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Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut at Yeshiva Har Torah


n Monday, Yeshiva Har Torah students commemorated Yom HaZikaron with a special program with Lieutenant Colonel Shai Bar, husband of YHT Ivrit teacher Morah Bar. He shared with students how the IDF, as a Jewish army, not only defends the State of Israel and Jews all over the world but also has an exemplary moral code, helps integrate all the diverse groups that make up Israeli society, works with socially and developmentally challenged youth, supports the disadvantaged, and responds with humanitarian aid to international crises around the globe. Following  the presentation, a memorial candle was lit in memory of all those chayalim who fell defending Medinat Yisrael since its founding, and a Keil Malei was recited in their memory. On Tuesday YHT students arrived decked out in blue and white showcasing their pride in the State of Israel and ready to celebrate Medinat Yisrael’s 69th birthday. A special mifkad was held in the yard of the

school where all students from nursery through 8th grade stood together and sang with excitement Hatkivah. From there the students broke out into circles with their classes and danced and sang finishing with L’shanah Haba B’Yerushalaim. It was inspiring to see nearly a thousand students and teachers celebrating  Hashem’s gift of a Jewish state in our time. The remainder of the day was dedicated to special programs for students to learn, enjoy and take pride in Medinat Yisrael.

From Darkness to Light: Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut at SKA


om HaZikaron and Yom HaAzmaut are precious days which highlight our school’s religious Zionist philosophy and deep commitment to Medinat Yisrael. May we be zocheh to reflect, to appreciate Hashem’s gift to our people, to understand the sacrifice of our soldiers and terror victims, to celebrate the countless miracles underlying the establishment and continued existence of Medinat Yisrael and to thank Hashem through tefilla and of course, the recitation of Hallel.” With these words, Mrs. Helen Spirn, Head of School of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, addressed the school’s reflective program commemorating Yom HaZikaron on Monday, May 1, and the celebration on

Yom HaAzmaut on Tuesday, May 2. Ms. Raizi Chechik, principal, spoke of the many thousands of soldiers and civilians killed since the State of Israel was declared and introduced a powerful video memorializing the 97 Israeli terror victims who were murdered this year alone.  We were privileged to hear from IDF Special Forces soldier and now reservist Izzy Ezagyi, who shared his personal story of bravery serving in Operation Cast Lead. In a special program this year, SKA Israel Action Committee members organized a letter writing campaign of words of comfort to families of terror victims. Among other missives,   a heartfelt response to the girls’ letter from the family of Yael Ye-

kutiel, one of the four killed in the truck ramming at Arnon Hanitziv, was read aloud to the assembled students and faculty; the Yekutiel family wrote of how much nechama they received and how thankful they were knowing that their daughter was not forgotten. Throughout the day, photos of terror victims were displayed in the school’s hallways, and students were encouraged to research and write condolence letters to these families. In a transition from “meafelah l’orah,” SKA welcomed Israel Independence Day with pride, joy and thanks to Hashem during Tefilla Chagigit as the whole school joined in an emotional morning davening together in the auditorium.  In addition to enjoying the fes-

SKA juniors Kayla Flaum and Tova Rosen

tive Israeli lunch provided, the students heard a stirring message from limudei kodesh teacher Mrs. Leah Feinberg, who is making aliyah this summer iy”H, had the opportunity to view exciting films about Israel’s heroes, and attend an in-

spiring workshop exploring religious Zionism. The day ended with joyous dancing at the annual spirited Yom HaAtzmaut chagiga. Happy Birthday to our beloved State of Israel!

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