizabeth J. Smith, of Buffalo, N. Y., a studeat at Angeles, is gliswK wlthjome ©f the jewels. • while pleading for Toia Moosey, Mayor James' J. Walker, ci Kt.% Vcs-L, prioi1 to rer" Weilestey college, is snapped with an armfnl of dolls made by patients and distributed by the Boston taming1 to the ess*, "soaked c.p the &t Sa-Ss He is SSCB ait .t Tuberculosis association to raise "funds. -_Miss Smith was among the girls who sold the dolls at a b^saar. Santa Barbara irission Tvitii Fetecr Lawrcsce* left, snS ?/^yCy Xrt'pc-i, of Saata

PAGE 7—THE JEWISH PRESS,. "FRIDAY, DECEMBER II, 1931 works and other labor projects. T h e amount expended on bringing immigrants into Palestine was $1,960,317. One of the important functions of V KoTliC—<<T. T. A.)—Lithuanian! the Foundation Fund h a s been t o Jews, who recently proceeded to Bira- j TvEshmptoa—(3. Y. A.)—The eustimulate the interest of private capBidjan for permanent Fettlerner.t, I actmei-t of legislation • ital in the economic development of anxious, to return to their native \ a complete revision oi j bring1 about Palestine. •- I n the years when capital towns because of the hardships in- j tkm sm^ deportation •volved, it is disclosed in numerous | United ihe iiiimi graThe sum of $20,115,820 was expend- was still diffident about the Jewish ates, the letters addressed to the Jewish pres? ; f^en • stration, t ed in Palestine during the past decade National Home the Foundation Fund here. I rJfen? nt in priii'ic by the Palestine Foundation Fund, ac- indicated i t s full endorsement of the The emigrants express their dis- : workF, an increase i?i the rcc;airecording to a complete financial r e - economic possibilities of the country sppoimneat in the opportunities arid ', merits for ercizeriphir-. End ihe CXICTIport that has just been issued by t h e by participating in a number of ecocornplain bitterly of the diiiieulties j sion of the time period for elijriWfiiy nomic and " industrial enterprises, Fund. '.':' : • ";.,.- •• . r _ attendant upon settlement. They cm-:-"for citizenship, are rrred upon the The resume : of t h e various, ^recon- among them •" the Palestine Electric ph-asize that they would like to return i United States Cor.jrrcpp by the Ararrstruction activities t o which the Fund Corporation, t h e Palestine Potash to Lithuania. They are, however, ; ican Coalition of Patriotic Societies, unable to return because, prior to j an orgrr.nizatioK with which OS soknown in Hebrew as the Keren Ha- Company and the Mortgage Bank of their departure, they renounced their! called national, patriotic arul fraternal yesod made allotments shows that Palestine. The Fund also invested in Lithuanian citizenship. | bodies are affiikned. every branch of the rebuilding of the banks and land purchasing companies. The total, used for this purpose durin a series of rcsoirtioiiF Jewish National Home has been.stim France Seeks to Espe! by ihe Advisory Board oi ihe orulated by t h e funds -gathered from ing the past ten years was $1,499,070. jraniaation. Con cress i? r.r.ced to reBerkraan Jews in all parts of the world and P a r i s . — ( J . T. A.) — Alexander duce inrmi.cratior; to the United particularly in the United States. The Berkman, deported from the United | States tn 10 per cent of the auoia report of t h e Palestine Foundation stipulated [ States with Emma Goldman in 19lf< | tion Art. Fund does not include the sums ex for radical activities, faces expulsion i pended in Palestine by various other . Sam Zacharia announces his law from France EiftCT three months. j branches of the Zionist movement. association with John L. Kennedy a t j~ K i n g The government' has issued an or- j The largest individual expenditure 846 Brandeis Theater Bldg. Zacharia der for his deportation but has grant\ C* -tt£<X during the past decade was $6,858,854 was formerly associated with the iaw ed him a suspension in order to in- 1 Washing-tori.—Louis Wiley, inanagfor the establishment of agricultural firm of Brome, Thomas and McGuire Above is pictured the Bazoreir Singling Society which will present a convert of Jewish music at the J . C C. vestisrate fcis conduct move thorough- > cr of the(iNcw York Times," has resettlements and t h e provision of in the Omaha National Bank buildSunday evening as part of the adult "education program of the Center. rsmk oi the Commander He has hsen livins: in Siontpar equipment for the incoming settlers. ing. Zacharia h a s represented Omaha .This accounted for thirty-two per cent Must Watch Copyright several "times in t h e Midwest Jewish of the total. Community Center debate league, and Jerusalem.—The English copyright The sum of §4,112,361 was devoted was a member of the team that law applies to Palestine as well, i t to. the Jewish educational system i n brought Omaha its first league cham\\}iey in cppreciRUov, oi r,i$ services was made clear in the Palestine court committee will be announced later, j r.s a member of t h e c-Necu.tive coniniitPalestine, including the Hebrew Uni- pionship in . 1929. A t Creighton he JLRVIV C. I.EVIK. AHorncyin connection vcith a copyright suit The executive committee will ap-1 301 Electric JBlflg., Citv. tee O~i "the .A.inou l^ehiet K^OTHTIIrctec New York.—(J. T. A.)—Steps to started by tiia Palestine • Telegraph point a field secretary, who will versity of Jerusalem, $2,112,361 was twice won the Corpus Juris legal r e secure copyright reciprocity between Agency against the Arab paper, "Al proceed to organize Bryan for Gov-1 derfne the world vrr.r. ised for the development of public search award. NOTICE OF AilJilXKTKATIOX exnor. clubs in . every ward in the j n the county Com the United States and Palestine have H a y a t " Dougla C O U I M T , \ been undertaken by the Zionist Or- The Arab paper has regularly xe- city. Each Bryan club will send a ganization of America.

Lithuania Jews Want



Moves Into - New • Office


Tedious Drudgery of rig

The Palestine government has extended its copyright act to include the United States, bat thus-far, the United States has shown no initiative in right law in Palestine. reciprocal action. • Successful attempts have been made in the past to secure the extension of the United States Copyright to Palestine, by Chairn Nachman Bialik, the Hebrew poet, and Nahum Lipshitz of Jerusalem. The chief secretary of the Palestine . The first chapter of a series of government wrote in 1930 that it con- state-wide Bryan for Governor clubs sidered the extension of the copyright was launched in Omaha Tuesday acL between the United States and Palestine desirable, but inquiries at night -with the formation of Omaha the Copyright office and at the Brit- Chapter ish Embassy in Washington, indicate organized tiiat'no formal request for such ac- in the Barker building. tion has ever been made by the Pales. Jack Alberts was elected president tine Administration. ' REDUCE Your Hips, Arms, Legs, Ankles or Chin. SYMETRO SYSTEM, nationally advertised. Home Treatment Twice Daily for a month „ _~.-S3.50 Absolutely harmless. No diet or exercise. Call Glendalel-2622.

of the Omaha chapter. Otto LBeindorff, one of the oldest Democrats in the state of Nebraska, was elected vice, president- AlfonseBell was elected second vice president, and David ,Oreeh, secretary. "The motion -was enthusiastically received to organise a Bryan for Governor dub-- in every county in this state and in that way we will acquaint tfie'" paople" wifla t a e real

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Cafe Royal,, that; should evoke such risibilities, bat readinjr""th"e account of the Jewish Morning Journal ..of .the holdup, one can read. between the lines of the kick' that the editor, got. in the'holdup.•• I .suppose it must have been a scene where .one of the bandits after rifling. one of the actor's pockets, and finding only a few cents, tossed them back in the face of the

1 thev say, if sha married outside the rael"—Recording to ths law m .Moses and Israel. 'fold?/'* ; • : - • • • " • : Came the nest day, and the two. , To ask ..her parents' consent was out "of .the question/ 'The only thing'to do' were -in town. Sybil had engaged the was-to marry hira forthwith, and then Keform rabbi—Ptiil without notifying cotne" home for the- parental hie*sir;g- her ovrn parents. The ceremony -would. After it wss'-done, they might for- be "performed that Rtteniooru Meanv:hi]e, 1"<? proposed thsit he- go with give. She must hasten the process. She- her to meet his parents. They corns to a little hon?e. A litmust get :him to propose without tietle white haired woman came to the lay." " ' ' " " • Sybil used every artifice In her rep- door. "Maraeh, das i?t moin caleh," ertoire to lead hira on. Finally, her said-he. efforts "met with' success—^h?n • he VisntiE.—Two Viennese Jews reproposed marriage," "Yes" she -breathed in answer to cerred zv.-Rras in recognition of their his request, znd .'suggested that they services to the Austrian republic. straightway proceed- to a justice of ' Felix Sp.lten. well known Austrian Jewish writer, was cvrsrded an Honthe pesee. ' "Justice <! of -the peace!"' he ex- orary Citizenship degree by the senclaimed. Ko, v,-e shall get a rabbi ate of the Viennese Mimicipr.kly, Dr. Alexander Horowitz, general secreto tie the kr.ot." .. - • Sybil glowed with delight at the tary, of the Agricultural Stock Exanswer. He was ' willing to sacrifice change in Vienna, was decorated by the Austrian President Miklas. with his own faith fcr her sake. Yes, they • would go the next day, a silver medal of the Austrian reand msrrv—"kariath Mosebe va Is- public.

With the periscope; device, he 1 has taken- many snapshots of ceiebrities, who refused to be snapped. And as S ANNA I'JLL. Correspondent a result, he- has been in great demand by newspaper syndicates. His . . . :-•-.. fame is such -now, that he was in- actor. vited to the White House to photoIt is denied, however, that any of presented their Chanukah entertain- Latvia has recognized the need 0 ment Tuesday evening, before a capa- establishing: a modus vivendi with re graph the President and Laval and | the actors attempted in return, to rob also of Ghandi. f I the holdup men. city audience, in, the annex pf the gard to its national minorities. : The Lkt-ian'minorities piay -an. imIt's a: sort ^o* painless --arid.informal 'HONOR;AMONG THIEVES; Temple.' '-; - • ;. v ': .'' • '; portant'rote'.-in the , political life o p h o t o g r a p h y . ; ; h • ' ; i • • : • ! . ' • • . the holdup th; country. Very ^f ten : they hold 5000 BRIDGE -TEACHERS . - - They- were • discussing 1 Mrs. Herman Miller, 1523 Summit the night after in theCafe. Said one: t"..e balance in the formation of th< Avenue, was elected ^president of the You remember that . bid Yiddish "You see, they g&ve the actor back government. Neither - the Right or Mount Sinai Religious Parana's AsLeft" Wing parties are able to form song, "Soil ich sein a melammed." It his few cents. Which goes to show sociation, at a l-eceni nieeting. a government without- the participa is the song of a Jew. who-is dis- that the old saying is true; there is Other offJc^rg^^lected were Mrs. tion of the national minorities. This tressed about earning his livelihood. honor even among thieves. A Chanukah program was presentWilli3m' Lazere, vice-president, and accounts in large part for the fac And he lists the various occupations, "I don't know, said another, "about Mr. Morris E. : Skalovsky, secretary- ed at the meeting of the Junior Haand then complains that he can do treasurer. '-'-.' dassah, held last night at the Y. W. that the Laivian politic?!, parties none of them. A coU-ple~ of the there being honor among thieves. I C. A. Children of Mount Sinai Re- make every endeavor to maintain verses freely translated would be don't think that thieves are any better than other people."' ligious School presented a Chanukah amicable Telations with the minorities something like this:"' It is greatly to be regretted, howplay. THIS AND THAT Shall I be a doctor; ever, that there is the same disunity Morris Bisgyer, Jewish Community 1 have no degree , in the small Latvian parliamentary Center head of Washington, is edit. Shall I be a teacher SHAAREZION gnup as there is in other countries ing, a symposium on social work to I don't know the ArB-C. There are, in all, four Jewish depuJack Gorchow, age 14 years, son of be participated in by leading govern"Compliments that Hurt" will bs ties, one. representing the Agudath Sir. and Mrs. Frank Gorchow died the subject of the sermon-at Shaare Israel, ment social workers. Shall I be a lawyer, one of the Zeire Zion, and tw Tuesday, morning in a flocal hospital, Zioh synagogue. In addition to the the ' MizrSchi. I can't stand the bar • ; ,-Alfred .Kreymbourg, • author, has ; Yet this small group followin'":'several^weeks 1 illness as a sermon by Rabbi Rabinowitz the choir seems unable to work together harShall I be a chauffeur. '. ." . written enough, books-to fill a five. result of an injury, CVyhile playing. and Cantor will chant the regular moniously." I have no car. foot shelf. - . ; ' . . . : ........ •Funeral .services Were- held; Wed- ritual. ; •••.'••-' Well, today, the list of this said Horace Liveright, producer and nesdayj from the'family' residence, - Four hundred witnessed the Chanuman would be much longer."He never publisher, is to wed former wife of with Rabbi Rabino\vit?--officiating. He kah entertainment given Sunday afconsidered being, I am sure, a-bridge Joseph Schiklkraut. is survived by his parents,-a brother, ternoon by children of the Religious teacher. , - .• Jack Levin, author of Power : Nathan, and two sisters. -. School. The program included play, Yet it is an occupation in which Ethics, an expose cf the propaganda "What's Tonight," directed by: Miss many Jews in New York are earning of the water power interests, is a Mildred Sirken; songs, piano seleca very handsome living." -I .'am-told former school mate of Lewis Browne. Mrs. Summers ..-..-. By DAVID.SCHWAKTZ tions, dances and the telling of the The current best seller at Jewish there. are some -5,000 bridge, .teachers' of Chanukah. in New York earning in excess of Publisher's Blochs' "P Rabbi Gold- - Addresses -Mount.. story The Ladies' Auxiliary presented (Copyright, 1931, by the Jewish $10,000. per annum.-And a great per- man's book—"A Rabbi Takes Stock." gifts to the members of the Samuel Danzig-, University of centage of them are Jews. Sinai Sisterhood Chanukah Telegraphic Agency, Inc.). school faculty.' \, . Man-land Professor, -who authored KEYS AND THE DEVIL "Mrs. M. P. Sumners, president"of Floyd Karp celebrated his Barmitz- THE SURPRISE TWIST recent popularization on Mathematics the Local P. T. A. and a member of yah in the synagogue last Saturday The surprise ending is in -rather I think it was Horace Greeley who has just completed another tome: the Board of Education, spoke before morning. bad repute in good literature. And once said that the key is the chief Faith and Fate. • members of the Mount Sinai Sisterthe objection to it, I suppose, is that instrument of the Devil.' If you can believe George Gershhood following their regular monthly it is an artificial sort of thing. GenuWhat! he meant by that was of win : for beauty go to Paris; for luncheon last Friday noon; Her subine literature should mirror life and course that the key" made possible quiet, go to London and if you want **—! \*J Vfc, -S, f W" | ject was "Education and life." life is a sort of inevitable affair. • private; property, and Greelej^ was to work go to New York. The Sisterhood Book Review Club Such in general is something of the socialistically inclined. -* 1 Joseph Hergesheiraer in an article met Monday evening at the home of case against the surprise ending, and Well, the Cafe Royal, the famous in -the Saturday Evening Post this Mr. end Mrs. Robert Stein, 1015 Mrs. Herman Miller. Mrs. C. H. Thirtesnth Street, announce the en- it seems to me a weak, case.' eatery of the East Side where the week seems to "think that the GerHoyt presented two book reviews. For the surprise ending is pretty Yiddish intelligentzia gather to eat man-Jewish girls have it over their gagement of their daughter, Gussie. common to Sam Weiner, son of Mrs. Goldie of life. Consider the Jews and schmooes also doesn't- believe in American-Jewish sister?. keys. The manager boasts- that he Weiner, 1610 East Eighth Street. has no key. As a matter of fact, it SIBYL'S SURPRISE • CONSIDER COLONIZATION She had met him at one of these Mr. and Mrs. L. Herman entertainRemember, some two and three doesn't need a key, fcr the Cafe Royal summer .camps. Tall, handsome, -fine is always open. • • ' " . " • rv sixty guests at a dinner, recently, years ago, how excited we all were mind, Sybil thrilled as she met him. Two hundred members and friends ed given in honor of their nelce, Miss about colonization of Jews on the land THE CAFE ROYAL The thrill grew thrillier and thrilof the Ladies' Auxiliary of Shaare Herman, whose engagement to of Russia. The Jews were declasse Bat sometimes this is not so good. liest as the acquaintance progressed Zion Synagogue heard Mrs. David Mollie in Russia. They were not .proletarSam Falk was recently announced. as witness the other, when the Cafe and she went hiking over the mounGoldstein of Omaha, last Wednesday Out guests included Mr. and ian workers, and therefore had no was held up. tains with him at her side. But her evening, at the anniversary banquet Mrs. place in the new Russia. Buk the Nudell and children, Mr. I don't know what it is about the, parents were orthodox. What would of the auxiliary. The;dinner marked Morris Herman and Miss Clara Feld- Russian authorities were very nice the ninth anniversary of the foundabout it. They would help along Mo. ing of the group, /. / ; man of Minneapolis. the colonization. They even spoke of Mrs. Goldstein, a graduate Glatstein of jMuseatine, special Jewish republics. And no inof the "University of Minnesota, spoke la.,Mrs.hasHarry departed for her home after considerable steps were taken toon the subject "Is Judaism a Plight spending^ several weeks visiting with wards making the Jew ox of Russia or a Privilege." V , '.-.-,,". ;.i.!j her parents1, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harko- a land-animal. Of course, thre were some objections. Sly good friend, Dr. way. ;:. -.•;."'•_ Melammed, for instance, raged. What, . Mr. and Mrs. Lou H. Mitchell, Bel- he exclaimed, is the end of it-all, that levue apartments, will leave this week the Jew is to become a moujik? Is Toledo, Ohio, where they win that what we served the Lord for on One hundred and sixty: attended the for spend a month with their parents, Mr. Mt. Sinai? Is that for what we annual dinner given by the Daugh- and Mrs. Philip Weiner, and Mr. and studied the Talmud? . terhood of the Tephereth Israel syna- Mr. and Mrs. After Maimonides and\ Spinoza and J. Mitchell. •gogue, last Sunday evening, in .the Bergson and Einstein—to become social hall of the synagogue. /'... ' Mr. Hary Bailin of Atkinson, Neb., again a brother to th's ox and dig up Brief addresses were given by Rab- arrived ' in Sioux City last week to the lar.d! . . ' • . bi M- Braver, Rabbi Theodore N. join Mrs. V But the problem of the declasse Bailin and their infant Lewis, Mr. Sam Iipman. and Rabbi daughter, who are guests at the J. H. Jew seemed real enough and colonizGET J. D. Maron. Mr. Morris Levich was ation appeared the only way out. toastmaster. Cantor Pliskin offered Bolstein home. uL OFFER A PROBLEM PASSES ~-i\ group of vocal selections. Mrs. Max, Merlin was hostess to !< > X That was yesterday. But today— members of the J. U. L. club, Tues- the whole problem which brought day evening. Bridge was followed by forth the colonization project has .rfes a buffet supper. p.ft I*-'' vT^* >\ % run collapsed. I do know the present status of those efforts at colonization, 'HERS Members of the Iota Tau Sorority which were begun. I presume that Abe Singer, son of Mr. and Mrs. met Tuesday evening at the home of those which were started are pro1. Singer, 1001 Nineteenth ^Street, was the Misses Rose and Delia Shiloff. ceeding along their original lines. chosen editor of the high school recBut there is no more need for furord, a weekly paper, published by Miss Sara Woskoff has returned ther colonization. The industrializa• the student body of Central High. home after spending a week .visiting tion has absorbed every Jew that That is why Goodyear sales are going-ahead st a rate bcyc::£ ZTjy -reviews rcec-d* Also on the newly appointed staff with friends and relatives in Omaha. wanted to work. There are no more ;•• • . Building man;1* millions more, tires a ye&v than any other csrrfcry. Goofy err cnare Max Maron, Isadore White and declasse Jews in Russia. , Rudolph Shindler. ;•-•. ., •; .joys greater experience aset lowest costs—can give more fcr ycv.r rr,c-cy. Members of the lyre club gave a And it is likely that even if the stag dinner in the Martin hotel-, last present Soviet system should collapse ; ; Come ia and get the beaeit—the best tires—fewest pricer—Lmlici L-y c;:r fric:idly ' Monday evening. that th& present condition-as far as :' ; service. Jewish - employment is concerned, The Question club helda stag din- would continue. For Russia, under ner and smoker, Wednesday evening, any other regime, would need buildThe regular JB'nai Brith meeting, TILL YOUR RADIATOR WITK ing up. which is usually held the third Tues- in" the West hotel. Thus, almost imperceptibly, a great day of the month, has been postponed The Phi Epsilon Tau Sorority met until the fourth Tuesday of Decem- Wednesday evening at the home of problem affecting several millions of Jews has been solved. The surprise ba*. .-. -. ' Miss Elizabeth Passman. A business of fiction are puerile in The new quarters of the Center will meeting was followed by dancing and endings comparison to this. Nature works bs ready for occupancy at that time refreshments. very much like O. Henry. and the. meeting will be held there.

US. iEilffllEU




Anniversary, of ;





Brith Meeting Postponed to Dec. 22

per Gallon


Bazaar The Palestinian Bazaar, "sponsored by the' united efofrts of all - Zionist organizations in the city, has been postponed from Sunday, Dec. 13, to Sunday, Dec. 27. It will be held in the new quarters of the Jewish Community Center.

Workmen's Auxiliary The regular meeting of the Women's Auxiliary of the Workmen's Circle 'No. 664, will meet Tuesday afternoon, December 1G, at the home of Mrs. II. -Shiloff. Mrs. L. Kaplan, is secretary of the group land Mrs. J. • Shapiro; treasurer.

Sinai"Temple •Jlabbi Lewis will .speak this eveBinjj on the life of Louis D. Brandies,, whoso 75th anniversary occurs this monthr The children of the Religious school

I "We-

fead thT multitude" vVIth Tasty Foods

Riga,—(J. T. A.)—Latvia is very often held up as example to other countries became of the supposed autonomy enjoyed by its national minorities. While it is true that Jewry there lives under much better conditions than in some other East European countries, they are a long distance from the attainment of complete autonomy and the creation of a central, government recognized community. Jewish autonomy in Latvia may very accurately be described as school autonomy. In this field alone, have opportunities been given to the Jews to achieve independence. No organized Jewish Kehillah exists in Latvia even today. For this state of affairs the Jewish populace must be censured as well as the government. It may very well be that the fault lies in the community's lack of persistensa toward this end. It may be said for the Latvian, government that it respects tlis rights of the national minorities. From the verv first (lav ^r 'J*- i«ni mitoaomy,

There may be a depression in the land, but the ingenious, it appears, find ways to meet it. Consider the case of Solomon Quartin. Mr. Quartin is a Jew who came recently to New York from Germany. He teaches mathematics, but could find no job here. So what does he do ? He inserted an ad in the papers offering to give lessons in the Einstein theory. The statement that only a dozen people could understand the Einstein theory is wrong, he declares. After 25 or SO lessons, he can teach anybody except a rnoron the theory. And he has gotten pupils who are helping to keep the wolf from th2 door.

. Drive up .today and let ES isuxn and flush your radiator and fill if with, alcohol for Tour winter

• •-r. -.

DON'T LOOK, PLEASE!. • . ; ; And then there-is-the case of another German Jew, a' Dr. Solomon. Photographers just now are doing a tall lot of complaining. People don't seem to take pictures any more, they say. When they want a picture, they just go into the Photomatons and get eight for a quarter. What are the real photographers to do? Dr. Solomon faced his problem, too, so lie got himself a periscope. Aha, you say, the doctorfis^ going to give ap photography ihd join the navy-' But no—the doctor is using the.," periscope on "land. .He-is. using it'in his" photography." With the aid of the periscope, -ha.



' ' ' T 7 ^ «»-•«•• *»•




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December 11, 1931  

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