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Teen Foundations Seven New Leaders Join JCEF Committee Building Future Leaders The cool sounds from Aaron Breetwor’s saxophone helped to bring in over $10,000 last spring. Aaron, a member of the board of one of the Jewish Community Federation's Teen Foundations, along with three of his classmates from Mountain View High School, held a fundraising concert/party at his parents’ home. Raising that much money in a single evening, Aaron says, “was pretty cool.”

Seven new community members recently joined the JCEF Committee for a three year term of service. The new members all have long track records as community leaders. The Endowment Committee serves as the primary oversight body for the JCEF’s operations and plays a key role in supporting agencies and initiating innovative programs at home and in Israel, by recommending grants from the Endowment’s unrestricted and restricted funds to the Federation’s Board of Directors.

The money raised by Aaron was pooled with funds raised by two dozen other teens who serve with him on the South Peninsula Jewish Community Teen Foundation. For the past five years the Teen Foundation program has offered groups of Bay Area Jewish teens the opportunity to learn about philanthropy by exploring Jewish values and ideals. One hundred teens serve on the four Boards: San Francisco/Marin, the South Peninsula, the North Peninsula and the East Bay. Through a weekend retreat and seven Sunday afternoon meetings, the young foundation members discuss Jewish thought and ideas and participate in a series of exercises designed to teach them how to become philanthropic leaders informed by Jewish values. The teens define their own philanthropic priorities for each of the four Teen Foundations. They then invite charities that operate within their area of philanthropic focus to submit grant requests and make in-person presentations. The teens also raise the majority of funds used to pay for the grants that they make. The money is raised through letter-writing campaigns aimed at relatives, friends, coworkers, teachers and synagogue members. Aaron’s unique fundraising approach came about because he felt that, “it would be a fun and different way to connect with the donors that I was asking for money from.” The Teen Foundation program was initially made possible by one donor’s permanent gift. Other donations have helped to underwrite subsequent program costs and matching grants designed to supplement the funds raised by the teens have also been created. The JCEF’s unrestricted funds and a widening pool of donors have helped to insure that the tradition of Jewish philanthropy is passed on to younger generations. Since the program’s inception more than $650,000 has been awarded to deserving organizations, including $204,000 that was given out last June. The teens’ diverse concerns were reflected in the grants awarded, including help for inner city American youth, the hungry in Africa, Jewish Coalition for Literacy, Jewish Family and Children’s Services, the preservation of the environment in Israel, and many other concerns. And Aaron Breetwor, who is in the second year of his Board membership, is hard at work rehearsing for this year’s concert to further his vision of tikkun olam. Aaron Breetwor

Back Row: Chara Schreyer, Lydia Shorenstein, Susan Moldaw, Riva Berelson, Dana Corvin, Len Lehmann. Front Row: Karen Kaufman Perlman, Laura Lauder, Warren Hellman. Not Pictured: Alvin T. Levitt, Sarah Stein, Deborah Mintz, Lynn Bunim

The New Members of the JCEF Committee Dana Corvin has served as a Jewish Community Federation leader in various capacities, including the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the Foundation Council, and the Business Leadership Council Steering Committee. She is a VP of the board of J. the Jewish news weekly, and a former board member of Jewish Family and Children’s Services and the San Francisco JCC. Len Lehmann has devoted much of his time in recent years to developing the Peninsula’s Jewish educational infrastructure and has played integral roles for Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School and Kehillah Jewish High School. Len has also served on the Federation’s Board of Directors. One of Len’s goals for the JCEF is to continue the work to, “sustainably fund emergencies, appropriate capital projects, and seed important new services.” Alvin T. Levitt is active in Federation life as well as many other civic and community organizations, serving on the boards of numerous philanthropic organizations. He is currently the President of the Jim Joseph Foundation and Chair of the JCEF’s San Francisco Professional Subcommittee. He has served on the JCEF Committee in the past. Susan Moldaw is a Wexner Heritage Foundation Program alumna and has served on the boards of several key Bay Area cultural and education institutions. Susan says, “As a member of the Endowment Committee I hope to contribute to the Jewish community in the tradition of my parents, honor the memory and generosity of my father, and model community involvement for my sons.” Chara Schreyer was a cofounder of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and has served on the boards of the Kadima Foundation, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, S.F.’s Museum of Modern Art, three UCSF related committees, and was a past chair of the Newhouse Fund. Chara is, “thrilled that so many of my interests mirror the Endowment’s.” Lydia Shorenstein has served on the JCEF Committee in the past. She is a past member of the Federation’s Board of Directors, a member of the JCEF Holocaust Memorial Education Fund Advisory Committee and a board member of the Holocaust Center of Northern California. Sarah Stein has served as a trustee for several educational institutions. Ms. Stein is also a member of the San Francisco Foundation’s Investment Committee and the Foundation for California Community Colleges Investment Advisory Committee. The JCEF Committee also includes three ex officio members. The three are all chairs of the Federation’s Commissions: Deborah Mintz, Israel and Promoting Peoplehood Around the World Commission; Karen Kaufman Perlman, Educating and Engaging Commission; and Lynn Bunim, Caring for the Vulnerable Commission.

Four Generations of Jewish Philanthropy Doris Blum has always believed in Jewish philanthropy and has contributed to the community in countless ways through many venues, including the Jewish Community Federation. Doris, who recently celebrated her 97th birthday, is the matriarch of four generations, all of whom have been inspired to give back to the Jewish community. When asked why she has engaged in philanthropic work for more than seventy years, Doris answered with the modesty of so many of her generation, “It is proper for me to share my good fortune with others in need.” Since the 1930s, Doris has been an energetic member of the Jewish women’s group Theta Delta Xi. She still attends monthly meetings and works with the group of some twenty women to quietly help those in need. “It’s supposed to mean ‘friendship’ in Greek, but I’m not sure because I’m not very good at Greek,” commented Doris. The group’s purpose evolved over time as the members grew older. “We didn’t need the group for social purposes anymore. We changed and started doing something worthwhile.” Over the years Doris and the other women have made donations to the Jewish campership fund, Dream House, an Israeli children's hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and many other charitable organizations. Doris married Ben Blum in the early 1940s. After their marriage, Doris, who had already been working as a bookkeeper, joined Ben’s business in that capacity. It was then that she began making annual $25 pledges to the Jewish Welfare Society (as the Federation was then known). Asked why she began giving to the Annual Campaign, Doris explained simply, “I wanted to help.”

Left to right: Morgan Blum, Ari Blum, Henry Blum, Doris Blum. Not pictured: Joe Blum, Mark Blum and Andrew Blum

Ben founded and owned the Drug Sundries Company, a wholesale company that sold merchandise to the neighborhood drug stores that dotted San Francisco in the era before large chain stores. Blum also held a seat with the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, owned a furniture manufacturing firm, and invested in San Francisco real estate. Doris and Ben worked as partners raising two children, Mark and Joe, and running their businesses, until he passed away in 1980.

they met Jews who had escaped from the concentration camps of Europe during World War II. “It had a profound effect on us. We felt the need to help these people improve their lives,” Doris said. Doris returned to Israel many times journeying with family members and also as a member of the Federation’s Israel and Overseas Committee.

The family has grown over the years and Doris now has three grandchildren, Andrew, Ari and Morgan, and one great-grandchild, Henry.

Doris continues to ensure the future of Bay Area Jewish Philanthropy with her $1 million Lion of Judah endowment to the Federation’s Annual Campaign. She has also established donor advised philanthropic funds for family members to ensure her legacy into the future.

Doris and Ben traveled to Israel many times over the years. On their first trip to Israel in 1964,

We are proud to have Doris Blum as a member of the Living Legacy Society.

Engaging Young Families with the PJ Library Can a book a month change a family’s life? For at least one

Jewish community today. And providing parents of young children

family, an innovative program that mails free books did.

with materials that help to make them aware of their Jewish identity is one of the most effective ways to ensure that the number of

Like many young families today, Lisa and her husband Jay

self-identified Jews increases over time.

were looking for ways to connect themselves and their two young boys to Judaism. The couple joined a local synagogue

The PJ Library program was initiated with this ambitious goal in

and sent their boys to classes at their JCC. But Jewish heritage

mind. Participating families receive music CDs and Jewish themed

and traditions truly came alive for their children when they

books that contain stories imbued with Jewish values every month.

began receiving free books and CDs from the PJ Library.

Guides that help parents to direct their children’s exploration of Judaism are also mailed. The materials provide a way for parents to

“It’s so amazing to have a great book or a CD appear in the

explore Jewish culture with their children. The national program,

mail each month,” said Lisa. Their two children read the

launched by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation a little over three

books repeatedly, absorbing the stories as part of their daily

years ago, was rolled out to Bay Area families in 2007 with

lives. “Now our children, Ezra and Adam, have a sense of

financial support from the Jewish Community Endowment Fund

their rich history and the culture that defines who they are.”

and the Jim Joseph Foundation.

For Lisa’s family, the PJ Library collection promotes constant interaction, sparking conversation about different aspects of

“Ezra and Adam used to play Spiderman and Superman. Now in

Judaism, and bringing the Jewish holidays to life for more

addition to those superheroes, they also talk about being strong like

than one day.

Judah Maccabee,” Lisa said with a smile. “Their heroes are role models from their Jewish heritage. It’s heartwarming to see my boys

Increasing Jewish affiliation throughout the Bay Area and

with endless energy get excited about sitting down to read books.

the country is one of the primary challenges facing the

Now we have a way discuss Judaism with our children.”

P H I L A N T H R O P Y Anonymous 163 Rita Choit Adler and Joel D. Adler Richard and Barbara Almond Karen L. Alter David and Beverly Altman Alfred and Hilde Amkraut Fund Joanne and Bernard Arfin Edith and Myron Arrick Fund Fae R. Asher Yetta and Morris Bach Fund Gerson and Barbara Bakar Abraham and Kathlin Bakst Marci Gurwitch Ballin Ralph and Estelle Bardoff Fund Rose and Ralph Barkoff Fund Alvin H. Baum, Jr. Ann L. Bear Irwin Bear Miriam and Joel Bennett Dorothy Berelson Berger Endowment Fund Annette M. Berger Marsha Lee and Norman M. Berkman Pauline N. Berkow Warren and Aline Berl Eve Bernstein The Irving and Helen Betz Foundation Michael Bien and Jane Kahn Elizabeth Bing, Ph.D. Simon Blattner Lenore K. Bleadon Judith Gold Bloom Rosalind and David Bloom The Doris and Ben Blum Fund The Betty and John Blumlein Fund Arthur and Helen Bobrove Aviva Shiff Boedecker Jerome I. Braun Margot E. Braun Dr. James B. and Suzanne Becker Bronk Lucille and Arthur Brown Martin and Geri Brownstein Jane and Sumner Burrows Fund Ronald M. Bushman Fund for Camp Tawonga I. D. Caplan Robert and Laura Caplan Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Cherniss Carole A. Cohen Eve Cohen Herbert A. Cohen Trust Seymour Cohen Harry Cohn Norman Coliver Daniel Levine Cook Scholarship Fund Phyllis and David Cook William and Adele Corvin Fund Robert F. Cowan Dr. Elaine Dallman Leonie J. Darwin

The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The

Hilda B. and Bernard S. Aarons Fund Greta Abrams Fund Goldie and Irving Alter Fund Bess G. Altman Fund Phillip Anspacher Fund Sylvia Ashe Fund Karl Bach Fund Frank G. Back Fund Gloria Baerncopf Fund Florence M. Baerwald Fund Irving and Elaine Bartel Fund Benjamin J. and Dorothy F. Baum Fund Olga Baxt Fund Irma Becker Fund Lawrence G. Becker Fund Charlotte & Isidor Bedak Memorial Fund Helene Beerwald Fund William E. Berelson Fund Curtis Frederick Bergen Fund Alma Bernheim Fund Jean Katherine Bernstein Fund Ruth F. Bien Fund Kate Blanton Fund Russell & Evelyn Bliss Fund Paul Bloomfield Fund Bernard Blumberg Estate Harry Blumenthal Fund Louis Blumenthal Fund Jean and Joseph Blumlein Fund Sylvia Boxer Fund Jessie Brandenburg Fund Cathryn and Edward Bransten Fund John M. Bransten Fund William Haas Bransten Fund Ruth Breslar Fund L. G. Brickman Fund Rebe L. Brittan Fund Blanka B. Brock Fund Rose Bruckner Fund

Ruth Kay Debs Ellen Deck Stan Deck RenĂŠe and Ervin Delman Fund Betty Denenberg Adler Robert and Margo Derzon Fund Helen Diller Family Foundation Joan Withers Dinner Joan and Richard S. Dinner Philanthropic Fund Annette Dobbs Jill and Martin Dodd Edith and Benjamin Dorfman Fund Dr. Ronald Steven Dunn Fund Maurice and Marguerite Edelstein Esther P. Eisenberg Connie and Albert Eisenstat Dr. Jack and Seena Elfant Carla Emil and Rich Silverstein Jack and Marion Euphrat Henry Evans Fund Barbara Farber Wesley and Bonnie Fastiff Lawrence and Marian Feigenbaum Alan and Gail Feinstein Wayne and Leslee Feinstein Dr. Leland R. Felton Saul A. Fenster Richard Fiedotin Dr. Martin Fleishman Susan and David Folkman Eleanor Fraenkel Max and Lilli Frank Fund Tom and Myrna Frankel Michael A. Freeman, MD Jill and John Freidenrich Lauren A. Friedman Phyllis K. Friedman Virginia and Jay Friedman Fund Don and Janie Friend Elinor and Eugene Friend Fund Michelle and Robert Friend Peter and Luz M. Frohwein in Memory of Hans and Flore Frohwein John and Florine Galen The Rowena and Bud Gansel Fund Claude and Lynn Ganz Marilee Konigsberg Gardner Arthur B. and Miriam Gauss Frances K. Geballe and Theodore H. Geballe Mona and Dan Geller Supporting Foundation Shoshana and Martin Gerstel Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School Endowment in Memory of Mary Snyder Heller and Paul Heller Reuben and Ruth Gilbert Fund Louise H. Ginsburg Dr. Abraham and Natalie Goetz Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Golbus Jane Blumberg Goldberg John and Marcia Goldman

The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The

Bushman Family Memorial Fund Miriam I. Chaban Fund Sylvia and Jerome Cherin Fund Herbert A. Cohen Trust Bernice Cohn Fund Dr. Ben Colloff Fund Nadine S. Cole Fund George & Leah Colton Fund Nancy M. and Louis S. Constine, Jr. Fund Maxwell W. Cramer Fund Esther Daniel Fund Audrey and Julian Davis Fund Sidney and Ida Davis Fund Louis Dessauer Fund Bess and Joe Dienstag Fund Thelma Duze Fund Henry Evans Fund Miriam Faverman Fund Emilie Simon Feins Fund Jesse and Joan Feldman Fund Morris Feldman Fund Margarete Fischer Fund Ruth and Martin Fish Fund Alan A. Fishel Trust Hattie Fishel Fund Milton Fleischman Fund Robert O. & Fanny Folkoff Fund Gertrude F. Francisco Fund Monte Frankel Trust Fund A. C. Freeman Fund Winifred and Alfred Fremont Fund Ilse Friedman Fund Norman Friend Fund Alfred and Hanna Fromm Fund Henry & Tamara G. Fuchs Fund Helen and Lloyd Gartner Fund Virginia Gassman Fund Charles and Gerry Gensler Fund James and Elizabeth Gerstley Fund






recognizes individuals and families who have F e d e r a t i o n ’s J e w i s h C o m m u n i t y E n d o w m e n t F u n d in your will, a remainder interest in a charita f u n d o r c h a r i t a b l e g i f t a n n u i t y, o r o

Juliette Dayan Goldman Lisa and Douglas E. Goldman Marianne Goldman Richard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation Jennifer Spitzer Gorovitz Doris Livingston Grasshoff Richard M. and Naomi Green William H. and Frances D. Green Barbara L. and John M. Greenberg Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Greenhood Fund Flora Greenhoot Charles Gresham/Sydney Engleberg Fund Arleigh and Eleanore Grossman Fund J. Grossman Ruth Gundelfinger Lisa Gurwitch and Martin Fleisher Peter and Miriam Haas Fund Susan Hamlin Martin and Carol Harband Helen and Arthur Hausman Douglas M. and Mary E. Heller Herst Family Foundation Ida G. Hodes Russell and Susan Holdstein Laurence Hootnick Sonya and Stephen Hurst Nancy Igdaloff Alex and Bernadette Inkeles Fund Aaron Jackson Lois and Robert Jacob Barbara R. Jacobs Gerson and Marilyn Jacobs Dennis and Paula Jaffe Alvin and Phyllis Janklow Gerardo and Priscilla Joffe Valerie Joseph Dennis Judd Lillian Judd Rabbi Douglas and Ellen Kahn Howard R. Kahn Ara and Anatoliy Kalika Joel Kamisher Alexander C. Katten David M. Katz Lee and Martin Katz Arnold and Ruth Kaufman Charitable Trust Frances Lee Kaufman Julian L. Kaufman Ron and Barbara Kaufman

Steve Kaufman Rachel and Wilfred Kay Permanent Endowment Fund in memory of Peisach and Sara Katz and their children: Sholom, Shimon, Sima, Lea, Rachel and Benjamin Morton D. Kirsch Jerome and Meta Kirschbaum Hilla and Fred Kirschner Family Philanthropic Fund Jack and Elisa Klein Emil Knopf Phyllis V. Koch Sidney and Vivian Konigsberg Peter and Carol Kornfeld Fund Jim and Cathy Koshland Larry and Bernis Kretchmar Sigmund and Helen Kriegsman Henriette Landman in honor of Isador and Anna Landman and Jack Landman Adele and Donald Langendorf Jacqueline and Sol Langsam Laura and Gary Lauder Jerry Layne Stephen and Maribelle Leavitt Maryan Lebell Warren G. Lefort Henry and Elizabeth Lehmann Fund Vivian and Leonard Lehmann Sandra and Leonard Leib Claire Elaine Leibowitz Robert and Francine Lent Family Leslie Family Lenore and Lewis B. Levin Adeline Horwich Levine Memorial Fund Julie and David Levine Miriam and Milton Levison Fund Rosanne and Al Levitt Harold L. Levy Harry and Gene Lewin Helen Lewison Mel and Bettie Lichtman The Linker Family Charles and Julia Lobel Fund Eva T. Lokey Lorry I. Lokey Supporting Foundation Fern and Bill Lowenberg Susan E. Lowenberg Stanley and Judith Lubman Brian L. Lurie


J EWI SH COMMUNITY ENDOWMENT FU Their Memories Will Live on Through Their Leg The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The

Natalie and Abraham Goetz Fund Eva Gold Trust Fund Felice S. Gold Fund Robert L. Goldman Fund Irma Goldner Fund Pauline S. Goldsmith Fund Mera Goorian Fund Florence Grafman Fund Julius Greenberg Fund Malcolm C. Greenberg Fund Michael Greenberg Fund Walter A. and Ena Greisbach Fund Richard P. Gross Fund Richard Gump Fund Morgan Gunst Fund Alfred Gutman Fund Walter A. Haas, Jr. Fund Walter Haas, Sr. Fund Eric M. Hacker Fund Rose Handler Fund Julie Pollat Harris Fund Joan Eames Hayes Fund Bella Heiden Fund Isaias W. Hellman Fund Gina Herrman Fund Natalie Hertzmann Fund Helen Heskins Fund Alan B. Hirsch 1989 Trust Fund Rachelle Hirstio Fund Nan May Holstein Fund

The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The

Gloria Hubner Fund Felicia Hyman Fund Charles Isaacs Fund Robert L. Jacobs Fund Henry and Sophie Jasny Fund Jim Joseph Fund Evelyn Kahn Fund Dorothy and Martell Kaliski Fund Hilda Kaplan Fund Bernard Manasse Kaufman Fund Bernard Kaufman, Jr. Fund Golda and Harold Kaufman Fund Joan I. Kaufman Fund Rachel and Wilfred (Bill) Kay Fund Simon and Esther Koplan Fund Carol Koshland Fund Daniel E. Koshland Fund Edith G. Koshland Fund Lucille Koshland Fund Henry L. Kurtz Fund Adolf and Lucille Lakes Fund Julius Landauer Fund Mary Landauer Fund Mildred Lange Fund Jack Langsam Fund Harry Lazarus Fund Louis Lebovitz Fund Betty R. Leland Fund Hilde J. Leopold Fund Robert and Anne Levison Fund







established a permanent fund as part of the d. This legacy can be in the form of a bequest ble trust, philanthropic fund, pooled income ther testamentary vehicle. Join us.

Connie and Bob Lurie Jane R. Lurie Siesel and Howard Maibach Gadi and Marlene Maier Foundation Peter and Melanie Maier Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation Susan and Jay Mall Elie and Gerry Marcus Fund Victor L. Marcus Gladys and Larry Marks Lois Marks Marcia Markels Eve and Harvey Masonek Laurie and Laurence May Marlyn G. McClaskey Charles F. and Marilyn Meier Honey and David Meir-Levi The Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin Fund Beryl and Renee Mell Frank G. Meyer Avram Miller Susan and Bill Mirbach Phyllis and Stuart Moldaw Supporting Foundation Roz and Merv Morris Milton Mosk Judith Moss Eleanor and Laurence Myers Foundation Mark and Jamie Myers Ann and Joseph Nadel Fund Hilda and Manfred Namm Fund Peggy Nathan Edna and Irving R. Newman Fund Robert and Jan Newman Pauline Newman-Gordon Leah Noher Richard Orgell Don and Shari Ornstein Bernard and Barbro Osher Adele R. Passalacqua Dr. Richard and Martha Pastcan Rosemarie and Alan Paul Fund Steve Peckler The Eda and Joseph Pell Fund Rose Penn Karen Kaufman Perlman Frances Pivnick Dan Porat Karen L. Posner

David S. Pottruck and Emily W. Scott Natalie Prager-Hertzmann Dana Mack Prinz Pritzker Family Amy Rabbino and Neal Rubin Irving and Varda Rabin Rado Family Fund Caroline and Bennett Raffin Supporting Foundation Bert and Anne Raphael Shirley and Robert Raymer Eli Reinhard Joyce and William Remak Fund Paul and Hilda Richards Leo H. Riegler Joyce Baker Rifkind Caryl Lancet Ritter Paul and Sheri Robbins Alex and Gertrude Roberts Fund Carol Seiler Roberts Norman R. Rogers Cindy Rogoway Patricia and Robert Ronald Mark Rosen–Beth Ami Fund in honor of Benny and Rosemary Friedman Herbert and Ilse Rosenbaum Barbara and Richard Rosenberg Claude and Louise Rosenberg Fund John and Thelma Rosenberg Peter and Lisa Rosenberg H. Glenn Rosenkrantz Gerald B. Rosenstein Martin and Bette Rosenthal Zoe (Alice) Rosenzweig Paul and Maureen Roskoph Eva and John Ross Luba R. Ross Alan and Susan Rothenberg Lottie L. Rothschild Gregg Ivan Bernell Rubenstein Esther Rubin Harry J. Saal and Carol D. Saal Paul and Eleanor Sade Ellen and Jerry Saliman Margot Salomonski in memory of Julius and Meta Loewenheim and Heinz Salomonski The Sandler Family Supporting Foundation Sejong and George Sarlo Gerry and Lela Sarnat

THEIR MEMORY ND | U N RE ST R I C T ED N A MED FUNDS acies to the Jewish Community Endowment Fund The The The The The The The The The

Alicia G. Levita Fund Annette Levy Fund Gene and Harry Lewin Fund Ernest Lilienthal Memorial Fund Ruth H. Lilienthal Memorial Fund Rose Lister Fund Tom Lowenstein Fund Josie Maltzer Fund Joseph and Genevieve Markson Trust Fund The Dr. Samuel L. and Helen Marsh Fund The Julius May Fund The William Melchior Fund The Charles E. Merrill Trust The Clotilde Merle Fund The Eva Metzger Trust The Florence Meyer Fund The Maud Nora Meyer Fund The Carol Michaelis Fund The Cora Miller Trust The Elyse and Grant Miller Fund The Florence Berger Mintz Trust The Otto W. & Betty Modley Fund The Gusti and Walter Moellerich Fund The Madeline and Walter N. Moldawer Fund The Lillian and Harold L. Moose, Jr. Fund The Helene Eleanore Moral Fund The Daniel L. Morris Fund The Esther Pearl Morse Fund The Thea Munter Fund

The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The

Herbert Naor Fund Martin J. Nathan Fund Lilian Newbert Fund Charlotte Newman Fund Edna K. and Irving R. Newman Fund Maria and Ruben Nordson Fund Dorothy Norton Fund David Obstfeld Fund Jack and Minette Ornstein Fund Virginia and Carl Pearlstein Fund Eda & Joseph Pell Fund Wally Pfeifel Fund Julius Phillips Fund Lydia Phillips Fund Ludwig & Lotte Pick Trust Fund Pollat-Harris Family Fund Matilda Ada Prince Fund Ruth Pulverman Fund Mitchell and Shirley Raskin Family Trust Fund David J. Reina Memorial Fund Reiner Charitable Funds Fred F. Renner Fund Gertrude Resnick Fund Charlotte Reznek Fund Jerome K. Robinson Fund Samuel and Valerie Rodetsky 1991 Revocable Trust Barbara and Ernest Rogers Fund Frieda Roof Fund


Dorothy and George Saxe Loren and Shelley Saxe Betty and Jack Schafer, BJS Fund Ron and Marilyn Schilling Norman and Adrienne Schlossberg Sherry and Howard Schor Janet and Albert Schultz Fund The Lori Ann Schwab Memorial Fund John R. Schwabacher S. Jerral (Jerry) Schwartzman Elizabeth Seelig Lauren Gage Segal Donald H. and Ruth F. Seiler Walter S. Selig Janice Selix Doré Selix-Gabby Theodore R. Seton Michael and Daryl Shafran Dana and Gary Shapiro Phyllis and Lawrence J. Shapiro Fund Barry and Esther Sherman Leslie and Dan Shiner Grace Shulman Howard C. and Elizabeth H. Shwiff Nathan and Rebecca Siegel Jordan R. Sills Juliette Silver Jeffrey S. Skoll Emily and Alec Skolnick Fund Harold Skootsky Family Barbara H. Smith Mildred R. Snitzer Vivian R. Solomon Susan and Richard Sorkin Sari R. Spector Joel Spolin and Margot Parker Bruce and Beverly Stamper Joelle Spitzer Steefel Howard M. Steiermann Marlene and Martin Stein Endowment Fund for Jewish Camp and Experience in Israel of Congregation Shomrei Torah Vera and Harold S. Stein, Jr. Anne and David Steirman Elsie M. Stevens Hal Stoll Family Fund Dr. and Mrs. Sherman H. Strauss Sylvia C. Sugarman Bette J. Sussman The Swig Fund for Jewish Community Involvement The Mae and Benjamin Swig Supporting Foundation Roselyne Chroman Swig Steven L. Swig Valli Benesch Tandler and Robert S. Tandler Dr. and Mrs. Irving B. Tapper Fund Tad Taube Ingrid D. Tauber Joel and Fran Teisch

The Sam Rosberg Fund The B. Rose Trust Fund The Margaret Rosenau Fund The Martin Rosenblum Fund The Rosenthal Family Trust The Samuel and Annette Rosner Memorial Fund The John J. and Rosetta Sampson Fund The Saul and Lillian Ross Fund The Nadine and Oscar Rushakoff Fund The Madelyn Russell Fund The Fred Moris Sanders & Miriam Gerson Sanders Fund The Elmer Schlesinger Fund The Jetti Schmidt Fund The Edward and Frances Schneider Fund The Charles S. Schonfeld Fund The A. Schuman Fund The Hildegard Schwartz Fund The Melvin Schwarzbaum Fund The Hilda E. Seelig Fund The Walter Selig Fund The Albert A. Shansky Fund The Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson Fund The Irving and Esther Shiller Fund The A.J. & Mollie Shragge Memorial Fund The Freema Shwartz Fund The Henry and Geraldyn Sicular Fund The Katherine Simon Fund The Rudolph Simon Fund The Henry and Carol Sinton Fund The Robert and Joan Sinton Fund The Adrienne Sloss Fund The Peter Sloss Fund The Marion Smilovitz Fund The Herbert W. Solmsen Fund The Samuel Sommer Fund The Sosnick Fund The Hal Spitz Fund

Olga Thein Veronica S. Tincher Haskell and Janice Titchell Fund Mary Ann and Bertram Tonkin Fund Juana Torczyner Charlene and Sid Tuchman Ruth and Charles Tuckman Carol Schussler van Wijnen Dorothy R. Vogel and Walter Vogel Fund Myron and Jerrie Rubenstein Wacholder Fund Joseph and Kathi Wahed Fund Marilyn Yolles Waldman Dr. Samuel and Mrs. Hjordis Waxler Fund Alfred and Lee Weber Fund Esther Y. Wedner Lewis and Helen Weil Fund Janice Weinman Robert and Tita Weir Marilyn and Raymond Weisberg Charles and Barbara Weiss Otto and Idell Weiss Erna and Herman Wertheim Fund The Hans and Susan Wildau Fund Kathy Williams Thelma Green Wiprut Fund Jacob H. and Celina Wisniewski Michael and Devera Witkin Beverly and Bernard Wolfe Fund Sheldon and Rhoda Wolfe Sue and Richard Wollack Martin Zankel David R. Zemansky Nina Zentner Mark Zitter and Jessica Nutik Harold and Mary Zlot Alanna Zrimsek and Morton Levin Steven Zuckerman and Debra Meyerson Richard and Jean Zukin

PLEASE NOTE: This list contains ONLY names of permanent funds that will come to the Jewish Community Federation’s Endowment Fund at some time in the future, often as testamentary gifts. The Jewish Community Endowment Fund also includes 304 named restricted funds and 270 named unrestricted funds. The donors’ names and their philanthropic goals live on through their endowed legacies.

The Lucille & Jules E. Steen and Simon & Esther Koplan Fund The Henry H. Stein Fund The Harry Steingart Fund The John Steinhart Fund The Carl and Marjorie G. Stern Fund The John D. Stern Fund The Sylvia Stone Fund The Lura Martin Swig and Howard R. Swig Fund The Melvin & Dee Swig Fund The Melvin M. Swig Memorial Fund The Robert Swig Fund The Lewis and Lillian Tilin Fund The Samuel Untermyer Fund The Dr. Walter Vogel Fund The Max O. Wahl Fund The Miriam Wain Fund The Paula Wallech Fund The Phyllis Wasserman Fund The Charlotte Weil Fund The Jerome & Henrietta Werner Fund The Michael Weiner Fund The Miriam Weiss Fund The Frederic S. Whitman Fund The Erika Wiener Fund The Greta R. Windmiller Fund The Edith L. Wineman Fund The Morris and Antoinette Wisefield Trust Fund The Jacob H. and Celina Wisniewski Fund The Beverly and Bernard Wolfe Fund The Jacob W. Wolfe Fund The Gertrude Wolff Fund The Edward M. Zeller Memorial Fund The Hana F. Zellerbach Fund The Harold Zellerbach Fund The Alice and Arthur Zimmerman Fund

I n M e m or i a m Janet A. Schultz March 20, 1913 – March 8, 2008

Janet A. Schultz was raised in an Orthodox

shaping the Jewish identity of Bay Area teens. She

household in Akron, Ohio. She met her future husband,

supported these endeavors through the Albert L. Schultz

Albert, while they were both in high school. They started

and Janet A. Schultz Supporting Foundation and

dating despite the reservations of Janet’s father, a

established the Janet Schultz Teens to Israel Endowment

Talmudic scholar. Janet and Al attended different

Fund with the JCEF in 1997. Explaining why they

colleges in Ohio, and continued seeing each other, and

established the fund, Janet commented at the time,

after their respective graduations, they married in

“A trip to Israel with young people their own age is

December 1935. While Al pursued his career, Janet

something teens want to do. It can have a lasting effect.”

went on to become a school teacher. The couple had two

Janet herself visited Israel some fourteen times.

daughters, Phyllis and Miriam (since deceased). The Schultz Supporting Foundation also partners with The couple moved to the Bay Area in 1979 and quickly

the Helen Diller Family Foundation to fund a series of

made their mark, providing support and time to the

two-year Wexner Heritage Foundation leadership

Federation, and to what would later become the Albert

trainings in the Federation’s service area. While the

L. Schultz Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto. The

program runs in major cities all across the United States,

Schultz JCC has since been replaced by the Oshman

the Bay Area is the only locale where it is offered every

Family Jewish Community Center located at the Taube

two years. As a permanent gift to the community, Janet

Koret Campus for Jewish Life. The new JCC houses the

established a Lion of Judah Endowment, creating a fund

Janet and Albert Schultz Cultural Arts Center.

that will help the Federation’s Annual Campaign with yearly gifts in perpetuity.

Janet believed that Jewish day schools, day and summer camps, and trips to Israel were decisive factors for

Claude Rosenberg April 10, 1928 – May 3, 2008

Claude Rosenberg was a businessman,

Claude was a San Francisco native. He graduated from

philanthropist and author. He chaired the Federation’s

Stanford in 1950 and received a master’s degree in

Investment Committee for 17 years, was a member of

business administration there in 1952. After serving in

the Endowment Committee and was also the Chair of the

the Navy during the Korean War, he was hired as a

JCEF’s Foundation Council. He was a supporter of the

stockbroker at J. Barth & Company and within several

San Francisco JCC, Jewish Family and Children’s

years was head of the company’s research group. In

Services and played a role in the founding of Rhoda

1970, Mr. Rosenberg founded Rosenberg Capital

Goldman Plaza. In 1998 he founded the New Tithing

Management. When he retired in 1995, the company

Group, a philanthropic advocacy organization. New

was managing approximately $40 billion in pension

Tithing’s website allowed users to calculate how

fund assets. He wrote several books including, Wealthy

much they might prudently donate to philanthropic

and Wise: How You and America Can Get the Most Out

causes. Speaking to The New York Times in 1999,

of Your Giving.

Mr. Rosenberg commented, “I am trying to convince people, especially wealthy people, that it is very much in

He is survived by his wife, Louise, children Linda Ach,

their interest to give away much more and to create a

Douglas Rosenberg, Jennifer Battat and

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Stuart Moldaw March 25, 1927 – May 24, 2008

Stuart Moldaw’s vision of philanthropy was best summed-up by the words in his book, A Life Story For My Grandchildren: “My greatest happiness came not from money and possessions but from engagements, accomplishments, challenges, the camaraderie with the people I have met along the way, and the love of my family. We can do so much to make the world a better place.” Stuart gave of his time as well as his resources, serving on the boards of many San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit groups, including the Jewish Community Endowment Fund, the Moldaw-Zaffaroni Boys and Girls Club of East Palo Alto, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Ballet, KQED and many others. He was also a leading supporter of the Moldaw Family Residences at 899 Charleston, located at the Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life. Stuart was born in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1944, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served aboard a troop transport ship, the Ulysses S. Grant. After the war,

Stuart attended Syracuse University on the G.I. Bill and graduated in 1949 with a bachelor's degree in marketing and economics. It was while attending Syracuse that he met his future wife, Phyllis Israelson. Stuart had a long and distinguished entrepreneurial career. He was a founding investor and Chairman Emeritus of the Gymboree Corporation, and also co-founded U.S. Venture Partners, a Menlo Park-based venture capital firm. But he was best known as the founder of the Ross Dress for Less chain, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Pleasanton, California. Stuart was also awarded with two appointments during the Clinton administration: in 1993 he served as a Public Delegate to the U.S. Mission at the United Nations, and in 1996 he was named Chairman of the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars. He is survived by wife Phyllis, daughters Susan and Carol, and his grandchildren Stuart, Jack, Bill and Sarah.

James Abrahamson

Hilde Amkraut

Bernard Kaufman Jr.

(January 5, 1921 – March 6, 2008) James Abrahamson was a fourth-generation San Franciscan. He owned and managed several Bay Area landmark restaurants, including Smak’s Drive Inn, Biff’s Coffee Shop, Rosebud’s English Pub and Pam Pam. James was a member of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Committee and a lifelong member of Congregation Emanu-El. He also supported many local philanthropic groups, including Jewish Family and Children’s Services and the San Francisco School Volunteers. Along with his wife Lucille, James first became involved with the Jewish Community Federation in 1946. He is survived by his wife Lucille, children Eric, Robert, Joan and three grandchildren.

(May 2, 1930 – June 20, 2008) Hilde Amkraut had a Jewish grandfather and converted to Judaism as an adult. She was born in Berlin and survived World War II with her mother and grandmother in Bavaria. After the war, she immigrated to New York, and eventually trained to be a nurse at the Glen Cove hospital, where she met her husband, Alfred. Hilde adopted his religion and the couple married in 1955. The couple and their two daughters eventually settled in Palo Alto in 1968. Over the years, Hilde was the central force in organizing and making special many family events. Hilde and Alfred were both members of the Federation's Quarter Century Circle. She is survived by her husband, Alfred, her daughters Claire and Susan, their husbands and her two grandchildren.

(October 29, 1914 – July 9, 2008) Dr. Bernard Kaufman, Jr. served as a major in the U.S. Army in World War II. He took part in the Normandy invasion and helped liberate the Buchenwald concentration camp. Dr. Kaufman practiced medicine for 53 years as an Associate Clinical Professor at UCSF and a senior attending physician at Mount Zion Hospital. He served as President of the Zionist Organization of America’s San Francisco chapter, was a founder of the San Francisco Israel Bond Organization, a member of the Board of the Jewish Community Federation, a trustee of the Judah Magnes Museum and a member of the Jewish War Veterans. He is survived by his daughters Deborah, Sharon, Joan and their husbands, eight grandchildren, special friend Frida Koppl, and numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.

John Blumlein

Ruth Levison Halperin

(July 28, 1918 – April 1, 2008) John Blumlein’s involvement with Jewish Community Federation began in the early days of World War II, when Lloyd Dinkelspiel, Sr., President of the Jewish Welfare Fund challenged him to increase his annual gift. As Blumlein recalled in a 2000 interview, “I have always felt that our conversation was a ‘trigger’ to my involvement in philanthropic causes – an integral and important part of my life.” He went on to a lifetime of philanthropy, serving on the boards of the Federation and the Endowment Fund as well as the San Francisco Jewish Community Center, Mt. Zion Medical Center, the Jewish Home and many others. Blumlein also served as President of the Mt. Zion Health Fund and Chair of the JCEF Kohn Committee. John is survived by his wife, Betty, children, Steven, Michael and Cathy, their spouses and six grandchildren.

(March 17, 1927 – November 20, 2008) Ruth Levison Halperin was the twin sister of the late Robert Levison, a long-time Federation leader. Like Robert, Ruth was also a supporter of the Jewish Community Federation and Stanford University. Mrs. Halperin attended over sixty of the annual “Big Games” between Stanford and UC Berkeley. She went to her first game at the age of five, with her father. Throughout her life, she would often turn her back to the proceedings as she was too nervous about the outcome to watch. The Levisons were one of the five original Jewish gold rush families whose support of the Federation has been passed down from generation to generation. She is survived by her husband, Robert, her sister, Barbara "Timmy" Napolitano, three children, Philip Halperin, Mark Halperin, Peggy Halperin Dow and eight grandchildren.

Gloria Baerncopf

Louise Henriques Mann

Harold and Lillian Moose

(September 14, 1909 – April 6, 2008) Louise Henriques Mann's parents emigrated from Russia in 1905 and settled in Palo Alto, which was even then, a university town. She married Fred Henriques in 1937 with whom she started a family and a business. Fred passed away in 1959 and Louise struck out on her own, becoming one of the West Coast's first female stockbrokers, working at Dean Witter until her retirement in 1974. She married a second time, to Milton Mann who passed away in 2001. In 2003, Louise's history of the Peninsula-based Jewish community, The Mishpucah, was published. She supported many organizations in the Jewish and general communities, including, the Jewish Community Federation and its Endowment Fund and Planned Parenthood. Louise is survived by a large family including her brother, sister and two children.

(Harold Moose, December 12, 1914 – August 13, 2008 Lillian Moose, February 28, 1918 – February 19, 2008) Harold and Lillian Moose both passed away peacefully at home within several months of each other. They had been married for 67 years. The couple played a key role in developing San Francisco's commercial real estate, through Harold's company, Chelsea Development. One of their proudest achievements was the 27-story hotel and Chinese Culture Center at the corner of Kearny and Washington Streets. They were members of the Quarter Century Circle, having made annual donations to the Federation's Campaign for more than 60 years. They are survived by their two daughters, Jacquelyn Braunstein and Shirley Freeman, two grandsons, and six great-grandchildren.

(circa 1924 – July 25, 2008) Gloria Baerncopf was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and graduated from Radcliffe College. In 1953 she moved to California with her husband, the late David A. Baerncopf, who passed away in 2003. The Baerncopfs were active members of Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos Hills. Ms. Baerncopf enjoyed playing bridge, piano, and listening to classical music. In her younger years she played golf and enjoyed attending the San Francisco Symphony and Opera. She is survived by her sister, Jane Rothbaum, three children, Dayna, Jane, David Jr. and four grandchildren.

Walter Fuchs (July 13, 1914 – December 9, 2008) Walter Fuchs was born in Berlin and emigrated to Argentina in 1937 to escape Nazi persecution. After some eighteen years there, he emigrated again, this time coming to the United States. Walter was a longtime contributor to the Federation’s Annual Campaign. His wife, “Henny” Fuchs passed away in 1994.

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