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Reports, Articles, and Regulations Related to Military Families Impacted by Disabilities Compiled by Jeremy Hilton (if you are interested in original pdfs of any of these documents, contact me via email listed below) NCD Report: "How to Improve Access to Health Care, Special Education, and Long-Term Supports and Services for Family Members with Disabilities", Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing: "Oversight: Military Families with Special Needs" Analysis of EFMP by Dr. Leslie Drinkwine: TRICARE for Kids Reports American Academy of Pediatrics: Pending Children’s Hospital Association: Military Special Needs Network:  Report on ECHO Program: STOMP: Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health: Easter Seals: Autism Speaks: Military Officer’s Association of America: National Military Family Association: GAO Reports: 2007: GAO-07-317R "Medical, Family Support, and Educational Services Available for Exceptional Family Members" 2011: GAO-11-231, "EDUCATION OF MILITARY DEPENDENT STUDENTS" 2012: GAO-12-680, "Better Oversight Needed to Improve Services for Children with Special Needs" 2013: GAO-13-165R, "Department of Defense Policies on Accommodating Children with Special Needs in Child Care Programs", Future DoD Reports:  

Benchmark Study: This study analyzes existing military and civilian programs and policies to inform on best practices, determines expansion of existing programs through a family needs assessment, and develops evaluation metrics to determine family satisfaction. (Delayed) Medicaid Study: In collaboration with West Virginia University, this study undertakes a comprehensive assessment of Medicaid accessibility to military families with special needs. (Delayed, expect delivery sometime summer 2013…delayed again…expect?) Functional Analysis: This is a long-term project to analyze the current data and case management systems of each Military Service to determine whether a joint service system can be developed to network the Military Service systems and the military health system IT solutions.

Past DoD Reports: 2009 "National Leadership Summit on Military Families" 2010 "Report on the Impact of Deployment of Members of the Armed Forces on Their Dependent Children" (see pg 45-46) dren.pdf 2010 “Military Family Assessment” (see pg 37) 2011 "Annual Report to Congress on Plans for the Department of Defense for the Support of Military Family Readiness" (pg 40, 2010 report says essentially the same thing, 2012 not published yet): 2011, “2011 Office of Special Needs Report to Congress related to 2011 NDAA” 2011, “Military Child and Special Education NDAA Study” 2011, “Education Services for Military Dependent Children with Autism”

Air Force Reports 2009 Caring for People Conference Slides, 2010 Caring for People Conference Slides, 2009 DoD IG Complaint, Findings, Relevant Articles in the Press 2009: “The Military Child and Special Education” 2010: Washington Post “Military helps families find care for special-needs kids” 2010: Blog Post after Briefing of Congressional Military Family Caucus: 2010: Air Force Times Article related to IG Complaint: 2012: “EFMP – Moving beyond the Q code” 2012: Huffington Post Piece: 2012: Dawn Berge, Spouse Buzz: 2012: Jeremy Hilton, Time: 2013: Kaitlyn Samuels Case: and 2013: Jeremy Hilton, Time: 2013: Terri Barnes, Spouse Calls (Stars and Stripes…ABA Issue): (a number of great links included to other stories) Applicable Statutes and Regulations DoD Office of Special Needs (10 USC Sec. 1781c) DoD Regulations: Army EFMP: Navy EFMP: Air Force EFMP: USMC EFMP: Google search for MCO 1754.4B A number of other relevant service regulations:

Three websites to be familiar with: STOMP: Wrightslaw: Military One Source: Miscellaneous Issues/Reports/Articles SBP: “Legal Issues Facing Military Families with Special Needs Children”: RAND Study: “Effects of Soldiers' Deployment on Children's Academic Performance and Behavioral Health” (see pg 45) Compiled by Jeremy Hilton, 30 October 2013, or @ Please email me if a link is no longer working. Thank you.

Reports and Media related to Special Needs Military Families  

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