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Local Jewish physician performs circumcisions in conjunction with rabbis By Cecily Ruttenberg When Vanina Sandel Mutchnik learned she was pregnant with a boy, she began to research whom she and her husband, Sharon, would use for the brit (ritual circumcision). While Jews traditionally use a mohel, trained in the art of brit milah (ritual circumcision), Vanina knew of another option—using a pediatrician and rabbi together. This choice made sense for Vanina. She already had a strong relationship with the Los Gatos Jewish pediatrician Dr. Lewis Osofsky, whom she knew from his role as a board member at Hillel (where Vanina works as the assistant director). Vanina knew Dr. Osofsky performed brits and she and her husband had a relationship with Beth David’s Rabbi Aaron Schonbrun. Said Vanina, “From the moment I moved to the U.S., I met him (Dr. Osofsky) and I have a relationship with him. I knew he was a pediatrician. I knew that when we do the brit I wanted to do it halachically (according to Jewish law), Vanina Sandel Mutchnik and Sharon Mutchnik were assisted by a but I also wanted the person who would physician and rabbi at the their son’s brit milah. do the cutting to have all the medical knowledge. I wouldn’t have done it with any physician. I felt like he provided the Jewish knowledge and medical knowledge.” continued on page 4

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Twenty-three local teens return from March of the Living

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2010-2011 SEASON

the Performing Arts.

For details visit us online at or call 866-395-2929. Get a season ticket for as little as $115. Buy online and save up to $10. per season ticket. All shows held at the San Jose Center for

May 2010 • JCN •

from the federation president

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?” Hillel. Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14 Hillel’s famous quote has many applications, including a call to individual spirituality. But today, let us consider it a call to collective action. We, the Jews of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, are blessed with a wonderful climate, stunning topography, cultural richness, a plethora of entertainment options and a dynamic economy. We are also fortunate - perhaps the most fortunate Jews in history - to be so comfortable in our environment. Restricted neighborhoods, where Jews are not allowed to live, are largely a relic of the past. Our circles of friends and family are not confined to one ethnic group but consist of people of varied backgrounds. We are no longer excluded from institutions of higher learning or limited by quota in certain professions. One may say that it is easy to be a Jew today. Perhaps it is too easy. I am concerned that our comfort in 21st-century Silicon Valley is, paradoxically, a threat to Jewish community and institutions. As we feel more at ease in the general Steve Green community, dare I say assimilated, we may forget about the importance of Jewish values and building a meaningful legacy. The value of an individual, a community, a people is not measured by material wealth. The Jews of 21st-century Silicon Valley will be measured by how we educate our children and care for others. Will we be a community where Jews know their history while they create new opportunities to enrich all of our lives? Will we be a community where college students have a place to go for Shabbat and the holidays? Will seniors get a hot - and kosher - meal and have a place to live? Will the frail and the ill be visited by clergy and receive a Jewish burial at death? Will our children be able to attend summer camp where Jewish values are shared? Will diverse spiritual programming remain available? Will victims of inevitable economic disruption receive support from a caring community? Will we remain strong advocates for Israel and Jewish values around the world? Will we still contribute to mankind out of proportion to our numbers? Some may ask, “What is in it for me?” Although not all of us will want or require every program and service I have mentioned, all of us have a stake in sustaining a community that provides a rich Jewish life for its citizens. A vibrant community lifts all. A vibrant community, however, requires investment. If every one of the estimated 60,000 Jews in Silicon Valley gave an average of one-hundred dollars to the Federation’s Annual Campaign, our six-million-dollar budget would guarantee a rich and sustainable Jewish life in the Valley. Think of the schools and the religious, artistic, moral and scientific growth that our children could receive, enabling them to become future leaders. Think of the services we could provide the infirm, the elderly, the poor. Think of the intellectual and social opportunities that would be available through varied programming provided by synagogues and the JCC. Think of how much better we can make our world. We can do this. All it takes is an average of two dollars per week, per person. “If not now, when?”

steve green

Board President, Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley

Cecily Ruttenberg

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local news Local jewish physician performs circumcisions in conjuction with rabbis continued from page 1 The Sandel-Mutchniks requested that Rabbi Schonbrun of Congregation Beth David officiate at the brit in conjunction with Dr. Osofsky. In this way, they felt that they brought together experts to cover both the religious and medical aspects of the brit milah. “One part is the cutting itself and the other part is to give the baby his name, and I wanted a rabbi there to give him his name,” said Vanina. Rabbi Schonbrun said he knew of Dr. Osofsky from Beth David’s senior rabbi Daniel Pressman. Both Schonbrun and Pressman call Dr. Osofsky whenever congregants preferred having a physician perform the circumcision. “As far as I’m concerned, as long as the requirements are met for having a circumcision due to the requirements of Jewish law, it’s fine by me,” said Rabbi Schonbrun. Local rabbis say that within Conservative and Reform communities, a small percentage of families have long opted to use a pediatrician together with a rabbi for their brit. Rabbi Schonbrun says that growing up in San Deigo, his father (who is an obstetrician) would often perform brits in conjunction with local rabbis. “I’m used to this,” said Schonbrun. The Orthodox community believes in the importance of using a traditionally trained mohel for the brit milah. Says Rabbi Joey Felsen from the Jewish Study Network, “There’s something about having the person who is performing the procedure, having a complete understanding and a complete sense of intent with respect to the spiritual nature of what they’re doing. To divide it into two separate people seems to run counter to that.” Adds Felsen, “Essentially a bris is a ritual procedure that somebody gets trained in from someone who has received the tradition from someone above them.” Until recently, families of all levels of observance throughout the San Francisco Bay Area often used the services of Orthodox mohel Rabbi Chanan Feld. When Rabbi Feld passed away unexpectedly this past October at the age of 53, it left a tremendous gap in the community. “I historically have leaned towards using the mohel,” said Rabbi Melanie Aron, of the Reform syngagogue Shir Hadash. “I liked the way Rabbi Feld did it. He de-medicalized it. He didn’t put the baby on a board and he was very accepting of Reform Jews and interfaith families. continued on page 38

Former chef-turned-mohel and rabbi moved to Bay Area When he was in culinary school, Moshe Trager never thought he’d end up a rabbi, much less a mohel. Today he is both. In addition to being a rabbi, Trager is a professional mohel working in the San Francisco Bay Area, which means he has been specifically trained to circumcise newborn baby boys according to a Jewish ritual that dates back to ancient times called “bris milah.” “It’s a real blessing to be a part of this moment in people’s lives and I’ve done more than 3000 brisses in the 15 years I’ve been a mohel,” he says. Rabbi Trager Trager was trained and certified by the worldrenowned chief mohel of Israel at Jerusalen’s Shaare Tzedek Hospital. “This was like learning to play guitar from Jimi Hendrix,” he says. “It was a really unusual opportunity for me and I jumped at it.” Many of his Trager’s clients are the sons of surgeons, pediatricians and urologists. “Doctors know that mohels are able to minimize the discomfort for the baby,” says Trager. “Instead of a cold hospital room, where the baby is strapped down, a bris is a kinder, gentler procedure that takes place in your home. The baby is placed on a pillow on his father’s or grandfather’s lap and is back in his mother’s arms in a matter of minutes.” The circumcision isn’t exclusively for Jews anymore. The natural approach has gained popularity among non-Jewish parents and alternative couples. “I get calls all the time from parents who just want a more holistic approach to circumcision,” Trager says. Although there is on-going debate about the medical advantages of circumcision, over 80 percent of Americans request the procedure for their sons for reasons varying from religious to aesthetic. “I’m honored to be a part of this joyful time in people’s lives,” says the chef-turned-mohel. “My restaurant customers joked that I really do everything from soup to nuts.” Rabbi Trager can be reached at (415) 355-6747 or

Visit the Jewish Federation’s website at:

Dr. Osofsky, left, collaborates with Congregation Beth David Rabbi Schonbrun, third from right, at the Mutchnik brit milah.


May 2010 • JCN •

The Melton Community... ...iT’s noT whaT you Think

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community photos

Ellie and Mike Gerstley show off a beautiful quilt that Ellie made as part of JFS’s Knitzvah program. Knitzvah isn’t only about knitting – quilters, seamstresses, and crocheters get involved.

Russian Jewish World War II veterans Isaac Yevelev. From left, Viktor Khodosh, and Gregory Vaystikh commemorate the 65th anniversary of the end of the war. The Russian Consul from the San Francisco Consulate honored these soldiers, now American citizens, on March 23, 2010 for their sacrifices.

Cyndi Sherman, director of the APJCC Preschool, was honored on Sunday, April 25 for her more than 20 years of service to the preschool. The preschool’s new tricycle track was named “Cyndi’s Speedway” in her honor, and she was presented with a scrapbook of mementos. The tribute took place at the preschool’s annual art auction, and was a surprise to Cyndi. The preschool parents also presented her with $4,700 they had raised for her to use to buy extras for the tricycle track, such as helmets and landscaping.

Yavneh students meet with IDF soldier Yonatan Lewin.

Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley is hosting weekly fitness classes at Chai House as part of its To Life! Healthy Living Program. One of the fitness classes is Tai Chi.

APJCC Cruise Around the World Gala honoring Jack Moore and Bonnie Slavitt Moore

Alice Glazer, Scott Budman, auctioneer, Cookie and Arnie Addison

Bonnie Slavitt Moore and Jack Moore


May 2010 • JCN •

local news Art exhibit brings Yom HaShoah and Yom HaAtzma’ut to life The Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center (JCC) Silicon Valley will host the Art exhibit “Kindred Spirits: Echoes of Our Past” featuring artists Carrie Zeidman and Leah Jachimowicz through June 14. The exhibit features artwork relating to the themes of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and Yom HaAtzma’ut (Israel Independence Day). The exhibit is open for viewing on the second floor of the Levy Family Campus during open hours.

Camp Shalom alumni reunion August 14 & 15 Did you attend Camp Shalom during the 70’s, 80’s or early 90’s? (Blackberry Farms, Canoas Gardens or current JCC campus?) Do you have fond memories of song circle, ga-ga games, oooh ahhh maccabiah, gods eyes, pool fun and overnight camp trips? Were you aware that even the hot dog buns had ruach (spirit)? Do you find yourself randomly singing old camp songs in the shower? If so, then please join in a special Camp Shalom r e u n i o n event. Meet at the APJCC in Los Gatos on August 15 in a family -friendly atmosphere with former c a m p friends and counselors and CIT’s. This “adults only” event will be held on Saturday, August 14. More information please contact Suzie Sherman, Camp Shalom camper 1977-1985 and staff 1986-1991, at

Eric Jedel wins Kiva teen challenge

The APJCC Center for Jewish Life and Learning is proud to announce that the winner of this year’s Kiva Teen Challenge is Eric Jedel. Eric is a seventh grader at Discovery Charter School, an active member of Congregation Shir Hadash Hebrew High, and has been involved in volunteer projects at Shir Hadash including the Community Build, Mitzvah Day, and helping in the preschool. The Kiva Teen Challenge asked local teens to make a microloan of $25 or more with Kiva Microloans (www.kiva. org) and then write an essay describing the experience. Eric chose to lend money to Bahriniso Sharifova, a 53-year-old mother of six who sells clothing in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Eric Jedel More impressive than Eric’s well-written essay and the seriousness with which Eric has approached this endeavor, is his understanding of the transformative nature of giving both for the recipient and the giver. Eric wrote, “Before I loaned at Kiva, my eyes were squinting, but now they are open.” Rabbi Joshua Fenton of the APJCC says, “It is a great joy to honor Eric in our community. He is an example for us all. Additionally, the JCC is pleased to award Eric with the prize of a Nintendo Wii. Well done and Yasher Koach!”

New JFS career coach puts Silicon Valley back to work Marcia Stein has joined JFS SV as a career coach. She provides individual career coaching to job seekers, helping them upgrade resumes and cover letters, sharper interview and social networking skills and get a jump start on job searching. Stein also oversees the JFS SV Employment Network, a networking group for professionals, and reaches out to the employment community to find job leads. The JFS SV Employment meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of every month at 1:30 p.m. at the Levy Family Campus, 14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos. For more information contact Marcia Stein at or (408) 556-0600.

Rabbi Avi and Rena Schochet honored for 10 years of contribution On Sunday, May 23, South Peninsula Hebrew Day School hosted a recognition dinner at the Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life, for Head of School Rabbi Avi Schochet and his wife Rena Schochet. Rabbi Schochet is retiring and the couple, who have made tremendous contributions to the South Bay Jewish community since they arrived in 2000, are working on their future plans. During the last ten years, Rabbi Schochet worked tirelessly to grow SPHDS and provide its students with a sense of stability. In addition to regularly helping at SPHDS, Rena served the boards of Hadassah and Women’s Philanthropy of Silicon Valley, as well as devoted time and energy to the Bar Yohai Sefardic Minyan community, and the Chevra Kadisha of San Jose.

Visit Israel with the JCC: a trip for active adults

The Addison-Penzak JCC will host a journey to the Land of Israel this fall. Come experience the spirituality of Jerusalem, the austere beauty of the Dead Sea, the lush greenery of the Galilee, and the energy of Haifa and Tel Aviv. Whether this is your first visit or your tenth, you’ll love experiencing Israel, JCCstyle! The program includes Israel’s must-sees along with wonderful cultural experiences and a festive Shabbat on a kibbutz in the Galilee. This trip is appropriate for active adults, and JCC membership is not required. Tour dates are October 24-November 5, 2010. For more information, contact Fagie Rosen at the JCC, (408) 357-7533.

Marcia Stein

Rabbi Avi and Rena Schochet

“Rabbi Schochet and Rena Schochet have been incredible assets to our community and it is difficult to imagine what life will be like without them in our midst,” said Jonathan Novich, president of SPHDS’s board of directors.

Dorsay receives honorary Doctorate Dr. Richard Dorsay received an honorary doctorate of public service from Tufts University in May for his tremendous volunteer work. Dear to the South Bay Jewish community for his extensive contributions, Dorsay has left his mark on many people and communities. A retired chief of radiology at Kaiser Hospital in South San Francisco, he is lauded for founding Tufts' Leonard Carmichael Society, which serves as a vehicle for more than 1,000 students to do volunteer service in some 30 community programs. Dr. Richard Dorsay

8 • JCN • May 2010

local news New assistant rabbi joins Congregation Beth David By Cecily Ruttenberg Congregation Beth David will welcome a new assistant rabbi this summer. Rabbi Philip Ohriner will take the pulpit position, after settling into the area with his wife Rabbi Shoshana Ohriner, and their two-year-old son. The welcoming is bittersweet for Beth David members and the rest of the South Bay Jewish community, who sadly bid farewell to Rabbi Aaron Schonbrun and his family. Schonbrun’s warmth and openness as a rabbi quickly made him an integral part of the community. When he and Jane-Rachel arrived in the South Bay, it was just the two of them. They have since welcomed two daughters and a son into their family and have had a growing desire to move back east, closer to family. “We had to make the decision while our kids were still young,” said Rabbi Schonbrun during a telephone Rabbi Philip Ohriner, Rabbi Shoshana interview. “That was really a big Ohriner and their 2-year-old son Ari. push, to have the kids growing up with cousins. It was a very difficult decision. Beth David is an amazing community. Rabbi Pressman is amazing. We’ve had nothing but a positive experience here.” The Schonbruns will move to Ocean Township, New Jersey, where Rabbi Schonbrun has secured a new position as the sole rabbi of Congregation Torat El, a 625-family congregation.

a ta s t e o f g i v i n g a ko s h e r w i n e ta s t i n g e v e n i n g








SVYAD is delighted to invite you to join us for “A taste of giving,” a wonderful







y a


t h u r s d a y, J u n e 2 4

7 - 1 0 p M at M a C L a 510 south 1st street downtown san Jose L i g h t fo oD A nD w i n e S i Le n t Au c t i o n B uS i n eSS c ASuA L At t i r e

evening of

rsvp: or 408-357-7503 $25 before June 17, $36 at the door

wine, food, friends and entertainment.


Young Adult Division

“People say, ‘Are you excited?’ I’m very excited, but I’m also sad. We have built strong and lasting relationships,” said Schonbrun. “We have been more than blessed here to have congregants and such good wonderful friends who have helped us with so much. But family is still family and we want our kids to grow up knowing their cousins.” But as all ends lead to new beginnings, Beth David congregations are excited to welcome Rabbi Ohriner and his family. Fresh out of the Jewish Theological Seminary, Ohriner is also a graduate of the H.L. Miller Cantorial School. While the Ohriners were open to settling wherever the right opportunity was, they are thrilled to be in the San Francisco Bay Area and at Congregation Beth David. Shoshana grew up in Palo Alto, attending Kol Emeth, and thus there is family nearby and familiarity. “We’ve always said we’d love to live in Northern California. Who wouldn’t want to?” said Rabbi Ohriner. “That wasn’t one of our qualifications. It just happened to work out that way.” Ohriner says Beth David’s multi-generational membership, and cutting-edge programming and outreach, makes it a very exciting opportunity. “One of the reasons that this job was particularly desirable to me, to anyone that was applying, is because it’s really an opportunity to serve each different demographic in the congregation. “It’s important to me to work with the seniors in the synagogue and then read to the preschoolers. That was a big draw to me, to be able to serve all the spectrums of life.” Growing up in rural farmland outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, Ohriner was one of only three or four Jewish kids in an over 2,000-student high school. “All throughout my childhood, I remember driving 25 miles each way multiple times each week to either go to religious school or services. “That was a part of my upbringing, in the belt buckle of the bible belt. People took their religion very seriously.” Ohriner says congregants at Beth David have been helping their family find housing and the many other pieces of a cross-country move. He looks forward to meeting members of the Jewish community after he and his family have become settled. Rabbi Schonbrun will be honored for his time at Beth David on Friday, June 19 at Shabbat Services.

Susan Fagin

Brian Kessler

We are your local Silicon Valley experts!

Please call for a free market analysis of your home. 408.316.9894 Susan 408.315.8647 Brian


May 2010 • JCN •

e r m C m a u m S p C C J P A



camps for toddlers to 10th graders Sports, swimming, art, cooking, science, nature, and more! Plus specialty camps in circus, theater, tennis, dance, soccer and more!

june 14 th-august 20 th, 2010 408.357.7416 For details, see 14855 oka Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032

Soul Mates Unlimited ® Modern Jewish Matchmaking


udith Gottesman is a rare find — a traditional matchmaker in today’s modern world. After successfully setting up friends and acquaintances for years, the Berkeley resident has made it a career with her business venture, Soul Mates Unlimited,® which opened in January 2009 and serves clients state-wide. “I’m trying to put out a call to the modern Jewish community to go back to the value that it’s a priority to help people find their match,” Gottesman said. “I’ve helped people find their soul mates, so I absolutely believe they exist.” She’s the daughter of Rabbi Aaron Gottesman and has advanced degrees in psychology and social work, so she understands what makes Jewish people tick — the first step in making excellent matches. Her clients range in age from 20s to 90s, and all desire a serious commitment. They come seeking an experience more personal than a Web site. It’s not a numbers game, but about finding the right match. By asking specific, personal questions and trusting her gut, Gottesman makes lasting and compatible couplings. Clients should be prepared for a one-hour initial consultation where they get deeply introspective about their life goals. For her services, clients pay a low one-time fee for the initial consultation and don’t pay again until they get engaged. • JCN • May 2010



‫ג‬:‫”והיית לקהל עמים“ בראשית כח‬ “And you will be a community of peoples”

Graduating Class of 2010 Joseph Michael Nissim Behar

Genesis 28:3

Emily W. Berns Shoshana Miriam Bocian Asal Ehsanipour

KEHILLAH JEWISH HIGH SCHOOL “‫ספר תיכון ”קהילה‬-‫בית‬

Jordan Etem Inbal Deutsch

Celebrates our Fifth Commencement Ceremony

Tayla Rose Feldman Kristina Fernandez

Sunday, the Thirteenth of June, Two Thousand Ten

Eyal Garbi Jeremy Paul Geist Roy Glueckstern

One Tammuz, Five Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy ‫ תש"ע‬,‫ א בתמוז‬,‫יום ראשון‬


Joshua Michael Goldenberg Ilan Gray

At Two in the Afternoon

Hila Gutfreund Alex Karel

Heritage Theatre 1 West Campbell Avenue Campbell, CA 95008

Jillian Kinsel Ofek Lavian Bradley Lent

Reception following ceremony

Hannah Vivienne Lent

Open to the community

Daniel Nemirovsky Ethan Palm Joshua Abraham Remba Sarah Rosenblatt Etelle Yaffa Shur Frederic Suares Zoë Taran Daniel Waisbein


May 2010 • JCN •

local news San Jose teen raises $5,000 for Haiti Like so many others, San Jose teen Birtu Belete felt the need to respond to the recent tragedy in Haiti. As a participant in BBYO’s Jewish Teen Mentorship Project (JTMP), Belete had the opportunity to develop a project of her own choosing with the help of an adult mentor from the local Jewish community. With the help of her adult mentor Judy Levin, Birtu decided to host a large-scale benefit to raise funds for organizations that benefit Haiti and work toward repairing the turmoil caused by the tragic January earthquake. “Birtu really seized the opportunity that this tragedy provided and used the increased awareness to help the Haitian community,” JTMP Project Coordinator Samara Trilling said. “She rallied her own community in support of an issue that was incredibly important to her, and she was really able to affect enormous change.”

Tax Planning & Return Preperation For Individuals, Trusts & Estates


Leonard W. Williams, CPA Elaine Raitt, CPA Joan Niemeier, CPA Brenda J. George, EA T. Patricia Cohen, EA

(408)736-1566 455 S. Mathilda, Sunnyvale 94086

Past Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley president Judy Levin with former San Jose mayor Susan Hammer at the Haiti fundraiser event. Levin served as Birtu Belete’s teen mentor for the project.

Belete’s event, Helping Hands for Haiti, was held on Sunday, March 21 at the home of Phil Hammer and former San Jose Mayor, Susan Hammer. There were over fifty attendees ranging from the age of four to ninety. Adults enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres and beverages while the younger guests did crafts and played with toys. Helping Hands for Haiti featured a musical performance by James Holmes, member of The Mumlers, a San Jose band who has experienced recent success with their hit single, “Coffin Factory”. In addition to raising funds through ticket sales, the event featured a silent auction with desirable items to bid on, including authentic Haitian Art. Through ticket sales, the auction and donations made in lieu of attendance, Belete’s event raised over $5,000 for the Haitian Sustainable Development Foundation and Partners in Health. The Haitian Sustainable Development Foundation is an organization that connects various charities aimed at helping Haiti. In the past they have focused on improving the country’s economic development in addition to the social and political welfare of the Haitian people. During this time of need the organization is focused on repairing the damage caused by the terrible earthquake in areas that have yet to receive UN or Red Cross aid. Partners in Health also has a long history of providing aid to the Haitian people and now needs help to provide medical care to those hurt by the recent earthquake. The Jewish Teen Coalition (JTC), a peninsula-wide umbrella organization, of which Belete is the president, was inspired to lend their help to the event and the people of Haiti. The JTC cosponsored the event by offering in-kind assistance and support at the event. The head of the Haitian Sustainable Development Foundation, Kathy McAllister, also attended Helping Hands for Haiti and gave a beautiful presentation about her organization and her personal connection to Haiti.

Coming Events at Shir Hadash Congregation Shir Hadash

YCommunity Shabbat Services– Free and open to all Saturdays, 10:30 am June 5: 4th Annual South Bay Pride Shabbat June 12: “Dissent in the Jewish Community” June 26: Family Friendly Shabbat worship in Sanborn County Park, Saratoga July 10: “200 Years of Reform Judaism” July 24: “Is Judaism an Optimistic Religion?” YSeniors’ Luncheon and Program (Freilache Menschen) Thursdays, June 17 and July 15, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm $5 donation requested for lunch. Guest speakers TBD YFor Families with Young Children: Tot Shabbat Saturday, June 19 at 9:30 am Service led by Rabbi Levenberg for families with small children. Includes stories, song, and Torah. Free and open to all

20 Cherry Blossom Lane Los Gatos, CA 95032 408-358-1751

YJunior Explorer Summer Camp Pre-schoolers aged 2 - 5 years will be engaged in exploring nature, gardening, water play, music, art, and sports. 2 four-week sessions: June 21 – July 16 and July 19 – August 13 For more information please contact Robin Adelman at (408) 358-1751 X 115 or

YAlzheimer’s Family Support Group- Free and open to all Fridays, June 10 and July 9 at 10:00 am Shir Hadash’s Caring Committee in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Association is offering a support group for anyone trying to navigate the day-to-day difficulties of care giving. YShir Hadash Tots A program for parent and child, ages 15 to 30 months. Join us for art, songs, stories, and outdoor play. Thursdays, 9:30 am to 11:00 am, June 24 to July 29 6 sessions - $60 For more information please contact Robin Adelman at (408) 358-1751 X 115 or YOpen House Sunday, August 29 at 10:30 am Come and learn more about Congregation Shir Hadash: our community, our religious school, and our programs.

Please check the Shir Hadash website at for upcoming events and information.

12 • JCN • May 2010

An interview with Joni Quintal, Principal at Yavneh Day School by Amanda Orrin When you walk the halls of Yavneh Day School, an independent Jewish Day School in Los Gatos, you see the academic excellence, you feel the sense of respect and social responsibility and you realize the strong sense of community that exists here. The values, principles and standards taught at Yavneh not only provide a solid education but promote a sense of belonging to the global community. Principal Joni Quintal explains the unique environment at Yavneh Day School, “Yavneh Day School is an independent school which focuses on educating the whole child, offering learning experiences that reach beyond core academic areas such as math, science, history and English. Here, we have the freedom to promote creative thinking in hands-on ways and to introduce our students to exciting and challenging subjects including art, music and Hebrew as well as global and environmental education and technology”. Ms. Quintal, who has an active schedule, adjusted her calendar in order to speak with me and explain more about Yavneh and the families who choose the school for their children: AO: What makes Yavneh unique? JQ: Many schools label themselves as “academically excellent”. While Yavneh prides itself on academic excellence, this isn’t what makes us exceptional. What sets us apart from other independent schools are the traits we instill in our students from the youngest grades. We teach leadership skills, communication tools and resources required for thriving relationships. We also teach our students to be mindful or aware of how they “show up” in everyday life. We teach them that if they are aware of their thoughts, they have a choice whether they want to act on those thoughts, as in teasing someone, or if they want to just notice the thought and not “do” anything with the thought. Teaching young people to be mindful empowers them to make decisions that positively contributes to daily interactions with others. When your child comes home at the end of the day, you will find that the concepts we teach extend far beyond what is in the student’s backpack. We teach our children how to support and respect each other. Many of the students at Yavneh have been together since Kindergarten or perhaps even earlier. Our students are learning to be connected and confident with themselves and with their peers. Yavneh teaches its students to be accountable and thoughtful; curious and considerate. While Yavneh is an educational institution, it provides and environment infused with warmth, much like a family unit. Yavneh carefully balances the benefits that an excellent education provides along with the intimacy of friendship and respect. We are a welcoming community. AO: Explain more about how Yavneh prepares its students to lead services. JQ: At every grade level there is a different leadership role which the students are expected to undertake, especially during Tefillah. Students are encouraged to lead services, which is a privilege. Yavneh’s services are so beautiful that we have many community members, adults and children, who have made Yavneh the place they go for a minyan, to say Kaddish, to feel part of the community. We have students who support others in the recitation of the Mourner’s Kaddish and they express their love and respect for their peers in this way. It is beautiful to observe.

AO: How does Yavneh prepare its students to be the leaders of tomorrow? JQ: The Yavneh Ambassadors program started as part of the Oprah Winfrey Ambassador School when we were chosen to participate in this elite group. We were one of very few school selected from nearly 50,000 schools to participate. What an honor! Our special group of Yavneh Ambassadors focuses on tangible and meaningful issues -- poverty, homelessness and clean water supplies, just to name a few. We look globally and locally (like social justice within Santa Clara County) to see how our students can make a difference. Approximately three or four projects are completed each year. One recent program was a “pajama drive” which included $5 donations toward those who are in need. Our students were quite proud of their efforts and they felt a strong sense of pride and community responsibility. AO: What are Yavneh Day School’s academic highlights? JQ: One of the best parts about Yavneh’s curriculum is its flexibility. Along with the unique teaching style of the Yavneh faculty, we have also created leveled classes for math and Hebrew in order to assist those students who excel or need extra assistance. Due to our specialized and small class sizes, Yavneh staff members are giving to each individual child the specialized attention he or she requires. Yavneh is a school which imbues a lasting love of learning and lifelong commitment to Jewish values. AO: What is it like to be a part of a larger campus that houses more than Yavneh? JQ: Our extended Yavneh family gets larger as we move about the building. The APJCC Preschool, which shares our side of the Levy Family Campus, is the place where many of our students start out. Jewish Family Services has developed into one of our best resources and a very important part of our family. We work together on social action opportunities, and most importantly, we are able to provide Yavneh families with many additional resources they may need through this great organization. The JCC has been a strong partner in the development of Yavneh’s programs. Throughout the school year we use the JCC auditorium for plays, the gym and pool for PE, and the fields for sports. In the summer, the JCC uses Yavneh facilities for their summer camp program. AO: How does Yavneh Day School make sure it is affordable for everyone who so desires? JQ: Community is something which should be available to everyone. The Board of Trustees at Yavneh Day School is committed fully to ensuring that all families who desire a solid Jewish foundation for their children have access to Yavneh Day School. More than half of Yavneh families receive some form of financial assistance. Special programs including some from the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley and the Jim Joseph Foundation ensure that the funds for these scholarships will continue for those families in need. Yavneh Day School is an INCLUSIVE environment. There is diversity at Yavneh including interfaith and interracial families, modern and traditional families. At Yavneh, we teach inclusion and acceptance. Yavneh Day School prides itself on providing academic excellence in both General and Judaic studies. Yavneh offers a strong sense of community and responsibility where each child is celebrated and challenged in accordance with individual abilities. Our students demonstrate leadership, have a passion for learning and embrace social responsibility. Come see for yourself! We invite you to learn more about our wonderful Yavneh Jewish Day School community!

(408) 984-6700

14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos


May 2010 • JCN •

We love Yavneh because... can actually get a great education because the teachers really care about us. ~ 6th grader

....i was taught more than just academics. i learned how to be a friend, how to communicate and how to be a leader. ~ 8th grader is a great school because you learn more about Judaism ~ 2nd grader h eac t ers ader h c r tea rd g e 3 th ... ple ~ peo

how s u

be to

ds ien

new h it


fr is fun! ~ kindergartener

14 • JCN • May 2010

words of the rabbi The Power of Sharing Our Stories By Rabbi Aaron Schonbrun, Congregation Beth David There is a story told that when the Baal Shem Tov had a difficult task before him he would go to a certain place in the woods, light a fire, and meditate in prayer. And then he was able to perform the task. A generation later the Magid of Mezrich was faced with the same difficult task. So he went to the place in the woods, but he had forgotten exactly how to light the fire as the Baal Shem Tov had done. He said: “Ribono Shel Olam, Master of the Universe, I can no longer light the fire, but I can still speak the prayers.” And so he prayed as the Baal Shem Tov had done and he was able to complete the task. A generation later, Rabbi Moshe Lev had to perform the same task. He, too, went into the woods, but he had not only forgotten how to light the fire, he had forgotten the prayers as well. He said, “Ribono Shel Olam, Master of the Universe, I can no longer light the fire, nor do I know the secret meditations belonging to the prayer. But, I do know the place in the woods to which it all belongs--and that must be sufficient.” And it was. Finally, when another generation had passed, Rabbi Israel Salanter was called upon to perform the task. He sat down in his home and said: “I cannot light the fire. I do not know the words of the prayers. And I no longer know the place in the forest. But I can tell the story of how it was done--and that must be sufficient.” And it was. In recent years I have become increasingly interested in the subject of family history and genealogy. Anyone who enjoys this subject knows that there is a lot of searching and collecting of documents and details involved in this type of work. But what I love to collect the most are The Schonbrun family “stories.” The Baal Shem Tov story is a reminder that Judaism places a profound value on both the sharing and hearing of stories. In his book The Gates of the Forest, Elie Wiesel adds one line to the end of the Hasidic story above, writing: “G-d created man because He loves stories.” What a powerful statement. Stories are not just important, they are holy. What makes stories so powerful and so holy? Our stories help us gain a deeper appreciation of who we are, where we have come from, and where we would like to be going. If I asked you to write about the most meaningful events of this past year, you would probably discover a great deal. And if I asked you to write about the most meaningful or significant events of your life, these would likely be stories that had a major impact on your life’s hopes, dreams, fears, and worries. Imagine what the recollection of these stories could teach you about where you have come from, where you are right now, and where you would like to be going? But self-understanding is only one piece of the equation. Many of our stories, even the ones that may feel private, ought to be shared. It is through the sharing of stories that we can assure that the deeper truths and meaning of our existence matter in this world. This sharing should not be limited to a specific age and stage of life. Whether we are older or younger, we must write down and share our stories with the generations before us and the generations who have yet to come after us. It is through sharing our stories that we and those listening may come to know the deeper meaning and significance of our lives. It is through the telling of our stories that we can understand, and can help others understand, the way our life has affected the world around us. There is no one right way to tell your stories. Some people start by thinking about life changing events. Some start with their childhood and their family growing up. Some focus on work. Others focus on important relationships in their lives. Some people use pictures to help jog their memories. These stories can be written, recorded, or videotaped. They can be shared with people now or stored away for a future time. No matter the medium, you owe it to yourselves, to your children, to your family and to your friends, to share and save your stories. It is one of the holiest tasks that we can do in our lifetime. Each of us has only a limited time on this earth, but as we know from the entire structure of the Jewish tradition, our stories can live on forever.

George Rubin, M.A.H.E Private Instruction Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Hebrew, Jewish Studies In person and/or ichat or skype video conference

(650) 424-1940

Rosa Bencuya

408.499.2077 • 408.913.7784 Saratoga office 408.741.11111



Summer Torah Club’s

20th year celebration! August 2nd -20th Puppets- Comedy -Drama Girls 5-12 Boys 5-8

To register call Rivkah at: 408-445-1770


May 2010 • JCN •

around the community Twenty-three local teens return from March of the Living By Bettina Rosenberg Twenty-three Silicon Valley teens journeyed to Poland and Israel April 7-21 to observe Yom HaShoah and celebrate Yom HaAtzma’ut. They were joined by 10,000 youths from around the world on a program run by the International March of the Living that is designed to strengthen Jewish identity and ensure that the Holocaust is never forgotten. The teens, primarily students at Kehillah Jewish High School and members of Congregation Beth David, Congregation Shir Hadash, and Temple EmanuEl, were accompanied by Holocaust survivor Isaac Goldstein, who made the strenuous trip for the third time in six years. Goldstein, who was born in Poland, was the sole survivor of his immediate family and endured the grueling war years in the Bialystock Ghetto, Majdanek, Auschwitz and Buna. He shared his painful memories during each leg of the challenging journey. “It is important for me to be with the kids and explain everything,” he says. A highlight for him was a reunion in Jerusalem with Eliot, Ari and Devora Fine, siblings who had taken the trip with him in 2006 and 2008. The brothers are now soldiers in the Israel Defense Force and Devora is spending a gap year in Israel. The Poland itinerary included visits to the haunting Tykocin Forest, the stone monuments of Treblinka, eerily well-preserved Majdanek, landmarks of the Warsaw Ghetto, and a tour of Schindler’s Factory. The climax was the actual 10,000-person march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, an emotional statement to the world that the Holocaust can never happen again. The somber mood lifted when the group arrived in Israel. There they enjoyed the beach and shopping in Tel Aviv, a jeep tour of the Golan Heights, floating in the Dead Sea, and Shabbat at the Kotel. They observed Yom HaZikaron on Masada, remembering the Jewish soldiers throughout history who sacrificed their lives to preserve their people. They celebrated Yom HaAtzma’ut in Jerusalem with an exuberant march through the city that provided a distinctive counterpoint to the solemn trek they had experienced the week before. continued on page 27

Sitting Shiva for my mom By Dafna Mizrahi I am an Israeli daughter born to Sefardic and Ashkenazi parents. My mother died January 22, 2010 in Marin County, where she and my sister live. The day she died, I suddenly felt that my whole world had fallen apart. I felt like an orphan. Since I lived in the United States for most of my life and did not have an extended family here, I did not get a chance to learn the customary things to do when someone is observing Shiva. When my mother died, I knew we would sit Shiva. Because I am the oldest, I felt I needed to take care of my brother and sister, even though they are adults. I also had to make all the arrangements to bury our mother. I have gone to “sit Shiva” many times for friends and clients. I always thought that you just go in the evening to sit Shiva and bring dessert. I always wondered what to say. I worried that there were going to be many people there, so would it be important for me to go? Perhaps I did not know the mother or father, so I wasn’t sure if my presence would make a difference. When we started sitting Shiva, I knew people were going to come for seven nights, but I didn’t know what to do about Friday night. Was I supposed to wear black? What should I do as a Jewish woman at the temple? Most of us have been prepared for our Bat/Bar Mitzvah, but I didn’t know what to expect and do during this period. The first night of Shiva was held at my mom’s house. Many people knew my mom and my sister, but neither my brother nor I knew anyone. I felt so lonely

and needed support. So I suggested that we sit Shiva in my home for two days. While sitting Shiva, I learned many things. People from Beth David, Hadassah, my havurah, and my friends called and brought us food and dessert, and came to take care of me, my brother and two sisters. I received many e-mails from friends, clients and family, as well as many cards and donations sent to show respect for my mom. Since many of us do not have family close by, our friends and community become our family. But the thing that may have been the most helpful was all the people who came to sit Shiva at my home. There were people of all faiths: Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu, as well as Jewish. We were so moved by the number of people who came, the hugs and kisses, stories about how others had lost loved ones and how they handled the grieving. We prayed together, and the beautiful words people told me about my mother after learning about her made me feel so supported. I truly felt that I am not alone and that I can go on. My mother always taught me that it is always better to give more than you take. I have lived my life this way, but I did not know how comforting it would be at a time like this. We sometimes do not see the importance of giving and being part of a synagogue, havurah, or charity organization. We don’t always understand how much appreciated it is when we go out of our way to help others. It is at a time like this that we learn how important this support is. I am proud to be Jewish and I thank all of you for your support.

16 • JCN • May 2010

thank you for your generosity Rosalie Frankel and Thomas Abel Janet and Norman Abrahams Beverly and Seymour Abrahams Theresa Abrams Rose and Joseph Acterman Alana Addison Arnie Addison Cookie Addison Allan Ader Betty Adler Marilyn Ader Richard Albert Gene Alberts Iris Alberts Ronit Alcheck-Bodner Monique Alexander Rena Alisa Linda Allen Mark Allen Stephen Altus Agnes Angelesco Suzette Anis Anonymous Alicia Appleman Amalia Arndt Rabbi Melanie Aron and Michael Dine Michael Aronoff Julie and Steve Arshop Barbara and Jaime Ash Wendy and Mitch Askenas Mark Atlas Janna Vaystikh and Ilya Averekh Hebe Aver Ilya Avrekh Bernard Axelrad Edward Azlant Leya Babchin Cheryl Bader Helen Baer Maxie Baer Ginny Baird Bob Baird Matthew Baker Hilda Balakhane and Albert Sedighpour Noah Bareket Ruth Bareket Drew Barkley Barbara Barko Lawrence Barko Jeffrey Barnett Jacob Barron Ruth Barron Ruth Bart Zeev Barylka Ittai Barzilay Sandra Baseman Keene Helem and Aaron Baskin Miriam Bassian Gail Bates Yessne Elizabeth and James Batson Einat Bauman Sheila Baumgarten Therese Becker Rachel Belaya Tatyana Belayvskaya Richard Belgard Arkady Belogolovsky Shay Ben-chorin Eunice Bennett Lorraine Bentley Shoshana Ben Artzi Rachel Berg Dale Bergman Patricia Bergman Robert Bergman Joshua Berkenwald Allan Berkowitz Alyssia Berkowitz Fred Berkowitz Mindy Berkowitz Shelley Berkowitz Barbara Berlant Morton Berlant Richard Berlin Craig Berlinberg Jacki Berlinberg Jan Berliner

Sanford Berliner Lisa Sobel and Benji Berlow Aaron Berman Emily Berman Evelyn Berman Warren Berman Alan Bernard Mary Jo Bernard Jessica Bernhardt Ira Bernstein Marlene and Phillip Bernstein Jann Besson Nogah Bethlahmy Barbara Beyda William Beyda Anna Bidner Martha and Barry Biegun Barbara Biran Dawn Birns Neil Birns Irving Black Leona Black Steven Blasberg Joel Blatt Lisa and Bruce Blau Barbara Bleadon Brooke Blecher Hana and Avi Bleiweiss Marjorie Blickman Sheldon Blickman Carol Blitz Jeremy Bloom Roberta Bloom Ruth Bloom Jane Blumenthal Kristi Blumstein Ron Blumstein Jacqueline Bocian Gabriel Bodner Ahron Bogomilsky Roy Bolton Brett Borah Judy Borah Hal Bordy Avery Borenstein Susan Borkin Milton Boyar Cyd and Matt Braker Jacqueline Braker Jean Breen Debra Brender Susie Brenner Martin Bress Ruth Brill Adam Brody Jean and Gary Bronstein Ellen Brooks Richard Brooks Lina Broydo Barry Brummer Linda Brummer Susan Brundage Alexander Brushtein Elizabeth Buckel Jennifer Green and Scott Budman Richard Burt Victoria Burt Edd Burton David Buseck Cole and Rita Buxbaum Cole Buxbaum Peter Buzanski Edward Cahn Marjorie Cahn Michael Cahn Susan Cahn Cal Jan Irving Cepinko Lynda Chase Jacob Cherepakho Yelizaveta Cherepakho Aron Chernyak Fran and Jack Chevlen Robert Chortek Seema Cicerone Lori Cinnamon David Clare Sandra Cohen and Mar Terzlev Amir Cohen

Armand Cohen David Cohen Eleanore Cohen Ivalee Cohen Jay Cohen Jayne Cohen Lois Cohen Marilyn Cohen Nathaniel Cohen Vivian Cohen Judith and Larence Cohn Ron Cohn Marlene Cole Julie Collier S. Len Connolly Linda Coon Marge Cooper David Corman Harry Cornbleet Joanne Cornbleet Daniel Cowans Diana Cowans Barrie and Jonathan Cress Marian Crowel Rose Crownoever Aaron Cunin Frumie Cunin Gerald Daniel David Danker Laura Danoff-Robinson Monte Davidoff Harriet Davis Debbie Davis Doris Davis Richard Davis Janis Decker Vicky Deggs Lucy Delman Laurel Demain Ulric Dennis Glenda Dennis Larry Dibowitz Steve Dick Eleanor Dickman Lloyd Dickman Helen Dietz Bernard Director Pearl Director Mindy and Patrick Dirks Janet Dombro Louis Dombro Stephen Dombro Beverly Domenech Vincent Domenech Marie Donner Dorothy Dorsay Richard Dorsay Linda Draa Igor Drabkin Raya Drabkin Dorothy Drabkin Mike Drabkin Herbert Dreifuss Alex Drukarev Loraine Drukarev Sheila Dubin Leigh Durlacher Stella Dushats Francie and Gary Effren Sophia Levin and Lev Efros Edward Ehrlich Donald Ehrlich Susan Ehrlich Neal Eisenberg Abe Eisenstein Darlene Eisenstein Heidi Eisips Barbara Eisner Maureen Ellenberg Steve Ellenberg Susan Ellenberg Zachary Ellenberg Robert Ellman Bette Emanuel Mira Engel Miriam Engel Bruce Entin Pesia Entin Burt Epstein Thelma and Raymond Epstein Sandy Epstein Gail Evjenth

Efraim Eyal Sandy and Andrew Faber Shimon Fanger-Vexler Lawren Farber Rhonda Farber Sandor Fazekas Leemore Federman Robert Feigelson Vicki Feigelson Irv Feinberg Jacquelyn Feinberg Elana Feinsmith Jason Feinsmith Devorah and David Felder-Levy Clayton Feldman Robert Feldman Sandra Feldman Joey Felsen Sarah Felsen James and Anita Fenner Claire Fenton Joshua Fenton David Fernandez Donald Fernandez Raul Fernandez Flora Feuerman William Feuerman Florence Fiance Howard Field Renee Fields Howard Fine Renee Fine Julie Firsty Armeda Fischer Joseph Fischer Melanie Fishbin Diane and David Fisher Judy Fisher Alan Fishman Miriam Fishman Noel Fishman Roslyn Fishman Nesya Fishstrom Andrea and Joel Fleekop Michael Fletcher Ruth Fletcher Esther Forman Risa Foster Audrey Fox Brian Fox Joan Fox Karen Fox Larry Fox Lynda Fox Marvin Fox Robert Fox Ruth Fox Stephen Fox Marci Fox-Greene Barbara Frank Dorothy Frankel Harriet Frankel Rosalie Frankel Steve Frankel Valerie Frankel Mark Fredenburg Mark Fredkin Susan Fredkin Liya Freydin Peysakh Freydin Arthur Fried Dodi Friedenberg Jon Friedenberg Gerald Friedland Alan Friedman Sharon and Jack Friedman Karen Friedman Blanche Frolichman Sheri Frumkin Murry Frymer Michelle and Joseph Gabriel Regina and Arki Galicki Martin Gandel Emily Gannes Howard Gannes Margarita Treskova and Boris Gantvarg Alma Garcia Jeanette Garretty Don Gartner Glenda Gavenman

Lee Gavens Susan Gavens Sherman Geeser Judith and Aleksander Gelb Lorrene Gelb Alex Gelber Vlada Gelfond Adam Gerston Elisa Gerston Larry Gerston Rebecca and Amnon Geshuri Craig Gilden Rebecca Gilden David Gilford Cathy Gill Stewart Gill Abe Gindi Rachel Gindi David Ginsborg Elizabeth Carr and Mark Gitin Wendy and Lance Glasser Harry Glatstein Jane Glicksman Robert Glicksman Global Impact Myrna Gluck Robert Gluck Rost Gofman Jane Gold Michael Gold Sheila Gold Mary Golon and Robert Goldberg Ethel Goldberg Harold Goldberg Larry Goldberg Marjory Goldberg Serky Goldberg Leonid Goldburd Glenna Goldetsky Clarence Goldfinger Kanya & Shai Goldman Leslie Goldman Louis Goldman Stanley Goldring Steffi Goldschmidt Amy Goldstein Barbara Goldstein Bert Goldstein Donna Goldstein Evelyn Goldstein Jason Goldstein Michael and Varda Goldstein Rochelle and Isaac Goldstein Stan Goldstein Millie Goltz Stuart Goodgold Margie Goodman Marian Goodman Norma and David Goorvitch Ernest Gordon Ronnie Gordon Bobbye Gorenberg Marvin Gorenberg Meira Gotesdyner Uri Gottfeld Norman Gould Robert Gould Stanley Gould Sylvia Goupil Maona and Loney Grabscheid Nicole Grandison-Mentore Melvin Grant Doris Greebler - Rosenberg Barbara Green Harold Green Helaine Green Joan Green Max Green Philip Green Roma Green Steve Green Arlene Greenberg Beryl Greenberg Carmela and Leonard Greenberg Herm Greenberg Michelle Greenberg

Steve Greenberg Bruce Greene Renee Greene* Thalia Greene Wayne Greene Rochelle Greenfield Sandy Greenfield Ann Greenspan Pamela Gregg Dee Grieff Louis Grossman David Grus Molly and Enrique Guadiamos Denise and Ronald Guasticci Allen Guggenheim Karen Guggenheim Carol Gutstein Clifford Gutterman Mimi Gutterman Susan Gutterman Joyce and Jeffrey Hack Suellen Haggerty Michael Haines Anthony Halicki Janet Halicki Elaine Hamilton Michael Hamilton Gary Hammer Philip Hammer Nanci Harmelin Carole and David Harris Elaine Harris David Harris Joel Harris Wendy Harris Julia Hartman Peggy and Fred Heiman Marshall Heller Sue Heller Arielle and Doron Hendel Cipora Herman Janet Herman Vivian Herman Susan Hernandez Jo Anne Hersch Robert Hersch Dinah Hess Randy Hess Virginia Hess Jane Hiatt and Robert Pearl Sima Hilde Beverly Hirsch Karen and Larry Hirsch Lee Hirsch L.D. Hirschklau Michael Hirschklau Arlene Hitchcock Lon Hitchcock Kenneth Hittleman Lorraine Hoff Sy Hoff David Hoffert Arthur Hoffman David Hoffman Ilana Hoffman Nancy Hoffman Pamela Hoffman Hagar and Peter Holan Eva Holtz Judy and Samuel Holtzman Chris Hook James Horton Evelyn Howard Susan and David Howard Jane and Steven Hubert David Hurwitz Jan Hurwitz Jerry Hurwitz Marge & Alfred Hurwitz Bruce Hyman Helen Ibsen Barbara Illowsky Dan Illowsky Jeffrey Imas Carol Imber Dov Isaacs Madelyn Isaacs Joseph Isaacson Rabbi Debbie Israel and Dr. Jerry Dubin

Alisa Israel Goldberg Julia Itskevitch Ilya Izrailevsky Lora Jachimowicz Stephen Jackson Wilma Jacobowitz Charles Jacobs Gail and Gerald Jacobs Ira Jacobs Matthew Jacobs Nurit Jacobs Jamie Jacobs May Dina Jacobson Irwin Jacobson Jane Jacobson Jerry Jacobson Mark Jacobson Rita Jacobson Sara Jacobson Robert Jacobvitz Robert Jaffee Seema Jaffee Steve Jay Jeri Jensen Sharoan Jeung Jewish Federations of North America, Inc. Simon Jiang Jim Joseph Foundation Sarah Joelson Tom Johanix Amy Johns Gail Joseph Ronald Joseph Arlene Jurman David Jurman Jyl Jurman Alan Kabert Harry and Elaine Kahn Merle Kahn-Samuelson David Kalmus Jeffrey Kanel Reneé Kanel Alfred Kaplan Hedy Kaplan Janis Kanter Judy Kaplan Lori Kaplan Louis Kaplan Steven Kaplan Warren Kaplan Ben Karni Julie Karni David Karpf Ilan Kasan Mira Bezymenskaia and Aron Kashlinsky Alfred Kass Elizabeth Kass Evan Kass Marlene and Alfred Kass Doris Katz Gary Katz Melissa Katz Olga and Isaac Katz Robert Katz Stanley Katz Rina Katzen Deborah Katzman Howard Katzman Jeff Kazarnovsky Eve and Ofir Kedar William Kellman Murray Kern Robert Keynton Alla and Dmitry Khodorkovsky Anna Khodosh Rebecca King Lynne Kinsey Stephen Kinsey Eleanor and Edward Kiss Keith and Ellen Kitchen Alissa Klar Elayne Klasson Marcia Klein and Avi Hochberg Saul Klein Scott Klein Thomas Klein Arleen Kluger Barbara Knaster Scott Knaster


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Mishkanian Derryl Molina Lottie Monarch Sheila Monheit Jack Moore Houri and Jacob Moradzadeh Eagal Moradzadeh Stacey Morgan Gail Morman Jennifer Morse Tewfik Mourad Zhanna and Mikhail Movsfhovich Arthur Muller Claudia Muller David Muller Susan Murai Eleanore Murray Betty and Bertram Mutnick Michelle Myron Aaron Nankin Gary Nankin Ilana Nankin Susan Nankin Ronee and Ike Nassi Bettey Naymark Janice and Ronald Naymark Leon Neidleman Eileen Rothschild and Norval Nelson Neil Newman Phyllis Newman Liliya and Benyamin Neys Alice Nichols Arlene Noodleman Richard Noodleman Jonathan Novich Jonathan Null Joy Null Sharon Ofek Irving Olender Steve Orrin Lynn Osband Carol Osofsky Jill and Ray Osofsky Lewis Osofsky Eliot Ostrow Daren Ovadya Doris and Albert Ovadia Robert Ovadia Sidney Palay Ruth Pangilinan Robert Panick Beatrice Papo Barbara Parees Bernice Parris Minda and Richard Parrish Naomi Pascale David Paul Rachel Paul Rita Pearl Dale Pearlman Dara Pearlman Gale Pedowitz Evelyn Peel Don Peer Nirit Peer Lorie Pelc Ralph Pepper Carol Perez Barbara Perlman Max Perlman Jay Perrine Yudif and Khaim Pesin Nakhama and Boris Pevzner Richard Pickard Arnold Pinck Vadim Piskun Andy Pluemer Joelle Pluemer Lou Pollock Savely Polovets Linda Pomeranz Michelle and Gary Popkin Sheryl Popper Dianne and Alan Portnoy Sally Porush Gretchen Preville Harold Price Denise Pringle Judith Propp Bill Province

Judith Manzy and Jay Pruzansky Gladys Puopolo Harold Rabbie Gladie Rabitz Dan Raicu Andrew Raider Rhonda Raider Elina and Mark Rakhmilevich Thelma Ramm Hy Ramm Monica Ranes-Goldberg Martin Rattner Sheryl Rattner Diane Rauchwerger Arlene Ravel Sally Ravel Judy Reeve Eli Reinhard Myra Reinhard David Reiser Esther Reiser Harriet Reisner Ronald Remba Susan Remba Rebecca Resheff Ethel Ress Henry and Jean Richards Gary Richman Joseph Riggio Marcia Riggio Sylvia Riveness Olga Rivkin Victor Rivkin Nissa Robbins Johanix Paul Robbins Sheri Robbins Gordon Robinson Kenneth Robinson Ray and Teresa Rogoway Dana Romalis-Berkenwald Anne Rosche Iva and Wayne Rose Jan Rose Fagie Rosen Beryl Grace and Jonathan Rosenberg Nancy Small and Gordon Rosenberg Rachel and Robert Rosenberg Ruth and Bernard Rosenberg Sidney Rosenberg Channa Rosenblatt Eloise Rosenblatt Eric Rosenblum Lisa Rosenblum Tina Rosenblum Arlene Rosenfeld Esther Rosenfeld James Rosenfeld David Rosenthal Allen Rosenzweig Barbara Rosner Bobbie Ross Linda and Ron Rossen Marvin Rossman Betty Rossman Herb Rossman Irvin Roth Doris Rothschild Lynne Rovin Stuart Rovin Keith Rovin Alissa Rozansky Alla Rozenvasser Shell Rubenstein Miri and Yoram Rubin Rami Rubin Andrea Rubnitz Debbie and Dan Rubnitz Joel Rubnitz Riva Rubnitz Allen Ruby Cynthia Ruby Ilean Rudin Inge Rudman Ira Ruskin Eleanor and Richard Rusnak

Theresa Rutledge Cecily Ruttenberg Laura Saal Uri Sabadosh Robin Sabes Judy Sack Sherri Sager Naomi and Jeff Salowe Harriet and Walter Saltzman Jerry Salzman Lorraine and Alan Samuel Sharon and Robert Samuels Larry Samuelson Vanina Sandel Mutchnik and Sharon Mutchnik Christel Sanders Judith Sapper Mitzi Sapper Carol Sarche Harley Sauvage Rochelle Sax Harriet Saxe Donna Schaechter Wolfgang Schaechter Barbara Schapira Morey Schapira Connie Schein Lawrence Schein Amy Schiff Daniel Schiff Edward Schiffman Ruth Schifrin Meredith Schindehette Leonard Schlussel Bernie Schmidt Pearl Schneiderman Rena and Avi Schochet Aaron Schonbrun Miriam Schreiber Leonard Schreibstein David Schroit Martin Schulter David Schwartz Roberta Schwartz Lillian Schwartzberg Doris Schwarz-Lisenbee Albert Sedighpour Marilyn Sefchovich Michael Segal Mark Segall Nikki Segall Abraham Seiden Elizabeth Seiden Sidney Seidenstein Martin Seldon Rita Seldon Beverly Seligman JoAnn Shank Cynthia Shanker Phil Shanker Janice and Marshall Shapiro Janice Shapiro Jerome Shapiro Neil Shapiro Steve Shapiro Wendy Shapiro Marcia Shaps Sally Shaps Molly and Boris Shedrin Arna and Hersh Shefrin Cyndi Sherman Linda Sherry Chagit Shmargad Bernard Shoopak Anatoly Shteynberg James Shulman Jonathan Siders Lawrence Siders Carole Siegel Ginny Siegler Judith Siegel Manny Siegler Susan Silavin Anna and Peter Silberstein Janet and Nathan Silberman Joan and Richard Silberstein Richard Silberstein Simon Silin Lynn and Richard Silton

Hal Silver Hal Silver Jon Silver Sandra Silver Susan Silver Carol Silverman Erica Silverman Martin Silverman Pamela Silverman Yvette Silverman Silver Shield Security Sinai Memorial Chapel Lisa Sinizer Judith Sklar Voyles Judith Skopicki Harvey Slater Bonnie Slavitt Moore Daniel Sloan Alfred Smoller Martin Snitow Joanna Snyder Lynne and Mark Snyder Robert Snyder Vivian Snyder Richard Sogg Rosalie Sogolow John Solin Bernice Solin Kenneth Solnit Eta Somekh Scott Sommer Linda Speizer Adiv Spiegel Stephanie and Peter Spielvogel David Spodick Margaret and Alan Spool Alfred Sporer Ruth Sporer Millie Sprintz Sandy and Sheldon Spungen Peter Stanger Maureen Starr State of Israel Bonds Amy and Steven Stein Edward Stein Jo Stein Judith Stein Shirley Stein Alan Steinberg Leslie Steinberg Russell Steinweg Donald Stemmle Laura Stemmle Lee Stoian Olga Stoian Henry Stokols Joan and Henry Stone Gerald Stoner Leah Strauss Arieh Strod Michal Strutin Carole Stuart Kathy Sucher Jonathan Sweedler Susan Sweedler Lynette Tannen Julie Tardos Howard Taub Barbara Taubman Chuck Taubman Ann Tavan Richard Tavan Lisa Taylor Melissa Taylor Paul Taylor Aileen Teren-Foster Ellen Terrell Marc Terzlev Alfred Tesler Emily Thacker John Thacker Helen Tieger April Tilles Charlotte Tilles Steven Tilles Linda Tobias Jeanette Tobin Robert Torczyner Daniel Toren Barbara Trisler Nancy Tromblee

David Tseitlin Lev Tsentsiper Vicki Harrison and Peter Ullmann Harold Unger Veda Urias Veda and J. Yochanan Urias William Usim Aline Usim Leslie Vasquez Yakov Vaysman Emily Vinik Bernice Vitcov Rochelle Vitcov Dore and William Warshal Kim and Mike Wasserman Lorraine and Nathan Wasserman Martin Wasserman Heather Levy and Jacob Weil David Weinberg Bruce and Cathy Weiner Robert Weinmann Barbie and Martin Weinstein Linda Weinstein Mildy Weinstein Muriel Weintraub Sophie Weinzimmer Robert Weisman Wendie Weisman Gayle and Arthur Weissbrodt Eileen Wells Wells Fargo Bank Dan Weltsch Alan Werba Pat Werba Elisa and Kai Wessels Cathie Whalen Jerome White Joyce Wies David Wiesner Sherri Wiesner Marsha Witkin Dennis Wolf Elise Wolf Janet Wolf Linda Wolf Roni Wolfe Shoshana Wolf Yael Wolf Andrew Wolfe Eileen Wolk Ron Wolk Janet and William Wood Lourdes and Frank Yashar Natalia Yco Larry Yelowitz Rhoda Yelowitz Igor Yevelev Anna Young Jeff Young Marci Yuste Moshe Zaltsmann Liliya Zarayskiy Valeriy Zarayskiy Isak Zaraysky Elias Zasloff Gary Zatkin Carrie and Bob Zeidman Elise Zentner Deborah Zimmer Selma Zinker Sheldon Zitman Linda and Joel Zizmor Stan Zlotoff This list is in formation. Those listed together have made a family gift. If we have made a mistake, please contact Danelle at 408.357.7506 or at danelle@jvalley. org. If you would like to make your 2010 Annual Campaign pledge please go to and make your pledge today.  Thank you.

18 • JCN • May 2010

silicon valley israel celebration

Parents sign up for PJ Library, a program that supplies children with free Jewish literature.

Sheldon Low plays his guitar as the children sing and dance along.

Israeli Scouts kick-off the day with a parade around the field.

Families gather at the info booth to get their maps of Israel.

Congregation Beth David Religious School 5771 School Year Meet & Greet Aug. 27 School Begins Sept. 12 Check out education tab @

Friendship Y Mitzvot Y Torah Y Hebrew Y Israel B’nei-Mitzvah Y Ganon (preK) Y Special Needs Program Contact Andrea at or 408-366-9101

Congregation Beth David Y 19700 Prospect Road Y Saratoga, CA 95070 Y 408.257.3333 “There’s a Place for Me at CBD”


May 2010 • JCN •

senior section PJ Library plans grandparents’ program

Retiree group meets monthly at Shir Hadash Freilache Menschen, the retirees group that has been meeting at Congregation Shir Hadash for over 10 years, has grown this year to 110 members and holds monthly programs attracting 40 or more people. The group meets at 11:30 a.m. the third Thursday of each month, giving local seniors the chance to visit, eat lunch, and hear a speaker or program. Friends and family are invited to participate, and everyone is asked to make a $5 donation towards the cost of lunch. Dessert is brought in by the alternating half of the group by previous arrangement. Freilache Menschen programs have included practical topics such as “Products to Make Life Easier” and “Driving Safe Longer” as well as topics of Jewish interest, like “American Jewish Women Comedians.” Speakers have shared travel stories and photos, including a young adult’s highlights from a Birthright trip, one woman’s experiences escaping Italy in 1939, and another woman’s volunteer experience with Hadassah in Israel. Upcoming programs already scheduled include a League of Women Voters representative discussing upcoming election choices and Barbara Squire talking about her experiences as an Air Force pilot during World War II. For more information on Freilache Menschen, contact Shir Hadash at (408) 358–1751 x5.

Ask any grandma, and she’ll agree: there’s nothing more delightful than cuddling a grandchild sitting cozily beside you and smiling, wide-eyed, as you read a good children’s book! And when the book is a high-quality offering from The PJ Library Program®, the pleasure is even greater. You’re not only entertaining, you’re transmitting important Jewish values as well. For many families in the South Bay, this is a picture you can see often, and it’s an encounter not to be missed. Doris Katz and Aurianne Dorsay, members of the The PJ Library Program’s steering committee, are spearheading a new initiative to develop an intergenerational reading program in our community, along with Aurianne’s mother-in-law, Dorothy Dorsay. When Dorothy first received the community-wide mailing from The PJ Library Program® in December 2008, she immediately signed up her grandson Avin, and, later, his brother Bren. “I love the way Avin gets so excited when the PJ Library envelope comes.” He finds his name, opens the package, and immediately starts looking at the book. Avin also asks if he can open his brother’s envelope as well. Doris has a special connection to The PJ Library Program®―her daughter is married to the son of one of the program’s founders. “I first saw the books at my niece’s home, and Doris Katz, Dorothy Dorsay and Aurianne Dorsay look over PJ Library books. The loved them. Seeing this women are launching an intergenerational reading program. program in a community I really care about is so wonderful―I’d support the program even if I weren’t related to it!”

Lyn Pasqua

DELIVERED BY GRACE Transportation and Shopping Service

408.590.5898 Personalized transportation service, serving seniors throughout Santa Clara and most cities in San Mateo County. Our service is tailored to meet your need. We wait with you and provide assistance at an appointment or while shopping. We make multiple stops; require only 24 hr. notice to schedule a reservation and some same day service. Individual must be partially ambulatory; we accept walkers and provide a travel wheel chair.

For Aurianne, the books present positive aspects of Jewish culture and tradition. “It gives us a sense of belonging to a community,” she says. She appreciates the fact that the books are chosen wisely, making Jewish experiences appealing. Doris agrees: “In almost any book, you can find connections to your own lives.” And, adds Aurianne, “When Grandma or Grandpa read to my children, it becomes even more special.” Doris and Dorothy marvel at the busy lives their children lead and wonder how, in this hectic world, parents find the time to develop a good reading habit for their children. They want to foster this practice and help the next generation experience “what joy books can give.” The trio hopes to share this experience with more grandparents in the community―even those whose own grandchildren may live far away. They are considering “reading days” at such venues at Chai House, Chateau Cupertino, and the Villages, where parents can bring their preschoolers for a PJ Library program. “What a wonderful intergenerational opportunity,” notes Doris, “where grandparent, parent and children can all share a book, a craft activity, and play together.” Grandparents might even become regular readers, especially if they don’t have grandchildren in the area. One such grandma is Eleanor Dickman, outreach coordinator for The PJ Library Program®, who fills the void of distant grandchildren by volunteering as a storyteller once a month for the kindergarten class at Yavneh Day School. “This is a pleasure I’d love to have other grandparents experience,” she says. The PJ Library Program® is looking for grandparents to help develop this concept, especially if they live in communities where other grandparents live. The commitment is not burdensome and the joy is profound! Please contact Doris Katz at if you would like to explore this opportunity further.

20 • JCN • May 2010

senior section Active Hazak group welcomes seniors 55 and older Congregation Beth David sponsors an active Hazak chapter that has been meeting for more than five years and offers events monthly. The chapter is a vibrant special interest group dedicated to serving the social, intellectual, and religious needs of congregants age 55+. Although Hazak is affiliated with the Conservative movement, the events are open to other interested Jews. Couples are welcome to attend even if only one person has reached 55. The e-mail list reaches about 600 people, and events draw from 60 to 110 attendees. Upcoming events include the annual BBQ on July 11 at Blackberry Farm in Cupertino, which offers swimming, bocce ball, horseshoes, and shady picnic areas. The Hazak Committee will provide hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggie burgers, while those attending will provide appetizers, salads, and desserts. Other activities in the planning stages include an arts and crafts show featuring works by creative congregants, a ball game, a visit to a local planetarium, and a trip to a museum in San Francisco. Hazak enjoyed a guided tour of the lovely gardens at Filoli in May. "Jews and Chocolate: a Love Affair" on February 14 drew more than 80 people. Dr. Marjorie Freedman from San Jose State University explored Jews' historical connection with chocolate, the physiological and psychological aspects of chocolate, and, of course, there was chocolate tasting. In January, Hazak members led Shabbat evening services and then enjoyed a festive Shabbat dinner. The annual pre-Chanukah party in December featured The Lyratones, a 20-piece big band, for dancing and listening enjoyment, a deli dinner including latkes, an always fun gift exchange, and lots of socializing. About 60 people enjoyed a theater evening in October to "The Chosen," an adaptation of Chaim Potok's classic novel, presented by TheatreWorks in Mountain View. A discussion with the actors following the play enhanced the evening. Dr. Edward Kiss, a physicist retired from General Electric's Nuclear Energy Division, gave a talk in September about nuclear energy. His slide presentation with charts, graphs, and percentages was informative and elicited many questions. A steering committee headed by Howard Gannes meets regularly and plans the activities. If you have questions or wish to be added to the Hazak e-mail list, contact Howard at


May 2010 • JCN •

senior section Caregivers support group

The Caring For The Caregivers Group is a support group for spouses and adult children caring for chronically ill/disabled loved ones. This is a place for supporting, empathizing and providing invaluable information in an atmosphere of companionship and care. The group is held onsite at JFS SV on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, 5-6:30 p.m. The fee is only $10-per-session and a sliding scale is available. Contact Avital Agam for details (408) 357-7450.

Villages Jewish group offers seniors a close-to-home alternative to synagogues By Cecily Ruttenberg When Harvey Wolfe and his wife Rosalee moved into the gated, San Jose retirement community, The Villages, in 2002, they came with no synagogue affiliation and weren’t sure they wanted one. “Frankly we are not deeply religious and did not feel the need to belong to a synagogue,” said Wolfe. “But we are interested in mixing with the Jewish community in order to maintain identity or at least have some connection with religion.”

‘‘We choose Belmont Village.” “Mom is getting older now and needs a little help with things like meals and daily living activities. Belmont Village is the perfect choice. She has her own apartment in a beautiful community. She has friends, activities to keep her busy, a driver to take her places, even chefs to cook her meals. Plus, she receives hands-on assistance from Belmont’s trained staff whenever she needs it. She’s happy! That makes me happy, too.”

‘‘We Choose Belmont Village’’ • Licensed nurse on-site around the clock • Medication management • Chef-prepared, restaurant-style dining • Free scheduled transportation daily • Fitness and social activities • Housekeeping and laundry • Assistance with daily living • Circle of Friends® memory program • Short-term stays available • Specialized Alzheimer’s care

Ask about our financial solutions for seniors & families!

San Jose 500 S. Winchester Blvd. (408) 984-4767 Sunnyvale 1039 E. El Camino Real (408) 720-8498 RCFE Lic. 435201045, 435201122 © 2010 Belmont Village, L.P.

Call 866-905-2266 or visit to order your free guide to Assisted Living JewComNews_5_28_BV.indd 1

5/4/10 10:40 PM

Thus, the Village’s Jewish Group, which holds monthly Shabbat services, High Holy Day programs and an annual Hanukkah party and Passover Seder was the perfect fit. “I think it’s really a social thing,” admits Wolfe. For others however, it is more. Irwin Katzman is an observant Jew who values both his membership at Congregation Sinai and his involvement with the Villages Jewish Group. He is currently serving as the ritual committee chair for the Villages Jewish Group. “I do attend services at Sinai regularly, and I do participate in the Villages regularly. Both fulfill satisfaction for me in their own way. Both are interesting to me and I enjoy both,” said Katzman. The Villages Jewish Group was organized in the late 1970s, by a few Jewish couples who believed that it was important to provide Shabbat services at the Villages for residents who were unaffiliated with synagogues or unable to drive long distances, particularly at night. Shortly after, as new people retired and moved to the Villages, they created their own prayer book (both Hebrew and English used extensively), which is still used today. While the principle objective of providing Shabbat services has continued, the Jewish group now also provides for its members and guests a Passover Seder on the second night, a special membership brunch in the summer and a Chanukah party. In 2002 High Holy Day services on Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur were first held at the Villages under the leadership of capable Jewish Group residents. Since 2006 a Cantor has been employed to enrich these services. Typically 75 to 100 people attend. Katzman believes that for the Village’s Jewish residents who are not strictly observant, belonging to the in-house group is enough. “Since living in the Villages, they don’t have a need for synagogue life. They don’t have small children in Hebrew school. For many different reasons.” The Villages Jewish Group has a unique history all its own. One of the founding members, Irving Dressler, of blessed memory, was a famous writer and illustrator who worked on famous characters including Popeye the Sailor. Today there are about 200 members of the Jewish group. The oldest, long-time member is Adam Cintz, a 99-year-old Holocaust survivor, who moved, with his wife Sylvia, to the Villages over 30 years ago. Adam’s major contribution to Judaism at the Villages is the design and fabrication of the large Chanukah Menorah which is located each year at the entrance to the Villages G&CC during this holiday. The Villages Jewish Group supports various activities within the Villages such as the Villages Medical Auxiliary (VMA) as well as the San Jose Food Bank, and the Israel Emergency Fund. While many of the Villages Jewish residents still remain members of local synagogues, being a member of the Jewish group provides for an enriched living experience during the retirement years.

22 • JCN • May 2010

senior section Dating tips for seniors By Judith Gottesman People often ask me, “What’s the difference between dating for young people and dating for older people?” Much to their surprise, I always answer, “not much.” I have clients ranging from their 20s to their 90s. (Yes, I have a 90-year-old client and he’s quite a catch and still drives!).Whether in their 20s, 40s, 60s, or even 80s, people are people. They seek love and companionship. And, they’re most likely to find it with people who share similar interests, intellect, lifestyle, values, and goals. That doesn’t change with age. Most prefer someone financially secure and healthy, though how that’s defined varies, and certainly both health and financial status can change in an instant at any age. Perhaps older people are more concerned about finding a healthy partner, and some are more concerned about money, as they reach or are past retirement and possibly have more time enjoy the benefits of a relationship. If someone chooses to be sexually active in a relationship, the same need for “safer sex” practices apply, as sexually transmitted diseases don’t discriminate or pass over anyone based on age. Some of my older clients are less likely to use Internet dating sites, but even that isn’t the rule, especially in a computer-savvy place like the Bay Area. Judith Gottesman I’d say the main difference in dating for seniors is in the amount of dating and relationship experience one has. Some have never married and have been single 60 years with enormous dating experience. Others are newly divorced or widowed and haven’t been on a date in 45 years. Dating can be nerve-wracking at any age, and it takes the same effort and perseverance that looking for a job does. When I was a geriatric social worker, I had a 68-year-old client, a widow who felt lonely and isolated. She told me she wanted to meet a man, but she admitted she wasn’t doing much to make it happen. She knew she had to get out there and try since he wasn’t going to just come knocking at her apartment door. My thoughts, exactly! So, whether you’re new to dating or an old pro, (no pun intended), it’s essential to have a positive attitude and get out there. You never know how or when, or where, you’re destined to meet your match, and the important thing is to have faith, be open to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves, and enjoy your life in the meantime. You never know, love may find you in the process. Judith Gottesman, MSW, a former geriatric social worker, currently runs Soul Mates Unlimited® Personalized Matchmaking, which serves all ages and backgrounds. She can be reached at (510) 418-8813 or For more information, go to

The Greatest Thing About

Having A Choice Is The Freedom to make it. Life can be a wonderful adventure at any age, especially when you have the freedom to make your own decisions about where and how to live it. At The Atrium San Jose, your choices are limited only by your imagination, hopes and dreams. Call today to find out what new vistas can open for you. Complimentary lunch with this ad. Call for reservation!

Freedom B R O O K D A L E


Exceptional Experiences Every Day is a Service Mark of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Nashville, TN, USA. ® Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office.


Independent Living Exceptional Experiences Every DaySM 1009 Blossom River Way San Jose, California 95123 (408) 445-7770 00822-ROP01-0410


May 2010 • JCN •

Where Will They Go?



– Kehillah Jewish High School – Applications to 9th, 10th, and 11th grades for 2010-11 accepted on space-available basis. For a personal tour of our campus in Palo Alto, across the street from the new Oshman Family JCC, contact | 3900 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303 | 650.213.9600 x 154 | Kehillah’s first five graduating classes have received acceptance to the following colleges and universities: Academy of Art University Adelphi University American University American Jewish University Arizona State University The University of Arizona Bais Yaakov Machon Raaya Bard College Barnard College Bates College Bennington College Boston College Boston University Brandeis University Brown University Bucknell University UC Berkeley UC Davis UC Irvine UC Los Angeles UC Merced UC Riverside UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz Cal Poly Pomona Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Cal State Channel Islands Cal State Chico Cal State Fresno Cal State Fullerton Cal State Long Beach Cal State Monterey Bay Cal State Northridge Cal State Sacramento Cal State San Marcos

University of Canterbury Carnegie Mellon University Cazenovia College Chapman University University of Chicago University of Cincinnati Claremont McKenna College Clark University (MA) Cleveland Institute of Art Colgate University Colorado State University University of Colorado at Boulder Columbia College Cornell University Darchei Binah Dartmouth College University of Denver Dickinson College Drew University Drexel University Duke University Earlham College Emerson College Emory University Eugene Lang College The Evergreen State College Fashion Institute of Technology Georgetown University The George Washington University Goucher College Hamilton College University of Hartford Harvard University Harvey Mudd College Hartwick College Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Hobart and William Smith College Hofstra University Humboldt State University Indiana University Bloomington Ithaca College John Cabot University Johns Hopkins University Kivunim (Israel program) List Jewish Theological Seminary Landmark College University of La Verne Lawrence University Lehigh University Lewis & Clark College Linfield College Long Island University Loyola Marymount University University of Maine University of Maryland, College Park Marymount Manhattan College McGill University Mechinat Rabin (Israel program) University of Massachusetts University of Miami Michlalah-Jerusalem College for Women Midreshet Tehillah Mills College University of Montana Mount Holyoke College Muhlenberg College Nachshon (Israel program) NATIV (Israel program) Niagara University New York University Northeastern University Northern Arizona University

University of North Texas Northwestern University Notre Dame de Namur University Oberlin College Occidental College University of Oregon Oregon State University Otis College of Art and Design Pace University University of the Pacific Parsons School of Design Pepperdine University Philadelphia University University of Pittsburgh Pitzer College Pomona College Pratt Institute Princeton University University of Puget Sound Purdue University University of Redlands Reed College Regis University University of Rhode Island Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Saint Mary’s College of CA San Diego State University San Francisco State University San Jose State University Santa Clara University Sarah Lawrence College Savannah College of Art and Design Scripps College Simmons College Simon Fraser University Vancouver Sonoma State University

University of Southern California Southern Oregon University Stanford University Stern College for Women Stony Brook University Syracuse University University of Tennessee, Knoxville Touro College Tufts University Tulane University Vanderbilt University Vassar College University of Vermont University of Virginia University of Washington Washington University in St. Louis Wellesley College Wentworth Institute of Technology Wheaton College Wesleyan University Western New England College Whitman College Whittier College Willamette University The College of Wooster Yale University Yeshiva University Young Judaea (Israel program)

24 • JCN • May 2010

local news Emeth’s Youth Group tours Jewish Los Angeles By Sarah Zajac In early February, I traveled with Emeth’s Rabbi Debbie Israel and four teens from our youth group to expand our Jewish circle. We didn’t go to Israel, or Washington D.C., but a few hours south to Los Angeles. The group included Rabbi Debbie, Zac Jenkins, Sarah Langerman, Joshua Toch, and me! Our first event was a Friday evening Shabbat dinner and service, where we got to meet students from Adat Re’im in Rancho Cucamonga and Congregation Beth Shalom in Corona, and our coleader, Rabbi Jay Sherwood. We all helped lead the services. Our services in Santa Monica the next morning overlooked the ocean. That evening we lit the Havdalah candle (marking the end of Shabbat) in the parking lot of Dodgers’ Stadium, formerly the location of the first Jewish cemetery in LA. Rabbi Israel and Rabbi Sherwood led us on a tour of Jewish Los Angeles, including the Skirball Museum. Rabbi Sherwood knew a little something about everything, always ready with an interesting fact. We drove through several Jewish areas of Los Angeles and made our way to Elat Burger, a kosher burger joint—my first kosher burger! Next stop, Disneyland, which is actually—we learned—very Jewish. Rabbi Jay had arranged a “Jewish Disneyland Trivial Hunt” and we set off in teams to visit the rides on our list and gather items on our scavenger hunt. Disneyland was fun, of course, but the next day was a more serious day. We took a trip to the Museum of Tolerance. There, a child Holocaust survivor told us her tragic story of living in multiple concentration camps. We were all reminded how terrible this part of our history was. This museum was mainly about the Holocaust and we each got a card, with a picture of someone in the Holocaust, and with those cards we were able to follow their Holocaust story. I think going to that museum was a good idea to open our eyes and to remind us of the tragedy. Soon, it was time to eat and head home. We did not want to separate from our new friends. It’s hard to leave people you’ve just gotten to know and go to your home that is so far away from theirs. Not only did we get to mix and mingle with the two other congregations from Los Angeles, but I think we all got closer to one another within our own congregation. Throughout the days of services, museums, dining together, and even going to Disneyland, we were able to make new friends that will last a lifetime. Phone numbers, Facebooks, and emails were exchanged among most of us and we still continue to talk to them even a month after the trip. All in all, I think I speak for everyone that went on the trip that it was a trip to remember and we hope there is another one, so that we can reunite with our friends and learn more about our faith as one group of Jewish teens. (This trip was partially funded by a grant from the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley. It was organized by Congregation Emeth’s Religious School committee, with the cooperation of Adat Reim in Rancho Cucamonga and Congregation Beth El in Corona.)

Shir Hadash Early Childhood Center

Mazel Tov

South Peninsula Hebrew Day School

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Class of ’10

Moshe Blau Abby Lapin Yehuda Feldman Leah LeVine Daniel Golub Daniel Lerner Ari Kaye Sammy Nio Samuel Kaye Mordechai Perlov Aaron Pluemer May you go from “strength to strength” A beneficiary of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties; the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley; and the Jim Joseph Foundation.

Explore - nature, gardening, art, water, music - indoors and out June 21, 2010 to August 13, 2010 Open 7am to 6 pm Full or part day schedules 2, 3 or 5 days a week • 4 or 8 week sessions

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Full & part day programs for children 2 years to Kindergarten Reggio-inspired curriculum Joyful Reform Jewish environment Children of all faiths welcome

For more information email Robin Adelman at or call 408-358-1751 ext. 115 20 Cherry Blossom Lane Los Gatos, 95032


May 2010 • JCN •

cantor’s voice Mipnei Seiva Takum, You Shall Rise Before the Aged By Cantor Meeka Simerly, Temple Emanu-El

(Thank you to R. Magat, S. Kaplan & R. Jacobson for their input.)

MorganStanley SmithBarney

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Growing up in Israel, I still remember the first poster signs I was able to read in Hebrew as a first-grade student: Mipnei Seiva Takum and Ve’Hadarta P’nei Zaken (show honor to the elder). Both are taken from Leviticus 19:32; both were mounted on the walls of every classroom in our local elementary school, as well as neighborhood buses—right by the front seats. More than any other Mitzvah commanded to us in the Torah, those two commandments were taught to our (secular) generation, in the relatively young and growing Israeli nation. We grew up with a great sense of kavod ve’hadar, humility and respect for the elderly. On a bus, for example, we were taught to always offer our seat to an older person or hold their arm while helping them to cross a busy street. We were also taught to address the elderly with kavod (honor and respect), however tired, busy or self-absorbed we were in our everyday, hectic, younger lives. Not too long ago, I was in a crowded room at my temple, preparing with a family for their son’s Bar Mitzvah. Everyone was cheerful; the air was filled with excitement for the upcoming celebration. When I looked up from my notes, the first thing I noticed was a couple of boys, ages 11 or 12, seated leisurely on the comfortable chairs engaged in a conversation, while a few aging people were standing, leaning against a wall. A couple were even leaning on their canes. I took a deep breath while approaching the two unaware boys, asking them to kindly offer their seats to the older people. The boys looked up at me with complete surprise—but were delighted to go over and ask. The notion of mipnei seiva takum was foreign, not a part of their awareness. But when guided, they seemed happy to perform this task, without even knowing that the deed was a Mitzvah commended to us by our ancestors. Cantor Meeka Simerly Growing up in secular Israel, we did not know this verse was written in the Torah either, but every time we had the opportunity to perform it, we felt so good about ourselves. Nowadays (in America and, sadly, in modern Israel, too), we are faced with an unfortunate situation: we live in a fast-moving, scared-to-die society that worships and idolizes “young hot chicks and cool dudes.” Our media is filled with commercials that encourage us to stay young if we eat this or apply that. We don’t treat our elderly as teachers, but rather—at times—as incapable, diaper- and bib-wearing infants. We don’t take the time to offer a standing elder a seat or to ask for and listen to their wisdom because we are afraid to age and die. And every new wrinkle sends us running with panic to our plastic surgeon, for very expensive procedures to “lift, tuck, increase, reduce or eliminate.” Rather than chasing the clock and desperately try to make it stop, how about finding some time to spend with an older person, over a cup of tea, and just listen? We might be surprised by the knowledge we may gain. For those of us who don’t have our biological parents around, I am sure that if we look, we will be able to find an older person to “adopt,” to visit and keep company. After all, our convalescent homes are crowded with lonely elders who might not have anyone to visit them. I will end with another verse, this time from the book of Psalms: “Al tashlicheni le’et zikna, kichlot kochi al ta’azveni: Do not cast me off in old age; when my strength fails, do not forsake me” (Psalms 71:9).

Visit the Jewish Federation’s website at:

If your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, or friend will be attending San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, De Anza College, West Valley College, or Foothill College this fall, Hillel of Silicon Valley can’t wait to meet them! Please contact Hillel for: *Hillel of Silicon Valley Welcome Package *Tours and inside campus information from current students *Invitations to Welcome BBQs and activities

408-286-6669 “I’ve made so many friends and had so many fun things to do at college thanks to Hillel.” -Dana Margittai, San Jose State University Freshman

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from the levy family campus Vardys_JCC_ad2


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Healing Waters: Our Community Mikvah Men and women of all ages attend the Levy Family Campus Community Mikvah for a variety of reasons. Below is the story of one senior, Elena W., who was willing to share her story. “Four years ago, I became a grandmother for the first time. Following an exceptionally difficult labor and delivery, my daughter gave birth to an adorable curly-headed angel named Sara. Our extraordinary joy was soon marred by the fact that little Sara could not breathe on her own. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital was unbelievable―not only did they give Sara the benefit of superlative high-tech resources, they gave Sara the gift of time, attention, and care with an extraordinarily personal touch. Sara survived, with minor health challenges, and is, today, an active, lively, amazing cherub. “My daughter and our family endured that first month by relying on each other and our faith that Sara would survive. After she was transferred to the regular neonatal unit at her local hospital, I searched for a way to express my gratitude and relief, to give myself closure to this traumatic time and to open the door to an exciting future for our entire family. “A close friend, who serves as a Mikvah Guide, suggested that a ritual immersion might be just the ceremony I needed. And she was so right! With her guidance and support, I experienced a unique moment of peace, gratitude, joy, and hope as the warm healing waters closed over my head. My careful preparation for this moment enhanced its specialness, and a few salty tears of relief mixed with the pure rainwater. I was now ready for the fullness of my life as a “gran’ma” to begin. “Every time I hear Sara’s infectious giggle, I remember the solitude and serenity that renewed my commitment to life―my aging one, and her young one. My profound thanks to the Community Mikvah of the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley, to the men and women who volunteer their time and their love to celebrate, console, and guide people like me through this amazing experience.” It’s probably common knowledge that an observant Jewish woman will immerse in a Mikvah following menstruation or childbirth before resuming marital relations. Many people also know that the Mikvah can be used by a bride or groom before their wedding, as part of a conversion to Judaism, or as preparation for a Jewish holiday (including Shabbat). A “kohen” (descendant from the priestly Cohanim) who will be called upon to recite the priestly blessing may also visit the Mikvah. Today, at the start of a new decade of a new millennium, the Mikvah has also become a welcoming, comforting, soul-satisfying way to observe other lifecycle events and personal milestones for men and women of all ages and circumstances. It is to meet these expanding needs, as well as traditional ones, that the Community Mikvah of the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley was opened one year ago. For young women of childbearing years, the Mikvah can be an experience of solitude and contemplation amid the challenging demands as wife and mother. For individuals and couples embracing Judaism for the first time, the Mikvah enriches and beautifies the experience of conversion. But there are many other reasons to experience the quiet, beautiful healing of the Mikvah experience―occasions that are meaningful to men and women of all ages. Someone might need closure and solace after a divorce or the death of a loved one. Another might seek comfort following a period of struggle or disappointment. One may wish to express gratitude for recovery from a life-threatening illness. Still others might turn to the Mikvah for celebration, acknowledging milestone birthdays or anniversaries, the successful completion of academic study, or the achievement of a personal goal, such as reading Torah for the first time. The Mikvah awaits. To make an appointment or for more information please call Jan Rose at (408) 357-7444.


VARDY’S PEARLS TELL HER SHE’S UNIQUE. For gifts traditional enough to wear forever and unique enough for her—talk to the jewelry maker.

10227 So1655 De Anza Cupertino, CA 95014 •• 408 446-2900• • S. DeBlvd. Anza Blvd. at Prospect Cupertino 408 446-2900 Proceeds of sales from this ad will go to Jewish Federation's ISRAEL EMERGENCY CAMPAIGN


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Twenty-three local teens return from March of the Living continued from page 15 “Now that I have seen all the Polish synagogues and how people kept their religion during times of terror, it makes me feel like I should do more in my Jewish community back home and be more active,” reflects one of the Silicon Valley teen participants. That was the hope of veteran trip organizers Lindsay Greensweig and Ruth Zaltsmann, who have run the local program for the past six years. Richard Ehrman, Paula Levitt, Gary Ball and Rabbi Eitan Julius served as additional staff. Students received a $1,000 scholarship thanks to an opportunity grant provided by Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley with the support of the Koret Zach Alexander, teen participant in Warsaw at a F o u n d a t i o n . The scholarship deportation location/monument funds were professionally administered by the dedicated staff of Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley. Helaine and Steve Green championed the trip in the community and were among many generous donors to the Holocaust Youth Education Fund. Monies from that fund, together with a generous gift from the Myra Reinhard Family Foundation, also helped underwrite the program.

Annual Meeting Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley

Join us for dessert and coffee at the Federation’s Annual Meeting. • Featuring guest speaker Ken Yeager, President, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors • Honoring our outgoing Board of Directors and President Steve Green • Installing our incoming Board of Directors and President-elect Steve Ellenberg

Monday, June 28, 2010 7:00 p.m. APJCC Auditorium on the Levy Family Campus Information/RSVP: or call (408) 358-3033

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upcoming events

By Pat Bergman

THURSDAYS Silicon Valley Beit Midrash 9 AM-Noon, Mirkin Chapel at Sinai Join Rabbi Joshua Berkenwald and Rabbi Simcha Green for in-depth study of Jewish thought, belief, and practice. No fee; drop-ins are welcome; no experience necessary. 9-10:15 a.m.: Pirkei Avot; 10:30 a.m.Noon: Mishnah Study. (408) 264-8542 SATURDAY, MAY 29 to TUESDAY. JUNE 8 Tour Eastern Canada The APJCC is planning a group trip for adults to Eastern Canada, including Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, and Toronto. For information and a brochure, contact Fagie Rosen, (408) 357-7533 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2 Ima and Me Playgroup 9-10 AM, Sinai Nursery School Red Room This fun playgroup that meets every Wednesday is led by Debbie Lewis. For parents and their children 3 years of age and younger. Designed to connect parents with other parents and their infants and toddlers. Free. All members of the Jewish community are welcome. Debbie, imaandme@ FRIDAY, JUNE 4 Blood Drive 1-6 PM, Levy Family Campus Give the gift of life--donate blood. The American Red Cross is holding a blood drive in the APJCC Auditorium. To schedule an appointment to donate, go to, click "Enter a Sponsor Code" and search for "APJCC". Or call (800) GIVE-LIFE Rock Shabbat 7:30 PM, Emanu-El Join Rabbi Dana Magat and Cantor Meeka Simerly with back-up musicians and singers for a special rocking evening. You won't believe the songs you will hear and how they fit with the liturgy. Dancing in the aisles of the social hall by all ages is encouraged. Bring your own hand instruments to help make a joyful noise! Deborah Zimmer, or (408) 292-0939 SATURDAY, JUNE 5 Fourth Annual South Bay Pride Shabbat 10:30 AM, Shir Hadash Congregation Shir Hadash, Temple Emanu-El, and Congregation Emeth invite you to join us for the Fourth

Annual South Bay Pride Shabbat. FRIDAY, JUNE 11 We welcome the GLBTQQ Jewish Villages Hadassah Game Day community, along with allies, family 10 AM, The Villages Club House and friends, and others interested in Please contact Jan Silver at (408) this topic to participate in this inspiring 274-6605 to make reservations and service of celebration, remembrance, to select your game of choice. $25/ and hope. Special readings, musical person includes a catered lunch. To settings, and liturgies will highlight enter the Mah Jongg Tournament, GLBTQQ experiences. The service is please contact Bernice Vitcov, (408) family friendly: children are welcome 274-0697. $30/person for tournament in the sanctuary, and child care is and lunch. provided as well. A potluck lunch will follow the service. SUNDAY, JUNE 13 All backgrounds are Third Annual Silicon Valley welcome; you do not Duck Race need to be Jewish to 10 AM-3 PM, Vasona Lake Park, attend. Nadine Toby, Los Gatos Jewish Family Services of Silicon is or (408) 358-1751 x5 partnering with 14 local nonprofits in order to help provide support for

a potluck dinner and some time to hang out. All are welcome. Contact the Temple office for the potluck assignments, or bring something that your child will eat. (408) 292-0939 SUNDAY, JUNE 20 Davening Master Class--Pesukei D'Zimra 10 AM-Noon, Sinai Rabbi Berkenwald will lead a series of workshops on davenning and the siddur. These master classes focus on how the meaning of the prayers is conveyed through music, nusach, and movement. Especially designed for those who already know how to lead services, or who are somewhat familiar with Jewish prayer. (408) 2648542 or

San Jose Youth those in need in our community. Symphony Concert Festival day activities for kids will 2:30 PM, Levy Family include a mini-soccer clinic hosted Campus by the San Jose Earthquakes, a This SJYS concert will building clinic with Home Depot and arts and crafts by Treehouse feature the intermezzo In The Glen. Music will be provided by Joel Nelson Productions and THURSDAY, JUNE 24 and prelude string MIX 106.5. To purchase one of the 15,000 racing ducks please go to Float Night Pool Party and ensembles. JCC members Please contact Michele Myron at Barbecue and non-members Sandi Gaertner, 5-8 PM, Levy Family Campus welcome. Free. For Pool admission is FREE to more information or the the public at this event, complete symphony schedule, (408) SATURDAY, JUNE 12 and BBQ tickets: $5/JCC member, $8/ 885.9220 or Jewish Book Discussion non-member, free/child under 3. Dina 1:30 PM, Beth David Jacobson, or (408) SUNDAY, JUNE 6 The Jewish Book Discussion Group will 357-7499 Davening Master Class--Musaf discuss “The Jew of Home Depot and Service Other Stories” by Max Apple, led by FRIDAY, JUNE 25 10 AM-Noon, Sinai Paul Freudenthal. All adults and teens Kabbalat Shabbat Patio Service/Beit Rabbi Berkenwald will lead a series welcome. Miriam Marr, miriam.marr@ Kafe of workshops on davenning and or (650) 968-7138 6:30 PM, Emanu-El the siddur. Especially designed for The evening begins with a Kabbalat those who already know how to SUNDAY, JUNE 13 Shabbat service on the patio, with lead services, or who are somewhat Pool Party!! Temple Emanu-El's choir and San Jose familiar with Jewish prayer. (408) 1-4 PM, Levy Family Campus Chamber Players, a string trio led by 264-8542 or Open to all Jewish 5th-6th graders. Peter Gelfand, principal cellist with $15/Kadima member; $19/ Symphony Silicon Valley. The service Dance Academy Recital non-members. Rachel Schultz, will include lively music that captures 3:30 PM, Levy Family Campus or http:// the spirit of summer. The Beit Kafe Enjoy an afternoon of dance following the service will include a performances including ballet, groups/ concert by the trio, accompanied by ballroom, contemporary, hip hop, scrumptious desserts, coffee & tea. jazz, tap, tumbling and "zoo'mba." THURSDAY, JUNE 17 (408) 292-0939 Come see what our APJCC Dance Freilache Menschen Academy students have been 11:30 AM, Shir Hadash Shabbat Across the Bay practicing all year! $15/person. Join seniors for a light lunch and 8 PM, private home Andrew Mendes, or program. Nadine Toby, nadine@ Join Jewish adults, ages 21-45, for (408) 357-7447 or www.shirhadash. a traditional Shabbat experience. org/calendar/e/01076, (408) 358- Complete with challah, wine and a End of the Year Chaotic Dinner!! 1751 x5 three-course meal, participants will 5:30-8:30 PM, various homes get the chance to eat and gab in Open to all Jewish 7th-8th graders. FRIDAY, JUNE 18 awesome company. Event organized What is a chaotic dinner? It is where we Kabbalat Shabbat Patio Service/Tot by Jewish Federation of Silicon travel by car from house to house to Shabbat Valley Young Adult's Division. Address have dinner out of order, for example 6:30 PM, Emanu-El sent with confirmed RSVP: amanda@ dessert first, then main course, then Families with young children are or (408) 357-7503 side dishes. Contact Rachel Schultz invited to the beginning of the patio at if you service. After the opening blessings would like to host part of the meal or and songs, those families adjourn to carpool. (925) 286-5759 the playground where they will enjoy


May 2010 • JCN •

SATURDAY, JUNE 26 Shabbat in the Park with Shir Hadash 9:30 AM, Sanborn Park, Saratoga Celebrating Shabbat in the beauty of nature. For those early risers, begin with a short hike through Sanborn Park, departing from the Ohlone picnic area at 9:30 AM. Familyfriendly Shabbat worship, including Torah reading and interactive “D’var Torah” begins at 10:30 AM and will be followed by a dairy potluck lunch. The Ohlone picnic area is well shaded and easily accessible from the nearby parking lot. This wonderful Shabbat experience is open to the entire community. Nadine Toby, nadine@, (408) 358-1751 x5 East Coast Swing Workshop 11:30 AM-1 PM, Levy Family Campus Learn this popular dance in just one session with our Dance Academy Director Kim Delli Santi! This workshop is for ages 18 and up. $18/Center Members, $28/Social Members and non-members. Deborah Rothschild, or (408) 357-7440 SUNDAY, JUNE 27 Game Nite 4-7 PM, location TBA Join the Senior Widow/Widowers and Singles of Silicon Valley at Game Nite. Come nosh, socialize and have fun. $5/non-member. Address given to confirmed RSVPs only: debbiem134@ or (408) 871-8724 MONDAY, JUNE 28 Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley Annual Meeting 7 PM, APJCC Auditorium Reports, elections and desserts. or (408) 357-7512 FRIDAY, JULY 9 Kabbalat Shabbat Patio Service: Potluck Dinner and Discussion 6:30 PM, Emanu-El This week’s service will be followed by a potluck dinner and discussion of American politics. Bring a dish to share and engage in a lively discussion about the state of current political scene, given the June primaries, etc. Contact the Temple office for suggestions on what to bring for dinner. (408) 2920939 TUESDAY, JULY 13 (also JULY 20) Country Line Dancing Workshop 7:30-8:30 PM, Levy Family Campus Take a Country Line Dancing class. No partner required! You can attend one or both evenings (July 13 and/ or July 20). Learn coordination, style and some fun variations as you dance to great Country Music and make

upcoming events

new friends. Impress your friends at your next party or social outing! $12/ Center Member for one evening, or $20 for both evenings. $20/Social Member and non-member for one evening, or $40 for both evenings. Deborah Rothschild, deborahr@svjcc. org or (408) 357-7440

SATURDAY, JULY 10 Two-Hundredth Anniversary of Reform Judaism 10:30 AM, Shir Hadash In 1810, Israel Jacobson, a Jewish businessman, built a beautiful temple in Seesen, Germany. Jacobson’s religious innovations were egalitarian and based on concepts of the Haskalah, the Jewish Enlightenment, following such great leaders as Moses Mendelssohn. Join Congregation Shir Hadash in a special service and learning experience to mark this significant anniversary. Learn more about the early Reformers and their legacy for our own time. Nadine Toby,, (408) 3581751 x5

Men, women, and teens welcome. Do you wonder: Do men use the mikvah? Who can use the mikvah? How long does it take? Why dip? Learn from a talk, text study, and tour. Free. RSVP by July 12: or (408) 257-3333 TUESDAY, JULY 20 Country Line Dancing Workshop 7:30-8:30 PM, Levy Family Campus No partner required! Learn coordination, style and some fun variations as you dance to great Country Music and make new friends. Impress your friends at your next party or social outing! $12/Center Member; $20/Social Member and non-member. Deborah Rothschild, deborahr@svjcc. org or (408) 357-7440 FRIDAY, JULY 23 Kabbalat Shabbat Patio Service: Potluck Dinner and Discussion 6:30 PM, Emanu-El This week’s service will be followed by a potluck dinner and discussion with Cantor Meeka Simerly who will

SUNDAY, JULY 25 Jewish Heritage Night at the San Jose Giants 5 PM, Giants Stadium, 588 E. Alma Avenue, San Jose Last year more than 800 members of the greater South Bay Jewish community from the spectrum of synagogues and organizations attended this first-ever event. This year the Giants will host the High Desert Mavericks. Please join us for another fun day of entertainment from a very talented and exciting baseball team along with your extended Jewish family and friends. Last year the players took the game into extra innings--just for us! For more information on obtaining discount tickets ($5/person, benefitting local synagogues) go to www.

FRIDAY, JULY 16 Kabbalat Shabbat Patio Service/Tot Shabbat 6:30 PM, Emanu-El All are welcome. Contact the Temple office for the potluck assignments, or bring something that your child will eat. (408) 292-0939

SUNDAY, JULY 18 Ballroom Dance Workshop 11:30 AM-1 PM, Levy Family Campus Learn ballroom dancing with our Dance Academy Director Kim Delli Santi! This workshop is for ages 18 and up. $18/Center Member; $28/Social Member and non-member. Deborah Rothschild, or (408) 357-7440 Demystifying Mikvah 3 PM, Levy Family Campus Learn about mikvahs and then tour the Community Mikvah on Campus.

have just returned from Israel. Bring a dish to share and engage in a lively discussion about the state of current political scene, given the June primaries, etc. Contact the Temple office for suggestions on what to bring for dinner. (408) 292-0939 SATURDAY, JULY 24 to SUNDAY, AUGUST 8 30th Annual San Francisco Jewish Film Festival July 24-29 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco; July 31-August 7 at the Roda Theatre in Berkeley; July 31-August 3 in Palo Alto; August 7-9 at the Rafael Film Center in San Rafael; August 7-8 at the JCC San Francisco. Myra Feiger, Community Outreach Coordinator, (415) 621-0556, x313 or

TUESDAY, JULY 27 Patience in Relationships Talk 7:30 PM, SPHDS Rabbi Shlomie Chein is scheduled to be the Mikvah Society of San Jose’s speaker at it's annual Shalom Bayis Lecture. Suggested donation: $10/per person. For more info or to volunteer: Pat, (408) 264-3138, or Rivkah, (408) 445-1770 FRIDAY, AUGUST 6 Preparing for the High Holy Days Musically: Potluck Dinner and Discussion 6:30 PM, Emanu-El Patio Welcome Shabbat together, then Cantor Meeka Simerly will lead a discussion. Bring a dish to share for the potluck dinner, and questions you have about High Holy Day music. Deborah Zimmer, dvorazim@ or (408) 292-0939 THURSDAY, AUGUST 12 Float Night Pool Party and Barbecue 5-8 PM, Levy Family Campus Pool admission is FREE to the public at this event, and BBQ tickets: $5/JCC member, $8/non-member, free/child under 3. Dina Jacobson, dina@svjcc. org or (408) 357-7499 MONDAY, AUGUST 16 APJCC Golf Tournament Enjoy a day of golf at the Stanford Golf Course while supporting the APJCC. Vova Ekhilevsky, vovae@svjcc. org or (408) 357-7412 FRIDAY, AUGUST 20 Kabbalat Shabbat Patio Service/Tot Shabbat 6:30 PM, Emanu-El Families with young children are invited to the beginning of the patio service. After the opening blessings and songs, those families adjourn to the playground where they will enjoy a potluck dinner and some time to hang out. All are welcome. Contact the Temple office for the potluck assignments, or bring something that your child will eat. Be generous; remember that adults eat, too. (408) 292-0939 SUNDAY, AUGUST 29 Open House for Potential Members 10:30 AM, Shir Hadash Nadine Toby, or (408) 358-1751 x5

How to Get Your Organization’s Events Listed in the JCN: Please submit them at no later than July 28. Photos welcome.

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inside federation Steve Ellenberg to become Federation President


“There was really a real sense of Jewish community in college and law school that I didn’t have in San Jose,” said Ellenberg. “I was a member of a fraternity that was largely Jewish at Berkeley and at Columbia Law School, I thought I was in schul there were so many kippot in the room. When Susan and I moved back to San Jose, we wanted to get that community experience we both had had in law school.”

ong-time Federation board member and Jewish community volunteer Steve Ellenberg will take the helm as president of the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley beginning July 1. He will succeed Dr. Steve Green who has served for the past two years.

Out of this desire for Jewish community, and a strong belief in the importance of giving back, Ellenberg and his wife Susan began volunteering in the Jewish community, with Federation, JCRC and AIPAC. Susan was previously the president of Yavneh Day School.

“Steve (Ellenberg) is an obvious choice and ideal person to take on this position. His family has Susan and Steve Ellenberg been extremely involved with Federation for generations, and Steve is a clear leader in the Jewish community,” said Federation CEO Jyl Jurman. Ellenberg’s family settled in San Jose in 1965 and immediately became involved in building Jewish community. Ellenberg’s parents, Maureen and Sandy Ellenberg, were early leaders in Federation. Sandy, who has passed away, served many years on the board and Maureen was the first president of Women’s Philanthropy. Ellenberg’s uncle, Al Sporer, served as president of the Federation and the family’s next-door neighbor and close family friend Al Frank, was also a Federation past president. “Amongst those three, my parents, my aunt and uncle and the Franks, I got a very strong grounding in the importance of community and the importance of political activism on behalf of Israel,” said Ellenberg. “There were always a lot of conversations about Israel and Jewish community, and particularly at Shabbat dinners. I always listened and participated in conversations.” Steve Ellenberg’s own volunteerism as an adult began in college. He participated in phone-a-thon fundraising for Federation while in undergraduate school at U.C. Berkeley and was involved in many Jewish programs both at Berkeley and

Updates on Women's Philanthropy By Arielle Hendel In March, Women’s Philanthropy (WP) held Connections under the chair, Marcia Klein. The audience was enthralled by speaker and comic strip author, Hilary Price. Price pens syndicated cartoon, Rhymes with Orange. Along with her candid life story, Hilary led the audience in an exercise leaving all attendees with a hand-drawn cartoon. Please look for some of these cartoons (page 38) and enter your own caption on line at Her visit to our community also inspired Price in her cartoons. You can see the influence of community members on April 1st and 2nd in the comic strip. In June, the Women’s Philanthropy will be holding its installation for the 2010-11 Board. In preparation, the Nominations Committee, headed by past WP President, Linda Fox Mighdoll has been recruiting new board members and bidding adieu to board members whose term limits have expired. The vote is still outstanding, but we know that Susie Brenner will be stepping down as WP President. Her leadership this year was inspiring. Susie’s enthusiasm for every woman and each program was evident. We thank you Susie for your warmth, gusto and energy.

later in law school at Columbia.

Ellenberg has served a total of 12 years as a Federation board member, and is now in line to accept the largest volunteer leadership position of president. Ellenberg admits the role of president will require tremendous time and energy, amidst his other life commitments as a lawyer, husband and father of three children, Zachary, Molly and Naava. Nonetheless, Ellenberg thinks he drew the long straw. “I feel very fortunate to be in a position to serve the community,” Ellenberg said. “My parents always emphasized the importance of both giving and doing Tzedekah.” Adds Ellenberg: “I am grateful to have the opportunity to do my part to sustain Jewish community life in San Jose and throughout the world. That is very satisfying.” As president, Ellenberg will help shape Federation’s focus and direction going forward. He describes his three major goals as raising the profile of the Jewish community within the general community, encouraging more “Jewish giving” and becoming more innovative on who the Federation reaches and supports through allocations. Other community members will take on new leadership roles beginning in July, too. Jeff Kanel will take over as Campaign Chair, a position previously filled by incoming president Steve Ellenberg. Ginny Baird will take over as Women’s Philanthropy president, previously occupied by Susie Brenner.

A word from the CEO By Jyl Jurman On Sunday, May 9th, our community celebrated Israel’s 62nd birthday. It was great to see our community come together to observe this milestone. While we are thousands of miles away, it is important that we maintain our strong ties to our Jewish homeland. In recent years, it has become apparent to me that our relationship with Israel has changed dramatically. As Israel’s economy strengthens and technology closes the physical distance between our countries, we need to see Israel in a slightly different light. In the past, we were Israel’s benefactors. We, American Jews, chose public works projects and social services programs to support based on our overarching sense of good and justice. We followed excellent, long standing traditions of charity by providing much needed funding to a growing nascent country. We acted as parents nurturing a small child. In its 62 years, Israel has matured through many military and political trials. Her leaders are no longer the chalutzniks (pioneers) looking to just build a country’s infrastructure and managing the assimilation of immigrants. While turning the dessert into a home, Israelis have become worldwide leaders in agriculture, health care and technology. These successes do not negate the country’s need of our support. Israelis have become our partners in this endeavor. We need a strong, vibrant Israel so that we can live in the Diaspora and Israel needs a strong Diaspora community to support it. Our partnership in this endeavor is key to our Jewish survival. Here at the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley, we work with our Israeli counterparts to ascertain, discuss and direct funding to social services projects. For example, we work with our sister city Kiryat Malachi through a Jewish Agency program called Partnership 2000 (P2K) to ascertain the needs of the community and direct funding. It is incumbent upon us to listen to our counterparts in Israel with whom we have relationships to assist where funds are most needed. If you would like to join our efforts in keeping Israelis educated, safe, healthy, fed and clothed, please consider a donation to the Federation’s Annual Campaign. Your gift makes a difference because of our relationship and the transparency of our transactions.


May 2010 • JCN •

silicon valley simchas By Andrea Cohen Greyber

Called to the Torah


On February 6, Yael Shamouilion, daughter of Sam & Soraya Shamouilion of San Jose, was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Sinai. She is a seventh grade student at Castillero Yael Middle School. Shamouilion Her older sister Ariel is working on a Masters degree in psychology at the University of Washington and her older brother Daniel is a student at Chico State University. Yael has played piano for the past five years and enjoys swimming. She will be making a donation to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Heather Schacher, daughter of Tim Schacher & Debra Mendlowitz of San Jose, was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on February 20 at Congregation Beth David. Heather is the younger sister of Mathew who is in the tenth grade at Andrew Hill Heather High School. She Schacher is in the seventh grade at Yavneh Jewish Day School. When she is not busy with school or her friends, Heather enjoys skiing and horseback riding. She is very fond of animals and in her home she likes taking care of six cats, one dog, a rat and some chickens. She sometimes “baby-sits” for her neighbors’ animals when they are on vacation. For her mitzvah project, Heather is donating money to Heifer International, an organization which buys animals for African villages.

Danielle & Hank Drew of San Jose are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Zoey Willow Drew who was born on April 29. She weighed 6 pounds and 8 ounces and was 19 ¾” long. Her grandparents a r e Congregation Beth David Zoey Willow members, Jack Drew & Bonnie Slavitt Moore of Saratoga, Ellen Aherlund & Paul Gorella of Los Altos and Susie & Willie Cranor of Dawson Springs, KY. Thelma & Hy Ramm of Congregation Beth David are delighted to announce the birth of their grand-daughter, Kira Ivy Margaret Michal) Kira Ivy Marga- (Neti Mazer who was ret Mazer born on May 2 to Laura & Warren Mazer. Kira’s parents belong to Congregation Beth Jacob in Oakland, CA. She weighed 6 pounds and 2 ounces and was 19 ¾ inches long. She is the youngest sister of Meredith, 9 ½ and Annabella, 6. Her Uncle Andy & Aunt Jen Ramm of Kensington, CA are excited by her arrival as are her cousins, Griffin, 5 ½ and Ameilia, 13 months. Her other grand-parents are Dr. Elliot & Trudy Mazer of Sacramento.

TJ. Jacob is the younger brother of Joshua, 15, a student at Willow Glen High School and the older brother of Jesse, 6, a student at Schallenberger Elementary School. Jacob will be making donations to Am Echad and to the American Jacob Zalk Heart Association in memory of his grandmother, Helen F. Kirsh. On February 27, Hannah Fox, daughter of Larry & Audrey Fox of Los Altos, was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah at Temple Emanu-El. Hannah is a seventh grade student at Charles Armstrong School in Belmont. She Hannah is the older sister of Carter Fox, 10, who Fox attends Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School. When Hannah is not in school, she enjoys ballet (she recently participated in her sixth Nutcracker performance!), musical theater, scrapbooking and skiing. For her mitzvah project, Hannah gave a portion of her Bat Mitzvah gifts to the financial aid and scholarship fund at Charles Armstrong School, the Bay Area’s premier school for high potential students with language-

Jacob Zalk, son of Janice & David Zalk of San Jose, was called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on February 20 at Am Echad. He is a seventh grade student at Willow Glen Middle School where he plays trumpet in the band. He is also a purple belt in karate. In addition to hanging out with his friends, he likes to play with his dog

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based learning differences such as dyslexia. She also created and presented a PowerPoint presentation to the fourth and fifth graders at local schools to explain dyslexia and to teach children that with the help of multi-sensory instruction, dyslexics can excel as learners in school and in life. Hannah’s grandparents, Joan & Marvin Fox of Saratoga, and Dr. Martin & Jacqueline Braker of Walnut Creek, were delighted to be on hand for this special occasion. Aunts and uncles Linda & David Mighdoll of Saratoga, Karen & Brian Fox of San Jose and Cyd & Matt Braker of San Jose were also on hand for the festivities. In addition to aunts and uncles, greataunts and great-uncles Ruth & Rob Fox of Saratoga, Barbara Saul of Phoenix, AZ and Susan & Jack Loving of Fort Lauderdale, FL. On March 13, Sarah Birns, daughter of Dawn & Neil Birns of Cupertino, was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Beth David. She is a seventh grade student at Yavneh Jewish Day Sarah Birns School and is the younger sister of Matt, a student at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale. Sarah is an expert skier, an activity which she loves very much. She also has been a competitive gymnast and participates in diving at Stanford. She expresses her artistic side in ceramics. Sarah will be going to Israel this summer with her father. She is donating money to the American Cancer Society in memory of her beloved grandmother, Leona Birns. She is also doing a walka-thon in October in her memory. On March 13, Omri Moshe Cahn, son of Mark & Gail Cahn was called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah at Temple Emanu-El. Omri is a seventh grade student at Willow Glen Middle School where he plays the clarinet in the band. He is the younger brother of Tzvia Cahn, a sophomore at Kehillah

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silicon valley simchas High School. In addition to his activities at school, Omri has achieved the rank of Star Scout in Boy Scout Troop 260. He swims for Osprey Aquatics. For his project, Omri Moshe mitzvah Omri is organizing Cahn a miniature golf tournament to raise funds for search and rescue dogs. Omri also enjoys camping and backpacking, canoeing, marksmanship and swimming. His grandparents, Dr. Michael & Ruth Cahn of San Jose and Lorraine Actor of Santa Clara, were delighted to be with Omri on this special occasion. On March 20 Zoe Cyrluk was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah at Jess Schwartz Community Day School in Phoenix, AZ where she is a seventh grader. She is the daughter of Laurel Cyrluk of Phoenix and David Cyrluk of San Jose, a member of Zoe Congregation Sinai. Zoe Cyrluk has been ice skating since she was in kindergarten and is now part of Synchro Skate Team at the Ice Den in Scottsdale, AZ. For her mitzvah project, she served as a teacher’s assistant for the first graders at her school. She tutored them during her lunch hour one day a week. Spencer Johnson, son of Stuart & Sarah Johnson of San Jose, was called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on April 10 at Temple Emanu-El. He is the younger brother of Nolan, 19,

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and Carter, 16, and is a seventh grade student at Chaboya Middle School. Spencer plays trumpet in the school band and enjoys skateboarding Spencer at the Skatepark at Lake Cunningham in Johnson Evergreen. When he grows up, he’d like to be a comedian or a lawyer. For his mitzvah project, he collected gently worn shoes to send to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti; this project was part of “Soles for Souls.” On April 17, Daniel Fernandez, son of Lori Krauss & David Fernandez, was called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah at Congregation Sinai. He is the older brother of Jacob and Nathan who are students at Christa McAuliffe Elementary Daniel School. Daniel is a Fernandez seventh grader at Kennedy Middle School in Cupertino. Daniel enjoys playing soccer, reading, supporting the Sharks and listening to the music of the Beatles and David Bowie. His Torah portion, Tazria M’tzora, prompted an exploration of skin disease with a dermatologist, Dr. Barry Waldman. For his mitzvah project, he works with VIP Soccer, a program for children with special needs. Daniel’s grandparents Donald & Harriet Fernandez of San Jose participated in the service.

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Nathan Mark Zadkovsky, son of Addy Zadkovsky and Igal Zadkovsky was called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on April 17 at Congregation Beth David. He is in the seventh grade at Hyde Middle School in Nathan Mark Cupertino. Nathan Zadkovsky likes to read, play basketball and hang out with his friends. For his mitzvah project, he is collecting used athletic shoes and donating them to the Nike Re-use -a -Shoe project which uses the soles of the shoes to manufacture sports surfaces around the globe. His sisters Talia, a student at DeAnza College, and Erin, a student at Cupertino High School, were delighted to be at his side for this special day. His grandmothers, Tamar Jacobs and Sonia Zadkovsky were also able to attend as were his maternal aunt and uncle Aurianne & Adam Dorsay and cousins Avin and Bren Dorsay. On April 24, Maggie Braunreuther, daughter of Amy Lambert & John Braunreuther of San Jose, was called to the Torah at Temple Emanu-El as a Bat Mitzvah. She is a seventh grade student Maggie at Willow Braunreuther Glen Middle School. Maggie has many interests including soccer, drama and striving for the perfect hairstyle. She is the younger sister of Lizzie, a student at Presentation High School, and Henry Braunreuther, a fourth grader at Booksin Elementary School. Her Torah portion included verses about taking care of the hungry and disabled which she has taken to heart. In addition to volunteering at school and outside of school and doing community service for her Leadership class, she has been collecting recyclables to exchange for cash for a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank. She is also harvesting fruit to donate to Second Harvest.

Michael Riskin, son of Orit & Paul Riskin of Sunnyvale, was called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on April 24 at Congregation Beth David. Michael is a student at Sunnyvale Middle School and his older sister Liana is a senior at Homestead High School in Michael Cupertino. In addition Riskin to his school work, Michael likes to bike and hike, but his real passion is music and the musical theater. He plays piano and violin and has had starring roles in Oliver in two different productions and as Charlie in Willy Wonka. On hand for the day’s celebration were his grandfather Morris Kibrick, a member of Kol Emeth in Palo Alto, and his grandparents Dr. Jules & Shirley Riskin of Scotts Valley, his uncle and aunts Isaac & Beth Berezovsky of Cupertino and Sarah Scofield of San Jose. Yayla Sezginer, daughter of Sheila Monheit & Apo Sezginer of Monte Sereno, was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Sinai on April 24. She is a seventh grade student at Redwood Middle School Yayla Sezginer and an avid reader and swimmer. For her mitzvah project, she volunteers as a coach’s assistant at Special Olympics swim practices. In addition to her Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Sinai, Yayla’s family hosted a Shabbaton at the Marin Headlands Youth Hostel last October. On that occasion there was an Orthodox Kabbalat Shabbat service on Friday evening. On Saturday morning, Maya Bernstein, of Palo Alto, led the Shabbat morning service for women only. Congregation Sinai and Chabad each loaned a Sefer Torah for the services. For the Shabbaton in October, the family created its own Siddur, and it was dedicated to her deceased grandfathers.


May 2010 • JCN •

silicon valley simchas Anniversaries Dr. Sidney & Rosalie (Cookie) Sogolow celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a party at the Cypress Hotel in Cupertino. They were married on March 20, 1960 in Chicago. They met when Dr. Sidney & Rosalie (Cookie) he was in high school and Sogolow she was in the eighth grade. Joining them for this special celebration were friends and family from FL, WA, TN, MN, IL and all over CA. Their daughter Wendi and her husband Barry Fast came in from Irvine with their three children, Joseph, Jacob and Rebecca. Larry Sogolow who lives in the South Bay attended with his fiancée, Debbie Libber and her children Ben and Sarah who live in Irvine. The Sogolows are long-time members of Temple Emanu-El and she is the immediate past president of the Silicon Valley Jewish Family Services. In addition to the traditional speeches one would expect at an anniversary celebration and great food, the guests were treated to ballroom dance lessons and everyone had a great time. Rick & Doris Davis both grew up in New Orleans; they met when she was a student at Sophie Newcomb College and after dating for three years, they Rick & Doris Davis married on January 3, 1950. They moved around a bit, mostly in the South, but in July of 1959, they settled in San Jose. They raised their children Deborah (Debbie) and Richard (Ricky) and were active in Temple Emanu-El. Rick is a past-president of Temple EmanuEl and Doris served as president of Sisterhood. They celebrated their anniversary in January and have chosen to re-affirm their vows on May 2 as part of a life cycle event at the synagogue. Mazel Tov! Marilyn & Gene Handloff of San Jose will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on June 3. They met at the University of California at Berkeley and were married in San Marilyn & Gene Francisco at Handloff Congregation

Sherith Israel. They have lived in San Jose for nearly fifty years and been active in the Gilbert & Sullivan Society, at Chai House and at Temple Emanu-El. To celebrate their anniversary and a “boatload” of other Simchas, they took most of their family members on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera. They celebrated Passover together aboard ship and were joined by their daughter Suzie, her husband, Eric Hammer, son Wyatt who turned 12 in April and the twins, Ruby and Charlie. Their son Bruce and his wife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary as she, Massami, reached her fiftieth birthday Their daughter Emily, 18, will be going to the Berkelee School of Music in Boston in the fall on a partial scholarship; her sister Samantha was unable to attend. Phil & Debra Handloff, their son Josh & Diane Handloff (who will graduate from Sacramento State University this spring) and granddaughter Bailey were on board for this great celebration. The senior Handloff’s other son, David, was unable to be there for cruise but will join the family for another party in Soquel to celebrate the anniversary, Gene’s 84th and Marilyn’s 80th birthday. Birthdays Sherman Naymark was born and raised in Duluth, MN, in 1920. He went to the United States Naval Academy on an accelerated program and graduated from there in 1941. He served on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Theater during World War II, married a woman from Washington, DC, went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received a Masters degree in naval construction. He worked for Hyman Rickover on the development of nuclear power. He worked for the Atomic Energy Commission at the Argon National Laboratory from 1947-1951.He worked on a power plant south of Chicago and then went to Schenectady, NY where he worked for General Electric. In 1956 he moved to San Jose. He became active at Temple Emanu-El. He is the father of Arnold Naymark and Janet Naymark and is the proud grandfather of five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Happy 90th Birthday and Many Happy Returns! CONFIRMATION CLASS OF CONGREGATION SHIR HADASH Rebecca Alberts Daughter of Judy & Scott Alberts Amanda Altman Daughter of Christy & Andrew Altman Kenny Berkowitz Son of Alyssia & Fred Berkowtiz Yitzhak Binyamin Bjorke Son of Sharon Cohen-Bjorke Jacob Mitchell Burns Son of Pearl Burns Helen M. Cassell

Daughter of Carol & Christopher Cassell Alejandra Maria Cohen Daughter of Maria & Richard Cohen Lior Dahan Daughter of Renee &Shalom Dahan Carlos David Dell Son of Adrienne Dell Maxwell Perry Fredkin Son of Nanci & Gary Fredkin Allison Ann Goldman Daughter of Eileen & Mark Goldman Amanda Jacqueline Guilardi Daughter of Benjamin Guilardi Rachel Leanne Herman Daughter of Elizabeth & Jonathan Herman Alan D. Highland Son of Marilyn Highland Amy Florence Hudson Daughter of Diane & Michael Hudson Evelyn Charlotte Karin Daughter of Mardi & Rom Karin Joshua Alexander Karpf Son of Elizabeth & David Karpf Elizabeth Deborah Kon Daughter of Jane & Ronnie Kon Emily Rose Leiter Daughter of Susan & Charles Leiter Amy M. Levine Daughter of Susan Ng & Phillip Levine Jessica Rose Levy Daughter of Andera & Joel Rubnitz Sofia Rae Sanchez Porush Daughter of Kenneth Porush Hannah S. Rosenblum Daughter of Ruth & Barnett Rosenblum Jason L. Rosenblum Son of Ruth & Barnett Rosenblum Lara Elyse Samuels Daughter of Sharon & Robert Samuels Rachel Elizabeth Stein Daughter of Deborah & Jason Stein Simon Richard Steinfeld Son of Joyce & Robert Steinfeld Daniel R. Stromfeld Son of Terri Stromfeld & Tom MeierDaniel Nathan Van Gundy Son of Sivie & Scott Van Gundy Gabrielle Marie Vasquez Daughter of Leslie & Chris Vasquez Melanie Weil Daughter of Eliot Jacob Weil The confirmation service took place at Congregation ShirHadash on May 18, 2010. CONFIRMATION CLASS OF TEMPLE EMANU-EL Lizzie Braunreuther Daughter of Amy Lambert & John Braunreuther Naomi Cahn Daughter of Sue & David Cahn Tzvia Cahn Daughter of Gail & Mark Cahn Rachel Hansen Daughter of Rhonda & Robert Hansen Elyssa Hurwitz Daughter of Robin & Walter Hurwitz Charles Levine

Son of Ilene & Jerry Levine Rachel Levy Daughter of Judy & Bob Levy Jordana Lilly Daughter of Nancy Weintraub & Byron Lilly Hannah Mimeles Daughter of Helen Dietz & David Mimeles Frankie Pangilinan Daughter of Ruth & Eric Pangilinan The Confirmation service took place on May 18, 2010 at Temple Emanu-El. Graduates of Hebrew High School 2010 Zachary Alexander Son of Philip & Monique Alexander Matthew Applesmith Son of Michael & Judy Applesmith Esther Belogolovsky Daughter of Alex & Galina Belogolovsky Jessica Bricker Daughter of Alan & Irene Bricker Eli Cagan Son of Myron & Felissa Cagan Ben Clement Son of Albert & Diane Clement Kira Hoffman Daughter of David & Deborah Hoffman Daniel Lewis Son of Eric & Sheryl Lewis Joshua Remba Son of Ronald & Susan Remba Samantha Selincourt Daughter of Louis & Michelle Selincourt Deborah Shapiro Daughter of Neil & Sandra Shapiro Jeremy Swedroe Son of Robert & Irene Swedroe Josh Tieger Son of Henry & Helen Tieger Please send announcements and photos to Andrea Greyber, or phone her at (408) 377-6224.

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Come visit Yavneh and join us for a K-8 Open House Congratulations Class of 2010! Program begins promptly at 3:15pm Meet our gifted faculty and learn about our outstanding academic program. The entire family is welcome! There will be supervised activities and snacks for children. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Dana Lowy, Director of Admissions, at (408) 984-6700 or 14855 Oka Road #100 Los Gatos, CA 95032 (408) 984.6700

A World of Learning and Play SUMMER CAMP K-8 • June 21 – Aug. 13, 2010 Morning AcAdeMicS Math, language arts and science focus Afternoon recreAtion Swimming, climbing, archery, sports, crafts, games and more, all included on-site. Field trips and special events, too! 4-week session or 2-week program • Full day or partial day options Before- and after-care included • Nutritious lunches offered daily Qualified, caring staff • Safe, secure environment Classes filling quickly - register today for best selection!

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obituaries CHARLES ATLAS 12-17-17 to 2-11-10

Charles Atlas was born in San Francisco and grew up in San Jose and always considered himself a native son. He was the longest continuous member of Temple Emanu-El where he volunteered every Friday for many years. He was born into the congregation when it was Bickur Cholim. His grandfather Jacob Atlas was a developer along The Alameda as well as the founder of Atlas AutoWrecking. Atlas Avenue, off the Alameda is named for the family. He attended Hester Elementary School, now the site of Downtown College Prep and went on to earn a degree in Art History from the University of California at Berkeley. While serving in the United States Navy, he was aboard the USS Sirona which was part of the armada that witnessed the surrender of Japan. After the war, he ran an events-planning business in San Francisco. After marrying June, he returned to San Jose and worked for four decades as an independent insurance agent. In retirement, he remained active, working on cruise ships as a host and teacher of ballroom dancing. He also served as a docent at Filoli. He also served as the liaison with Inn Vision for Temple Emanu-El, arranging for meals and tutoring homeless men. He took great pleasure in turning on the Yahrzeit lights on Friday evening before services. He loved Temple EmanuEl and felt as if the members of the synagogue were his extended family. He is survived by his sons, Ted (Leta) of San Jose and Mark (Clifta) of Willows, grandchildren Beth, Greg, Lindsay and Lauren (Omar) and two great-grand-children Elizabeth and Joaquin. Other survivors are his niece, Sharon Diez(Roger) of Dayton, NV and grand-nieces and nephew Rachel Bennett(Michael) and Donavon Diez and Laura, Aubree and Talia and cousin Mark Atlas(Miriam) of San Jose. A gathering in his honor took place at Temple Emanu-El on March 14. The family requests memorial donations to be sent to Temple Emanu-El, 1010 University Avenue, San Jose, 95126; the Salvation Army, 702 Taylor Street, San Jose, 95126 or the Humane Society Silicon Valley, 901 Ames Avenue, Milpitas, 95035

HENIA S. BURMAN 4-17-1920 to 4-14-2010 Henia S. Burman passed away peacefully in Los Gatos from complications with dementia and Alzheimer’s. She was born in Viesmic, Poland. Henia survived World War II and the German concentration camp, Auschwitz, forced labor and death marches. She survived the holocaust but her family did not. She watched as her family was separated, one line for work another leading to the gas chambers. Her descriptions of life in the camps and survival often lead to tears and questions as to why they died and she survived. After the war she met her future husband, Morris, in Munich, Germany. They immigrated to the United States in 1949. Entering the US in New Orleans and traveling to San Jose, California. Morris & Henia were grateful and proud to be citizens of the United States. Henia has been a member of Temple Emanu-El since her arrival in San Jose (60years). She was also a life member of Hadassah, ORT, and a generous contributor to the Jewish Community Center, Jewish Federation & the Silicon Valley Holocaust Survivors Group.


May 2010 • JCN •

obituaries Henia was a wonderful baker, cook, and seamstress. She loved her hobbies of arts and crafts and gardening. She will be remembered for her love and support to her entire family and friends. She was the dearly beloved wife of Morris Burman who passed away July 18, 2002. She is survived by her children Rochelle (Bernard) Greenfield and Joe (Laurie) Burman, grandchildren Lisa and Janet Greenfield and Andrew Burman. She will be greatly missed, remembered and forever loved by her family. Donations in her memory may be sent to Temple Emanu-El, 1010 University Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126, Silicon Valley Holocaust Survivors Assoc, P.O. Box 20274, San Jose, Ca. 95160, or the charity of your choice. The Burman/ Greenfield family would like to thank Vasona Creek Health Care Center, aids and staff for their love, support and care of our mother.

NEIL EHRENBERG & MARCIA EHRENBERG 12-2-49 to 3-29-10 5-14-51 to 4-4-10 Before they passed away, Neil and Marcia Ehrenberg were members of Congregation Shir Hadash. Marcia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two months before Neil was discovered to have a brain tumor. The quick progression of both of their diseases left them in-patient at a Veteran’s hospice program in Livermore. They died within one week of each other. Neil Ehrenberg was born in Los Angeles. He graduated from Grant High School and went to Los Angeles Community College and then graduated from San Jose State in engineering. He worked in the computer field for IBM. He went into the Air Force and was stationed at various places including Texas, Colorado and Crescent City. Marcia Aileen Shanock Ehrenberg was born in Illinois. She graduated from Von Steuben High School and did some studies at the University of Illinois. She enlisted in the United States Air Force where she did bookkeeping and accounting and later graduated from San Jose State University. While in the Air Force, she met Neil. The Ehrenbergs married on September 20, 1974 and moved to the east side of San Jose. They joined Congregation Shir Hadash and were very active in the synagogue. Their son Shawn said that if his father Neil could have been anything, he would have chosen to be a professional volunteer. He volunteered at the USO, at Second Harvest and his beloved Shir Hadash. He participated in the choir, the men’s club and organized committees of people to help when others needed help. When the Ehrenbergs became ill, the congregants of Shir Hadash organized meals, rides and emotional support. The congregation’s support continued when the couple was moved to Livermore for medical treatment. Marcia and Neil are survived by Neil’s mother, Margie Ehrenberg, who will celebrate her 90th birthday later this year and by their son Shawn and his wife and children. Donations in memory of the Ehnrenbergs may be made to the Choir Fund at Congregation Shir Hadash.

DONALD FISHSTROM 6-27-27 to 3-27-10

Donald Fishstrom was born in San Francisco and died in San Jose. He worked in San Francisco for the family business, Fishstrom Staple Company. He loved to play golf, garden and travel. He was an excellent skier and an avid reader. While he was in the United States Navy, he helped transport soldiers back from the Pacific Theater during World War II. He was a member of Temple Emanu-El in San Jose. He loved to tell jokes which he had heard on the radio but he was laughing so hard while he tried to tell them that frequently the punch lines were swallowed in his laughter. He maintained friendships for long periods of time. At the time of his death, he still had friends from elementary school. He leaves behind his daughter Annie Cavallaro (Chris) of Campbell and granddaughters Nicole and Christie; Vicki Fishstrom of San Francisco; Congregation Sinai members Janet Dombro (Steve) and grandchildren Ben, Rachel, Josh, Jonathan, and Elysa Dombro of San Jose; Kathy (Fred) Scott and grandsons Stan and Mitchell Scott of Encinitas; Jack (Astrid) Fishstrom and grandchildren Sara and Jacob Fishstrom of Ann Arbor, MI; and David Fishstrom of Vacaville. A memorial service is being planned. Donations may be made to the Jewish Family Services and to Dickens Universe at University of California at Santa Cruz.

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Circumcisions continued from page 4 Right now, absent a local mohel, we have been asking Dr. Osofsky or other physicians in the community. At least for now, Dr. Osofsky performs all his brits as a mitzvah, not charging the family anything. “I ask the family to make a donation to a Jewish organization and they almost always do,” said Dr. Osofosky. “It takes away from my time at the office but it is always very meaningful to me.” Since Rabbi Feld passed away, Dr. Osofsky admits the requests have stepped up. He said he will continue to assist families as much as he is able. Other options are opening up in the South Bay, too. Congregation Bar Rabbi Zecharia Yochai, an Orthodox Sefardic synagogue in Sunnyvale, recently hired Sionit Rabbi Zecharia Sionit. In addition to being the spiritual leader of Bar Yochai, Rabbi Sionit was trained in Jerusalem to be a mohel. He moved to Sunnyvale from Queens, New York with his wife Ruckie and their five children in August. Rabbi Sionit says he is available as a mohel to all Jews, regardless of their level of observance. “If a Jew asks me, I do not even ask their affiliation or denomination,” he said. Regarding interfaith families, Sionit says “I would consider that without hesitation if the baby is halachically Jewish, which means the mother is Jewish. If the mother is not and the father is, I would not automatically say no. It would have to be judged on a case-by-case basis.” Rabbi Sionit says that he has been very busy in his role as spiritual leader of Bar Yochai, and has had little chance to advertise his mohel services to the community. “I’m still new to the idea of advertising,” said Sionit. “In New York, where the Jewish community is very large and tight knit, word gets around very fast. Here, it’s more using the Internet and modern day means.” Just recently, Sionit set up a website, and he hopes to make connections with more pulpit rabbis soon.

Janet Berg and Pat Bergman, the Janet Berg Award winner for lifetime acheivement at Connections 2010

Hilary Price and Chair Marcia Klein pose with Connections 2010 attendees

Cartoons by Hilary Price (left) and Connections guests (right). Write your own caption and submit it at to appear in our August issue! Read about Connections 2010 in the Women’s Philanthropy article on page 30.


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Blecher & Hubbell 1500 E. Hamilton Ave., Ste., 201 Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 369-1010 Certified Family Law Specialist (State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization). Specializing in the practice of family law, divorce, custody disputes, and child and spousal support.

Philip L. Hammer

Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel 60 S. Market St., Ste. 1400 San Jose, CA 95113 (408) 287-9501 Specializing in complex family law matters. Certified Specialist in Family Law, State Bar of CA; Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

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1631 Willow Street, Suite 100 San Jose, CA 95125 (408) 264-9822 ext. 15 Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law. The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

Dr. Itzhak Emanuel

27 Eucalyptus Lane San Rafael, CA 94901 Phone/Fax (415) 453-3899 Cell (415) 218-1295 All Life cycle ceremonies-special events, Spiritual Leadership; Cantorial-Liturgical skills; Hebrew-Jewish studies

Commercial Real Estate

Law Office of Derryl H. Molina

“Trust is our business!” 1142 S. Winchester Blvd., Ste. B San Jose, CA 95128 (408) 244-4992 Estate Planning, Probate, and Elder Law. Mediation Facilitor.

Werba & Davis Advisory Services, LLC 3055 Olin Ave., Suite 2000 San Jose, CA 95128 (408) 260-3109 (408) 423-0209 Fee-Based Portfolio Management since 1990. Securities offered through Loring Ward Securities Inc., member FINRA/SIPC

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Robert Chaykin Vice President / Branch Manager 16000 Los Gatos Blvd. Los Gatos, CA. 95032 (408) 358-0988 We offer comprehensive financial planning, asset allocation strategies, college savings plans, and retirement planning. Investments and services are offered through Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, member SIPC.

Matchmaking Soul Mates Unlimited®

Judith Gottesman, MSW (510) 418-8813 cell Personalized matchmaking, confidential; excellent track record; all ages; state-wide.

Real Estate

Orna Yomtoubian

408-253-2250 888-Do0-Fees 888-360-3337 (Toll Free) No Fee Loan, Free Appraisal, Free Notary. No Upfront Fees. Lowest Mortgage Rates. We Pay Your Closing Cost!

Senior Services Lyn Pasqua DELIVERED BY GRACE

Guggenheim Realty Group, Inc

1671 Dell Avenue, Suite 218, Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 871-8722 x222 Fax (408) 834-4959 Commercial Real Estate Management, Investments, and Leasing. Call us for your property management, leasing and sales needs. Allen Guggenheim & Gary Naillon


Joyce W. Levy

400 Cambridge Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94306 (408) 287-1644 (650) 248-0888 Certified specialist in estate planning, trust & probate law, California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.

Alan Werba, CPA, CFP


Eliana B. Weissman

Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel 60 S. Market St., Ste. 1400 San Jose, CA 95113 (408) 287-9501 Specializing in family law matters.

Financial Services

Dr. Zuri Barniv, DDS

1210 E. Arques Ave., Suite 200 Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (408) 733-1124 Dr. Barniv is a university faculty member, practicing high-quality dentistry in a mercury-free office with digital X-rays. Dentist speaks Hebrew.

Events AMB Designs

(408) 942-0852 Balloon & Event Décor • Any Occasion, we do it all! Call Amy Blach, your Event Designer

Transportation and Shopping Service 408-590-5898 Personalized transportation service, serving seniors throughout Santa Clara and most cities in San Mateo County. Our service is tailored to meet your need.

Promote your business or service in the Jewish Professional Directory! Market your company to the Your Silicon Valley Face Jewish Community. H ere! It’s effective and affordable. Contact Lori Cinnamon today to learn how you can get started. Call (408) 406-0059 or email



hillel of silicon valley ci rcle

c o n g r e g at i o n e m e t h

Day school

San JoSe State uniVerSity JewiSh StudieS program

JewiSh community newS

South peninSula hebrew day School



yav n e h

Hillel of Santa Cruz

march of the living



Chai House

local SynagogueS


temple emanu-el

Levy Family Campus Kehillah jewish High School

jewish FamiLy serviCes

Our COmmunity. Our reSpOnSibility.

congregation beth david congregation shir hadash congregation sinai

in these difficult times, when your personal resources seem stretched to their limits, allocating your charitable dollars to worthy causes is a serious responsibility. when you give through the Federation campaign, you can pay a holocaust survivor’s utility bill, deliver groceries to a family in need, help an unemployed father find a job or pay the rent for a single mother. your gift gives someone more than help. it gives them hope. Support the Federation Annual Campaign. to donate, go to or call 408.358.3033.

we are tHe COmmunity. we are yOu.

JCN May 2010  

JCN May 2010 Senior issue

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