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February 13, 2020

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A Mi Sheberach for Rush? pg


The Virus That’s Been Circulating This Winter

72 Monumental Dirshu World Siyum Ignites Klal Yisrael





FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Notch? Peak? Y

ou customize as much as you’d like while our promise will always remain the same, exceptional quality and the five star service you deserve.


The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020







The Werdiger Family Edition of Seder Zeraim


The Zichron Yaakov Edition of Seder Zeraim



Volume dedicated by Adam and Suri Sokol and Family

Volume dedicated by Heshy and Avivia Rubin



Volume 2 (Chapters 6-9)

Volume 2 (Chapters 5-9)


by Esther Stern

‫סדר זרעים‬ :‫כרך ד‬

‫ מעשרות‬/ ‫תרומות‬

‫סוטה‬ ‫מסכת‬ Volume 2 Dedicated by Zalmen Leib and Etty Weiss

Available at your local Hebrew bookseller or at www.artscroll.com • 1-800-MESORAH (637-6724)



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

T h e C e l e b r aT i o n Co n T i n u e s

ed d n e t x Ed deadline

y o u a r e c o r d i a l ly i n v i T e d


T o j o i n u s aT o u r


b u ild i n g

d ed i c aT i o n and TribuTe d i n n er s


edi d g ca in d

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 ‫כ"ג שבט תש"פ‬ T h e s a n d s aT l a n T i c b e a c h


b ui



february 16 6:00 pm

1 3 9 5 b e e c h s T , aT l a n T i c b e a c h , n y 1 1 5 0 9

recepTion 6:45 dinner 7:30

b u i l d i n g

d e d i c a t i o n






d an


‫לזכר ולעילוי נשמת אשה החשובה‬


‫מרת שרה הינדא מרים סיטניק‬ ‫בת ר' ישראל ע"ה‬ d i n n e r

i n

Tr i b u t e

 t o

r abbi avrohom FruchThandler ale x edelman e van Genack nachman Goodman shloime Z alman GuTFreund moish hirTh moish leben

henry shachar

d i n n e r

Music by ourCommittee | elan Forman, naFtali t. halpern, Dinner moshe hammer, Yitzchok Jungreis, eli kutner, dovid nussbaum, YoseF esteemed parents nussbaum, Yehoshua riegel, r’ YoseF richtman, donnY Weinraub

c h a i r m a n

Rabbi & Mrs. dovid Plotkin

kuTner & becker, shalom sTein Alumniyoni Committee | chaim dovY brazil, avromi gutFreund, avraham Jacobs, meir kaplan, chaim c o - c h a i r m kurland, e n duvid mashinskY, muttY rosen, abba stein

Reb Eitan Katz and p a revan e n t genack, s o F t hnosson e Y e a gold, rCouvert Reb Yosef Newcomb exeCutive BoArD | rabbi avrohom Fruchthandler, norman braun, alex edelman, nachman $600 pergoodman, couple shloime zalman gutFreund, moshe hirth, reuven Jacobs, hershY kappel, moshe leben, henrY schachar, mordY sohn


For dinner reser vations or to pl ace an ad please contact: e



718-327-6247 f 718-471-0925

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Dear Readers,


ast year, I realized that, although I grew up on Abie Rotenberg’s songs, my children were not that familiar with his beautiful tunes and lyrics. That had to change, I decided. And so, for a few weeks, on erev Shabbos, while the kids were home and I was cooking, we put on different Abie Rotenberg classics. Each child had their preference and so we ended up only listening to a handful each week, as they wanted to play “their” songs over and over again. You would think that after hearing each song numerous times, it would get old – but it didn’t. I am not, by far, an expert on music. I like music but I don’t have a musical ear. But I know a good song when I hear one. Abie Rotenberg’s songs are so universally beautiful that you can listen to each of his albums over and over again. The tunes that he composes are brilliant; his lyrics are thought-provoking and stirring. Years ago – I must have been in first or second grade – my family was listening to “Ride the Train” from Journeys II. We were in the car, on the way to a family outing, and my father asked me what I thought the words to the song really meant. In my undeveloped mind, I was amazed that there was something more to the song than just a superficial meaning. It opened my mind to the power of a tune and the impact that a melody can have on someone. Last week, another Jewish publication asked numerous people what their favorite Abie Rotenberg song is. “Favorite?” That’s not fair, I thought. There are scores of songs that Abie Rotenberg has written and each one is more powerful, exciting, and entertaining than the next. This week, TJH was able to speak with Abie about his upcoming album and catch a glimpse of his musical genius. Who would have known that he could teach mariachi bands a thing or two?

Another interesting feature in TJH this week is an article written about Rush Limbaugh. I don’t listen to Rush because I need to focus on other things during the day when his show is on the air. Last night, though, someone played a clip for me of his show. During the program, he had played an audio of an ac-

Weekly Weather |

tor accepting an award for a performance. The actor, in his arrogance, used his time at the microphone to chide the audience for drinking milk, saying that we take calves away from their mothers and “then we take her milk that’s intended for her calf and we put it in our coffee and our cereal.” The actor added, “Many of us, what we’re guilty of is an egocentric world view, the belief that we’re the center of the universe.” In response to the actor’s words, Rush defended the human race. “We are the center of the universe,” Rush declared. “Humanity is the center of the universe by design. We are the stewards of the universe. We are the stewards of the natural world. We are the ones bestowed with the intelligence and the compassion to do it.” He added that the cows are there so we can drink milk. “It’s a gift from G-d,” he stated. At a time when people are afraid of speaking up for what’s right, it’s sometimes hard to defend values that we know are fundamentally correct. And with so much political correctness, we sometimes feel embarrassed to defend the supremacy of G-d and the authority that Hashem has bestowed upon us within this world. We are on a higher level than animals; we are on a higher plane than plants. But with so much noise out there and so many voices asserting otherwise, we begin to feel meek about defending our place in the world. But we shouldn’t. I appreciate that Rush Limbaugh stood up for us – as a whole. I appreciate that he shares certain values with us and promotes those same values. The article written about Rush this week is certainly surprising and thought-provoking. Take a few moments to read it and absorb its message. It’s powerful. Wishing you a wonderful week, Shoshana P.S. For those of you who didn’t yet vote in the WZO elections, there’s still time! You can use this QR code to vote or you can go directly to www.eretzhakodesh.org.





Shoshana Soroka EDITOR




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Shabbos Zemanim

February 14 – February 20



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Friday, February 14 Parshas Yisro Candle Lighting: 5:10 pm Shabbos Ends: 6:11 pm Rabbeinu Tam: 6:42 pm

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020

One taste and you’ll know. From babka to kokosh to rugelach and more, Gourmet Glatt’s chocolate-filled cakes and pastries are

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FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home



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Rabbi Wein on the Parsha


Mending Our Vessels by Rav Moshe Weinberger


Parsha in Four by Eytan Kobre


A Fundamental Pit Stop by Shmuel Reichman


A Mi Sheberach for Rush?


PEOPLE A Chat with Abie


Innovations During the Civil War by Avi Heiligman


HEALTH & FITNESS A Coffee A Day by Cindy Weinberger, MS RD CDN


Communication by Dr. Deb Hirschhorn


Winter 2020: Virus by Dr. Hylton I. Lightman


FOOD & LEISURE The Aussie Gourmet: Salmon Wontons 104

Dear Editor, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s temper tantrum when she ripped up her autographed copy of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address was unbecoming for the third most powerful position in Washington. None of the past 53 House Speakers in history have ever resorted to such theatrics.  Any guest of the President or member of Congress in attendance would have been more than happy to accept her copy.  Pelosi could have donated it to a museum or charity.     Just as bad were the several members of her Democratic House Caucus who either boycotted the event or walked out during the President’s speech.  Any of their respective constituents or one of Trump’s 62,979,879 million deplorable voters would have loved a ringside seat to this historic event.  Past Republican Speakers Newt Gingrich or Dennis Hastert serving with President Clinton, John Boehner or Paul Ryan with President Obama along with members of their respective Republican caucuses never would have destroyed a copy of the President’s speech or boycotted the event.  I never believed that Democrats could be so partisan and childish.  They reached a new low. Sincerely, Larry Penner Great Neck

Dear Editor, Did you know that the idea behind Groundhog Day comes from an ancient Christian ritual? Aside from the fact that the groundhog on Groundhog Day isn’t “predicting” anything – it’s just narishkeit. Why would you waste space in your wonderful publication on this event? A Reader Dear Editor, Never would I have thought that I would identify Trump as a man of humility (a designation that even goes against the connotation of his name, “Trump”). But I had to investigate what the classical notion of humility is. The probing pointed to two elements: knowing who you are and knowing where you stand. The day after the impeachment, President Trump made two appearances where I think he demonstrated these qualities. In the morning, he attended the National Prayer Breakfast. The keynote speaker verbalized one theme: you must love your enemies. Suffice to say Pelosi was also in attendance at the dais.  When Trump got up to speak, he eventually addressed the point of loving your enemies and said he disagreed with it in certain situaContinued on page 10

LIFESTYLES Dating Dialogue, Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW 94 Your Money



Food for Thought by Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS 126 HUMOR Centerfold 76



Democrats’ Carnival of Unintended Consequences by George F. Will


If You Liked the Iowa Caucuses, You’ll Love Medicare-For-All by Marc A. Thiessen




Given the opportunity, would you rather meet with George Washington or Abraham Lincoln?



George Washington



Abraham Lincoln

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020





! ‫בס''ד‬




Harav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler ‫שליט”א‬ Rosh HaYeshiva, Beth Medrash Govoha




‫שבת קודש פרשת יתרו‬

FEBRUARY 14-15, 2020

Harav Yeruchim Olshin ‫שליט”א‬ Rosh Yeshiva, Beth Medrash Govoha



Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Bloom

‫ | מנחה וקבלת שבת‬5:15 pm



‫סעודת שבת‬

‫ | מנחה וקבלת שבת‬5:18 pm

‫| שיעור‬

Mr. and Mrs. Yisroel Neuberger Bais Medrash of Harborview Rabbi Yehoshua Kalish ‫שליט״א‬ ‫מרא דאתרא‬ 218 Harborview South

‫סעודת ליל שבת‬

Mr. and Mrs. Yisroel Neuberger

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zuckerman 4:00 pm

Shaaray Tefillah Rabbi Uri Orlian ‫שליט״א‬ ‫מרא דאתרא‬ 25 Central Avenue

‫ | מנחה סעודה שלישית‬4:40 pm

‫ | עונג שבת‬8:45 pm

Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv Rabbi Naftali Jaeger ‫שליט״א‬ ‫ראש ישיבה‬ 1 Cedar Lawn Avenue

‫ | שחרית‬8:40 am

SUNDAY MORNING ‫ | שיעור‬9:00 am

Mr. and Mrs. Ariel Aber 86 Harborview West ‫עם מזמרים‬ Bais Medrash of Lawrence Rabbi Dovid Fordsham ‫שליט״א‬ ‫מרא דאתרא‬ 48 Lawrence Avenue


Agudas Achim Rabbi Elisha Horowitz ‫שליט״א‬ ‫מרא דאתרא‬ 200 Broadway

‫בענין והגית בו יומם ולילה‬

Bais Medrash Heichal Dovid Rabbi Mordechai Stern ‫שליט״א‬ ‫מרא דאתרא‬ 215 Central Avenue


Khal Nesiv Hatorah Rabbi Binyomin Forst ‫שליט״א‬ ‫מרא דאתרא‬ 444 Beach 6th Street

‫סעודת ליל שבת‬

Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Bloom

‫ | עונג שבת‬8:45 pm

Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Bloom 523 Cedarhill Road ‫עם מזמרים‬

‫ | שחרית‬8:30 am

Agudah of West Lawrence Rabbi Moshe Brown ‫שליט״א‬ ‫מרא דאתרא‬ 631 Lanett Avenue

‫סעודת שבת‬

Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Kleinkaufman

‫ | שיעור‬3:55 pm

Congregation Knesses Yisroel Rabbi Eytan Feiner ‫שליט״א‬ ‫מרא דאתרא‬ 728 Empire Avenue

‫ | מנחה סעודה שלישית‬5:00 pm

Agudath Israel of Long Island Rabbi Meir Braunstein ‫שליט״א‬ ‫מרא דאתרא‬ 1121 Sage Street

For further information please contact: Rabbi Mordechai Herskowitz 732.367.1060 ext. 4252 | mherskowitz@bmg.edu  Rabbi Eliyahu Shumulinskiy 732.367.1060 ext. 4365 | eshumulinskiy@bmg.edu



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Continued from page 8

Jo i n Yo u n g Is r a e l of La w r e n c e C e d a r h u r st a n d To u r o C o l l e g e f o r a P r e s i d e n t’s D a y B r e a k f a st


F E AT U R E D S P E A K E R DR. JOHN LOIKE Bioethicist and professor of biology at Touro College



Views expressed on the Letters to the Editor page do not necessarily reflect the views of The Jewish Home. Please send all correspondence to: editor@fivetownsjewishhome.com.

tions, of course, referring to Pelosi. But he didn’t wholly dismiss the idea saying it’s a hard thing to do. In this admission, Trump exhibited with clarity that he knew who he was and he knew where he stood. This was “human” humility, disclosing the feelings of the heart that were genuine to the moment. The second appearance was later in the White House where he came to thank all those who stood by him. One saw the humanity in Trump who admitted that his family was hit hard by the impeachment ordeal and he profusely apologized to his family for that.  He went around the room singling out people, often giving them compliments and encouragement for continued success. This was a man who knew who he was and where he stood. He just endured a punishing time that brought his humanity and heart to the forefront. I would never espouse his belittlement comments to others, though this is just part of his personality, but he deserves credit for self-identification and proving that he is a person of strong conscious who carved out a precise sense of the world. Steven Genack Dear Editor, Your feature on the WZO elections was comprehensive and offered way more information that I was able to get from other publications. I appreciate that you are aware of the importance of these elections and why the Orthodox community must get out and vote. Regardless of whom you’re voting for, every Jew who is a member of an Orthodox shul in town should make sure to vote – a vote for any Orthodox slate is a vote showing the non-Orthodox that they do not represent American Jewry. Fellow Five Towners: vote now. Do not wait. Sincerely, Avram Golding Dear Editor, You managed to give insight into the State of the Union address while providing quality, humorous entertainment. That takes talent! Keep up the great work. Y. Hertz

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

The Week In News

Trafficking Pesticides

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Over the past few years, Brazil has seen an unusual product being brought illegally into the country: pesticides. Many of the chemicals have been smuggled over the Paraguay border. Now, it’s become one of the most lucrative products to smuggle into Brazil. Mixed in labs and garages, hustled like narcotics, co-opted by gangs and mafias, counterfeit and contraband pesticides are flooding developed and developing countries alike, with environmental and social consequences that are “far from trivial,” the U.N. Environment Program reported last year. Each year, pesticides poison 3 million people and kill more than 200,000, the World Health Organization estimates – the great majority of them in the developing world. Their excessive use, researchers say, can poison soil, contaminate water sources, and devastate ecosystems. All these are exacerbated by the illegal, unregulated trade. Roughly 10 percent of the agrochemical trade – a quickly growing market valued at $220 billion – is believed to be illegal, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The estimate has doubled since 2007. In Europe, it’s estimated to stand at 14 percent. In Brazil, it’s 20 percent – $20 billion annually. All across the world, gangs are pumping out illegal and counterfeit pesticides to sell in other areas. In Donbas, Ukraine, investigators in late 2017 discovered professionalized workshops pumping out tens of

thousands of pounds of counterfeit pesticides. In India, counterfeiters fill bottles with “substandard ingredients” and then “dump the…illegal products in the market,” according to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Within Brazil itself, illegal producers have bypassed traditional markets by selling their chemicals online. Officials and analysts say transnational criminals are increasingly targeting countries with large agricultural economies, weak laws, and unmanned borders – like Brazil. There are few products more important to Brazil than pesticides. As the world’s top producer of soy, oranges, and coffee, the country exports about $100 billion in agricultural goods annually. Without pesticides, they would only be able to produce around half as much. Under President Jair Bolsonaro it is expected that legal pesticide use will rise. His administration has greenlighted more pesticides than at any time in the past 14 years. Still, the country is struggling with the smuggling of illegal pesticides, mainly coming in along the Brazil-Paraguay border. Gangs have sprung up that are producing and smuggling the pesticides into the country. Those who are caught are merely being slapped with short prison sentences. The result? A lot of pesticides and not much regulation.

Sinn Féin Sweeps Ireland

Saturday’s elections in Ireland had unexpected results as the leftwing nationalist party Sinn Féin surged to a historic victory, upending the country’s two-party system as the wave of anti-establishment populism that has shaken up democracies around the world appeared to reach the Emerald Isle. Sinn Féin, long associated with the nationalist terrorist group the

? The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020

Second Generation to the Holocaust

CO M M E M O R AT I N G 7 5 Y E A R S F R O M L I B E R AT I O N




Second generation -children of survivors (2G’s)

Third generation-grandchildren of survivors (3G’s)

Anyone interested in learning more about the Holocaust. Please Join Us

4TH ANNUALHOLOCAUST EDUCATORS’ CONFERENCE Museum of Jewish Heritage: A Living Memorial to the Holocaust 36 Battery Place, NYC February 16-17, 2020 www.projectwitness.org conference@projectwitness.org 718-305-5221



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Irish Republican Army or IRA, won the largest share of the popular vote in the election, coming ahead of Ireland’s two major centrist parties that have traditionally divided power between them for a century. With over 96% of ballots counted on Monday, Sinn Féin had 24.53% of the first preference votes, Fianna Fáil had 22.18%, and Fine Gael had 20.86%. Irish newspapers described the results as “historic,” with the national paper The Irish Times calling it an “earthquake that reshapes Ireland’s political landscape.” “There is no longer a two-party system,” Sinn Féin’s leader Mary Lou McDonald told a jubilant crowd of supporters on Sunday. Sinn Féin, however, may still be excluded from forming the next government, which must now be a coalition with no party winning enough seats to be a majority in the parliament’s 160-seat lower chamber, called the Dáil Éireann. Sinn Féin, believing before the election it would suffer losses, only fielded half the 80 candidates it would need to form a government itself. Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil ran more candidates, and Fianna Fáil

currently looks to have the largest number of seats. That means the two parties could theoretically keep Sinn Féin out of power. Whatever the negotiations’ outcome, the results are a seismic change for Irish politics. For decades, Sinn Féin had been shunned by Irish voters over its ties to the IRA, which killed thousands in sectarian attacks in Northern Ireland between the late 1960s and 1990s. In this campaign, however, it largely put aside its nationalist agenda, including its push for a unified Ireland, instead focusing on social and economic problems. The election results in Ireland will likely also have implications for the United Kingdom as it presses on with Brexit. Northern Ireland has been a major sticking point in the U.K.’s efforts to leave the European Union amid fears it could reignite the conflict there. Under current plans, Northern Ireland will remain effectively part of the EU’s customs union, separate from the rest of the U.K. That alarms pro-British, largely Protestant unionists, who worry it could open a path to unification with Ireland.

The 1998 Good Friday Agreement that ended the conflict in Northern Ireland stipulates unification can only happen when a poll shows a majority on both sides of the border want it. Sinn Féin has previously pledged to seek a poll in the next five years and is now in a stronger position to demand it.

164 Days Leave

Looking to really bond with your new baby? Move to Finland. The country’s new parental leave laws give 164 “daily allowance days” to each parent – around seven months – after their baby is born. Parents would be allowed to transfer up to 69 of their own days to the other parent, if they

so desired. For single parents, the country is giving all 328 days to the parent. The new policy, set to go into effect in fall 2021 at the earliest, is a significant step from the current rules. Finland currently allows about four months for maternity leave and about two months for fathers. “The model guarantees the child a place at the center of family benefits and promotes wellbeing and gender equality,” said Aino-Kaisa Pekonen, minister of social affairs and health, in a statement. The news of Finland’s new policy comes just a few months after the election of its new prime minister, Sanna Marin. At 34 years old, Marin was at the time the world’s youngest sitting prime minister. Marin heads Finland’s governing coalition of five parties – all of which have female leaders and almost all are under the age of 35.  Despite the uber-generous new law in Finland, it doesn’t rival Sweden’s, which gives a total of 480 days to a couple, or 240 days each. A UNICEF report released last year analyzed “family-friendly” policies, including parental leave, among 31 rich countries, including

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

The decision, sparked by the revocation of a U.S. visa held by the former police chief who led Duterte’s bloody war on drugs, could complicate U.S. military interests in the Asia-Pacific as China’s ambitions rise. It would also limit Philippine access to U.S. training and expertise in tackling Islamist extremism, natural disasters, and maritime security threats.







the United States. Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, and Portugal were deemed the best. The U.S., though, was the only country in the analysis that had no national paid leave for mothers or fathers at the time. In December 2019, the U.S. passed a measure providing federal workers with 12 weeks of paid parental leave. However, the country is still the only industrialized nation with no nationwide laws regarding paid parental leave. 

Philippines Terminates Security Pact A two-decade-old alliance between the Philippines and the U.S. is now in jeopardy. On Tuesday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte terminated the Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States (VFA), delivering on threats to downgrade


P E Y D 3 6 0.CO M

an alliance crucial to U.S. interests. According to spokesman Salvador Panelo, Duterte decided to pull the plug on the two-decade troop rotation pact to enable the Philippines to be more independent with its relations with other countries. “The president will not entertain any initiative coming from the U.S. government to salvage the VFA, neither will he accept any official invitation to visit the United States,” Panelo said in a statement.

The U.S. embassy in Manila called it “a serious step with significant implications.” The defense pact sets out rules for U.S. soldiers to operate in the Philippines and is one of three agreements governing what Washington has called an “ironclad” relationship. Duterte has charged that the United States uses the pacts to conduct clandestine activities like spying and nuclear weapons stockpiling, which he says risk making the Philippines a target for Chinese aggression. Some senators sought to block Duterte’s move soon after news of it broke, arguing that without Senate approval he had no right to unilaterally scrap international pacts it had ratified. Some lawmakers are concerned that without the VFA, two other pacts would be irrelevant, namely the 2014 Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement made under the Obama administration and a 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty. Those cover dozens of annual training exercises and broaden access of U.S. air, navy, and army forces and equipment to the Philippines, as well as bind the two countries to defend each other from external aggression. Supporters of the agreements argue they have deterred Chinese militarization in the South China Sea and that $1.3 billion of U.S. defense assistance since 1998 has been vital in boosting the capabilities of under-resourced Philippine forces.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020

Move to a 5-Star Luxury Residence In Jerusalem COMING SOON TO THE FIVE TOWNS!

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FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Aboriginal Australian Ruling

Aboriginal Australians are exempt from immigration law, the country’s top court ruled on Tuesday in a historic decision that found indigenous people born overseas cannot be deported. Australia had been trying to deport two men – Papua New Guinea citizen Daniel Love and New Zealand citizen Brendan Thoms – under laws that allow a convicted criminal’s visa to be cancelled on character grounds. Both men identify as Aboriginal Australians, each has one indigenous parent, and they have lived in the country since they were small children. Love, who served time for assault, and Thoms, who had been jailed for

domestic violence, have been battling in the courts to stay in Australia, arguing that they may be “non-citizens” but they are also not “aliens.” The High Court ruled in a decision that split the judges 4-3 that Aboriginal Australians “are not within the reach” of constitutional provisions relating to foreign citizens. Indigenous people have inhabited the vast continent for many decades, while the modern nation’s constitution only came into force in 1901. Thoms – who was already recognized as a traditional landowner – was accepted by the court as Aboriginal. But the judges could not agree on whether Love was Aboriginal under a three-part test that considers biological descent, self-identification, and community recognition. “The High Court has found Aboriginal Australians are protected from deportation,” lawyer Claire Gibbs said. “They can no longer be removed from the country that they know and the country that they have a very close connection with.” The case marked the first time an Australian court has considered whether the government has the power to deport indigenous people.

Terror in Thailand

Saturday turned deadly in Thailand when a soldier gunned down 29 people and wounded 57 others in Thailand’s worst mass shooting. Sgt. Jakrapanth Thomma was angered by a financial dispute. He first murdered two people on a military base and then drove to a airplane-themed mall at Terminal 12 Korat, where he killed many others. It took 16 hours for police to get the situation under the control. The gunman was killed by authorities. “This incident was unprecedented in Thailand,” Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said. “I hope this is the only one and the last incident,

and that it never happens again. No one wants this to happen. It could be because of this person’s mental health in this particular moment,” he said. Hundreds of people had been evacuated from the mall in small batches by police while they searched for the gunman. “We were scared and ran to hide in toilets,” said Sumana Jeerawattanasuk, one of those rescued by police. She said seven or eight people hid in the same room as her. “I am so glad. I was so scared of getting hurt,” she said. The man had posted updates to his Facebook page during the rampage. “No one can escape death,” read one post. Another asked, “Should I give up?” In a later post, he wrote, “I have stopped already.” Gun violence is not unheard of in Thailand. Firearms can be obtained legally, and many Thais own guns. Mass shootings are rare, though there are occasional gun battles in the far south of the country, where authorities have for years battled a long-running separatist insurgency. The incident in Korat comes just a month after another high-profile mall shooting, in the central Thai city








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FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

of Lopburi. In that case, a masked gunman carrying a handgun with a silencer killed three people, including a 2-year-old boy, and wounded four others as he robbed a jewelry store. The suspect, a school director, was arrested less than two weeks later and reportedly confessed, saying he did not mean to shoot anyone.

Hero Taxi

For the past year, four limousines have been providing free transportation to dozens of senior citizens who live in Warsaw and had risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. Silent Hero Taxi Service employs four vehicles that are emblazoned with the Star of David. Krystyna Kowalska, an 88-year-

old widow who as a teenager helped her parents harbor and save a Jewish family of four, calls the cabs a “miracle.” Before the taxis entered her life, she would take several buses to get from her small apartment in the residential area of Stary Mokotów to the cemetery where her son, mother, father, and brother are buried. “It would take half the day to get there,” said Kowalska, who was recognized in 1994 by Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust museum as a Righteous Among the Nations. As her health deteriorated, she stopped visiting the cemetery – until the special taxi service became available. Another Silent Hero regular is 100-year-old Jozef Walaszczyk, the oldest of the approximately 200 Righteous Among the Nations still alive in Poland, where 6,992 rescuers have received the title. He is a former industrialist and underground fighter whose connection with a Jewish woman wanted by the Gestapo led him to rescue her and 52 other Jews during the Nazi occupation of Poland. Now, Walaszczyk uses the taxi service to go out to restaurants and do errands. He said the drivers are

enjoyable to talk to. “It’s like hanging out with a college buddy,” Walaszczyk said of his rides with the 24-year-old driver, Oliver Wangart. Wangart quips that “it’s like having a few extra sets of grandparents.” The arrival here of the taxis, which Jewish cab owners in London donated for this purpose, made a splash in the local media a year ago. It was organized by From the Depths, a Holocaust commemoration group that Jonny Daniels, an Israeli-British 34-year-old activist, established in Poland in 2015. The Silent Hero project is part of growing interest on the Righteous in Poland, which has the world’s highest number of recipients of that title – a quarter of the 27,362 Righteous recognized worldwide. In 2018, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that  Warsaw alone had 90,000-150,000 people who risked their lives to save Jews. His remark was in defense of a controversial law passed that year which outlawed accusing the Polish nation of complicity in Nazi crimes, even though historians agree that many thousands of Poles killed Jews during or shortly after the Holocaust.

Coronavirus on a Cruise

There are at least 174 people on board the Diamond Princess cruise who have tested positive for the coronavirus. The cruise ship has been quarantined at sea in the Japanese port of Yokohama since arriving there on February 3. All those infected with the virus have been brought ashore for treatment, while the other passengers remain confined to their rooms on board until the quarantine period ends. They are given three meals a day, internet, and access to counseling services. They are also allowed to come up to the deck while wearing masks and gloves at scheduled times. Princess Cruises, which operates the ship, announced on Sunday that it is offering a full refund to all 2,666

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Tragic Airline Skid Last Wednesday, a Turkish airliner skidded off a runway in Istanbul, crashed into a ditch, and broke apart

while landing in bad weather. Three people were killed in the accident; dozens were injured. The aircraft, operated by low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines, was arriving at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport from the western Turkish city of Izmir with 183 passengers and crew on board when it had what the Transportation Ministry described as a “rough landing.”




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guests on board. More than 400 passengers are from the United States, and at least 23 of them have been infected with the disease, according to a Princess Cruises spokesperson. The new coronavirus causes symptoms similar to pneumonia ranging from mild, such as a slight cough, to more severe, including fever and difficulty breathing, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There is no vaccine yet for the virus, nor any known effective therapeutics. The death toll from the virus around the world continues to rise. By Monday, China’s National Health Commission said it had received 40,171 reports of confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland and reports of 908 deaths. An additional 64 infections have been confirmed in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and one death has been recorded in Hong Kong. At least 307 additional people in 24 other countries have contracted the coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization. Only one patient has died outside of China – a 44-year-old man in the Philippines – bringing bringing the global death toll to 910, which exceeds the number of people killed in the 2002-2003 SARS outbreak. The WHO has declared the outbreak a global health emergency. The epicenter of the virus is in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the first cases of the new coronavirus were detected back in December. A 60-year-old American man who tested positive for the disease died at a Wuhan hospital last week, a U.S. Embassy spokesperson said. He’s the first U.S. citizen to die after being diagnosed with newly discovered virus. A number of Americans have been evacuated from China in recent weeks, and the U.S. Department of State has identified dozens more who have requested help in evacuating from the Chinese province of Hubei, which includes Wuhan, In the United States, 12 confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported in Arizona, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Istanbul Gov. Ali Yerlikaya said the plane failed to “hold onto the runway” and skidded some 50-60 meters before it dropped into the ditch from a height of about 30 meters. “We are deeply saddened ... (But) we are very happy that we escaped a greater accident,” Yerlikaya said, adding that the plane could have burst into flames. Survivor Dogus Bilgic, 24, told Turkish television channel NTV that he fled the smashed plane by way of a gap near his seat and was one of the first passengers to get out. “We traveled (on the runway) for some 20 or 30 seconds, then all of a sudden we flew off the runway,” he said while seated in a wheelchair because of a leg injury. “It happened in seconds.” He added, “There was complete chaos.” Pegasus is a privately-owned, low-cost carrier based in Istanbul that flies 97 routes, mostly within Turkey and to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. It is majority owned by Turkish billionaire Sevket Sabanci and his family, who have big investments in the country in areas as varied as real estate, clothing, health clubs, and packaging materials. The accident comes a month after a Pegasus plane with 164 people on board skidded off the runway at the same airport in Istanbul. There were no deaths or injuries in the incident that occurred on January 7. In January 2018, another Boeing 737 in the Pegasus fleet slid off a runway at northeastern Turkey’s Trabzon Airport and down a dirt embankment. The plane came to rest in the dirt above the Black Sea with its nose pointed toward the water. None of the 168 passengers and crew members were injured.

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MK Katz Granted Immunity




‫הסתדרות הרבנים דאמריקה‬

Go to www.zionistelection.org and click Register & Vote Now Expand security funding and provisions to protect Jewish life at U.S. synagogues, yeshiva day schools and Jewish community centers. Combat BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) and anti-semitism with programs that empower our students on college campuses across the U.S. Support continued growth of communities in Eretz Yisrael including the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley. Fight for funding to perpetuate Torah values that enables more of our children to study in gap year yeshiva/seminary programs and expand the global network of shlichim.

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It’s “unfortunate,” said Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit after the Knesset granted Likud MK Haim Katz immunity last week. The Knesset House Committee voted to grant Katz parliamentary immunity from a criminal probe into charges of fraud and breach of trust. The former welfare minister is facing the charges for allegedly advancing a bill on corporate bond repayment pushed by a financial consultant who was also his close friend and financial advisor and which benefited Katz financially once it became law. Katz is also accused of concealing those conflicts of interest. The House Committee voted three separate times on three separate requests filed by Katz for immunity, each on different grounds. One of the requests, in which Katz alleged that prosecutors were acting in “bad faith,” was soundly rejected by his colleagues in a 16-4 vote. But the committee accepted the final request – which argued he had already faced censure by the Knesset Ethics Committee and that no public good was served by his prosecution – and voted to grant immunity by a vote of 16 to 10. The final vote was broadly along partisan lines – representatives of Likud, Yisrael Beytenu, Shas, United Torah Judaism and Yamina either sided with Katz or abstained; those of Blue and White, Labor-Gesher, Democratic Camp and the Arab Joint List either voted against immunity or abstained. “They made a decision, an unfortunate event but okay,” Mandelblit

lamented. The immunity request now goes to the Knesset plenary for a final vote by all 120 Knesset members. During the discussions, Katz told fellow MKs that “my life has been ruined” by what he said were unfounded allegations against him. “I’m only flesh and blood,” he said in defense, “and I am not a liar.” Immediately after the vote, Katz, who had to be removed repeatedly from the meeting for interrupting Mandelblit as he lay out the case for indictment, expressed relief and apologized to his colleagues. “I apologize that you’ve had to spend so many hours here because of me,” he told the committee. “My apologies. I’ve learned my lesson. Thank you very much.” After Mandelblit’s August decision to indict Katz, the then-welfare minister resigned from the government following a practice established in the 1990s with the court-upheld resignations of indicted cabinet members Aryeh Deri and Raphael Pinhasi.

12 Soldiers Hurt in Car-Ramming

At least 12 soldiers were wounded, including one seriously, in a car-ramming terror attack in Jerusalem early Thursday morning. The attack occurred shortly before 2 a.m. on Jerusalem’s David Remez Street near the First Station, a popular entertainment hub. Police said the driver of the vehicle fled the scene and “a large force of officers were carrying out searches.” IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said the troops were members of the Golani Brigade who were at the First Station during a “heritage tour” ahead of an early morning swearing-in ceremony at the Western Wall. Even though some of them were injured, the soldiers – some of them on crutches – went ahead with

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

their swearing-in ceremony after the attack. Magen David Adom medics said one of the wounded “was in a serious condition, unconscious and suffering major trauma.” A second soldier was moderately injured with wounds to his limbs. The rest were lightly hurt and were taken to hospitals in the capital. “When we arrived at the scene, we saw chaos; three youths were lying on the sidewalk, and nearby nine others were gathered who had been hurt,” said medic Oz Pollak. One of the soldiers who was injured was Ori Hamond, a lone soldier from San Diego who joined the IDF in November. The Hamas terror group on Wednesday had called on Palestinians to step up confrontations with Israel after Israeli security forces shot dead a Palestinian teenager, Mohammed al-Haddad, after he threw a Molotov cocktail at troops during clashes in the West Bank city of Hebron. “We call for escalating confrontations with the occupation and its settlers and fighting their assaults against the land and holy sites, especially the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Hamas said in a statement posted

on its official website, referring to the name Palestinians use to refer to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, has frequently encouraged Palestinians in the West Bank to clash with Israeli security forces and settlers. The perpetrator of the attack was arrested at the Gush Etzion Junction in the central West Bank. Sanad al-Turman is a 25-year-old resident of East Jerusalem who had a flower shop in a Jerusalem shopping mall. In recent days Tourman had made several Facebook posts possible signaling his intentions, writing in one update: “I’ve found my answers,” and in another: “Whoever seeks peace with the enemy is living under an illusion. Never surrender.”

Secret Israel-UAE Meeting In December, the White House hosted a secret meeting with officials from Israel, the U.S., and the United Arab Emirates to discuss countering

Iranian influence in the Middle East. The officials discussed better coordinating their positions against Iran and the possibility of advancing a non-aggression pact between Israel and the UAE, which could mark a possible step toward normalizing relations between the countries.

Attending the December 17 meeting were Israeli National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat, US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, and the Emirati ambassador to the US Yousef al-Otaiba, who is considered close to the UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahayan. The US special envoy for Iran, Brian Hook, and Deputy National Security Adviser Victoria Coates also attended. The first report about the meeting was unveiled last Tuesday by Israel’s Channel 13 and Axios. The reports said that the meeting spurred a tweet several days later by the Emirati foreign minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan apparently in support of warming Israel-UAE ties. Al Nahyan, the UAE’s top diplomat, tweeted a link to an article titled “Islam’s reformation: an Arab-Israeli alliance is taking shape in the Middle East.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded, writing, “I welcome the closer relations between Israel and many Arab states. The time has come for normalization and peace.” Jerusalem is said to have developed clandestine ties with numerous Arab countries in recent years over the countries’ shared antipathy toward Iran and the need to counter jihadism. Israeli officials have also openly visited several such countries recently. In October 2018, Netanyahu was welcomed to Oman by the country’s then-ruler Sultan Qaboos bin Said. That same month, Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev traveled to Abu Dhabi for the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam judo tournament, where Israel’s national anthem was played for the first time in the Arabian peninsula following Israeli judoka Sagi Muki’s first place win.

Israel has also been invited to participate at the Expo 2020 in the UAE city of Dubai. In June, Bahrain’s foreign minister told the Times of Israel his country wished for peace with the Jewish state. In October, Foreign Minister Israel Katz said he was advancing non-aggression treaties with several Arab nations in the Gulf, a “historic” démarche he said that could end the conflict between Jerusalem and those states. Arab leaders, however, have indicated that true normalization cannot take place as long as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not resolved. The UAE ambassador to Washington, along with envoys from Bahrain and Oman, attended the January 28 unveiling of the Trump administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal in a tacit sign of support for the U.S. initiative. The UAE issued the most complimentary statement on the plan of any Arab state, calling it “a serious initiative” and stating that it “offers an important starting point for a return to negotiations within a U.S.-led international framework.” Despite the warm words, the UAE also signed on to an Arab League rejection of the plan.

Likud Leak?

A petition filed on Thursday against Likud accuses the party of using its access to the official Central Elections Committee voter registry to create a database of all voting-age Israelis and then making that information available to its grassroots activists through the publicly available app Elector. The app is intended to enable political parties to conduct real-time data-crunching on election day, showing vital ground-game information on individual voters, polling stations (including rates of support for a party by station), and regions. But a flaw in the app’s web interface gave “admin access” to the entire database, allowing anybody to access and copy the Israeli


The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020





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voter registry, along with additional information gathered by Likud about hundreds of thousands of voters. The exposed database includes the full name, gender, home address, and, in many cases, cellphone number and responses to political polling for 6.5 million Israeli adults. The latest leak is Likud’s second major voter privacy debacle in five months but is far wider than the previous incident. The business journal The Marker reported on September 9 that it had managed to access Likud’s voter database ahead of the September 17 race, including information the party had recorded on each Israeli’s relationship to the ruling party. Over 600,000 people were listed as “not supportive.” The fresh leak came in two parallel tracks, one accidental and one intentional. According to Ran Bar-Zik, a programmer at the Ramat Gan office of Verizon Media who reported on the leak to Israel’s cyber headquarters, “every intelligence agency, foreign government or even commercial company can now obtain this information on every individual in Israel. “I’ve seen many leaks in my time,” he told the Calcalist business journal over the weekend. “But I’ve never seen a leak as absurdly incompetent and as damaging as this one.” While the Elector website was fixed after the leak was discovered, the exposure of information through the mobile app to unvetted Likud grassroots activists continued unabated over the weekend, with campaign events and Facebook pages urging users to download and use the app to find information on potential voters in their area and social circles. Likud first employed Elector in Netanyahu’s December 26 primary race against rival Gideon Sa’ar. It has since been used by Labor party MKs and by the Yisrael Beytenu party as well. On Sunday, Central Elections Committee head Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel ordered all concerned parties, including Likud, Shas, the company that made Elector, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and the Justice Ministry’s Privacy Protection Authority, to respond to the petition by Wednesday. Experts said there is no way to know who obtained the information contained in the database, either in September or before Thursday, when Elector fixed the exposed website and limited access through the mobile app.

Abbas Rejects Plan at UN

In an unsurprising move, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the U.S. administration’s peace plan at the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday, although he said he would be willing to open negotiations with Israel under the patronage of the Quartet and on the basis of international resolutions. “I came to all of you today to affirm the Palestinian position which rejects the American-Israeli deal,” Abbas said at the beginning of his remarks to the Security Council. “It legalized what is illegal: settlement building and confiscation and annexation of Palestinian lands. I affirm, here, that it is necessary that this deal or any part of it not be considered an international reference for negotiations.” Abbas added that the plan “transforms our homeland into fragmented residential encampments” and described the territories it envisions for a future state of Palestine as “Swiss cheese.” “This deal carries within it dictates, reinforcement of the occupation, annexation by military force and anchoring of an apartheid system,” he charged. The U.S. plan unveiled last month envisions the creation of a Palestinian state in about 70 percent of the West Bank, a small handful of neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, most of Gaza and some areas of southern Israel on the condition that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state, disarm Hamas and other terror groups in the coastal enclave, and fulfill other requirements. The plan also allows Israel to annex settlements, grants the Jewish state sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and overriding security control west of the Jordan River, and bars Palestinian refugees from settling in Israel. Abbas also said Tuesday he was prepared to launch negotiations with

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Israel under the patronage of the Quartet, made-up of the U.S., Russia, the UN, and the European Union. He said that President Trump may have been “misled” when it came to crafting the deal. “I do not know who gave him these abominable recommendations,” he said. “President Trump is not that way. I know he is not like that. I do not know where these behaviors came from.” Responding to Abbas’s remarks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the Trump plan as “the best plan for the Middle East, the State of Israel, and the Palestinians.” “The plan recognizes the reality and rights of the people of Israel, which you consistently refuse to recognize,” Netanyahu said at a Likud campaign stop in the city of Bat Yam, addressing Abbas. The PA president also specifically addressed Israelis: “On this occasion, I turn to the Israeli people to say to [you] that the continuation of settlement building and military rule over another people will not bring you security and peace. We only have one choice: To be partners and neighbors — each in its independent, sovereign state.” He also stated that Palestinians do not oppose Judaism or Jews. “Our conflict is not with the followers of the Jewish religion. We are not against Jews,” he said. “The Muslim that says, ‘I am against the Jew,’ he has reneged on his faith. If you say, ‘I am against the Jew or the Torah,’ you are an infidel and not a Muslim.”

Caucus Count – Finally

Pete Buttigieg finally found out that he officially won the Iowa caucuses on Sunday when the Iowa Democratic Party awarded the mayor

of South Bend, Indiana, 14 delegates. Senator Bernie Sanders followed close behind with 12 delegates. Senator Elizabeth Warren was given 8 delegates; Joe Biden garnered 6; Amy Klobuchar took only 1. Iowa Democratic caucus results are not actual votes cast. The percentages received by candidates, based on returns of the estimated number of state convention delegates won by each candidate through the caucus process, are known as state delegate equivalents, or SDEs. Iowa sends 41 pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The allocation of those delegates is based proportionally on the SDE results. Results from last week’s caucuses were delayed by what organizers said was a problem with a smartphone app. The Iowa Democratic Party said problems with reporting the caucus results were due partly to “coding issues” with the app, which was being used for the first time. The results are rife with potential errors and inconsistencies that could affect the outcome of the election.

Bernie Wins New Hampshire

On Tuesday, Senator Bernie Sanders narrowly declared victory in the New Hampshire primary. Sanders garnered around 26 percent of the votes. Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg came in a close second. Senator Amy Klobuchar surged to finish third. Senator Elizabeth Warren came in a distant fourth. Former Vice President Joe Biden lagged behind in fifth place. The results raised immediate questions about how much longer Biden and Warren, onetime front-runners, could afford to continue their campaigns. Both had already cut back their advertising because of financial strain. “This victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump,” Sanders told jubilant supporters in

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020


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Manchester, N.H., claiming “a great victory” even before the final results were in. Looking toward Nevada and South Carolina, the next two states to vote, he vowed he would “win those states, as well.” The rise of Sanders, a democratic socialist from Vermont who remains a political independent, has distressed many centrists and traditional liberals at a time when Democratic voters should be united to defeat President Trump. Trump’s impeachment acquittal,

the chaotic vote-counting in Iowa, and the fractured Democratic field have many in the party worried that they are endangering their opportunity to win back the White House. As he did in Iowa, Buttigieg, 38, gave a triumphant speech on Tuesday that cast himself as a victor, though Sanders was still ahead by about 4,000 votes when Buttigieg took the stage. He used the moment to claim vindication from the most persistent attack leveled against him over the

past week, chiefly by Biden and Klobuchar: that he lacked the résumé to be president. New Hampshire voters, Buttigieg said, had concluded that “a middle-class mayor and a veteran from the industrial Midwest was the right choice to take on this president, not in spite of that experience, but because of it.” On Tuesday, because of the dismal numbers, both Senator Michael Bennet and Andrew Yang had dropped out of the Democratic race.

On Saturday, February 8, two U.S. soldiers were killed in a firefight in eastern Afghanistan along with one Afghan National Army member. Six others were wounded in the battle, which took place in Sherzad district, Nangarhar province. On Sunday, the Pentagon identified the two Americans killed as Sgt. 1st Class Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28, of San Antonio, Texas, and Sgt. 1st Class Antonio Rey Rodriguez, 28, of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Both soldiers, who were assigned to 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), were posthumously promoted after the attack. Guttierez was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and enlisted in the Army in 2009 as an infantryman. He was stationed at Fort Bragg, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment. In 2012, he attended the Special Forces Assessment and Selection there and was selected to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course. He graduated in 2015 as a special forces communications sergeant and was assigned to Eglin Air Force Base. Four other U.S. service members have been killed in Afghanistan this year: two in a roadside explosion and two others when their U.S. Air Force E-11B aircraft crashed because of an apparent mechanical issue. Last year saw increased levels of violence against American troops in Afghanistan that made it the deadliest for U.S. forces in that country in five years. There are about 13,000 American troops in Afghanistan, most of whom are involved in the training and advisory mission to help Afghan security forces in their fight against the Taliban and the Islamic State affiliate. The remainder are engaged in a counter-terrorism mission against those two groups. U.S. officials have said that the

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administration is considering a unilateral reduction in American forces down to 8,600. No presidential decision has been made so far.

NYPD Targeted?

A NYPD officer and a lieutenant were shot within 12 hours over the weekend in the Bronx by the same gunman. Now, members of the police union are concerned that police officers in the Big Apple are being targeted. “Here we have New York City police officers, twice in 12 hours, targeted,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said on Sunday. “By the grace of G-d that we’re not planning a funeral.” Officer Paul Stroffolini and Lt.

Jose Gautreaux, a 15-year veteran, both required medical attention but are expected to fully recover. Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch called the shootings proof that hatred against police is growing. “This city is sliding and it’s sliding rapidly,” Lynch said. “If our police officers get shot this number of times in 12 hours, what’s going to happen on our subway system, what’s going to happen at our bus stops? What we’re talking about here, quite frankly, is a cop killer.” Shea also spoke about recent protests that featured anti-police messages. “It brings me immediately back to 2014, where we had the same thing right before Ramos and Liu,” he said. The deaths of NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos, Wenjian Liu, and Brian Moore  prompted the department to install bulletproof panels on police vehicles’ windows and doors in 2017.  In a news conference, Mayor Bill de Blasio stressed the importance of a strong relationship between police and the communities they serve. “We have to understand this as a city, as a nation, our entire society has to understand: an attack on a po-

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lice officer is an attack on all of us, it’s an attack on a democratic society, a decent society,” the Democratic mayor said. “It’s intolerable, and we will not accept it.” The gunman, 45-year-old Robert Williams, faces charges of attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon, and resisting arrest.

charged five Chinese military hackers with breaking into the networks of major American corporations to siphon trade secrets.

Sprint & T-Mobile OKed to Merge

Chinese Charged with Equifax Breach

Four members of the Chinese military have been charged with breaking into the networks of the Equifax credit reporting agency and stealing the personal information of tens of millions of Americans, the Justice Department said on Monday, blaming Beijing for one of the largest hacks in history. The 2017 breach affected roughly 145 million people, with the hackers successfully stealing names, Social Security numbers, and other personal information stored in the company’s databases. The four accused are members of the People’s Liberation Army, an arm of the Chinese military. They are also accused of stealing the company’s trade secrets. The case comes as the Trump administration has warned against what it sees as the growing political and economic influence of China and efforts by Beijing to collect data on Americans and steal scientific research and innovation. “This was a deliberate and sweeping intrusion into the private information of the American people,” Attorney General William Barr said in a statement. “Today, we hold PLA hackers accountable for their criminal actions, and we remind the Chinese government that we have the capability to remove the Internet’s cloak of anonymity and find the hackers that nation repeatedly deploys against us,” he added. The case is one of several the Justice Department has brought over the years against members of the PLA. The Obama administration in 2014

A U.S. District judge ruled in favor of Sprint merging with T-Mobile this week. Despite the ruling, the $26 billion deal still can’t close until the California Public Utilities Commission approves the transaction. Still, shares of Sprint soared on Tuesday after the approval. Its stock was up 70% in premarket trading when rumors of the judge’s approval began circulating. Attorneys general from New York, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and D.C. originally brought the lawsuit against the two companies to block the deal following approval from the Justice Department of Federal Communications Commission. The states had argued that combining the No. 3 and No. 4 U.S. cellphone carriers would limit competition and result in higher prices for consumers. The companies had argued their merger would help them compete against top players AT&T and Verizon and advance efforts to build a nationwide 5G network. T-Mobile and Sprint agreed to certain concessions to the government before the agencies cleared the deal. The companies told the FCC they would deploy a 5G network covering 97% of the U.S. population within three years of closing the deal. Sprint also agreed to sell Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and other prepaid phone businesses, as well as some of its wireless spectrum to Dish Network for $5 billion before gaining approval from the Justice Department. In his decision, Judge Victor Marrero wrote, “The resulting stalemate leaves the Court lacking sufficiently impartial and objective ground on which to rely in basing a sound forecast of the likely competitive effects

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of a merger.” The judge laid out three points on which the court rejected the states’ objections to the merger. First, he said, they failed to convince the court that the merged party “would pursue anticompetitive behavior that, soon after the merger, directly or indirectly, will yield higher prices or lower quality for wireless telecommunications services.” Second, the court rejected that Sprint would be able to continue operating effectively as a wireless services competitor without the merger. And finally, the court rejected the states’ argument that Dish “would not enter the wireless services market as a viable competitor nor live up to its commitments to build a national wireless network.” If approved by the California commission, the deal would create a new wireless competitor in Dish, which has tried for years to become a provider, spending billions on airwaves it has stored away.

Justice Reform? More than 20 prosecutors resigned en masse from the Brooklyn




District Attorney’s office in the past few weeks, as paperwork required by a new state law drowned them in late-night work, according to the Daily News. The new law has boosted workloads by requiring prosecutors to hand over most evidence in criminal cases to defense lawyers within 15 days of suspects’ arraignments. The new requirements burdened the already hard-working prosecutors, who were working late into the night to complete the requirements.

There are 550 assistant DAs in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office. A spokesperson for Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez said the two dozen lawyers who have left the office since January 1 departed for better paying jobs — including some higher-salaried positions elsewhere in city gov-


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ernment. “Implementing the new laws in the county with the largest caseload in the state requires our assistants to put in very long hours for the same pay,” the spokesman said. Other assistant district attorneys around the city are also putting in late hours. Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. is offering $60 stipends to ADAs who stay at the office past 9 p.m. to comply with discovery laws. “We are here until 10 or 11 p.m. every night just trying to gather discovery,” said a Brooklyn ADA. “There’s definitely much more work. But it’s not legal work – it’s more like paper pushing,” the ADA said.

Terrorist Eliminated

The White House announced on Thursday evening that Qassim alRimi, the leader of terror group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, was killed in an airstrike in Yemen. He had led the terror group’s franchise based in Yemen that has repeatedly expressed interest in conducting attacks targeting the United States. The U.S. government had offered a $10 million reward for information on Rimi. The news comes following several other successful U.S. military efforts to remove high profile Middle Eastern leaders. President Donald Trump ordered a U.S. airstrike in January that killed top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. In October, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died in a nighttime raid conducted by U.S. forces on his compound in northern Syria. While not on the same level as Baghdadi and Soleimani, the death of the leader of AQAP is still a significant moment. Rimi had been a U.S. target since early in Trump’s tenure. Rimi was a target of a January 2017 raid on an al-Qaeda compound in Yemen that led to the first U.S. military combat death under the president. Rimi taunted Trump and condemned the operation in an 11-min-

ute recording days after the unsuccessful raid, saying that “the new fool of the White House received a painful slap across his face.” Rimi’s “death further degrades AQAP and the global al-Qaeda movement, and it brings us closer to eliminating the threats these groups pose to our national security,” the White House said in a statement last week. “The United States, our interests, and our allies are safer as a result of his death. We will continue to protect the American people by tracking down and eliminating terrorists who seek to do us harm.” Rimi, formerly AQAP’s military chief, reportedly became the group’s leader following a 2015 drone strike that killed Nasir al-Wuhayshi. Rimi had issued a video soon after the drove attack urging supporters to attack the United States, urging that “all of you must direct and gather your arrows and swords against it.” Many observers have considered AQAP among the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous, branch of al-Qaeda since its formation in 2009. The group claimed responsibility for the 2015 attack on the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris that killed 12 people, though experts could not confirm the group was behind the attack. The U.S. has sought to prevent al-Qaeda from exploiting the chaos of Yemen’s civil war to establish a haven, although the number of U.S. military strikes has declined sharply over the last few years.

$4.8T Budget

The Trump administration unveiled its $4.8 trillion federal budget proposal on Monday. The budget calls for changes to the Medicare program, although they would largely affect doctors and hospitals. The decrease in federal spending on Medicare would total about $750 billion over 10 years, but that includes shifting two programs out of the budget. Much of that cut comes from reducing payments to provid-

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trillion in cuts to Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act over a decade. The budget also calls for reforming the food stamps program, which would save nearly $182 billion over a decade. The administration rolled out a new rule in December that makes it harder for states to waive existing work requirements for certain able-bodied, working-age adults without dependents. It has also proposed tightening the rules governing who qualifies for aid. These, along with a more minor proposal, could decrease the number of people on food stamps by 3.7 million, according to an Urban Institute report. Attempting to address the dangerous opioid epidemic, the budget adds $7 billion over a decade to preventing opioid abuse and tackling mental health issues in Medicaid. “The budget makes difficult, prudent choices about what to do with taxpayer dollars, targeting investments in programs that have proven effective and cutting back on programs that have not,” said Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. Also included in the budget is more than $25 billion for NASA in the 2021 fiscal year, with $12.4 billion earmarked specifically for the moon landing program. That would be another significant increase to the space agency’s financing, which has seen its annual budget climb from less than $20 billion in 2017, the year President Donald Trump took office, to $22.6 billion for the 2020 fiscal year, which ends on September 30. The document also maps out a series of future budget bumps for NASA that would raise its annual budget to $26.3 billion in fiscal 2025.

ers, which would not directly affect beneficiaries’ costs. The budget notes that it supports legislative efforts to establish an out-of-pocket maximum for seniors in Medicare’s Part D drug coverage. Trump, who has repeatedly promised to protect Social Security and Medicare, caused a stir last month when he told CNBC that entitlement cuts will be on his plate ”at some point.” Medicaid, health care, and other

assistance programs will be cut in the budget. It would eliminate the enhanced federal match for Medicaid expansion enrollees. Under the Affordable Care Act, states have the option of expanding Medicaid coverage to low-income adults, with the federal government picking up 90% of the tab. That’s more than states receive to cover traditional Medicaid enrollees, who are largely children, senior citizens, the disabled, and certain low-income adults.

The administration estimates it would save more than $152 billion over a decade from implementing work requirements in Medicaid. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has given permission to 10 states to require certain beneficiaries to work, but the effort has been largely put on hold while multiple lawsuits work their way through the courts. Other states are seeking approval, but their applications are still pending. In total, the budget calls for $1

Fireworks Frenzy

If you thought it was July 4th when you went skiing last week in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we don’t


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Avelina Lesper truly didn’t like a piece of art on display at the Zona Maco art fair in Mexico. The art critic attempted to show her disdain for the piece by setting a soda can on top of it and taking a photo of it. But things did not go as

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Fastest Flight

On Sunday, a British Airways jet smashed the record for the fastest subsonic flight from New York to London – in part due to storm winds that pushed the plane to outrageous speeds. The Boeing 747-436 reached speeds of 825mph at 35,000ft as it was carried on a jet stream boosted by Storm Ciara, the “Storm of the

Eczema &

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Soda Explode-a

planned. The piece of art was a pane of glass with a stone, soccer ball, and other objects suspended inside. When Lesper set her can of soda on top of the piece, the whole installation exploded, leaving shards of glass and myriad random objects on the floor. Only then was Lesper notified that the artwork was valued at $20,000. “It was like the work heard my comment and felt what I thought of it,” Lésper said in a video statement for Milenio, a Mexican media group that publishes her columns. “The work shattered into pieces and collapsed and fell on the floor.” The display was created by Mexican artist Gabriel Rico, who contrasts objects made by humans, such as tennis balls, with objects found in nature, such as feathers and rocks. The gallery said the destruction appeared to be accidental but criticized Lésper’s conduct as showing an “enormous lack of professionalism and respect.” The incident also spurred a debate on social media over what constitutes art. Soccer balls? Bananas? Rocks? Alfonso Miranda, director of the Soumaya art museum in Mexico, described the incident via Twitter as a “tragedy.” Others took to social media to applaud the destruction as a performance piece and to pan the sale of art that consists of used and found objects. Lésper said she offered to repair the piece after the gallery rejected her idea to leave the installation shattered to show its evolution. We hope the artist doesn’t have an art-attack when he hears what happened to his piece of art.


blame you. The ski resort town set a record for the world’s largest aerial firework display on Saturday, February 8. The 2,800-pound shell flew 2,200 feet above the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival before it burst, turning the sky bright red and drawing gasps from the crowd. Tim Borden of Steamboat Springs headed the team that developed the firework over seven years. Borden first attempted to set the world record last year, but failed when the shell exploded inside the mortar without lifting off the ground. Guinness World Records representatives were on site to witness both attempts. Christina Conlon of Guinness said she verified that the shell launched on Saturday was the world’s largest. The firework was 400 pounds heavier than the previous record-holder, a 2,397-pound explosive launched in the United Arab Emirates in 2018. During a ceremony after the launch to present Borden and his team with their certificate, Conlon said they showed tenacity and perseverance in coming back after last year’s failed attempt. A winter storm had dumped more than 2 feet of snow on the 26-footlong mortar used to launch the shell and also made transporting the shell difficult. Borden quipped that getting the area plowed was more trouble than setting up the firework itself. Sounds like a blast.

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Century” which has been battering the UK. BA Flight 112 took just four hours and 56 minutes for the transatlantic trip and touched down at Heathrow Airport 80 minutes ahead of schedule. According to Flightradar24 – an online tracking service – it beat a previous record of five hours and 13 minutes held by Norwegian Airways. Experts say the average flight time for the journey is around six hours and 13 minutes. Despite travelling faster than the speed of sound, the plane would not have broken the sound barrier as it was helped along by fast-moving air. Relative to the air, it was travelling slower than 801mph despite being given a huge boost by the storm. Fasten your seatbelts, passengers. We’re in for a fast ride.

Cruisin’ at 107 Joe Newman is not slowing down. The 107-year-old is the oldest resident at his independent living facility in Sarasota, Florida. Mr. Newman gained popularity years ago when he purchased a cher-

ry-red Mercedes from his podiatrist when he was a youngster – at 103 years old.

“The first time I saw it, my heart beat faster,” he said. For fun, Mr. Newman would enjoy cruising around town with his fiancée, Anita Sampson, who turns 100 next month. “We’re enjoying every moment that we have together,” Mr. Newman said. “We know how old the other is and we’re happy for each day that we have.” Now, Mr. Newman uses Uber instead of driving his flashy car. His driver’s license doesn’t expire until 2022 but Mr. Newman admits that his age keeps him off the road. “I accept the fact that driving is a responsibility, and a person 107 ought to be concerned about getting out on the highway,” Mr. Newman explained. “Anita and I are thinking about getting rid of the car or giv-

ing it away. I don’t want people to be afraid that I’m on the road.” Despite not being in the driver’s seat, Mr. Newman is not slowing down. In fact, just a few years ago, at the age of 101, he ran for a seat in the House of Representatives. “There’s still too much work to be done,” he explained. “If you feel you can contribute, then you have a responsibility to contribute.” Years ago, Mr. Newman and his late wife, Sophie, founded the Logan Center, an organization that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in his former home of South Bend, Indiana. They founded the organization in 1950 with just $24 in the bank. The couple’s only child, Rita Jo, was born disabled and wasn’t allowed to attend public school. “Back then, people were afraid of catching it,” Newman said. “So, we took matters into our own hands.” On the first day, they were expecting 12 students, but 22 showed up. Today, the center has a budget of $14 million and a few hundred students. Fast forward to 2020, and Mr. Newman and Ms. Sampson go dancing and are looking forward to going on a hot air balloon ride. For his fiancée’s upcoming 100th birthday, Mr. Newman hopes to rent a karaoke machine “or hire a singer to sing songs we remember.” I hope that I’m dancing up a storm when I’m that age, too.

Money to Burn

Preferring to turn his money to ashes instead of handing it over to his former wife, Bruce McConville, 55, burned 1 million Canadian dollars in cash – in two separate bonfires – to avoid paying his wife as per conditions in their divorce settlement. The Canadian businessman told

a judge he had withdrawn about 1 million Canadian dollars (around $750,000 USD) in 25 separate withdrawals from six separate bank accounts. He said he then burned the cash in two bonfires – $743,000 on September 23 and $296,000 on December 15. McConville, who ran for mayor of Ottawa in 2018, claimed to have receipts to prove he withdrew the money. He said he did not record the bonfires and no one witnessed him set the cash ablaze. “Can I back you up a bit? When you say you destroyed it, what do you mean?” Superior Court Justice Kevin Phillips asked in disbelief, to which McConville replied: “I burnt it.” “It’s not something that I would normally do,” McConville said. “I am not a person that is extremely materialistic. A little goes a long way. I have always been frugal. That’s why my business lasted for 31 years.” “I don’t believe you. I don’t trust you. I don’t think you’re honest,” the judge told him, believing McConville’s actions were just smoke and mirrors. “I find what you have done to be morally reprehensible because what you claim to have done willfully and directly undermines the interests of your children.” McConville said he earned the money he later burned by selling some of his properties and businesses to his former accountant – a direct violation of a court order not to sell his assets. He also has failed to file an affidavit disclosing his finances to the court. The judge sentenced McConville to 30 days in jail for violating the court orders. He also ordered McConville to pay $2,000 a day to his exwife for every day he fails to disclose his finances to the court moving forward. Ironically, McConville ran for mayor of the Canadian capital city in 2018 on a tough-on-crime platform but failed to oust incumbent Jim Watson, who’s held the office since 2010. The judge in this case seems to be saying that McConville is a “liar, liar, pants on fire.”

Did you know? The “S” in Harry S. Truman does not stand for anything.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Around the

Community A Poignant Visit


-year-old Irving Bienstock visited an IDF military base in the Golan Heights this week, fulfilling a lifetime dream of his. Mr. Bienstock escaped Germany in January 1939 and enlisted in the U.S. Army five years later. “I grew up as a Jewish boy in Nazi Germany, and when I saw a policeman or soldier, I would turn and run the other way,” Bienstock said.

“I was proud to spend two years in the U.S. Army during the war, but I was still a Jew in a foreign army. This is my last chance to see MY army. Today, to see a Jew in uniform serving the Jewish state is a victory, and it feels we have come such a long way.” The visit to the Yarden Camp military base was arranged by FIDF and members of his local community in Charlotte.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

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Nature Explorers in Shulamith


t may be cold outside, but in Shulamith School Early Childhood Center the birds are chirping and the trees are blooming. Through the study of trees and birds, the children are learning so much in every curriculum area. The study of trees began with a nature walk to visit to our favorite local trees. The children examined the trees from roots to crown, learning new vocabulary and the function of each of the parts of the tree. They made rubbings of the bark, collected twigs and branches, and measured the width of different trees by seeing how many children are needed to hug them. Back in school, the children went on wood hunts and constructed wood sculptures, tree collages and easel paintings full of green and brown. They examined the rings in a large tree branch and thanked Hashem for all the amazing things we get from trees. Birds live in trees, and the children were thrilled to have the opportunity to host Devorah Vegh’s adorable pair of birds. Sunny and Cookie visited each class, giving the children the chance to observe them, ask ques-

tions, and even sketch them. After seeing real birds “up close and personal,” the girls enthusiastically prepared bird feeders for Shabbat Shira to thank the birds for their help in the Midbar. Of course, fruits grow on trees, and our young scientists had a wonderful time examining various fruits from peel to core. The most special ones grow in Eretz Yisrael, and the children were excited to have the opportunity to learn about them. They inspected real wheat stalks and ground wheat kernels into flour which produced delicious cookies. The children tasted barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, and dates. The Pre-1Aers were determined to figure out how many seeds are in a rimon, so they grouped the seeds in cups of ten seeds each to count them. What a wonderful (and delicious) math lesson! The unit of study culminated with a Tu B’Shvat seder in the Congregation Sons of Israel’s ballroom where the children had the opportunity to really appreciate the special role played by trees in the beautiful world Hashem gives us. A special thank you to Sons of Israel for being such good neighbors!

YOSS ECC Celebrates Tu B’Shvat


u B’Shvat came to life at the YOSS Early Childhood Center as the children explored, compared and tasted the different Shivas HaMinim.

The classes planted seeds, painted with branches, and explored how trees play a vital part of so many things in our lives from paper, cardboard, and furniture to even popsicle sticks!

Central Juniors Enjoy February Freeze


he juniors at Central headed out this week to enjoy winter together on their overnight grade trip. Escorted by their grade dean, Mrs. Karen Lavner, and chaperones, Ms. Laura Fruchter, Ms. Leah Moskovich, and Mrs.Jackie Welkowitz, they headed to the Poconos for a Winter Wonderland.

The students went snowtubing on Wednesday, ice skating on Thursday, and had time to relax at the indoor waterpark at their hotel in the evening between. In the midst of a busy junior year, the trip was a wonderful opportunity to take a breather and relax and bond as a grade!

Rambam JV and Varsity Hockey Teams Clinch Spots in the Playoffs


he JV Ravens have clinched the playoffs in their final game of the season, against rival YDE. Goals from both Charlie Mann and Eric Stiefel and two more from Nuta Grossman set the Ravens to a 4-3 win, coming back after initially

being down 3-1. The season had opened with 2 losses, but quickly changed gears for the JV Ravens under the leadership of Rabbi Coach Avi Herschman. The boys worked hard and the cohesion of the team solidified greatly. The team

would not quit! Soon the wins were coming fast and furious. The Rambam Varsity team has also had a dramatic season winning most of their games and cruising into the postseason with a win over Solo-

mon Schechter. At 9-4-1, the Varsity Ravens are poised to make some noise in the playoffs. The Raven Invasion continues as both JV and Varsity teams soar into the postseason to face whatever awaits. Go Ravens!

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FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

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The Ganger Early Childhood at TAG celebrated Tu B’Shvat with all kinds of fruit fun! They made fruit smoothies, a fruit salad, fruit skewers, and chocolate-dipped fruit... Some classes even made fruit stores, and the girls made their purchase requests in Hebrew.

Touchdown at Yachad Rabbi Moshe Bender speaks at a recent Mesivta Shaarei Pruzdor parent event

OHEL/Rambam Chavrusah Program Returns


he sounds of learning and inspiration could be heard last Wednesday night coming from the Bais Medrash, as Rambam talmidim and their friends from OHEL reconvened the school’s OHEL-Rambam Chavrusah Program. The program has been going on for close to a decade, however, with the arrival of Gavriel Guttman from OHEL, and the efforts of the current

club’s presidents, Rambam seniors Eitan Auerbach and Elisha Bauman, the program has become bigger and better than ever. Divrei Torah, games, projects, and more are all part of the atmosphere, as are pizza and delicious snacks. The program will continue until May and will culminate with the annual BBQ to make more memories that will last a lifetime.

Tu B’Shvat at IVDU


t IVDU Long Island, parent-teacher communication and collaboration is a valued and integral part of the school experience. This week, Morah Leah Rivka’s class was excited to welcome Emuna’s mother, Mrs. Freud, for a unique Tu B’Shvat themed activity! Mrs. Freud taught the students about different types of healthy fruit and guided them on how to prepare delicious fruit platters. She demonstrated different creative ways to arrange the fruit. The students carefully arranged the fruit slices to create beautiful and unique designs. They were excited to bring their platters home to share with their families. Morah Leah Rivka’s class is thankful to Mrs. Freud for sharing her time and talents with the class and for enabling them to express their creativity in a healthy and fun way!


achad Long Island has had a very busy first few weeks of February! In addition to their on-going weekly programming, they celebrated some very special events recently. Hosting their third annual Super Bowl celebration, Yachad threw a huge party, featuring a state-of-theart screen and sound system, allowing the participants to enjoy the game, the food, and each other’s company in a spacious and enjoyable setting. The Super Bowl party was located at the Yachad Long Island Center in North Woodmere and included friends in the community along with the Yachad participants. Delicious food was catered by Carlos & Gabby’s, and the space was creatively decorated with a football theme. Yachad provided social interaction games, cookie-decorating activities, trivia and other exciting socialization opportunities. Yachad promotes inclusion as a vital component to their programs and is proud to welcome local high students who attend the local events in the

community. Yachad thanks the generous sponsors of the Inclusive Superbowl Jonathan and Dina Ohebshalom and Howard and Eddy Blady. With Tu B’Shvat earlier this week, Yachad Long Island held their third Annual Tu B’Shvat Supermarket Challenge. J2 Pizza graciously hosted the large group as they headed first to Seasons Supermarket, accompanied by the famous social media influencer and superstar, Kosher Guru. The group then split into teams to find foods on the shelves of Season’s containing the Seven Species (Shivat Ha’minim). Following the Supermarket Challenge, the group headed to back to J2 Pizza, where the Yachad participants and friends enjoyed trivia, games, dinner, a special Tu B’Shvat Seder, as well as a tree-cupcake decorating activity with creative cook Atara Stawis. Yachad participants can’t wait for their upcoming events and encourages you to follow them @yachad_li on Instagram to join them at the next happening. 

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The Sands Atlantic Beach RECEPTION 6:30




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SKA Students Embrace Opportunities for Friendship


he ninth graders of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls had a great time “painting the night” on Motzei Shabbat, February 8. Led by Art Academy teacher Mrs. Meredith Pyle, the freshmen honed their artistic abilities while painting a butterfly canvas. Bonding over delicious ice cream and snacks, the girls appreciated the opportunity to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere in the school auditorium with their grade level advisors, Mrs. Sheila Leibtag, Mrs. Rikki Ash and Mrs. Tzippy Calm, and madrichot Chaya Bodek, Rocheli Lowy, Shira Strauss and Bina Weiss. The other SKA grades benefited from delightful extra-curricular activities that weekend as well. The school building buzzed all night

long as the sophomores stayed up for their Layl Iyun learning, baking challah and, of course, dancing with their grade level advisors Mrs. Kayla Bach and Mrs. Sheva Mezei and madrichot Sophie Blumenthal, Arielle Jacobowitz, Liba Kurz, Danielle Kohler, and Esther Lamm.

SKA eleventh graders spent a warm and wonderful Shabbat together in Woodmere, enjoying the hospitality of their peers and the company of their grade level advisors, Mrs. Avi Shmulewitz and Mrs. Leanne Taylor, and madrichot Chani Boczko, Esther Fruchter, Devora

Zweig, and Rivka Zimmerman. Looking forward to an evening of friendship and fun, SKA seniors, together with their grade level advisors Mrs. Avital Braun and Mrs. Paghit Ralbag, will be “Escaping the Room” on their night out!

Celebrating Tu B’Shvat at Gesher SKA Students PAUSE for Speech


he children of the Gesher Early Childhood Center were “treated” to a special assembly in honor of Tu B’Shvat. Although assemblies are normally done on Rosh Chodesh, that was not possible this month as Gesher was on winter vacation on Rosh Chodesh. Not wasting an opportunity, the dedicated staff deftly moved the assembly to incorporate Tu B’Shvat. And what a move it was. This assembly had so many features and so many learning opportunities. The regular routine of singing the Gesher theme song, singing the chodesh song, and celebrating the birthdays of that month was just the start. A special edible lesson on the shivas haminim and their brachos followed.

T Going in order, the children first ate a wheat bread seudah and bentsched. After taking a small break, they moved on to the other minim. They then enjoyed Birchas ha’etz olives figs and pomegranates, borei pri ha’gafen grape juice, and mezonos on the specially prepared parve barley-based cholent sponsored by the Fagan family of Traditions Eatery. The children connected to Klal Yisroel by making their brachos and answering amen as a zechus for a refuah shelaima for the cholim. The children finished the assembly with a special craft, creating a tree out of a pencil. Thank you to the Nathanson family for sponsoring the assembly.

he week of February 4 was designated as PAUSE – Pausing and Understanding Speech’s Effect – Week at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, giving the students an opportunity to examine the importance of proper verbal expression and the effects of negative speech. This student led initiative, under the direction of teacher, Mrs. Sheva Mezei, was introduced to the school after a 10th grade project-based learning Chumash class studied what happened to Miriam when she spoke lashon hara about Moshe.    To kickstart the week, the SKA students heard from educator Mrs. Suri Weingot who shared ideas and personal anecdotes on how to speak and act positively.  Student groups led by faculty members then discussed the power of social media and the significance of what is being posted. A

Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation gripping video on what happens when a negative post goes viral stressed the impact and consequences of an act that can never be taken back. Among other voluntary forums this week was a dynamic PAUSE chat with English teacher Mrs. Shira Manne who shared personal stories related to the importance of shemirat halashon in our lives. A PAUSE cards Q&A workshop on the laws of shemirat halashon was held in the SKA library and elicited frank discussions among the girls. Fresh potato kugel was a special treat for those who participated. For continued inspiration, each SKA student received their own copy of Sefer Chofetz Chaim arranged for daily study. Our thanks go to Mrs. Mezei and her committee members for their work in making this week so meaningful.

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Tu B’Shvat at Learn & Live


he boys at the Learn & Live program met with Harav Chaim Mordechai Katz, Mara D’Asra of Khal Bais Shmuel Abba, for a most spectacular Tu B’Shvat “tish.” A very big thank you to Rebbetzin Katz and friends for setting up a most beautiful display of fruits and more.

HALB History Fair


n Tuesday, February 4, the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach held its third annual History Day Fair as part of the larger National History Day Competition. The National History Day competition is an event in which more than a half a million students participate each year. The projects examine an event in history and how it relates to a national theme.  For the

past five months, under the guidance of their social studies teacher Ms. Kristen Waterman, the eighth grade students researched various events in history related to this year’s theme: Breaking Barriers. Students examined the breaking of physical barriers including escaping Auschwitz, the destruction of the Berlin Wall, and landing the first man on the moon. They analyzed racial

and gender barriers as well. Once their research was complete, they presented their projects in one of the following ways: documentary, website, or museum exhibit. Each project type allowed students to use real world skills to present their research, in a fun and exciting way.  The winning documentary was: “The Most Dangerous Weapon in the World: The Truth” by Nadav Chelst,

Eitan Katz, Ethan Muchnick, and Zachary Rabe. The winning website was: “Breaking Segregation in Higher Education” by: Meghan Gottfried, Aliza Hecht, Ayalah Kashani, and Chayala Weiss. The winning exhibit was: “Breaking the Barrier to Affordability: Henry Ford” by: Rachel Hirt, Talia Traube, and Keren Schiowitz.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

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On Sunday, the Rosenberg brothers came to put up the mezuzah on Rabbi Sitnick’s office in the new Siach Yitzchok building. The four brothers, whose father was the fifth grade rebbe in Siach Yitzchok and who are all alumni of the Cheder, dedicated the Menahel’s office.

Lavish Layette Hosts Grand Reopening Village of Cedarhurst Trustee Israel Wasser presents a Citation to Chaim Chait of Goldmine Jewelers upon celebrating 25 years of business in the Village

Recognition for Central’s Science Institute Instructor


his past week, Lavish Layette and its loyal customers enjoyed a Grand Reopening event over Monday and Tuesday. The Grand Reopening was extremely well-attended, and online orders also exploded on their new website. Every customer received a free gift and enjoyed shopping in the beautiful, newly renovated store. Lavish Layette has long been a signature store in the Five Towns. It changed ownership several months ago, and the store underwent a complete renovation. The stunning new store features gorgeous layette outfits, bris sets, baby gifts, and a lot more. Lavish Layette also has exclusive local rights to several beloved brands like Paz, Tartine, and many other high-end companies. Local and popular Instagram in-

fluencer Frumee Taubenfeld stopped by the Grand Reopening. For the big event, the store also had someone engraving personalized baby jewelry in-store. Lavish Layette is already gearing up for its next exciting event: its annual free photo shoot days! On February 25 and 26, Cuddles and Kisses and then The Lucky Photographer will be coming to take baby and child pictures. Every participant will receive a free digital picture and an adorable Lavish Layette magnetic picture frame. Lavish Layette can be reached at 516-522-8489 or lavishlayettesales@gmail.com. The new website is lavishlayette.com and the store’s Instagram/Facebook can be followed @lavishlayette. 


entral’s Science Institute instructor Mr. Jason Williams has been selected as a winner in the National Science Foundation’s Idea Machine Competition. According to the NSF website: “This competition is an unprecedented opportunity for the public and scientific community to identify challenging questions that they would like to see the research community address,” said Suzi Iacono, head of NSF’s Office of Integrative Activities. “Developing and using a new mechanism like the Idea Machine ensures open exploration at the frontiers of science and engineering, encourages outside the box thinking, crosses boundaries in innovative ways and promises to fill recognized gaps in our knowledge.” Mr. Williams traveled to NSF headquarters outside Washington, D.C., to receive the award and present his idea and research before NSF

leadership, including the National Science Board. A video presentation of his idea on revitalizing the STEM workforce and featuring several Central students from his research class is available here. “We learn better when we learn together,” Williams said. “Trying to keep up with the latest advances is always difficult. My big idea is really about enabling and empowering scientists, educators, and researchers to do just that.” Science department chair Mrs. Ruth Fried said, “I am so happy for Mr. Williams for being recognized in this way and for all of the work that he does with our students here at YUHSG. The video that he made is a small window into the impact that he has through his teaching. Our students are blessed by his continued relationship with our school. I wish him continued success.”

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020

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Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato visited Yeshiva Darchei Torah on January 30. She was accompanied by members of Teach NYS and YDT Director of Institutional Advancement Rabbi Baruch Rothman

Rabbi Moshe Cohn to Provide Holocaust Education


abbi Moshe Cohn, head of the Jewish World Section of Yad Vashem, will be visiting Lawrence and Far Rockaway at the end of February. He is coming to provide support for teachers and schools as they develop and advance their Holocaust Study programs. He will be speaking and teaching at Shulamith Girls High School on the topic Return to Life: Life After Survival. He will also be the Scholar in Residence at Shaaray Tefillah during Shabbos Mishpatim, February 2122. He will be speaking throughout the Shabbos. On Saturday afternoon before Mincha, Rabbi Cohn will be discussing post-Holocaust theological responses. On Saturday night, he will be speaking about contemporary Antisemitism. In addition to speaking and teaching, Rabbi Cohn is recruiting for the various Yad Vashem summer seminars for teachers teaching different types of Jewish educational frameworks. This summer there will be seminars for teachers in Jewish Supplementary Educational Programs on June 22-30; for teachers in Jewish Day Schools, July 19-26;

and for communal rabbis and teachers in Jewish Adult Educational programs on August 3-11. All seminar programs take place in Jerusalem and are highly subsidized. For more information please go to: https://www.yadvashem. org/education/internat iona l-act iv ities/jewish-world/seminars.html Rabbi Moshe Cohn has served as the Head of the Jewish World Section for the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem for the last four years. He is a dynamic educator with more than thirty-five years of extensive experience in both formal and informal Jewish education. In Israel, he pioneered creative educational experiences for post-high school students, first as the founder of Torat Shraga Yeshiva, a GAP year boys learning program in Jerusalem, and then as principal of Halichos Bais Yaakov Seminary for Girls. Prior to his making Aliyah in 2000, Rabbi Cohn served for almost twenty years as the Director of the Central Eastern and Southern Regions of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

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Yeshiva Darchei Torah Learns about the Holocaust from Those Who Were There

Binyamin Brunner, Natan Vescelberg, and Avi Scheininger

Yehuda Fuchs, Moshe Orlian, and Shmuel Edelstein


or many kids, learning history means memorizing a bunch of dry dates and facts. At Yeshiva Darchei Torah, however, the eighth grade class has learned that history can be gripping when learned directly from eyewitnesses. Through taking oral histories from survivors of Hitler’s genocide, the boys are able to appreciate the way political and social upheavals affect the destinies of real people struggling to survive and thrive. “About 12 years ago, we were looking for something different for our eighth grade to pursue,” says Rabbi Moshe Leff, the principal of the middle school. “Around that same time, Mr. Irving Roth, from the Holocaust Resource Center in Manhasset, was just beginning his Adopt-A-Survivor program, pairing small groups of students with a Holocaust survivor.” Mr. Roth, himself a survivor and the author of the memoir Bondi’s Brother, has devoted his life to Holocaust education. He launched the program in several area schools and gives students the introductory lecture. “The students don’t just read about the Shoah. They feel it, they develop a personal relationship to it, through meeting the people who actually experienced it,” he says. “When they adopt a survivor, they also commit to telling that person’s story for decades to come, to future generations.” In groups of five or six, the Darchei boys interview the survivors they “adopted” about their lives before the war, how they survived during the war, and how they rebuilt their lives in the aftermath. The program begins after Sukkos with Mr. Roth’s lecture, then continues with the boys doing interviews every other week. The boys are encouraged to talk about the interviews with their families at home,

Simcha Klein, Yisroel Feldman, and Daniel Mendelsohn

Mr. Irving Roth, the founder of Adopt-A-Survivor, speaking at the Yeshiva Darchei Torah event

which often results in discussions of how their own families were touched by the war. In the final month of the project, each team pulls together the information into a Power Point presentation and a display with pictures and text. Then, shortly after the midwinter break, the yeshiva invites parents to tour the displays in the Diamond Bais Medrash, and watch five of the Power Point presentations. Mr. Roth and eight of the survivors interviewed came this year as well and were invited to dinner by the yeshiva before the event. Turnout was high this past February 4 as parents milled around the displays, admiring and commenting. The projects reflected a variety of survivor experiences: being in concentration camps, going into hiding, living with partisans, even escaping to the Philippines. The challenges these survivors faced are deeply affecting for the boys, who have thankfully


grown up in a time of peace and prosperity. “One boy’s survivor told him that after she was liberated, she was told by some American soldiers that she could find food in a house down the road,” Rabbi Leff relates. “When she got there, there was a huge pot of chicken soup on the fire. As hungry as she was, she recoiled, saying, ‘I can’t eat that – it’s not kosher!’ When the boy heard that story, all he could say was, ‘Wow!’ Her example of mesirus nefesh will stay imprinted in his mind forever.” Perhaps the most moving aspect of the program is the relationships that develop between the boys and the survivors. Some participants have discovered, to their surprise, that they have distant family connections. A few of the boys later traveled to Poland and visited the towns their survivors came from. Many develop friendships that endure well after the project is finished. One boy stayed in touch even after he’d gone off to learn

in Eretz Yisrael, calling his survivor every other week; when she passed away, he continued calling her daughter. The project is beneficial to the survivors as well, who enjoy speaking with their young friends and are gratified to see their experiences given continuity through the boys’ writings and presentations. One woman told Rabbi Leff, “I look forward every year to coming to Darchei and seeing the boys and their beautiful Jewish community. It makes me think, ‘This is why I survived.’” The project also awakens in the boys a crucial awareness of anti-Semitism. On the premise that those who don’t study history are destined to repeat it, Mr. Roth does his best to show the boys that anti-Semitism was not vanquished during the war, and in fact has resurfaced with a vengeance. “You have BDS protesters on college campuses yelling ‘Death to the Jews!’ and Iran threatening to bomb Israel off the face of the earth,” he says. “We can’t just sit by and pretend they don’t mean it.” In an age of Holocaust deniers, he underscores the importance of capturing eyewitness testimony. “If we don’t learn about the lives of European Jewry before the war, it’s as if they didn’t exist,” Mr. Roth says, reminding us that the generation of these eighth graders is probably the last one that will have had the chance to actually speak to survivors of the Shoah. In another 25 years or so, when we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Shoah, there will be none left. “Who, then, will speak at the Yom Hashoah commemoration?” asks Mr. Roth, himself in his tenth decade. “It will be boys like these, the last people to really get to know those who lived through it.”

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CAHAL: 540-A Willow Avenue, Cedarhurst JUDAICA PLUS: 445 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst ZELLE: donations@cahal.org WWW.CAHAL.ORG





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BYQ Authors Celebrate Their “Published” Books


he third graders at Bais Yaakov of Queens filed into the multi-purpose room of Bais Yaakov of Queens for a gallery walk celebration of their original “how to” books. Students walked around reading their friends’ books and wrote compliments. This writing celebration was a culmination of a six-week unit of study in writer’s workshop under the direction of Mrs. Susie Garber, BYQ’s writing consultant. The students and teachers were very enthusiastic about this unit of study. Students chose their own topics which was something they knew how to do well and could explain in steps to readers. The wide range of topics reflected the students’ personalities and preferences. They included: how to make sushi, hot cocoa, and pancakes, how to draw people, how to swim, how to make friends, how to put a baby to sleep, how to do origami, how to bake cookies or brownies, how to sing, write a book, paint a picture, be fashionable, snowboard, draw seahorses, make a diorama, how to do a backbend, clean your room, tie your shoes, jump rope. play

basketball, set a table, make your own song, catch a frog, and many more topics. A unique feature of this writing experience is that it combined creativity while also covering the standards for third grade writing. It is aligned beautifully with the reading program, so it reinforced and expanded on what students learned during reading workshop time. One third grade teacher commented, “I like how it was very orga-

nized for the students in steps. They learned a lot. They learned how to write a letter of introduction and to think about their readers, and break something into sequential steps using transition words.” Another third grade teacher noted, “The students felt good about writing. They loved publishing. They were able to connect creative writing with core standards to create their own masterpieces.” Students who were reluctant writ-

ers in the beginning of the year blossomed. One of these students proudly shared her book with the principal and asked if she could read it to students in other classes. She was so excited that she created her own book. Some of the third graders’ comments about this writing workshop unit of study were: “I learned how to write better”; “I like knowing what other people make”; “I’m happy I’m able to make a book. I love drawing the pictures.”

the miracle of facing difficult obstacles in life by connecting to ones Yiddishkeit and to Hashem. When the challah dough was complete, in a meaningful moment, the entire room in unison made the hafrashat challah bracha, bringing a spiritual feeling of achdut and understanding. Those in attendance at the YCQ-PTO event, through this mitzvah, received inspiration and a connectedness to Hashem, their ye-

shiva, and to Klal Yisroel. Hours of work and organization by the PTO committee, Julie Faska, Rachel Stern, Aliza Peled, Valerie Olsen, Melissa Stock, and those who stayed for hours after to help clean up, went into making this event an experience to remember and to encourage others to continue baking challah and davening to Hashem with kavanah.

YCQ-PTO Annual Challah Bake


n Thursday evening, February 6, the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at the Yeshiva of Central Queens organized their annual challah bake, bringing members of the yeshiva and community together to perform the mitzvah of hafrashat challah. Hafrashat challah is removing a portion of the dough, known as challah, and setting it aside to remind us that whatever we are given is not for our use alone. Whether it is money, wisdom, or good health, we need to remember that it came from Hashem and we should not take it for granted. This mitzvah applies to every Jew. Some believe that it is a segulah to bake challah with 40 women as a refuah shelaima for someone who is ill. This spiritual component is the impetus to YCQ’s challah bake and others around the world. At the PTO event, a crowd of over 100 women, men, and children gathered together to partake in this meaningful mitzvah. For many, it

was the first time they would be baking challah, and for others the first time they would be making the hafrashat challah blessing. Rebeka Boxer, Mrs. Kosher Guru, gave the participants guidance and chizuk through her inspirational story of faith and miracles and of how this mitzvah has brought her closer to Hashem. She discussed the connection between performing the mitzvah of hafrashat challah and

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020

He’s your role model. Her uncle. Our priority. OS













The Premier Care team provides a personalized approach to rehabilitation and nursing services. We take the time to get to know each resident and provide high quality care tailored to his/her needs. Because our residents matter - to you, and to us.

S C H E D U L E YO U R TO U R TO DAY ! 5 1 6 . 5 8 8 . 3 2 0 0 F I V E TOW N S P R E M I E R .CO M | 1 0 5 0 C E N T R A L AV E , WO O D M E R E , N Y 1 1 5 9 8



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

An Evening of Appreciation


haverim of Queens held their Members Appreciation Dinner this past Tuesday, January 28, celebrating twelve years of service to the Queens community. The event, which took place in Fresh Meadows at Beit Eliyahu, was a true success as Chaverim volunteers were appreciated over dinner and with words of encouragement and inspiration from community leaders. Chaverim of Queens was founded in memory of Mr. Jack Friedman, whose name was synonymous with tzedaka and chesed and whose name lives on with the work that Chaver-

im does. The Friedman, Fried, and Mermelstein families were thanked at the dinner and were honored with the Founders Award in recognition of their ongoing support since day one. Chaverim is a 100% volunteer organization that started in January 2008 with just ten volunteers. Chaverim now has over a hundred volunteers who respond to a few thousand calls per year. The Distinguished Leadership award was presented to newly elected Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz for her ongoing support and

friendship to the organization. The Community Service Award was given to Rabbi Daniel Pollack, Special Assistant to Congresswoman Grace Meng, for his help and assistance since day one. The Hakoras Hatov Award was given to Chaim Steigman for his dedication and commitment to Chaverim and for being there for the Queens community in so many ways as he goes beyond the call of duty to help others. Aaron Cyperstein, Esq., President of Chaverim of Queens, acknowledged the participation of Councilmen Barry Grodenchik and

Donovan Richards. Rabbi Aryeh Sokoloff gave a few but powerful words of inspiration to fuel the crowd as he always does. NYPD representatives in attendance included new Chief of Queens, Ruben Beltran, CO of PBQS, Scott Henry, CO of the 107th pct., Captain Kiblin, XO of 102nd Pct, as well as Sgt. James Clarke, Police Officer Edwin Martinez and Peter Carpozzi from Community Affairs. Detective Damico and Lt. Malespin from Queens Borough South were also in attendance. They were thanked for their assistance to the organization.

focused on hakarat hatov. Snacks, music, and crafting accompanied the activity, facilitated by Student Activities Directory Esty Munk. Each grade created signs and songs to show their gratitude for their teachers and administrators. Finally, on Tuesday, February 4, juniors, along with their parents, had an evening dedicated to the first step of the seminary and college process. This Seminary and College Night, organized by Dean of Students Mrs. Ricky Gaerman, informed parents and juniors of what to expect in this

process. Seminary Guidance Director Mrs. Naomi Munk and College Guidance Director Ms. Janet Salmon each presented and spoke about the process and expectations. Along with an organized informational folder and a student-directed video (thank you juniors Chaya Warren and Talia Ben-Simhon!), parents and students felt informed and excited about the next phase in their lives. SHS is looking forward to the upcoming Wellness Week along with many other surprises!

SHS’s Packed Week


inter vacation already seems like ages ago thanks to excellent programming at Shulamith High School. On January 27, SHS held a Learn-A-Thon Fundraiser to raise money for the victims of the Chanukah Monsey attacks. Chabad of Suffern’s fundraiser is aimed at helping the families deal with recovery and trauma. Assistant Principal Mrs. Goldberg, who organized the event, stated the importance of action. In addition to saying Tehillim and learning as a segula for a refuah shelaima, taking action, such as learning and raising money, is important because what we do strongly correlates to who we are. After a full school davening, each student was given an individual schedule in the morning that included engaging shiurim by Rabbi Heshy Blumstein and guest speaker, Rabbi Aaron Fei-

genbaum. Mrs. Miriam Lerner and Mrs. Ettie Bersson ran sessions with chavruta learning, while Mrs. Adina Wolf, Ms. Sara Leah Gulkgowitz, and Rabbi Jonathan Muskat ran sessions with small group learning. Video shiurim were also offered. Seniors spent two sessions (with rave reviews) in their own shiurim with guest speakers Ms. Ayelet Shachar and Mrs. Devorah Avurkin. Students felt invigorated by the morning of inspiring and interesting learning. They felt empowered by their ability to actively do something for those affected by the Monsey attack. SHS is grateful to all our faculty and guest speakers! Later in the week, the incredible GO, led by co-president seniors, Tamar Davies and Adina Lazar, along with VP Talia Ben-Simhon and Secretary Elisheva Jaffa, created a fun achdut-building activity that

Did you know? President John Tyler had 15 children.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020

Around the Community

Open House

MTA Hosts Third Annual Great Debate

This Sunday 2-5 PM


By Eli Canter


n Sunday, February 2, MTA hosted its 32nd annual Great Debate. The event attracted students from a variety of high schools across the tri-state area. The topic, whether a national tax on carbon emissions should be introduced, was extremely controversial and was passionately argued by both sides.

The MTA debaters skillfully presented their respective points and performed excellently in their debates. Congratulations to Rafi Saperstein (‘20) and Rachamim Seltzer (‘20) for winning First Place Team, Michael Wein (‘22) and Eli Canter (‘22) for winning Third Place Team, Rafi Saperstein for winning Second Place Speaker, and Eli Canter for winning First Place Speaker.

BE A PART OF YOUR FAMILY’S GROWTH IN LAKEWOOD The Residence is a new Glatt Kosher independent living complex for adults 55+. Catering to individuals looking to move to a magnificent home in the heart of a renowned Jewish community.

MTA Coordinates Clothing Drive to Benefit Yad Leah


TA is partnering with Yad Leah to host a clothing drive to benefit needy families in Israel. Spearheaded by MTA senior Gavriel Miller with guidance from Chessed Coordinator Rabbi Baruch Schonbrun, the clothing drive will run through February 23. “At MTA, we empower our talmidim to take on leadership roles within our yeshiva and instill the values of giving back to the Jewish community and helping others in need,” said Rabbi Schonbrun. “This student-run clothing drive is a great way for our talmidim to contribute to the Jewish community in Israel and help provide school clothing for

needy families.” Donations can be dropped off at MTA, Room 432, 2540 Amsterdam Avenue, New York City. All donations should be in like-new condition. Yad Leah is a volunteer-based organization whose staff and supporters share a collective dream of alleviating poverty in Israel. The organization does this by collecting new and gently-used clothing in the United States and sending that clothing to communities throughout Israel to be distributed to needy families. To learn more, please visit www.yadleah.org.

Continental Breakfast & Dinner

High-end Upscale Property in the heart of Lakewood

Concierge Service

Socialization Program

Lectures & Shiurim





FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community Working with their dedicated volunteers and local Five Towns community supporters, Chai Lifeline made sure Shoshana’s bat mitzvah was one she’d never forget. Sharona Hoffman, owner of Make It Too in Cedarhurst, NY, provided the beautiful venue as well as custom tee shirts and water bottles. Marlene Kolangi and Dov Faivish of The Bat Mitzvah Fund sponsored gowns, hair and makeup, balloons, and so much more. Photography was provided by Jason Meyers Studio and Upper Crust catered the event. Special thank you to Chai Lifeline’s i-Shine volunteers for transforming the space and enhancing the beautiful simcha. Mazal tov!

Spirited Unity

Tending To Our Seedlings



he sounds of lively music and dancing filled the air at DRS Yeshiva High School’s 23rd annual Parent-Son Melave Malka. In an email to the DRS family, Menahel Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky remarked that the goal of the Melava Malka is to celebrate “the joy, fulfillment, and meaning that there is in being a Jew,” as well as to highlight the “positive Jewish energy that [the yeshiva] strives to inculcate in its talmidim with song, divrei Torah, food and dancing.” This annual event is the one night that the entire yeshiva family, rabbeim, parents, and talmidim get together to honor these aspects of the positive spirit of being Jewish. The evening commenced with a kumzitz in the beit midrash led by Rabbi Kaminetsky and the DRS student band. Parents and sons sang together in unison, while videos highlighting DRS events from the year were shown on screen.

This year, Rabbi Moshe Erlbaum, a longtime DRS rebbe, was honored for his 19 years of dedication and commitment to the yeshiva. Rabbi Erlbaum has tremendous care for his talmidim and spends great time and effort preparing for his various classes, turning on countless talmidim to the joy of talmud Torah. A video tribute was played in honor of Rabbi Erlbaum and he was presented with an award for his dedication to DRS. The melava malka continued in the gym where the parents and students enjoyed a delicious dairy buffet together. Two sets of awards were presented to students: the Torah Growth Award was presented to the student in each Gemara shiur who displayed special aptitude in his learning over the year, and the Middot Awards were given to a student in each grade who, when voted upon by his fellow classmates, was recognized as having the best and most refined middot and character.

an Chamesh, Chabad’s Early Childhood Center, celebrated Tu B’Shvat with a unique hands-on Tu B’Shvat experience. Each center gave the children the opportunity to manipulate and experiment with real and natural materials. The young students explored with soil, seeds, twigs, acorns, and pinecones in individual sensory bins. They enjoyed a “Create a Forest” station, replete with real tree stumps, leaves, branches, and grass. The Sheva Minim came to life as the children used magnifying glasses to examine every detail of the beautiful species of Eretz Yisroel. The children experienced pattern-making with fruit kabobs, and tree-making at the light table, among other exciting activities. The children gained a deep-

er appreciation of Hashem’s beautiful natural world and truly internalized the message of Tu B’Shvat.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020

There’s More for You Here. Lander College of Arts & Sciences in Flatbush. DISCOVER MORE HERE. Choose from more than 20 majors, honors options in health sciences, pre-med, computer science, an accelerated accounting CPA program and two annual job fairs. Benefit from our outstanding record of admissions to graduate and professional school. You’ll learn the skills and gain the experience and credentials you need to succeed in the professional world.



FOR MORE INFORMATION: Shirin Siony 718.535.9234 or Shirin.Siony@touro.edu



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Around the Community

Officers from the NYPD of the 101 Precinct visited Yeshivas Siach Yitzchok in Far Rockaway on Sunday to discuss building security. While touring the new facility, the officers joined some students for a game of basketball

Hundreds of Real Estate Executives Attended JEP REN


By Jennifer S. Zwiebel


ver 300 professionals from all different aspects of the real estate industry gathered at the Brooklyn Expo Center last week to support JEP/Nageela at its Fifth Annual Real Estate Networking event, “Getting Exponentially Bigger from Generation to Generation.” The event began with a timely panel discussion by leaders in the industry, moderated by Meyer Mintz, JEP REN event co-chair and tax partner at Berdon LLP. Genghis Hadi, Managing Principal at Nahla Capital; Dov Hertz, Principal, DH Property, formerly at Extell; Matt Scoville, Partner, Hutton Andrews Kurth; and Morris Betesh, Senior Managing Director, Meridian Capital Group, discussed the challenges in the current real estate environment in New York and where the opportu-

nities lie within their challenges. JEP/Nageela inaugurated the “Mark Ramer Building People Award” highlighting real kindness from real estate entrepreneurs in memory of the beloved former board member, a”h. “Thank you to the Ramer and Saperstein families for the opportunity to inaugurate this award in memory of a person who used his prosperity to help so many,” said Rabbi Dovid Shenker, JEP/Nageela founder. “We are grateful to all of our sponsors, committee members, and participants for making this event the huge success that it was.” For the first time, the event featured over a dozen sponsor exhibiting booths, leading to many new introductions and business leads. “I’m so glad to have attended the JEP REN networking event,” said Martin Berger, first-time JEP REN

attendee and commercial property and casualty risk management advisor at The Wilhelm Agency, Inc. “There’s nothing like productive real estate networking while also supporting a truly great cause! My key takeaway (aside from all the new connections) is that no matter what, there is always opportunity. It is merely a matter of capitalizing on it.” Event attendees enjoyed delicacies of Catering by Michael Schick, which included a diverse array of foods paired with a specific matching Kedem and Spruce D’Vine wines. There were delicious offerings including a poke bowl station, gnocchi bar, and a pulled beef station as part of the impressive spread. Raffle winners took home a Segway Ninebot S, drone, Yamaha Seal Seascooter, gift certificates for a custom-made suit from Andrew Lock, David Fin Ties,

The Cave wine raffled each hour, and more! “I am honored to be part of such an amazing mission,” said Michael Ryback, Vice President, Meridian, and co-event chairman. “The JEP REN networking event has helped so many professionals in the industry grow their businesses. JEP/ Nageela plays an integral part in helping strengthen our foundation to the Jewish heritage.” On behalf of the hundreds of children helped each year, we thank all those who participated and look forward to next year. For more information about JEP REN, visit jepren.org. Be a part of building the next generation of Jewish children and help us finish building the new Camp Nageela activity center in time for campers for this summer. Please call 516-374-1528, ext. 240 for more details. Tizku l’mitzvot!

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020


FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home




10th ANNUAL Affordable Eyewear for the Entire Village

Yonah Yavne

Phone: 516-371-9555/718-471-1700 Fax: 516-371-9412

Tzirel Farkovits

202B Rockaway Turnpike Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Affordable Eyewear for the Entire Village

Yonah Yavne

Tzirel Farkovits

Phone: 516-371-9555/718-471-1700 Fax: 516-371-9412

202B Rockaway Turnpike Cedarhurst, NY 11516





STEP BY STEP HELPING OUR YOUTH OF TODAY BECOME THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW CLINICAL SERVICES COMMUNITY RESOURCES YOUTH PROGRAMS Support Line Community Education Holiday Retreats Assessments/Referrals Matters Ignight STEP BY STEP HELPING OUR YOUTHParenting OF TODAY BECOME THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW Case Management School Based Services Ignight Camp CLINICAL SERVICES COMMUNITY RESOURCES YOUTH Crisis Intervention ThePROGRAMS Lounge Support Line Community Education Holiday Retreats Support Groups Year Round Events Assessments/Referrals Parenting Matters Ignight Case Management School Based Services Ignight Camp Crisis Intervention The Lounge Support Groups Year Round Events

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Thank you to all our sponsors and participants for your tremendous support. Your efforts ensured that the Madraigos Bowl-A-Thon was a great success. May we continue “step by step” to help our youth of today become Thank you to all our sponsors and participants for your tremendous support. the leaders of tomorrow. - The Madraigos Family Your efforts ensured that the Madraigos Bowl-A-Thon was a great success. May we continue “step by step” to help our youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow. DEPENDABLE - The Madraigos Family ABSTRACT NY LLC

(516) 612-0677

(718) 868-1497


TILE • FIXTURES • FAUCETS • HARDWARE • ACCESSORIES 334 Central Avenue Lawrence, New York 11559


Tel:516.792.9856 Fax: 516.295.2715

Renee President


Five Towns Podiatry, PLLC 516.405.6700

583 462


516-371-3250 • www.madraigos.org • 936 Broadway, Woodmere, NY 11598

516-371-3250 • www.madraigos.org • 936 Broadway, Woodmere, NY 11598



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

Madraigos Strikes Success at its 10th Annual Bowl-A-Thon Huge turnout as friends and local businesses rally together


he 10th Annual Madraigos Bowl-A-Thon at Woodmere Lanes was a resounding success. This signature event has become an annual Madraigos tradition among Five Towns residents, local businesses, friends, and supporters.  Participants, sponsors, and Madraigos staff came together in a highly competitive  evening filled with fun and enthusiasm for Madraigos’ prevention programs and intervention services for the community.   The strongest barometer of the event’s success was the high level of energy in the room. There were smiles on everyone’s faces, as friends cheered each other’s bowling prowess.  Avromi Meyer, Madraigos Guys GNO Program Coordinator, and Mrs. Esti Stahler emceed the evening, bringing everyone together with many laughs. The famous Red Pin Contest escalated the excitement with winners bringing home fun prizes of their choice.  Prizes for the highest scoring bowlers were Sony Headphones, donated by Kettle and Cord, and which added to the fun.   Kettle & Cord generously sponsored the Philips Indoor Grill as the Premium Giveaway distributed to all bowlers.  Bowlers received complimentary T-shirts and a swag bag full of exciting items.  Delicious food brought the event to a whole new level. Tasty appetizers and specialty meat dishes catered by Five-Fifty Restaurant more than satisfied everyone’s taste buds.  Gourmet dessert catered by AH-SAH-EE On Central was a huge crowd-pleaser and rounded out the evening’s menu.    

Even after the event was sold out, friends and supporters bought raffle tickets and showed solidarity with Madraigos’ mission. The Grand Raffle Prize boasted a Lake Tahoe Ski vacation while other prizes included a foursome at Trump Golf Club, Nets and Islanders tickets, HD TV, $500 shopping gift card to Gourmet Glatt, and His/Hers RayBan Sunglasses.   Madraigos expresses its deep gratitude to more than 100 corporate sponsors. Special appreciation is extended to the event’s Premium Giveaway Sponsor, Kettle & Cord, for their sincere generosity.  Featured sponsors include Wisnicki & Associates, Visionville,  QuickSilver, Hearing Solutions, Dependable Abstract,  MK Ink, Miller Realty, Integration HD, Dr. Steven Krauss, Town Appliance, SHMA Camps, DART Seasonal, and more.  A full list of sponsors can be found on bowlforthem.org.   Premier Sponsor, Dov Perkal of SHMA Camps, said, “Madraigos ‘strikes it home’ once again! Thank you for reminding us all how to have fun in a meaningful way.  I have been attending the Madraigos Bowl-aThon for years, and it is an event I, along with my friends, look forward to attending year after year. When on a weeknight can you spend a few hours with great friends, great food, great fun, and, of course, great prizes and giveaways all night long, all in support of a great organization in our community?  We are so grateful for all you do. Thank you to everyone at the Madraigos organization for put-

ting together this much-appreciated event!” “Miller Realty looks forward every year to both sponsor and participate in the Madraigos Annual Bowl-a-thon.  We’ve been personally inspired and encouraged by Rabbi Silver on many occasions, and we appreciate all the hard work he and his staff do on behalf of the Five Towns community,” remarked Don and Tamar Miller, Miller Realty, Premier Sponsor.  Moshe Klein of MK Ink, Premier Sponsor, commented, “Thank you for an awesome evening. I had a really fun time with my friends and family. A real special thank you to Rabbi Silver for everything that he does for our community and especially everything that he’s done for me personally.”  Feedback from participants was extremely positive.  Miri Ginsbury, a long-time friend of the organization, commented, “Madraigos is an asset to the community and participating in a relaxed, enjoyable and fun evening as the bowl-a-thon, is the least that we can do to support the amazing work of Rabbi Silver and all the team at Madraigos.”   Rabbi Dov Silver, Madraigos Founder and Executive V.P., commented, “I thank our sponsors for their support of our life-saving work.  I very much appreciate the participants of the Bowl-A-Thon for taking out time of their busy schedule to help out our community’s teens and young adults.”  “So many local businesses that sponsored this event are the real

heroes tonight. Their partnership enables us to continue to serve the needs of the community and symbolizes the broad band of communal support for our mission,” said Sharon Gross, Executive Director.  Funds raised at the event will assist Madraigos, a 501c-3 not-forprofit organization, in providing a wide array of valuable mental health, social, and spiritual services geared towards helping teens and young adults overcome life’s everyday challenges one step at a time.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

HANC HS Chessed Outing


n Tuesday, February 10, HANC High sophomores spent part of their day doing chessed at various organizations in the tri-state area. The sophomore boys partnered with Yad Leah in Passaic, NJ, to provide clothing for those in need in Israel. The students sorted, folded,

packed, and labeled – while dancing and singing to musical accompaniment. They were amazed at the generosity of the Jewish community, as they observed the tens of thousands of articles of clothing waiting to be shipped to Israel. The sophomore girls volunteered in two locations. One group volun-

teered at Masbia in Brooklyn, a nonprofit soup kitchen network and food pantry which provides hot nutritious meals for hundreds of New Yorkers. They organized and set up the facility for the week. The second group visited friends at the Ohel Day-Hab Center in Brooklyn where students shared their time in conversation.

Students were excited about the meaningful hands-on chessed experience which enriched their day. Thank you to Rabbi Yakov Grun and Mrs. Nomi Zanjirian for organizing this day together with grade student senators, Caity Davis, Ori Baer, and Dvora Finkel.

A Taste of Israel

Serving our community for over 30 years


his past Monday, Tu B’Shvat, the HALB students went on a trip to visit an Israeli shuk! The HALB gym was completely transformed by the eighth grade girls, and was filled with different food items and activities for the students to enjoy. Each class came in and was greeted with a tree necklace and their very own shopping bag. The students then heard a little bit about each station from the eighth grade girls, and were then free to go “shopping” around the shuk. As

the students walked around, they received different items such as: foods from the Shivat Haminim, Petel juice, candy, and other fruits and vegetables.  The shuk also provided activities such as making mini nana plants, jewelry making, and an Israeli game for everyone to enjoy.  The students loved filling their shopping bags with their shuk goodies. It was a great way for the students to learn about Tu’ B’Shvat and connect them more deeply to the Land of Israel.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020





Staff Interviews: sunday

feb 16

10:30 am-12:30 pm


bnos bais yaakov



lower division head:chani jacobs upper division head: ruchi dunn phone: 718.324.6724(ORAH) EMAIL: ORAHDAYCAMP@GMAIL.COM W E B S I T E : O R A H D A Y C A M P. C O M


FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community On Sunday, February 6, Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah held their second annual dinner at the Seawane Harbor Club in Hewlett Harbor, NY. Community leaders, alumni, and friends of the yeshiva gathered to celebrate the great growth of the yeshiva and its impact upon its students and the community as a whole.

An Israeli Shuk at HANC


n honor of Tu B’Shvat, the Minyan Room in HANC’s Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding’s Elementary School in West Hempstead was transformed into Machane Yehuda by Morah Leah Friedler, Morah Bracha Sara Markowitz, and the sixth grade girls. The room was divided into booths, and each booth displayed a different food that could be found in the Shuk in Yerushalayim. “It was a cooperative learning experience for the students,” remarked Morah Friedler. “The girls worked in groups and researched on line how the actual booth would look and then designed their own booth, display posters, and costumes. They tried to make it as authentic as possible, using Hebrew words and phrases in their artwork as well.” Due to the generous sponsorship of the PTA, the sixth grade girls “sold” fresh fruit, dried fruit, candy, ice cream, popcorn, bourekas, rugelach, pickles, olives, and Prigat fruit drinks. Each child in the school received a “shukbitescard,” which displayed the different food items that were available for “purchase.” As Israeli music

filled the room, each class visited the shuk, and the students were encouraged to speak in Hebrew as they made their purchases. “A new aspect of this year’s shuk was the ‘outdoor’ café,” added Morah Markowitz. “When each class visited the shuk, they could take their food to the tables and enjoy tasting products from the Shivat haMinim in an ‘outdoor’ café experience that replicated the ambiance of Yerushalayim.” It was a multi-sensory program that brought a genuine Israeli experience closer to home. Many thanks to the PTA for their help and support for this exciting program. HANC commends Morah Friedler and Morah Markowitz and the enthusiastic sixth grade girls for providing the entire school with a meaningful and delicious preTu B’Shvat celebration. Additional thanks to Rabbi Michael Merrill, HANC’s assistant principal of Judaic Studies, and Morah Dafna Berman, HANC’s Hebrew Language Coordinator, for all of their help to make this event such a delicious success.

Kalever Rav Bestows Super Brachos on Great Neck Community


he Kalever Rav, shlita, son of the great tzaddik, the Kalever Rebbe, shlita, world-renowned for his wisdom and advice, gave brachos to approximately 100 men, women and children of the Great Neck community and beyond on “super Sunday” at the home of

Dr. Paul and Drora Brody during an event co-sponsored by CHAZAQ. During the week, the rav also greeted people at four shuls in Great Neck and Roslyn. The Kalever Rav is shown with Dr. Paul Brody, son Joey Brody, and Chazaq events coordinator Robbie Aboff.

Did you know? President James Monroe was the 5th U.S. president, but the 3rd to die on the 4th of July.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020


to provide person-centered, comprehensive care management to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD). REQUIRED


Minimum of Associates degree required for CMA position OR Bachelors or Masters degree with relevant experience OR RN with relevant experience

Medical, dental and vision coverage FSA 401K plan Life & Disability Insurance Paid time off (includes vacation, holiday and birthday!)

HIRING FOR THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: 5 Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange County, Albany County, Ulster County.


APPLY NOW Send resume to jobs@tricountycare.org

TCC is fully committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and to attracting, retaining, developing and promoting the most qualified employees without regard to their race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, veteran status, or any other characteristic prohibited by state or local law.



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

“Dirshu Is Not What You Do – Dirshu Is What We Are!” Monumental Dirshu World Siyum Ignites Klal Yisrael With a Passion for Ameilus B’Torah

By Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky


y no stretch of the imagination is Newark, New Jersey, the epicenter of the Torah world. Yet for one evening, the city of Newark hosted the most significant celebration of Torah accomplishments in the United States: the World Siyum of Dirshu.

The three venues, Prudential Center, NJPAC, and the Symphony Hall, held over 25,000 men, women, and children who traveled from all over the tristate area and beyond who came to celebrate the accomplishments of thousands of Dirshu Yidden who mastered Shas, reviewing it many times and passing monthly tests on each masechta that they learned.

As the huge arena slowly filled with thousands of ba’alei simchah, one could not help but notice how this venue was meticulously prepared for the event, each detail ensuring the proper kavod haTorah. The dais was graced by gedolei Yisrael from America and Eretz Yisrael, rabbanim, admorim, roshei yeshivah, dayanim, maggidei shiur, and Dirshu participants. The center table was decorated with beautiful tablecloths and floral arrangements — a reflection of the kavod deserved by the leaders and heroes of Klal Yisrael. The musical arrangements throughout the night were majestic. Hamenagnim and Freilich Orchestras were accompanied by Shira, Malchus, and Yiddishe Nachas choirs. Their brilliant music was both uplifting and beautiful as they were accompanied by Motti Steinmetz, Isaac Honig, Zanvil Weinberger, Ahrele Samet, and Yisroel Adler, who sang heartfelt, uplifting niggunim throughout the fourhour program under a backdrop of a

dazzling display of lights and visuals on massive LED screens. As soon as the music began, all 25,000 participants were completely enveloped in the music, uplifting all their senses with niggunim of simchah and hisorrerus. Ma’ariv was led by Reb Avrohom Bleeman followed by HaRav Zev Smith, Maggid Shiur Dirshu Daf HaYomi B’Halacha and Maggid Shiur Irgun Shiurei Torah, who opened the siyum and set the tone for the evening. “This is the dor of pischu li pesach shel ulam! Dirshu is making it easy to live ki heim chayeinu, and Dirshu is enabling Klal Yisrael to be mekayem ‘Ashrei mi sheba l’kan v’talmudo b’yado!’” HaRav Shimon Galei, shlita, noted mekubal from Eretz Yisrael, led the attendees in Tehillim, and praised Dirshu for making this yom tov. Rav Shmuel Aron Tousig, shlita, mashgiach ruchani in Yeshiva Alexander in Bnei Brak, spoke passionately about Dirshu and the accomplish-

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ments of the participants. One of the highlights of the siyum was the drasha by Rav Dovid Cohen, shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Chevron. When he was introduced to the crowd, a rousing rendition of “Yamim Al Yemei Melech” broke out, showing how excited the attendees were by his participation. Rav Cohen repeated a phenomenal thought from Rav Hutner, zt”l. When one makes a siyum on Shas, he is not merely completing 60 masechtos; he is making a siyum on the entire Torah sheb’al peh! This siyum is a true simchas haTorah because the mesaymim learned, reviewed, and mastered the entire Torah sheb’al peh — and this is true simchas haTorah! HaRav Yerucham Olshin, shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Beis Medrash Govoha, spoke next. He explained, based on a Midrash, that the type of learning that protects us in galus is Dirshu learning — perfecting and reviewing Shas! He then took a moment to thank the wives of Dirshu for their support of their husbands, thus enabling them to continue their holy mission of ameilus b’Torah! Rav Leibish Lish then spoke and mentioned that, on that very morning, he had met a boy wearing a white shirt. When he asked the boy why he was wearing a white shirt, the boy responded, “My father does Dirshu, so I’m going to the siyum.” Rav Lish then corrected the boy and repeated his comment to the crowd with great excitement: “Dirshu is not what we do! Dirshu is what we are!” The crowd broke out in applause, expressing their appreciation of these words — and of this movement that changed

their lives. The Sanzer Rebbe from Eretz Yisrael, shlita, addressed the crowd before the actual siyum. “Dirshu makes a difference to the entire Klal Yisrael!” he exclaimed. Rav Reuven Feinstein, shlita, was honored with saying the Hadran, and Rav Malkiel Kotler, shlita, said Kaddish. The crowd then broke out in exuberant dancing. To many, this was the highlight of the night, as they were all able to express the true joy of simchas haTorah through true ameilus, which built up inside their hearts over the past seven years. Rav Dovid Hofstedter then spoke. He began by commending the thousands of new participants in the Dirshu program. “We just had the first bechinah this past Thursday night,” he said. “And there were several tens of thousands of new people who took the tests! “We sometimes think we are too tired, too busy, or simply not smart enough to learn. But we can! When it comes with a kabbalah of yegias

haTorah and a kabbalas haTorah, we have to ask ourselves, ‘Are we going to be complacent with superficiality and superficial Torah of bitter waters, or will we experience sweet waters?’ “We must cry the battle cry of mi la’Hashem elai! The battle cry of Dirshu Hashem ve’uzo!” The Vizhnitzer Rebbe, shlita, led the participants in kabbalas ol malchus Shamayim, followed by a drasha from HaRav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, shlita, Rosh Yeshivas South Fallsburg, who explained that if you start from the beginning, it only gets easier. If you learn Brachos and then Shabbos, Eruvin will not be so hard. In the end, a person will find himself learning in one hour what he couldn’t learn in a whole year when he first started! A highlight of the evening was the featured audiovisual production, “Hinei yamim ba’im,” a historic perspective of a father and son in the early 1900s. The father takes a page from his grandfather’s Gemara and hands it to young Srulik, telling him,

“Torah is your pulse! This blatt Gemara will protect you.” Many years later, Srulik joins his grandson in celebration of his siyum haShas. In an emotion-filled moment, Srulik hands his treasured page to his einikel and tells him, “My father gave me this blatt from his zeide’s Gemara, telling me to protect it. But in reality, the blatt Gemara has protected me!” As the crowd left, visibly uplifted, one needed only to look around at their faces. The inspiration of the evening has surely changed all who attended. Many will soon join the ranks of our generation’s ameilim baTorah, and many will strengthen their commitment. But one message which everyone has taken home is that Dirshu is no longer an organization but a sweeping movement that is providing a solid foundation to support Klal Yisrael through the final stretch of our galus, and uplifting our entire nation – uniting Jews across the world with true Torah learning and bringing them closer to Hashem.


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t Yeshiva Darchei Torah, the talmidim of grades three, four, and five recently took a 100-question grand bechina on the entire Sefer Bereishis. The talmidim were then given raffle tickets which they entered into a Chinese auction of delightful prizes.

5 Ways to Make Our Shuls  More Accessible to Those with Physical Disabilities By Dov Levinson


ur shuls are designed to help us feel closer to G-d through the holy rituals we perform, the spiritual atmosphere we soak in, and the supportive and caring kehillah (community) we become part

of. It’s a place where we bring our children to teach them about the impact of tefillah (prayer), and it serves as the epicenter of our community. However, for those with disabilities, our shuls aren’t always very accessible, and we must do our part to make shuls a place that all members of our




Shalom Task Force receives thousands of phone calls offering a confidential place to turn to for help, resources and support. You’re not alone. We’re here to help. CONFIDENTIAL ANONYMOUS HOTLINE:

(No Caller ID)

888.883.2323 (TOLL FREE) 718.337.3700 (NYC AREA)

Anonymous hotline — no caller ID. You do not have to give your name. Trained staff of informed, sensitive and caring individuals. Referrals include counseling, legal advice or finding a safe place. It hurts to call A domestic abuse hotline. It hurts more not to. www.ShalomTaskForce.org

community feel welcomed. In February, Yachad, the leading group for individuals with disabilities in the Orthodox community, will be celebrating North American Inclusion Month (NAIM) and offers these recommendations for shuls to make themselves more inclusive. At times, creating accessible spaces can seem very time-consuming and financially challenging, but  we have compiled a  list of five ways you can make your synagogue more inclusive and physically accessible without breaking the bank.  Accessible Heights: Making some minor tweaks to existing components of your synagogue can go a long way in making all congregants, especially people in wheelchairs, feel included and recognized. For example, lower your box of Kippot and Tallitot so that everyone, including people in wheelchairs, can reach them. Clear Signage: Make sure your congregants are aware of the accessible accommodations and resources available to them in your shul. For example, post clear picture-based signage around your shul indicating the locations of and path towards the accessible accommodations throughout your synagogue (such as entrances/ exits, accessible bathrooms, accessible seating in sanctuary, etc.). Add all applicable symbols of accessibility in all publicity and marketing for your congregation and its events, such as the icons for wheelchair access, assistive listening devices, etc. By doing so, you’ll mitigate their anxiety about attending because they will already know that you have considered their needs.   Seating: Strive for inclusion not integration. Don’t settle for integrating those who are mobility impaired into your minyan by having a side-section of your sanctuary reserved for

those who need accessible seating, by separating the seating, those with physical disabilities will more likely feel excluded than included in the davening.  Make your sanctuary  inclusive by creating spaces throughout the room that are accessible to congregants who use wheelchairs or are mobility impaired. Shorten pews or rows on the aisle side so someone using a wheelchair can sit with friends and family. Have aisles that are wide enough that people can comfortably walk by without disturbing a person in a wheelchair.    Magnifying: Make sure  everyone, including those have difficulty seeing can follow along and participate in the davening. Attach plastic magnifying sheets into the cover of siddurim and Chumashim that can be used as needed. Have Braille Siddurim available for use by congregants who are blind.   Create an Inclusion committee: Assemble a diverse group of congregants that will identify and address any obstacles to or concerns about accessibility and then brainstorm and implement solutions to ensure that all congregants feel welcomed, appreciated, and included.  By implementing these five steps, you can help make your shul more inclusive and welcoming to all – including those with disabilities. We must do our part to make sure that our shuls are fully accessible for those with disabilities. Judaism puts a big focus on community and it’s our responsibility to make sure that our shuls are accessible to the full community. Please join us in celebrating NAIM 2020 by helping create inclusive and accessible shuls for every Jew.   Dov Levinson, M.S.Ed is a disability educator for Yachad, the leading group for individuals with disabilities in the Orthodox community.

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Annette Kaufman, Stacey Zrihen, Sheri Hammer, Coordinators • Andy Lauber, Director www.ishinechailifeline.org Daniella Vogel A”H






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Presidential Peculiarities Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the U.S. (1923-1929) He was known to be fragile with his words. At a dinner party, a guest turned to him and said that she bets that she could get at least three words of conversation from him. Without looking at her, he quietly retorted, “You lose.” I could one up him with one word: Rude! Martin Van Buren, 8th President of the U.S. (1837-1841) Van Buren was born in Kinderhook, N.Y., and carried the nickname “Old Kinderhook.” Supporters used the shortened “OK” in rallies and it took off from there and became one of the most widely used idioms until this day. “How you doing?” “Thanks for asking. I’m feeling MAGA today!” Chester Alan Arthur, 21st President of the U.S. (1881-1885) His middle name is pronounced a-LAN. Now you know everything there really is to know about Chester a-LAN Arthur. Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the U.S. (1953-1961) Eisenhower had five brothers who were all nicknamed “Ike.” Imagine when mom got frustrated at them. “Ike! Ike! Ike! Ike! Ike!” OK, you are obviously not feeling so MAGA today, ma’am. James Buchanan, 15th President of the U.S. (1857-1861) Though he was once engaged in his late twenties, the engagement was broken off. Buchanan became the only president who was a lifelong bachelor. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not too shabby a bachelor’s pad. William McKinley, 25th President of the U.S. (1897-1901) He had an Amazon parrot which could sing the song “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” The president would whistle the first few notes, and the parrot would finish it. The parrot’s name? Washington Post. Not much has changed- the president still uses a little bird to communicate, with some of those tweets even aimed at the Washington Post. John Tyler, 10th President of the U.S. (1841-1845) He had 15 children. (He actually has a grandchild that is still alive. He was 63 when son, Lyon Tyler, was born. In 1928, when Lyon was 75 years old, Lyon had a baby boy, Harrison, who is still alive today.) With 15 kids, just about the only affordable trip is a visit to the White House. “OK, kids stand against the gate and smile. And no, we’re not buying any souvenirs.”

Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the U.S. (1853-1857) During his presidency, Pierce was arrested for running over a woman with his horse. Charges were later dropped due to a lack of evidence. Glad to see that lack of evidence once meant something in Washington. Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President of the U.S. (1889-1893) He was the first president to have electricity in the White House. However, he was so scared of getting electrocuted that he would never touch the light switches himself. “Honey, you mind shutting that light?” Seriously, Benjamin? You make the French look brave!

Presidential Report Cards These are actual excerpts from various presidents’ grade school report cards. Match the excerpt with the president.

Answers on the opposite page A. “He will surely one day be a great professor, or who knows, he may become even President of the United States.”

John F. Kennedy

B. He is casual and disorderly in almost all of his organization projects. [He] studies at the last minute, keeps appointments late, has little sense of material values, and can seldom locate his possessions.

Bill Clinton

C. A very solemn child who rarely ever smiled and laughed.

George H.W. Bush

D. When you grow up, you’re either going to be a governor or get in a lot of trouble

Theodore Roosevelt

E. An upstanding lad with great self-confidence. It appears, however, that he may be somewhat eccentric.

Richard Nixon

Answer to Riddle Me This: Donald J. Trump (if the question was: who was the president of the U.S in 1984? the answer would have been Ronald Reagan)

Answers to Presidential Report Cards: A. Theodore Roosevelt B. John F. Kennedy C. Richard Nixon D. Bill Clinton

See answer below

What was the president of the United States’ name in 1984?

Riddle me this? ?

E. George H.W. Bush

Answers to Mr. President, Your Face Rings a Bell:

G. Franklin Pierce

C. Chester Alan Arthur

F. John Tyler

B. Martin Van Buren

E. William McKinley

A. Calvin Coolidge

D. James Buchanan

H. Benjamin Harrison












Mr. President, ? Your Face Rings a Bell...

? ?

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Torah Thought

Parshas Yisro By Rabbi Berel Wein


e once again see in this week’s Torah reading the Torah’s penchant to use outsiders and their ideas to advance the welfare of the Jewish People. After the granting of the Torah on Sinai, Moshe attempts to institute a one-man – himself – system of justice for the Jewish people. In theory, this is the ideal system, for everyone would wish to be heard and judged by Moshe. There cannot be anyone better or wiser to hear disputes and render clarifications of Torah ordinances and values than Moshe Rabbeinu. Yet, like many, if not even the greatest ideas in theory, do not usually work out in practice in the messy world of everyday human behavior and life. It is the complete outsider, Yisro, who immediately grasps the danger to the people and to Moshe that is inherent in his role as the sole judge of the Jews. Yisro cautions Moshe that, under such a system, Moshe and the people will wither away because of the impossible physical, emotional,

and organizational strain. Yisro proposes an alternate system of justice, more bureaucratic and cumbersome but infinitely more workable than the one Moses proposed. And Heaven agrees with the outsider; Yisro’s proposal becomes the accepted norm for

Generally, people ignore and even resent the comments and opinions of outsiders on internal or domestic matters. What can an outsider possibly know about how we should behave or how we should run our home, business, or society?

Only outsiders can free us from the bonds of our own self-imposed subjectivity.

justice for that generation of Jewish people. Moshe himself agrees with the wisdom of Yisro’s words. The fact that Yisro is a complete outsider in Jewish society of that time in no way disqualifies his observations and suggestions.

Yet, as the professional fields of counselling in all sectors and disciplines in our society continue to grow and expand, we are witness to the value of outside guidance. It is their “outsiderness” that provides a perspective that the person or soci-

ety cannot achieve by itself. The rabbis of the Talmud phrased it succinctly and correctly: “A prison inmate cannot free himself by himself from his incarceration.” As it was in the case of Yisro, it is the outsider – oftentimes the ultimate outsider – who may be the key to progress and who offers a better perspective on the challenges facing us. We should never deliberately close our ears to what is being said about us or to advice given, even if it is not requested. The great unmatched humility of Moshe allowed him not only to accept the words and advice of Yisro, but also to cherish them, and even openly credit Yisro for his insight and wisdom, Moshe will say to Yisro later in the Torah, “You have been to us our guide and eyes.” Only outsiders can free us from the bonds of our own self-imposed subjectivity. This is one of the great subliminal teachings that fill the Torah and instruct us about life. Shabbat shalom.

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From the Fire

Parshas Yisro Mending our Vessels By Rav Moshe Weinberger Adapted for publication by Binyomin Wolf


hen Hashem gave us the Torah on Har Sinai, He was our Rebbe, our Melamed, and He brought us into His “yeshiva” in order to give us the Torah. Every morning, we refer to Hashem as “the Teacher of Torah to His people, Israel.” As the pasuk (Devarim 4:5) says, “See, I have taught you ordinances and statutes.” We learn many of the principles of chinuch, educating our children and ourselves, from how Hashem gave us the Torah. For example, the Torah teaches that the manner in which Hashem gave the Torah was (Devarim 5:4) “Hashem spoke with you face to face...” From this we learn that a rebbe or morah must engage directly with his or her students and not in a backhanded way which is not truly directed at who the students are and what they need. Rav Yaakov Galinsky, shlita, one of the last great magidim, quoted a fascinating Midrash from Koheles Raba 3:15: The Jewish people were fit to be given the Torah as soon as they left Egypt. But Hashem said, “The radiance of their health has not yet returned to my children. They have just left the slavery, mortar, and bricks, and they cannot receive the Torah immediately.” This is comparable to a king whose son has just survived a serious illness and

people begin to say, “Your son should go back to school.” [The king answers,] “The radiance of my son’s health has not yet returned, and you say that he should go back to his school?! Instead, let him take it easy for two or three months with food and drink in order to recover and afterward, he can go back to his school.” So, too, Hashem said, “The radiant health of my children has not yet returned from the slavery, mortar, and bricks from which they just left. Shall I give them the Torah?! Instead, let them take it easy for two or three months with the maan, the well, and quail, and afterward, I will give them the Torah.” When? In the third month, [Sivan]. We learn a fundamental principle of education from this Midrash. One can only act as a vessel to receive the Torah if he feels like a “mensch,” with a sense of dignity and wholeness. Otherwise, he is a broken vessel, and a broken vessel cannot contain the light of Torah. We can see this principle illustrated through several stories. Rav Galinsky relates that although he was never in a concentration camp, he lived in a displaced persons camp in Berlin immediately after the war. At that time, once the war was over, the enormity of what everyone had been through and what they had lost began to sink in. The camp was in

a constant state of mourning. The sounds of crying, groaning, and weeping came from all directions at all hours of the day and night: “Everything is lost!” “Everyone was killed!” “There is no point in living!” The brokenness of our people at that time stood out in stark relief when, one day, a young man came to Rav Galinsky and asked him to officiate at his marriage to young woman in the camp. It is known that a number of weddings took place at that time in the camps, but this was the first one and Rav Galinsky was taken aback. When he asked the young man if his kallah, his bride, would cover her hair, he responded that he thought so but that he did not even have a little piece of cloth to use as a tichel, a hair covering. This was the state of the brokenness of our people at that time. They managed to find a piece of cloth and they held the chasunah, although everyone in attendance had only the torn clothing on their backs to wear for the occasion. Reporters even came to cover the “crazy” Jews who were trying to build a new life after losing everything. Our people were broken after the war. When I was little, I would look at an album of pictures taken shortly after the war in America of my parents and the family members who had survived the concentration camps and managed to come to America. I was taken aback

by the fact that none of them wore yarmulkes and that the women did not dress in an Orthodox manner. I asked my father to explain this. Sighing, he tried to explain to me that it was very difficult after the war to rebuild a life of Shabbos, kashrus, yarmulkes, and the like. It wasn’t that they lacked faith or had any great theological questions because of the Holocaust. Really, it was a case of “they have just left the slavery, mortar, and bricks and they cannot receive the Torah immediately.” Everything and everyone they had, including their sense humanity, had been taken from them. They were broken vessels and needed time to come back to themselves in order to regain their ability to receive the Torah. The “radiance” of life never returned to them. As a child, I was once at a friend’s house and his non-frum uncle, who was a survivor, was visiting. He asked me what we were learning in yeshiva. I told him that we were learning Bava Metzia. He asked what page were on, and when I responded, he put his arm over his head to cover it, since he had no yarmulke, and began to recite the page of Gemara I was learning by heart. My friend asked why he didn’t just wear a yarmulke, and he responded vaguely that we simply did not understand. Some people were so broken that they were never able to heal

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and re-receive the Torah. Dovid Hamelech summed this up when he said (Tehillim 116:7-8), “Return, my soul, to your rest because Hashem has dealt generously with you for You have rescued my soul from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from stumbling.” One’s soul can rest only after it has been rescued from death, tears, and stumbling. We can only receive the Torah after Hashem’s children have returned to a state of health. It is well-known that when the Satmar Rav first came to Williamsburg after the war, there were very few survivors from Hungary who were able to join him. He began giving a Gemara shiur, and at that time, there were only four or five people in attendance. They were learning Chullin and as soon as he began giving the shiur the first day, he started telling stories of tzaddikim and giving chizuk. The second day of the shiur, he again started the Gemara but continued telling more stories. The third day, after telling a

few stories, he started asking people how they were doing, whether they were able to find jobs and the like. Finally, on about the fourth day of the shiur, one of the men asked him, “Nu, Rebbe, the Gemara?” The Rebbe answered him, “Does your Gemara have a daf alef, a page

are you doing?’ ‘Did you get that job interview?’ That is daf alef of the Gemara.” These broken Jews around the table needed to begin with daf alef. This is a great principle in educating our children, other people’s children, and even ourselves. It is

One can only act as a vessel to receive the Torah if he feels like a “mensch,” with a sense of dignity and wholeness.

‘one?’” “No,” the man answered, “no Gemara has a daf alef.” The Satmar Rav then explained, “Do you know what daf alef of the Gemara is? Feeling like a mensch. Having a little chizuk. Having someone ask, ‘How

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brought in Chayei Moharan (432) that Rebbe Nachman taught not to push children too much because you don’t know what a boy or girl is going through in life. Many children grow up in difficult environments. It is very hard to push a child to do his or her homework if there is a divorce, some sort of abuse, or a serious illness at home. Rebbe Nachman continued, “It is impossible to explain this matter properly but it is clear to those who are wise and is extremely important for teachers and so too in many other areas. This is a great principle: Do not push yourself more than is appropriate in any matter, rather it should be gradually and patiently.” We see that Rebbe Nachman teaches that even with our own growth, we must not force ourselves to grow until we fulfill our own basic human needs. I know a morah in a girls’ high school who told me that the school keeps a very private file of issues that girls are dealing with at home so that their teachers can keep this in mind in school. They will know if a girl’s home has some serious sickness, divorce, abuse, or any other serious disruption in her life so they can take this into account when working with the girls. Rav Galinksy related another story from shortly after the war. Many of the survivors who made their way to Eretz Yisroel settled


in Bnei Brak. The residents there found two apartments for a group of orphan girls in one apartment building. Because all of these girls had lost their entire families, the apartments were constantly filled with sadness, mourning, and tears. Finally, one of the girls became a kallah, got engaged. She was the first girl in the group to get engaged, and the Shabbos before her chasuna, during her “Shabbos Kallah,” the girls broke out into song and began singing zemiros together for the first time. One of the neighbors ran down to the Chazon Ish, zt”l, complaining, “It’s Kol Isha, a woman is singing! We should protest!” The Chazon Ish asked him who was singing, and he answered that it was the orphan girls in the apartment. The Chazon Ish answered, “They’re singing!? They’re finally singing! Let them have a little joy! You can take a Shabbos walk in order to avoid hearing them, but the girls must continue singing.” Their “radiance” was finally returning after all the years of misery. When teaching other people or even trying to learn and grow ourselves, we must realize that a person must be a “mensch,” must heal and have human dignity in order to become a solid vessel to contain the Torah. Torah which is poured into broken vessels will only spill out. We must build our children and ourselves up so that we will be able to receive and hold onto the Torah. That is why Chazal (Avos 3:20) say, “Im ein derecho eretz, ein Torah. Without the way of the earth, there is no Torah.” People must have their basic human needs met, must be able to smile, must have the “radiance of their good health” back before they can truly receive the Torah. May Hashem fill all of our needs and make us proper vessels so that we may fulfill our ultimate purpose of receiving, learning, and fulfilling the Torah.

Rav Moshe Weinberger, shlita, is the founding Morah d’Asrah of Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, NY, and serves as leader of the new mechina Emek HaMelech.

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in 4

Parshas Yisro By Eytan Kobre

Weekly Aggada And it came to pass on the next day and Moshe sat to judge the nation, and the nation stood upon Moshe from morning until evening (Shemos 18:13) Come and see how great was the difference between Moshe Rabbeinu and Shmuel HaNavi. Moshe would enter and come to the Holy One Blessed Be He to hear the word of G-d. But with Shmuel, the

Holy One Blessed Be He would come to him (as it says, “And G-d came and stood” [I Shmuel 3:10]). Why so? So said the Holy One Blessed Be He: “I come to man with justice and charity: Moshe would sit and wait for those with a judicial matter to come to him (as it says, “And Moshe sat to judge the nation” [Shemos 18:13]). But Shmuel would trouble himself in each and every district and judge the people so they would not have to inconvenience themselves to come to him. “Moshe sat in one place to judge

the people, so let him come to Me, in the Tent of Meeting, to hear My word; Shmuel went out to the Jewish people in the cities and judged them, so I will go to speak with him” (Shemos Rabba 16:4).

Weekly Mussar And Moshe descended from the mountain to the nation, and he sanctified the nation, and they washed their clothing (Shemos 19:14) This shows us, explains Rashi, that, upon descending from Har Sinai, Moshe did not turn to his other dealings; rather, he went straight to the people to deliver G-d’s Torah. But what would we have expected from Moshe Rabbeinu? Would we ever think that he might turn to his other dealings before transmitting the word of G-d to the people? Of course not. And, in any event, what were Moshe’s other pursuits? Perhaps the Torah here is telling us not just a sequence of events but about the nature of Moshe Rabbeinu’s transmission of the Torah to the people. There is a tendency – more prevalent in each ensuing generation than in the one before it – to view the Torah and its commandments through our lenses, from our perspective, in our circumstances. And some misguided people study and teach the Torah with an agenda or a particular orientation. Not so with Moshe Rabbeinu. He made sure to transmit the Torah “from the mountain to the people” – in its most direct, pure, unbiased, and unadulterated form. Because the Torah does not change to fit our mold; we must change to fit the Torah’s mold.

Weekly Anecdote And you should choose from all the nation, men of valor, fearers of G-d, men of truth, despisers of injustice, and you should place upon them officers of the thousands, officers of the hundreds, officers of the fifties, and officers of the tens (Shemos 18:21) The Chofetz Chaim’s son once received the rejection of a community to which he had sought to serve as rabbi. The son was quite disappointed by the setback, and he poured out his heart to his father. The Chofetz Chaim tried explaining to his son the great burdens and fearsome responsibilities of serving as a communal rabbi, hoping to assuage his son’s feelings of disappointment. But it was no use. So the Chofetz Chaim decided to share with his son something he had shared with no one else…and that his son could share with no one else until after the Chofetz Chaim’s passing... It happened during that brief period of time when the Chofetz Chaim served as the rav of Radin (and it was a significant factor in his decision to leave that post). A kosher grocer had been found selling non-kosher meat and was, of course, vilified as a result. The grocer, with eyes full of tears, promised the Chofetz Chaim that he would never again traffic in non-kosher meats, and he begged the Chofetz Chaim to restore his status of reliability. The Chofetz Chaim considered the grocer’s request. On the one hand, selling non-kosher meat was a grave offense; on the other hand, the grocer did have a family to support and he vowed never to do it again. Ultimately, the Chofetz Chaim agreed to vouch

again for his reliability on the condition that he pay a fine in the form of a sizeable donation of candles to the shul. Soon after this episode, the grocer passed away suddenly. That night, the Chofetz Chaim fell asleep in the shul while learning, and three saintly looking men appeared to him in a dream. “Do you remember that incident with the grocer and the non-kosher meat?” they asked. “When you imposed that fine of candles, what was your intent – to deter him from similar acts in the future or to punish him so that his soul would receive atonement?” After a brief deliberation, the Chofetz Chaim replied that, to the best of his recollection, he had imposed the fine as a deterrent – not for atonement. And with that, the men vanished. The Chofetz Chaim awoke momentarily only to fall back asleep quickly. This time, the panicked grocer came to the Chofetz Chaim in a dream. “Oy, Rebbi. What have you

done to me? When the Heavenly Court sentenced me to be punished for the incident of the non-kosher meat, I tried explaining that I had already received my penance in paying the fine you imposed. But the prosecuting angel argued that the fine was intended as a deterrent, not for atonement. And now that you’ve confirmed that the fine was intended as a deterrent, I’m doomed to be punished harshly. Oy!” The Chofetz Chaim awoke from this dream in a sullen state, sickened over the entire affair. A short while later, he decided to leave the rabbinate altogether. “So you see, my dear Aharon,” he concluded, “how fearsome is the yoke of the rabbinate.”

Weekly Halacha Honor your father and your mother so that your days will be long upon the land that Hashem your G-d gives to you (Shemos 20:12)

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The TheJewish JewishHome Home| |FEBRUARY OCTOBER 13, 29, 2020 2015

85 21

From the Torah’s use of an otherwise seemingly superfluous vav (“v’es”), we derive that there is an obligation to honor one’s older brother (Kesubos 103a). The obligation applies to older brothers, whether from one’s father or one’s mother (Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Dei’ah 240:22), and even if the younger brother is a greater Torah scholar than the older brother (Rama, Yoreh Dei’ah 240:22). There is some debate as to whether this obligation is biblical or rabbinic. While the derivation of this halacha from the extra letter vav might indicate that the obligation is biblical, some authorities rule that it is rabbinic because there is no express Torah directive (Meiri, Kesubos 103a; Rambam, Mamrim 6:15). Others regard the obligation as biblical (Radvaz to Rambam, Mamrim 6:15 [understanding the Rambam as holding the obligation is biblical but called rabbinic because there is no express Torah command]; Minchas Chinuch 33; Sefer Chareidim 12:3; Chayei Adam

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67:23 [citing SeMaK]). Does the obligation attach to all older brothers or just the oldest brother? And sisters? While some hold that the obligation applies only to the oldest, firstborn boy (Rashbam, Bava Basra 131b; Shevus Yaakov 1:76; Pischei Teshuva 240:19), others maintain that the obligation applies to all older siblings. As for older sisters, we are taught that Ula (an Amora) would show great honor to his older sisters (Avoda Zara 17a), which some see as support for the notion that older sisters too must be honored (see e.g. Yad Shaul 240:15). The Weekly Halacha is not meant for practical purposes and is for discussion purposes only. Please consult your own rav for guidance.

Eytan Kobre is a writer, speaker, and attorney living in Kew Gardens Hills. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? E-mail eakobre@outlook.com.

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Think, Feel, Grow

A Fundamental Pit Stop Krias Yam Suf By Shmuel Reichman


s we begin Parshas Yisro, Klal Yisrael has just witnessed the miracles of leaving Mitzrayim and is now traveling towards Har Sinai, ready to receive the Torah. In between these two bookends, however, lies a cosmic event: Krias Yam Suf, the Splitting of the Sea. One can ask, though, why Krias Yam Suf was even necessary. Why couldn’t the Jews go from the spiritual high of the makkos and Yetziyas Mitzrayim straight to Matan Torah? Why did they first have to pass through the sea? This question is strengthened by the commentaries who point out that this journey through the Yam Suf was apparently pointless. The Midrash explains that Klal Yisrael exited on the very same side of the Yam Suf that they entered! If Hashem simply wanted to destroy the Egyptians, there were far easier ways to accomplish this. What was the purpose of such a journey? Commentaries explain that that Krias Yam Suf was, in fact, a necessary step before the Jews could receive the Torah, but their reasoning is quite enigmatic. They emphasize the need for the Jewish people to pass through the waters of the Yam Suf in order to be ready and capable of receiving the Torah. The question we then need to ask is: what is the significance of water in regard to the Jewish People’s journey from Mitzrayim to Har Sinai?

A National Birth Yetziyas Mitzrayim was not merely a physical process, whereby the Jewish people departed from the land of Egypt and traveled towards a different location. It was a spiritual metamor-

phosis, an existential transition, the birth of a People. Prior to leaving Mitzrayim, Bnei Yisrael were a collective of people, but upon leaving, we became a single nation, a single people, a unified whole. The Maharal explains that the fundamental nature of water is that it is formless. Water has no form of its own, rather it takes on the shape of its container. (It is pure chomer, without any tzurah.) The ocean is completely shapeless, and unlike dry land which has paved paths, it has no pathways or landmarks. This characteristic of water is indicative of its essence. Water represents the initial stage in every creative process. Before something becomes expressed and takes on form, it remains in a formless and amorphous state. Through the creative process, physical form emerges from this amorphous beginning. This is why the Torah states that during the original creation of the world, there was initially only water. Only afterwards did dry land emerge from the water. This theme of water as the medium of creation is present again in Parshas Noach, when the Mabul covered the world with water. The deep idea behind the flood is that Hashem was not destroying the world, He was recreating it. The Dor Ha’Mabul became so corrupted that Hashem decided to start over again with Noach alone. Hashem therefore immersed the world in water, so that it could go back into its primordial state of formlessness and void. Only once it went back into its original state could the dry land emerge once again from the waters, recreated. Only once the dry

land emerged, and the world was born once again, did Noach leave the teivah. The Maharal goes on to explain that this same theme is the reason why the Jewish people had to immerse themselves into the waters of the Yam Suf between leaving Mitzrayim and receiving the Torah. Yetziyas Mitzrayim set the stage for the creation and birth of the Jewish People. When they immersed in the waters of the Yam Suf they went through the transformative process of being born as a nation. Thus, just as the creation and recreation of the world were accomplished through water, the Jewish People as a nation had to be formed through water as well. As the Midrash explains, the splitting of the Yam Suf is comparable to a pregnant woman’s water breaking. Klal Yisrael entered the Yam Suf as individuals, but emerged reborn, as a nation. Let us now delve a bit deeper into the birth of the Jewish people and show how Yetziyas Mitzrayim encapsulates this principle.

Recreation The Gemara in Rosh Hashana brings down a debate regarding whether the world was created in Tishrei or in Nissan. There are many opinions that try to resolve this tension and explain the truth behind each perspective. Rashi suggests that that while the world was created in Tishrei, we count the months by Nissan. Tosfos thinks that while Hashem “decided” to create the world in Tishrei, establishing the potential, He actualized that potential in Nissan. A third, and perhaps more pertinent, explanation is discussed as

well, suggesting that while humanity as a whole was created in Tishrei, Klal Yisrael as a nation was created in Nissan, embodying the conceptual creation of a new stage in world history. Thus, we see that Yetziyas Mitzrayim was, in fact, the cosmic moment of creation for Klal Yisrael as a nation. The very first mitzvah given to the Jewish people upon leaving Egypt was the commandment to declare the new month: “Ha’chodesh hazeh lachem rosh chadashim” (Shemos 12:2). Why is this so? This seems like a secondary concept, not nearly as important as the mitzvos of Shabbos, bris milah, and many other such essential mitzvos. But the answer is profound. Upon leaving Egypt, the Jewish people were experiencing their very own birth, their inception as a nation. In doing so, they had to recreate themselves, shedding their slave mentality, and embracing their transcendent purpose as they headed towards Matan Torah. To do so, they needed to receive the koach (power) of newness and control over time. The Hebrew word for month, chodesh, also spells chadash, “new.” A slave has no power over time, no responsibility, no sense of purpose. As part of our birth, we were given a new identity, we were given control over time, and were given a mission to head towards Har Sinai, where we would receive our ultimate purpose by receiving the Torah.

Oneness This idea – the birth of the Jewish People – sheds light on some of the strange halachos of the Korban Pesach, the sacrificial lamb that Klal

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020

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Yisrael ate on the night before leaving Egypt. This lamb had to have been be one year old, roasted, not cut up or broken, eaten within a single house, and in a chabura (group of people). The Maharal explains that each of these halachos symbolizes a single concept: the creation of the oneness of Klal Yisrael. On the first night of Pesach, we embrace and embody this principle to the utmost of our capability. We eat a one year old, reflecting our oneness. It must be roasted, not cooked or boiled, because only by roasting it does the meat remain one, whereby cooking and boiling causes the meat fall apart into separate pieces. It must be roasted whole and mustn’t be cut up at all. One can’t break a single bone, in order to maintain the absolute oneness of the lamb. It has to be eaten in one home and it must be eaten as a chabura to bring family and friends together into a single unified group, reflecting the oneness of Klal Yisrael, whereby each of the individ-

uals are part of a whole greater than themselves. It should be no surprise that the Gemara brings down an opinion stating that whenever a convert enters into the Jewish nation, he should bring a Korban Pesach, regardless of the time of year. The meaning is profound: the Korban Pesach is the means of joining the oneness of Klal Yisrael, as this is what we did in Mitzrayim when we originally became the Jewish People.

Choosing Our Identity Before the Jewish people could receive the Torah, they had to be reborn, recreated with a new identity both as individuals and as a nation. This week, when we read about Matan Torah, we need to realize that we aren’t just remembering what happened thousands of years ago. We are about to re-experience this transformative event ourselves! Yet, before we receive the Torah, we must make sure we go through our very own Krias Yam Suf,

our very own rebirth. Every day, we get to choose who we are, what we believe in, and how we are going to live our lives. Each morning we get to create our identity. We don’t have to continue making the same mistakes again and again. Each day, we can restart anew. Avraham Avinu said, “Anochi afar v’eifer, I am but dirt and ashes.” Most people understand this to mean that Avraham was a humble man. However, there is a deeper explanation as well. Ashes represent an elemental breakdown of something. Dirt represents the starting point of growth, the place where seeds are planted. Avraham was saying that every day he would “ash” himself, breaking himself down into his elemental and root form, and then plant himself anew in a field of dirt. In other words, Avraham would recreate himself every single day. He never continued living on the same way simply because he had done so yesterday. Each and every day, he looked deep within himself,

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broke himself down, and recreated himself anew. May we all be inspired to embark on a journey of genuine “afar v’eifer,” finding excitement and meaning in our constant growth and internal recreation. This year, as we read about Matan Torah, may we each be inspired to undergo a genuine rebirth in our own personal lives, create an even more empowering identity, and prepare ourselves to experience a true Matan Torah. Shmuel Reichman is an inspirational speaker, writer, and coach who has lectured internationally at shuls, conferences, and Jewish communities on topics of Jewish thought and Jewish medical ethics. He is the founder and CEO of Self-Mastery Academy (ShmuelReichman.com), the transformative online course that is revolutionizing how we engage in self-development. You can find more inspirational lectures, videos, and articles from Shmuel on his website, ShmuelReichman.com.

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90 70

FEBRUARY 13,2015 2020| |The TheJewish JewishHome Home OCTOBER 29,


Chat with


By Tzvi Dear I t ’ s cause for celebration when an focus at different times on diverse subject matters Abie, we’re very excited that album is released that of interest and significance for our community. after all these years you’re recaptures the magic of releasing a new album Your songs inspire a lot of people – that together with Shlomo the past while possessing the must be very rewarding. Do you like getSimcha – Aish Volume ting feedback about the people you have 3. energy and cutting-edge muinspired? You have quite a I am truly grateful for having had the oppordiverse portfolio sical talent of today. The debut tunity to inspire others. Coincidentally, I was with the Marvelous of Aish 3, featuring the spectacudiscussing this very same theme with Shlomo Midos Machine, Simcha the other day and we both came to the D veyk us, Jou rlar joint efforts of Abie Rotenberg, conclusion that, as long as we try our best, we neys, and other don’t need to know of particular successes. Our albums. Are you Shlomo Simcha and Doni Gross, job is to try to inspire as much as possible. If we able to ea sily touch a chord with a person or persons and hear jump back and will be cherished by knowledgeabout it then, baruch Hashem, we are very gratfor th bet wee n able Jewish music fans worldwide. ified. But whether or not we see results, we just musical genres have to keep on going, doing what we can. The or does it require This week, TJH spoke with musical chips will fall where they will fall. you to focus on one of them for an legend Abie Rotenberg about his This is a question I often think about: who extended period of would you say are the three most influentime? new album, the song that took tial Jewish composers in the modern era, No. It takes 100% him the longest to compose, post-Holocaust? I have Abie Rotenberg in full immersion in each of my list, but I know you won’t go there, so the genres at the time that and the genius of “I’m a Hipwho are your three? I am working on them. I feel Shlomo Carlebach, Baruch Chait, and Yosblessed that I’ve been able to popotamus.”

The 13, TheJewish JewishHome Home| ||FEBRUARY OCTOBER 29, 29, 2020 2015 The Jewish Home OCTOBER 2015

si Green. You can’t go wrong with those very talented, wonderful, and amazing composers. They have all made our lives so much more enjoyable. What advice would you give someone who has a musical ear and plays guitar or piano regarding how to write a good song? I would say if someone has a good ear, they don’t even need to know how to play an instrument to write a good niggun. I wrote some songs as a teenager before I even knew how to play. That being said, my recommendation is that one should not be intimidated. If something pops into your head or moves you, express it musically! If it becomes a big hit… mah tov u’mah naim. And if not, so what? I’ve written hundreds of clunkers, with certainly more to come. If you had to take three CDs to an island, one of yours and two from other artists, which three CDs would you take and why? In the Palace of the King (Shlomo Carlebach), Megama (Moshe Yess and Shalom Levine), and Marvelous Midos Machine Volume I, because it has the incredible fusion of melody and scintillating lyrics in the song “I’m a Hippopotamus.” Now “I’m a Hippopotamus” is going to be in my head for two days. My kids will be thrilled!

Do you enjoy performing? I don’t consider distracting people for an hour or two to be my calling. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with doing that. It’s just not my thing. But I do enjoy impacting people through music and helping them feel a connection to Hakadosh Baruch Hu if possible. I’m sure you have had some prett y interest ing performances. Yes! I was once on a riverboat in Mexico and taught the mariachi band onboard a Carlebach niggun. They played it beautifully! What’s the quickest that it ever took you to compose a hit song? Good question – “Acheinu” comes to mind as a song that was seamless. It almost seemed as if it wrote itself. What was the longest that it ever took you to compose a song? The lyrics for “Memories” from Journeys II took over five years to finalize. Five years! Does your musical creativity ebb and flow? In other words, are there areas in your life when you are more creative or was there one period when you wrote more hits than at any other time? What was it about that period that

enabled you to write so prolifically? The answer, of course, is yes. I, like anyone else, am affected by externalities. In times of joy, there is the musical expression of that simcha. In times of pain, the very opposite. I’ll give you an example. The song on Aish Volume II, “Yerushalayim Harim Saviv Lah, Va’Hashem Saviv L’amo” was written after a particularly bad incident in Eretz Yisrael during the Intifada. I love your lyrics and the themes of your songs. Are any of your English songs based on real stories? Certainly. The ones that come to mind off the top my head are “The Man from Vilna,” “Country Boy,” “The Rebbe of Lublin,” “Rabbi Akiva…” I’m sure there are more. Is Doctor Midos retired or does he have another act? It’s been a while since my Corn Flakes box has spoken to me. I’m sorry to hear that. Mine won’t stop singing to me! I’m not sure. I’ll have to ask him. He’s changed his cell number, and I’m having a hard time reaching him! Not very good midos, wouldn’t you agree? Well, maybe he is just smarter than the rest of us… Have you ever been approached by anyone in the secular world to use one of your songs on a movie or show? My cleaning lady thinks Disney

91 71 71

should hire me to write for them. That’s exactly what I was thinking! What is the one song that gets stuck in your head the most? “Baby Shark.” Doo. Doo. Doo. Doo. Doo. Doo. Do you listen to a lot of music throughout the day? I really don’t listen to much contemporary Jewish music. But I do hear songs at weddings and concerts and absorb them over time. There are some very beautiful songs being written these days by wonderful composers world-wide. Let’s talk about the new Aish album. Aish 3 is the latest addition to the Aish series which first came out in the late ‘90s with a follow-up album in 2003. They featured my compositions performed together with Shlomo Simcha. Baruch Hashem, those albums produced songs that have become a part of the Jewish music lexicon. “Mi Adir,” “Habeit,” “Birchas Habayis,” “Ilan,” and “Yedid Nefesh” are but some of the melodies that come to mind. This third album has been in the works for the past two years. It is a collaboration of myself, Shlomo Simcha, and a dynamic, young arranger by the name of Doni Gross. The songs are a variety of niggunim in Hebrew. We are very confident that the Jewish music public will enjoy and embrace it.

92 72

FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

How do you feel knowing that Aish songs have had a profound impact upon so very many people? I feel very blessed to have had the privilege of writing songs that have resonated with people. To know that one’s songs are played at a kumzitz, a chuppah, or used by chazanim to adorn their tefillos is very gratifying. The many Dveykus and Journeys albums I’ve been involved in, as well as the first two Aish recordings, contain compositions that many have enjoyed and that they, in turn, have passed onto their children and grandchildren. Although it has taken many years, I am equally proud of this new third Aish album. I feel that it, too, has many wonderful songs that have the potential to uplift and inspire the Jewish music-loving public. Can you give your listeners some background on how Aish got started? Sure. Shlomo Simcha moved to Toronto in 1993 where I had been living for close to a decade. I had already produced several Dveykus and Journeys albums. Shloimie was experiencing wonderful success as a vocalist and was in the process of releasing a second album when we met. We hit it off personally as well as musically and the idea of working together – with the convenience of living in close proximity – made perfect sense. Slowly we gathered material, and over time and piano ivories, we forged a connection that led to a selection of songs that we were excited to bring to life. The signature sound of Aish Volume I gained it both popular and critical acclaim and it led to a popular second Aish album a few years later. But, as is often the case, life can be complicated, and other projects and aspirations put Aish on the back burner. It took the doggedness and determination of Doni Gross to get us back together again. We are so grateful that he did. A lot has changed on the music scene since Aish has last released an album. Was there a push to modernize or revamp the classic Aish approach? Or

new Aish. I must confess, however, that I have been struggling to compose original lyrics in English, as in the Journeys style. There is, however, good news. During the past year I’ve seen some encouraging success in that area as well and hope to be able to produce another Journeys album at some point in the future.

Abie with Shlomo Simcha and Doni Gross

was it about staying true to Aish’s roots? That is a difficult question to answer. I would have to say that I’m too old to change my spots even if I had an inclination to do so…and I don’t. Nevertheless, I don’t live in a vacu-

too old-fashioned for their contemporary tastes. There are also two songs on Aish 3 written by sons of mine. “Pdeh” possesses an old-fashioned simplicity that is deeply moving and hartzig. “Keshoshana” is a chuppah song of

“I was once on a riverboat

in Mexico and taught t he mariachi band onboard a Carlebach niggun.”

um and am exposed to the music of today at every concert and wedding I attend. Its influence upon me however, is certainly much less than it is upon today’s youth…simply because my “girsa d’yankesa,” the sounds I heard growing up, dominate my musical DNA. At the same time, I do enjoy the challenge of breaking new ground, and with Doni as a co-producer and arranger, it was much easier to venture a bit out of my comfort zone. I am hopeful that fans of my earlier music will not feel that I’ve strayed too far. I am also optimistic that the youth of today will not feel that the songs are

complexity and beauty that draws the heart closer to Hakadosh Baruch Hu as expressed so beautifully by Shlomo Hamelech in Shir Hashirim. Abie, there have been rumors that you’ve been experiencing some form of writer’s block during the past decade. Is there any truth to that? The answer is both yes and no. There has never been an extended period of time in my career during which I did not compose melodies. Some of them are, in fact, very close to my heart and are featured on the

I love it! Can’t wait! Can you tell us a bit more about who the new Aish album features? Aish 3 has an eclectic mix of voices and styles. We had wonderful guest vocalists including (in alphabetical order) Benny Friedman, Rivie Schwebel, Tzvi Silberstein and the very popular Israeli singer, Chaim Yisrael. Rivie is featured on the song “Lev Tahor” which is a melody I wrote a long time ago in honor of his 40th birthday. The niggun waited patiently on ice, aging like fine wine, for this special opportunity. As Rivie himself said, “To sing this song on Aish 3 was nothing short of a zechus. Aish is music that truly brings out the ‘fire’ in every person.” The compositions, in my opinion, are diverse, interesting and, in many cases, inspirational. We are very confident that the Jewish music public will enjoy and embrace it. And I truly thank you for granting us the opportunity to bring it to the public’s awareness through your wonderful publication. Is the album available for download purchase? CDs are available wherever Jewish music is sold. Downloads can be only be purchased directly from musicofaish.com. And, to show our appreciation, readers of The Jewish Home can save 20% off the list price, by entering “jewishhome20” when checking out online. On behalf of the readers, thank you. I already have the album and I, too, want to personally thank you for all of the great music that you have put out over the years. Personally, this album is exactly what the musical doctor ordered for me. I haven’t stopped listening to it for three days straight. Abie, you are the best we’ve got! Thank you!

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

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94 60

FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Dating Dialogue

What Would You Do If… Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW of The Navidaters

Dear Navidaters,

I have been suggested many times to a really nice sounding boy whom I desperately want to go out with. My dad is a doctor in our area, and he claims that this boy is not a fit for me. When I ask him why, he always avoids giving an answer. I finally got the truth when the fourth person thought of it and my parents still nixed it. Finally, I spoke to someone who confided some details that made me realize why my dad likely keeps nixing this. Apparently, growing up, this boy was always sick. His mom was bringing him in to the office for this or that for years, whether it was strep, ear infections, allergies galore, infections – always worried about things. It always seemed like his mother either thought he had something, or he actually did have something. From what I’ve seen on the outside, he seems like a really nice and normal, stable guy, and he has said “yes” to going out with me already. My parents are adamant though that this not something we want to touch with a ten-foot pole (not just because he might be contagious). I’m sure the reason, after speaking to someone else who knows more to the story, is that it is because it seemed like either he or his mother was always craving medical attention. Is that even a thing? Shouldn’t I be able to go out and see for myself? It’s not like I get such good suggestions every day. Or are they really valid and helping me dodge a bullet? I’d love to hear what the panel thinks. Thank you, Aliza

Disclaimer: This column is not intended to diagnose or otherwise conclude resolutions to any questions.

Our intention is not to offer any definitive

conclusions to any particular question, rather offer areas of exploration for the author and reader. Due to the nature of the column receiving only a short snapshot of an issue, without the benefit of an actual discussion, the panel’s role is to offer a range of possibilities. We hope to open up meaningful dialogue and individual exploration.

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The Panel The Rebbetzin Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, M.S. liza, trust your father who has your best interests in mind. He has not violated the rules that guide his profession (HIPAA and more) for your sake but is being rigid about this for the reason you found out. He is sensing something seriously wrong there. As a veteran community physician, your father has developed strong people skills and picks up dynamics between family members who frequent his practice. Trust his caring for his daughter, his professional ethics, and his antennae. Unhealthy attention-seeking for someone in a person’s care such as a child, old person, or disabled person is more than “a thing.” It’s a serious psychological condition called Munchhausen by Proxy. While I am a layperson and not a mental health professional, it’s obvious to me that your father is picking up symptoms that may indicate this. Don’t be smarter than your loving, smart, ethical father who is a medical professional. No one else in your circles has these qualities and is committed to you. Definitely stay away. Besides for the obvious lesson in this case, you need to work on another takeaway. Why do you feel like you are not getting good suggestions? Perhaps you are feeling needy. Perhaps you are feeling like someone has to fit exactly into the profile you want. Perhaps the boxes that you want ticked off are neither as important nor as suitable as you might think. Examine yourself, your needs, your maturity, and your relationship with your parents and develop yourself further with help.


The Mother Sarah Schwartz Schreiber, P.A. he term “hypochondriac” has become somewhat of a punchline. It evokes images of some hapless fellow sporting an ice bag over a fevered brow: one arm enveloped


in a sling, popping pill after pill, and moaning in agony. Maybe “hypochondriac” makes you think of a little boy stretched out on a sofa, clutching his aching belly, the requisite thermometer stuck in one corner of his (smirking) mouth, his mother lovingly anointing him with warm compresses. To doctors, “factitious disease,” aka Munchausen’s Syndrome, is no laughing matter. It takes a steep economic and psychological toll – costing society millions in futile diagnostic tests and medical procedures, not to mention lost productivity due to bogus sick calls. From a practitioner’s perspective, it can be frustrating to deal with a chronic malingerer or the parent who recurrently shleps his child to the pediatrician for everything: from dandruff (psoriatic arthritis!!!) to freckles (malignant melanoma!!!). It’s no wonder your father has declined the shidduch – he may remember the guy as a whining, sickly little boy or, even worse, his mother as an anxious, annoying, and overprotective mother. He may have interpreted her frequent visits as a sign of emotional neediness, insecurity, or her way of proving she’s a competent, caring parent. Your dad may have been his pediatrician, but he’s no different from any father – whether principal, teacher, camp counselor, or friend – who is privy to sensitive information and chooses, without sharing details, to protect his daughter from an adverse situation. Your parents, especially your father, cannot un-know what he knows about the young man. Your youthful optimism causes you to believe that people do change: sniveling little boys grow up and become great guys. Young, overbearing women mature and find that “sweet spot” of balanced mothering. If there’s any hope for this shidduch, it necessitates meticulous research on the guy and his family (especially his mother). If you choose to proceed (after completing the full court investigation) sit down with your parents and have that heart-to-heart. They may remain skeptical and unconvinced; you may choose to ignore their

foreboding and opt to “see for yourself” if and how the guy has changed. Whatever your decision, should you go out, tuck a first aid kit, loaded with Tylenol and Tums, into your handbag. A girl can’t be too careful…

The Shadchan Michelle Mond our people independently thought of a suggestion for you, and it is someone who you’re actually excited about. The only problem? Your parents seem to have nixed the shidduch based on information. Sounds familiar to me! However, Aliza, this is not merely information. From what you describe, these are serious facts. We are not talking about something told to somebody who told somebody else.


Should you go out, tuck a first aid kit, loaded with Tylenol and Tums, into your handbag.

What you describe seems to be a valid, understandable, and legitimate reason for your parents to set aside this idea for now. I give your parents a lot of credit for keeping all the details quiet despite your persistence. With the light shed by the person who knows more information, I must advise you to trust your parents on this one. Trust

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me, nobody wants you to get married more than your parents do; they want what is best for you. This boy might be a lovely boy with an amazing family, who will quickly settle down with someone who does not have a personal connection to the family, or know about his mother’s possible issues, or his constant doctors’ visits. I am not saying that this boy is in any way unmarriageable, chas v’shalom! What I am saying is that the person who is destined for him does not have such a personal close connection to this boy, his med-

ical issues, or mother’s constant fears of ailments. If you google it, you will see that there is actually a diagnosis for a parent like this. Without knowing any details, it is not my place to mention a possible diagnosis, but hey, anything is possible. It could also be that this boy was very sick all the time as a child, and there was nothing wrong with his mother’s reaction. For now, follow the famous adage: there are plenty more fish in the sea. Take this whole episode as a bracha – Hashem is shielding you for now. Respect your parents and keep dating.

Pulling It All Together

The Zaidy Dr. Jeffrey Galler his is not a very complicated question, and I’m surprised that after all your years of education, and after growing up in a physician’s household, you have not been able to figure it out for yourself. You know, or should know, that a physician is strictly prohibited from revealing confidential medical information. Your father is trying to protect you but is bound by very real and ver y consequential medical regulations. Why you are even thinking of going out with this young man


Nobody wants you to get married more than your parents do.

after what your dad has told you is a complete mystery to me. My strong opinion is for you to drop this matter completely, and be very careful to never hint or suggest to anyone what has happened. Any slight slip of your tongue could cause irreparable harm to your father’s medical practice and to the young man in question.

The Navidaters Dating and Relationship Coaches and Therapists


ear Aliza, Thank you for writing in. I’m stumped. I don’t feel comfortable giving you any sort of advice because there is so much conjecture. The only thing I can offer is to possibly confuse you more by way of asking questions. Some situations, without enough information, are simply above my paygrade. Was your father this guy’s pediatrician? If so, your dad is in a pickle because legally he can’t divulge what he knows about this man or his mother. Patients are entitled to privacy and confidentiality. If your dad knows something for a fact, poor guy! He is in an awful position between obeying the law and protecting his daughter. If this boy was not sick and his mother brought him for excessive amounts of medical attention, she may or may not have a condition which I don’t want to even suggest because I don’t think it would be ethical on my part to surmise. It sounds like you’re not sure if his mother was “seeking” medical attention or if this guy truly was sick as a child. How do you feel about dating someone who was sick as a child? To

pl ay de v i l’s advocate for a moment, I know children who are sick around the clock with colds and the flu and recurrent bouts of strep and numerous allergies. Their parents do not want this for their children or themselves. If you decide to date him, and meet his mother, I think it may become obvious if she has a certain condition. Lots of family members have mental health issues/disorders. If everyone with a family member with a mental health issue didn’t get married, there would be thousands less marriages. Aliza, this is a situation with no perfect answer. Here is a currently (seemingly) great guy who has been suggested four times. You’ve also been given a firm “no” from your parents who you trust. At the end of the day, I’m hoping that you get to decide what you want to do. People are often so scared of going out with someone because of what they’ve heard. (Your situation is different because it seems like your father, whom you trust and

may have been this boy’s doctor, is telling you to stay far away.) As a general rule of thumb, it’s important and helpful to keep in mind that one date is not marriage. Let’s call a spade a spade. The only way for anyone to get to know anyone else is to spend a significant amount of time with that person. If you are prepared to take the risk, go for it. If you are prepared to walk away from this, that is a fine option as well. I wish I could have been of more help. All the best, Jennifer

Jennifer Mann, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and dating and relationship coach working with individuals, couples, and families in private practice at 123 Maple Avenue in Cedarhurst, NY. She also teaches a psychology course at Touro College. To set up a consultation or to ask questions, please call 516-2247779, ext. 2. Visit www.thenavidaters. com for more information. If you would like to submit a dating or relationship question to the panel anonymously, please email thenavidaters@gmail. com. You can follow The Navidaters on FB and Instagram for dating and relationship advice.

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ÂĽ Dr. Yitzchak Glick, M.D.

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Health & F tness

A Coffee a Day Keeps the Doctor Away By Cindy Weinberger MS, RD, CDN


any of us owe much gratitude to our daily cups of coffee. Coffee is our morning savior and gets many of us through the day without looking completely like zombies. Besides for the gratifying taste and mouthwatering aroma of fresh brewed coffee, coffee offers us many more amenities. Studies show that coffee drinkers are

benefitting from more than just the energy-boosting caffeine in coffee. Coffee offers benefits such as cancer prevention, diabetes improvement, and depression-lowering effects – just to name a few. Coffee tends to have a bad reputation. It’s generally the first item banned from many diets. Although drinking too many cups a day is

linked to increasing heart rate, there are several surprising health benefits to that morning cup of coffee – as long as you keep your consumption down to two to three cups maximum per day and skip the cream and sugar. Here are some convincing reasons why coffee is considered good for you: 1. Coffee is good for your memory Studies show that two cups a day of caffeinated coffee can strengthen your long- and short-term memory, as well as reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease generally affects people above the age of 65 and is the number one cause of dementia worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease, however, studies show that coffee drinkers have up to a 65% lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. 2. Depression-lowering effects Depression is a serious mental disorder that causes a significantly reduced quality of life, affecting approximately 4% of people in the U.S. According to a study in 2011, women who drank four cups of coffee daily were 15% less likely to develop depression. 3. Coffee speeds up metabolism The caffeine in your morning coffee has also been linked to boosting your metabolism, which aids in weight loss. Studies show that caffeine boosts your metabolism by 3-11%. This may be due in part to the laxative effects of caffeine. Caffeine is also found in almost all fat-burning

supplements since it has been proven to aid in weight loss. 4. Lowers diabetes risk According to several studies, drinking coffee can lower your risk of developing Type II diabetes by 50% if you have a history of Type II diabetes in your family. Type II diabetes affects about 300 million people worldwide and is a major health concern. 5. Increases endurance Drinking coffee increases one’s energy prior to a workout in addition to increasing one’s endurance while exercising. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, causing it to send signals to the fat cells to break down the body fat, releasing free fatty acids into the blood to be used as fuel. Try to have a strong cup of coffee about a half hour before you hit the gym. 6. Helps prevent Parkinson’s disease After Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease. As with Alzheimer’s, there is no known cure for Parkinson’s disease, which makes it all the more important to focus on prevention. A study reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that drinking up to three cups of caffeinated coffee daily is linked to a 25% lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. 7. Prevents gout Gout is a common form of inflammatory arthritis affecting joints in men and women. Coffee has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties and is associated with re-

ducing uric acid, the cause of gout. 8. Antioxidants Coffee is packed with antioxidants. As crazy as it may sound, some people get more antioxidants from coffee than from fruits and vegetables. But don’t stop eating your fruits and vegetables! 9. Reduces prostate cancer risk Cancer is one of the top 3 leading causes of death in the U.S. and worldwide. A study published in August 17, 2015 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that consumption of four or more cups of coffee a day may be associated with a significantly reduced cancer recurrence and mortality in patients with stage III of the disease. Researchers examined the effect of coffee on colon cancer recurrence and survival among 953 patients with stage III colon cancer. Participants filled out questionnaires during their chemotherapy and for about a year after, reporting their dietary intake of caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee,

and non-herbal tea. Results demonstrated that those who consumed four or more cups of coffee a day had a 43% reduction in recurrence and were 33% less likely to die from the cancer, as compared to those who did not drink coffee. The researcher

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020


sized that caffeine improves insulin sensitivity which, in turn, may help reduce inflammation, which are risk factors for diabetes and cancer. After reading this, I’m sure everyone’s instinct will be to grab a cup

As crazy as it may sound, some people get more antioxidants from coffee than from fruits and vegetables.

stated that the reason why he studied the effects of coffee on colon cancer is because coffee is found to improve Type II diabetes. Risk factors for diabetes are also associated with colon cancer. Furthermore, he hypothe-

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of coffee. Of course, as with all good things, moderation is key. Despite all the benefits of consuming caffeine, excessive coffee consumption is associated with cardiovascular problems such as an increased heart rate

or high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. Besides, all that caffeine can become addictive. Experts agree that the positive outweighs the negative for most people, but remember to consume in moderation. Although some of the above research promotes four cups of coffee daily, I would recommend not more than 2-3 cups a day. With 2-3 cups of caffeinated coffee a day, you will still reap the benefits and fill those coffee cravings!

Cindy Weinberger MS, RD, CDN, is a Master’s level Registered Dietitian and Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist. She graduated CUNY Brooklyn College receiving a Bachelor’s in Science and Master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences. She is currently a dietitian at Boro Park Center and a private nutrition consultant. She can be reached at CindyWeinberger1@ gmail.com. Follow us on Instagram @ EatBetterandFeelBetter.

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Dr. Deb

Communication By Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.


e don’t communicate. That’s our problem.” Say that 21 different ways, but it boils down to the #1 complaint of married couples. Yet the biggest thing I learned from my couple program is that that is not the real problem.

I put communication right up front, Week 2. And I sent out automated texts reminding people to turn in their samples of their conversations. Lots of messages. And…nada. Nothing. “We were never home at the same time.” Oh, really?



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“We just keep it light.” What for? This course is for deep, not light. “We have nothing to say.” Sure. Even with the list of topics I provided you? “We don’t know where to begin.” Excuse me? I have detailed instructions for that. So I learned my lesson. The real reason people aren’t even practicing communication within the safety of my course is that [drumroll, please] they’re afraid. And the reason behind that is that they are not facing their own emotions. Well, there are two reasons. That one is the first. See, the truth is that there is no such thing as objectivity. That’s why the Torah teaches that we can’t give even a small gift to a judge – it would influence him or her. Everything we can imagine that would be an influence is. This is the reason that about 15 years ago the New England Journal of Medicine started requiring research articles to publicly declare where the money came from to fund the research. Other journals followed suit, and today all researchers must declare if there is an “conflict of interest.” We are totally guided and persuaded by our emotions and then we rationalize a good-sounding reason to support our position. Not the other way around; that is, we don’t figure out something logically first and then “see how it feels.” Neuroscience even pinpoints how

and where in the brain this happens. In fact, emotional centers in the brain are in direct communication with our thinking center, the prefrontal cortex. And just to be clear, the influence is not equal in both directions: Emotional parts of the brain (limbic system) communicate more to the prefrontal cortex than the PFC communicates back to the limbic system. Emotion processing takes places throughout the brain and nearly all parts of it require emotional input in order to make sense of things. What does this mean for communication? Our feelings must be “right” for communication to take place. Otherwise, it just won’t. These “right” feelings include: • We have to feel safe. In other words, we will not open up and speak our truth from the heart if we think that what we say is going to be used against us at some point in the future, even as a joke. • We have to know what we feel – something not always so easy • We have to know what triggers us so we can head that off before it happens • We have to know for sure that the person we’re talking to will not trigger us. This is another example, but an entirely different one, of needing to be safe. If our behavior triggers our partner, they may react with anger – that’s not something we want. Now, if you examine this list, it’s very short. But oh, what a world of problems lays within these few items. And this is what everyone was afraid

of, this list. And that is why they didn’t talk. Now the most interesting thing is that feelings, safety, and triggers play an important part of my course. Knowing these and knowing how to deal with them is essential. But even more important than knowing them is having the tools for self-soothing and calming. Because what I’ve encountered is that people who have been triggered in the past or haven’t felt safe in the past anticipate more of the same in the present, and, therefore, will not engage in a conversation. So, “we don’t communicate” is a little disingenuous. They don’t because they won’t!

A Need for Trust Having recognized triggers and clarified one’s own feelings isn’t enough to get past this obstacle. My clients worked hard! They did all that. But the past popped its ugly head into the mix and made people cross their arms over their chests and take

a stance of “not on your life!” “No way will I open up to you and leave myself vulnerable!” Even apologizing for the past was not enough for partners to overcome that instinctive fear of stepping on a landmine.

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020


formation being used against you and safe from yourself being a trigger for your spouse to lash out. These things, however, are covered in the self-love course. No one can be admitted to the communication course until they’ve mastered their own emotions. But

Trust-building becomes the foundation of feeling able to share one’s soul.

So, I’ve made “communication” a course of its own. It follows the course on self-love which is crucial, but not always sufficient to get the conversation going. And, obviously, trust-building becomes the foundation of feeling able to share one’s soul. But how do you build trust? Feeling safe is of course a given – safe from in-

there is still one more element of trust needed: and that is to be understood. There is nothing more frustrating – and alienating – than to open up only to be misunderstood. After that, you certainly won’t make that mistake again. So I’ve developed conversational trust-building exercises to assure that

each partner feels they can trust the other person to “get” them. That is the pinnacle of open communication. That and following the rules of great communication to be willing and able to go deep in your sharing are the “legs” supporting this new course. This eight-week course will be the lead-in to a ten-month mastermind that will take people slowly through the process of deep connection, falling in love, and passion. I’m pretty excited about it! After all, we spend a lot of money on our houses. And all too often, they are not a home, not a place of rest for the soul, not a place of comfort and happiness. What’s a house if it’s not a home? This mastermind builds that home on a solid foundation of great communication. Dr. Deb Hirschhorn is a Marriage and Family Therapist. If you want help with your marriage, begin by signing up to watch her Masterclass at https://drdeb. com/myw-masterclass.

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Health & F tness

Winter 2020 — The Virus By Hylton I. Lightman, MD, DCH (SA), FAAP


t’s been quite the sick season, and it’s not even the middle of February yet. Your child is coughing or sneezing. The runny nose (yuck). The fever which can make even the most rambunctious child into an endearingly pathetic creature. Waiting rooms in pediatric and adult offices are overflowing with sick patients. In a not small number of cases, patients are complaining about being “frequent flyers” at the doctors’ offices. We get it. How “easy” it would be to diagnose strep throat, educate about and prescribe antibiotics, pray that patients are compliant with taking them, and then be done. Alas, that does not seem to be in the cards for winter 2020. Why? Because at the present time, so much sickness is viral driven. Yes, viruses are driving those sore throats and stomach pain. Viruses cannot and should not be treated with antibiotics. Rather viruses should be left alone – of course, they should be monitored – so they take their course, building the child’s immune system, despite the discomfort. In other words, there should be no antibiotics. More about that later. Allow me to share with you some facts about viruses and children.

What’s a Virus? A virus is a germ that causes in-

fections. Among the hundreds of viruses that abound, readers are most likely familiar with the common cold, bronchiolitis, ear infections, tonsillitis, mumps, chicken pox, and (groan) the flu. Colds are common in child and the average school age child has at least six colds annually. Further, it is typical for healthy children to have up to 12 viral illnesses per year in the first years of life. Other typical happenings – • That a child is recuperating from one virus and is socked with another • Once one or two children are going to school or a babysitter outside the home, typically, the younger siblings pick up all those germs as their own and they become a revolving door of one virus after another • As children get older, the frequency of catching viral illnesses usually lessens – but the younger family members are still vulnerable. Sorry. What are the signs and symptoms of viruses? • A blocked or runny nose • Red, watery eyes • Sore throat • Fever • Rashes that turn white for a second or so after you push on them with your index finger. You can also press the side of a clear drinking glass over the rash and see if it

blanches. Please wash the glass afterwards. • Sneezing and/or coughing • Vomiting and/or diarrhea • Lethargy – wanting to sleep more than usual • Lack of or decrease in appetite • Feeling overall unwell

How Do Viruses Spread? They spread because children are in close contact with one another. There are tiny droplets from the nose due to sneezing or having a runny nose. There are also droplets from the mouth due to saliva or coughing. Viruses can also spread via exposure to vomiting or feces (especially when one has diarrhea). It is all about inhalation. A child can be exposed to a virus yet the virus does not instantly appear in the child. Rather, it incubates for a bit. It may take a few days for symptoms to appear or it can incubate for up to 2-3 weeks. In playgroups and schools, children are sharing toys and books and are sitting practically on top of one another. That’s normal. At present, there are many viruses that are causing infection in the neighborhood. We can have multiple infections at the same time. Besides the flu (A and B), where symptoms are ameliorated having had the flu vaccine, there are adenovirus (feels much iller and even seems to appear as if bacterial), rhino/entero, coro-

na (the non-Chinese novel version), and RSV (respiratory synertial virus which causes wheezing in younger, vulnerable children.

Preventative Measures First, practice good hygiene. This includes regularly washing hands thoroughly with soap and water (it should be a child’s first activity when coming home from wherever). Don’t share cups or cutlery or anything that has been in another person’s mouth. Teach children how to sneeze or cough into their elbow. In fact, when kids come through the door from school, think about moving up bath time and getting them out of those germ-laden clothes. Also teach your children about “tissue etiquette” – they should use the tissue, throw it in the garbage can, and then wash hands. Immediately. Change the clothing of the older siblings when they return home. Build your child’s immune system through plenty of sleep and a well-balanced diet replete with nutrients. Stay up-to-date with their well visits and immunizations.

What You Can Do So your child catches one of the many viruses that abound this winter. What’s a parent to do? The best treatment is rest at home for a day or two. This means keeping your child home from child care, kindergarten, or school until they

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015 The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

are well again. Being absent from school for a seemingly innocuous virus seems to run against the grain for many parents. My colleagues and I get it – many parents are working outside the home and lining up child care can be quite the challenge. But please, please keep them home from school until they are well again. It will lessen the chances of another virus striking. You will help to break the merry-go-round of the germs. Infants under 3 months of age are another story. Because they can become very ill on the turn of a dime, make sure they assessed by your pediatrician and monitored accordingly. Check for fevers and reach out to your pediatrician. Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics. Why? Because they cannot. Period. Parents are frustrated when told this but it’s important to know why antibiotics are a no-no here. Read further. Overusing antibiotics, especially when they are not warranted, can

backfire and cause harm. Why? It’s all about your gut. My gut, your gut, your child’s gut overflows with bacteria. The problem is antibiotics do not distinguish between “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria. Antibiotics are there to destroy bacteria, which is why it is not uncommon for side effects to include upset stomachs. Overgrowth of “bad bacteria” can cause severe, debilitating, and even life-threatening illnesses. While at home, here are some tips that can make your child (and therefore you, my fellow parents) more comfortable. • When awake, give your child small amounts to drink. Example: Drinking a mouthful of water every 15 minutes. This will help to moisten the throat and, in turn, ease the sore throat, as well as push fluids which are important, especially of there is a fever. • This also holds true for nursing or bottle-fed babies. • No appetite? This should not

be a concern. Push liquids. • Rest, rest, rest • Use saline nose drops to clear a baby’s nose. This will make it easier to feed the baby • Use a humidifier to moisten air You may give your children acetaminophen or ibuprofen to be more comfortable (and that will make you more comfortable). Please don’t give aspirin. Check the instructions for proper dosaging. Make sure your child is not already getting other medications that already have acetaminophen or ibuprofen in them; read the ingredients on the packaging. Beware of some “so called natural immune enhances.” Most likely, your child will feel better within several days. However, he may be unwell for up to two weeks. A cough can linger for several weeks. It is not uncommon for a virus to trigger a child’s asthma condition. Treat the asthma as you normally would and ever prophylactically. Speak to your physician.

49 103 49

When should you visit the pediatrician? Great question. Schedule an appointment if: • There are difficulties breathing • If it is difficult to awaken your child • The acetaminophen or ibuprofen do not lessen the pain • Vomiting or diarrhea persists • A high fever persists for longer than 48 hours • A rash or spot does not turn white when you touch it • If there is significantly reduced urine output • Your gut feeling tells you that you need to. This, too, shall pass. As always, daven. Dr. Hylton I. Lightman is a pediatrician and Medical Director of Total Family Care of the 5 Towns and Rockaway PC. He can be reached at drlightman@totalfamilycaremd.com, on Instagram at Dr.Lightman_ or visit him on Facebook.








By Miri am



104 66

FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

In The K


Salmon Dumplings Serves 4-6 By Naomi Nachman

Purim season is upon us, and I am trying to plan ahead with my menu for the seudah. This wonton recipe is so perfect for an appetizer. You can make the dumplings and sauce a day in advance, and boil or fry them up fresh before the seudah. Ingredients Dumplings 1 pound skinless salmon, cut into small dice ½ cup finely shredded carrot ¼ cup finely chopped water chestnuts ¼ cup finely chopped bamboo shoots ¼ cup finely chopped chives 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce ½ teaspoon sesame oil ¼ teaspoon salt 2 cups water

Dipping Sauce (Yields 1/3 cup) 4 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon sesame oil 1 tablespoon rice vinegar 2 teaspoons ginger, minced 2 teaspoons fresh cilantro leaves, chopped

Preparation For the dumplings: Toss the salmon and vegetables with the other ingredients and seasonings. Place one tablespoon of the mixture in the middle of each dumpling wrapper. Lift the edges of the circle and pinch the top together. (You may want to use a cornstarch/water mixture to make sure it sticks.) Gently lower the dumplings into a medium pot with the boiling water, and boil for 3 to 5 minutes. The dumplings are done when the skins are clear and have been floating on the top for 3 minutes. Remove each carefully with a slotted spoon. Serve the dumplings with dipping sauce or soy sauce mixed with minced ginger. Cook’s note: You can also pan-fry the dumplings for a few minutes on each side in a sauté pan. For the dipping sauce: Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Mix together well. For best results, blend ahead of time to allow all flavors to blend. Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Naomi Nachman, the owner of The Aussie Gourmet, caters weekly and Shabbat/ Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within The Five Towns and neighboring communities, with a specialty in Pesach catering. Naomi is a contributing editor to this paper and also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show on the Nachum Segal Network stream called “A Table for Two with Naomi Nachman.” Naomi gives cooking presentations for organizations and private groups throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. In addition, Naomi has been a guest host on the QVC TV network and has been featured in cookbooks, magazines as well as other media covering topics related to cuisine preparation and personal chefs. To obtain additional recipes, join The Aussie Gourmet on Facebook or visit Naomi’s blog. Naomi can be reached through her website, www.theaussiegourmet.com or at (516) 295-9669.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

Pesach 2020 PRESENTS


W hite Oaks Resort

N I A G A R A FA L L S , C A N A D A











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106 74

FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

By Tzvi Dear

A Mi Sheberach for Rush? love Rush Limbaugh. I’ve been listening to him on and off for around 25 years. There are times when I listen to him every day and there are times when I go for months without listening much. It’s like that old friend who you don’t talk to for a long time and then for some reason or another you get in touch and talk to three times in two days. Even then, you know that the bond of your friendship is no different during that time than when you are not in touch at all. Inherently, you feel close, and it’s not dependent on a metric of verbal communication. Now, perhaps you find it funny or even naive for me to talk of Rush as a close friend – after all, I’m just one of 20 million listeners. More cynically,

some may say, “You think Rush cares about you? You’re nothing to him. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, trust me.” I get it, blah, blah, blah. The truth is that it is probably somewhere in between. Radio is intensely personal. There are no visual aids, lures, or distractions. When a broadcaster speaks on the radio, he or she is speaking directly to you in your car, when you’re driving down a highway, sitting in traffic during the rain, waiting for a meeting, etc. It’s you and him – on good days and bad days. The most successful broadcasters use that intimate medium to build a connection with you – a bond that keeps you coming back. Parenthetically, I recently saw a clip of Jerry Seinfeld talking to the world’s most famous shock-jock – the

name of whom I would never mention on these pages – as the two sat in a vintage car. The shock-jock ran his finger over the old radio— one of those radios with the red pin that moves up the dial with big silver preset buttons underneath. The shock-jock turned to Jerry and said, “You know what’s amazing about this?” Jerry, with his snarky half-smile, replied, “No, I have no clue. Why don’t you tell me?” The shock-jock replied, “This was the only way I ever got my father to pay attention to me.” He went on to explain that, when he was a kid, his father was always listening to the radio and never paid any attention to him. So he resolved at a young age that he would one day talk

on the radio – this way he would be able to talk to his father through it. I am proud to say that I never once listened to this shock-jock, but I know one thing about him: he did not have a healthy upbringing and he is a pretty torn up guy inside. Even so, he is successful at what he does because he understands the intimacy of radio. Radio is that personal. I can listen to Rush for two minutes and get his vibe. I’m not just talking about his political vibe; I’m talking about his general vibe about life and the world. I joke with my wife that we can’t be on the phone at noontime because at 12:06 p.m. I have to hear Rush for two minutes. That’s it – two minutes. I catch his drift; I get the vibe and, if I want, I can shut it for the day. I know

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

if he thinks the Republicans won the day or if the Democrats did; I know if the latest bombshell on Trump is just another dud or if the 2020 presidential elections is tight. But it’s not just politics – I can also tell if “America’s anchorman,” as he calls himself, is in a good and giddy mood or if he stayed up into the night tinkering with his Apple devices and reading tech blogs. To those swayed by the ignorant who consider Rush to be a racist, bigot, or anything like that, I challenge you to find one instance of that really being the case. It’s more likely that they are taking a statement out of context or misconstruing it, as they usually do. In all the years of listening to him, I have never once heard him say anything racist or inappropriate in any fashion at all. But I have heard the media and the left accuse him of that countless times. Is he feisty and hard-hitting on those who choose to buzz around the fire of politics? You bet he is – that’s his role; that’s what he does. He’s not a DJ on a smooth jazz station. But as far as being a racist, a misogynist, a bigot etc., he simply wears that label along with everybody else who resists wokeness. But this is really not meant to be an obit; I hope not to write that for many years to come. It’s really about something else.


hen I heard about Rush’s illness, I felt devastated for him. At first, I was uncomfortable with my emotions. I felt like my life perspective needed some realignment. But then I realized that it’s not inconsistent with having a well-balanced life perspective. In whatever role Rush has played in my life, he played it well. I enjoy his wit, wisdom, humor, and political insight. I appreciate how he talks about “G-d” being the Creator of the world. (I put G-d in quotes because if you know Rush, you know how he always says the word “G-d” with extra umph.) And, of course, I love the way he trolls the daylights out of the left. He is the best at what he does by a mile and has helped shaped my thinking on many topics, beyond politics. I have come to accept my real feelings of concern for Rush. But then I had another question: should I daven for him?

Davening is the singular most powerful and effective tool that we have. By davening for someone whom I don’t even know and is, in reality, regardless of the relationship that I perceive, so far removed from me, am I cheapening the power of davening? Am I davening for something which, in the scheme of the serious aspects and needs of my life, is trivial? Or, am I doing something beautiful by praying for a human being; a human being who happens to love Israel and who always speaks beautifully about the Jewish community (not the “limousine liberal Jews,” but those upholding the ageless traditions of Judaism)?

episode out of the headlines. It dawned on me that, whereas I have feelings of concern for Rush and am thinking about how to approach that in relation to davening, I haven’t even davened for that man in Monsey in weeks. As I thought about it, I realized that there are unfortunately people who are sick within the Five Towns that I have totally forgotten about and not davened for. It turns out that my feelings about Rush helped renew my resolve to try and remember those who are sick and to daven for them – not in a halfhearted way but to fully beseech Hashem

AS A FORTY-YEAR-OLD GUY WITH HIS FAIR SHARE OF JEWISH NEUROSIS, I LIVE IN SPLITSVILLE. Rush likes to say that he lives in Realville. As a forty-year-old guy with his fair share of Jewish neurosis, I live in Splitsville. There’s always two sides in my head, and they usually dig in pretty deep and refuse to budge. I still don’t have the answer about davening for Rush during this tough time. Sometimes I don’t mention it during davening; sometimes I do. Sometimes I kind of sneak it in real fast...the closest thing to a middle-ground. But something more important has come out of this for me.


n a WhatsApp chat with some friends, we were talking about Rush and his condition. One of the guys on the chat, within the context of the conversation, innocently asked if anyone knows the status of the Jewish man who was stabbed in Monsey in the Chanukah attack. That question flipped a light switch in my head. Yes, I’m concerned for Rush, but I haven’t thought about that man in a coma since the next news story came along and swept that whole

to shower them with mercy, kindness, and healing.


f we really think about our brothers and sisters who are sick in hospital beds and are lacking in the strength or ability to daven and if we realize that we are the ones who are healthy and can daven on their behalf, we would take davening for sick people a lot more seriously. We would be there for them in that way. I’m far from being holier-than-thou. I’m just a struggling Jew who has days of inspiration and clarity and days of doubt and apathy – the latter a lot more than the former. I’m in no position to criticize others, although I do it willingly and often because I have a lot to say and little to listen, as they say. I mean this sincerely, though. Every time I sit in shul on Shabbos, a moment comes when I feel sad. I feel a deep pain in my heart at that moment because it is a glaring example of how, in a few short years, things have so rapidly changed. That moment is during laining

107 75

when, instead of the classic mi sheberach for cholim that for the first three decades of my life was said by every single shul (one or more gabbaim would say the mi sheberach and people would walk up and give them the names of sick people), they now make the “insert the choleh’s name at the pause” mi sheberach. Maybe a few people mumble a name or two in their head at that moment, but it is so watered down, so half-baked, so not compassionate, so not invested. What happened over the past ten years that the mi sheberach l’cholim was essentially eradicated? Were all the sick people healed or have we just become more self-absorbed? I know that many people feel that davening is too long as it is and that it’s hard for people to refrain from talking in shul so it’s good to move things along. I get it. But there are many other places in davening where the pace could be moved along. Do we have to start with the two-minute mi sheberach l’cholim? That’s the only place in the entire davening when we are doing something which is purely for another person’s benefit and not for ourselves. As far as not wanting to add another point in davening when some people are sitting around and may be tempted to talk, there is a simple solution to that which will prevent people from talking during the mi sheberach. Before saying the mi sheberach, the gabbai or the rav should give a klop on the bima and say, “Rabbosai, we are about to say a mi sheberach for cholim. Even if you don’t have a name of someone who is sick, by being quiet throughout the mi sheberach, you will be creating zechusim which we ask Hashem to use on behalf of the sick people who we are making the mi sheberach for.” In most cases, that entreaty will get people to be quiet. I was never a goody-goody nor am I Mr. Sincere by any means; I gravitate towards people who are similar to me, and I absolutely believe that most people would be sensitive, appreciate, and enthusiastically participate in the effort, even if they may be uninspired during other parts of davening. Having been born and raised in the Five Towns, I refuse to believe that

108 76

FEBRUARY 13,2015 2020| |The TheJewish JewishHome Home OCTOBER 29,

there are more than a small handful of people in our community who would blatantly ignore such a plea. If you do happen to daven in a shul where people would ignore this request, the problem in your shul is not a lack of decorum; it’s a lot worse than that.

the gabbai, turn around, and quietly walk back to his seat that is the most powerful demonstration of compassion, care, kindness, and even humility


here is another powerful reason to bring back the full mi sheberach for cholim: it would serve as a tremendous lesson for our children. What better way is there for us to teach our children to be kind, caring, and loving people? We don’t need big, shiny objects in order to make the next generation even greater than ours is with chessed. Quite the opposite – simple, small, and consistent actions would probably be the most effective way to really engrain these ideals within our children. When a child sees his father get up from his seat, walk down the aisle, not shmooze with his friends on the way, respectfully stand in line to get to the gabbai, say the sick person’s name to

about others and doing for others. Another wonderful effect of taking the two minutes to make a real mi sheberach l’cholim is that it would be



that a parent can exhibit to their children in shul. Children are masters at observing subtilities. Witnessing this every week will not only make them proud of their fathers but will give them an innate sense of the importance of thinking

will give us pause to realize just how good we really have it. That thought, too, can be used as a zechus for the cholim – to say to Hashem, “I thank You for all that You do for me.... Please do for my brothers and sisters in Klal Yisroel like You do for me. Watch them. Help them. Heal them. Relieve them of their dire worry and anxiety. Instead of being attached to tubes in a hospital bed, let them spend Shabbos morning sitting in shul davening to You alongside their own children.”


a good time for those of us who are healthy to stop and have gratitude and to sincerely thank Hashem for our health. When we nebach hear the names of men, women, and even children who are sick and fighting for their lives it

he benefits of bringing back the classic mi sheberach l’cholim are numerous and deeply impactful. They far outweigh the cheshbon that was made that caused it to, in the course of a few years, become almost extinct. But most importantly, we have to do it for the sick people. We can spare two minutes for them. Jews have to daven for Jews. That’s a familial bond that is stronger than anything and should never be broken.

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PESACH 2020 at the



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OCTOBER FEBRUARY29, 13,2015 2020| |The TheJewish JewishHome Home

Notable Quotes “Say What?!”

Yes, the president had some heartwarming moments during this speech, but he was also engaging in some deeply divisive rhetoric aimed at immigrants, aimed at Latinos. And while, yes, he was trying to make appeals to the African-American community, it can’t be forgotten he was awarding the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, who has a history of making derogatory comments about African-Americans. And so I think, you know, overall it’s a wash. – CNN’s Jim Acosta giving his assessment of the President’s SOTU address

That senator shall go unnamed on this show, on the grounds that silly moral preening should not be rewarded with the publicity it is designed to garner. An overwrought, ethics lecture from a private equity guy?... It’s just too absurd, even for the ludicrous moment we’re living in. We’ll take that seriously just as soon as we decide that Al Sharpton is a legitimate moral voice. - Fox’s Tucker Carlson talking about Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) joining Democrats and voting to remove Trump from office, after giving a moral/ethics lecture on the Senate Floor

Romney’s decision took a lot of grit, nerve and guts. Incidentally, “Grit,” “Nerve,” and “Guts” are the names of some of Mitt Romney’s sons. — Jimmy Fallon

One of the funnier interactions, or lack thereof tonight, was Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi standing side by side, not talking to each other for the whole time, which was kind of rude on his part because she tried really hard to make him president. — Jimmy Kimmel

I just saw the footage from CNN’s Jim Acosta saying Rush has a “history” of saying disparaging things about African-Americans. I have been in the studio with Rush for 30 years. I would like to formally challenge CNN and @Acosta to provide the list. - Tweet by Rush Limbaugh executive producer Bo Snerdley, who is African-American

I extended a hand of friendship to him to welcome him as the President of the United States to the People’s House. It was also an act of kindness because he looked to me like he was a little sedated… But he didn’t want to shake hands, that was — that meant nothing to me. That had nothing to do with my tearing up — that came much later. - Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at her weekly press conference talking about the shenanigans between her and the President at the SOTU


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FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


We’re at a point where we have to be saved. This city and everything it stands for must be saved, and we are the ones who have to save ourselves. - Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has been mayor for the past six years, during his State of the City speech, titled “Save Our City”

Couldn’t you have saved the city last year — or the year before? - NY1’s morning program anchor Pat Kiernan in an interview with de Blasio

What I laid out yesterday is for six years we’ve been doing the things that New Yorkers wanted to see. – de Blasio’s response

Sure, I have aches and pains, but I dance as fast as anybody else in this place. - Joe Newman, age 107, in an interview with the TODAY show from his assisted living facility in Florida

I accept the fact that driving is a responsibility, and a person at 107 ought to be concerned about getting out on the highway. - Ibid., admitting that he may soon get rid of his red Mercedes convertible which he bought from his podiatrist when he was 103

I have my own views of the word “socialist,” and I’ll be glad to share them with you in private and they go back to the early 1950s. I have an attitude about them. I remember the Cold War. I have an attitude toward [Fidel] Castro. I believe if Castro and the reds had won the Cold War there would have been executions in Central Park, and I might have been one of the ones getting executed. And certain other people would be there cheering. – MSNBC’s normally reliably liberal Chris Matthews warning fellow panelists about the Democrats picking a socialist candidate as their 2020 presidential nominee

Ninety-five percent of murders — murderers and murder victims fit one M.O. You can just take a description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all the cops. They are male, minorities, 16-25. That’s true in New York, that’s true in virtually every city…. And that’s where the real crime is. – Just unearthed audio from 2015 in which presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg defended his stop and frisk policy as former New York City mayor, a policy he apologized for as soon as he entered the 2020 race

People say, “Oh my G-d, you are arresting kids for marijuana, they’re all minorities.” Yes, that’s true. Why? Because we put all the cops in minority neighborhoods. Yes, that’s true, and why we do it? Because that’s where all the crime is. – Ibid.

And the way you got the guns out of the kids’ hands was to throw them against the wall and frisk them. They say, “Oh I don’t want to get caught,” so they don’t bring the gun. They may still have the gun but they leave it at home. - Ibid.

In Iowa, the party that claims to be devoted to “science” and “technology” demonstrated that it couldn’t count to 10. - Anne Coulter, in an article titled, “Is There a Market Where I Can Short Liberals?”

No, you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier. I burnt it. - Bruce McConville, 55, telling a Canadian judge what he did to one million dollars so that he could avoid paying the money he owed his ex-wife, as per a divorce settlement, resulting in the judge throwing him in jail for 30 days

- 2020 hopeful Joe Biden’s response to a 21-year-old girl during an exchange about his lackluster performance in the Iowa caucus, after he asked if she had been to an Iowa caucus in the past


The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



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OCTOBER 29, FEBRUARY 13,2015 2020| |The TheJewish JewishHome Home

I grew up as a Jewish boy in Nazi Germany, and when I saw a policeman or soldier, I would turn and run the other way. I was proud to spend two years in the U.S. Army during the war, but I was still a Jew in a foreign army. This is my last chance to see my army. Today, to see a Jew in uniform serving the Jewish state is a victory, and it feels we have come such a long way. - 93-year-old Holocaust survivor Irving Bienstock, who flew to Israel to fulfill his dream of visiting an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) military base, after he was given a tour of a base in the Golan Heights

- Facebook post by Florida’s Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office after officers made a massive drug bust when they spotted a bag in a car with the words “Bag Full of Drugs” printed on it in big letters



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OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

TheJewish JewishHome Home| |FEBRUARY OCTOBER 13, 29, 2020 2015 The

29 115

Political Crossfire

Democrats’ Carnival of Unintended Consequences By George F. Will


he progressive party’s Iowa caucuses were a hilarious parody of progressive governance – ambitious, complex, subtle and a carnival of unintended consequences. The party that promises to finetune everything, from the production of wealth to the allocation of health care to the administration of education, produced a fittingly absurd climax to what surely was Iowa’s final strut as a national distraction. Like a toddler trailing a security blanket across Iowa, Elizabeth Warren clung to identity politics with a fervor that suggested desperation and defied caricature. Eventual autopsies of her campaign, and perhaps of the Democrats’ presidential hopes, should ponder this promise to Iowans: For the purpose of “restoring integrity and competence to government,” she will have “at least 50% of Cabinet positions filled by women and nonbinary people,” and a “young trans person” will vet her secretary of education candidates. In the Democrats’ ideological auction, Warren bested Pete Buttigieg who, in what counts in today’s Democratic Party as Solomonic centrism, promised only that half the members of his Cabinet will have two X chromosomes. Four days before Iowa Democrats stumbled into futility, Bernie Sanders revealed to The New York

Times the genesis of his socialism. Never mind the gulags, famines, Venezuelas and other wreckages, socialism is justified because the Dodgers decamped from Brooklyn to Los Angeles after the 1957 season when Sanders was 16. The Times says “perhaps no single event has proved more enduring in Mr. Sanders’ consciousness – more viscerally felt in his signature fury toward the 1%.” Well. In 1955, the Dodgers, with six future Hall of Famers, won the World Series but had an average attendance of just 13,423, barely better than MLB’s worst-drawing 2019 team (Miami, 10,016). In 1950, St. Louis, the western-most major-league city, had two teams and Los Angeles had none. In Sanders’ cartoonish understanding of reality, his explanation of everything he finds objectionable – other people’s “greed” – explains the loss of what he still considers his eternal entitlement to the Dodgers being in Brooklyn. Never mind that many of the Dodgers’ fans left Brooklyn, as did today’s senator from Vermont who, by the way, when playing a like-minded rabbi for a film said that he despises “free agency [garbage]” – the unionized players’ hard-won right to negotiate terms of employment with teams of their choice. Substituting indignation for in-

formation, Sanders’ baseball nostalgia is akin to his claim that the average worker “is not making a nickel more” than 45 years ago. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that from 1990 to 2016 the average household’s inflation-adjusted income after taxes and government transfers increased 46%, and 66% for households in the bottom quintile. Fortunately, there is something comparatively serious in America’s political future. Super Tuesday, aka March 3, will allocate 1,357 delegates, 68% of the total needed to nominate. They will come mostly from (never mind American Samoa and Democrats abroad) 14 states that include five that the nominee will lose in November (Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Utah), three that he or she will win (California, Massachusetts, Vermont), five competitive ones (Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado), and one (Texas) that might be competitive if the nominee is neither Warren nor Sanders. If a few early states must initiate the nomination process, they should be unlike Iowa, which has a population just 14% larger than in 1960, compared with North Carolina (130% larger), Georgia (169%), Texas (203%), Colorado (228%), and Florida (334%). Michael Bloomberg, however, is giving a glimpse of an-

other alternative – a national primary, or several regional primaries. His spending – $250 million on television and internet ads in two months; approximately what Anheuser-Busch has spent advertising beer in the same period – will demonstrate either the steeply declining utility of political dollars or the manageable challenge for ordinary candidates to raise large sums from small donors in a nation that spends $8 billion a year on potato chips. Meanwhile, like startled pheasants flushed from an Iowa cornfield, the surviving Democratic aspirants have fluttered away. The silliest candidates have disappeared (remember Beto O’Rourke? didn’t think so) and Iowa has at least clarified the Democrats’ clashing theories: Americans are angry and hankering for more turmoil (Warren, Sanders), or Americans are embarrassed and exhausted by today’s politics of obnoxious noise (everyone but Warren and Sanders). Sanders and Warren find billionaires distasteful, and neither they nor their woker-than-thou supporters will graciously accept a rising Bloomberg, so Iowa was just a sample of the Democrats’ coming self-inflicted wounds. Donald Trump’s smiles usually look strained, like grimaces out of context, but perhaps not today. (c) 2020, Washington Post Writers Group

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Political Crossfire

If You Liked the Iowa Caucuses, You’ll Love Medicare-For-All By Marc A. Thiessen


n retrospect, the disaster that was the 2020 Democratic Iowa caucuses should have been obvious from the beginning. Democrats designed a system so complicated it was bound to fail. They did so at the behest of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. After Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton by about two-tenths of a percentage point in 2016 – in a vote that was plagued by technical problems, reporting errors and charges of impropriety – his campaign asked for the raw vote count behind the delegate totals. The state party couldn’t produce them. To address such concerns about the process, the Iowa Democratic Party decided to collect and release not one, not two, but three sets of results last Monday night: First, at each caucus location, organizers tabulated what was called the “first alignment” – the total votes each candidate received at the start of the night. Then, candidates who failed to meet a 15% threshold in the first round of voting were declared “unviable” and their supporters were released to vote for their second choice in a second round of voting. The second round of votes was then collected and tabulated in what is called a “final alignment.” Then, the state party used the “final align-

ment” votes to calculate the number of “state delegate equivalents,” or SDEs – the state convention delegates awarded to each candidate. These are awarded on a proportional basis, based on the turnout levels in different precincts in the past two general elections. The SDEs, in turn, determine how many of Iowa’s 41 national convention delegates each candidate receives. Is your head spinning? In a nor-

unwieldy that it overwhelmed them. The system was ridiculous to begin with. Even if it had worked as intended, it could have produced a result that left multiple candidates claiming victory. As we now know, it didn’t even come close to working as intended. Who would come up with such a complicated and unmanageable plan? Answer: essentially, the same brilliant minds who came up with

Iowa Democrats designed a system so cumbersome and unwieldy that it overwhelmed them.

mal election, the first vote would be the end of the process – the candidate who got the most votes would be declared the winner. Indeed, in the Republican Iowa caucuses, it is. But instead of carrying out a relatively simple task – holding a vote, tabulating the results and declaring a winner – Iowa Democrats designed a system so cumbersome and

Medicare-for-all and the “Green New Deal.” What we saw in Iowa on Monday night was democratic socialism in action. A small group of people, brimming with confidence that exceeds their abilities, designed an unworkable system, failed to see its obvious flaws, were shocked by its inevitable failure, and then made excuses when it became an unmiti-

gated catastrophe. If you liked the Iowa caucuses, you’ll love government-run health care. The same party that could not manage calculating the votes of about 200,000 Iowa caucus-goers wants you to trust them with managing one-tenth of the U.S. economy. Democrats want to bring the same efficiency on display in Iowa on Monday night to the nation’s health-care, education, housing, transportation, and energy sectors. Thanks, but no thanks. President Ronald Reagan liked to tell jokes about the legendary inefficiencies of Soviet socialism. One involved the 10-year wait to buy a car in the Soviet Union. After a customer put down money at the car dealership, he was told to come back in 10 years to pick up his car. “Morning or afternoon?” he asked. The dealer replied, “What difference does it make?” “Well,” the man said, “the plumber is coming in the morning.” It won’t take 10 years to get the results of the 2020 Iowa caucuses. But the Democrats’ failure in Iowa stemmed from the same fundamental flaw that has caused socialism to fail wherever it is tried – the hubris of a tiny cadre whose grand visions and lack of humility far exceed their ability to deliver. (c) 2020, Washington Post Writers Group

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Forgotten Her es

Innovations During the Civil War By Avi Heiligman

The locomotive Fred Leach near Union Mills, Virginia


common misconception of the American Civil War (18611865) is that the technology, weapons, methods, and medicines were outdated. This is far from the truth as this was the first large war to see new innovations such as balloon reconnaissance, machine guns and repeating rifles, submarines, extensive railroads, the telegraph, and anesthesia. Here are some of the innovations that were used during the Civil War. Hot air balloons during the Civil War were able to reach an altitude of 1,000 feet and used for reconnaissance. On very clear days, the observers in the balloons were able to see as far as seven miles. Both sides used them and were used in many campaigns and battles. A barge, the USS George Washington Parke Curtis, was used as a base for one balloon, making it the first aircraft carrier in history. Using a flag system or telegraphs, the soldiers in the balloons relayed information to the commanders on the ground. Gun manufacturers were hard at work during the war and came up with numerous new types of guns and firearms. Inventor Richard Gatling developed a gun based on a seed planter that he created earlier. It was patented in 1862 and required the user to crank it but it didn’t need to be reloaded after every shot. While not

a true machine gun by today’s standards, it had multiple barrels that revolved around an axis and could fire rapidly. Gatling’s gun didn’t see much action during the Civil War but it was used during the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia. Improved models of the Gatling Gun were used until a few years before the start of World War I when they were replaced by recoil and other types of machine guns.

mechanism that was able to fire up to twenty rounds a minute. The Henry Rifle had used a .44 caliber cartridge that was able to shoot sixteen times before needing to be reloaded. Waterways and railroads were both a major part in the solution that both sides came up with when confronted with the challenge off moving hundreds of thousands of men and tons of supplies to the bat-

The Union, on the other hand, had created the U.S. Military Telegraph Corps and had laid 15,000 miles of wire and had handled some 6.5 million messages by the end of the war.

Having to stop and reload after every shot took too much time, and the army turned to manufacturers for solutions. Over a hundred thousand Spencer Repeating Rifles, the Henry Rifle, and other guns were delivered to armies on both sides. Spencer Rifles used an automated reloading

tlefront. Railroads in America were a fairly new invention, and the North held the advantage when it came to the amount of railway mileage. The Union also had a lot more industrial strength, which was bolstered by its ability to move things quickly by rail. Early in the war this came to hurt the

Confederate leaders when they badly needed supplies and reinforcements. Soon the South built more railroads in their interior and was able to provide frontline troops more quickly to the battlefield. In total, the North had 20,000 miles of track as opposed to the South’s 9,000 but the North had problems with rail owners and corruption with government contracts for the use of the railroads and stations. Innovators across the world were busy in the first part of the 19th century trying figure how to send signals by electric wire. American Samuel Morse invented the single wire telegraph and developed a system to transmit messages called the Morse Code. During the Civil War, the telegraph provided its users with strategic, operational, and tactical advantages and was a major part in the Union victory. The Confederates telegraph lines were few and far between, and messages had to be sent by courier on horseback. This delayed orders and prevented Confederate generals from getting time-sensitive information. The Union, on the other hand, had created the U.S. Military Telegraph Corps and had laid 15,000 miles of wire and had handled some 6.5 million messages by the end of the war. In 1864, General William Sherman’s forces were in Georgia and their commander was able to coordinate a “perfect concert

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The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

of action” along with General Ulysses Grant’s forces in Virginia. This distance of 1,500 miles between the two Union armies was only made possible through the use of the telegraph. While many of the marvels of modern medicine only came around in the 20th century, there were some advances that doctors had available during the Civil War. Anesthesia during the war used either sulfuric ether or chloroform. Both had been discovered in the years leading up to the war, and 95% of all Civil War surgeries used anesthesia. Confederate Lt. General Stonewall Jackson was shot in the arm by a nervous sentry and was taken to a field hospital for surgery. He was sedated by chloroform while doctors amputated his arm and called the anesthetics “an infinite blessing.” Even though Jackson seemed to recover from the surgery, he died a week later from pneumonia. The CSS Hunley was a man-powered submarine in the Confederate Navy that sank and was recovered


The Intrepid hot air balloon in 1862

An antique Morse key, circa 1860

twice before approaching the Union blockade in Charleston Harbor. On February 17, 1864, it approached the USS Housatonic and slammed an explosive charge mounted on a long pole called a spar torpedo into her. The Union ship was the first to be sunk by a sub in history but the Hunley sank

again for a third and final time. The explosive charge used by the Hunley was a spar torpedo created by E. C. Singer. A spar torpedo is an explosive at the end of a long pole that was to be rammed into an enemy ship. The concept had been tried 50 years earlier during the War of




• • • • • • • • • • •


1812 but didn’t have much success. In October 1864, the U.S. government had enough with the ironclad CSS Albemarle which had prevented Union ships from gaining access to the Roanoke River. Union Lt. William Cushing took two picket boats and mounted a howitzer and spar torpedo on each of the boats. He successfully planted a spar torpedo into the ironclad’s hull, causing a huge explosion. The sinking of the Albemarle was the only successful sinking of a Confederate ship by a torpedo. The innovations and technology used during the Civil War were greatly improved in years following the war. Many of the inventions and innovations that are used by today’s military can be traced back to the Civil War. Avi Heiligman is a weekly contributor to The Jewish Home. He welcomes your comments and suggestions for future columns and can be reached at aviheiligman@gmail.com.

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“I’d Trade It All for A Little More” By Allan Rolnick, CPA


he French newspaper Le Monde called it “the robbery of the century.” So what was it? A Mission Impossible-style crew of balaclava-wearing acrobats bypassing sophisticated alarms to burgle a museum or gallery? Or maybe it looked like one of those “Oceans” movies: a crack team of hardened specialists tunneling deep underneath a casino or bank vault to blow the final hole at 5pm on Friday and spend a leisurely weekend looting stacks of bullion and currency? Museums and banks may look like inviting targets. But if you want to make real robbery history, think bigger. As the playwright Bertolt Brecht once wrote, “Bank robbery is an initiative of amateurs. True professionals establish a bank.” And so the heist we’re talking about this week involves a years-long history of bankers, lawyers, and investors looting billions of dollars from a dozen European treasuries. In today’s economy, the brightest minds dream of inventing the next breakthrough technology. But there’s a smaller group, nerdier and more devious, who dream of inventing tax shelters. Why risk failure investing in unknown technology when you can

find a government-guaranteed gravy pipeline directly into your account? The scheme involved a dividend arbitrage strategy called “CumEx” trading, named for the Latin phrase meaning “with-without.” In most cases, traders bought and sold shares in a way that let them claim refunds on dividend tax withholdings they hadn’t

lion out of various governments. This wasn’t ordinary tax fraud. They weren’t just evading tax on their income – they were taking refunds for taxes they had never paid. In 2017, a German clerk noticed a $60 million claim from a New Jersey pension fund covering just one guy and blew the whistle. (Spoiler alert: the

“Bank robbery is an initiative of amateurs. True professionals establish a bank.”

actually paid. In others, they took advantage of creative paperwork to exploit a loophole letting more than one person own the same share at the same time. (Schrödinger’s stock?) Either way, the result was two refunds for one stock. That sounds like an obvious party foul. But there weren’t any laws specifically prohibiting it. Traders took that as their green light to siphon $60 bil-

guy wouldn’t talk when The New York Times showed up at his door.) Now, German prosecutors are pursuing 56 separate cases and targeting over 400 suspects, including the lawyers who issued high-priced opinions blessing the fraud. Hanno Berger, a former German auditor who crossed over to the dark side before fleeing to Switzerland, told his legal associates, “Whoever has a problem

with the fact that because of our work there are fewer kindergartens being built, here’s the door.” A lot of people who never saw incarceration in their future need to start getting ready for 3-5 years of being picked last for the prison kickball team. Are you wondering why those same traders didn’t target Uncle Sam? Simple – we shut down dividend arbitrage back in 2008. That’s worth noting for skeptics who think our patchwork system of government agencies and self-regulatory organizations is like putting Cookie Monster in charge of the Monster’s Commission on Excellence in Nutrition. Most Americans try to think of taxes as something you file with the government and forget about for the rest of the year. But the CumEx scandal reminds us that taxes are central to every investment decision you make. Make sure you’re informed and you have your plan ready before you invest in your future.

Allan J Rolnick is a CPA who has been in practice for over 30 years in Queens, NY. He welcomes your comments and can be reached at 718-896-8715 or at allanjrcpa@aol.com.

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FEBRUARY29, 13,2015 2020| |The TheJewish JewishHome Home OCTOBER

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Food for Thought By Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., MFT, CLC


hey always say that if you put all your bundles and challenges in the middle of a circle and had the opportunity to exchange them with other people once you knew all that they were carrying, you’d probably choose to take your own back. Well, I don’t think that’s true with dinners! And even more so, with those big weekly Shabbos meals. We get so tired of making and eating our own dependable “go to’s.” We want to get away from those same old taste sensations. I think we’d all jump at the opportunity to have a new flavor for our palates. In other words, someone else’s bundle! Sure, there are those few continuously industrious cooks who try preparing something new all the time. And if they were in the bundle exchange, we’d probably practically kill each other grabbing for their creations. But I’m sure they themselves would like a break once in a while to have someone else prepare food for them, too. There are some people who have their weekly schedule. They and their family know exactly what will be on the table based on the day of the

week. Obviously, this simplifies prep – but offers no variety! Then there are those people who say, “Oh no, another day, another dinner!” They start scrolling through that “recipe rolodex” in their mind. Finally, they decide on what to make and their thoughts jump immediately to: What ingredients do I have in the

These nightly dinners get to be tedious. We all love to eat, but preparation gets difficult so we try to get into a specific routine. And even those who don’t do the same thing every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc., usually stick with a limited repertoire. And therein exists the reason that many would be happy to take anyone’s

We do have that! A situation where bundles and peckelach are given to you by others.

house? And what do I need to fill in with? Who is home tonight and what do they like to eat? Actually, they really go as far as: What are they willing to eat? Then to: what can I bribe them to eat. And even to: WHY do they even need to eat?!

bundle but their own! Now, there are, interestingly, those rare few individuals who stand out as unique blessings in your culinary life. They happen to make it easy for you to take back your own “peckeleh!” Who are these, you might query?

One blessing is the kid who likes leftovers! Another is the child who loves to eat “no variety.” (He’ll take pizza every night and think it’s heaven.) And finally, the other is the newlywed who says, “Everything you make is delicious!” Even when the object and the taste itself are totally unidentifiable! (In other words, “other worldly,” in an alien way!) So short of these blessings, I believe people would love a food exchange. You know I’ll take anything tonight but my own. Oh, wait, I have good news. It does exist! We do have that! A situation where bundles and peckelech are given to you by others. It’s just called ordering in! And guess what? We don’t even have to prepare anything to trade with them. Now that’s a dinner preparer and eater’s bundle of joy!

Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-7052004 or rivki@rosenwalds.com.

The Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 13, 2020



FEBRUARY 13, 2020 | The Jewish Home

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Five Towns Jewish Home - 2-13-20  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 2-13-20

Five Towns Jewish Home - 2-13-20  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 2-13-20