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5 clothing trends we are ready to forget

washes off the stress of everyday life in about 15 minutes. A Monju green tea ice cream afterward in the Cornell Café is a perfect topper.

City-wide event(s) we do not want to lose

Hottest new accessories

Savor the Avenue and Delray Affair

Julie Murphy leading yoga nidra

Woo woo practice of the year It’s a tie between Lynn Midcal's breath work (which was called rebirthing in the 1970s) at Beyond Fitness and Julie Murphy’s yoga nidra (guided meditation, complete with pillow and binkie) at Simply Yoga. Both practices will take you to a place far, far away—unplugged, rebooted, renewed.

Three up-and-coming neighborhoods SoFa: For the young professional with money to spend and a penchant for fitness and take-out. West Settler's District: For those who relish that small town-y and historic neighborhood ambiance East Delray used to have. Osceola Park: The Next Big Thing for people who appreciate a touch of bohemian charm; comes complete with its own artist alleys.


New businesses we love


Clifton Sepulveda and Mar Martinez opened a Fred Astaire Dance Studio at 247 S.E. 6th Ave. in Delray, and the locals are kicking up their heels. This may be the new, more civilized answer to working out in the summertime for those ready to drop CrossFit and go boldly into tango. We love Dizzy Rock Furniture on North Federal Highway with its crazy fun home furnishings and the larger-thanlife gorilla standing guard outside.

SoFa luxury apartments

•Crop tops •Athleisure wear •Cold-shoulder tops •Tight pants on men •Beards

•Labradoodle •Alexa •Insta pots •Light-up sneakers for adults Karen Granger, Mar Martinez, Clifton Sepulveda and Laura Simon

Workout trend Luxury gyms, wellness retreats, group personal training

Favorite Saturday morning pastime The Delray GreenMarket at Old School Square on N.E. 2nd Avenue was started in 1996 by the CRA. It's still the gathering place with more than 65 vendors selling everything from produce to homemade jams, soaps and more. (Our hometown doggie rescue, Dezzy’s Second Chance, even shows up with four-legged rock stars.) The winter GreenMarket is open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. from the end of October through May. It shifts to a smaller summer green market in early June and moves to the eastern half of the Tennis Center parking lot through August. Dizzy Rock Furniture

Three reasons locals go to the wild, wild west


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1 We all need an occasional walk on the wild side on the Marsh Trail at Loxahatchee Preserve, followed by a stop in Bedner's for the best Gulf shrimp in Delray (from the guy with the cooler in the parking lot.) 2 The Delray Marketplace has it all, from great dining at Apeiro or Burt & Max's to bowling, movies and now Hoffmann's Chocolates. 3 The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens never disappoints; a walk through the gardens

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Delray Beach magazine May/June 2017  

Delray Beach magazine May/June 2017