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maRCh – auguSt 2014

Image: Patrick Lynch in Jack and the Beanstalk - 30 - 31 May 2014

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THE INCUBATOR 2014-2016 Developing world class theatre for young audiences

Here at the egg we’re taking time to research, nurture and simmer some brand new pieces of theatre for a young audience. Funded by the leverhulme trust and the esmée fairbairn foundation for a three-year term, The Incubator programme will select artists and theatre companies from across the British Isles and provide optimal conditions for them to experiment in and create new plays. They will be exposed to some of the best children’s theatre in the world, receive innovative and expert training, and be supported and mentored to develop their own pieces of work. The aim of the programme is to encourage more talented artists to write and make for young audiences and ensure this work is the best it can be. So far, pieces in incubation include yorick!, a show for 2 to 5 year olds that places an original spin on Shakespeare’s Hamlet; Bucket list, exploring the experiences of a young person who fears they will die young; my lovely Story, about a playwright whose pen wants to write


its own version of the play; the next door neighbours, where a family listen and imagine what’s happening on the other side; little Sure Shot, the true story of Annie Oakley; and a new choral piece of theatre for 0-18 month old children involving 16 singers. Meet The Incubator Artists selected so far (pictured right, top to bottom): adam Barnard, amy leach, Katherine morley, ed patrick, patrick Sanders and heidi vaughan. watch this space and follow their progress at Don’t miss the work of those Leverhulme Arts Scholars featured in this season: The Winter’s Tale (Heidi Vaughan) - page 7 A Boy and His Box (Patrick Sanders) - page 14 Blast Off! (Ed Patrick) - page 15


Age 6+ Sat 1 March

Bryony Kimmings presents

that CatheRine Bennett Show

Last summer, sick of the pocket-money-stealing, over-sexy and ridiculously similar role-models on offer in pop-music, a 9 year old girl called Taylor, and her Aunty Bryony, decided to take on the global Tween machine at its own game. They invented Catherine Bennett, a new breed of pop star, managed by Taylor and played by Bry. Join them on the weird and wonderful rollercoaster journey of their creation. Expect a wholly empowering tale for young people, with singing, dancing and amazing stories. Based on Bryony Kimmings’s acclaimed Edinburgh Festival hit show, Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model. Times: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students 4

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Shakespeare Unplugged 2014 Age 3+ Sat 1 - Thurs 6 March (Not Sun)

Hoodwink Theatre Company and the egg present

Beneath the tReeS (wheRe noBody SeeS)

A dreamlike theatrical experience in a magical interactive Forest of Arden... Come and play in a forest clearing where fairies and fools, animals and flowers, nature and magic are woven together. A place of transformations, safe experimentations and misrule! A chance to find “tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones and good in everything.” Dress for adventure, go wild!

“Pre-schoolers were entranced and it was hard not to be caught up in the inventiveness of the production” Salisbury Journal on Frozen Forest Times: 10am, 11am, 12 noon, 2pm Tickets: £6 admits one adult and 1 child. Each additional child £3.50. Venue: The Roper Room


Age 11+

Kindly sponsored by Frank and Elizabeth Brenan

Shakespeare Unplugged 2014

Tues 4 - Fri 7 March

A Salisbury Playhouse/BareBones Production

Romeo and Juliet: Unzipped

“First I thought ‘oh shit, Shakespeare’... now I think ‘oh great, Shakespeare” John, aged15 Romeo and Juliet: Unzipped is a specially-created introduction to Shakespeare’s story of young love and its endless possibilities. Key scenes are remixed with biographical detail to create the whirling world of teenage passion. The production examines character and motivation, highlighting Shakespeare’s language, ideas and themes. Suitable for KS3 English and Drama students.

Age 12+ Sun 9 March

Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company presents

King John

How far will you go? The world is not as we know it. The green and pleasant land of England is almost a myth. War and conflict is the norm in every country and children are used as pawns in grown men’s games. Hammerpuzzle’s King John is a 60 minute, highenergy adaptation that captures the dynamic realism of this tragic story, whilst holding on to the heart of Shakespeare’s original text. www. Times: 6pm & 8pm Tickets: £8/£7 children & students

Times: Tues and Fri 10am & 1pm Wed and Thurs 1pm & 7pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 discounts Running time: 70 mins 6

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Shakespeare Unplugged 2014 Age 12+ Thurs 13 - Sat 15 March TRB YPT presents

the winteR’S tale

With the most famous stage direction of all time, The Winter’s Tale is a thriller and fairytale rolled into one. When Leontes, King of Sicilia, becomes convinced his wife, Hermione, is having an affair he is consumed with jealousy. Ill at ease with the world around him, he lashes out at those closest to him, abandoning his daughter to distant Bohemia. Charming, wild and magical, Shakespeare’s masterpiece is imagined afresh in this bold production by the acclaimed Young People’s Theatre.

‘Possibly Shakespeare’s most emotionally complex and breathtakingly theatrical play’ Observer

Times: 7.30pm, Sat Matinee 2.30pm Tickets: £8/£7 children & students Running time: 2 hrs including interval

Image credit: Paul Insect


Age 8+

Age 13+

Wed 26 – Sat 29 March

Wed 2 April

Mouth Open Story Jumps Out

Love&Sex aka Per-mission

Battersea Arts Centre and Polarbear present

Polarbear makes things up; stories, jokes, adventures – a master maker-upper. But where did it all begin? Mouth Open Story Jumps Out is about the moment that started it all, and how one little decision set off a chain reaction that changed his life forever. International assassins, secret codes, dog-eating boa- constrictors and much more fill the hole left when a father disappears and a boy discovers a talent for telling tales.

Times: Fri 10.30am & 1pm Sat 11.30am & 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students Wed & Thurs in schools (contact Creative Learning on 01225 823487) 8

State of Emergency presents

How far will you go? A ground-breaking brand-new dance theatre show. Love&Sex, aka Per-Mission, explores issues of sex, love and consent and confronts the stresses, pressures and emotions surrounding sex while entertaining and inviting audiences to reflect and question their own behaviour and that of others. The show highlights the connection between sexual health and emotional well being. Created by internationally renowned choreographer Colin Poole with an original soundtrack created by twice Grammy nominated Steve Marshall. Times: 7pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Age 6mths -4yrs

Age 2+

Thurs 3 - Sat 5 April

Thurs 10 - Sat 12 April


Not Now Bernard

Turned on its Head presents

In a long forgotten room, two people find friendship, joy and treasures that turn from ordinary to extraordinary in this dazzling new dance show. Watch and play as all that glitters unfolds before your very eyes.

‘The company never fail to immerse the children in a world that jumps and glides and inspires moments of great child-led choreography’ Adel Al-Salloum, Artistic Director, The Spark Times: Thurs 1pm, Fri 10.30am and 1pm, Sat 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

A Unicorn production

“There’s a monster in the garden and it’s going to eat me,” said Bernard. Bernard’s got a problem. He’s found a monster in the back garden and his mum and dad are just too busy to notice. So Bernard tries to befriend the monster... and that doesn’t go quite to plan. Loved by children, adults and monsters for over thirty years, David McKee’s iconic picture-book will be vividly brought to life on stage. Times: 11.30am and 3pm daily Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students


Age 3-5

Age 5+

Mon 14 - Wed 16 April

Mon 14 - Tues 16 April

Mrs McMoon


Katie Cooper, Oliver Harrison and Sam Worboys present

You have been cordially invited to Mrs McMoon’s house for an entertaining tea party. Please bring stupidity, madness and fun. Set in the warm surroundings of her cosy old living room where tea is brewing and the smell of freshlybaked cookies tickles your nostrils. “A cuddle a day keeps the blues away!” says Mrs McMoon. Let a sweet old lady take you by the hand to explore a world of brave and daring adventures.

Katie Cooper, Oliver Harrison and Sam Worboys present

An enchanting theatrical experience about friendship, In Signor Baffo’s lively cafe, the children are in charge... Signor Baffo, a lovable and eccentric chef, serves them up generous helpings of silliness, mischief and adventure. Children will be invited into the café with open arms, though it becomes quickly apparent that things don’t run as smoothly as Signor Baffo might like. Times: 3pm daily Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Times:11.30am & 1.30pm daily Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students Venue: Roper Room


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Age 3+ Sat 19 - Sun 20 April

Hiccup Theatre presents


Follow Pinocchio and his grasshopper friend as they set out on an adventure to find some fun! Now... if only his nose would just stay still! Hiccup Theatre, (Rumpelstiltskin, March 2013) joins forces with acclaimed children’s writer Michael Rosen (We’re going on a Bear Hunt - see page 27) to bring to life a sparkling new version of this classic tale. Live music, puppetry, physical storytelling and longer and longer noses combine in a magical combination for children and their grown ups. Times: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Age 2-5 Thurs 24 - Sun 27 April

Travelling Light Theatre, Bristol Old Vic and Birmingham Rep present

How Cold My Toes

Directed by Sally Cookson Choreographed by Champloo Dance Award-winning Travelling Light pack a whole year into one hour, as this enchanting piece of dance theatre takes you on a magical journey through the seasons. From the seed-sprouting vitality of spring to the frosty frozen fingers of winter, this wordless mix of performance, music, and urban dance will captivate and delight the very youngest children and their families.

 ‘This charming show bursts with a heightened sense of fun’ Guardian Times: Thurs - Fri 10.30am and 1pm Sat - Sun 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students 11

Age 6-11 Thurs 1 - Sat 3 May

Yvon Bonenfant presents


Create windstorms, wolves, baby crocs, and a party, with twisting and bending sounds: all made by you. Tip and tap and click and clack your tongue, and discover the spells your voice can cast. Meet Queen Victor the Fabulous, Bobolo and Big Mouth. Enter their mysterious worlds of patchwork light, bubbling colour and silky sound. Light a vocal fire! A lively romp around your unique voice and the surprising things it can do, starring you… U-lu-zu-zu-la-lia!

Times: Thurs-Fri 10.30am and 1pm Sat 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Age 12+

Age 5+

Wed 7 May

Fri 9 - Sat 10 May

BRight lightS


Léonie Kate Higgins presents

It’s Léonie’s last day. Tomorrow she escapes office drudgery to fulfill her ambition of becoming a wildlysuccessful, internationally-renowned vocal artist. As philosopher R. Kelly once said: “if you can dream it, then you can do it”. Well, she’s dreamt it, and now she’s ready to do it. With looped vocals and percussive stationery, Léonie creates music live on stage as she tells a comic, irreverent and touching story of disappointment, triumph, and things never quite working out the way you might expect.

“Obvious comedic and musical talent” Broadway Baby

www. Times 7pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Theatre Rites presents

Imagine a world that celebrates its rubbish, where at the touch of a puppeteer’s hand, the contents of a bin bag can transform before your eyes. Rubbish is a visually stunning and playful production exploring the unexpected value of discarded objects, from “the outstanding children’s company Theatre‐Rites” (Guardian). Rubbish opens with a large pile of over‐filled bin bags. The audience meets the cast, four excavators, each searching through the piles of rubbish. Out of these bags they discover discarded and unloved rubbish and from each an animated figure is born. Times: Fri 10am & 1pm. Sat 11.30am & 3pm (Fri 10am is a Relaxed Performance - see page 27) Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students Running time: 75 mins 13

Age 6+

Age 4+

Thurs 15 - Sat 17 May

Fri 23 - Sat 24 May

The Jungle Book

A Boy and His Box

Bath Spa University presents

Rudyard Kipling’s magical tale of ‘man-cub’ Mowgli’s adventures in the jungle are brought to life in this all-singing, all-dancing production by graduating Acting and Theatre Production students from Bath Spa University. With new adventures hidden behind every tree, you’ll meet Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther, Kaa the python and many more, as our hero must decide whether he belongs in the world of men or the kingdom of animals. Just make sure you watch out for the terrible tiger, Shere Khan! www. Times: 7pm, Sat Matinee 2pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Replay Theatre presents

Premiered last Christmas in Replay’s PopUp Theatre, A Boy and His Box tells the story of a boy and his box and his vivid imagination! The show delights with live drawing, projection, quirky tunes and some brilliantly ridiculous sound effects. But most of all, it celebrates the amazing world that is a child’s imagination and reminds grown ups that an adventure can begin with the stroke of a pen. For children playing in cardboard boxes everywhere.

‘My son ran home and started to draw… and two days later is still drawing’ Parent Times: Fri 10am and 1pm Sat 11.30 am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Age 4+ Mon 26 May

Kid Carpet in association with the Tobacco Factory and House presents


Kid Carpet and The Noisy Animals - THE biggest band in the world - are back! They are about to blast off into outer-space on a mission to find their brand new sound for their latest hit album. In a super-duper, really, really fast adventure around a rock ‘n’ roll musical universe, our friends encounter noisy planets, cheesed-off nursery-rhyme characters and shooting stars. BLAST OFF! involves some very lo-fi technological wizardry, turning ordinary toys into magical superstars with the aid of a video camera, silliness and live music. Bring your rock-out attitude and your astronaut costume (fancy dress optional!). Times: 11.30am & 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Age 0-2 Mon 26 -Tues 27 May

Ruthie Boycott-Garnett presents

Cello Babies

Welcome to a tiny world of sound... A baby’s first experience of the world is the sound they hear from the womb. They tune in to the tone of their parent’s voices and imitate from the moment they are born, taking their first steps towards talking. Cello Babies is a live performance led by Ruthie Boycott-Garnett; an engaging opportunity for babies to play and be enchanted by the sounds around them, helping them to communicate, explore and create. Times: 10am (0-12 months), 12 noon (1-2 years) 2.30pm (mixed/groups) Tickets: £7.50 (admits one parent and one child) Venue: Roper Room


Age 1-5

Age 3+

Wed 28 - Thurs 29 May

Fri 30 - Sat 31 May

The Boat and the Moon

Jack and the Beanstalk

La Baracca presents

Lyngo Theatre presents

“There was a boat, sailing at sea, but on the moon it wanted to be...”

Fee Fi Fo Fum! It’s a giant of a show, we’d love you to come!

This is the tale of a boat and its dream. It dances with a fish, talks to the stars, plays with a pelican, listens to a whale... It would love to know how to leave the sea and sail to the moon -but the moon is so far away and the boat can’t fly. It tries, and tries, and tries again. In the end, the moon leaves the skies to bathe in the sea.

This classic fairytale now gets the Lyngo treatment so expect lots of surprises, a gripping story and beautiful images as Jack sells his cow for five magic beans and finds himself in the land above the clouds.

A beautifull combination of words, images, sound and music from the Italian company whose previous visits to the egg have included Spot and On/Off. Times: 10.30am 12.30pm & 3pm daily Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students 16

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

It’s a show for everyone – with enormous shoes, tiny houses, showers of silver and gold and a big, leafy explosion! Cbeebie’s Patrick Lynch stars. Times: 11.30 am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Age 9+

Age 8+

Thurs 5 - Sat 7 June

Thurs 12 - Sat 14 June

Wot? No Fish!!

The Pardoner’s Tale

bread&circuses presents

Danny Braverman’s solo show tells the funny and moving true story of how he uncovered the lost art of his great-uncle… In 1926, shoemaker Ab Solomons drew a cartoon on the wage-packet he gave to his wife Celie. He then went on to draw a cartoon weekly throughout their marriage until the early eighties, chronicling the Solomons’ family life through all their ups and downs. Highly acclaimed at last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, this is a captivating journey spanning decades.

 ‘A small gem’ The Times

Tangere Arts presents

Let us introduce you to the Pardoner, a mischievous and mysterious fellow who will try to convince you that he has the world at his fingertips, and that you can too - if you name the right price. With a few theatrical tricks up his sleeve, he’ll tell you the simple tale of three men who set out on a journey to kill Death and get rich quick, a tale that quickly turns sour once temptation stands in their path. Accompanied by a live score of music, songs and intriguing sound effects created from everyday objects, Tangere Arts bring their honest charm and brilliant wit to Chaucer’s 700-year-old tale.

‘So warm-hearted it makes you melt’ Guardian

 ‘Never sinful, always wicked fun’ Guardian


Times: Thurs and Fri 1pm Sat 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Times: Thurs 1pm and 7pm, Fri 10.30am and 1pm, Sat 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students 17

Age 3-6

Age 7+

Sat 21 June

Fri 27 - Sat 28 June

The PoetryJoe Show

1001 Nights

Word Pepper Theatre Company presents

Join PoetryJoe, star of Cbeebie’s Rhyme Rocket, performer, writer and – of course! – poet, in his lightup, pop-up world of fabulous foods, beastly bugs and peculiar pets. Armed with his trusty overhead projector and props, pop-ups and pictures of John O’Leary, PoetryJoe introduces lots of new friends, including a naughty but nice hamster, a cheating cheetah, and a whole family made out of paper and light. This is a fun-packed, interactive family show incorporating elements of magic lantern, shadow puppetry and live poetry. Take part in the fun and learn how to make your very own poems that glow. Times: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students 18

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

A Transport/Unicorn production

1001 Nights collects some of the greatest folk tales ever told. Shahrazad - a lively young girl, torn between her old home in the East and her new life in England - retells the extraordinary stories to her new-found friend, who understands not a single word she says. Using the things she finds around her, Shahrazad fashions saucepans into crowns, old pipes into enchanted telescopes and a mop into a magic carpet to transport us to a fantastical and imagined world of kings, viziers, and jinns. Devised and directed by Douglas Rintoul, this show was nominated for an Off West End Award - Best Production for Young People. Times: Fri 1.30pm and 7pm Sat 11.30 am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Age 12+

Age 9+

Wed 2 July

Sat 5 - Sun 6 July

The tiger and the moustache

The Imaginaries

Saikat Ahamed presents

The egg YPT presents

Born on the very first day of a new nation, Hashi, the girl who always smiles, grew up surrounded by flying tigers in the Sunderban jungle.

Casper and Morgan are best friends. Until now they’ve been inseparable, but Morgan is growing up. Desperate to keep his friend as she begins to forget about him, Casper is catapulted into a strange new world of dragons, junkyards, and lost friendship.

In The Tiger and The Moustache, Saikat Ahamed traces the journey of Hashi, his mother, and the emerging nation of Bangladesh. From East London to East Bengal, taking in Birmingham, Germany and Glasgow, the story of Bangladesh is woven together through storytelling, theatre, live music, dance and humour.

Written by Theatre Royal Bath YPT member Gemma Dunnell as part of the Out of Their Minds showcase in 2013, The Imaginaries has been developed, directed and performed by YPT members for this premiere. This evocative and charming story asks what happens to our imaginary friends when we forget about them?

‘Ahamed gives a fire cracker of a performance ’ WhatsOnStage

Times: Sat 11.30am, 3pm and 7pm Sun 2pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Times: 1pm and 7pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students Running time: 75 mins


Age 10+ Wed 27 – Sun 31 August

Storm on the Lawn 2014 presents

RoBin hood

For all those in thrall to the legend of Atlantis, the cut and thrust of The Musketeers, and The Hunger Games fever, this thrilling adventure promises swashbuckling with a 21st century edge. Robin Hood is a classic story that speaks to our time: an outlaw who breaks the law to be true to a higher authority. Deep in the Forest of Sherwood, a band of lionhearted bandits are gathering, ready to do battle in the name of vengeance and love… As the 18th century Ball Court at Prior Park College is transformed into the Sheriff of Nottingham’s castle, you are invited to join the outlaws and the upper crust for a spectacular production. Sixty young people will be led by the egg’s professional team, to create a dazzling piece of outdoor theatre featuring thrilling sword fights, archery, marauding and adventure. Please wear warm clothing – it can get nippy – and bring a cushion! There is a licensed bar and you are welcome to feast in the grounds from 90 minutes before the performance.

Weds, Thurs & Sun 8pm Fri and Sat 5pm & 9pm Tickets: £13/£9 children & students Venue: Ball Court, Prior Park College, Bath 20

Storm on the Lawn is kindly supported by Prior Park College

Storm on the lawn Summer School 2014 -

RoBin hood

monday 11th – Sunday 31st august If you’re a teenager and you want to make theatre – this is the place to do it. Our annual summer school for actors and backstage crew takes place over three weeks culminating in seven public performances of Robin Hood in the 18th century Ball Court at Prior Park College. Working with the egg’s professional team, unleash your inner archer and be part of this 21st century swashbuckling tour-de-force.

theatre Royal Bath’s

young people’S theatRe

Share your passion for making theatre either on stage or off!

ypt acting - 9-18 yrs ypt Backstage - 12-18 yrs plaCeS availaBle! Apply and book now by calling 01225 823409

acting places (for ages 12 – 21): £350 Backstage places (for ages 14 – 21): £150 financially-assisted places available. To request an application pack or for further information please contact: or call: 01225 823409 21

Out-of-School g g Activities





18mths - 4yrs

£65 per term

An interactive morning session of drama, craft, music and movement for pre-schoolers and their carers.


5 - 9yrs

£75 per term

An opportunity to develop communication skills and creativity in a fun and relaxed environment.

25 April - 4 July Age 18 mths - 2 ½ yrs: Fridays 10am - 10.45am Age 2 ½ - 4 yrs: Fridays 11.15am-12pm Saturdays 10.30-11.15am

24 April - 5 July Age 5 - 6: Saturdays 11.30am -1pm Age 7 - 9: Thursdays 4pm - 5.30pm Saturdays 1.30pm - 3pm

Dinkies Story Time


8 - 11yrs

£75 per term

Join Jackie and Pooja from our ever-popular Dinkies group as they bring your favourite books to life in this fun storytelling session for pre-schoolers and their parents.

Explore street, hip-hop and creative dance in this fun and friendly session. This term will end with a ‘Big Dance’ performance at the egg and in the city centre!

6 March - Guess How Much I Love You? 19 June - The Very Hungry Caterpillar 17 July - The Snail and the Whale

28 April - 14 July (Excludes Bank Holidays) Age 8 -11: Mondays 4pm - 5.30pm

Times: 10am and 11am All Tickets: £2.50 NB: All audience members require a ticket


Dinkies activities are kindly sponsored by Monkton Combe School. Monkton will be hosting extra story-time sessions at the school on: 1 March (2pm) The Tiger Who Came To Tea & 26 April (2pm) We’re Going On A Bear Hunt To book a free place please email:

SummeR SChoolS Mon 4 – Fri 8 Aug

wild wild weSt Sat 9 Aug

undeRwateR odySSey Come to meet us under the sea as we take inspiration from children’s book Twinkle, Twinkle, Squiglet Pig using dance and drama to swim the coral reefs and play with jellyfish, an octopus and maybe some crabs! 10am-11am £7 admits one child and one carer

2 - 4yrs

Mon 28 July – Fri 1 Aug

10am -2pm £85

Join us for a magical week of wicked wizardry, feisty fairies and mystical monsters in this week of morning workshops at the egg, creating characters through craft, drama and play. 5 - 6yrs

7 - 9yrs

Wed 23 – Fri 25 July

danCe in outeR SpaCe To infinity and beyond! Explore the galaxy as we travel through hip-hop, slow-mo and robotic moves and create a supernova performance to share on stage! 10-1pm £50

magiCal, mythiCal, myStiCal

10am-12noon £65

Yee-haw! Get your cowboy and cowgirl hats ready as we travel across the Wild West exploring the law of the land. Saddle up and get your lasso around some drama and music skills this week at the egg!

8 - 11yrs

Mon11 – Fri 15 Aug

pop-up play Create a play-in-a-week and perform on the egg stage! Starting with a blank stage and no script, come and devise a play from scratch that will be inspired by the stories of well-loved author Michael Morpurgo. 10am-4pm £95

10 - 12yrs

Financially assisted places available To request an application pack or for further information please email or call egg reception 01225 823409.


foR SChoolS


JunioR appRentiCe weeK

november 2014

the alternative work experience event!

Open to all GCSE, AS, A2 Drama & Dance and BTEC Performing Arts groups. A fantastic opportunity to showcase your devised work in a professional setting, amongst other school groups in a festival format. Contact us to find out more or to express your interest for the Autumn season.

Sign up for the work experience with a difference at the egg; get hands-on experience of producing a live event as well as some amazing contacts in the business.

to Book: Call Creative learning on 01225 823487 or email

Placements are available Monday 7th – Friday 11th July and Monday 14th -18th July 2014 Contact Creative learning for an application from. Junior Apprentice weeks are supported by:

Show-Related woRKShopS

in the egg

in the main house

per-mission 2 April, see page 8 wot? no fish!! 5 - 7 June. see page 17 the pardoners tale 12-14 June, see page 17

pygmalion 24 - 29 March moon on a Rainbow Shawl 1-5 April under milk wood 5 - 10 May ‘tis pity She’s a whore 2 - 7 June


Please contact Creative Learning: for more information on main house productions visit:

For Schools EGG Resources and Workshops

Specially devised to support the curriculum

Post-Show Online Resource Pack

Curriculum Topic Workshops

Available to download from the website and bursting with ways that teachers in KS1 & KS2 can maximise a visit to the egg: Part one helps the children reflect on what they have experienced and part two contains lots of suggestions for linking their responses into specific areas of learning. Download from relevant show pages:

Work with an egg practitioner for a oneoff session or a series of workshops: Myths & Fables KS1 Explore traditional tales using a cross-curricular approach through drama, music, art and literacy.

The Ancient Greeks KS2

Enrich your learning

Through the use of masks and choral work, learn about the importance of theatre in Ancient Greek culture and explore the classical themes of comedy, tragedy and satire.

Literacy Enrichment Workshop KS 1 & KS 2

Introduction to Shakespeare KS2&3

Link this active workshop to a production at the egg or a book you are reading in class. With a specific focus on extending vocabulary and enjoying language the session will explore the use of descriptive text, dialogue and character voice.

This workshop for children in years 6-9 introduces Shakespeare in a fun and interactive environment. Using either Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Macbeth, you will explore the themes of the play and how Shakespeare’s use of language translates into stage action.

Creative Writing Skills KS 2 Learn about how a play uses narrative, settings, characters, atmosphere and dialogue to create its own unique world and story. This workshop will help children to appreciate the richness of descriptive language and begin a journey towards writing play scripts, prose and poetry.

To book

For more information or to book for any of our schools projects contact: Creative Learning on 01225 823487 or email:


Schools Programme Sponsors The egg benefits from the support of several companies whose contribution helps us offer more opportunities to schools and young people in Bath and beyond:

Hall & Woodhouse “Hall & Woodhouse opened in Bath in 2010. We think that when you move to a new town you should join in with the community so we are delighted to support the egg in its work to extend cultural opportunities to young people across the region” David Hoare, Retail Director

Mogers Solicitors “Mogers are proud to sponsor Junior Apprentice Weeks, the egg’s work experience programme. The initiative gives young people a real insight into how a professional theatre operates and the career opportunities that exist beyond those acting on the stage” Steven Treharne, Managing Partner

Make a gift to the egg “If one single child is excluded from art, we are all the poorer for it” Lyn Gardner, Guardian Theatre Critic, 2013 The egg theatre believes every child has the right to enjoy and participate in the arts. To help us make this happen we need your support. Every gift makes a big difference.

Donate by searching for ‘the egg theatre’ at: Make cheques payable to: The Egg @ Theatre Royal Bath and return to: Development, Theatre Royal Bath, Sawclose, Bath. BA1 1ET. Pick up a Support Us leaflet in the egg café. 26

Box office hours: Main Box Office Monday – Saturday 10am – 8pm Sunday 12 noon – 8pm – only when there is a show Bank Holidays 12noon – 8pm egg reception 9am – 6pm (including Bank Holidays when there is a show) where is the egg? the egg theatre is attached to the Theatre Royal Bath and Ustinov Studio. The entrance to the egg is between Stage Door and the Ustinov entrance, on the corner of Monmouth Street and St John’s Place. payment: A Booking Fee will apply. For all transactions of £15 or more the fee will be a total of £2.50, regardless of how many tickets are booked. For all transactions under £15 the fee will be £1. Payment by Credit Card is not accepted for transactions of less than £5.

for certain performances only. All patrons including infants must have a valid ticket. access to the egg: • Nearby parking space for Blue Badge Holders • Level access into building • Lift to all levels • Adapted toilets • Sennheiser Infra-Red Audio System in auditorium • Hearing & Guide Dogs allowed • Wheelchair spaces in the Stalls only Accompanying persons pay discounted price • Breast Feeding Friendly • Tickets and Information available on 01225 823409/ 448844 and on the Minicom: 01225 329689 • Signed Performances available on request. Must be booked one month in advance Email:

By Post: The Theatre will adjust the total figure if your calculations are incorrect. A postage charge of £1 will be addded to all bookings sent without a SAE. Please do not transmit credit/debit card through email system, as internet connections are not neccesarily secure.

• Relaxed performances - Open to everyone, but specifically adapted for children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, individuals with sensory and communication disorders, those with learning disabilities and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

information: All plays are performed in English and take place in the egg auditorium unless otherwise stated. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The recommended age ranges for shows are for your guide only. We suggest you stick as closely to them as possible for the benefit of the audience members. Lap seats £1 for infants aged 0 -2 years - available

the egg: 01225 823409 Theatre Royal Bath Box Office: 01225 448844 Online Booking: theatre Royal Bath, Sawclose, Bath Ba1 1et

diReCt fRom a weSt end SeaSon and inteRnational touR! main house - wednesday 28th may – Sunday 1st June

Adapted from the picture book written by michael Rosen and illustrated by helen oxenbury

Diary Sat1 March THAT CATHERINE BENNETT SHOW Age 6 mths - 5yrs Sat 1 - Thurs 6 March BENEATH THE TREES Tues 4 - Fri 7 March ROMEO AND JULIET UNZIPPED Age 4 + Thurs 6 March GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU? Age 8 + Sun 9 March KING JOHN For older audiences Thurs 13 - Sat 15 March THE WINTER’S TALE For specific age guidance see Wed 26 - Sat 29 March Mouth open story jumps out show pages Wed 2 April PER-MISSION Thurs 3 - Sat 5 April SHINY Thurs 10 - Sat 12 April NOT NOW BERNARD Mon 14 - Tues 15 April BAFFO Mon 14 - Wed 16 April MRS MCMOON Sat 19 - Sun 20 April PINOCCHIO Thurs 24 - Sun 27 April HOW COLD MY TOES Thurs 1 - Sat 3 May ULUZUZLALIA Wed 7 May BRIGHT LIGHTS Fri 9 - Sat 10 May RUBBISH Plenty of pushchair space Thurs 15 - Sat 17 May THE JUNGLE BOOK and a play area at the Fri23 - Sat 24 May A BOX AND HIS BOX ultimate family-friendly Mon 26 - Tues 27 May CELLO BABIES venue - perfect for a light Mon 26 May BLAST OFF! lunch, a snack, cake or the Wed 28 - Thurs 29 May THE BOAT AND THE MOON best coffee in town! Open Fri 30 - Sat 31 May JACK AND THE BEANSTALK daily (except Sundays). Thurs 5 - Sat 7 June WOT? NO FISH!! Thurs 12 - Sat 14 June THE PARDONER’S TALE Private Hires Thurs 19 June THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR The egg auditorium and The Roper Room are available for Sat 21 June THE POETRYJOE SHOW hire to private and voluntary Fri 27 - Sat 28 June 1001 NIGHTS sector organisations, for Wed 2 July THE TIGER AND THE MOUSTACHE meetings, corporate hospitality and private parties, for further Sat 5 - Sun 6 July THE IMAGINARIES information email: Thurs 17 July THE SNAIL AND THE WHALE Wed 27 - Sun 31 August ROBIN HOOD

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the egg march- sept 2014  
the egg march- sept 2014