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Resources For Pregnancy to Parenthood

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YOU A RE NOT A LONE The Gallatin Valley has many professional resources to help local families on their journey into parenthood. With this list, families and providers will be able to connect the dots of support in our community. IF YOU FEAR YOU MAY HURT YOURSELF, YOUR BABY OR SOMEONE ELSE: • Call 406-586-3333, the Help Center’s 24-hour Crisis Hotline • Call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PERINATAL MOOD AND ANXIETY DISORDERS (PMADs) OR HOW TO HELP A LOVED ONE, PLEASE REACH OUT: • N adine Grayl at 406-548-4675 or Suzanne Bendick at 406-570-0738, local Postpartum Support International (PSI) volunteers • rootsfamilycollaborative.com for local resources • postpartum.net for national resources • 1-800-944-4773, Postpartum Support International’s Warmline Disclaimer: This guide highlights Gallatin Valley professionals who have either specific training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) or experience working with families in this unique developmental stage. The guide does not serve as a recommendation or endorsement of specific providers, who are responsible for their listed credentials, training and contact information. Please contact Roots Family Collaborative with any feedback on how to improve this guide or resources in the community.

Welcome to the Roots Perinatal Resource Guide. We hope the experience of growing your family is accompanied by grace and ease. However, we want you to know that it is common for this process to also bring unforeseen challenges such as: infertility, loss, anger, anxiety, depression and other unrealistic expectations about bodies, identities, relationships and careers – all of which are compounded by sleep deprivation and the stigma of asking for help. We want you to know you are not alone. Support is not a luxury, but rather a necessary part of growing a family. The information found in this guide represents the many ways in which you can be supported on your journey from pregnancy to parenthood.


2022 roots perinatal Guide


Resources For Pregnancy to Parenthood Acupuncturists . . . 10 Breastfeeding Support . . . 6 Chiropractors . . . 9 Doulas . . . 11 Family Medicine . . . 15 Father Support . . . 29 Home Visiting Programs . . . 15 Loss Support . . . 29 Massage Therapists . . . 11 Mental Health Providers . . . 16 Midwives . . . 21 Naturopathic Medicine . . . 21 Neonatology . . . 22 OB/GYNS . . . 22 Outings with Littles . . . 29 Pediatricians . . . 24 Physical Therapists . . . 27 Sleep Specialists . . . 12 Support Groups . . . 28 Tips for Partners . . . 31 Wellness Consulting . . . 12 Yoga . . . 12 Additional Resources . . . 30

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No matter who you are, where you come from or what has brought you on this journey, it is safe to say that making the leap from pregnancy to parenthood isn’t always easy. In fact, it is a time of great transformation for everyone – a time in life that is not meant to be weathered alone, but rather one that needs great care and attention. At Roots, we know that everyone comes to parenting in their own unique way and every parent needs support during this stage of life – it’s not just helpful, it’s essential. Our work connecting families to the support they need through pregnancy to parenthood from emotionally safe and equitable support groups, programs and special events, paired with an incredible resource network in the pages of this guide, is creating a huge safety net for the hundreds of families undergoing this major life transition each year in our community. As we continue to connect parents to parents, parents to professionals and professionals to one another, we are creating a safer and healthier community for all. Please know that as you grow your family, you are not alone. Rootsfamilycollaborative.com hello@rootsfamilycollaborative.com


2022 roots perinatal Guide

Making the transition from pregnancy to parenthood is a time of great transformation for everyone Please know that during the first few weeks after birth (postpartum), up to 80% of new mothers will experience symptoms such as feeling let down, crying for no reason, irritability, anxiety, impatience and restlessness. We call this period the Baby Blues. It is relatively shortlived, yet it can be a very intense period for new parents. There is no shame in admitting things are hard for you — you have never done this before. It's all new. Be gentle on yourself and let someone know you how are feeling.

Up to 1 in 4 parents w ill experience depression during pregnancy or af ter birth

Confusion Loss of appetite

Difficulty focusing

Trouble falling or staying asleep or sleeping too much

Excessive worry

Sadness Anxiety

Mental fog

Easily irritated or Angry When a parent suffers from depression, the whole family suffers. It’s critical that new and expecting families be informed.

Talk to your health care professional – Understand the triggers -Knowrootsfamilycollaborative.com it is treatable 5


The early postpartum period is a crucial time for supporting new families with breastfeeding as feeding struggles can affect everyone. Mothers who have physical and emotional support during this time are more likely to meet their breastfeeding goals and feel better overall about mothering their infant(s).

*Park City County Health Department Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Ruby Ensing, CLC

Park City County’s Breastfeeding Peer Counselor is a free resource for breastfeeding parents and all things breastfeeding-related. She offers a variety of services including home visits, phone support and office appointments. Contact: 406-222-1189

Bridger Children’s Dentistry Nasim Aleagha, DDS

Dr. Aleagha understands that barriers to successful breastfeeding take an emotional toll on mothers and often the entire family. She and her team use a sensitive and skilled approach to identify soft tissue restrictions, including tongue and lip ties, that can disable a proper latch. After a thorough and supportive discussion, and with careful diagnosis, they use a stateof-the-art laser approach for these release procedures with active follow-up to ensure proper breastfeeding is achieved. Services in Spanish are available. Insurance: In-network with most private insurances (including Healthy Montana Kids) accepted Contact: www.bridgerchidrensdentistry.com / 406-587-KIDS(5437)

Bozeman Breastfeeding Services Terri MacNichol, RN, BSN, IBCLC Jaime June, BS, IBCLC

Offering home visits, clinic visits, prenatal consults and breastfeeding classes in southwest Montana, Terri MacNichol and Jaime June focus on the concerns of the mother-baby pair, working to prevent breastfeeding difficulties and solving issues that might occur. As international board-certified lactation consultants, they can help families with establishing breastfeeding, complex breastfeeding issues, feeding multiples, NICU transfers and fragile infants. Jamie and Terri are passionate about promoting, protecting and supporting all breastfeeding families. Contact: www.bozemanbreastfeedingservices.com / 406-570-3744 6

2022 roots perinatal Guide

Bozeman Health Lactation Bozeman Health lactation nurses are passionate about helping you feed your baby. They have more than 75 years of combined experience and are registered nurses with IBCLC certifications. Bozeman Health lactation nurses apply evidence-based care and work closely with pediatricians and therapists to get you the care that you and your child need. They will see you every day you are in the hospital and are also available for visits after you go home. The lactation nurses are available from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. every day of the week at the main hospital campus, as well as limited hours at the Cottonwood and Belgrade clinics. Contact: www.bozemanhealth.org / 406-414-2474

Healthy Gallatin WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Darcy Hunter, CLC Shawna Filer, CLC Sage Foss, CLC Marlene Eickelberg, RD, CLC

The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program is for income-eligible pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women and children under age 5. At Healthy Gallatin WIC, their certified lactation consultants provide breastfeeding support, encouragement, breast pumps and education to families who qualify for the WIC program. Contact: www.healthygallatin.org / 406-582-3115

La Leche League La Leche League is an international nonprofit organization that offers breastfeeding/chestfeeding information, support and encouragement with La Leche League accredited leaders who have breastfed/ chestfed their own infants. Leaders are available through La Leche League of Bozeman Facebook page and by email. Contact: lllbozemanmt@gmail.com

*Livingston HealthCare Family Birth Center Lactation All of the registered nurses who work in Livingston HealthCare’s baby-friendly Certified Family Birth Center are certified lactation counselors. This means someone is available 24/7 for either a phone consultation or to set up a one-on-one breastfeeding assessment. They are passionate about helping new moms successfully breastfeed their newborn. Contact: www.livingstonhealthcare.org/Services/ Family-Birth-Center / 406.823.6433


Parenting can be challenging. Become the best parent you can be with our wide variety of services to fit your family’s needs: • Answers to Parenting Questions • Circle of Security & Parents as Teachers • Father Support Program • Support for Veteran Families • Nutrition Information • Asthma Education Program • Emotional, Relationship, or Financial Stress Support

• Referrals for Child Hearing, Speech, Vision, or Other Developmental Needs • Healthy Pregnancy Tips • In-Home Visits w/Nurses & Community Resource Specialists • WIC, Childcare, or Housing Assistance • FREE Prenatal & Breastfeeding Classes • Certified Lactation Counselor Support

Visit: HealthyGallatin.org Call: 406.582.3100 Fax: 406.582.3112




Daisy RN



Daniela RN

Jess RN



Emily RN

Sam RN



Providing comprehensive and compassionate care for your newest family member Specializing in lactation, bottle feeding and complex feeding difficulties. Providing positioning and handling interventions to best support your baby’s movement as they grow. +Speech Therapy +Physical Therapy +Occupational Therapy +Lactation Services



Caring for you at every age and stage of life. At Bozeman Health Women’s Specialists, we know your life is busy and staying well is important to you. And because women often care for others before themselves, we've committed special time and attention to anticipating and meeting your ever-changing needs — from adolescence, pregnancy, menopause and beyond. We’re here to answer your questions along the way.



2022 roots perinatal Guide

Call 406-414-5150 today to schedule your appointment with one of our wonderful providers.

Lone Peak Physical Therapy

The Cozy Nest

Alyssa Lundquist, MS CCC-SLP, CLC Alyssa is a speech-language pathologist and certified lactation counselor, in addition to being trained in orofacial myology. Alyssa offers nurturing, supportive and nonjudgmental feeding services to help families decide what feeding route is best for them and their baby. Along with lactation, she provides specialized feeding/swallowing services for preemies, babies with feeding tubes and feeding difficulties associated with stomach issues. Alyssa uses an evidencebased approach to empower families to meet their breastfeeding, bottle feeding and overall feeding goals. Most major insurance and Medicaid accepted Contact: www.lonepeakpt.com/locations/bozemanpediatric-therapy / 406-522-3722 Telehealth

Mosaic Health and Rehab

Morgan Schmelzer, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC Morgan aims to provide breastfeeding and early feeding support through evidence-based practices and family-centered care. She strives to ensure that mothers and partners feel confident in their feeding decisions and empowered throughout their breastfeeding journey, however that may look. Morgan uses her background as a speech language pathologist to serve families as they navigate the transition into parenthood, and encourages a team-based approach with other providers in the Gallatin Valley. Most major insurance and Medicaid accepted Contact: www.mosaicrehabmt.com / 406-388-4988 / Telehealth

Rosemary Seppi, OTR/L, CLC Kaysie Smith, MSOTR/L, CLC Lacey Lubenow, MOTR/L, CLC The Cozy Nest (TCN) is an integrative therapeutic clinic offering nutrition, speech, physical and occupational therapy, as well as lactation/feeding support from birth to age 18. Free developmental screenings are offered for all age groups. TCN hosts a breastfeeding and caregiver support group called the Cozy Café, which is staffed by certified lactation counselors to offer help and foster a welcoming environment for all caregivers and newborns/ infants. TCN aims to improve a child's quality of life by evaluating developmental skills and offering a personalized, integrative approach to therapy. Most major insurance and Medicaid accepted Contact: www.thecozynestmt.net / 406-587-2755 Telehealth

Tree of Life Doula Care Lactation Counselors Feeding your baby can be a natural and beautiful process, but it can be worrisome and challenging too. Your job as a new mom is to provide the best for your baby, but that also means being at your best. Tree of Life Doula Care lactation counselors are trained, certified and have personal experience to guide you along the way – in the comfort of your home, where you can be yourself and practice feeding your baby with ease. Contact: www.treeoflifedoulacare.com / 406-579-8157 / Telehealth


*Park City County Health Department WIC April Neptune, RDN, WIC Director

Abundant Health Family Chiropractic Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, DC

Women, Infants, Children (WIC) is the special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children. WIC offers healthy food benefits, access to a registered dietitian and breastfeeding support. Contact: aneptune@parkcounty.org / 406-222-4138

Roots Breastfeeding Support Circle A peer to peer breastfeeding support group for new and expecting mothers. Check our website and social for up-to-date information. www.rootsfamilycollaborative.com or find us on social @rootsfamilycollaborative

When you, your family and your friends are supported, your life can be lived with more ease. To find out more about the powerful and affordable benefits of the whole health chiropractic approach, contact Dr. Kimberly Maxwell who has more than 20 years of experience and is a go-to resource for the health and well-being of your entire family. Dr. Maxwell provides prenatal, postpartum, pediatric and family care to help keep you and your family healthy, well and wise. Insurance: BCBS, Pacific Source, Allegiance, Medicaid accepted Contact: www.abundanthealthfamilychiro.com / 406-585-7000



The Greater Gallatin Valley’s choice for professional, knowledgeable, and loving care throughout the perinatal journey.

labor + birth support day + night postpartum care in-home lactation counseling childbirth + newborn education sibling care + support bereavement care holistic healing support and more!

Active Family Chiropractic & Wellness Ali Schweitzer, DC, CACCP Kayla Allen, DC

Big Sky Fertility and Wellness

Active Family Chiropractic & Wellness specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care. At AFCW, they believe that self-care is at the heart of your wellbeing. Through specialized adjusting, they can not only help with aches and pains, breastfeeding issues, sleeping, etc. but can also improve your nervous system, leaving you feeling physically and emotionally better. They are passionate about working with the whole family so that you and your family are happy and healthy. Most major insurance and Medicaid accepted Contact: www.activefamilybozeman.com / 406-556-0307


Bozeman is home to many complementary providers, all of whom can have a positive effect on parents, babies and families. These providers understand the importance of a multidisciplinary approach during this stage of life and can refer individuals to other resources in the community.


2022 roots perinatal Guide


Dr. Rhianna Weaver, DTCM, L.AC

Big Sky Fertility and Wellness recognizes that women who suffer from infertility are more likely to suffer from perinatal mood disorders. They offer a safe space for everyone, including the LGBTQIA+ community. Treatments include acupuncture, herbal therapies, as well as traditional homemade broths delivered to your home. Big Sky Fertility and Wellness also offers traditional postpartum prep classes, to prepare you for the fourth trimester and beyond. Contact: www.bigskyfertility.com / 406-518-1887

Enso Natural Medicine

Katie Cook-Bretson L.AC, LMT Katie Cook-Bretson has been working with pregnant women since 2006, when she was trained in pregnancy massage, then as a doula. Now, she incorporates her hands-on skills with Chinese Medicine to give individualized treatments that focus on supporting women through their entire journey. The modality of acupuncture she studied is rooted in classical teachings, supporting health from the seed of who we are – physically, emotionally and spiritually. BCBS & Pacific Source for Acupuncture accepted Contact: www.ensobozeman.com / 406-585-9113 Telehealth

Sparrow Holistic Medicine Laine Gallegos, L.AC

As a mama, acupuncturist, herbalist and yoga instructor, Laine believes deeply in supporting women – mind, body and soul. Her work is rooted in the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture supports women by enhancing fertility, supporting healthy pregnancies and aiding in a gentle, healthy postpartum phase. Laine has had the honor of working with many women as they navigate the transition into motherhood, and believes that we change the world by supporting mothers to feel healthy and whole.

conversation. Physical and emotional support throughout birth and postpartum is provided, as well as nutritional support via postpartum meal preparation and delivery. Laci encourages artistic expression through capturing your birth story, belly molds, placenta keepsakes and guided birth art sessions. Laci is experienced in recognizing symptoms of perinatal mood disorders and is motivated to refer to a suitable provider. Contact: www.zenbryobirth.com / 307-251-3069 Telehealth

Massage Therapists Heidi Soper, LMT, SEP, CMT, HCH

Contact: www.sparrowholisticmed.com / 406-600-8544

Doulas Saddlepeak Birth

Averee Chifamba, LM, CPM, Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Alexa Thompson, Birth Doula, postpartum care Kathryn Walpole, Birth Doula, photographer Saddlepeak Birth is beyond honored to walk with so many families through the life-changing journey into parenthood. Whether you are having your first or your tenth child, they know every birth experience affects us forever. Families should be loved and feel empowered to make the decisions that are right for them. Saddlepeak Birth provides gentle and holistic care to families that is emotionally, physically and mentally supportive. Contact: www.saddlepeakbirth.com / 406-599-3153 Telehealth

Tree of Life Doula Care Tree of Life Doula Care is a collaborative of birth professionals providing knowledgeable, loving guidance to families in the Greater Gallatin Valley. TOL doulas help to recognize and address perinatal mental health through labor and birth support, day and night postpartum care, lactation counseling, bereavement care, sibling support and more. The shared wisdom, training and experience among the TOL Doula Care team means families have access to a unique quality of care that is personalized to their needs. Contact: www.treeoflifedoulacare.com 406-579-8157 Telehealth

Zenbryo Birth Laci Larson

Laci prepares families for birth and postpartum through birth education, planning, mindfulness and honest

As a hypnobirthing educator, prenatal massage therapist and transpersonal heart centered hypnotherapist, Heidi uses her 20-plus years of experience to teach relaxation skills using a combination of modalities, such as somatic touch body work, Arvigo Maya abdominal therapy and breathwork. As a practitioner and instructor, her work is helping others find personal integration of mind/body balance using self-care, relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques. Contact: www.ensobozeman.com / 406-585-9113

Joy Johnson, LMT, CPMT Joy is a certified prenatal massage therapist specializing in supporting women as they transition into motherhood. She offers superb fertility, prenatal and postpartum massage combining a variety of modalities including the Arvigo techniques of Maya abdominal therapy, craniosacral therapy and integrative bodywork. She brings compassion, intuition and a calm presence to the table to help women feel physically supported and emotionally nurtured. Contact: joyjohnson.mt@gmail.com / 406-587-0818

Sarah Bierut, Certified Thai Medicine & Bodywork Practitioner, LMT, ERYT-500 Sarah works in combination with midwives, doulas and/or OB/GYN's by offering traditional Thai medicine and bodywork practices to aid the process and support the journey from conception to birth and beyond. These practices are rooted in traditional Thai healing that include Thai medical prenatal/ postpartum massage and bodywork, internal and external herbal medicine formulas and applications, specifications in diet and exercise and general guidelines and principles to follow for prevention of illness and imbalance. Contact: www.manifestitwellness.com / 248-709-4715



Sleep Specialists

educational courses as availability allows. Every course includes a discussion on perinatal mental health and a list of resources on how and where to receive support.

Goodnight Baby Montana Melenie Duval, BA, ALC

Goodnight Baby Montana offers hands-on sleep solutions for families including night nanny services and sleep coaching. Their night nannies provide compassionate, nonjudgmental support to help your family achieve restorative sleep and set your baby on the path to sleep success. If sleep has had a rough start, they can help your little one get back on track. In addition, they offer a variety of lactation support provided by an Advanced Lactation Consultant. Contact: www.goodnightbabymt.com / 503-789-6900

Hearts and Dreams

Myra Hartzheim, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and Infant Mental Health Professional As a gentle sleep coach, Myra works with families to help their children sleep well using gentle, evidencebased, proven methods, assisting families to “get the sleep and lose the tears.” Working with families all over the U.S., Myra’s body-honoring approach is unique, gentle and naturally effective. Using the body’s natural propensity for sleep, as well as a calm nervous system, allows the body to feel safe enough to sleep. Myra is a certified gentle sleep consultant and holds certifications in infant mental health, perinatal mental health, neurobiology of attachment, as well as continuing education in primitive reflex integration. Contact: www.heartsdreams.com / 406-551-4083 Telehealth

Wellness Consulting Sustainable Parenting

Flora McCormick, LCPC and Parenting Coach A mom of two young kids with 10 years of experience as an LCPC and parenting coach, Flora helps parents who are overwhelmed by all the advice out there and want personalized mentorship that's easy to access (online and evening hours) to master kindness and firmness at the same time. With her signature coaching program, she empowers and equips families to parent smarter (not harder) for amazing long-term results.

Contact: www.thenewborntutor.com / 208-949-5904 Telehealth

Whole Healthy Mama

Maggie Yount, Licensed Pregnancy SAF Elite Coach, PPCES, PPDCC, CPT Maggie works with prenatal and postpartum birthing people to empower them to healthier pregnancies, better births and easier postpartum recoveries. Maggie uses a holistic approach to fitness that incorporates corrective exercise, mindfulness/meditation and simple nutrition. She coaches individual clients to get fit for pregnancy, birth and beyond, minimize aches and pains and have more confidence and greater strength wherever they are on the parenthood journey. Contact: www.wholehealthymama.com / 406-920-5639 Telehealth

Yoga Blissful Family Yoga

Gloria Overcash, Certified Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Innate Postpartum Care Certified Practitioner, Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster Weaving together traditional holistic postpartum care practices with kundalini yoga, meditation and sound healing, Gloria nurtures and guides new parents toward wellness and their own innate knowing as they integrate their birth and postpartum experiences. In addition to offering private pre/postnatal yoga, she teaches “Innate Postpartum Care: Planning for the Fourth Trimester” (designed to be taken prenatally) as well as her signature online yoga and meditation course, “Peace for Postpartum” and works with Tree of Life Doula Care. Contact: www.blissfulfamilyyoga.com / 406-595-2547

Our Yoga- Yoga for the Whole Family Jessica Cartwright| Becca Covington

Jessica and Becca, co-owners of Our Yoga, are passionate about supporting parents and families through a variety of yoga classes and more. Jessica is a pre/postnatal yoga Contact: www.sustainableparenting.com / 406-224-0031 instructor, Ayurvedic women’s health specialist, doula and mother who supports others in their journies from The Newborn Tutor conception through the postpartum period. Becca is a Liz Drewiske, RN, CCRN-NIC yoga teacher, Ayurvedic women's health specialist, and a The Newborn Tutor offers web-based courses. Topics Circle of Security parenting facilitator focused on helping include pregnancy support and newborn care classes. Free parents feel confident in their roles by connecting them to courses are also available to support families experiencing their children on a deeper level and encouraging healthy pregnancy loss. Bozeman locals can visit the website ways to cope with stress. and sign up for live group classes or request private Contact: www.ouryogafamily.com / 406-209-9954 Telehealth 12

2022 roots perinatal Guide

YOGIC MATERNAL MENTAL HEALTH HOLISTIC POSTPARTUM CARE INNATE POSTPARTUM: PLANNING FOR THE FOURTH TRIMESTER COURSE Five classes during pregnancy to help Mothers, families, and their support people create a plan to prepare for a nourishing and regenerative postpartum period. PEACE FOR POSTPARTUM Online yoga & meditation course to help new parents strengthen their nervous systems and overcome sleeplessness, frustration, anxious feelings, unwanted thoughts, and birth trauma. OTHER OFFERINGS: kundalini yoga meditation gong sound therapy hot stone abdominal press

closing of the bones v-steams moxa belly binding

blissfulfamilyyoga.com | (406) 595-2547

Gloria Overcash

YOGA FOR prenatal postpartum baby toddler kids family


access our FREE resources for pregnancy, postpartum + parenthood!

classes, workshops, retreats + more | @ouryogafamily | 406.209.9954 | 407 W Main St13 rootsfamilycollaborative.com

Bring Balance Into Your Life Build strength and endurance Improve mobility and flexibility Promote stamina and weight loss


Visit EARTH’S TREASURES Est. 1989 Wall of Bugs · Crystals · Sapphire Jewelry Gold Pans · Montana Fossils · Eclectic Gifts

ONE OF A KIND IS WHAT WE DO BEST downtown bozeman | (406) 586-3451 | E ArthsTreasuresMT.com


2022 roots perinatal Guide



Bozeman Health Family Medicine

Healthy Gallatin Home Visiting

Peder Anderson, MD Anna Beers, MD Alexander Chaloux, PA Claire Crane, MD Tracy Fairbanks, MD Keri Ferguson, PA-C Cathy Grace, MD Lisa Gushwa, MD Connie Hahn, DO Thomas Hildner, MD Jason Jones, MD Leslee Kane, MD

David King, MD Heather Kjerstad, MD Brecken Lewendal, PA Zachary Meyers, MD Jeremy Mitchell, DO Luke Omohundro, MD Eileen Ralicke, NP Karl Reisig, MD Dorothy Sizemore, DO Joseph Sofianek, MD Elizabeth Stelz, DO Laura Stump, MD

Bozeman Health Family Medicine providers offer comprehensive care for individuals and families of all ages. Providers can treat patients with any condition, ranging from those needing preventive care to those needing treatment for chronic conditions and illnesses. Located at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital, Cottonwood Clinic, Belgrade Clinic and Big Sky Medical Center. Contact: www.bozemanHealth.org/services/primary-care

*Livingston HealthCare Family Medicine Nicole DeArmond, PA-C (Shields Valley Clinic) Hannah Dupea, MD Benjamin Flook, MD Kyra Piñango, MD Genevieve Reid, MD Rae Stevenson, MD Kelly Walker, MD

At Livingston HealthCare, it is their privilege to provide care to families during such a pivotal stage in life as pregnancy and birth. The mental health of their patients is a top priority: Every patient is screened upon admission to determine how Livingston Health Care can best support behavioral health needs. Postpartum depression screenings occur at each clinic visit for mom and baby. All of their providers have access to an on-staff licensed, clinical social worker with mental health certification who support women with perinatal depression or anxiety by providing immediate networking with community-based counselors and therapists. Contact: www.livingstonhealthcare.org / 406-224-3541

All Healthy Gallatin Home Visiting services are free and can be tailored to specific family needs. Services include developmental milestone information and screenings, breastfeeding education and support, education on infant care and nutrition, as well as assistance in accessing community resources. Through one-on-one visits with a nurse or family support worker, you can build a trusted relationship, get prenatal and parenting support and have your questions answered to better prepare yourself for successful parenthood. Contact: www.healthygallatin.org / 406-582-3100

*Parents as Teachers - Community Health Partners Park County John Gregory Rie Hargraves Meredith Herzog Stacy Peterson Patty Peterson

Parents as Teachers is a free program for all perinatal parents. Specialists meet parents in their home monthly and provide individualized, customized support. They screen the child for developmental milestones and discuss and promote strong, secure parent-child attachment. They bring an activity/game for the parent and child and give an age-appropriate book to the family at every visit. They connect the family to community resources. They lead monthly support groups. They develop a trusting, caring relationship that lasts for years. Contact: www.chphealthmt.org/services/parents-asteachers / 406-823-6356

* Park City County Health Department Home Visiting The Health Department offers one-time motherbaby home visits by a health department staff member offering support for both mom and baby as well as an opportunity to help the new family get connected to different community resources. Contact: www.parkcounty.org/GovernmentDepartments/Health-Department / 406-222-4145



MENTAL HEALTH PROVIDERS The following mental health professionals work with new and expectant parents experiencing a range of perinatal mood disorders, as well as parents adjusting to the normal transition of life with a new baby. Please note - with the demands of a growing community, it can be difficult to find a provider with availability that matches your schedule. If you need help navigating this list, please reach out to Roots at hello@rootsfamilycollaborative. com or by phone, 406-570-0738. If you fear you may hurt yourself, your baby or someone else: Call 406-586-3333, the Help Center’s 24-hour Crisis Hotline Call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room

Ali Gearhart, APRN, PMHNP-BC, PMH-C As someone who has personally experienced postpartum depression, Ali has made it her goal to collaborate with, and support, others on their parental journeys. She is a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with an additional certification in perinatal mental health (PMH-C) and an active member of Postpartum Support International (PSI). Regardless of the symptom presentation (depression, irritability, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, etc.), an integrative and mindful approach to treatment always serves as best practice while on the road to recovery. The help Ali received gave her world back to her; let her do the same for you. Insurance: BCBS, Allegiance/Cigna, United accepted Contact: www.grit-grace-mt.com / 406-551-2699 Telehealth

Amanda Behrendt, MS, LCPC, NCC Amanda works with mothers throughout the perinatal period. She offers individual counseling as well as collaborative work with other medical and care team members. As a counselor and parent, Amanda's desire is to provide support, guidance, safety and healing along the journey. Insurance: BCBS, MT COOP, Allegiance, Cigna, Pacific Source accepted Contact: 406-219-1725 Telehealth

*Caitlin Adamo, LCPC Caitlin supports individuals and families in reconnecting with their enduring strengths and that which provides support and nourishment. With Caitlin, you can pursue your personal values and visions, increase your capacity to access needs that have been unmet and restore and integrate your vigor for life. She uses her understanding and experience 16

2022 roots perinatal Guide

of perinatal mental health, alongside sensorimotor psychotherapy, Circle of Security and nonviolent communication to expand skills for somatic awareness and heart-centered communication. Most major companies and Medicaid accepted Contact: www.fireweedintegrative.com / 406-282-1644

Darcy Dobb, LCSW Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you struggling? Are you looking to develop more awareness and insight into your underlying motives, defenses and desires? Darcy uses a blend of therapeutic approaches to help you move from “dis-ease” toward ease, “dis-connection” toward connection and “dis-comfort” toward comfort. To move from trudging through life, or feeling stuck, toward thriving. Darcy would love to help you navigate the challenges you are facing. The goal of therapy is to feel empowered to find healing and solutions to navigate life and live more in the present. BCBS, United, MT Coop, Cigna, Allegiance, Tricare accepted Contact: www.BigSkyHealingMt.com / 406-209-2265 Telehealth

Jennifer Kirk, MS, LCPC Jen provides counseling and education during the perinatal period using elements of interpersonal, cognitive and supportive therapies to increase selffulfillment, coping skills and daily functioning. She works with women and their families who have concerns surrounding transitional uncertainties, severe mood disorders and/or grief of birth trauma and loss. Jen’s approach is gentle, collaborative and nonjudgmental. She draws on her client’s strengths while tending to their unique life challenges that could complicate recovery. Insurance: Most major insurance accepted Contact: www.jenniferviciedo.com / 406-570-3547

Joanna Strub, LCSW Joanna is a certified perinatal mental health specialist with almost 15 years of post-graduate experience. She has spent most of her clinical career working with people before, during and after pregnancy through perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, pregnancy and infant loss, birth trauma, infertility and other psychosocial stressors related to this time period. Using evidence-based clinical modalities, Joanna works with clients, collaboratively, by providing compassion, support and hope. Insurance: BCBS, Medicaid, Pacific Source, Cigna Allegiance, Aetna First Choice, United Healthcare, Mountain Health Co-op, Medicaid accepted Contact: www.jscounseling.org / 406-823-0088 Telehealth

Kate Hestwood, LCSW, PMH-C Kate is a certified perinatal mental health therapist specializing in women's mental health and trauma. She has worked for 20 years in diverse counseling clinics and schools around the country, which gives her a rich clinical experience in treating vastly different mental health challenges. The family-building process can be very different than what we had initially expected. Kate has helped prenatal, postpartum, adoptive and hopeful parents cope with anxiety, depression, scary thoughts, fears, trauma and identity transition issues. As a parent and a therapist, Kate’s hope is for your therapy experience to feel safe, supportive and effective. Insurance: BCBS, Montana Health Co-op, First Choice, PacificSource, Allegiance/Cigna, Out of Network, Medicaid accepted Contact: www.katehestwoodlcsw.com / 406-415-4022

going back to work or a family history of substance use. No matter what your journey, Lexi will bring a warmth to your personal exploration and healing process. She is a somatic experiencing practitioner (SEP) and certified prenatal yoga teacher. She has also completed her certifications in Hakomi, somatic resilience regulation (SRR) and embodied recovery. In addition to her counseling practice, Lexi runs Mindful Mamas workshops in Bozeman, supervises two interns and is the secretary on the board of Roots Family Collaborative. Insurance: BCBS accepted Contact: www.lexifranknewhall.com 415-465-4009 Telehealth

*Megan Schunk, MS, LCPC

Katie works with clients in all stages of the family-building process. Her practice focuses on providing clients a safe, supportive space whether they are trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum or have experienced loss. Katie’s training in both infertility counseling and postpartum support have provided her with a perspective on how one’s personal journey to parenthood can influence their transition to this new stage of life.

Megan specializes in perinatal mental health. Motherhood is all of the things, and Megan is passionate about supporting women and mothers in all stages of life. She has training in maternal mental health, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, trauma-focused CBT, EFT, mindfulness and somatic experience. She takes an integrated approach to therapy based on the needs and goals of her clients. Megan’s hope, as both a therapist and a mother, is to build trust and safety and support you in focusing on your strengths to create a sense of wellness and stability in your life. Megan's practice is located in Livingston, MT.

Insurance: Most major insurance accepted Contact: www.counselingbozeman.com / 406-580-6877 Telehealth

Most major insurance and Medicaid accepted Contact: bluebirdcounselingllc@gmail.com / 406-285-8898 Telehealth

Kate Robinett MS, LCPC

Meira Alon LCPC, LAC, LADC

Kate has advanced training in assessing and treating postpartum depression and related perinatal mood disorders. She completed advanced clinical training in the assessment and treatment of postpartum depression in 2009. Kate provides emotional and mental support, counseling and education to women and families who experience any type of difficulty related to pregnancy, pregnancy loss and the postpartum period. Treatment is based on the unique needs of the mother, couple and/or family and offered in a safe, nurturing environment.

Meira has experience helping moms who are struggling with unresolved past traumas, childbirth trauma or trauma resurfacing as a parent. Meira is passionate about getting positive results, helping moms through the frustrations, worries, fears, mood disorders and breastfeeding stresses that arise through pregnancy and postpartum experiences. Meira will provide you a safe place with no judgment and a neutral space to talk. Meira, a mother of two young boys, draws from evidence-based techniques including EMDR.

All major companies and Medicaid accepted Contact: 406-581-9050

Insurance: BCBS, Medicaid, Montana co-op, Allegiance, PacificSource accepted Contact: www.healingoaktherapyllc.com / 406-426-1450 Telehealth

Katie Regnier, MS, LCPC

Lexi Frank Newhall Therapy, MA, LCPC, SEP In practice for more than a decade, Lexi loves working with moms on issues such as challenges getting pregnant, IVF, miscarriage, traumatic birth experiences, medical trauma, marital issues, feeling conflicted about



Meredith Hood, EdD, LCPC

Sarah Knell, LCPC, SEP

Meredith is an empathic psychotherapist with 10 years of experience. She has extensive training in supporting individuals with a wide array of issues including depression, anxiety, life transitions, identity formation, trauma and grief. She enjoys working with women during the perinatal period as well as supporting couples as they grapple with shifting relationship dynamics that parenthood ushers in.

Sarah specializes in women's health issues with an emphasis on birth transitions and perinatal support. She has been in practice for 25 years. In addition to perinatal support, Sarah works with anxiety/depression, eating disorders, attachment issues, relationship issues, chronic illness and somatic concerns. The transition to motherhood is life changing for women and families. Sarah looks forward to providing the needed support for this important transition.

Insurance: BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, Allegiance, Pacific Source accepted Contact: meredithhoodtherapy@gmail.com / 406-412-3767 Telehealth

Insurance: BCBS, Pacific Source, Allegiance, MHCC, Aetna accepted Contact: evolution.sknell@gmail.com / 406-586-5161 Telehealth

Nadine Grayl MA MSSA SWLC

Sarah Webb, LCSW

Nadine has been working with mothers, fathers and families during the pregnancy and postpartum period for seven years. She draws on training in a variety of evidence-based practices to provide an integrated approach to counseling in the areas of perinatal mental health, birth trauma, perinatal loss and infertility. Treatment plans are made from a holistic perspective in collaboration with her clients to promote wellness, healing and recovery. She is a member of Postpartum Support International.

Sarah has been active in the world of perinatal mental health services for the past seven years in Bozeman and the state of Montana. She loves this stage of parenting to support the well-being of mothers and their healthy attachment with infants and young children. Sarah works with moms individually or in collaboration with partners. She is trained in and utilizes mindfulness, conscious parenting, bodycentered work and expressive therapies.

Allegiance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna accepted Contact: nadinegrayl406@gmail.com Telehealth

Insurance: BCBS, Pacific Source, Medicaid accepted Contact: www.counselingwebb.com / 406-578-1535 Telehealth

*Livingston HealthCare Psychiatry Rebecca "Becka" Pogoda, MS, APRN, PMHNP-BC Christopher Spromberg, Psy.D Becka Pogoda is a certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with a Master of Science in nursing from the University of Colorado. She evaluates, diagnoses and treats mental health concerns with a mix of medication and therapy. Becka has experience working with people of all ages but currently focuses on working with adults. She is passionate about helping women and parents during various stages of life including pregnancy and postpartum. When not working directly with patients, she manages the clinical aspect of the Psychiatric Mental Health Doctor of Nursing Practice program at MSU.

Bruce Swarny, MD Kayli Christophel, MPAS, PA-C

At Livingston HealthCare, it is their privilege to provide care to families during such a pivotal stage in life as pregnancy and birth. The mental health of their patients is a top priority: Every patient is screened upon admission to determine how Livingston HealthCare can best support behavioral health needs. Postpartum depression screenings occur at each clinic visit for mom and baby. All of the providers have access to an on-staff licensed, clinical social worker who supports women with perinatal depression Insurance: BCBS, Aetna, Pacific Source, Allegiance, or anxiety by providing immediate networking with Cigna accepted community-based counselors and therapists. Contact: www.rebeccapogoda.com / Contact: www.livingstonhealthcare.org / 406-222-3541

406-404-6769 Telehealth


2022 roots perinatal Guide

Your Love Our Care Our providers offer your family expert, intergrated care— from life’s first breath through every stage that follows. Call 406.222.3541 Visit LivingstonHealthCare.org

Experienced midwifery for the care and birth you desire. Call 406-414-5150 today to schedule your Butte appointment with one of our certified nurse midwives at Bozeman Health Women’s Specialists.

Now caring for you in Butte!


BozemanHealth.org/Midwives rootsfamilycollaborative.com


We frigg'ᶰ Care frigg believes the postpartum season is beautiful and fragile. We know ALL families need support, resources and care. frigg is proud to offer support to the families in our community. frigg does this through FREE lactation support for ANY family in the community. We also offer in-home mom & baby postpartum care packages available for families birthing with another provider and/or in the hospital. These packages are centered around infant feeding, mother care, newborn care & parenting education.

Free Infant Feeding Support New Parent Education

Prenatal Classes for Postpartum Planning

In-home Postpartum Support Mom & Baby Contraceptives & Family Planning

Home Birth Birth Cottage Lactation Well-Woman Care Reproduction Education Postpartum Support

Office 406.813.1555 I www.friggbirth.com I midwife@friggbirth.com


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Saddlepeak Birth

Midwifery is a woman-centered model of maternity care. Midwives, both in hospital and out, have expertise and skills in supporting women to maintain healthy pregnancies, optimal births and recoveries during the postpartum period.

Bozeman Health Certified Nurse Midwives Cassie Belzer, CNM, DNP, APRN Brooke Cadwell, CNM, PMHNP, APRN Ashley Jones, CNM, APRN Dagny Hafker, CNM

The midwives at Bozeman Health Women’s Specialists Clinic take mental health seriously. All moms are screened using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). This 10-question, self-rating scale has been proven to be an efficient and effective way of identifying patients at risk for postpartum depression. If treatment is needed, they will be there every stop of the way. Contact: www.bozemanhealth.org/midwives / 406-414-5150

Bridger Birthing

Marianne Fieweger-Donch, CPM, LM, CLC Marianne is a certified professional midwife specializing in home birth. She believes in traditional, unhurried woman-to-woman care for moms who want to be accompanied – not managed – through their birth journey. Marianne has extensive training and more than 20 years of experience providing Montana families with birth education, labor support, lactation counseling and sensitive postpartum care. Herbs, homeopathy and water birth are just a few of her special interests. Marianne is a doula trainer and the owner of Bridger Birthing, LLC.

Averee Chifamba CPM, LM, CCE, CD Saddlepeak Birth works with families desiring home birth in our community. They walk with clients through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Saddlepreak Birth uses the EPDS worksheet for every client prenatally and postpartum. They also work alongside other mental health professionals and other specialized providers if referrals or co-care is needed. Contact: www.saddlepeakbirth.com / 406-599-3153 Telehealth

*Livingston Healthcare Bonnie Roll, CNM, WHNP

Bonnie Roll is a certified nurse midwife specialist with years of diverse experiences that have led her to honor the normalcy of each woman’s life cycle, with the appropriate use of interventions or technology when necessary. Bonnie promotes team collaboration to provide the best care for each individual patient. “I believe every woman needs a compassionatepartnership in health care; a partnership that acknowledges her life experiences for individual methods of healing and is guided by the best evidence available," she says. Contact: www.livingstonhealthcare.org / 406-222-3541


Contact: www.bridgerbirthing.com / 406-570-4359

Naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic, proactive prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathic doctors treat all medical conditions.

Frigg Birth & Wellness

Dr. Eryn Scott, ND

Jazmin Hieronymous, CPM, CLC

Jazmin, owner of Frigg Birth & Wellness, provides holistic family-centered care to expectant and nonexpectant persons. She focuses on the context and individualized needs of her clients, allowing her to personalize their care, recommendations and provided resources. Screening tools, collaboration, referrals along with lifestyle, herbal and nutritional counseling are used for a multi-dimensional approach to care. Jazmin has additional training to care for and support the rainbow of individuals that come to her for general care, reproductive health, lactation and parenting support. Frigg is a safe and inclusive space, providing all individuals and families support for their long-term health. Contact: www.friggbirth.com / 406-813-1555 Telehealth

Dr. Eryn is a licensed naturopathic doctor and primary care provider specializing in pediatric and family medicine. She is passionate about childhood development and supporting the mental health of all families from birth and beyond. Dr. Eryn routinely screens for postpartum challenges including mood disorders and infant feeding difficulties at each visit. She offers a collaborative and holistic approach to care through the implementation of play, nutrition, lifestyle counseling and botanical medicine. Insurance: BCBS, Cigna, Allegiance Contact: www.springintegrativehealth.com / 406-586-2626 Telehealth



Dr. Holcolmb Johnston, ND Dr. Johnston provides multifaceted care for postpartum mamas at Enso Natural Medicine, including hormone and neurotransmitter testing, stress pathway and thyroid analysis, well-woman exams and nutritional evaluation. She also uses holistic pelvic care and craniosacral therapy to help restore the pelvic bowl and body post birthing. In practice for a decade, Dr. Johnston received her doctorate from National College of Natural Medicine and has done extensive study in women’s health, botanical medicine, nutrition, body/energy work and, in 2015, completed a postpartum training from Postpartum Support International. As a mother of two herself, she is passionate about the well-being of mothers. Contact: www.ensobozeman.com / 406-585-9113

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital Diane Warner, MD Kara Arvin, MD Loreen Pettit, MD

The Bozeman Health NICU care team comprises neonatal nurse practitioners and pediatricians as well as dedicated pediatric specialty-trained nurses, respiratory therapists, pediatric pharmacists and a pediatric dietician to help care for newborns and families that require additional specialty services, including preterm and complicated deliveries. The NICU team is there to care for your baby close to home with a variety of services; they are aware that this experience is extremely difficult on families and are there to support you. Contact: www.bozemanhealth.org / 406-414-5150

OB/GYNS Billings Clinic -- Bozeman OB/GYN Tyler Bradford, MD, FACOG Rebecca Fox, DO Shelby Haugan, MD, FACOG Karlee Haus, NP Carley Hennessy, PA Amy Korten, MD, FACOG Kelsey Ogilvie, PA Alyssa Panozzo, PA Stacy Shomento, MD, FACOG Sam Sillitti, MD, FACOG Jennifer Yarger, MD, FACOG

Billings Clinic Bozeman OB/GYN is dedicated to providing comprehensive health care to Bozeman area women including obstetrics, gynecology, infertility and female urology. Their mission is to provide compassionate, comprehensive women’s 2022 roots perinatal Guide

Contact: www.billingsclinic.com/bozeman / 406-587-9202 or 1-866-587-9202 www.facebook.com/bozemanobgyn

Bozeman Health Women’s Specialists



health services from adolescence, the reproductive years, pregnancy and through menopause. In addition to preventative and primary OB/GYN care, they offer many specialty women’s services including: the only reproductive endocrinology team in the area, offering complex and personalized infertility treatments and in vitro fertilization; minimally invasive surgery including vaginal surgery, fibroid tumors, endometriosis, excessive menstrual bleeding, and pelvic prolapse; maternal-fetal medicine care for high-risk pregnancy; and they are the only gynecologic oncologists in Montana for cancers of the reproductive tract.

Kris Bodnar, MD, FACOG Jami Chisdak, MD, FACOG Renee Frederickson, MD, FACOG Shaun Gillis, MS, MD Shaina Long, DO, board eligible FACOG, MPAS Marilee Simons, MD, FACOG Linda Waring, MD, FACOG Melissa Wolf, MD, FACOG, LMT Sina Haeri, MD, MHSA Adriane Haragan, MD Dagny Hafker, CNM Ashley Jones, CNM Cassie Belzer, CNM, DNP Brooke Cadwell, CNM, PMHNP Paige Crum, FNP-C Kirsten Drake, PA-C Anna McCracken, FNP-C Lori Newman, FNP-C, CNM Mackenzie Bean, behavioral health patient navigator At Bozeman Health Women’s Specialists, they value your unique journey to and through parenthood. A variety of providers are offered to suit your needs: OB/GYN, maternal fetal medicine, midwifery and behavioral health services are all housed within the clinic. Throughout pregnancy and postpartum, you will be screened for mental health and resource needs, and a behavioral health team is available for immediate support and coordination. Having a baby is a time of mixed emotions and complexities and Bozeman Health Women’s Specialists want you to know you are never alone. They are dedicated to listening and supporting you and your family, whatever it looks like throughout your pregnancy and postpartum experience. Interpreter services are available via phone for many languages. Contact: www.bozemanhealth.org/women / 406-414-5150

Experienced midwifery for the birth you and your partner choose.






Call 406-414-5150 today to schedule your appointment with one of our wonderful widwives.



*Livingston HealthCare Obstetrics Caroline Pihl, MD Kyra Pinango, MD Genevieve Reid, MD Bonnie Roll, CNM, WHNP Rae Stevenson, MD

Livingston HealthCare considers it a privilege to provide care to families during such a pivotal stage in life. The mental health of patients is a top priority; every patient is screened upon admission to determine how their behavioral health needs can best be supported. Postpartum depression screenings occur at each clinic visit for mom and baby. All of the providers have access to an on-staff licensed, clinical social worker who supports women with perinatal depression or anxiety by providing immediate networking with community-based counselors and therapists. Contact: www.livingstonhealthcare.org / 406-224-3541

PEDIATRICIANS Billings Clinic Bozeman Pediatrics (Acorn) Sheila Idzerda, MD Courtney Handlin, DO Claire Kenamore, MD Jaime June, IBCLC

Billings Clinic Bozeman Pediatrics is deeply committed to supporting families from infancy to college. They actively screen new mothers for postpartum depression and support families through this process. They also have a dedicated lactation consultant on staff to support mothers and an experienced nursing staff that is a resource for the mental health needs of parents. Billings Clinic Bozeman Pediatrics believes that healthy parents are key to raising healthy and thriving children. Contact: www.billingsclinic.com/bozeman / 406-522-5437 www.facebook.com/BillingsClinicBozemanPediatrics www.acornpediatrics.com

Bozeman Health Pediatric Clinic William Allen, MD Michael Blake, PhD, MD Deborah Cades, PA-C Christopher D’Ardenne, MD, FAAP Katie D’Ardenne, MD, FAAP Kristen Day, MD Lynne Foss, CPNP-PC


2022 roots perinatal Guide

Anne Hansen, NP Juliet Hansen, MD Pepper Henyon, MD Mark Hodgson, MD With more than four decades of caring for Gallatin Valley kids, no one else comes close to Bozeman Health Pediatric Clinic’s experience and solid reputation. Their board-certified pediatricians offer comprehensive care from birth through adolescence. Located at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital and Belgrade Clinic, the pediatricians at Bozeman Health Pediatric Clinic take postpartum depression seriously and use a screening tool to help detect symptoms of postpartum depression at key visits. Contact: www.bozemanhealth.org/kids / 406-414-4900

Hatch Pediatrics

Sue Daniels, MD Troy Couture, MD Margot Gottschalk, MD The mission of Hatch Pediatrics is to promote optimal health for each of their patients at every stage. As experts in the care of newborns and infants, Hatch Pediatrics is aware of the importance of supporting the health of the parents, especially the mother, in caring for the new baby. They carefully screen regularly for signs of postpartum depression and anxiety. If concerns are discovered, they will work closely with the family, community resources and the mother's medical provider to make sure that every new mom gets the support she needs. Insurance: Most major insurance, Medicaid and Tricare accepted Contact: www.hatch.md / 406-587-5870

*Livingston HealthCare Pediatrics Paula Coleman, CPNP, MSN Heather DiCross, MD

Livingston HealthCare considers it a privilege to provide care to families during such a pivotal stage in life. The mental health of patients is a top priority; every patient is screened upon admission to determine how their behavioral health needs can best be supported. Postpartum depression screenings occur at each clinic visit for mom and baby. All of the providers have access to an on-staff licensed, clinical social worker who supports women with perinatal depression or anxiety by providing immediate networking with community-based counselors and therapists. Contact: www.livingstonhealthcare.org / 406-224-3541

Here from the start. Bozeman Health Pediatrics Bozeman Health Pediatrics is your trusted source for comprehensive healthcare services at every stage of childhood. From the delivery room to high school diploma, we treat your family like our own – celebrating life’s milestones, together. Our pediatricians ensure your little ones grow big, healthy, and ready to take on whatever the future has in store.

Call today to schedule a same-day appointment!

Belgrade + Bozeman




Improving life, work, & sport. Dizziness & Balance Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation Orthopedic Rehabilitation Pre & Post Pregnancy Rehabilitation Now Offering Pelvic Health! bozemanaprs.com

Another World of Children’s Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry • Braces

flat screen televisions on the ceiling • game boys • movie theater • digital xrays • mercury free Improving & Maintaining The Oral Health of Infants, Children, Adolescents & Young Adults



2022 roots perinatal Guide

Doctor Todd Steinmetz 3502 Laramie Drive, Suite 1


Bozeman, Montana 59718



Women’s Health Physical Therapists, specifically trained in pregnancy and postpartum care, can dramatically benefit pregnant and postpartum women by addressing abdominal separation, stress, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary urgency, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, lower back pain and upper back pain with breastfeeding.

*Granite Sports Medicine - Livingston Alison Shannon-Lier, DPT

Dr. Alison Shannon-Lier has been serving Park County for the last five years. Drawing on her experiences from practicing all over the country, she sees a wide range of chronic pain and pelvic floor patients. She is a certified pelvic floor PT who completed her training through the Hermann and Wallace Program. One of her passions is working with prenatal and postpartum clients and their partners. Dr. Alison will develop an individualized program to keep you feeling healthy throughout your pregnancy as well as returning you to the activities you love safely and confidently following labor and delivery. She looks forward to working with you at Granite Sports Medicine on Main Street in Livingston. Most major insurance accepted, except Medicaid Contact: www.granitesportsmedicine.com / 406-222-4682

Lone Peak Physical Therapy

Cheryl Tenpas, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA Cheryl has earned her certificate of achievement in pelvic health and obstetric physical therapy from the Academy of Pelvic Health - American Physical Therapy Association. In addition to supporting your pregnancy with hands-on care and an individualized exercise program to address your personal goals, Cheryl welcomes partners to participate in labor and delivery prep sessions throughout your pregnancy and specializes in return to running/ fitness postpartum. Treatment may incorporate yoga-based exercises and breathing techniques to support your plan of care. Most major insurance plans and Medicaid accepted Contact: www.lonepeakpt.com/locations/bozeman / 406-548-6266 Telehealth

Gabel PT & Wellness

Morgan York-Singer PT, DPT, PRPC Megan Phillips PT, DPT, MTC, PRPC Morgan York-Singer and Megan Phillips are both specialized and certified in pelvic rehabilitation. They

have a collective 24 years of experience in treating women during the perinatal and postnatal periods. Their comprehensive approach to caring for the unique female body includes both gentle hands-on manual therapy and instruction in effective home exercises. They are both trained in the use of real time ultrasound imaging to give clients an improved visual of their inner core muscles coordinating and working in action. Morgan and Megan’s goal is to help moms physically move and feel the best they can from their pelvic floor to their core. Insurance: Most major medical insurance plans accepted, with the exception of Medicaid and United Health Care Contact: www.gabelpt.com / 406-489-6083 Telehealth

Shannon Sepulveda, DPT, WCS Board certified in women's health physical therapy, Shannon Sepulveda is the only board-certified women’s health physical therapist in Montana. She specializes in pregnancy and postpartum physical therapy, including, but not limited to: abdominal separation, urine leakage, pain with sexual function, bowel issues, pelvic pain, SIjoint dysfunction and pubic bone pain. She works with women one-on-one for 60 to 90 minutes and also provides Telehealth services. Insurance: BCBS, Allegiance, Cigna, Pacific Source, AETNA, Mountain Health Co-op accepted Contact: www.bozemanpt.com / 631-434-5274 Telehealth

Urogynecology & Bozeman Health Physical Rehabilitation Alaina Bennett, MD

Dr. Alaina Bennett is Montana’s first fellowshiptrained urogynecologist and specializes in the care of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. She focuses on a variety of female-centered health conditions including urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and voiding dysfunction, as well as anatomic injuries including vesico and rectovaginal fistulas and urethral diverticulae. She offers both surgical and non-surgical options for treatment of these conditions. Dr. Bennett sees patient care as an opportunity to improve quality of life for a whole person. She aims to understand and reduce the burden of pelvic floor symptoms as a means to enable women to live their fullest possible lives. Contact: www.bozemanhealth.org/women / 406-414-5150



Bozeman Health Physical Rehabilitation Pelvic Health Specialists Kimberlee Raynovich, PT, PCS Sheila Egeberg, PT, DPT

Bozeman Health’s team of pelvic health specialists treat pelvic floor complaints including pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence, constipation, prenatal and postpartum care, and general orthopedic issues. The team works closely with Dr. Bennett. They provide care for the whole person recognizing that many complaints, including back or leg pain, can be improved with pelvic health physical therapy. They recognize that pelvic health care may include soon-to-be and new mothers, dads, grandparents and even children. Assessments and treatments use real-time diagnostics for noninvasive evaluation of internal muscular structures to tailor treatment to patients’ comfort level. Bozeman Health Pelvic Health Specialists believe no one should suffer silently with pelvic health symptoms and want to get you back to your daily activities, symptom free. Contact: www.bozemanhealth.org/services/ rehabilitation/physical-therapy / 406-414-1002

Pediatric Physical Therapy Bozeman Health Pediatric Therapy Christa Drab MS CCC-SLP Alex White MA CCC-SLP Ingrid de Graaff Stuart, MS, CCC-SLP Amy Hogen OTRL Kellie Whiton PT, DPT Sam Enloe OTRL

Bozeman Health offers a team of experts in the field of occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy who focus on work as a team with children and their families in order to develop skills and independence. The team has extensive training and skills in areas specific to the needs of babies, toddlers, young children and teens. They also provide specialized treatments for children with bowel and bladder issues and feeding issues. Free developmental screenings are available throughout the year in their clinic. Contact: www.bozemanhealth.org/kids / 406-414-467

Lone Peak Pediatric Therapy

The Lone Peak Pediatric Therapy team offers extensive experience providing physical, occupational, speech therapy, and lactation services for children and their families. The clinic offers specialized treatments for infants and children with difficulties feeding/ 28

2022 roots perinatal Guide

swallowing, breastfeeding, torticollis, plagiocephaly, ribcage management, orthotic fitting, sensory needs, developmental concerns, and scoliosis. Free consultations available. Insurance: Most major insurance and Medicaid Contact: www.lonepeakpt.com / 406-522-3722

Mosaic Rehab

Rhiannon Ohman, DPT Rhiannon is a pediatric physical therapist at MOSAIC Health & Rehab with more than 12 years of clinical practice in pediatrics. She specializes in the treatment of infants with extensive experience in torticollis/plagiocephaly and gross motor delay. Rhiannon recognizes that families are diverse and knows that the key to success is including families in treatment. Rhiannon is committed to educating each family on how to best support their newborn to promote optimal outcomes. Insurance: Major insurance and Medicaid accepted Contact: www.mosaicrehabmt.com /406-388-4988 Telehealth


Through both one-on-one and group support, new parents can validate experiences and gain help and encouragement. Please contact the support facilitator for specific information about each individual program. All offerings are FREE.

Blossom Mom A welcoming and nurturing group for moms with babies in the first year who wish to connect about the joys and challenges of new parenthood while gaining wisdom from other mothers on the journey. Dates: Wednesdays, 10:30-11:45 a.m. on Zoom and Thursdays, 1-2:30 p.m. in person at Roots Contact: www.rootsfamilycollaborative.com / 406-570-0738

*Postpartum Support Group Park County A postpartum support group for Park County parents, Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m. at The Movement Collaborative in Livingston. Contact: Diana Rudolph / 305-304-3026

Re:born A free monthly evening gathering open to all parents who wish to feel supported and connected while raising children in the Gallatin Valley. Select Sundays throughout the year. Contact: www.rootsfamilycollaborative.com / 406-570-0738

Fat h er Supp or t Healthy Gallatin Home Visiting Father Engagement Patrick Duganz helps men with the unique experiences of fatherhood. Sometimes it means being an "extra set of hands" during those early days of parenting. Other times it means helping find resources and navigating systems to foster healthy, happy families. Patrick can help dads understand their child’s development, and provide information on a wide variety of parenting and fatherhood issues and is trained in Circle of Security Parenting and postpartum mood disorders. Contact Patrick: 406-548-7370 / Healthy Gallatin Home Visiting

difficult. It can feel isolating, especially when others don’t understand. Tree of Life Doula Care can be a lifeline in a difficult time. They can lend an ear, extend a hug, cry with you, help your family with logistics and even support you during birth—whatever you might need. Tree of Life Doula Care - Bereavement Services will walk the path with you. They have been there. Contact: www.treeoflifedoulacare.com / 406-579-8157

Return to Zero: HOPE

Resources to walk you through your loss including: -Guiding you through grief -Information about your mental health after loss, -Ways to connect to your child Contact: www.rtzhope.org

Dads’ Group Becoming a father is a major life transition and can bring with it a host of unfamiliar experiences and emotions including, but not limited to, the loss of identity, loss of connection with your partner, financial stress, recreational stress, social stress and more. At Roots, they understand parenting is hard; and they know that parenting alone is even harder. Roots support groups are here for you. Come join. Dates: First Wednesday of the month, 6:30-8 p.m. Contact: www.rootsfamilycollaborative.com / 406-570-0738

L o s s Supp or t

March of Dimes

To access their resources for dealing with your grief, including looking at the ways women and men grieve differently to ways to handle your family during a loss, check out www.marchofdimes.org.

Out in g s W it h Lit t le s Bozeman Public Library Bozeman Public Library has many opportunities for parents and children to connect and play. Because of COVID-19 many of these programs are on hold, but visit the website for other events happening including Takeout Storytime Kits and On-the-Go Book Bags. Contact: www.bozemanlibrary.org

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Circle

Fresh Air Mamas

A peer-to-peer group for any loss at any stage of pregnancy through the first year of life. The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Circle is there to listen. This group is a safe space to share your story, connect with others or just sit in the company of people who understand. When you feel ready, please join. Facilitators are also available for one-on-one support. Dates: Second Monday of the month, 7-8 p.m. Contact: www.rootsfamilycollaborative.com / 406-570-0738

Tree of Life Doula Care Bereavement Services Saying goodbye to a baby is never something anyone should have to do. The experience can be terribly confusing, emotionally charged and physically

Fresh Air Mamas creates community and welcomes all parents to embrace the benefits of fresh air while instilling a love of nature in our children. Come enjoy the local trails with us. All abilities welcome. Connect with us on Facebook or on our website. Contact: www.rootsfamilycollaborative.com

MAEVE Bozeman Motherhood | Alliance | Equity | Village | Empowerment MAEVE Bozeman Motherhood is a local chapter of a national nonprofit whose mission is to empower all who mother in support of one another and their communities. Join them for connection and friendship through weekly playgroups, field trips, moms' night out, special interest events, speakers, book club, service projects, meal trains and more. (Formerly Bozeman Moms Collective / Bozeman MOMS Club - since 2002) Contact: www.maevebozeman.org Facebook @maevebozeman



* MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) of Park County MOPS support mothers who are mamas with babies in utero on up (even mamas without preschoolers anymore!) through monthly meetings, playdates and mom night's outs. To find out more and how to get involved email parkcountymops@gmail.com.

* Mountain Mamas Hiking Group Park County A hiking group for moms to get outside, make new friends and release some happy endorphins. Kiddos are welcome too. For the latest hiking schedule and information, check out the Mountain Mamas- Park County Hiking Group Facebook page.

*Livingston Park County Public Library Enjoy year-round family-friendly activities including Books and Babies and Preschool Story Time at the Livingston Park County Public Library. Books and Babies / Wednesdays and Thursdays / 10:30-10:50 AM Preschool Story Time / Fridays / 10:30-11:30 AM Contact information: micheleb@mtlib.org / 406-222-0862

* P ark County Early Childhood Coalition (PCECC) PCECC provides community programming and development for children and families with weekly outreach and engagement activities at the Civic Center and additional family connection events throughout the month. Contact: Courtney.kaiser@livingston.k12.mt.us 406-224-5019

A DDITION A L RE SOUR CE S *Abuse Support & Prevention Education Network (ASPEN) ASPEN provides free, confidential direct services such as a 24-hour support line, emergency shelter, crisis counseling, support groups, legal advocacy, information and referrals, safety planning, emergency 911 phones, assistance with orders of protection, forensic medical exam support, community outreach and educational programs for Meagher, Park and Sweet Grass Counties. Contact: www.aspenmt.org / ASPEN Support Line 406-222-8154

Child Care Connections Child Care Connections (CCC) advocates for the wellbeing and quality care of children. CCC helps families to find and afford quality child care, offers education around early childhood and referrals to resources and services in the community that support successful families. Contact: www.cccmontana.org / 406 587-7786 Toll Free 1-800-962-0418

*Diaper Depot Call 406-222-4145 or stop by the Park City County Health Department office (basement of City/County Complex building at 414 E. Callender St.) for a free pack of 60 diapers. Limit 13 packs total per child, per year.

Haven Haven provides confidential support, legal advocacy, counseling, and a safe place to stay for anyone and everyone impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, and stalking. Contact: www.havenmt.org

The Orchid Club

*Livingston Food Resource Center

The Orchid Club parent support group is a virtual and physical gathering of parents of children with special needs. While some Orchid Club activities are geared toward children 5 and under, families with children of any age are invited to the quarterly events, which are a safe space for children with differences to experience Halloween, Santa photos and more. Parents can also receive support online via the Orchid Club Parents Facebook group.

Receive access to formula, set up free meals or get help with SNAP applications at the Livingston Food Resource Center.

Contact: www.orchidclubmt.org / 406-813-0585

*Wiggly Wednesdays Park county Stories, art, games, mini lessons and creative play for newborns to age 5. Held Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. at the Livingston Civic Center. Contact: Courtney.Kaiser@livingston.k12.mt.us 406-224-5019 30

2022 roots perinatal Guide

Contact: Kelsey Tanner / 406-223-7808

Montana Parent Montana Parent is an all-in-one resource for families in southwest Montana, dedicated to supporting happy, healthy environments for children and their families. Contact: www.mtparent.com or visit on Facebook and Instagram

Thrive Mentoring, education and support for Montana families since 1986. For information about the Parent Place activities, events and classes for families, visit their website. Contact: www.allthrive.org / 406-587-3840

TIPS FOR PARTNERS Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders affect the whole family. Becoming a parent is a major life transition and can bring with it a host of unfamiliar experiences and emotions, including but not limited to, the loss of identity, loss of connection with your partner, financial stress, social stress and more. Whether you or your partner is struggling, please remember you are not alone and not to blame for how you are feeling. Below are some tips that might help you along the way.


• • • •

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and insecure Crying spells, sadness, hopelessness Anger, irritability, frustration Repetitive fears and worries

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF TOO Common symptoms to notice in yourself:

• • • • • • • • • •

I ncreased anger Increased use of alcohol or other substances F rustration or irritability S ignificant weight fluctuation Impulsiveness L oss of interest in work or hobbies Working constantly F atigue S adness Thoughts of suicide

Ask for help when you need it. Talk to others who have gone through this. You are not alone.

HOW YOU CAN HELP Reassure them: this is not their fault. They are not to blame. With the right support, they will get better.

E ncourage them to talk about their feelings and listen to them without judgment.

• •

Help with housework before you are asked.

B e realistic about what time you’ll be home, and come home on time.

H elp them reach out to others for support and treatment.

S chedule some dates and work together to find a babysitter.

O ffer simple affection and physical comfort, but be patient if they are not up for sex.

D o what you can to make sure they eat regularly throughout the day.

D o your best to listen for the real request at the heart of their frustration.

• •

K eep the lines of communication open.

A sk them how you can help right now. If they don’t know, make some suggestions.

E ncourage them to take alone time or go to a support group.

I f they are expressing anger in such a way that you can’t stay supportive, you might say something like, “I want to listen to you. I know this is important, but I am having a hard time because you seem so upset with me. Can we take a break and talk about it later?”



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1 in 7

One in seven women will be affected by a perinatal mood disorder. Postpartum depression is serious, but treatable. It is important to recognize that this is very common in women during and after pregnancy. Are you feeling: • extreme sadness • indifference and/or anxiety • a change in energy, sleep, and appetite You’re not alone and we can help.

Tyler Bradford, MD Rebecca Fox, DO Shelby Haugan, MD Amy Korten, MD Samuel Sillitti, MD Jennifer Yarger, MD Karlee Haus, NP Carley Hennessy, PA Kelsey Ogilvie, PA

If you're feeling depressed after your baby's birth, you may be reluctant or embarrassed to admit it. But if you experience any symptoms of postpartum baby blues or postpartum depression, schedule an appointment. We are dedicated to help women feel more like themselves and enjoy a happy, healthy motherhood. Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm 925 Highland Blvd, Suites 1210/1220

For more information or to make an appointment, call (406) 587-9202 or 1-866-587-9202 or visit billingsclinic.com/bozeman

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