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Vision 2020 NextGen Initiatives

Investment Opportunity Jewish Federation & Family Services’ NextGen OC (age 21-45) has a database of over 3,000 Orange County young professionals primed for engagement with the Jewish community. At present, we actively engage only 20% of these young adults. For the NextGen to invest their time with us, we must invest in them. The market exists and we are not yet meeting the demand. We have a tremendous opportunity to create a young leadership department that will effectively and efficiently meet the needs of young adults. We must expand above and beyond upon current limited staffing and programmatic offerings for young professionals, to better serve our community and to create the next generation of community leaders.

Impact Through strategic investment toward required staffing and expanded funding of core programs with proven track records, Orange County can exponentially increase substantive involvement and engagement of our next generation of leaders. A significant increase in the number of OC young adults participating in Jewish life will be effected through engagement in meaningful Jewish experiences; exposure to and understanding of the Jewish community; launch of an essential young leadership training course tailored specifically to this age cohort, increased affordability for national conferences and Israel missions, and more effective NextGen fundraising efforts.

Cost Annual cost averages $345,500 per year; just over $1,000,000 over three years; $6 million to endow in perpetuity.

Young Professionals’ Needs Affordability is a major factor that keeps young adults from participating in Jewish life. Once the economic barrier is removed through underwriting and subsidies, participation increases. Next, young adults need continuous, time-intensive professional guidance and support, while allowing them the platform to create the type of programming they want for themselves. Lastly, Jewish young professionals need to learn the value and benefits of being active members of a Jewish community. Conducting essential outreach and providing engagement, social networking and leadership development opportunities are the first steps toward gaining trust and commitment, resulting in long-term financial support for our Jewish communal institutions from the next generation of young leaders.

Program D

JFFS’ NextGen OC offers a wide array of programs that can personal needs. The strategic intent of NextGen OC is to spectrum, from the 20s (graduate students and recent (established professionals and young parents). Each pro implemented effectively. NextGen OC programs include:

Taglit-Birthright Israel: This free 10-day trip to Israe national and spiritual homeland. Upon return, participants to the Jewish community, through NextGen OC and other

JewGlue: A NextGen OC program exclusively for pre- and JewGlue caters specifically to this age cohort through mon plus volunteer and social networking events.

Clusters: Clusters are outreach events, geared to speci

Cluster programs successfully engage young adults who m Hiking, Gourmet, Movie, Tennis, Mah Jongg, Shir Energy (

SKILLSETnpo® NextGen: This new program will be a

Leadership training geared specifically to the 25-35 age leaders rising to top lay and professional positions throug

Nefesh Minyan: Nefesh Minyan provides free alternative 21-40ish who seek a spiritual community of peers, witho Shabbat includes a lay and/or professionally led musical To meet demand, Nefesh Minyan provided a Rosh HaSha need to continue this tradition in years to come.

National Young Leadership Conference Subsidies

our national partner, Jewish Federations of North Americ opportunities available to young professionals. Travel a 70% of conference participants attend only if they have b

NYL Israel Mission Subsidies: JFNA offers an exc

Communities offering subsidies have the highest rate o larger delegations. An Israel experience is known to h involvement in and commitment to Jewish life. 70% of pa

NextGen OC Event Sponsorship: One of our comm philanthropy. The cost of running quality fundraising event quality event, young adults won’t even pay to get in the d and provide a meaningful and effective program that insp


be mixed and matched to meet each young professional’s serve the young professional community across the age t college grads embarking on careers), to the mid-40s ogram requires specific funding and dedicated staff to be

el for ages 22-26 connects young professionals with our are encouraged to retain their often newfound connection local Jewish programs.

d post-Birthright Israel participants and others age 21-35, nthly peer-motivated programming, one annual fundraiser,

Accomplishments to Date • Grew database from 600 – 3000 young adults (over 6 years) • Put JFFS on the map for OC young professionals, attracting 200-300 at its largest events • Launched Clusters, a model adapted by young leadership departments nationwide • Empowered Birthright Israel participants to launch JewGlue upon return from Israel • Created programming for the 21-35 age cohort via establishment of JewGlue • Successfully inspired over 80% of JewGlue participants to make first community philanthropy commitment through JFFS • Broadened the age range served by actively engaging younger members • Provided institutional support to allow Nefesh Minyan to grow to 90+ participants • Inspires $150,000 - $250,000 in annual community philanthropy from young adult donors • Held first Ignite fundraiser with 275 participants

ific interests, which are organized and run by lay leaders. may not initially attend a “Jewish” event. Clusters include (vocal ensemble) and NextGen Cares (social action).

a crucial addition to the suite of NextGen OC programs. e cohort is essential to maintaining a steady stream of ghout our Jewish community.

e Shabbat experiences exclusively for young professionals ut membership or dues obligations. Each Nefesh Minyan Kabbalat Shabbat service and a catered Shabbat dinner. anah dinner and service this past year, and foresees the

s: The National Young Leadership (NYL) conference run by

ca (JFNA), provides the very best training and networking nd time off from work is always required to participate. been fully or partially subsidized.

ceptional annual trip to Israel for young adults 22-45. of participation. Communities with larger subsidies have ave powerful life-long ramifications for one’s long-term articipants attend only if subsidized.

munity’s greatest challenges is involving young adults in ts is prohibitive. Without sponsorship to offset costs of a door. Sponsorship provides critical funding to fill the room pires giving.

NextGen Initiatives: Program Budget and Funding Program JewGlue Programming and Expansion of Clusters Taglit-Birthright Israel

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

3-Year Total $ 30,000




Nefesh Minyan Shabbat

$120,000 (1 bus) $7,500

$240,000 (2 buses $10,000

$240,000 (2 buses) $15,000

Expenses cover venue rental, service leaders & catering

5 Shabbats, Rosh HaShanah

7 Shabbats, Rosh HaShanah, Break-Fast

10 Shabbats, Rosh HaShanah, Break-Fast, Pesach Seder

NextGen Coordinator (FTE):





SKILLSETnpo® NextGen NYL Conference Subsidies NYL Israel Mission Subsidies NextGen Event Underwriting

$15,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000

$15,000 $20,000 $20,000 $25,000

$15,000 $20,000 $20,000 $25,000

$ $ $ $





$600,000 $ 32,500

Oversees JewGlue, Birthright Israel and Clusters incl. Nefesh

45,000 60,000 60,000 70,000


We bring together the people, partners and resources to care for people in need, to build a vibrant community, and to sustain and enhance Jewish life. We connect, strengthen, engage, inspire and serve. This is our mission. And together, we do the extraordinary!

YOUR GATEWAY TO COMMUNITY 1 Federation Way, Suite 210, Irvine, CA 92603-0174 949-435-3484 (office) • 949-435-3460 (Family Services) •

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