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Over the past few years there has been an increasing popularity all over the world in crafts and handmade products. i researched further into other designers'/artists' works who use craft as a medium and how they interpret it into contemporary pieces.

The main idea that I looked into was stemmed from an article by Dr. Joanne Turney ''Fashion's Victim''. She says once anything has become immersed into the fashion industry, such as knitting, it eventually becomes outdated, and when this happens to an aesthetic, what happens to its activities?'' (Turney, J. p.48). She thinks that it (knitting) needs constant revival and development just like any other part of the fashion world.

i explored craft and how different techniques will continue in a contemporary sense. I looked at how some artists and designers are currently doing this, this includes using traditional techniques but using motifs or messages that are relevant to today's society. Also using colours, new technologies and materials that are nontraditional as other ways of incorporating crafts into their art practices. On the other hand there are still companies in Shetland whose businesses thrive on traditional products and processes.

I wanted to find out through my research is if there is a happy medium, where tradition and modernity can help one another, so traditional techniques don't die out and still keep their heritage and cultural meanings but be brought into a contemporary context.

inspiration from old photographs/fashion

oversized garments layers simple & not structured

scarves worn like hoods patterned trousers similar silhouette for men & women

inspiration from current fashion/trends

simple silhouettes reinterpreting traditional garments muted & natural colours embracing the same garments on girls & guys (unisex)

big scarves draped fronts basic garments with interesting design details

colour palette

inspired by the shetland landscape and the natural undyed wool from shetland sheep

photos from my trip to shetland (june 2010)

colours & textures of the landscape reflected through fabric choice looked to fishing culture for styling & garment inspiration natural resources inspired the use of natural fibres

craft techniques shetland lace -unique to shetland -v e r y f i n e & e l a b o r a t e lace knitting -6 f t s q u a r e p i e c e s could be passed through a wedding ring - i ha v e t a k e n t h e s e techniques & exaggerated the scale

cable knitting -i u s e d c a b l e t e c h n i q u e a s i h a v e always wanted to learn -u s i n g t h e c h u n k y w o o l g a v e t h e garments an interesting texture

fairisle knitting/ machine knitting -bought my own knitting machine & my granny taught me how to use it - c r ea t e d a n o r i g i n a l p a t t e r n -created two different colourways -learnt how to shape garments

cable jumper pattern cast on 38 stitches 1. p 1 2 , k 2 , p 4 , k 2 , p 4 , k 2 , p 1 2 2. k 1 2 , p 2 , k 4 , p 2 , k 4 , p 2 , k 1 2 3. p 1 2 , k 2 , p 4 , k 2 , p 4 , k 2 , p 1 2 4. k 1 2 , p 2 , k 4 , p 2 , k 4 , p 2 , k 1 2 5. p 1 2 , k 2 , p 4 , k 2 , p 4 , k 2 , p 1 2 6. k 1 2 , p 2 , c 4 b , p 2 , c 4 f , p 2 , k 1 2 7. r e p e a t 9 t i m e s t h e n s h a p e arm & neck holes

toile development pictures shirt -had to add more to side seams so it wouldn't pull -decided not to press pleat on final shirt -has extra long sleeves & no cuff jacket -reshaped raglan so it would fit a variety of shoulder widths -o n c e i t w a s l i n e d & i n h e a v i e r fabric it sits much stiffer -attached domes once jacket was sewn & on a mannequin knitted trousers -toiled in knit fabric 1st - originally had sidepockets but were far too bulky - decided on linen waistband as knitted will eventually loose it s s h a p e

design development

specification drawings outfit one -assymetric pea coat -button tshirt -fairisle trousers

outfit two -chunky cable jumper -chunky cable snood -charcoal leggings -light fair isle socks

outfit three -chunky lace scarf -long sleeve button top -light fairisle shorts -short merino leggings

outfit four -chunky hand knit top - pleat shirt -extra long me r i n o l e g g i n g s -fairisle socks

final line up

promotional posters

photographer : emma anderson models : caitlin lomas & joe wright

hamefarin portfolio  

portfolio for fourth year fashion design collection