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3 718.692.0999CITICOM! We wish all of Klal Yisroel a הבוט המיתחו הביתכ. A year filled with all the goodness earned through your devotion to תסנכ תיב דובכ. We are gratified that thousands around the world have joined our movement and raised the levels of tefillah to the lofty level it truly deserves. May Hashem bless us all with a העושיו הלואג תנש Stop the Talking in Shul Movement KEEPING QUIET IN SHUL IS A ZECHUS FOR PARNASSAH, SHIDDUCHIM, REFUOS & YESHUOS!

Till then, I wish you all abundant nachas, health and success in you all that you do!

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It would have been great to cover the arrival of Moshiach but alas, as of this writing we are still tasked with making this world a better place. Hopefully very soon his coming will be covered by the very capable new ownership of the Jewish Home who will G-d willing take the paper to new heights and success.

Dear Readers,

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos and a Ksiva V’chasima Tova, Shalom

Since then we’ve interviewed then 29 year old Ben Shapiro, covered LA’s first soup kitchen, government shut downs, the Har Nof massa cre, launch of PragerU, California drought, the rise and fall of Isis, Donald Trump taking on Washington, disintegration of Venezuela, the disastrous Iran deal, Sholom Rubashkin’s release, the beloved Jew ish history series by Rabbi Pini Dunner, Sarah’s Corner, BLM riots, the miraculous Abraham accords, disintegration of religious and moral values in the United States, Israel’s never ending election cycles, Lag B’omer karbanos, Covid virus and ensuing madness, retaking of Afghanistan by the Taliban…

Ten years ago, the Jewish Home published it’s first paper in Los An geles. That first issue covered Hurricane Sandy and Shomer Shabbos debate star Daniel Schwartz.

5SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | • 1-866-4-ALIYAH • READY TO COME HOME? FACILITATE • ADVOCATE • EDUCATE • CELEBRATE Wishing an Aliyah Tovah to the thousands of Olim who made Israel their home this year. We look forward to helping thousands more in the year ahead. Shana Tovah! WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP TO BUILD A STRONGER ISRAEL THROUGH ALIYAH

6 The Week In News SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

The Mogen Avrohom (ibid.) adds to the wish that we offer to each other. He says that we should wish others, “Leshanah tovah tikoseiv veseichoseim,” that they should not only be written for a good year, but also that their good fate should imme diately be sealed.

The Gemara in Maseches Taanis (30b) discusses the concept that the most joyous days for Klal Yisroel are the fifteenth of Av and Yom Kippur. The Gemara explains that it is easy to understand the greatness of Yom Kippur, because on that day, Jews can be forgiven for their sins, as evidenced by the fact that the second set of Luchos was delivered to Klal Yisroel on Yom Kip pur after they had repented for the sin that caused Moshe to break the first set.

The Gemara (Avodah Zorah 20b) cites Rabi Yehoshua ben Levi, who holds that anovah is the highest level a person can reach. Tosafos (ibid.) quotes a Medrash (Maseches Derech Eretz Rabbah 7), which states that three attributes are equal to each other: yiras chet, chochmah and anovah, fear of sin, knowledge and humility. He explains that a person cannot attain one level without the others; a person who is humble is also a yorei chet who has choch mah

Teshuvah returns us to where we were before we sinned. It sets us on the path we should have been on and provides us the energy we need to be properly and thor oughly engaged.

The novi proclaims (Yirmiyohu 31:17), “Shamoa shomati Efraim misnodeid. I have heard Efraim moaning. He is say ing, ‘Yisartani va’ivaseir k’eigel lo lumod. You have rebuked me and I have accepted Your punishment like an untrained calf. Hashiveini ve’ashuvah ki Atah Hashem Elokoy. Bring me back and I shall return.’”

We stand before Hashem and say that we have examined our actions of the previ ous year and will do what we must to merit

Thus, we recite twice daily the kappitel of L’Dovid, for it refers to our bitachon in Hashem: “ori veyishi,” our light and hope. Even as others abandon us, seek to entrap us, and declare war on us, “bezos ani vo teiach,” we maintain our faith that Hashem will assist us. During the Yomim Noraim period, as the Soton seeks to prevent us from getting closer to Hashem and dispar ages us before Him, we believe that He will look upon us with kindness and love.

Living with the Times

Ga’avah derails an individual from properly preparing for Rosh Hashanah and from becoming a special person.

The Taz (ibid., 4) adds that although we should view other people as tzaddikim, every person should view himself as a be inoni.

the shofar blasts of Malchi yos, Zichronos and Shofaros, we ask Hash em to look at us “im kevonim im ka’avod im.” Either view us as children and pity us as a father pities his offspring or look at us as slaves and recognize that our gaze is fixed upon You until we find favor in Your eyes and are judged favorably.

We seek to become closer to Hashem. Torah is the prime means of accomplishing that.This

the gift of another year.

Teshuvah is humbling, as it reminds us of our place in creation and prompts a greater appreciation of Hashem’s role in one’s life.

is why as Rosh Hashanah begins, we greet people in a way that indicates humility, for by displaying that we are humble, we are also showing that we have reached the other levels of human achieve ment and are yerei chet who have choch mah, Torah knowledge. On the night when we do things to remind us of the need to rectify ourselves to be able to pass judg ment on the impending Yom Hadin, we do this as Followingwell.

Middos tovos and proper ethics are pre requisites for teshuvah, for ga’avah pre vents a person from recognizing his short comings and his dependence on Hashem. A conceited person is not able to reach the level of understanding required to draw himself closer to his Master. He remains entrenched in sin and self-indulgence, even as he goes through the motions of religiosity.

In order to overcome the yeitzer hora, we have to strengthen our ability to use chochmah. Only with chochmah can we subdue the yeitzer, as the posuk (Mishlei 24) states, “Betachbulos ta’aseh lecha milchamah,” in fighting your enemy - the yeitzer hora - you have to use chochmah to outwit him.

But then there are those who, as hard as they try, feel that they have not been able to return to a life without sin and blemish. What are they to do? Should they give up? Is it possible that teshuvah wasn’t meant for them?Thenovi Yirmiyohu speaks to such people in the haftarah we read on the sec ond day of Rosh Hashanah

With gratitude for the good we have enjoyed in the past year, we stand at the onset of the new year like poor people, begging for our needs. We seek sources of merit that will shield us from the din, from anguish and agony, and from tragedy and despair.We ask for life, for as healthy as our diet is, and despite doing exercise, there is no guarantee for good health. The price of food and many basics have risen so high that many people are unable to make ends meet. There is little we can do about it. We look for menuchas hanefesh, shidduchim, nachas, good health, and more, knowing that on Rosh Hashanah our fates for the upcoming year are decided.

We think about the times we were ap athetic about performing a mitzvah, and if there was an aveirah, we must remove its stains and resolve to be more serious about the mitzvos and the Torah.

By PinchosRabbiLipschutz

This is what the Rambam (Hilchos Teshuvah 7:8) refers to when he writes, “Baalei teshuvah darkan lihiyos shifeilim va’anavim b’yoser.”

The posuk in Mishlei states, “Emor lechochmah achosi at.” The Gemara in

He explains that this is because upon their judgment on Rosh Hashanah, the tzaddikim are immediately written down in the Book of Life and sealed there. Be inonim (see Rosh Hashanah 16b) are pen ciled in, so to speak, and when they do teshuvah and add sources of merit to their account, they are granted a shanah tovah. We are to view others as tzaddikim and ex tend to them the greeting that is appropri ate for tzaddikim.

In the face of the yeitzer hora’s plots against our repentance, we have to offset the many challenges that prevent us from becoming better people. One of the most effective strategies, the Gemara tells us, is chochmah.

Once a person reaches that higher level of spiritual awareness brought on by te shuvah, he realizes that he is not superior to other people, who were created just as he was, b’tzelem Elokim. His eyes open to the plight of the many people in this world who are in need of assistance, evoking his sympathy and compassion. As part of the spiritual growth triggered by teshuvah and tefillah, he has a growing awareness that it is not enough to care for himself and satis fy his own indulgences. He must share his blessings with others.

Publisher of the Yated Ne’eman

Ga’avah prevents a person from helping others. An arrogant individual looks down upon others and views them askance, with a measure of scorn and hate. His negative middah keeps him from using his gifts to help others. He views others as somehow deficient and inferior to himself.

A person who dedicates his life to To rah becomes sanctified, as his life takes on added significance. Just as teshuvah al lowed the Dor Hamidbor to recover after the Eigel, it allows the sinner in our day to return to Hashem’s embrace.

The Rama (Orach Chaim 582:9) writes that on Rosh Hashanah, people should wish each other, “Leshanah tovah tikoseiv May you be inscribed for a good year.”

Rosh Hashanah is the day when our fates are decided. The day is awesome and frightening. Everything that will happen in the coming year is decided on this day.

Teshuvah triggers an outpouring of sincere tefillah. With a fresh awareness of how small and helpless we are in the face of life’s frightening precariousness comes a spontaneous outpouring of tefillah. We proclaim Hashem’s supremacy over all of existence. We thank Him for His daily kindnesses, and we beg that we merit His continued generosity.

A Fresh Start

Someone who is able to view others as tzaddikim conveys that he has undergone teshuvah and thus can view others favor ably and want the best for them. Someone who wishes others, “Leshanah tovah tiko seiv veseichoseim,” indicates that he is no longer encumbered by middos ra’os. He has reached the level of anovah, humility, that is praised. This indicates that he has been successful in achieving teshuvah

How do we earn a better year?

The baal teshuvah has attained a new level of contentment reserved for those who are humble and walk in the path of Hashem.When teshuvah, tefillah and tzedakah flow naturally, a person indicates that he has reached the level of observance re quired to prevail in the din of Rosh Hasha nah. Thus, with our hearts focused on im plementing the lessons embedded in these words, we proclaim, “Useshuvah usefillah utzedakah maavirin es ro’a hagezeirah.” We work to reach that level and find fa vor in Hashem’s eyes, so that He will bless us all with a kesivah vachasimah tovah.

It would seem that the two attributes of the day are intertwined. Not only was the re-giving of the Luchos on Yom Kippur a sign that Klal Yisroel had been forgiven for the chet ha’Eigel, but by being given the Luchos, we were once again granted

Chochmah is acquired by learning To rah, which touches our inner core, raises us, and puts us back on course, following the literal translation of the word teshuvah, to return.TheGemara (Rosh Hashanah 11a) states that Rosh Hashanah is the day when Yosef was freed from the Egyptian jail, as well as the day that marked the end of crushing slavery for the Jews in Mitzray im. Thus, in addition to being a day of judgment, Rosh Hashanah is also a day of redemption. On this day, we can all be released from enslavement to the yeitzer hora and to the web of desires that en snares us. The avodas hayom and the day’s built-in redemptive power can return us to an earlier, more ennobled state.

the power of the Torah. Torah raises us and brings us closer to Hashem.

Maseches Brachos (17a) explains that the ultimate purpose of chochmah is teshuvah and maasim tovim

How does a person arrive at teshuvah? Doing so requires conducting a cheshbon hanefesh. We subject our deepest selves to scrutiny and review how we acted through out the year. Then we set about correcting our character flaws and rectifying the mis takes and errors of judgments we made.

Bais Halevi explains that we say to Hashem, “Please don’t punish us. As a young calf, who has no idea about where to go, we have been whipped as we have veered from the proper path, but we are not able to get back on. We are lost. Hashivei ni. Please, Hashem, bring me back. Re turn me to the proper path, but without the whip. Show me the way. Show me where I should be going and how I should behave, ve’ashuvah, and I will return and remain on the path You have charted for me.”

would like to be and were not able to real ize all of our goals, we recognize that even if last year didn’t turn out as good as we would have wanted, this year can be dif ferent.

Everyone essentially wants to do te shuvah and return to Hashem’s embrace, but some find it difficult to overcome their habits and the yeitzer hora, which leads them astray. They feel removed from kedu sha and Torah and fear that they can never rid themselves of their addictions and sins.

Rosh Hashanah, we daven for a year of new beginnings that will improve our experiences over the past year. We seek to merit a year of positive developments for ourselves and our families, keeping sadness and failure in the past.

If you believe it, then it will be. Believe in Hashem. Believe in yourself. And you’ll be well on the way.

May we all be granted a new lease on life, and a year of brocha, hatzlocha, ali yah, good health, nachas, parnossah, and everythingKesivahgood.vachasimah tovah.

The Bais Haleivi, in his peirush al haTorah in Parshas Vayishlach, as an ad dendum printed on the bottom of the page, says that Klal Yisroel asks Hashem to help us return to Him with teshuvah. We say that we are k’eigel lo lomud, like an uned ucatedThecalf.

Teshuvah is for everyone. We all want to return to Torah and behave as Hashem intended for us. At times, it is difficult for us to right ourselves and we require painful reminders.Thereis a concept in halacha of kof in oso ad sheyomar rotzeh ani (Rambam, Hilchos Geirushin 2:20). Even if a Jew proclaims that he does not want to follow halacha, if he is beaten and submits and declares that he will do what is incumbent upon him, we accept his declaration. The Rambam (ibid.) explains that “rotzeh hu la’asos kol hamitzvos ulehisracheik min ha’aveiros, veyitzro hu shetakfo, vekivon

Rosh Hashanah provides us with an awareness that allows us to believe that we can change. Everything can change. We can do it over.

so many released slaves going home to be gin life anew. The earth, as well, joins in the process, as land returns to its original owners in Yovel. We are reminded that we can all start again. We can get a fresh start, a new lease on life. Whatever happened in the past will stay in the past. It won’t weigh us down. We can get rid of the things that didn’t go right, the things we did wrong, and the mistakes we made, and begin anew, unencumbered.Lastyear,we drove an old jalopy, with old tires, bad seats, roll up windows, and a leaky radiator. Last year, we were a reg ular at the mechanic, fixing and patching. This coming year, we can have a brand new beauty, in perfect running order, with out any of the problems we had last year getting from place to place. It all depends on us: how we daven, how we learn, how we conduct ourselves. Learn some mussar Learn the Rambam’s Hilchos Teshuvah. Listen to a couple of shmuessen. Make up your mind that Tof Shin Pey Gimmel will be your break-out year.

shehukah ad shetoshash yitzro ve’omer rotzeh ani…” Every Jew wants to observe the mitzvos, but his yeitzer hora overcomes him. Therefore, when the evil inclination is beaten down and the person says that he wants to do the mitzvah, we accept his declaration as if he willingly observed the halacha

We examine ourselves and, instead of being upset that we are not as good as we

Hayom haras olam. Today is the day of creation. Not just back when the world was created 5,783 years ago, but also today and now. Hayom yaamid bamishpot kol ye tzurei olamim. Today, the forces of creation are strongly present, as Hashem judges all His creatures and decides what type of year they will have. The day of Rosh Hashanah marks a new start for everyone. The real ization of the new beginning provides us with the confidence that we are never stuck in a rut. With teshuvah, we can climb out of the mess we got into and be granted a new and better life during the year ahead.

“Zeh hayom techilas ma’asecha.” Rosh Hashanah is not just the commemoration of the first day of creation, but an oppor tunity to experience creation anew, and in the process renew our own personal cir cumstances.On

If they would only call out, “Hashiveini! Hashem, help me. Bring me back,” then ve’ashuvah, they would be able to return. No one should ever give up on themselves, and we should never give up on anyone.

In the shofar’s plaintive wail, we hear echoes of the blasts that were sounded at Har Sinai, when Klal Yisroel was formed into the nation of Hakadosh Boruch Hu The shofar then proclaimed a new begin ning. The world had reached its destiny. Ahead was much hope and promise. The shofar was also blown at Yovel When we blow it on Rosh Hashanah, it hints at the independence of the Yovel year, the collective song of freedom chanted by

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7The Week In NewsSEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or niceSanta

Rabbi Coopersmith continues, “It’s a new beginning and everything is up for grabs, as long as it is what you truly desire. With this newfound clarity you can look back at the previous year and examine the mistakes and obstacles you need to address in order to realign yourself with your dreams and aspirations, and make them a reality.”

He’s making a list,

Secure the Loan

Much like this song, at first glance it ap pears that God is reviewing all our past deeds and deciding if we deserve the gift of a new year.But perhaps it’s not that simple.

The reason we want to be on our best behavior during Elul is not because we are afraid to be punished, but rather we want to put our best foot forward, showing Hashem we are truly capable of a great role and job this upcoming year.

For example, Passover is not simply a re membrance of the freedom of the Jewish na 1 Tosafot, Rosh Hashanah, 27a, and Rabbi Chaim Friedlande’s Sifrei Chaim, Moadim, Vol. 1 2 html?s=hp2&mobile=yesnah-Its-Not-about-Whos-Been-Naughty-or-Nice.

The Chassid answered, “Avraham Avinu, of course! He discovered G-d.”

He’s checking it twice,

When thinking about my deepest desires, what keeps resurfacing?

The Talmud explains Rosh Hashanah is the spiritual birthday of the world, and marks the date of its creation. However, Hashem didn’t physically create the world until Nis san, a full six months later!

How can I better myself for more positive relationships with the most important people in my life?

Thehours.”worried grocer paced outside the of fice. He knocked after a few hours, but was told to wait Eventually,again.the wealthy man exited his office in order to daven, at which point the grocer utilized the opportunity to ask him directly for a loan. He promised to repay quickly, and explained that he had a trust worthy guarantor. The wealthy man loaned him the money on the spot.

The philanthropist responded, “I cannot give you a loan today.”

wrong. The holiest person is you. The holiest time period is right now. The holiest place is hereHashem.” desires for each of us to be the best that we can, given our current circum stance. We don’t need to be stuck in the past, or worried about the future. We don’t have to be someone else, or live somewhere else. It is you in this moment, and in this place, that Hashem wants your maximum effort.

Cut the guilt, forget the past, and start now.

“The Kodesh Kedoshim, holy of holies, in the Beis Hamikdash.”

Judaism views time as a spiral, much like the edge of a spiral notebook, and every holiday contains the same spiritual energy as the year before. Hopefully, each year we will reach a higher spiritual plane through tap ping into the specific energy and power that the holiday offers.

8 The Week In News SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

The other night I was tucking in my over tired daughter. She began to cry, because she recalled a time when she was angry with me. Apparently, she had made a special project to give to me and instead ripped it in anger. She said, “Mommy, every time I think about what I did, I start to cry. It’s so terrible, and I can’t get it out of my head.”

What specific talents and skills do I pos sess?What does Hashem want from me, given my current stage of life and location?

store owner was accounting for his gains and losses throughout the year. He realized he was in debt, and would need a loan in order to stay afloat.

While the philanthropist was davening, another man approached him. “I’m so happy I’m bumping into you! I really need a loan.”

Hashem is not Santa Claus

The Time is Now

Just like her action was erased from my memory, so too Hashem erases our misdeeds when we do true teshuva. I once had a stu dent who was overwhelmed with guilt over something she had done years prior. Because of this incident, she couldn’t allow herself to move forward, and was paralyzed with guilt. This overzealous guilt is actually the yetzer hara disguised as the yetzer tov.

Yoel Majeski shared a beauti ful story in a video called Meaningful Mo ments.3ARebbe once asked his student, “Who is the holiest Jew that ever existed?”

I recently heard a beautiful idea from Rabbi Nechmia Coopersmith. Hashem isn’t actually checking His list for naughty or nice behavior. Rather, on Rosh Hashanah, He is pressing a collective reset button for every one by recreating the world and our role in it. It is a chance to start completely fresh.

The Rebbe asked another student, “What was the holiest time period of all?”

The Rebbe responded, “You are all 3 Source?

We can imagine our vision for the year by creating personal goals and manifesting what it is we deeply desire. It’s a metaphoric

blank slate, where everything is possible.1

He tried to meet with the town’s philan thropist to secure a loan, but the assistant blocked his entrance. “He’s busy now, try in a few

The Jew responded, “But why did you give one to the grocer and not me?”

I held her close, but couldn’t understand why she was so upset, and didn’t even re call this incident. I did my best to comfort her, and as she continued to cry, I explained, “Nava, this is the beauty of teshuva. When you regret something, apologize, and refrain from doing it again. Then it’s over. It doesn’t even exist anymore!”

Rosh Hashanah was created first in thought, much like a blueprint. Hashem planned the world’s existence before build ing it. Therefore, every Rosh Hashanah holds the power for us to create a plan—or blueprint—for the upcoming year!

He asked a third Chassid, “What is the holiest place in the entire world?”

The wealthy man responded, “How can you compare the situations? He waited out side my office for hours. He was ridden with worry, and truly needed the money. You, however, casually approached me and asked for a loan on a whim. You can wait.”

We can prepare for this auspicious time by asking ourselves some introspective questions:2

We must remember when we do teshu va, it’s gone! If Hashem can forget it, we can too.Rabbi

Do we prepare for Rosh Hashanah during Elul, mending our ways and davening to Hashem? Do we spend time planning for teshuva, tefillah, and tzedakah before Rosh Hahsanah’s arrival?

Sarah's Corner

“Har Sinai! When the Jewish nation re ceived the Torah.”

Sarah Pachter

Rabbi Coopersmith writes, “Like a CEO of a major conglomerate, God is setting the budgets and determining each person’s role, based on the level of responsibility we are genuinely ready to take on.”

What changes can I make that would help me achieve greater purpose?

tion, but a celebration of personal freedom. We are reflecting upon our modern enslave ments and ability to break free. Each of us can think, What am I a slave to? How can I release these shackles?

Rosh Hashanah: From Our Table to Yours A Collection of Divrei Torah

Many of us approach Rosh Hashanah with fear and trepidation. After all, it is called the day of judgment, seemingly be cause our past actions and misdeeds are eval uated to determine what the upcoming year will yield. Commentaries explain that in the time leading up to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we are supposed to view ourselves as beinoni—in between. This means we aren’t fully tzadikim or fully rashaim, and every mitzvah we perform could tip the scale in our favor.It

Claus is coming to town...

almost sounds like the famous carol:

Rosh Hashanah is not meant to be a scary, doom-filled holiday. We are meant to wear new clothing, eat a celebratory meal with “sweet” simanim, and hear the majestic sound of the shofar resonating throughout the synagogue. These are not actions some one attending a typical court hearing would partake in.

Rav Eliyahu Biderman shares the fol lowing beautiful analogy from the Dubner Maggid.Agrocery

Or do we squander the time, and then “bump” into Hashem at shul, asking for a goodGodyear?willing we will be judged with fa vor, but we can still do our part to ensure a sweet year. Remember, Hashem is not Santa Claus, the time is now, and we can do our part to prepare for the greatest loan of all time—life!Wishing us all a sweet new year and Sha na Tova!

ונתליפת תא ןוצרבו םימחרב לבק The talmidei chachamim from across the globe who recite the entire Sefer Tehillim daily wish you and your family a sweet new year filled with happiness, health, brachos and yeshuos. ד“סב

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For Adi, it was the uncertainty of how she and her husband could support another baby in extreme poverty.


For Chedva, it was the pressure from her parents who threatened to sever ties if she had her child.

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For Sarit, it was lacking emotional support to cope with pregnancy during a traumatic divorce.


You can help change that. Donate at or contact Executive Director Nir Salomon at CRIB-EFRAT is a registered 501(C)(3) organization. All donations are life-saving and tax-deductible. 40,000

14 The Week In News SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

15The Week In NewsSEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home Thankyou FOR WONDERFULTEN YEARS

ore than 1.18 million of the island’s roughly 1.47 million utility customers still were without power as of early Tues day. It will be days before power is re stored.Many of those without power also

have no water, as rain and flooding im pacts to filtration systems left only about 35% of customers with water service as of Monday.

Protests in Iran

Officials say she died on Friday after suffering a “heart attack” and then falling into a coma. Her family says she did not suffer from a heart condition.

Running water is a major concern for those in the Dominican Republic. As of Monday, at least 1,018,564 customers there had no access to running water as 59 aqueducts were out of service and several others were only partially func tioning, according to Jose Luis German Mejia, a national emergency manage mentSomeofficial.were also without electricity as well as 10 electric circuits went offline, emergency management officials said.

By Monday evening, parts of Kyushu, Shikoku island and the region of Chugoku experienced rainfall over more than 200 millimeters in 24 hours, with several re ports places breaking records for the most rainfall on a September day. Shikoku’s Yanase saw more than 400 mm of rain.

“(OHCHR) has received numerous, and verified, videos of violent treatment of women, including slapping women across the face, beating them with batons and throwing them into police vans,” it said.

In Mexico City, firefighters closed some buildings to the public due to concerns of collapse.

Officials were warning residents of a “large-scale disaster” due to extensive flooding and landslides, urging them to seek shelter in sturdy buildings or move to

Police in Iran have shot and killed at least five people during protests that have been rocking the country. At least 75 others were injured. The protests stem from the death of Mahsa Amini, who was being held in police custody and then died.

Just five years ago, in 2017, an earth quake had hit Mexico City, killing 216 peo ple.

Ferries and bullet train services, as well as hundreds of flights have been canceled across the country due to the dangerous weather.

“The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has officially declared Ghana free from the Marburg virus disease outbreak that was confirmed nearly two months ago,” the presidency tweeted on Monday.

There have been a dozen major Marburg outbreaks since 1967, mostly in southern and eastern Africa. Fatality rates have var ied from 24% to 88% in past outbreaks de pending on the virus strain and case man agement, according to the World Health Organization. The host of the virus is the

Nanmadol is expected to travel to cen tral Japan toward Tokyo over the coming days and will maintain much of its strength as it moves, experts warned.

Earthquake Shakes Mexico

People in these countries still remem ber the catastrophe wrought by Hurri cane Maria, when it made landfall five years. Still, some are saying that Fiona could be even worse.

Edited security camera footage re leased by Iran’s state media appeared to show Amini collapsing at a “re-educa tion” center where she was taken to re ceive “guidance” on her attire.

The governor of Tehran, Mohsen Mansouri, has accused the protesters of attacking police and destroying public property, claiming in a Twitter post late Monday that the protesters were “fully organized and trained to create distur bances in Tehran.”

Iran’s morality police are part of the country’s law enforcement and are tasked with enforcing the strict social rules of the Islamic Republic, including its dress code that mandates women wear a headscarf, or hijab, in public.

According to the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR), the morality police have expanded street patrols in recent months and have been subjecting women perceived to be wearing “loose hijab” to verbal and physical harassment and ar rest.Enter your email to sign up for CNN’s “Meanwhile in the Middle East” Newslet ter.

The UN’s Acting High Commissioner for Human Rights Nada Al-Nashif issued a statement on Tuesday expressing alarm at “the violent response by [Iranian] se curity forces” to the demonstrations.

Ghana: No More Marburg Virus

On Monday, a powerful 7.7-magni tude earthquake rocked the southwestern coast of Mexico, killing at least one person. Tremors were reported as far away as Mex ico TheCity.epicenter was located in Michoac an state, which is home to very few people.

In Puerto Rico, a 58-year-old man was swept away by a swollen river be hind his home in Comerío and another man in his 30s died in a fire accident that occurred while he was trying to put gasoline in his generator while it was turned on, officials said.

Amini, 22, had been arrested by Iran’s morality police last Tuesday.

Ghana’s government confirmed its first outbreak of the disease on July 17.

This week, Ghana has declared the end of an outbreak of Marburg virus, a highly infectious disease similar to Ebola, that was confirmed in July, the president’s of fice said.

Nanmadol registered as one of the strongest typhoons Japan has ever seen, according to the World Meteorological As sociation.Morethan 300,000 households across southwestern Japan have been left without power, prompting local authorities to issue a “special warning” urging residents to seek shelter from the powerful storm.

The Week In News

Typhoon Slams Japan

Hurricane Fiona has been wreak ing havoc throughout the Caribbean, leaving 1 million people without run ning water in the Dominican Republic, slashing power lines in Puerto Rico and leaving millions without electricity, and then slamming into Turks and Caicos on Tuesday.ByTuesday it had strengthened into a major hurricane, a Category 3 with sustained winds of more than 111 mph. Its heavy rains were threatening “lifethreatening flooding” through the afternoon in the Turks and Caicos.

Amini’s death have sparked an out rage of protest across the country. The UN said thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities including Tehran, Isfahan, Karaj, Mashhad, Rasht, Saqqes and Sanan daj to demand justice and accountability.

After the quake, there were warnings of a tsunami, although that threat seems to have passed peacefully.

Typhoon Nanmadol made landfall on Sunday evening onto Japan’s southern most island of Kyushu, cutting off power to hundreds of thousands and leading to the deaths of at least two people. One person died when his car filled with water; anoth er perished in a mudslide.

Hurricane Havoc

Fiona is the first major hurricane –Category 3 or higher – of this year’s At lantic hurricane season.

At least four people have died the se vere weather, including one in the French territory of Guadeloupe, into which Fio na slammed late last week; two in Puerto Rico; and one in the Dominican Repub lic, according to officials.

the 14th typhoon Japan has experienced this year and comes after the country grappled with record setting heatwaves in June that caused massive power outage to millions of residents in the capital Tokyo and high numbers of heatstroke among the vulnerable elderly.

16 The Week In News SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

One person lost his life in a shopping center in Manzanillo in the western state of Colima after a fence fell, President López Obrador said on social media, citing José Rafael Ojeda Durán, Secretary of the Navy.

Still, waves reaching up to 3 meters (9.8 feet) were earlier predicted to hit Mexico and occur along the Pacific coasts of Co lombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru.

Three cases have been confirmed in to tal, of which two were fatal. The third was asymptomatic, and the person recovered.

Ghana’s Marburg outbreak was the second in West Africa. The first ever case of the virus was detected last year in Guinea, with no further cases identified.

In Puerto Rico, mEnter your email to sign up for the Wonder Theory newsletter.

to his commitment to the policy despite considerable economic strain.

Twenty-seven people died and another 20 were injured on Sunday when a bus car rying people being quarantined for Covid overturned on a mountain road in south ern China. The bus was an official govern ment bus used for transporting people to isolationChinacenters.hasmaintained a strict “zero Covid” policy, putting multiple regions in and out of lockdowns over the last two years. The measures have resulted in extreme situations, such as, in one in stance, requiring 20,000 Shanghai bank ers to sleep at the office for a number of days amid a breakout.

Organic Matter on Mars

“The delta, with its diverse sedimenta ry rocks, contrasts beautifully with the ig neous rocks – formed from crystallization of magma – discovered on the crater floor,” Farley“Thissaid.juxtaposition provides us with a rich understanding of the geologic history after the crater formed and a diverse sam ple suite. For example, we found a sand stone that carries grains and rock frag ments created far from Jezero Crater.”

Organic molecules are of interest on Mars because they represent the building blocks of life, such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, as well as nitrogen, phospho rous and sulfur.

African fruit bat. Those infected develop fever, chills, muscle aches, and a rash.

In contrast, on Sunday, President Joe Biden declare the pandemic “over.”

As winter is fast approaching, it is im perative for Russia to prioritize its forc es. Will it double down on the Donetsk and Luhansk regions? The Russians cur rently hold about 20% of Ukrainian land, including Crimea and parts of the south.

17The Week In NewsSEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

The Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars 18 months ago, has been finding samples of organic matter near the Jeze ro Crater, which may have held a lake and a delta many, many years ago on the Red Planet. These samples may help scientists determine if humans ever lived on the planet.“The rocks that we have been investi gating on the delta have the highest con centration of organic matter that we have yet found on the mission,” said Ken Farley, Perseverance project scientist at the Cali fornia Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

In June, President Xi Jinping held firm

The rover’s mission includes looking for signs of ancient microbial life. Perse verance is collecting rock samples that could have preserved these telltale bio

signatures. Currently, the rover contains 12 rock samples.

The rover investigated the crater floor and found evidence of igneous, or volca nic, rock. During its second campaign to study the delta over the past five months, Perseverance has found rich sedimentary rock layers that add more to the story of Mars’ ancient climate and environment.

What’s Next in Ukraine?

Perseverance, as well as the Curiosity rover, had previously found organic matter on Mars. This time, though, it is in a differ ent area on the planet.

Taking Donetsk is a taller order now

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Since February, Ukrainians have been battling Russian forces for their lives. This week, Ukraine made a suc cessful offensive through most of occu pied Kharkiv, capturing more territory in one month than Russia has nabbed in five months. The move has galvanized Ukraine’s Western backers as much as it has led to recriminations in Moscow. But what is Putin going to do?

The site of the delta makes Jezero Cra ter, which spans 28 miles (45 kilometers), of particularly high interest to NASA sci entists. The fan-shaped geological feature, once present where a river converged with a lake, preserves layers of Martian history in sedimentary rock, which formed when particles fused together in this formerly water-filled environment.

Tragedy Quarantineon Bus

A series of missions called Mars Sample Return will eventually take the collection back to Earth in the 2030s.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Herzog posted with the photograph.

The population of Israel grew by around 187,000 people since Rosh Hashana 2021, at a rate of 1.8%, a slight increase on last year.Throughout the year, 177,000 babies were born in Israel.

In 1948, when the Jewish state was established, the population of Israel num bered 806,000 people. Since then, 3.3 mil lion people have immigrated to the coun try, the CBS said.

should be investigated by researchers and historians. There are some signs that it happened. If so, they should allow it to be investigated and researched.”

Life expectancy for men in Israel stood at 80.5 years and for women 84.6 years.

According to the statistics, 9.593 mil lion people live in the country. Of those, 7.069 million (74 percent) are Jewish, 2.026 million (21%) are Arab, and 498,000 (5%) are neither.

Raisi HolocaustDoubts

“That’s the type of the actions that the Americans and Zionist regimes are doing in the world — we are not going to carry out the same actions,” he claimed, even though the U.S. government has charged a Revolu tionary Guard member with planning such an assassination.

In an interview that was aired on Sun day, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi raised eyebrows when he doubted the Ho locaust.Speaking with U.S. reporter Lesley Stahl on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Raisi also said he couldn’t trust the United States in the nuclear talks and called Washington’s sanctions “tyrannical,” days before he headed to New York to take part in the UN General Assembly.

13.9% are traditional-religious, 10.7% are religious, and 10.5% are charedi.

Stahl then said: “So you’re not sure; I’m getting that you’re not sure.” Raisi didn’t challenge that conclusion.

9.5M Strong

“Whoever lies and denies the painful and solid truth of history easily lies today, and will naturally lie in the future,” Kohavi added. “This is another reminder that such people should not be allowed to possess any capacity of any kind for development of weapons of mass destruction.”

Irit Lillian, a senior diplomat who has played a key role in Israel-Turkey reconcili ation, will serve as the next ambassador to Turkey, the Foreign Ministry announced thisLillianweek. has been Israel’s charge d’af faires in Ankara since February 2021, during which time both sides have moved slowly to restore full diplomatic relations.

Jews aged 20 and over in Israel, 45.3 percent define themselves as secular, 19.2% traditional but not very observant,

Ultimately, Ukraine’s battlefield suc cess will depend on a continuing and expanded supply of Western hardware. Meetings in the next few weeks will de termine what’s in that pipeline, but in ventories in several countries are dwin dling.Western nations – including the Unit ed States – are concerned that Ukraine will fight back to hard, in some cases, against Russia, using longer-range rock ets than necessary to hit far into Rus sia. As such, the U.S. has so far resisted Ukrainian requests for long-range Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) that have a range of up to 300 kilometers.

The population is expected to reach 10 million by the end of 2024, around 15 mil lion by 2048, and 20 million by the end of 2065.Among

Resuming Ties with Turkey

Asked about the difference between the Biden and Trump administrations, Raisi said, “The new administration in the U.S., they claim that they are different from the Trump administration. They have said it in their messages to us. But we haven’t wit nessed any changes in reality.”

“From the beginning, it was clear that we were building a process in which we agree to disagree,” Lillian – who was previ ously Israel’s ambassador to Bulgaria and also served as acting ambassador in Aus tralia – told The Times of Israel during an August interview.

The interview with Raisi, who took power last year, was conducted last Tues day at the presidential compound in Teh ran.Stahl was prepped on how to conduct himself. He had to wear a headscarf when meeting with the Iranian leader

The past year also saw the arrival of around 59,000 new immigrants to Israel — a jump compared to previous years, fueled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Additionally, some Western officials fear humiliation for the Kremlin might provoke an unpredictable reaction, even including tactical nuclear weapons.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid is slated to meet with Turkish leader Recep Tayy ip Erdogan on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday. He is set to speak at the assembly on Thursday.Lapidvisited Ankara as foreign minister in June, where he met with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu. After the high-level talks aimed at cementing the countries’ rapprochement, Lapid hailed se curity cooperation with Turkey in helping foil an Iranian plot to kidnap or kill Israeli nationals in Istanbul.

Asked about the Abraham Accords, which have seen multiple Arab nations normalize their ties with Jerusalem, the Iranian president replied, “If a state shakes hands with the Zionist regime, then they are also an accomplice to their crimes. And they are stabbing the very idea of Palestine in theElsewhereback.” during the interview, Raisi said that while his country wants “justice to be served” for the killing of its Quds Force terror chief Qassem Soleimani in a U.S. airstrike in 2020, it won’t retaliate by assassinating officials in former U.S. presi dent Donald Trump’s administration.

Ahead of Rosh Hashana, Israel’s pop ulation stands at just over 9.5 million residents, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) said in data released on Tuesday.

Since 2018, the slot for ambassador to Turkey has been vacant. This week, the post is being filled.

Israel was a long-time regional ally of Turkey, before a 2010 commando raid on the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara, part of a blockade-busting flotilla, left 10 Turkish

Iranian leaders have a long history of Holocaust denial and Holocaust revision ism.Asked whether he supports Israel’s right to exist, Raisi said, “You see, the peo ple of Palestine are the reality. This is the right of the people of Palestine who were forced to leave their houses and mother land. The Americans are supporting this false regime there to take root and to be established there.”

“We are going into proper, positive bi lateral relations that have a wide range of activities, but we know that there are points we don’t agree on,” she said. “We know we are not going into a perfect mar riage.”Lillian’s appointment must now be ap proved by the government, and – because the country is being run by a caretaker government – Israel’s attorney general.

18 The Week In News SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

In response to Raisi’s remarks, Israel’s President Isaac Herzog tweeted a photo graph he said he keeps on his desk of Holo caust survivor Dora Dreiblatt Eisenberg’s forearm, tattooed with her prisoner identi fication number. Dreiblatt Eisenberg’s arm is shown being held by that of her infant great-granddaughter Daniella Har-Tzvi, against a background of the Israeli nation al flag.

In 2018, Turkey recalled its ambassa dor and asked Israel’s to leave in protest of Israel’s response to rioting on the Gaza border, in which dozens of Palestinians wereLastkilled. month, the two sides announced that they would be restoring full diplomatic ties after two years of gradual rapprochement, which picked up pace noticeably this year with mutual visits by senior officials.

“I was told how to dress, not to sit be fore he did, and not to interrupt him,” she said.Additionally, at the end of the hourlong interview, the U.S. network’s team was surprised when “a member of Raisi’s staff reached up and blocked one of our cameramen from shooting our goodbyes.” CBS added that “another one of our cam eramen’s phone was confiscated and held by President Raisi’s security team for two and a half Duringhours.”theinterview, Stahl asked Raisi: “Do you believe the Holocaust happened? That 6 million Jews were slaughtered?” Raisi answered that “historical events

for the Russians. Seven months of war have shown the shortcomings in Russian logistics, which will get no easier in wet ter, colder Russianweather.forces are feeling squeezed in Kherson, as Ukrainian forces cut off resupply across the River Dnipro and target command posts.

Both sides are seeing issues with personnel. Many of Russia’s fighters are volunteers and battalions have faced heavy losses. Ukraine has also lost thousands of soldiers, including many from its best units in Donbas.

Military chief Aviv Kohavi added, during a visit to the Nazi death camp Aus chwitz in Poland, saying, “You don’t have to be a historian or a researcher to under stand the horrors of the Holocaust — you have to be a human being.

“Only by exacting a heavy price from those who engage in the business of terror ism can we prevent the suffering and loss of additional victims to their violence,” Darshan-Leitner said in a statement.

Despite an official apology by thenprime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Er dogan maintained his rage, accusing the Jewish state of “keeping Hitler’s spirit alive” during Operation Defensive Shield in July 2014 and calling it a “terrorist state.”President Isaac Herzog visited Ankara on an official trip in March and was welcomed in the capital by a full military procession.

In a move that is certain to affect Isra el’s upcoming elections, on Thursday, the Joint List of Arab-led parties announced that it would run in upcoming elections as two separate factions.

The case was brought under the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act and alleged that Hez bollah caused the plaintiffs physical and emotional injury and damaged their prop erty.The judge ordered Hezbollah to pay damages of $111 million to the plaintiffs.

A U.S. court has ordered the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah to pay millions of dollars in damages to a group of joint Is raeli-American citizens who sued, saying they were wounded by the group’s rockets during a war with Israel in 2006.

The decision to split into separate Ha dash-Ta’al and Balad lists came just an

19The Week In NewsSEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

The Joint List was first formed in the

Compensating the Victims

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, one of the law yers representing the plaintiffs, said it was an important legal victory against the Iran-backed group.

Netanyahu, who is gunning to regain the premiership after being knocked out of power in June 2021, is currently polling more strongly than Lapid, but neither has been seen to have a clear-cut path to power.

PA and ClashesHamas

activists dead in a violent melee after they attacked Israeli soldiers who boarded the ship.

One person was killed on Tuesday when protesters clashed with Palestinian securi ty services over the arrest of two members of the Hamas terror group in the West

The move means that the parties will likely split votes from a fairly small pool of Arab constituents. With the Joint List polling at six seats before the break-up, it will be a struggle for either Hadash-Ta’al or Balad to garner the 3.25% of votes nation wide — equal to four seats — necessary to enter the Knesset.

run-up to the 2015 elections after the vote threshold was raised to four seats, more than any Arab party had managed to get on itsWithown.Israel seemingly deadlocked po litically and entering its fifth election in under four years, potential prime minis ters have pinned hopes on pushing smaller parties to unite, keeping likely supporters from falling below the hump.

hour before final party lists were due to the Central Elections Committee, and only a day after the three factions had agreed to run again as the Joint List.

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Arab Joint List Splits

Such civil lawsuits brought against ter ror groups are difficult to enforce. Still,

Israel and Hezbollah fought a month long war in 2006. Israel pounded targets in Lebanon while Hezbollah launched thousands of rockets at cities and towns in Israel’s north.

The rest of the 40 parties to submit candidate lists for the November 1 elec tions over the past two days completed the process with few surprises, though Jewish Home, now led by outgoing interior min ister Ayelet Shaked, was a relatively late entrant. The Religious Zionism alliance, including Otzma Yehudit, had added the far-right party Noam to its roster just be fore submitting on Wednesday.

Flight Fight

Yaish was the person killed. According to Palestinian reports, the Palestinian was a bystander and was shot in the head.

Your grocery bill is now way higher than it was last year – way, way higher.

Hamas issued a statement warning the PA security services against carrying out actions on behalf of Israel.

Long Beach is among 29 ports on the U.S. West Coast awaiting the outcome of labor talks between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union – which represents 22,000 dockworkers – and the Pacific Maritime Association, negotiating on behalf of more than 70 employers.

Now, the survivors of the death wave are speaking out and expressing their outrage over witnessing Iranian Pres ident Ebrahim Raisi attend and speak to the U.N. this week despite his alleged involvement in the commission.

Sheila, a survivor, told Fox News, that the U.S. should not try to make any kind of deal with Iran, which she said is “killing people in the streets.”

The two men detained by Palestinian security services were named as Musab Shtayyeh and Ameed Tbaileh — members of Hamas wanted by Israel.

Food Prices Soar

Ports Less Busy

ket aisle will notice most food items are far more expensive than they were a year ago. Egg prices soared 39.8%, while flour got 23.3% more expensive. Milk rose 17%, and the price of bread jumped 16.2%.

“I believe there is some criminal ac tivity involved here,” Salazar said. “But at present we are trying to keep an open mind and we are going to investigate to find out what exact laws were broken if that does turn out to be the case.”


Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar is attempting to take on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The Democrat from Texas says he is opening an investigation into the two flights of migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard this week by the Republican gov ernor. It’s unclear, though, what laws could have been broken by putting 48 Venezue lans on private planes from San Antonio.

“This is a new stain on the [Palestinian] Authority and the black record of its secu rity coordination,” the terror group said in a statement.“Theauthority has positioned itself as an exclusive agent of the occupation (Isra el) in the face of our Palestinian people,” the statement said.

Food prices are hard for consumers to grapple with because everyone needs to eat. Still, people are trying to shop smart er. Sales of frozen dinners and entrees have fallen about 11% by volume in August compared to the year prior. Cookie vol umes and volumes of refrigerated juices fell nearly 9% and about 8%, respectively, in that period. Lower-income households in particular are skipping items like juice, snacks and candy.

Some Democrats have urged the Jus tice Department to investigate the flights, including California Gov. Gavin Newsom and U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, whose dis trict includes San Antonio.

“You’re going to start seeing the econ omy cool down a little bit,” Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero said in an interview on Bloomberg Televi sion on Monday. “We expect some dimin ishment in what we’ve seen in this consum er demand in the last year and a half.”

Food costs spiked 11.4% over the past year, the largest annual increase since May 1979, according to data released last Tues day by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Venezuelan migrants who were flown to the wealthy Massachusetts island from San Antonio on Wednesday said they were told they were going to Boston. Julio Henriquez, an attorney who met with sev eral migrants, said they “had no idea of

The most recent data show U.S. con sumer spending and retail sales rising at a sluggish pace, a sign that the highest inflation numbers in almost four decades are starting to take its toll on the economy. Ports had for months been overwhelmed by an influx of goods that triggered sup ply-chain logjams and delivery delays, but that is showing signs of abating due to lo gistics improvements and as interest-rate increases are starting to cool demand.

For now, it’s hard to say that there is a case in court for migrants who boarded the busesThewillingly.migrants were in Martha’s Vine yard for 44 hours before they were whisked away by authorities. Residents of the exclu sive enclave said there was no place to shel ter them.

Thousands of people – perhaps even 30,000 people – were slaughtered by the Iranian regime in 1988 during the “death commission,” a five month period of exe cutions of political prisoners. Many were tortured before their deaths, which have been called a political purge. Because so many people were killed, people were lift ed up by forklifts to be hanged by cranes in groups of six. The Iranian regime has consistently denied the killings.

Some of the protesters had reportedly set fire to tires and fired into the air. The unrest persisted through the morning, with hundreds of youths hurling rocks at PA armored vehicles and the sound of gun fire ringing out across the Nablus city cen ter.

The employees have been working without a contract since their previous pact expired July 1. Both sides have vowed to avoid a repeat of the 2014 negotiations, which resulted in the U.S. facing nine months of disruptions and shipping delays that only ended after the Obama adminis tration

Protesting Iran

U.S. ports are beginning to see relief from the backlog that they experienced during the pandemic and beyond.

“Nobody wants them, so no deal, no

Bank city of 53-year-oldNablus.Firas

Israeli security officials have warned in recent months that the PA is losing control of the northern West Bank, including Nab lus.

20 The Week In News SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

where they were going or where they were.” He said a Latina woman approached migrants at a city-run shelter in San Anto nio and put them up at a nearby La Quinta Inn, where she visited daily with food and gift cards. She promised jobs and three months of housing in Washington, New York, Philadelphia and Boston, according to Henriquez.Salazarsaid the migrants had been “preyed upon” and “hoodwinked.”

Shtayyeh was part of an armed squad called the Nablus Battalion or Nablus Li ons, the Haaretz daily reported. The re port said he was suspected of involvement in recent shooting attacks against Israeli forces and Jewish worshipers at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus.

decline in inbound cargo since the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic in August. Together, the twin operations handle about 40% of containerized trade with Asia.

DeSantis’ office responded with a state ment that said the migrants had been given more options to succeed in Massachusetts.

As the U.N. proceedings begin, the Organization of Iranian American Com munities (OIAC) filled Dag Hammar skjold Park, which sits just across the street from the United Nations building in New York City, with 2,000 photos of victims of the commission. Amnesty International cited between 4,500 and 5,000 men, women and children killed in prisons across Iran, but a former deputy of the Ayatollah later claimed as many as 30,000 may have died.

Meat and poultry also grew costlier. Chicken prices jumped 16.6%, while meats rose 6.7%. Fruits and vegetables were up

In the wake of the arrests, terror groups warned the Palestinian Authority of the consequences of the operation, and de manded the immediate release of the men.

The two were said to have been top tar gets in the wake of the killing of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades commander Ibrahim Nabulsi by Israeli troops during an operation last month.

A PA official told The Times of Israel that the chances Ramallah’s security forc es will be able to continue carrying them out without the advancement of a diplo matic initiative to end the conflict with Is rael “get smaller by the day.”

Americans browsing the supermar

9.4%.Overall, grocery prices jumped 13.5%. Eating out? Restaurant menu pric es increased 8%.

“Immigrants have been more than willing to leave Bexar County after being abandoned, homeless, and ‘left to fend for themselves,’” DeSantis spokesperson Taryn Fenske said. “Florida gave them an opportunity to seek greener pastures in a sanctuary jurisdiction that offered greater resources for them, as we expected.”

Robert Garcia said he’s “hopeful and optimistic” there won’t be major work stoppages stemming from the ongoing labor negotiations.

Imports into Long Beach, CA, one of the major ports in the United States, have now fallen for two months. Similarly, the port of Los Angeles registered the biggest

The spotted lanternfly, originating from China, is now appearing across the United States.

Murders Spike in New Orleans

Swarms of the invasive insect first ap peared in the U.S. in 2014 in Pennsylvania. But now, the bugs have infested 14 states on the East Coast and in the Midwest: Penn sylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia, and West Virginia.

In addition to data from the MCCA, the New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Com

Signs a tree that has been affected by the lanternflies include oozing or weeping, a fermented odor, a buildup of sticky hon eydew, and sooty mold visible on the plant.

The Invasion of the Lanternfly

He added, “The display shows he was involved in killing 30,000 prisoners, many of them members of MEK and oth er groups. He was involved in suppress ing Iranian people for years and years, so we tell the world he does not represent the Iranian people. The people want re gime change,” he continued.

21The Week In NewsSEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

The spotted lanternfly only measures

Some states, including Delaware and New York, are encouraging residents to stomp on and kill the bugs if they spot them.

New Orleans is now the murder capital of the nation – and Starbucks doesn’t want to be there.

“Our stores are windows into Amer ica, and every day, our partners witness the challenges facing our communities –challenges to personal safety and security, racism, a growing mental health crisis, and issues magnified by COVID. These chal lenges play out within our stores – affect ing our partners, our communities, and our customers alike,” Jeffries said.

BECAUSE DESERVESEVERYONETOBELONG IthesupportOU Sustaining Orthodox Jewish Life since 1898FIND OUT MORE AT OU.ORG "I don't know where we would be without Yachad. Our daughter has special needs. She doesn't go to a typical yeshiva day school, so Yachad is her connection to the broader community and her Jewish identity. Our whole family loves participating in events; it has enhanced our lives and we are so thankful to be part of the Yachad family."

If allowed to spread across the U.S., they could decimate important trees from over 70 species, including almond, grapes, apple, peach, maple, oak, willow, and pine. When the insects infest a tree, they suck the fluids from the plant tissue, which can eventually kill the plant. These trees being infected could cost the country millions of dollars: in New York alone, the wine and grape industry is worth $6.65 billion.

Sam Jeffries, a spokesperson for Star bucks, told WWL-TV in New Orleans that the popular coffee chain location on Canal Street was determined to be a “high inci dent store” and closed recently.

“I’ve seen lanternflies build to popula tions where you can’t even see the bark of the tree through the insect bodies,” Emi lie Swackhamer, a plant science expert at Penn State Extension in Collegeville, Penn sylvania, said. “It’s unnerving because you wonder what that’s doing to the health of the tree.”

around 1 inch. It has characteristic gray forewings with black spots, and red hind wings also with black spots. They feed on a wide range of fruit, ornamental and woody trees, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health In spection Service (APHIS).

“You saw the picture of Masha Amini, she was killed three days ago by Iranian security forces. There’s an outcry inside Iran as we speak. People are demonstrat ing against the government as we speak… saying ‘Death to Raisi,’” he said. “We are just echoing Iranian people’s desires, as far as regime change and a having a dem ocratic, non-nuclear Iran.”

The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York, charges Raisi with genocide, crimes against humanity, extra judicial killings and torture, among other crimes. The lawsuit relies on the Alien Tort Statute and Torture Victim Protection Act to try holding Raisi responsible.

The closure of the store comes as New Orleans has faced an increase in the number of homicides, making it the mur der capital of the U.S. According to data from the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA), homicides have risen in a number of U.S. cities, including New Orleans, over the past year.

negotiations and more sanctions against government,” she said. Sheila is one of 16 plaintiffs who have brought a lawsuit against Raisi for his involvement in the “death commission.”

“Our message is that Raisi is a murder,” Nasser Sharif, president of the California Society for Democracy in Iran, said. “He does not belong in the United Nations. He doesn’t represent Iranian people.”

“If, in late fall 2004, a freshman at Harvard had Facebook available to him for one semester and a sophomore for two semesters, it appears as though the effect is stronger with the sophomore, who had greaterMakarinexposure.”saidhe initially viewed mental health as “just one more” element of social media use, but after conducting his re search, he reflected, “I came to realize how truly bad the situation is, and that stuck withToday,me.” Facebook boasts 2.5 billion daily users. More than half the world’s popula tion, 4.3 billion people, maintain at least one social media account.

The ruling is a stab in the back for Lee’s“Thisfamily.isn’t a podcast for me. It’s real life,” Yung Lee, the brother of Hae Min Lee, said in court, adding he felt “be trayed” by the state.

Now in: Facebook is bad for your health. New research has found a direct link

Lee’s family is considering filing an appeal but is “still in shock,” their attor ney, Steve Kelly, said.

“The effects seem to increase with time,” noted Alexey Makarin, assistant professor at MIT Sloan, another contribu tor to the study.

Facebook Bad for Mental Health

Facebook’s initial 2004 rollout was staggered, with Harvard students gaining access first, followed by Columbia, Stan ford, and Yale universities. Researchers utilized medical data from these campus es, comparing their mental health surveys with mental health surveys from college campuses without access to the platform.

On Monday, the murder conviction of Adnan Syed, a subject of the popular “Serial” podcast, was vacated by prose cutors. Syed has maintained his inno cence in the killing of Hae Min Lee in 1999.Baltimore prosecutors filed the mo tion last week asking for a new trial for Syed, who has been serving a life sen tence after he was convicted of first-de gree murder, robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment in connection to the killing of Lee.

Prosecutors have 30 days to decide whether to pursue a new trial; they are waiting for DNA analysis that they are trying to expedite to determine whether Adnan’s case is dismissed or the case is set for trial. That mandate, Mosby noted, is “separate and apart” from the investi gation into who killed Lee.

In explaining her decision to vacate, Baltimore City Circuit Judge Melissa Phinn cited material in the state inves tigation that was not properly turned over to defense attorneys , as well as the existence of two suspects who may have

The letter went on to detail a number of new directives Starbucks was implement ing to ensure the safety of employees, such as “robust safety training,” “modifying op erations,” like closing restrooms, and ben efits to support employees’ mental health.

mission reported a rise in homicides.

to an analysis of data from the Wall Street Journal, New Orleans has the highest homicide of any city in the U.S. There are 41 homicides per 100,000 resi dents in the city.

Prior to the closure of the shop, Star bucks sent out a letter to storeowners dis cussing

“Homicides are now up 44% compared with 2021,” the commission said in a crime data report ending on September 18. It also said in a previous report that as of Septem ber 11, the city had at least 205 homicides, which is “an increase of 141% compared with 2019 and 46% compared with last year to Accordingdate.”

“Whenever I think it’s over, it’s end ed, it always comes back,” he said.

Adnan and Lee were seniors at Wood lawn High School in Baltimore County in January 1999 when she disappeared. Her body was discovered in a city forest three weeks later.

22 The Week In News SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | The Jewish Home

between Facebook use and a “worsen ing” in reports of anxiety and depression among college students.

The study, published by the American Economic Review, discovered that in the first two and a half years of the platform’s existence, college students who had an ac count on the site were 7 percent more like ly to suffer from depression and 20% more likely to suffer from anxiety.

For now, Syed will wear an ankle monitor with tracking, according to Becky Feldman, chief of the Sentencing Review Unit of the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’sTwenty-threeOffice.years after he went to prison, “we now know what Adnan and his loved ones have always known, that Adnan’s trial was profoundly and out rageously unfair. Evidence was hidden from him, evidence that pointed to other people as the killers,” Assistant Public Defender Erica Suter, Syed’s attorney and director of the Innocence Project Clinic, said in a statement following the ruling.The hearing comes nearly eight years after the “Serial” podcast dug into his case, raising questions about the convic tion and his legal representation. In do ing so, the podcast reached a huge audi ence and set off a true-crime podcasting boom as well as further examinations of the case, including the HBO docuseries, “The Case Against Adnan Syed.”

While there have been hundreds of studies showing a correlation between social media use and a decline in mental health, researchers say that their unique methodology has allowed them to confirm the, produced in part by Ro’ee Levy of Tel Aviv University, suggested that “unfavorable social comparisons” were likely to blame for the increase in anxiety and depression among young people.

“Today, as we know, all of us recognize social media platforms very well. They cre ate jealousy, and users find it difficult to understand that what they see online does not necessarily reflect reality. How much more so 16-18 years ago, when the phe nomenon was completely new,” Levy told Channel 12 news.

“Serial” ReleasedConvict

been improperly cleared as part of the investigation.“We’renot yet declaring Adnan Syed is innocent,” Baltimore City State’s At torney Marilyn Mosby said following the judge’s ruling. “But we are declaring that in the interest of fairness and justice he is entitled to a new trial.”

According to the American Econom ic Review study, in 2021, the average user spent two and a half hours per day on so cial media.

“You’vesafety.been open and honest with us about your experience – from what you need to feel your best at work, to the many inspirational and heartfelt examples of how you are creating memorable moments for one another and our customers,” the letter said. “With stores in thousands of communities across the country, we know these challenges can, at times, play out within our stores too. We read every inci dent report you file – it’s a lot.”

“The family is principally interested in justice,” he said outside court. “For the past 22 years, the world and they have been told that Adnan Syed is the mur derer of their daughter and sister Hae Min Lee. Now the court and prosecutors have a different view. The family seeks truth and a just process and result.”

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