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ORDER FROM US Online at Call us on 866-416-1078 For more than thirty years Jessica Kingsley Publishers has been committed to empowering people to change society through the power of words. With our books and resources for the classroom, we bring that commitment to its vital core: the positive emotional and mental growth of children and the teachers and other advocates who foster that growth. Whether it is special needs subjects like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and OCD, or the broader challenges that children may face, including grief, trauma, self-esteem, anxiety, and emotional regulation, it is our ongoing mission that each JKP book finds its way into the hands of every person where it is needed. To become a Jessica Kingsley Publishers reseller, please contact our US office: 400 Market Street, Suite 400 Philadelphia, PA 19106 215-922-1161 or We look forward to hearing from you!


The Mentally Healthy Schools Workbook Practical Tips, Ideas, Action Plans and Worksheets for Making Meaningful Change


Pooky Knightsmith. Foreword by Norman Lamb. $27.95 PP | Paperback | 200PP | 9781787751484

This book is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to promote and encourage mental health in their school, or evaluate their existing provision, in line with current government priorities. It covers not only the day-to-day practical steps you can take to meet the mental health needs of learners, but also a provides a whole bank of ideas for ensuring you adopt a whole-school approach to positive mental health.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Handbook for Schools


Transforming Mental Health Support on a Budget Clare Erasmus. Foreword by Chris Edwards. $24.95 PP | Paperback | 144PP | 9781785924811

This book lays out an intuitive and practical approach to mental health and wellbeing that any school can adopt to transform their mental health support for students. With a focus on providing staff with practical tools on a limited budget, the book helps schools make a real difference to student mental health. It sets out a roadmap for staff to create robust mental health support for students without requiring qualifications in psychology or counselling.

Supporting Kids and Teens with Exam Stress in School


A Workbook Joanne Steer $32.95 PP | Paperback | 184PP | 9781785924675

This fun, interactive workbook offers parents and professionals tried and tested techniques to support children dealing with exam stress, with chapters focused on lifestyle management (exercise, diet, work-fun balance), CBT tools (relaxation, positive self-talk, thought challenging) and other psychological methods (such as mindfulness).

The School of Wellbeing 12 Extraordinary Projects Promoting Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Happiness Jenny Hulme $24.95 PP | Paperback | 160PP | 9781785920967

This book showcases 12 innovative projects that are promoting good mental health in schools. From counselling and mentoring to mindfulness and social action, these projects are shaping more understanding and supportive school communities and helping young people to develop the skills to face the wider world with confidence and resilience.

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The Mental Health and Wellbeing Workout for Teens NEW Skills and Exercises from ACT and CBT for Healthy Thinking Paula Nagel $19.95 PP | Paperback | 160PP | 9781785923944

An accessible, engaging how-to guide for building a personalised mental health ‘workout’. Includes tried and tested therapeutic techniques, simple strategies and healthy thinking habits teenagers can use to boost their mental health fitness and emotional wellbeing. Paula Nagel is the Principal Educational Psychologist for national children’s mental health charity Place2Be.

Teen Substance Use, Mental Health and Body Image Practical Strategies for Support


Ian Macdonald $24.95 PP | Paperback | 144PP | 9781785928673

A practical, up-to-date resource for schools on substance use. It covers drug and alcohol use, but importantly also tackles newer concerns for schools, such as the use of performance-enhancing drugs and high-caffeine energy drinks.

Building Positive Momentum for Positive Behavior in Young Children Strategies for Success in School and Beyond Lisa Rogers $27.95 PP | Paperback | 192PP | 9781785927744

Learn how to use positive momentum to address common behavioral issues in the classroom and beyond. The strategies in this book show how to get long-term results, with illustrative case examples and downloadable resources for tracking progress. It also offers advice for working with children with special needs. Lisa Rogers is Director of Educating Diverse Learners in San Antonia, Texas, working with educators, students and their families by way of consultation, classroom support and training across the United States.

Be the Jellyfish Training Manual Supporting Children’s Social and Emotional Wellbeing Lucy Cree and Sarah Brogden $32.95 PP | Paperback | 256PP | 9781785922428

The Be the Jellyfish programme uses creativity, relaxation, and communication to support social and emotional wellbeing in children. With structured lesson plans for groups of varying sizes, this manual offers training and activities in massage, bodywork, breathing exercises, and creative expression.

Using Picture Books to Enhance Children’s Social and Emotional Literacy Creative Activities and Programs for Parents and Professionals Susan Elswick $29.95 PP | Paperback | 144PP | 9781785927379

This book will embed social-emotional literacy and training components in to the home and school environment. It provides parents and teachers with applicable children’s literature that can be used to teach emotional literacy through bibliotherapy and interactive activities. Susan Elswick is CEO of Behavior Services of the Mid-South LLC and an Assistant Professor at the University of Memphis Department of Social Work.

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The Teacher’s Guide to Resolving School Bullying Evidence-Based Strategies and Pupil-Led Interventions


Elizabeth Nassem $32.95 PP | Paperback | 232PP | 9781785924194

An evidence-based, practical book to resolving bullying in schools. It helps teachers understand the causes of bullying, give them confidence to tackle complex cases, and provide them with the tools to develop pupil-led anti-bullying campaigns. Includes resources to help teachers set up anti-bullying advisory groups and interventions.

Life Skills and Career Coaching for Teens A Practical Manual for Supporting School Engagement, Aspirations and Success in Young People aged 11–18


Nikki Giant $34.95 PP | Paperback | 30PP | 9781785926105

A year-long curriculum-based programme designed to prevent young people from disengaging from education and the learning process, providing the tools and support they need to ignite a passion for success and belief in their future potential. The book includes a photocopiable manual of activities to use in the classroom.

Promoting Young Children’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing A Practical Guide for Professionals and Parents Sonia Mainstone-Cotton $24.95 PP | Paperback | 168PP | 9781785920547

Positive wellbeing in a child’s earliest years is known to influence their future development. This clear, informative book offers practical suggestions for those working with children aged 0 - 5, including games and activities designed to promote children’s emotional health.

Attachment and Emotional Development in the Classroom Theory and Practice Edited by David Colley and Paul Cooper. Foreword by Barry Carpenter $32.95 PP | Paperback | 336PP | 9781785921346

As part of preparation for the classroom, it’s key for trainee teachers to understand the emotional needs of students. This book provides a clear introduction to emotional development and attachment, offering advice and guidance from a diverse range of professional perspectives including psychology, health and education.

Becoming an Adoption-Friendly School A Whole-School Resource for Supporting Children Who Have Experienced Trauma or Loss With Complementary Downloadable Material Dr. Emma Gore Langton and Katherine Boy. Foreword by Claire Eastwood $34.95 PP | Paperback | 208 PP | 9781785922503

Based on research conducted by the adoption support agency PAC-UK, this guide will show school leaders how to develop their adoption-friendly policies and practice, with photocopiable and printable resources. Identifying eight key areas for improvement such as staff training and communication with families, it is applicable to all school settings.

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BOOKS BY KATE COLLINS-DONNELLY Starving the Anxiety Gremlin A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook on Anxiety Management for Young People Kate Collins-Donnelly $19.95 PP | Paperback | 168PP | 9781849053419

This engaging workbook helps young people aged 10+ understand and manage anxiety. Based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles, the activities will help young people understand why they get anxious and how to use simple, practical techniques to manage and control their anxiety. Suitable to work through alone or with a parent or practitioner.

Starving the Anger Gremlin A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook on Anger Management for Young People Kate Collins-Donnelly $19.95 PP | Paperback | 88PP | 9781849052863

The anger gremlin feeds off anger and gets bigger the angrier you get. The only way to stop him is to starve him of angry feelings, and this workbook teaches you how. Fun and simple activities help young people to understand and control their anger. Based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles, it is an ideal anger management resource.

Starving the Anger Gremlin for Children Aged 5-9 A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook on Anger Management Kate Collins-Donnelly $19.95 PP | Paperback | 176PP | 9781849054935

The Anger Gremlin is a naughty creature who loves to feed on angry feelings, and the angrier you get, the bigger he gets! Packed with fun, simple activities and games, it will help children aged 5-9 understand why they get angry and how they can control their angry feelings to make the Anger Gremlin go away. Suitable for parents and practitioners.

Starving the Anxiety Gremlin for Children Aged 5-9 A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook on Anxiety Management Kate Collins-Donnelly $19.95 PP | Paperback | 192PP | 9781849054928

The Anxiety Gremlin loves to eat anxious feelings, and the more anxious you feel, the more he eats and the bigger he gets! Learn how to get rid of the Anxiety Gremlin with this fun workbook for children aged 5-9. It’s packed with puzzles, games, colouring and drawing activities to help children understand their anxiety and how to control it.

Starving the Stress Gremlin A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook on Stress Management for Young People Kate Collins-Donnelly $19.95 PP | Paperback | 136PP | 9781849053402

Drawing on cognitive behavioural therapy principles, this book is a valuable resource for helping children and young people understand and control their stress. It uses example scenarios, activities and young people’s comments to teach them effective emotional management skills and is aimed at those working with young people as well as parents.

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Something Bad Happened


A Kid’s Guide to Coping With Events in the News Dawn Huebner $15.95 TR | Paperback | 80PP |9781787750746

Full of advice for children who may be worried about events in the news, this guide from best-selling author Dawn Huebner offers advice for having tough conversations with 6-12 year olds about world events such as natural disasters, terrorism and war. It addresses common questions and provides tools to calm fears. Dawn Huebner, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxious children and their parents. She is the author of the award-winning What To Do When You Worry Too Much and five other What to Do Guides for Kids, as well as Outsmarting Worry for JKP. She lives in Exeter, New Hampshire.

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The Incredible Teenage Brain Everything You Need to Know to Unlock Your Teen’s Potential

Bettina Hohnen, Jane Gilmour & Tara Murphy. Foreword by Sarah Jayne Blakemore $21.95 PP | Paperback | 352PP | 9781785925573

An accessible, expert guide to the incredible potential of the teen brain from 3 psychologists. The authors give practical tips and advice based on the very latest research that reappraises the adolescent years as an exciting and unique period of development, showing how we can best support teens’ emotional, social and intellectual development.

What Does Consent Really Mean? Pete Wallis, Thalia Wallis $21.95 TR | Hardback | 64PP | 9781848193307

The serious issue of sexual consent is discussed in a graphic novel format that depicts the conversation of teenagers aged 13-18 and their personal feelings on the subject. The comic book story is accompanied by sexual health resources for students and teachers including PSHE practitioners and international equivalents.

What is Terrorism? A Book to Help Parents, Teachers and other Grown-ups Talk with Kids about Terror Atle Dyregrov, Magne Raundalen and William Yule $13.95 PP | Paperback | 80PP | 9781785924736

An accessible and straightforward book explaining terrorism to children age 7+. Designed to be read by an adult to a child, it reassures and alleviates worries children might have after media exposure on this topic. Written by internationally renowned child psychologists, it also includes advice for adults to provide open, honest guidance.

A-Z of Being the Best Leader You Can Be Leading Through the Alphabet Yvonne Bleam $19.95 TR | Hardback | 176PP | 9781785927089

Learn all about good leadership with Alex the accepting leader, Vivian the virtuous leader and the rest of the gang! Far from your average A-Z, this book for children aged 8-11 contains 26 stories that each explore a different leadership quality and is full of fun activities and exercises to help reiterate the concepts. Yvonne Bleam is a Doctor of Strategic Leadership and has a background in behavioural neuroscience. She currently works for Novartis Oncology and DeSales University as a Professor of Leadership. Yvonne lives in Allentown, PA, with her husband and two children.

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Simple Stuff to Get Kids Self-Regulating in School Awesome and In Control Lesson Plans, Worksheets, and Strategies for Learning Lauren Brukner and Lauren Liebstein Singer $35.00 PP | Paperback | 216PP | 9781785927614

This illustrated guide enables teachers and therapists to help children to take control of their sensory and emotional regulation. Ideal for use with kindergarten and elementary school students, it is full of photocopiable worksheets, lesson plans and activity cards for developing children’s relaxation, empowerment and self-regulation. Lauren Brukner is a senior occupational therapist. She specializes in sensory integration and selfregulation strategies for children and young people, and their implementation in home, school, and community settings. Lauren Liebstein Singer is a Speech-Language Pathologist and a licensed Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Difficulties, currently working for the New York City Department of Education.

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The Neurodiverse Classroom A Teacher’s Guide to Individual Learning Needs and How to Meet Them Victoria Honeybourne $22.95 PP | Paperback | 192PP | 9781785923623

This book enables teachers to meet the needs of children with a wide range of specific learning difficulties in mainstream classrooms, while promoting acceptance and self-esteem. Viewing the class as a diverse group rather than focusing on diagnoses, it presents advice and strategies for creating a supportive learning environment for all.

Solutions Focused Special Education


Practical and Inclusive Strategies for All Educators Edited by Nick Burnett $29.95 PP | Paperback | 264PP | 9781785925276

Drawing on the work of diverse innovative educators, this text shows how adopting a solutions focused approach offers constructive ways forward. Chapters on teaching and learning, behaviour support, human resources, school leadership and family and community explore how this can be transformative for all aspects of special and inclusive education.

Introducing a School Dog


Our Adventures with Doodles the Schnoodle Cherryl Drabble $24.95 PP | Paperback | 136PP | 9781785924774

School dogs are becoming increasingly popular in both special and mainstream settings, but there is very little information on how to get started. Full of fun anecdotes and insights from when Highfurlong School welcomed their new school dog, Doodles, this book shows the range of benefits a dog can have for all pupils.

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Teacher Education and Autism


A Research-Based Practical Handbook Edited by Clare Lawrence. Foreword by Tony Attwood. $22.95 PP | Paperback | 176PP | 9781785926044

An edited volume of practical research-based advice, with discussion points and activities to help educate new and practising teachers about autism. Includes chapters on maths, physical education, sex and relationships, behaviour management and more.

A Best Practice Guide to Assessment and Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Schools, Second Edition Lee A. Wilkinson $27.95 PP | Paperback | 288PP | 9781785927041

This updated edition is the definitive guide to practical, evidence-based approaches to the assessment and diagnosis of ASD in schools. Bridging the research to practice gap, this award-winning book shows education professionals and clinicians how to identify school-aged children with ASD and carry out appropriate interventions. Lee A. Wilkinson, PhD, is a nationally certified and licensed school psychologist, chartered psychologist, registered psychologist, and certified cognitive-behavioral therapist. He is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

The Essential Manual for Asperger Syndrome (ASD) in the Classroom What Every Teacher Needs to Know Kathy Hoopmann $22.95 PP | Paperback | 224PP | 9781849055536

A quick reference guide to Asperger syndrome (ASD) in the classroom, Kathy Hoopmann’s handbook is ideal for busy teachers. It covers all the key problem areas, such as meltdowns, explains them from the student’s perspective, and provides strategies for how to manage them and create the best environment for the child. Kathy Hoopmann is best known for All Cats have Asperger Syndrome, Inside Asperger’s Looking Out and The Asperger Adventure series and the simplicity, charm and insight of these books has made them must-haves for explaining the diagnoses of Asperger’s worldwide.

Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Autism Spectrum, Tourette’s, Anxiety, and More!


The one-stop guide for parents, teachers, and other professionals Martin L. Kutscher, MD With contributions from Tony Attwood, PhD and Robert R. Wolff, MD $19.95 TR | Paperback | 320PP | 9781849059671

Now fully updated to include the new DSM-5 diagnostic categories, this is a concise guide to the range of often co-existing neuro-behavioral disorders in children – from ADHD, OCD, and anxiety, to autism spectrum disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, Tourette’s, sensory integration problems and executive dysfunction. Martin L. Kutscher, M.D. is a pediatric neurologist with more than 25 years’ experience of diagnosing neuropsychiatric disorders such as ADHD, learning difficulties, Asperger’s Syndrome, and tic disorders and helping families affected by them. Tony Attwood, Ph.D. is a practicing clinical psychologist specializing in the field of Asperger’s Syndrome. Over the last 30 years he has worked with hundreds of individuals with this condition. He is the author of the classic Asperger’s Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals, also published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Robert R. Wolff, M.D. has extensive experience with childhood neuro-behavior problems and is currently an Assistant in Neurology at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Inclusive Education for Autistic Children


Helping Children and Young People to Learn and Flourish in the Classroom Dr Rebecca Wood. Foreword by Dr Wenn B. Lawson $24.95 PP | Paperback | 208PP | 9781785923210

This book offers a comprehensive reframing of how schools perceive autism and what inclusive education for autistic learners can and should mean. Drawing on original research and case studies it demonstrates that engaging with how autistic children think and learn best can have huge benefits for the whole classroom.

Education and Girls on the Autism Spectrum NEW Developing an Integrated Approach

Edited by Judith Hebron and Caroline Bond $35.00 PP | Paperback | 280PP | 9781785924606

A multi-disciplinary collection about understanding and addressing the key issues in education for girls with autism. The book offers recommendations for a collaborative and integrated approach within a variety of settings that enable girls on the spectrum to reach their full potential.


NE The FRIEND® Program for Creating Supportive Peer Networks for Students with Social Challenges, including Autism

Sharman Ober-Reynolds, Christopher J. Smith and Lori Vincent, with Holly Sokol and Sheri S. Dollin $27.95 PP | Paperback | 224PP | 9781785926273

With an emphasis on peer sensitivity and supportive environments, the FRIEND manual provides teachers with a wide variety of strategies to help school-aged children with social difficulties - such as attention deficit, anxiety, emotional or autism spectrum disorders - to successfully navigate social situations. Sharman Ober-Reynolds, MSN, FNP is Senior Research Coordinator at Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center in Phoenix, AZ. She is also the founder of the FRIEND program, which she has been using and refining for over 18 years. Christopher J. Smith, Ph.D. is the Vice President and Director of Research at Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center. Lori Vincent, Ph.D., BCBA-D is a licensed psychologist in the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Holly Sokol, M.Ed. has worked for the last nine years as a special education teacher in settings ranging from self-contained classrooms to her current resource room setting at Legacy Traditional Schools. Sheri S. Dollin, M.Ed. is an Early Childhood Educator with decades of experience supporting individuals with autism.

Visual Supports for Visual Thinkers Practical Ideas for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Special Educational Needs Lisa Rogers $49.95 PP | Paperback | 224PP | 9781785929953

This book is packed with effective visual tools to assist in the education of students with special education needs. It covers how the classroom environment is laid out, schedules and time planning aids, different education approaches and the teaching of social rules and appropriate behavior. All the supports are explained with examples and photos. Lisa Rogers has been an educator for over 25 years, working with students with special and diverse needs.

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E How Can I Remember All That? N Simple Stuff to Improve Your Working Memory Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway $15.95 TR | Paperback | 64PP | 9781785926334

A child-friendly illustrated guide to what working memory is, what it feels like to have problems with your working memory, and what you can do about it. Offering easy to follow tips and strategies, this is the go-to book for kids aged 7+ to read with their parents or teachers, and includes a note for adults on testing for working memory issues. Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway, PhD, is an award-winning psychologist, professor, author, and TEDx speaker. Dr. Alloway specializes in working memory and its role in learning.

PANDAS and PANS in School Settings A Handbook for Educators Edited by Patricia Rice Doran. Foreword by Diana Pohlman $24.95 PP | Paperback | 264PP | 9781849057448

Providing readily accessible and practical information, this guide addresses the impact of PANDAS and PANS in school settings. Contributors share their expertise and experience to provide educators with a thorough understanding of the disorders, alongside practical strategies for dealing with associated symptoms, such as tics, OCD and ADHD. Patricia Rice Doran is Assistant Professor of Special Education at Towson University, Maryland. Her research and teaching focus on neurodevelopment, assessment and instruction of diverse learners, and inclusive practices. She holds a doctorate in special education from the George Washington University, along with an MA from the University of Michigan and a BA from the University of Notre Dame. She lives outside Baltimore, Maryland.

A Guide to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Information and Advice for Teachers and Parents Edited by Janet Hoskin $19.95 TR | Paperback | 232PP | 9781785921650

This guide provides everything teachers and parents need to know to support a child or young person with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) at school and home. Medical experts and practitioners working with children with Duchenne in schools give advice on learning and behavioural concerns, physical management and the transition to adulthood.

Helping Children to Improve Their Gross Motor Skills The Stepping Stones Curriculum Rachel White $39.95 PP | Paperback | 256PP | 9781785922794

This step-by-step programme enables children and young people with motor coordination difficulties to master basic skills and develop their sporting ability. Activity worksheets provide instruction on how to complete incremental exercises building up to the achievement of a specific activity, such as climbing, riding a bike and playing football.

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Teaching Social Skills Through Sketch Comedy and Improv Games A Social Theatre™ Approach for Kids and Teens including those with ASD, ADHD, and Anxiety Shawn Amador $22.95 PP | Paperback | 144PP | 9781785928000

Learn how to develop social skills in children and teenagers with fun and entertaining activities based on improv comedy and sketch writing. Based on 17 years of experience and research, the games and group exercises in this book will help children and teens develop social awareness, confidence and joint attention. Includes example scripts.

LEGO®-BASED THERAPY Thera-Build® with LEGO® A Playful Therapeutic Approach for Promoting Emotional Well-Being in Children Alyson Thomsen $26.95 PP | Paperback | 168PP | 9781785924927

This practical guide shows how to successfully run ‘Thera-Build’, a LEGO®-based therapeutic tool for improving children’s emotional wellbeing. Including a range of example activities and a friendly introduction to why play helps young brains, it is a must-have resource for anyone who works therapeutically with children.

How LEGO®-Based Therapy for Autism Works Landing on My Planet Daniel B. LeGoff $24.95 PP | Paperback | 320PP | 9781785927102

Through a series of case histories of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) who participated in LEGO® therapy, this book shows how and why this therapy is so effective. The book provides practical guidance and inspiration for professionals working with children to improve their social interaction skills. Daniel B. LeGoff is a licensed pediatric neuropsychologist, and the pioneer of LEGO® Therapy.

Building Language Using LEGO® Bricks A Practical Guide Dawn Ralph and Jacqui Rochester. Foreword by Gina Gómez De La Cuesta $27.95 PP | Paperback 152PP | 9781785920615

Harness the power of LEGO® bricks to promote essential skills in children and young people with speech, language and communication needs. This practical guide is full of information and tips on identifying areas of language need, how to implement and run interventions successfully, and how to measure progress.

LEGO®-Based Therapy How to build social competence through LEGO®-based Clubs for children with autism and related conditions Daniel B. LeGoff, Gina Gómez de la Cuesta, GW Krauss, and Simon Baron-Cohen $24.95 PP | Paperback | 144PP | 9781849055376

A comprehensive guide to setting up LEGO Therapy groups to promote social skills in children with autism spectrum disorders and related conditions through group LEGO building. It fully explains the approach and gives advice on strategies for successfully seeing children through from ‘LEGO Helper’ to ‘LEGO Genius’.


Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism Using Minecraft® NE A Step by Step Guide Raelene Dundon $35.00 PP | Paperback | 224PP | 9781785924613

An accessible guide to setting up Minecraft groups to promote social skills in children with autism. It has over 100 pages of session plans, visuals and handouts, as well as sets out a curriculum for educators and professionals to use in the classroom.

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BOOKS BY KELLI SANDMAN-HURLEY Dyslexia and Spelling Making Sense of It All


Kelli Sandman-Hurley $21.95 PP | Paperback | 128PP | 9781785927911

A guide for parents and professionals giving tried and tested spelling strategies, tips and techniques based on word meanings and roots, to support dyslexic children’s individual word spelling and embedding deeper and longer-lasting understanding of this topic. Kelli Sandman-Hurley, Ed.D. is an author and co-founder of the Dyslexia Training Institute. She is the author of the well-received book, Dyslexia Advocate! How to Advocate for a Child with Dyslexia within the Public Education System.

Dyslexia Advocate! How to Advocate for a Child with Dyslexia within the Public Education System Kelli Sandman-Hurley


$22.95 TR | Paperback | 200PP | 9781849057370

This book is an accessible and straightforward guide to helping parents understand the law around their dyslexic child’s education. It offers a thorough guide to gaining an IEP for a child and also what steps to take if things go wrong. Parents wishing to get the best outcome for their child’s education will find this the perfect resource.


Assessment for Dyslexia and Learning Differences NE A Concise Guide for Teachers and Parents Gavin Reid and Jennie Guise $17.95 PP | Paperback | 136PP | 9781785925221

By bridging the gap between schools’ and parents’ perspective on dyslexia assessment, this pocket guide is the perfect reading material for people working with children and young people with dyslexia.

The Big Book of Dyslexia Activities for Kids and Teens 100+ Creative, Fun, Multi-sensory and Inclusive Ideas for Successful Learning Gavin Reid, Nick Guise and Jennie Guise $32.95 PP | Paperback | 320PP | 9781785923777

Full of interesting and creative activities for children and young people aged 5-19 with dyslexia, this book is an essential guide for teachers and parents. Focusing on practical and accessible projects, the guide will cover key skills such as listening, memory, talking and writing.

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Fun Games and Activities for Children with Dyslexia How to Learn Smarter with a Dyslexic Brain Alais Winton $18.95 PP | Paperback | 136PP | 9781785922923

Full of fun, practical games and activities accompanied by charming cartoons for children aged 7 to 13 with dyslexia, this book makes learning easy and entertaining. Written by a dyslexic tutor for dyslexic students, the tips are embedded in first-hand experience and will inspire and motivate any reader to aim high.

Maths Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Second Edition Steve Chinn $21.95 PP | Paperback | 144PP | 9781785925795

A guide for teachers and parents helping children with maths difficulties. It provides tried and tested visual strategies and tailored techniques that draw on the latest research and the author’s years of experience teaching children with maths learning difficulties. Covers early number experience, times tables, measurements, percentages and more.

Understanding Dyscalculia and Numeracy Difficulties A Guide for Parents, Teachers and Other Professionals Patricia Babtie and Jane Emerson $21.95 PP | Paperback | 184PP | 9781849053907

A complete, accessible guide to understanding dyscalculia and poor numeracy, this book covers number sense and how the brain processes numbers, assessment, planning intervention, what to teach, how to teach it, and how parents can help. Essential for parents, teachers and education professionals working with a child with numeracy difficulties.

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Implementing Restorative Practices in Schools A Practical Guide to Transforming School Communities


Margaret Thorsborne and Peta Blood $39.95 PP | Paperback | 232PP | 9781849053778

A guide which explains the value of restorative approaches in schools and its potential to transform behaviour and educational achievements. It also details how to achieve the cultural and organisational changes needed in order to ensure that restorative practice ‘sticks’, featuring sample pro formas and charts.

Getting More Out of Restorative Practice in Schools Practical Approaches to Improve School Wellbeing and Strengthen Community Engagement Edited by Margaret Thorsborne, Nancy Riestenberg and Gillean McCluskey. Foreword by Fania Davis. $34.95 PP | Paperback | 280PP | 9781785927768

Drawing from a range of perspectives and settings, this edited collection provides different ways that restorative practice can be implemented in schools. This guide addresses issues such as poverty, trauma, implicit bias and family engagement to offer strategies that can really benefit schools’ and restorative practitioners’ work with children.

A Practical Introduction to Restorative Practice in Schools Theory, Skills and Guidance Bill Hansberry. Foreword by Margaret Thorsborne $32.95 PP | Paperback | 312PP | 9781849057073

A proven approach to conflict resolution in schools, this book shows how restorative justice can be successfully implemented in your school. Suitable for use in educational settings for children of all ages, it describes what restorative justice is and how it can be used to achieve school-wide benefits.

How to Do Restorative Peer Mediation in Your School A Quick Start Kit – Including Online Resources Bill Hansberry and Christie-Lee Hansberry. Foreword by Marg Thorsborne. $37.95 PP | Paperback | 160PP | 9781785923845

This is a how-to guide to implementing a program of restorative peer mediation in schools. Using a proven approach to conflict resolution, this manual trains students to solve conflicts in the schoolyard and classroom by understanding peacefulness and restoration. A must-have resource for schools wishing to foster a culture of restorative justice.

Using Restorative Circles in Schools

How to Build Strong Learning Communities and Foster Student Wellbeing Berit Follestad and Nina Wroldsen $14.95 PP | Paperback | 120PP | 9781785925283

Restorative circles are increasingly popular in schools, as a method of building and maintaining good relationships, and ensuring that children feel safe and that they belong. This book gives teachers and other educational professionals everything they need to implement restorative circles in their school.

What are you staring at? A Comic About Restorative Justice in Schools Pete Wallis and Joseph Wilkins $19.95 PP | Hardback | 36PP | 9781785920165

Created for use in schools, this comic follows the story of Jake and Ryan’s playground conflict and its eventual resolution through a restorative meeting with their teacher. Jake and Ryan’s story teaches children aged 8-13 the principles and benefits of restorative justice. A resource section for teachers is also included.

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To see another book by Lauren Brukner, visit page 8.

The Kids’ Guide to Staying Awesome and In Control Simple Stuff to Help Children Regulate their Emotions and Senses


Lauren Brukner $19.95 TR | Hardback | 112PP | 9781849059978

From breathing exercises and pressure holds to noise-reducing headphones and gum, this illustrated book is packed with simple strategies and tools to help children with emotional and sensory regulation difficulties aged approximately 7 to 14 years to stay cool, calm and in control.

Stay Cool and In Control with the Keep-Calm Guru Wise Ways for Children to Regulate their Emotions and Senses Lauren Brukner $19.95 TR | Hardback | 136PP | 9781785927140

Filled with practical tips and tricks, from journaling to yoga, this illustrated guide provides children and adolescents with wisdom from the Keep-Calm Guru and new ways to identify and cope with anxiety, anger and other difficult feelings.

How to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control! Super Powers to Help Younger Children to Regulate their Emotions and Senses


Lauren Brukner $19.95 TR | Hardback | 112PP | 9781849057172

Narrated by a superhero called Self-Control, this illustrated book provides a variety of super power strategies to help children with emotional and sensory regulation difficulties, aged approximately 4 to 7 years, to master self-control.

Self-Control to the Rescue! Super Powers to Help Kids Through the Tough Stuff in Everyday Life Lauren Brukner $19.95 TR | Hardback | 112PP | 9781785927591

An illustrated resource packed with strategies and exercises for children aged 4-7 to regulate emotions and overcome the challenges of the most difficult times in a typical day. Simple solutions and guidance can be adapted into any child’s daily routine with tips and extra resources for parents and educators.

Sitting on a Chicken The Best (Ever) 52 Yoga Games to Teach in Schools Michael Chissick $24.95 PP | Paperback | 112PP | 9781848193253

From games such as Knock Down the Tower and Yoga Detective, to simple sequences and the Ladybird Relaxation, experience the benefits of incorporating yoga in the school day. Build assertiveness, concentration, self-esteem, healthy competitiveness and fitness with classes of any and all abilities.

Yoga for Children and Young People with Autism


Yoga Games and Activities to Engage Everyone Across the Spectrum Michael Chissick $19.95 PP | Paperback | 136PP | 9781785926792

Yoga can offer a myriad of social, emotional and health benefits to children and young people with autism, and in this guide Michael Chissick draws on his vast experience to help parents and educators make this a reality. Beautifully illustrated, it is packed with plans, games, goals, teaching tips and a multitude of real-life stories.

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How to Be a Peaceful School Practical Ideas, Stories and Inspiration Edited by Anna Lubelska $24.95 PP | Paperback | 224PP | 9781785921568

Promote peace at school with this practical guide, which provides a simple four step system for improving wellbeing and nurturing the potential of pupils and staff. It is full of easy-to-implement anti-stress and anti-bullying strategies, plus ideas for getting children interested in peace on a global level.

How to Create Kind Schools 12 extraordinary projects making schools happier and helping every child fit in Jenny Hulme $29.95 PP | Paperback | 160PP | 9781849055918

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Kidscape, a national charity that works to prevent bullying and promote inclusion, this book tells the story of 12 innovative projects that schools across the UK are running which help to promote inclusion, tolerance and kindness and tackle issues such as homophobia, racism and truancy.

Character Toolkit for Teachers 100+ Classroom and Whole School Character Education Activities for 5- to 11-Year-Olds Frederika Roberts and Elizabeth Wright. Foreword by Kristjรกn Kristjรกnsson. $24.95 PP | Paperback | 184PP | 9781785924903

This hands-on education guide for teachers is packed with advice for promoting positive character development and encouraging wellbeing in primary school pupils. Crammed with 109 practical activities, with clear, simple instructions and timings, this book makes character education and positive psychology accessible for the classroom.


The Big Book of Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens


Inspiring Arts-Based Activities and Character Education Curricula Lindsey Joiner $35.00 PP | Paperback | 256PP | 9781849058650

Packed with creative activity ideas to use with children and teenagers aged 5 and above, this resource builds therapeutic skills such as self-esteem, positive thinking, conflict resolution and anger control. The fun activities use art, music, stories, and films and will provide all those working with children and teenagers with a wealth of ideas. Lindsey Joiner is a Positive Behavior Specialist with Meridian Public School District in Mississippi (USA). She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Board Qualified Supervisor.

The Big Book of EVEN MORE Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens Inspiring Arts-Based Activities and Character Education Curricula Lindsey Joiner $29.95 PP | Paperback | 264PP | 9781849057493

Full of activity ideas and projects to teach children and teens aged 5+ social skills, anger-control strategies, conflict resolution, positive thinking, and more, this book follows on from The Big Book of Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens. It includes over 90 activities that are adaptable for use with individuals and groups.

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E Can I Tell You About Friendship? N

Can I Tell You About Forgiveness?

A Helpful Introduction for Everyone

A Helpful Introduction for Everyone

Bridget Knight

Liz Gulliford

$14.95 PP | Paperback | 80PP | 9781785925436

$14.95 TR | Paperback | 72PP | 9781785925214

Join Rhidi as he finds out from his classmates what friendship means, and how to make good friendships. Written to encourage more thought and discussion about this topic, this book is the perfect introduction for young children and their parents who want to develop their understanding of friendship.

Join Joseph as he learns what forgiveness is. Why is forgiveness important? Does it count as forgiveness when mum makes me apologise? Can I forgive someone who doesn’t even know they hurt me? This illustrated guide serves as the ideal introduction for children to think about forgiveness, and to develop their own understanding of what it means.

Can I Tell You About Hope?


A Helpful Introduction for Everyone

Can I Tell You About Gratitude?

Liz Gulliford

A Helpful Introduction For Everyone

$14.95 PP | Paperback | 72PP | 9781785926761

Liz Gulliford

Join Matt as he learns what hope means, and why it is important. Written to encourage discussion, this book is the perfect introduction for young people on this topic, and will help them develop their own understanding of what hope is, and whether or not it is a good thing.

$14.95 PP | Paperback | 64PP | 9781785924576

Maya invites readers to learn with her what gratitude really means. Why should we be grateful, and who to? Why is it important to develop our own sense of genuine gratitude? This is the perfect guide to help children to think about and develop their own ability to understand gratitude.


E Can I Tell You About Courage? N A Helpful Introduction For Everyone

Can I Tell You About Compassion?

Liz Gulliford

A Helpful Introduction for Everyone

$14.95 PP | Paperback | 64PP | 9781785926716

Sue Webb

Join Briony as she learns what it means to be courageous, and why it is important. Written to encourage discussion, this book is the perfect introduction for young people on this topic, and will help them develop their own understanding of what courage means.

$14.95 PP | Paperback | 64PP | 9781785924668

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What’s the difference between being kind and being compassionate? How can we become more compassionate? And why can being compassionate be so difficult? Learn, along with Sam, answers to these and many other questions about this important character value.

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Listening to Young Children in Early Years Settings


A Practical Guide Sonia Mainstone-Cotton $22.95 PP | Paperback | 120PP | 9781785924699

With practical ideas and suggestions targeted at early years practitioners, this book explains how to listen to children effectively and involve them in decisions about their care, learning and development. It includes examples of how to listen to children’s perspectives on classroom design, methods of learning, transitions and more.


E Supporting Vulnerable Children in the Early Years N Practical Guidance and Strategies for Working with Children at Risk Edited by Pat Beckley. Foreword by Professor Chris Atkin $24.95 PP | Paperback | 272PP | 9781785922374

This book provides early years practitioners with clear strategies for supporting vulnerable children. Tackling topics such as inequality, poverty and the attainment gap, experienced practitioners from the field set out practical advice for ensuring all children are given a positive foundation for their future lives.


The Early Years Movement Handbook A Principles-Based Approach to Supporting Young Children’s Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing Lala Manners. Foreword by Professor Gareth Stratton. $29.95 PP | Paperback | 312PP | 9781785922602

The go-to professional resource for understanding the importance of children’s physical development and enhancing it in a structured way. Eight principles explain why physical activity is so important for children’s lifelong development, and a workable framework is provided for the design and delivery of practical sessions.


Positive Body Image in the Early Years A Practical Guide Ruth MacConville $22.95 PP | Paperback | 112PP | 9781785924590

In response to growing awareness of body confidence issues in very young children, this book helps early years practitioners to promote positive body image. It explains how body image develops and gives practical guidance on building self-esteem, encouraging healthy habits and creating bias-free settings.

Creativity and the Arts in Early Childhood Supporting Young Children’s Development and Wellbeing


Ruth Churchill Dower $29.95 PP | Paperback | 272PP | 9781785926136

Recognising the importance of creative learning processes and the arts for young children’s physical, social and emotional development, this book provides guidance for early childhood practitioners to encourage creativity in their settings. Each chapter includes reflective questions and strategies that can be implemented in daily practice.

Exercising Muscles and Minds, Second Edition Outdoor Play and the Early Years Curriculum


Marjorie Ouvry and Amanda Furtado $27.95 PP | Paperback | 240PP | 9781785922664

This revised edition of the bestselling guide to outdoor learning for ages 3 to 5 uses examples of good practice to demonstrate how to plan outdoor play as part of a whole curriculum. It studies the major issues around health, nutrition, exercise and wellbeing in early years provision. Essential reading for anyone working with young children.

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Supporting Gender Diversity in Early Childhood Classrooms


A Practical Guide Encian Pastel, Katie Steele, Julie Nicholson, Cyndi Maurer, Julia Hennock, Jonathan Julian, Tess Unger and Nathanael Flynn $27.95 PP | Paperback | 232PP | 9781785928192

This book provides early childhood professionals with guidance on how to create gender inclusive learning environments that support all children in feeling valued through practices that aim to recognize and support a wide range of gender identities and gender expressions. Julie Nicholson, Ph.D. serves as Deputy Program Director with WestEd’s Center for Child & Family Studies and an adjunct professor in the School of Education at Mills College. Katie Steele, MBA is a transgender educator who has worked with diverse groups of children and adults in adventure-based and experiential education. Cyndi Maurer, Ph.D. is a research associate at the Center for Play Research at Mills College and an advocate for children’s voices. Julia Hennock, MA, AMFT is a non-binary artist and therapist. Julia has worked with young children in school- and community-based settings as well as with incarcerated trans women. Jonathan Julian, MA, AMFT is an artist, activist and therapist who works with children and adolescents using the arts to help find expression and explore the self, as well as advocating for LGBTQ+ young people in school-based and community settings. Tess Unger, MA has spent a decade as an educator, researcher, and advocate for young children. Nathanael Flynn, MA, has been teaching young children since 2005. Throughout his teaching, he has supported gender expansive children and their families to thrive in early childhood programs. Encian Pastel is a transgender teacher at a parent-teacher cooperative preschool in Berkeley, CA. He also helps organize the Bay Area Childcare Collective.

Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Students and Staff in Further and Higher Education


Practical Advice for Colleges and Universities Dr Matson Lawrence and Dr Stephanie Mckendry $34.95 PP | Paperback | 232PP | 9781785923456

This practical guide enables post-secondary education professionals to support transgender applicants, students and staff. Providing an introduction to transgender identities, it sets out policies, interventions and advice for supporting transgender people through learning, teaching, recruitment, mental health, and medical and legal considerations.

Gender Equality in Primary Schools A Guide for Teachers Helen Griffin $22.95 PP | Paperback | 216PP | 9781785923401

This is a new handbook for implementing a gender equality approach in all areas of primary school life. Full of lesson plans, case studies and action points, it presents the latest theory in a clear, accessible way. A perfect guide for teachers and other staff to create a nurturing environment that fully recognises gender equality.

How to Transform Your School into an LGBT+ Friendly Place A Practical Guide for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Teachers Dr Elly Barnes MBE and Dr Anna Carlile $19.95 PP | Paperback | 152PP | 9781785923494

LGBT+ inclusion is not part of standard teacher training or induction, which makes it difficult for schools to provide inclusive learning environments, and support for LGBT+ pupils. Drawing on a Ofsted and DFE recognised ‘Best Practice Award Programme’, this book provides everything you need to know to make your school an LGBT+ friendly place.

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Becoming an Ally to the Gender-Expansive Child A Guide for Parents and Carers Anna Bianchi $19.95 TR | Paperback | 248PP | 9781785920516

How can parents and care-givers best support their gender expansive children? Drawing on the author’s own experience with her grandchild, this book encourages adults to redefine their understanding of gender in order to understand and support their child more fully.

Creating Inclusion and Well-being for Marginalized Students Whole-School Approaches to Supporting Children’s Grief, Loss, and Trauma Edited by Linda Goldman $32.95 PP | Paperback | 344PP | 9781785927119

An overview of the loss, grief, trauma and shame that marginalised students encounter and the effects on personal learning and success. Covering a range of issues faced by young people, the analyses of case studies suggest means for change with strategies for effective practice. Linda Goldman is a Fellow in Thanatology and licensed professional counsellor. She has worked in public schools for over 20 years, and has been an educator in children’s issues for over 30 years.

Responding to Loss and Bereavement in Schools A Training Resource to Assess, Evaluate and Improve the School Response John Holland $37.95 PP | Paperback | 152PP | 9781849056922

A complete resource to provide the best possible response to pupil and staff bereavement and loss in schools. Includes guidance on communication and the importance of considered whole-school support, audit and assessment tools, as well as a full set of photocopiable exercises for in-school training.

Cartooning Teen Stories Using comics to explore key life issues with young people Jenny Drew $35.00 PP | Paperback | 184PP | 9781849056311

Comics are highly effective for broaching difficult social and emotional issues and this book explains how to use them with young people in educational and therapeutic settings. With 5 ready-to-use comics and advice on making them from scratch, learn how to support young people through interactive comics and help them to explore complex feelings.

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Can I tell you about Asperger Syndrome?


Can I tell you about Stuttering? A guide for friends, family and professionals

A guide for friends and family

Sue Cottrell

Jude Welton

$13.95 PP | Paperback | 48PP | 9781849054355

$13.95 TR | Paperback | 48PP | 9781843102069

Harry invites readers to learn about what it is like to stutter from his perspective and how it affects his daily life and makes him feel. He explains techniques he has learnt that can help reduce his stuttering and describes how friends, family and those around him can help him feel at ease and reduce his stutter further.

Meet Adam, a young boy with AS. He helps children understand the difficulties faced by a child with AS, telling them what AS is, how it feels to have AS and how they can help by understanding their differences and appreciating their many talents. This illustrated book is an excellent starting point for family and classroom discussions.

Can I tell you about Tourette Syndrome?

A guide for friends, family and professionals

A guide for friends, family and professionals

Jude Welton

Mal Leicester

Can I tell you about Autism? $13.95 TR | Paperback | 64PP | 9781849054539

$13.95 PP | Paperback | 56PP | 9781849054072

Tom invites readers to learn about autism from his perspective in this beautifully-illustrated book, suitable for readers aged 7 and upwards. He explains the challenges he faces with issues such as social communication, sensory overload and changes in his routine and describes all the ways he can be helped and supported by those around him.

Max invites readers to learn about Tourette’s syndrome from his perspective, helping them to understand what tics and triggers are and what it feels like to have TS. He explains how people around him can help him to feel happy and accepted. This illustrated book will be an excellent starting point for family and classroom discussions.

A guide for friends, family and professionals

Can I tell you about ADHD? A guide for friends, family and professionals Susan Yarney $13.95 PP | Paperback | 64PP | 9781849053594

Ben invites readers to learn about ADHD from his perspective. He describes what it is and how it feels to have ADHD. Ben explains what he has learnt about ways to relieve his ADHD symptoms, and how friends and adults can help at home and school. An ideal guide for children and families, as well as professionals working with ADHD children.

Can I tell you about Cerebral Palsy? Marion Stanton $13.95 PP | Paperback | 64PP | 9781849054645

Sophie invites readers to learn about cerebral palsy from her perspective, helping them to understand what it is like use a wheelchair and communicate with assistive technology. She talks about different forms of cerebral palsy and explains that living with the condition can sometimes be difficult but there are many ways she can be supported.

Can I tell you about Dyspraxia? A guide for friends, family and professionals Maureen Boon $14.95 PP | Paperback | 56PP | 9781849054478

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Marco invites readers to learn about dyspraxia from his perspective, helping them to understand what it is and what it feels like when he sometimes struggles to control his movement and co-ordination. He talks about the challenges of having dyspraxia, letting readers know how he can be helped and supported by friends and family at school and home.


Can I tell you about Anxiety?

Can I tell you about Gender Diversity?

A guide for friends, family and professionals

A guide for friends, family and professionals CJ Atkinson

Lucy Willetts and Polly Waite $14.95 PP | Paperback | 56PP | 9781849055277

$14.95 PP | Paperback | 64PP | 9781785921056

Megan invites readers to learn about anxiety from her perspective, helping them to understand why she sometimes feels anxious and how this affects her physically and emotionally. She talks about techniques she has learnt to help manage her anxiety, and tells family, friends and teachers how they can support someone who suffers from anxiety.

Kit, a 12 year old who identifies as a boy, explains all about gender variance, the experience of medical transition and how his family, friends and school can support him. This illustrated introduction to gender diversity will be a helpful guide and discussion starter for children 11+, as well as for older readers.

Can I tell you about Peanut Allergy? A guide for friends, family and professionals Sharon Dempsey $14.95 PP | Paperback | 56PP | 9781849055932

A boy with a peanut allergy explains what they are and how having one affects his daily life. He talks about how to make sure he lives a nut free life and how his friends and family can help with this. He also explains what treatment is used in emergency situations and how to handle special occasions, trips to friends’ houses and going on holiday.

Can I tell you about Down Syndrome? A guide for friends, family and professionals Elizabeth Elliott $14.95 PP | Paperback | 48PP | 9781849055017

David invites readers aged 7+ to learn about Down syndrome from his perspective, helping them to understand what Down syndrome is and how it affects his daily life. He tells us why he sometimes needs extra help at home and at school, and describes the ways that those around him can help him to feel supported.

Can I tell you about Selective Mutism? A guide for friends, family and professionals Maggie Johnson and Alison Wintgens $13.95 PP | Paperback | 56PP | 9781849052894

Hannah invites readers to learn about selective mutism from her perspective, helping them to understand what it is and what it feels like to have SM. This illustrated book is packed with accessible information that will be an ideal introduction for family, friends and teachers, clearly showing them how they can support a child with the condition.

Can I tell you about OCD?

A guide for friends, family and professionals Amita Jassi $13.95 PP | Paperback | 48PP | 9781849053815

Katie invites readers to learn about OCD from her perspective, helping them to understand what it is and how her obsessions and compulsions affect her daily life. This is an ideal, illustrated introduction to OCD for both young people and older readers. It shows family, friends and teachers how they can support someone with the condition.

Can I tell you about Sensory Processing Difficulties?

A guide for friends, family and professionals Sue Allen $14.95 PP | Paperback | 56PP | 9781849056403

Harry explains what happens when the sensory information that we all process throughout the day does not transmit smoothly and leads to challenges in learning, movement or behaviour. He talks about how he can be helped at home and at school and the different types of sensory processing challenges that other children can face.

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Outsmarting Worry An Older Kid’s Guide to Managing Anxiety


Dawn Huebner PhD $15.95 TR | Paperback | 112PP | 9781785927829

This easy to follow illustrated book from a best-selling author presents strategies for 9-13 year olds with anxiety. It teaches them about a specific set of skills that makes it easier to face and overcome worries and fears, and normalizes their symptoms providing a set of concrete steps to overcome them. The tried and tested techniques are based on the most up-to-date psychological treatments of anxiety, including CBT and ACT.

To see another book by Dawn Huebner, PhD, visit page 7.

You Can Change the World! Everyday Teen Heroes Making a Difference Everywhere


Margaret Rooke. Forewords by Taylor Richardson and Katie Hodgetts @KTclimate $18.95 TR | Paperback | 320PP | 9781785925023

The experiences of over 50 teenagers interviewed for this book show the practical and positive changes it’s possible to make in the world around us. If you want to tackle today’s tough issues: body image, cyberbullying, environment damage and more, these positive role models show it’s possible to build resilience and transform the lives we live.

Dyslexia is My Superpower (Most of the Time) Margaret Rooke, Forewords by Professor Catherine Drennan and Loyle Carner $18.95 TR | Paperback | 240PP | 9781785922992

Containing over 100 in-depth interviews with school children and young adults living with dyslexia, this collection depicts the significance of confidence and self-esteem in propelling children with dyslexia to achieve personal success. The children supply their own illustrations; a handy hints guide; and their own advice to educators.

My Anxiety Handbook Getting Back on Track Sue Knowles, Bridie Gallagher and Phoebe McEwen $19.95 TR | Paperback | 192PP | 9781785924408

An accessible, easy to use anxiety survival guide for young people aged 12-18. Co-authored by psychologists and a young person with anxiety, it looks at the causes of anxiety and offers tested methods and simple exercises to reduce the reader’s anxious feelings. Includes chapters on sleep, exams and transitions.

No Weigh!

A Teen’s Guide to Positive Body Image, Food, and Emotional Wisdom Signe Darpinian, Wendy Sterling and Shelley Aggarwal. Foreword by Connie Sobczak. $18.95 TR | Paperback | 192PP | 9781785928253

This excellent workbook for teens aged 13-16 promotes positive body image and a healthy relationship to food, and gives sensible, no-nonsense advice on how prevent disordered eating of all kinds. It breaks down myths about diets and is full of tools and strategies to support connected eating, body positivity and balanced exercise.

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Be Bully Free A Hands-On Guide to How You Can Take Control Michael Panckridge and Catherine Thornton $17.95 TR | Paperback | 160PP | 9781785922824

Seeking to empower children who are bullied, this book presents a wide range of common bullying scenarios, before giving practical suggestions on how the recipient can take control in these situations. Written in a young adult fiction style, this is an essential resource for children who are experiencing bullying.

The Healthy Coping Colouring Book and Journal Creative Activities to Help Manage Stress, Anxiety and Other Big Feelings Pooky Knightsmith $16.95 TR | Paperback | 208PP | 9781785921391

Full of creative activities, this journal and colouring book aims to help young people aged 8-14 manage difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions such as anger and anxiety. It includes space to write and draw, colouring pages, inspirational quotes and poems, and provides a host of healthy coping strategies.

Diary of a Dyslexic School Kid NEW Alais Winton and Zac Millard $14.95 TR | Paperback | 112PP | 9781785924422

This positive and relatable diary of a dyslexic teen covers school life, bullying, tests and homework, with warmth, humour and insight. Based on the authors’ real-life experiences, it shows kids and young teens with dyslexia that they are far from alone in their experiences.

The Tourettes Survival Kit Tools for Young Adults with Tics


Tara Murphy and Damon Millar $17.95 TR | Paperback | 208PP | 9781785923593

This survival guide for teens with Tourette’s provides the tools you need to survive and thrive at home, school, work and beyond. It includes strategies and behavioural therapy techniques for managing tics and advice on what to do in a range of everyday situations, including preparing for exams, dealing with bullies and going on a first date.

Trans Teen Survival Guide Owl Fisher and Fox Fisher $17.95 TR | Paperback | 224PP | 9781785923418

Frank, friendly and funny, this must-read guide is packed full of advice from authors who understand the realities and complexities of growing up trans. Readers will come away empowered and armed with practical advice on how to navigate everything from coming out, clothes and pronouns, to wearing binders or packers, hormone therapy and self-care.

The Asperkid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules


The Handbook of Not-So-Obvious Social Guidelines for Tweens and Teens with Asperger Syndrome Jennifer Cook O’Toole $19.95 TR | Paperback | 280PP | 9781849059152

The Asperkid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules offers witty insights into baffling social codes such as making and keeping friends, and common conversation pitfalls. Ideal for all 10-17 year olds with Asperger syndrome, this book provides inside information on over thirty social rules helping Asperkids to navigate the mysterious world around them.

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Mud Boy


A Story about Bullying Sarah Siggs. With notes by Pooky Knightsmith. $17.95 TR | Hardback | 48PP | 9781785928703

This illustrated story is designed to be read with children aged 5+ who have experienced or seen bullying or teasing. Sam’s story gently evokes how it feels to be bullied and shows how talking to other people helps. It is a great discussion starter for kids and adults, and empowers children to see how they can change things for the better.

The Giant from Nowhere Frances Dickens $19.95 TR | Hardback | 56PP | 9781785925351

Can a Giant from Nowhere learn how to belong in the village of Somewhere, even though he’s so much bigger than everyone else? This fun and uplifting tale helps children aged 5-8 to think about inclusivity and difference. With flexible lesson plans and creative activities, it is ideal for both children and those who teach or care for them.

Super Coach Arty vs. The Shadow Taking the Fear out of Failure Lorraine Thomas $15.95 TR | Hardback | 64PP | 9781785924415

Meet Arty. He’s a super coach, here to help you achieve your very best. Giving the guidance you need for issues like your upcoming maths test, to dealing with the mean kids on the playground, there’s nothing Arty can’t help you with. Ideal for helping children manage their thoughts and improve their self-esteem.

BOOKS BY MICHAEL CHISSICK Frog’s Breathtaking Speech How children (and frogs) can use yoga breathing to deal with anxiety, anger and tension Michael Chissick $19.95 TR | Hardback | 48PP | 9781848190917

This charming illustrated picture book teaches children yoga breathing techniques through a fun and interactive story, and shows them how to use their breath to cope with difficult feelings such as anger and anxiety.

Ladybird’s Remarkable Relaxation

How children (and frogs, dogs, flamingos and dragons) can use yoga relaxation to help deal with stress, grief, bullying and lack of confidence Michael Chissick $19.95 TR | Hardback | 48PP | 9781848191464

This engaging picture book teaches an effective yoga relaxation technique that children can use anywhere and anytime to cope with anxiety, stress, grief, or bullying.

Seahorse’s Magical Sun Sequences

How all children (and sea creatures) can use yoga to feel positive, confident and completely included Michael Chissick $19.95 TR | Hardback | 48PP | 9781848192836

This fun, engaging story teaches yoga to all children, with specific variations for different abilities, and helps them to cope with issues such as inflexibility and problems with self-esteem.

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BOOKS BY ALICE REEVES Molly the Mole A Story to Help Children Build Self-Esteem Alice Reeves $15.95 TR | Hardback | 40PP | 9781785924521

Molly starts to worry when she realises that she doesn’t look like her other animal friends, but soon recognises her own unique qualities as she helps out with a series of tasks that no one else can do. With the help of her friends, Molly learns that everyone is special in their own way. Part of the Truth & Tails series for children ages 4-8.

Carlos the Chameleon A Story to Help Empower Children to Be Themselves Alice Reeves $15.95 TR | Hardback | 48PP | 9781785924538

Carlos the Chameleon is always changing his colours to match those around him, but this is exhausting and he starts to feel that he isn’t being his true self. With the help of his friends, Carlos learns that it is ok to be different and you don’t have to change who you are to be accepted. Part of the Truth & Tails series for children ages 4-8.

Roxy the Raccoon A Story to Help Children Learn about Disability and Inclusion Alice Reeves $15.95 TR | Hardback | 48PP | 9781785924514

Roxy the raccoon lives in the forest with three friends who love to do everything together, which sometimes means they have to make small changes to their games. By working together, the friends are able to make the forest an inclusive place for everyone, including those with a disability. Part of the Truth & Tails series for children ages 4-8.

Vincent the Vixen A Story to Help Children Learn about Gender Identity Alice Reeves $15.95 TR | Hardback | 48PP | 9781785924507

Vincent is a fox who is assigned male at birth, but who knows they are actually a girl. With the help of family and friends, Vincent begins to understand their gender identity and the importance of accepting and being authentic to who they truly are. Part of the Truth & Tails series for children ages 4-8.

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You Be You! The Kid’s Guide to Gender, Sexuality, and Family


Jonathan Branfman $18.95 TR | Hardback | 80PP | 9781787750104

This is an educational children’s book for ages 7-11 that makes gender identity, romantic orientation, and family diversity easy to explain to children. Charming illustrations help children engage with concepts such as intersectionality, discrimination, privilege and allyship in a comprehensible and respectful manner. Jonathan Branfman is a PhD candidate in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at the Ohio State University, Ohio. He has experience of teaching in schools and has been a camp counsellor. Julie Benbassat is a student at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Who Are You? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity


Brook Pessin-Whedbee $18.95 TR | Hardback | 40PP | 9781785927287

This book introduces children to gender as a spectrum and shows how people can bend and break the gender binary and stereotypes. It includes an interactive wheel, clearly showing the difference between our body, expression and identity, and is an effective tool to help children 5+ understand and celebrate diversity. Brook Pessin-Whedbee is a public school teacher and mama to three little ones who joyfully bend and break the gender boxes. She is an active member of the Gender Spectrum parent community and founder of the Berkeley Alliance for Gender Inclusive Schools. She lives in Oakland, California. See more at

A House for Everyone A Story to Help Children Learn about Gender Identity and Gender Expression Jo Hirst $16.95 TR | Hardback | 32PP | 9781785924484

This children’s picture book helps adults to explain gender identity and expression to 4 to 8 year olds using simple language and engaging, diverse characters, covering the entire spectrum of gender. Includes a guide for parents and professionals and a lesson plan at the end of the book.

Phoenix Goes to School A Story to Support Transgender and Gender Diverse Children Michelle and Phoenix Finch $15.95 TR | Hardback | 40PP | 9781785928215

Phoenix wants to wear her favourite purple dress to express her gender, but she is scared of being bullied on her first day of school. Follow Phoenix’s journey as she arrives at school, makes some friends, stands up for herself, and helps us learn to be true to who we really are. A mother and daughter from California, Phoenix is a 7 year old gender nonconforming child and Michelle is an active member of Parents of Transgender Kids in Marin County. Sharon Davey is a children’s book illustrator based in the UK.

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Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl? Sarah Savage and Fox Fisher $16.95 TR | Hardback | 32PP | 9781785922671

Tiny prefers not to tell other children whether they are a boy or girl. Tiny also loves to play fancy dress, sometimes as a fairy and sometimes as a knight in shining armour. Tiny’s family don’t seem to mind but when they start a new school some of their new classmates struggle to understand.

The Prince and the Frog A Story to Help Children Learn about Same-Sex Relationships Olly Pike $16.95 PP | Hardback | 48PP | 9781785923821

This reimagining of a classic fairytale helps children understand that love isn’t always between a boy and a girl. Starring a prince who was magically turned into a frog and needs to find true love to break the spell, it is a funny, uplifting story that introduces the importance of equality and diversity to children aged 3-7.

All You Need Is Love Celebrating Families of All Shapes and Sizes Shanni Collins $16.95 TR | Hardback | 40PP | 9781785922510

A charming celebration of the different kinds of families and relationships. Through colourful images and rhyming stories, the author depicts a range of families and lifestyles all grounded in love and acceptance. With light-hearted humour and positive discussion around diversity, this book promotes a healthy understanding of differences.

Your Body is Awesome


Body Respect for Children Sigrun Danielsdottir $17.95 TR | Hardback | 36PP | 9781848192287

The colorful illustrations in this picture book will help children learn to love their bodies from an early age and appreciate all the wonderful things their bodies do. The book promotes a healthy attitude which will help children understand that all bodies are different and encourage them to take good care of their bodies throughout their lives. Sigrun Danielsdottir is a psychologist specialising in eating disorders and body image. She currently works for the Icelandic Directorate of Health, and was previously a clinical psychologist in an eating disorder treatment team at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit of Iceland’s National Hospital. She has also lead and researched body image and eating disorder prevention programmes for adolescent girls in Iceland and conducted studies on weight bias. She lives in Iceland.

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The Princess and the Fog A Story for Children with Depression Lloyd Jones, With a contribution by Melinda Edwards MBE and Dr Linda Bayliss $17.95 TR | Hardback | 48PP | 9781849056557

This vibrantly illustrated story is designed to be read with children aged 5-7 who are suffering from depression. Using metaphor and full of humour, it is a relatable, enjoyable and positive read for all. The book also includes a guide for parents and carers by clinical paediatric psychologists, Dr Melinda Edwards MBE and Linda Bayliss.

Minnie and Max are OK! A Story to Help Children Develop a Positive Body Image Chris Calland and Nicky Hutchinson $17.95 TR | Hardback | 40PP | 9781785922336

In this endearing story for children aged 3-7, Minnie’s Grandma teaches her and their dog Max about body image. Showing children how to be proud of their differences through humour, empathy and enthralling illustrations, this vibrant book includes questions to guide adults through helping their children feel confident and embrace diversity.


Sometimes I Feel Sad Tom Alexander $15.95 TR | Hardback | 32PP | 9781785924934

Everyone feels sad from time to time, and it’s not always clear why. This moving children’s book explains that this is a part of everyone’s life, and that you’re not alone in feeling this way.

My Secret Dog Tom Alexander $15.95 TR | Hardback | 40PP | 9781785924866

The delightful story of a young girl inviting a dog into her home to stay as her secret houseguest. Although her mother has said they don’t have room to keep a dog, the girl hatches a daring plan to make sure that nobody finds out... only to discover that dogs, like secrets, are much harder to keep under wraps than she suspected!

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BOOKS BY KATHY HOOPMANN ST All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome BE LER L SE

Kathy Hoopmann

$14.95 TR | Hardback | 72PP | 9781843104810

This book takes a playful look at Asperger Syndrome, drawing inspiration from the feline world. Touching, humorous and insightful, this book evokes the difficulties and joys of raising a child who is different and leaves the reader with a sense of the dignity, individuality, and potential of people with AS. ST BE LER L SE

All Dogs Have ADHD Kathy Hoopmann $14.95 TR | Hardback | 72PP | 9781843106517

All Dogs Have ADHD takes an inspiring and affectionate look at Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), using images and ideas from the canine world. Charming colour photographs of dogs bring to life familiar ADHD characteristics such as being restless and excitable, getting easily distracted, and acting on impulse. ST BE LER L SE

All Birds Have Anxiety Kathy Hoopmann

$15.95 TR | Hardback | 72PP | 9781785921827

All Birds Have Anxiety explores the symptoms of anxiety disorder and their impact on day-to-day life through colourful images of life as a bird. Its humorous yet gentle approach recognises the stress that anxiety can cause, helping people to better understand how it feels to have anxiety.

Why Johnny Doesn’t Flap NT is OK! Clay Morton and Gail Morton $16.95 TR | Hardback | 32PP | 9781849057219

Why Johnny Doesn’t Flap gives readers a unique perspective on neurological difference. Observe the quirks of the non-autistic Johnny through the eyes of someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Turning the tables on common perceptions of ‘normal’ social behaviour, our narrator lets us know that Johnny is ‘different’, but that’s ok.

Me and My PDA A Guide to Pathological Demand Avoidance for Young People Glòria Durà-Vilà and Tamar Levi $19.95 TR | Hardback | 144PP | 9781785924651

A PDA diagnosis can be confusing for parents and children alike. This beautiful picture book helps children understand their diagnosis, develop self-awareness and implement personalised problemsolving strategies. A clear and gentle guide to complicated issues, complete with interactive exercises and engaging full-colour illustrations.

Okay Kevin A Story to Help Children Discover How Everyone Learns Differently including those with Autism Spectrum Conditions and Specific Learning Difficulties James Dillon $17.95 TR | Hardback | 36PP | 9781785927324

At school Kevin feels that he is not ‘okay.’ He finds that all the other kids in his class are faster than him at answering the teacher’s questions, and he feels like he will never catch up with them. But, one day, his reading teacher asks him to help out with the school store and Kevin soon begins to recognise his strengths and think differently. ORDER NOW 866-416-1078


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