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Whether you need to put on harmless weight or

fat, to gain confidence or to get the perfect curvaceous look, there are smart food choices

and supplements which are healthy options without side effects in the long run.


If your height and weight measurement give you a body mass index (BMI) of 19.8, which means that you are in the underweight zone and if gastrointestinal worms have been eliminated as a cause try the following strategies to increase your fat:


Eat at least 3 meals, and 3 snacks between the meals daily.

Consume musk melon three times daily for about a month.

Eat banana three times followed by a glassful of milk, or drink banana / mango shake daily.

Dessert prepared from almonds / carrot / cashew nuts / pistachio can be taken daily.

Drink milk boiled with dates / fig for two months.

Eat handful of raisins daily.

Avoid filling up with soups / salad / water before your meals.

Even though you need to gain fat / weight steer clear of junk or fattening food which only create flab.


A natural multimineral and nutrient rich

supplement like FitOFat capsules can make up for any shortfall in your diet or metabolism. •

Avoid heavy duty, energy draining cardiovascular workouts.


A total body routine that includes weight lifting / resistance exercises can help you gain fat / weight in the form of lean mass (muscle).


Food that is low-fat, high-calorie and nutritious such as nuts, seeds, butters, dairy products, starchy vegetables, eggs, whole grains, and beans

keep feeding your muscles at the right time.


Body massage with healthy coconut, mustard, and sesame oils is advised for underweight people to tone up muscles and to increase fat.


Exercises such as swimming, brisk walk or any form of outdoor sports, even yogasanas such as Halaasana, sarvangasana, Matsyaasana can help you stay active in your fat gain ordeal and also improve your appetite.


Over the centuries, people have treated plants

and trees with utmost respect. •

Herbs said to hinder the aging process or its

effects brought herbalism to the forefront during fifteenth century AD.


The ability of herbs to treat physical maladies and psychological disorders further catapulted the popularity of herbal recipes in the medicine and supplement world.


Ayurved Research Foundation has launched the best natural product FitOFat capsules containing

herbs like Safed Musli (Asparagus), Ashwagandha, Aarndakakdi (carica papaya), Chitrak, Makoy,

Nagkesar, Shatavari (another variety of Asparagus), Talmakhana etc.; following the

highest manufacturing standards (GMP).


It is absolutely free from chemicals and is being used by millions across the globe successfully to

increase fat in their slender frames.


FitOFat capsules is the most active herbal formulation that stimulates the human growth hormone or anabolic hormone like testosterone production, stimulates bile flow and digestion, regulates body metabolism, cures dyspepsia and constipation, promotes restful sleep among other

positive effects on conscientiousness and health.

How To Increase Your Fat In A Healthy And Safe Way?  

Food that is low-fat, high-calorie and nutritious such as seeds, nuts, butters, dairy products, starchy vegetables, eggs, whole grains, and...

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