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Newsletter February 2013 Blessings in the name of our Father, His son, and our ever present comforter as we together fulfill the vision of Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry. I have been here a little over a year and since April I have been Executive Director at JITWPM; however, let me be very clear about my title, as Jesus has been very clear with me about the title Executive Director. He told me that He is the Executive Director and that I am the steward of resources that he will bring to the ministry. I have the title of Executive Director for a means of communication in the day-to-day business working of the ministry, and yet I see myself as a steward. I want to give a brief update, as to the use of the resources that are available to the ministry now. JITW has begun a “Mentors by Mail” program. This program connects with safety, people who desire to have personal influence with residents in prisons through a mentoring relationship by mail. Our belief is that both the prisoner and mentor will receive a blessing from God, and that the mentors can have a direct personal ministry with others as they are led by the Lord. Another use of resources is that we link each of our residents to a mentor. After the resident has been here a while, we will make that connection. At present friends of the ministry are calling us wanting to be mentors. Currently our jail ministry goes into Champaign, Piatt and Ford counties. Plans are in the works to take it into three more counties in the next few weeks. Another area of great encouragement to me is the growth of men and women desiring to step forward as ambassadors for Christ into the prisons. We have four men and two women who are certified to go into prisons and four other men desiring to minister under the auspices of JITW. We are not standing still. The last resource that God is greatly directing is partners coming alongside JITW so that we can begin the actual

Volume 26 ISSUE 2 up-grading of our campus. As churches see the vision for ministering in jails and prisons, as well as providing a place for men to come after release to attend a ten-month program that is Christian oriented, they begin to tangibly see the value of their investment in the kingdom of God. I want to make you aware of a need we currently have, it is the increased cost of doing business. As the ministry grows our operating expenses continue to increase. We have eleven men at JITW and anticipate two more coming by the end of February. Consequently, our monthly expenses have increased as we prepare men to be of good character, an asset to the communities in which they live as they leave us. Therefore, keep us in mind in your giving, spread the good news of JITW and it’s financial needs. You are also an instrument of influence to all with whom you come in contact. Please pray for continued effectiveness in preaching the Gospel and continued success of aftercare ministry. We ask for God’s blessings upon you and thank Him for you. Blessings, Dennis

Church Service at Full Gospel Christian Fellowship in Paxton, IL. where the residents attend Wednesday evening services when possible.

Prison and Jail Report During the month of November and December 2012, we had the privilege of ministering the gospel in four county jails, one youth detention center and 2 State of Illinois prisons with a total of 553 inmates.

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Men’s Underwear: Medium to XL New Please. Men’s Socks Light Bulbs Bath Towels Toilet Paper Paper Towels

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My name is Tim McCauley and I would like to share a little bit about myself. Before I accepted Christ as my Savior, I knew of Him and I thought I was saved but I never gave my life completely to Him. Smoking pot, drinking and selling drugs were just some of the things I thought was ok to do, they weren’t sin to me. I’m sure a lot of you could guess my addictions got the better of me. I started making even worse decisions and ended up in jail. I would get out of jail, go back to doing the same things and end up in jail again. Finally I said enough is enough, I’m tired of ending up in jail! So while I was in jail again, I overheard some of the guys having Bible study with the pastor so I decided I’d check it out, and as it came to pass I developed a close friendship with this pastor and he explained the gospel to me and the fullness of Christ dying on the cross. He taught me what repentance and grace was and I thought, “this man has a lot of knowledge” and I took his words to heart. I started doing Bible studies and learning more about God’s word. Before I knew it I was quoting scripture and living a godly life, but I was still in jail. When I got out of jail I was really trying to do right, but I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was. About 2-3 weeks later I’m back in jail and facing a lot of time, and I ended up going to prison. While I was in prison I did a lot of soul searching, trying to figure out who I was in Christ. When I finally humbled myself enough to get an answer from God, I got it. It was “Let me lead, you follow.” So that’s what I continually work on every day, letting God lead and I follow, which is how I got to Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry. Since I’ve been here I’ve gotten deeper revelation of God’s love and mercy. I see Him opening a lot of opportunities for me to better my life. I’m thankful that God is giving me another chance in a different environment. Somewhere that I can grow in the right areas of my life. I’m not where I want to be in my walk with God, but I’m not where I used to be. I’m just working on one day at a time. Thank you! Timothy

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The residents helping at Salt and Light in Champaign, IL.

February Newsletter 2013  
February Newsletter 2013  

Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry's Monthly Newsletter February Edition 2013