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For the love of seniors


Financials JJ REVENUES

SOURCES 0F OPERATING REVENUE: $ 30,385,818 62 percent Insurance 34 percent Private Pay 3 percent Contributions Identified for Operational Use 1 percent Other Operating Revenue


TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES: $ 30,869,080 70 percent Salaries/Fringe Benefits 10 percent Other Expenses ** 7 percent Purchased Services 4 percent Drugs/Medical Supplies 4 percent Food/Dietary Supplies 3 percent Temporary Personnel 2 percent Utilities ** Other Expenses include professional fees, information technology, insurance, paper products, linen, supplies, other supplies, bad debt, interest expense, real estate tax, etc..

Fiscal Year 2016 in Review $2,850,885 total uncompensated care/services and charity provided $1,633,809 capital improvements/investments in the physical plant, new equipment, or purchase of new programs

313,948 meals prepared, served, and delivered 50,502 skilled nursing days provided 41,889 personal care days provided 34,569 home health care patient visits — 16 percent increase from previous year 22,991 outpatient rehabilitation treatments provided 5,923 days of adult day services provided — 17 percent increase from previous year 4,075 Sivitz Jewish Hospice patient visits — 17 percent increase from previous year Nearly 600 community volunteers engaged

8 therapy dogs and 2 therapy cats visited more than 500 residents and clients


For the love of seniors Dear Friends, We are in the midst of one of the most exciting, transformative times for aging and the JAA is your partner. In the past few years alone, we were the first senior care provider in Pennsylvania to receive approval to create a nighttime dementia program. We were the first to cook made-to-order meals on our skilled nursing home units. We received the first Leading Age national innovation award for our AgeWell Home Medication Management Program. This past fiscal year, as a result of our collaboration with Harvardeducated Dr. John Zeisel and the famed Hearthstone Institute, we began the process of becoming the first Hearthstone-Certified Center of Excellence for memory care in the state of Pennsylvania, joining the likes of other first-rate healthcare organizations like the Mayo Clinic. The JAA is leading the effort to transform the dialogue surrounding Alzheimer’s by providing a narrative of hope. We recognize that the future of aging lies within our communities. We are building on our strong Jewish foundation that teaches us to honor and respect our elders. For 110 years, the JAA has been here as your partner. We have supported those who have needed our services. We recognize that we can do more and our seniors deserve more. That is why together, we can rewrite our aging stories to one of vitality, hope, and life.

Deborah Winn-Horvitz President & CEO

Mitchell Pakler Chairman of the Board


COMMUNITY One hundred and ten years. 110 years since Rabbi Aaron and Pearl Ashinsky, immigrants to the United States from Eastern Europe and new to Pittsburgh, had a groundbreaking idea. With $25,000 raised from community members, Rabbi Ashinsky purchased a large, multi-story brick house on a winding street in Pittsburgh’s Hill District that had once served as a home to orphan girls. He re-opened its doors to seniors in need. Since that moment, for 110 years, the Jewish Association on Aging has been helping our most vulnerable seniors, year by year, day by day, minute by minute. But we haven’t done this alone. As Rabbi Aaron and Pearl learned more than 110 years ago, it requires so much to support seniors in need …

PHOTO CREDIT: Historical photos, JAA archives. All other photos except where noted, John Schiller Photography.

It starts—and ends—with community.


Memory Care Outreach Community is at the center of one the JAA’s innovative approaches to treating those with memory disorders. The I’m Still Here Alzheimer’s staff training program from Boston’s Hearthstone Institute that we began last year is already changing the lives of those affected by memory loss. This program uses a philosophy of understanding and caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias through practical application of a proven Montessori-based treatment and methodology. By providing meaningful activities problematic behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s will diminish. Hearthstone is based on the premise that despite the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s those affected and their families can still find meaning and purpose and have excellent quality of life for many, many years. We are compelled to invest in this groundbreaking, socially responsible program that will educate family members, staff, and the public at large to change the conversation from Alzheimer’s as a disease of “disability” to one that emphasizes “ability.” Our collaborating partner Dr. John Zeisel, founder of The Hearthstone Institute and President of the I’m Still Here Foundation, is the highest-funded National Institute of Health researcher in the country for non-pharmacologic approaches to the disease. For years, the typical treatment for those suffering from behavioral problems associated with Alzheimer’s was to medicate them when they exhibited the symptoms of agitation, aggression, anxiety, or apathy. Falls were common among this population of frail seniors. We understand now from Dr. Zeisel’s extensive and well-respected research that medication is not the whole answer to living a quality life with the disease. Hearthstone Institute representatives are currently working with our staff and families on communication skills which will be embedded in the day-to-day life and activities of our residences and home-based programs. While still early in the process, we have already seen a 50 percent reduction in falls in one of our memory-care residences. Families of residents report higher satisfaction than ever before. In October 2016, the JAA became the first Hearthstone Center of Excellence in Pennsylvania to incorporate this methodology and only one of a handful of these centers in the country. It will have long-lasting effects with our residents, clients, volunteers, staff, and community.


How Far We’ve Come 1906


Beth Moshab Z’Kainim, which would later become the Jewish Association on Aging, is incorporated in the Hill District, which at that time was the center of Jewish life in Pittsburgh. There the Jewish Home & Hospital for the Aged is started in a 20-room house. Teddy Roosevelt is President of the United States (with only 45 states in the Union), and a quart of milk costs 7 cents.

JAA Center for Outpatient Rehabilitation opens on the corner of Forbes and Shady avenues. Nearly 75 percent of Internet users, 55 percent of the entire U.S. adult population, report they go online to get their news as opposed to print or television.


Cementing his legacy of caring, our founder Rabbi Aaron Ashinsky moves the facility and its 28 seniors to Browns Hill Road and expands the nursing home at a time when Pittsburgh and the United States are in the throes of the Great Depression and as Europe begins to unravel with political and social chaos. Also in 1933, Pittsburgh gets a pro football team, then called the Pirates. 1936


JAA Home Health Services launches. Apple releases the iPhone 4. 2012

Anathan Club Adult Day Service relocates to a much larger space on the Weinberg Village campus. JAA becomes the first long-term care organization to have a Care Navigator. Washington University School of Medicine launches the first major clinical trial for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. 2013

Homestead Grays Bridge is completed, linking Squirrel Hill to Homestead.

JAA Outpatient Rehab relocates to the main campus with easily accessible parking.



Facility expands under the name Jewish Home for the Aged and opens a 500-bed building on our existing campus. 1989

Weinberg Village Personal Care opens. Berlin Wall falls.

The JAA begins its successful electronic medical records program and ResidentCentered Dining opens at Charles Morris. JAA wins a national innovation award for the AgeWell HomeMeds program. 2015

With the sale of Montefiore Hospital to UPMC, JAA becomes the sole remaining Jewish healthcare provider in Western PA.

JAA partners with the renowned Hearthstone Institute and the I’m Still Here Foundation to launch memory care initiative and pledges to be the leader in memory care services in Pennsylvania.



JAA is incorporated. Gasoline is $1.11 a gallon; a dozen eggs is 87 cents.

The JAA employs 462 staff (335 full time and 127 part time). JAA selected as a preferred provider for all major healthsystem and insurance networks.



Sivitz Jewish Hospice founded. The U.S. Space Shuttle Atlantis docks with Russian Mir Space Station for the first time. 1997

Weinberg Terrace opens as the premier personal care facility in the heart of Squirrel Hill. 1998

The new campus of the JAA is opened, including a new Charles M. Morris Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and Weinberg Village personal care facility. 2000

Mollie’s Meals home-delivered meal program is launched, providing a critical service as the first and only kosher Mealson-Wheels program serving Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Mapping for the human genome begins. 6


We have helped as many as 200,000 seniors and their families. We have seen the needs of our community change in dramatic ways, in part due to significant changes in public health policy, regulations, and priorities. We have never wavered from our commitment to provide a Jewish, faith-based option to the elders in Western Pennsylvania and to their families. We have led 1,430 Jewish high holiday services, served approximately 5,720 Friday evening Shabbat dinners on white tablecloths, and prepared approximately 479,000 matzo balls since our inception in 1906.

The Community Comes Home Community outreach is a vital element for our success. This past year we increased our JAA community volunteering efforts, which had a significant impact on our seniors. Nearly 600 volunteers donated approximately 1,500 hours of community service to our organization. These volunteer programs included youngsters helping our seniors make apricot hamantashen at Weinberg Terrace, adult volunteers delivering Mollie’s Meals, and, in an effort to uphold our belief that no one should die alone, Sivitz Jewish Hospice volunteers sitting at the bedside of those at the end of their lives. Our G2G (Generation to Generation) program took root and extended its infrastructure this year. G2G is an intergenerational community engagement opportunity that provides interactive activities for public and private middle school and high school students with seniors who live in our Pittsburgh facilities. Throughout this past year, teens and seniors participated in a host of G2G activities, including baking, gardening, Skyping instructions, and Lessons of a Lifetime (learning about and documenting seniors’ stories). These activities, and more, are planned for the coming year. Sixth grade students from Community Day School participated in a new intergenerational program called Better Together. This monthly program encourages the students and residents of our skilled nursing facility, Charles M. Morris Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, to enjoy meals, activities, and shared learning projects. Together they threw a mock wedding and one of our residents performed in the role of flower girl.



The community of volunteers who support our Sivitz Jewish Hospice are outstanding individuals. Hospice volunteers provide a supportive presence to both patients and families. A companion volunteer can read to a patient, play soft music, carry on discussions and conversations, or just hold their hand. Through the hospice’s new memory keepsake program, volunteers assist a patient in creating a memory keepsake with pictures and journaling a particular story, memory, or experience the patient wants to leave to their loved ones.




Home Health Services* People who have difficulty leaving home due to medical and/or physical restrictions, who have had changes in medication or conditions, or who have returned from hospital stays benefit from JAA’s Home Health Services. Trained staff will be in your home in 24 hours to assess your needs and create a treatment plan. JAA Home Health Services can facilitate communications with personal physicians. Call 412-586-3249. Our Care Navigator can also help with our Independence at Home* program, helping make modifications to your home to allow you to remain living safely in your residence. Call 412-420-4000, ext. 2252. Mollie’s Meals* Kosher home-delivered meal program for seniors and homebound adults. Mollie’s Meals provides tasty, nutritious meals to frail adults and allows socialization, observation, and referrals to other programs in the AgeWell continuum. The menus are designed by Allegheny Area Agency on Aging dieticians. Call 412-421-7616. Sivitz Jewish Hospice Hospice care focusing on quality of life by addressing the patient’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs while managing pain and other symptoms. Call 412-422-5700.

Charles M. Morris Nursing & Rehabilitation Center A skilled nursing facility for short- and long-term rehab. Situated on a lush, green campus, Charles Morris has spacious private and semi-private rooms. It is comprised of five nursing commons, each with its own dining and activity area. Our staff keeps residents as independent as possible, gently helping them continue to participate in daily activities such as walking, dressing, and bathing. For more information, call 412-521-1790. The Residence at Weinberg Village A personal care facility on the main JAA Campus at 200 JHF Drive in Squirrel Hill. Residents may participate in an array of health and wellness activities, concerts, trips, and educational programs. Weinberg Village is also home to our Arbor Unit, a safe environment that provides specialized care for residents with dementia. Call 412-521-6024.


Anathan Club Adult Day and Nighttime Services* The JAA’s Anathan Club offers supportive day and nighttime programs including stimulating, structured activities in a safe, secure environment. It also helps older adults and adults with memory care issues to remain socially active while living at home. Anathan Club provides personal care, medication management, nutritious meals, and an atmosphere where members’ abilities are maximized. Call 412-422-9454. JAA Outpatient Rehabilitation* Our licensed therapists offer clients lymphedema therapy, manual therapy, hand therapy, orthotic and prosthetic service, myofascial release, and even a safe driving program. Free transportation to the rehab center is available. Now with a location at the JCC. Call 412-421-7400.

*affiliated with AgeWell Pittsburgh 8

Weinberg Terrace A personal care facility in the heart of Squirrel Hill. It is a wonderful place to call home for older adults who want comfort, peace of mind, and occasional assistance. Weinberg Terrace residents enjoy apartment style living as well as a wide variety of activities, trips, and social events all within steps of the JCC, the Manor Theatre, and the Carnegie Library in Squirrel Hill. Call 412-421-5757. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

G2G (Generation to Generation) Interactive activities for middle school and high school students with the JAA community and residents. Teen Leadership/Junior Board helps shape G2G. Visit or call 412-521-1975 to learn more.

Community Brings Beauty and Life The JAA also found community support in a fascinating musical program for residents and community members. We hosted a hands-on demonstration by Lori Frazer of the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute. Ms. Frazer brought in several digital pianos that imitate a wide range of symphonic instruments to give anyone with no musical training the ability to create beautiful music. Community support also came to us through the beauty of great art and design, creating a warm, friendly place for our seniors to stay and their families to visit. Our Resident-Centered Dining Program is nearly complete. In these beautiful, sunny open-concept kitchen and dining rooms friendships are born and community is solidified. This would not be possible without significant foundation support and community members who recognize that our residents deserve choice—whether it be the time of day they eat or what they eat—and beauty in their day-to-day lives. On the Arbor Unit in Weinberg Village, a unit dedicated to those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, the community rallied to support us. The community room was updated with new paint and furniture and was dedicated to Saul Elinoff, longtime Pittsburgher, Arbor resident, and philanthropist as a gift from his wife Yetta. The room was decorated with portraits of residents by Pittsburgh photographer John Schiller. Finally, we received a generous donation from the late Sally Levin, her son Robert, and Levin Furniture, giving our reception area a cozy and welcoming feel to whoever is entering our doors.

For the love of seniors 9

Giving Thanks The emphasis on community is in everything we do. So many people give their time, their financial support, and their positive energy to us. This year we thought it would be good to let our residents take the time to thank our donors, so we hosted our first-ever thank-a-thon with Weinberg Terrace residents.


Armed with a script, some decaf, and cookies, residents called people near and far who were so generous to give to the JAA. On more than one occasion, the conversation would run off script with an “Oh, honey! I knew your mother! We were neighbors! Oh, I’m fine. How are you?”

Community Comes Out Last fiscal year we hosted two outstanding events outside our doors and were so fortunate to see the community come out and learn about our mission. Our annual meeting featured keynote speaker Tony Buettner, a National Geographic magazine researcher who spoke of his and his brother Dan’s investigation on why some communities in the world boast the longest-living inhabitants. The JAA also held its largest fundraiser in its 110 year history. It was standing room only at the Heinz History Center with more than 400 guests as comedian Richard Lewis entertained with his trademark neurotic, New York humor. “110 years—man,” Richard told the crowd, poker-faced. “110 years of helping the elderly. You take all faiths. Incredible. You don’t care if they are a Zen Buddhist. We’re Jews. We want to help the Zen Buddhist. The Zen Buddhist is in pain. Here, have an aspirin.” This event honored Bobbee Slotsky Kramer, whose years of service to us have been instrumental to our success. Our success is also attributed to the help of every member of our community who has supported us throughout these 110 years. Which brings us to next year, year 111 of serving our seniors. 365 more days. 525,600 minutes. How will we quantify our upcoming year? With community. With love. And with gratitude. Stay tuned. Great innovations for senior care are just around the bend. 10

Thank you to our donors* who care for our community. INNOVATOR ($50,000+) Allegheny County Department of Economic Development Estate of Mrs. Dorothy Avins Charles M. Morris Charitable Trust Mr. Michael Graff and Ms. Carol Ostrow Jack Buncher Foundation Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Legacy Heritage Fund Limited Samuel, Fannie and Irwin A. Solow Endowment Fund The Pittsburgh Foundation

Julius L. and Libbie B. Steinsapir Family Foundation Levin Furniture – Mr. Robert Levin Mark Browar Trust Lillian Irene Mervis Charitable Trust Mrs. Bee Jee Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Ostrow Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Pakler UPMC and UPMC Health Plan

INVENTOR ($2,500+)

Ben and Fannie Applestein Fund Mr. and Mrs. Edward Berman Mr. and Mrs. James Brown Mr. and Mrs. Norman Elias VISIONARY Mrs. Yetta H. Elinoff ($25,000+) Eyetique Dr. and Mrs. Leon Kohane Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gelernter Mendel E. and Sylvia G. Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gillman Charitable Trust Mr. Edward M. Goldston Philip Chosky Charitable Grane RX Foundation Henderson Brothers Robert Waters Fund Michael and Anne Levin Littles Shoes ARCHITECT Enid and Errol Miller ($10,000+) Mutual of America A.J. and Sigismunda Palumbo PNC Bank Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Howard Reinfeld Dr. and Mrs. Martin Fenster Mr. Todd Rosenfeld Ms. Rita J. Gould Mr. Sol H. Ruben Mr. Morris Gross Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rudolph Irene and Andrew Aryeh Ruth and Harry Stein Memorial Marchbein Memorial Fund Fund Estate of Mrs. Sally M. Levin Silk & Stewart Development Morton Ives Reformed Charitable Group Remainder Annuity Trust Ms. Sandy Snyder Jack H. Olender Ms. Judith I. Tobe Mr. Charles Porter and Mrs. Vertical Solutions Hilary Tyson Porter BUILDER Ralph and Dorothy Schugar Charitable Foundation ($1,000+) Mr. Norman Sindler Allegheny Health Network The Sylvia and Martin Snow Anonymous (3) Charitable Foundation Fund Arnett Carbis Toothman L.L.P.

ADVOCATE ($5,000+) Mr. and Mrs. Scott Apter Mrs. Selma Behr Dr. and Mrs. Brian Ernstoff Mr. and Mrs. Milton Fine Giant Eagle Foundation Danny and Sharon Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Halpern Highmark Mr. Bruce Horvitz and Mrs. Deborah Winn-Horvitz Jewish Women’s Foundation

Arnold L. Biron Fund Big Burrito Restaurant Group Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blattner Mrs. Charlotte G. Bluestone Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bookman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Breslof Mr. and Mrs. Marc Brown Capital Healthcare Solutions Cohen & Grigsby, P.C. Dr. and Mrs. Jared Cohon Maury Deul Donald and Sylvia Robinson Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Milton Eisner Estate of Irene Elenbaum

Estate of Meyer L. Mervis Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Finegold Mrs. Edna Fredman Mr. and Mrs. Jack Friedman Gertrude Seder Fund Mr. and Mrs. Howard Grossinger Mrs. Marcia M. Gumberg Guttman Energy Mr. and Mrs. Irving Halpern Mr. and Mrs. Morris Horvitz Mr. and Mrs. John Katz Mr. Gil Schneider and Ms. Stefi Kirschner Mr. Jeffrey L. Kwall Ladies Auxiliary at Weinberg Village Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Landay Estate of Mrs. Belle Lazarus Mr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Lederman Dr. Philip Lehman and Dr. Jill Lehman LGA Partners Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Lipman Michael and Jane Louik Louis and Shirley Goldman Endowment Fund Louis E. Feldman Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Lowenstein Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lyons Meyer, Unkovic & Scott L.L.P. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moravitz Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Needleman Mr. Elliott S. Oshry Mr. and Mrs. Louis Plung Pool City Ralph Schugar Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Ruskin Sage Age Strategies Sampo Distributors Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Evan Segal Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shapira Sitko Bruno Mr. and Mrs. Joel Smalley Ms. Sharon S. Snider Mr. Sidney Stark Jr. Ms. Robbin Steif Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Stein Mr. Andrew N. Stewart and Ms. Carole Bailey The Louis Brody Family Endowment Fund Mr. Stephen M. Tobe Trust-Franklin Press Co. UNPF Family Foundation Mrs. Bertha Victorius Mrs. Jacquelin G. Wechsler Mr. and Mrs. Randy Whitlatch Woodland Management Inc.

* Listed are donations of $100 or more: July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016. The Jewish Association on Aging is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


ARTISAN ($300+)

Jewish Family & Children’s Service Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Kann Amdur B. and Amdursky Dini Katz Foundation Ms. Marcie S. Katzen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Americus Mina Kavaler Anonymous (9) Mr. and Mrs. Cary H. Klein Ms. Jacqueline Auble Mr. and Mrs. Elliott B. Kramer Dr. Lauren Bairnsfather and Mr. Dr. Herbert Kramer Christopher Bairnsfather Debbie and Jeffrey Krasnow Ms. Rena Becker Mr. Allan G. Krouse Mr. and Mrs. William D. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lang Benswanger Mr. and Mrs. Bernard B. Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Bernstein Latterman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Latterman Bernstein Dale and Lynn Magid Lazar F. Robert Bielski Terry Lerman Ms. Edith H. Blattner Dr. Rodney Lipman Mr. and Mrs. William Brandeis Ms. Susan Lipsitz Mr. and Mrs. David Brinn Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Mr. Robert M. Bushkoff Lowenstein Mrs. Nancy Ciccone Mrs. Carolyn Massaro Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mayhak Clark Mr. Allan Meltzer Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Meyers Colker Company Mollie and Fred Kalson Memorial Community Day School Endowment Fund Ms. Susan Cramer Mrs. Amy B. Morgan Ms. Georgia C. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Moritz Dedicated Nursing Associates Mosaic Wealth Consulting Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Noll Ms. Ilana Diamond Penn Fixture & Supply Co. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel DiBiase Perkins Eastman Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dickman Pestco Professional Services – Mr. and Mrs. Gary Droz Zlotnik Family Eight over Eighty Class of 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Pinsker Mr. Larry Englert Ms. Marisa Porter Mr. James Epstein and Ms. R. Morris and Bessie Wolk Glick Susan Sternburg Memorial Fund Mrs. Linda Fehl Ms. Adi Rapport Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. Raymond Stept Jewish Feldman Association on Aging Ms. June D. Feldstein Endowment Fund Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fireman Mr. and Mrs. Steve Recht Ms. Ronda Fisch Reinhart Food Service Five Star Staffing Services Mr. Gustave Rieck Representative and Mrs. Dan B. Mr. Ernest C. Roessler Frankel Bette and Howard Rom Mr. and Mrs. H. Arnold Gefsky Mr. Jay N. Rosenberg Mrs. Stephanie L. Glick Shoshana and Jerry Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. David Glickman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Rubenstein Goldhaber Mrs. Ruth Rubenstein Leah Green Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Meyer S. Grinberg Mr. Brad Samuels Ms. Dodi W. Gross and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Schermer Daniel Edelstone Mr. Alan Schindler Mr. Brian Gumberg Mr. and Mrs. Leslie G. Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gumberg Mr. Joel Schuman and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. David B. Haber Carole Miner Schuman Ms. Ruth P. Haber Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schwarz Jr. Howard and Sara Harris Ms. Jolene Sefzik Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Hausman Mrs. Rina Sigal Segal Healthcare Council of Western Barbara and Ed Siegel Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Siger HealthMEDX Signature Financial Planning Mr. David Horvitz and Mrs. Teddi Jay Silberblatt and Lori Sisson Horvitz Ms. Lisa Silberman and Mr. Lynne and Blair Jacobson David Smiga 13

Mr. Leonard D. Silk and Ms. Jane Hepner Marlene and Art Silverman Mr. Richard S. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sindler Esq. Laurie and Paul Singer Mr. Thad Zeitler and Ms. Caryn Slotsky Dr. Susan L. Snider Mr. Edgar M. Snyder Mr. Donald Soffer Mr. James L. Soffer Mr. James Spector Rabbi and Mrs. Stephen E. Steindel Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky Team Laminates Company Teplitz Charitable Trust The Jewish Federation of Nashville & Middle Tennessee Dr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Urbach Ms. Eva J. Vogel Mrs. Marilou Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Roy Weekly Mr. and Mrs. Morris J. Weinbaum Dr. and Mrs. Joel H. Weinberg Dr. and Mrs. Lee M. Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Lou Weiss Westmoreland Medical Equipment Company Susan Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Gary Zinman Shirley L. Zionts

FRIEND ($100+) Mr. and Mrs. William Achenbach Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Ackerman Dr. and Mrs. Jon Adler Mr. and Mrs. Harold Allen Ms. Marlene S. Alpern Alyce Friedberg Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Americus Dr. and Mrs. Albert Amshel Anonymous (21) Joan Frank Apt Mrs. Marcella Apter Mr. Sammy Balis Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Balk Ms. Regina W. Bardin Mr. and Mrs. Alan Baum Beekman Family Charitable Fund Mr. Charles Belov Ms. Judith M. Berger Paul Berger and Billie Weill Dr. H. Ronald Berk and Dr. Nancy Berk Mr. and Mrs. Myles P. Berkman Dr. Doug Kress and Dr. Sue Berman Kress Ms. Martha Y. Berman Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Berman Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Bernacki Beth Shalom Congregation Ms. Leslie A. Biaggi

Dr. and Mrs. Garry J. Bloch Ms. Maryrose B. Block Mrs. Judith Blumenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Blumenthal Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Blumstein Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bourd Mr. and Mrs. Gregg E. Bowers Mr. Lewis Braham and Mrs. Tanya Bielski-Braham Mr. Edgar W. Brick Ms. Susan C. Brody Mr. Ronald M. Brown Ms. Michelle Browne Dr. Barbara Burstin and Mr. David Burstin Dr. and Mrs. Sidney N. Busis Mr. David Butler Mrs. Froni B. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Caplan Mr. Jeffrey Carraway Charlsons Wonderful World of Furniture Jean Chottiner Mrs. Julie Christy Mr. David Cockrell Ms. Harriet R. Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Howard F. Cohen Ms. Patricia Cohen Ms. Susan Cohen James Colker Mr. and Mrs. Jay Coltin Mr. and Mrs. Tom Congedo Mr. and Mrs. Arthur K. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Barton Z. Cowan Mrs. Lois S. Crone Mr. Bryan Cross and Mrs. Samantha Cross Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Damick Mr. Elliot Davis Mrs. Mindy DeRiggi Dr. Al K. DeRoy Neil Diamant Mrs. Miriam G. Dickman Mr. Brian Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Drummond Mr. and Mrs. Jay Eger Ms. Hope Ehrenreich EQT Corporation Ms. Deborah J. Erdeky Joel Falk Family House Mrs. Patricia F. Feinberg Dr. Karen W. Feinstein and Mr. Steven Feinstein Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Finkelstein Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Firestone Mrs. Sylvia F. Fischer Mrs. Anita G. Fisher Gerry and Michael Fox Mr. Dallas Frey Joan B. Friedberg Mr. and Mrs. Gary Friedman Mrs. Marcia Frumerman Ms. Nancy E. Gale Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Garber Esq. Ms. Lisa L. Garrett Dr. Kristen M. Gateno

Mr. and Mrs. Mischa E. Gelman Mrs. Natalie S. Geminder Ms. Ruth P. Gerber Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Gerhold Ms. Paula J. Gessiness Mr. Dan Gilman Mrs. Mimi Ginsberg Dr. Rabindra Girdhar Mr. Sherwin F. Glasser Dr. Richard S. Glick Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gluckman Mr. and Mrs. James K. Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Goldberg Mrs. Judy Goldman Mrs. Ruth K. Goldman Mrs. Nanette Gordon Robert and Kathleen Grant Ms. Dorothy Greenberg Ms. Terri H. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Louis Greenwald Mrs. Dorothy A. Grinberg Mrs. Ellen P. Grinberg Ms. Carol S. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Don Gross Mr. and Mrs. David E. Grover Mr. and Mrs. James Guttman Hadassah Greater Pittsburgh Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Halsband Dr. and Mrs. Steven Handler Paula and Howard Harris Dr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Harrison Mrs. Marlene Haus Mrs. Florence R. Helfer Ms. Sarah Henk Henry, Tillie M., and Sylvia J. Reidman Fund Mr. Robert C. Hewitt Mr. Chris Holland Mr. and Mrs. Mark Horvitz Ms. Stacey M. Horvitz Drs. Mindy and Foster Hutchinson Rabbi Walter Jacob Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Jacobs Dr. Emily Jaffe Ms. Mary Jatlow Jewish Community Center Jewish Healthcare Foundation Ms. Jerrie Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Judd Mrs. Ruth Z. Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kamon Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kanselbaum Mr. and Mrs. Falk Kantor Judge and Mrs. Lawrence A. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Katch Mr. and Mrs. Marc Katzen Mrs. Inge Katzenstein Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Kendis Mr. and Mrs. David Kier Richard and Ellen Kitay Dr. David Klahr Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Klein Dr. and Mrs. Milton Klein Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kleyman

Eric and Judi Kline Ms. Helen P. Kline Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Krasik Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Kress KRJ Enterprises Mr. Aaron M. Krouse Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kruman Ms. Nadine Kruman Mr. Stanley Kurtz Ms. Kathy Lachenauer Ms. Penney K. Lagos Lally & Co. Eileen and Nicholas Lane Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lebenson Dr. and Mrs. Louis Leff Mr. and Mrs. Alan Leff Mr. Myron Leff Nancy and Stan Lehman Mr. and Mrs. James Leib Dr. Barry C. Lembersky and Ms. Diane M. Faust Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Lesgold Mr. William J. Levy Mr. Milton C. Lewis Mrs. David Lieberman Ms. Mary Jo Lipinski Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lipsman Mrs. Roslyn M. Litman Dr. Joan S. Lockhart Mrs. Charlotte Love Mr. and Mrs. Robert Love Dr. Penn Lupovich Michael Maas Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Malakoff Mr. George Maloney Mr. Jeffrey H. Mandel Mr. and Mrs. Craig Markovitz Mrs. Beverly Marks Mrs. Mary B. Marks Dr. Stanley M. Marks Ms. Martha Martel Mrs. Sylvia Mason Jeffrey and Linda Mates Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCay Mrs. E. Jean McPeak Dr. and Mrs. Melvin P. Melnick Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mendlowitz Mr. Jack Mennis Meredith Corporation Foundation Sanford Middleman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller Mrs. Thelma R. Miller Ms. Virginia A. Millhiser Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Mines Mr. Alan Moidel Ms. Pearl Moore Mrs. Joy Moravitz Mrs. Benita (Bunny) Morris Mrs. Alvin S. Mundel Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murphy Mrs. Rona F. Mustin Mr. and Mrs. David H. Neft Mr. Robert Nelkin Ms. Susan A. Nernberg Teddy Nisenbaum Mr. and Mrs. William Noonan Mr. Stuart Nord Mr. and Mrs. Joop Offerman Dr. and Mrs. Irving Oppenheim 14

Susan and Mark Orringer Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pardo Mr. and Mrs. Lester M. Parker Smadar and Jerome Parness Ms. Lesley Petty Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Pinsker Ms. Myrna H. Pollock Dr. Leo M. Pomerantz Ms. Gwendolyn Price Mr. Jerry Rabinowitz Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rackoff Mrs. Evelyn K. Rebb Mrs. Diane E. Reiche Mr. Barry R. Reznick Drs. Marc and Eileen Rice Ms. Paula S. Riemer Ms. Leslie S. Ripp Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Robbins Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Robinson Rodef Shalom Congregation Ferne and Nathan Rogow Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Rollman Mr. Stephen Root and Ms. Louise Silk Ms. Faye S. Rosch Mrs. Judi Rosen Mr. and Mrs. James P. Rosenbloom Ms. Mindy Rosen-Stadler Mr. and Mrs. Yale A. Rosenstein Ms. Rivka Rosenthal Mr. Steven Rosenthal Nikolyn Roumm and Mary Jeanne Serafin Dr. and Mrs. Fred Rubin Israel J. and Judith L. Rudoy Mollie Rudt Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Russman Ms. RoseMary Russo Dr. Deanna L. Rutman


Drs. Eric and Susan Safyan Ruth and Allan Schachter Mr. and Mrs. Seymour J. Schafer Ms. Barb Scheinberg Mr. and Mrs. John Schiller Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Schmerling Dr. Henry Schneiderman and Mrs. Laura Schneiderman Ms. Audrey S. Schoenwald Mr. and Mrs. David Segel Mr. Jeffrey Seidenstein Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Sevinor Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Shapiro Mrs. Patricia Green Shapiro Mrs. Rosalyn Shapiro Mrs. Sorley S. Sheinberg Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Shuman Mr. Mark Siegal Mr. Franklin Z. Siegel Mrs. Rhoda F. Sikov Dr. and Mrs. Saul J. Silver Mrs. Phyllis Silver Mr. and Mrs. Lee Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Simon Murray Sittsamer Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Skirboll Mr. Paul W. Slosberg Dr. and Mrs. Steven Smiga Mr. Charles Smith Anita Lopatin Smolover Mr. Richard Snyder Mrs. Evelyn B. Sobol Violet Soffer Mrs. Trudy Sokol Mr. Chester Spatt Mr. and Mrs. Stuart H. Spitz Mr. Eugene Stein Ms. Ileen M. Stein Mrs. Patricia Steinberg Ms. Sue Stotsky

Mr. Richard S. Stuart Mr. Louis M. Supowitz Tom Szczypinski Dr. and Mrs. Alan Tapper Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tarter The Sidney and Sadie Stark Memorial Endowment Fund Mr. and Mrs. Paul Titus Dr. and Mrs. Albert Treger Dr. and Mrs. Emil S. Trellis Mrs. Lois M. Treloar Dr. and Mrs. Burton F. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Turen Harvey James Tyson Mrs. Karen Valeri Dr. and Mrs. Niel Wald Dr. John Waldman D.M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weinberger Mr. Joe Divack and Ms. Ruth Weinberger Mr. Gerald H. Weiner Greg and Laurie Weingart Ms. Joyce Weinstein Mr. Harold C. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Weiss Mr. Robin Wertkin and Ms. Jennifer Olbum Ms. Ann Wertz Marcy and Rick Williams Dr. and Mrs. David Wolfson Dr. and Mrs. Jerome H. Wolfson Mr. Allen Wolk Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wolsh Women of Temple Sinai Ms. Susan M. Zeff Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Zeman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Zemel Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Zwick

Board of Directors Mitchell Pakler, Board Chair Lynette Lederman, Vice Chair Michael Lowenstein, Secretary Mike Levin, Treasurer Steve Halpern, Immediate Past Chair Deborah Winn-Horvitz, President & CEO William H. Brandeis James B. Brown Norman Childs* Gary Cozen Janice Faller Schermer* Karen Wolk Feinstein, Ph.D. Jack Friedman* Daphna Gans, Ph.D. Paula Garret* H. Arnold Gefsky, Esq. John Katz* Philip Lehman, Ph.D. Enid Miller Pearl Moore Elliott Oshry* Charles Porter Todd Rosenfeld, CFP* Marc Silverman* Sandy Snyder* Andrew Stewart* Judith Tobe Katie Whitlatch*

Senior Management Team Deborah Winn-Horvitz, President & CEO Mary Anne Foley, COO Jeff Carraway, CFO Linda Fehl, Vice President of Human Resources Rena Becker, Executive Director of Weinberg Terrace Martha Martel, Executive Director of the Residence at Weinberg Village and Director of Memory Care Programming Beverly Brinn, Director of Development and Community Engagement Mark Pastoria, Director of Business Development Nadine Kruman, JAA Care Navigator Cynthia Pace, Clinical Liaison Abby Miles, Business Analyst Phil Ricci, Administrator of Charles M. Morris Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Sharyn Rubin, Director of Resident and Community Services Rabbi Eli Seidman, Director of Pastoral Care Jen McCay, Executive Assistant

*Not pictured


JAA Board of Directors




For the love of seniors


Jewish Association on Aging 2016 Annual Report  
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