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INSIDE 2021 State Convention. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Merchandise Order Form. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Centennial Celebration Tree & Bench Dedication. . . 5 Becoming an Instructor at the DGE School. . . . . . . . . 6 Members Attend Leadership Institute. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Centennial Celebration Underway. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Happy 100th Anniversary Wisconsin Lions. . . . . . . . . 7 Wisconsin Lions Foundation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Lions Pride Endowment Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 27-A1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 27-A2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 27-B1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 27-B2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 27-C1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 27-C2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 27-D1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 27-D2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 27-E1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 27-E2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Memorials & Honorariums . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Award Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired Awards. . . 32

Celebrating the Beginning of the Lions 100-Year Anniversary at the 2021 Wisconsin Lions State Convention in Green Bay The Theme of the Convention was “Marching Into the Next Century” The MD27 Lions State Convention was held in Green Bay from May 1315, 2021. This was a special event as the Wisconsin Lions are celebrating the beginning of their 100-year anniversary. The theme of the convention, “Marching Into The Next Century,” recognized this achievement. It challenged us to look forward to new accomplishments! The 27-B2 host clubs of Bellevue, Denmark and Kaukauna put together a great convention. With the COVID-19 pandemic, planning for and holding a convention was in doubt as COVID-19 made every gathering questionable. When the first vaccines became available, the host clubs became optimistic and anticipated that by May, we would be able to meet once again. Following local guidelines, the convention was planned with a maximum of 400 registrants that could be safely distanced.

Friday morning was busy with registration check in and meetings. Although masks were in place, the enthusiasm of seeing fellow Lions could not be hidden. All were eager to share our experiences with Lions we had not seen for over a year. The opening luncheon began with the marching in of flags representing our country, state and organization carried by the Immediate Past District Governors. Mistress of Ceremonies Council Chair Geri Schlender welcomed all. Each District had a reserved table for the Immediate Past District Governor, the District Governor and the Vice District Governor to sit. Last year’s Governors did not get to experience a state convention, so their participation at this year’s convention was encouraged.

Opening Golf Outing and Luncheon

Our speaker for the luncheon was Professor Tom Thibodeau, who teaches the principles of Servant Leadership at Viterbo University. He energized the group with his message of service and working with others. He pointed out that the service work done by Lions gives joy and satisfaction to those who help others. Nine seminars were available covering a variety of topics. Various updates were provided by Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin and the current cancer initiatives team. Information on the need for Leo Clubs and how to welcome and include the Lioness within our Lions Clubs was available. Seminars were held on learning new fundraising techniques and tips on

The opening Golf Outing took place at Royal St. Patrick’s Golf Course in Wrightstown. Over 90 golfers teed off and enjoyed the sunny weather. There were your usual hole challenges and raffles. Royal St. Patrick’s has a 19th hole where the prize was a zero-turn lawn mower for a hole in one. Lion Tom Nelson of Crivitz used his skill well and took home the lawnmower!

2 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

Riveting Speakers and Relevant Topics

how to navigate through MyLion and MyLCI. And a domestic violence survivor gave a presentation about her experience. A seminar favorite was a panel discussion with Lions Camp participants. Landon Raddant attended camp and described his experiences as a diabetic. The youngest camper was Hayden Helf, who currently attends camp with the deaf and hard-of-hearing. This was Hayden’s first experience speaking before a group. Lion Katie Knott attended camp several years ago and filled us in on her activities. We are all aware that the campers enjoy their time at camp but Katie reminded us that this gave her parents a time for each other as well. Phillip and Morgan Potter met at Lions Camp as counselors, which eventually led to their marriage. Phillip is now the Assistant Camp Director at Wisconsin Lions Camp. Their experiences at Lions Camp led them to seek careers working with those physically challenged.

The Roaring 20’s The Friday hospitality theme was the Roaring 20’s. Flapper dressed women with headbands and some spiffy looking gentlemen enjoyed the free beer and soda. Lions played bingo and spent the evening hours visiting with Lions friends. There was a lively bidding competition for a fire ring which was auctioned.

Award Presentations and the Closing Banquet At the Saturday morning business meeting Leadership and Presidential awards were presented by the 2VP Brian Sheehan and the MD27 Past International Directors. One state award presented was the Helmer Lecy Sight Service Award. PID Helmer Lecy’s legacy lives on through this annual recognition. Lion Lonny Lecy, PID Helmer’s son, presented

the award to PDG John Jenson from District D1. Also present were Helmer’s wife, Myrtle Lecy, and his daughter Janis Cada. The guest speaker at the Saturday luncheon was 2nd International Vice-President Brian Sheehan from Bird Island, Minnesota. VicePresident Sheehan encouraged us to continue inviting new members. He shared video clips to highlight his message. His attire included jog shorts and penguin slippers as a reminder that even though we have been socially distanced, we continue to do great work while at home in our shorts and slippers. The closing banquet began with another march with the MD27 Past International Directors and 2VP Brian Sheehan. Council Chair Geri Schlender introduced the head table and Vice President Sheehan shared information on LCIF and Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service. He reminded us of the global impact we have through our Foundation. There was a transition ceremony for the outgoing and incoming District Governors and Council Chairs hosted by PID Connie LeCleir-Meyer. As the convention ended, with the traditional “receiving line” of congratulations, everyone was grateful for the time together and eager to conquer the challenges that face us as we head into the next century.

#41 The 18th Lion from Wisconsin to serve on the International Board, and the first female from Wisconsin to have that role, was Lion Karla Harris from the South Milwaukee Lions Club. She served as District A1 Governor in 2011, Council Chair in 2012, and was elected to serve on the International Board of Directors on 7/9/2013 in Hamburg, Germany at the 96th Convention. She was a member of the Executive Committee and helped to develop the widely viewed Lions Rap video. She died on 11/1/2017.


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4 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

MD27 CONTACTS COUNCIL CHAIR: Stacey Nesseth 560 W. Kinne Ellsworth, WI 54011 715-307-1954 IMMEDIATE PAST INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR: Connie LeCleir-Meyer (Michael) N971 910th St Mondovi, WI 54755 507-450-9739 STATE OFFICE: Amber Young, Office Manager 3834 County Rd A Rosholt, WI 54473 715-677-4764 LIONS EYE BANK OF WISCONSIN: Stacey Troha, CEO 5003 Tradewinds Parkway Madison, WI 53718 608-233-2354 WISCONSIN LIONS FOUNDATION OFFICE: Evett J. Hartvig, Exec. Dir. 3834 County Road A Rosholt, WI 54473 877-463-6953 ehartvig@wlf. info LIONS PRIDE ENDOWMENT FUND OFFICE: Geri Schlender, Exec. Dir. 3834 County Road A Rosholt, WI 54473 715-677-7000

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Centennial Celebration Committee Commemorates 100+ Years with Tree and Bench Dedication One of Lions Clubs International five areas of focus is the Environment. To help commemorate our 100th anniversary, and to leave a legacy for the next 100+ years, the Centennial Celebration Committee planned for a tree planting and park bench and plaque placement at the Heritage Hill State Park in Green Bay on Thursday, May 13th. How fitting to be at Heritage Hill State Park, a 56-acre living history museum on the banks of the Fox River. It is devoted to the preservation of buildings and artifacts and interpretation of history with a focus on the impact on Wisconsinites. Over 40 fellow Lions gathered for this ceremony, including Lion Lori Sheehan, spouse of 2nd Vice President Brian Sheehan, from Bird Island, Minnesota. Lion Lori spoke about the importance of the environment and expressed gratitude on behalf of herself and 2VP Brian of being included in the ceremony and for Wisconsin Lions being advocates of the protection and appreciation of the environment in such a beautiful way.

Also attending was Lion Anita LeCleir from the Mondovi Lions Club, who is the MD27 Environmental Chairperson. Lion Anita spoke about the importance of the environment in Wisconsin, and how Lions have already planted over 33,000 trees. Lion Sue Selner from the Denmark Lions Club shared with us how the Maple tree and site were selected, and Lion Dave Sievert explained the significance of the accompanying centennial plaque. Also attending were representatives from the Husky Heart and Hands Leos Club, Annika Damkot, Leah Steffen, and Abby Voss, as well as Lion Al Depies, their Advisor, to speak about the process their Club utilized to gather 500 pounds of recycled plastics that went towards creation of the bench. With a ceremonial scissors, Council Chair Geri Schlender and Council Chair Elect Stacey Nesseth cut the ribbon connecting the tree and bench. Lion Lori Sheehan and Lion Anita LeCleir ceremoniously watered the tree using old watering cans that had the centennial logo affixed to the front.


WisconsinLion 5 Wisconsin

Becoming an Instructor at the DGE School BY CONNIE LECLEIR-MEYER

be en held. D GE School was scheduled to be delivered in tw o installments over 4 days: Days 1-3 would be face-to-face training in St. Charles and Day 4 would be at the International Convention location. As it turned out, that was about to change! In October, we received notice that due to continuing health concerns related to COVID, the face-to-face training scheduled for St. Connie LeCleir Meyer with Council Chair-elect Charles would now and recent Lions Leadership Award recipient, be virtual using a Stacey Nesseth and International Second Vice new type of learning President Brian Sheehan. platform and Zoom! The curriculum 2016 approved, for the first time, developed by the LCI Leadership a fixed location and time frame Development Team was shared for DGE School, that being in St. with us in July. It had to be Charles, Illinois in February, which modified due to the delivery was apart from the International method change, and learning Convention where it had always became centralized through the Lions Learning Center, a learning platform called Chime, and Zoom. 1VDG/DGEs were sent the learning materials by mail and were also provided with a link to PDF copies. Each 1VDG/DGE was given a virtual Learning Path in the Lions Learning Center that consisted of webinars on leadership topics distributed over three phases to be BY BERT FREEMAN completed before the actual start Four Wisconsin 1VDGE Lions had an of the training. The instructors opportunity to be a part of a team of 26 had several meetings during this Lions Leaders attending ALLI (Advanced time frame to become familiar Lions Leadership Institute) in Atlanta, with the modified materials, Georgia, May 14-16. Attending this 3-day understand the changes to the event was 27A1 David Stedman, 27A2 delivery method, learning the new Bert Freeman, 27C1 Phillip Hollis, and platform and becoming familiar 27B1 David Brinkman with Zoom. We had to learn all of Wisconsin Lions were the 2nd largest state in attendance (with 4 Lions), that before the 1VDG/DGEs did! Texas being the largest at 5 Lions leaders. The classes were taught by PID In August 2020, I received my Joe Potts of South Carolina and Tammera Sears of Georgia. A total of list of 27 students (6 female), 20+ hours of class time in 3 days, covering everything from Leadership who represented the US, Canada, Fundamentals, Conflict Resolution, Project Management, Promoting Australia, Northern Mariana Lions Images, Developing Extraordinary Teams and lastly, LCIF Grants. Islands and the Philippines. We What was suggested by PID Joe Potts was to attend other District called ourselves Group 20 Proud! Conventions in your state and neighboring states in your term as 1VDG That dynamic would change as for creative convention ideas. And the importance of mentoring new lions time went on: one District didn’t in order to feed the leadership pipeline. have a 1VDG/DGE until late “Our time in Atlanta was very positive, rewarding and we strongly March 2021; one District lost their suggest future 2VDG attend this informative Lions event.” DGE to death in December 2020 In June 2020 I was honored to have been appointed by First Vice President Doug Alexander to be an instructor at the 2020-2021 District Governor Elect Training Program (DGE School). Most aren’t aware of what this entails, so I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my experiences. This journey started with a phone call from 1VP Doug Alexander in mid-June 2020 asking if I would be willing to serve in this leadership capacity. Of course I said yes, and from that moment on, I became part of a unique group of 29 other instructors who worked with 1VDG/DGEs all over the world to give them preparatory training in 12 languages in a virtual format on their journey to become District Governors. Once the confirmation letter came, it was a whirlwind of activity, heading right into the middle of the COVID pandemic! For perspective, the International Board of Directors in

Members Attend Advanced Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI) in Atlanta

6 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

and a quick appointment had to be made; one 1VDG was not voted in at their convention but was later appointed; one DGE joined another Group as it was more in tune with their primary language; one DGE joined another Group as their work schedule wouldn’t allow them to attend evening meetings which was when our training was held; one DGE had an accident and would up with lost fingers, which made it difficult to do much of anything. Lots of change! To bring richness to the communication that needed to occur with our diverse Group, we created a private Facebook page and set up monthly Zoom meetings to practice in the virtual learning space and become familiar with the Zoom tools. We also wanted to get to know each other better. Bonding is so important for 1VDG/ DGEs, sharing ups/downs and celebrating success, however we realized that change would make that almost impossible in the normal way. We took advantage of all opportunities to come together. Time zones were a challenge, but we overcame that obstacle with technology – holding virtual meetings and recording them so all could hear the same thing. Group 20 Proud started their actual training on April 19, 2021 and continued every Monday evening for a minimum of two hours through May 24, 2021. Their last day of training will be during the International Convention. Group 20 Proud affirmed that they felt ready to begin their leadership journey and were looking forward to a day when they could all meet each other in person. Being a part of helping someone develop their leadership skills was such a wonderful thing for me to be part of. I will always remember the experience, remember the excitement, remember the Group members and seeing their growth happen overnight. We plan to stay in touch, and I plan to follow their Lions career, as I now know what they are capable of!

Left: Centennial Memorial Tree and bench dedication ribbon cutting at Heritage Hill State Park by CC Geri Schlender & CCE Stacey Nesseth. Center: Centennial Memorial Tree dedication watering by spouse of 2nd VP Brian Sheehan, Lori and Lion Anita LeCleir

Centennial Celebration Underway Wisconsin’s Fourth Lions Club BY PDG DAVE SIEVERT, WISCONSIN LIONS CENTENNIAL CHAIR

The Wisconsin Lions Centennial Committee made a great impression at the MD27 Convention held in Green Bay, May 13-15 at the KI Convention Center. First of all, a huge Thank You to Convention Chair PDG Sue Selner and her committee for organizing a great convention. The Centennial committee started off with the Dedication of Centennial Memorial Tree and a Memorial plastic bench at the Heritage Hill State Park on Webster Ave., Thursday, May 13th at 1:30pm. The 30-minute program included our International Guest MC, Lori Sheehan (wife of 2nd VP Brian Sheehan), three of the Husky Hands and Hearts Leo’s club, and an advisor from New Holstein who donated the bench and gave a brief presentation. The Lions of Wisconsin donated the tree that was placed across from the Blacksmith shop and near the gazebo. The program concluded with a ribbon cutting and tree watering. We had a 2,000 sq.ft. display room at the Convention where the Centennial Committee had 17 tables and three pull-up banners. There was an amazing amount of Memorabilia brought in by several Lions and clubs. The environmental tables gave out bare-root Maple trees, flower seed packets and lots of environmental flyers and materials. The three pullup banners were a huge hit!

Steve and Elizabeth Zambo from Salty Earth Pictures were on hand all weekend doing interviews of Lions, taking pictures and short videos. They did share the first draft of two videos at the Luncheon. There is a lot of interest in getting the final versions to take back to clubs and districts. A highlight was that 2nd VP Brian Sheehan inducted them into the Fort Atkinson Lions Club. They knew very little about Lions before this project, but became ‘hooked’ and wanted to be a part of our great organization. The Wisconsin Lions Centennial Magazine was available with the registrations, which fostered lots of positive compliments. The fourth Lions Club Chartered was the Sheboygan Lions Club, chartered January 30, 1922 with 37 members. At the time of their charter the Lions District included Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin. In 1938, just the Wisconsin Lions Clubs became District 27. The 1930’s saw projects such as assistance in raising $250,000 for a new hospital, participating in a harbor improvement project, helping the American Legion with an employment drive, distributing Christmas baskets for poor families and holding a home Christmas decorating contest. The Sheboygan Lions campaigned for and obtained a city ordinance dealing with protection of the blind using white canes.

Today, the Sheboygan Evening Lions are involved in Children’s Projects such as the Right to Read, Reading Action Program, Feed Our Hungry Children food distribution, Stuff the Bus, Safe Harbor, Coats for Kids, Lions Quest Program, hearing loss preventions and vision screening. They welcomed their

first two Lady Lions in 93/94 and today 22% of their membership are women. One of their prominent members, PDG Herb Schneider, served many positions beyond the club level and was recognized with a LCI Ambassador Key award for sponsoring 150 members into Lions.

Happy 100th Anniversary Wisconsin Lions! BY COUNCIL CHAIR STACEY NESSETH 2021-2022

As we all know this past year has been a challenge to say the least. We have found ways to hold meetings, hold fundraisers and serve our communities in ways that we had not thought of before. Well it was no different for this year’s District Governors, instead of spending a week in person training with fellow 1st Vice District Governors from around the world, they have been spending many weekends meeting via ZOOM. The Lions International convention was also canceled as an in person event but will be held online the weekend of June 25th – 29th, what a great opportunity for each and every Lion to participate. As you read this Wisconsin Lions issue the District Governors are finishing their training which is being held at our Wisconsin Lions Camp. This year’s MD27 District Governors are a great group of people and look forward to serving the Lions of Wisconsin as we move into the next 100 years of Lionism. I am looking forward to serving as MD27’s Council Chair this next year. Feel free to contact me with any concerns. Let’s move into this 100th year of service with new ideas for service and fundraising for our communities.


WisconsinLion 7 Wisconsin

Wisconsin Lions Foundation 715-677-4969 | 877-463-6953 | |

Message from the WLF President BY WLF PRESIDET DARREL BLANK

Welcome to a new and hopefully more normal year of Lionism. I am Darrel Blank and I am a member of the Grafton Lions. I am honored to serve as your WLF President for the 2021-2022 Lion year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our departing Directors – Lion Renee Peterson from A2, PDG Shirley Lemke from C2, IPDG Steve Jensen the State Council Representative, and Lioness Julie Baglama, the last Lioness representative to serve on the Board. Unfortunately, there will no longer be Lioness representatives, so I would like to thank all of the Lioness representatives that have served over the years. They have been a valuable asset on the Board of Directors. I would like to welcome our new Directors – Lion Joe Hackett from A2, Lion Patty Krug from C2, and DG Bill Anderson, this year’s State Council Representative. I would also like to thank IPP Lion Mary Vrieze for doing a wonderful job in a difficult year. Some upcoming events include the Birch-Sturm Golf Outing on July 17th. Come and join us on the golf course. If you’re not a golfer, it’s a perfect time to volunteer. Then, on August 14th we have the Hustle S’more which is back to the original format, a 15K bike ride, 10K run, 5K run/walk, and the popular Donut Dash. The Camp for Kids Raffle drawing will take place on September 10, at 1:30pm. I am sorry to say that we will not have any visitor days at the Camp, but there are plans to have virtual tours on the website. Camp this year will be limited to 100 campers per week. We are doing this to help protect campers and workers. The eyeglass recycling should pick up again, not because we didn’t recycle, but it was difficult to get the glasses to the recycling center. Without conventions and club meetings it was difficult for clubs to get the glasses to Camp. Vision screening should also pick up in the fall when schools start to open up for in-class learning, thus allowing us into schools to do the screenings. Let’s hope for a return to “normal” and another great Lion year.

Don’t forget to sign up to golf in the


Saturday, July 17th at the beautiful Glacier Wood Golf Course in Iola Deadline to sign up is July 9th. Cost to golf is $90 that includes driving range, green fees, golf cart, dinner and lots of prizes. Check out to get all the details and form to sign up.

8 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

Lions STRIDE and Scavenger Hunt at 2021 State Convention The STRIDES Event at our 2021 State Convention at the Ki Center in Green Bay looked a bit different this year. Attendees had a choice of participating in the traditional walk, or find 10 informational signs about each district accompanied by vital Diabetes information that were placed around the convention center. Tickets were given to each participant to place in a bucket by the signs for prizes donated by state businesses and Lions. The scavenger hunt was the idea of Schofield Lion and the 27-C1 Diabetes Chairperson Sandy Kozlowski. The STRIDES Committee consisted of : 27-A1 WLF Director/Diabetes Committee Chairperson Lion Tracy De Angelis, 27-C1 Diabetes Chairperson Lion Sandy Kozlowski, 27-D1 Diabetes Chairperson Lion Jill Kietzke and WLF Administrative Assistant Lion Liz Shelley. Together our committee brainstormed ways to make the STRIDES Event accessible to ALL convention attendees. This was successfully accomplished by having a n “o p e n f o r m a t ” to participate in the STRIDES Event; Friday hours were noon to 7pm, Saturday hours were 8am to 12 noon. 57 convention attendees participated in this year’s STRIDES Event. $310 was raised from donations that will be forwarded to Lions Camp for the Diabetes Camp weeks. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who par ticipated in the STRIDES Event, everyone who volunteered at the STRIDES table, 27C1 District Governor Lion John Zimmer for updating the STRIDES waiver, and to Redetzke Design for creating the “I Stride For” flyers. Together we are continually “Reaching, Touching and Improving” the lives of those WE SERVE!

Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin 877-233-2354 | |

LEBW Announces Board Chair Emily C. Lyons 7th Annual Memorial Golf Outing Saturday, July 10, 2021 Old Hickory Golf Course, Beaver Dam • Proceeds benefit Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin, UW-Organ and Tissue Donation, Restoring Hope Transplant House, and the Emily C. Lyons Memorial Scholarship fund. • For more information visit, ONyBei4k or and then search “Emily C. Lyons.” • Contact Michele Brooks at if you have questions.

2021 LEBW Annual Meeting Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 5pm Virtual Meeting • RSVP to Kasey Schmitz at or 877.233.2354, ext. 212.

Virtual LEBW Transporter Training/Updates Friday, July 2, at 1pm Saturday, July 24, at 10am Virtual Training • RSVP to Kasey Schmitz at or 877.233.2354, ext. 212.

LEBW is excited to announce the 2021-2022 LEBW Board Chair, Greg Krug. Greg and his wife, Patty, live in Medford, WI, and are both members of Whittlesey Lions Club. Krug, a Lions Club member for 44 years and 27-C2 Past District Governor, has also served on the LEBW board of directors for 5-years. “As we pull ourselves out of the pandemic challenges, I see a bright future for the eye tissue donation and LEBW,” says Krug. “Wisconsin Lions have been fantastic in their support of LEBW during this difficult period. The Board and staff appreciate the responsibility given to us by the Lions as our legacy established 100 years ago, to be the Knights of Sight.” LEBW would also like to recognize retiring board of directors Chris Dannenmann (2013-2021), Arletta Trejo (2015-2021), and Rod Rommel (2015-2021). We thank them for their years of outstanding leadership and service on the LEBW board of directors. We would also like to thank outgoing board chair Rick Daluge. Rick began his tenure during unique times and has served LEBW with confidence and help guide LEBW through these challenging times.

Lions Pride Endowment Fund 715-677-7000 | |

Lions Pride Reaches 10 Million Dollar Goal At the MD 27 State Convention Lions Pride announced it had achieved its goal of reaching 10 million dollars by May 2021. What Now? Lions Pride will still exist. We have just scaled down. Our address and phone number remain the same, 3834 County Road a Rosholt, WI 54573 and 715-677-7000. Lions and individuals can still send in memorials and honorariums. Clubs will still be able to award Ray Hempel Fellowships. The Lions Pride Annual Sporting Clays Fundraiser will continue and still need your support with sponsors,

shooters, volunteers, raffle & door prizes and auction items. Keeping Lions Pride in your Estate planning will remain an option and when leaving your legacy, you can designate which project you want to designate those dollars. Although, Executive Director, Geri Schlender is retiring, Lions Pride will still have an active board, chaired by PID Wayne Heiman. Having achieved our goal Lions Pride will be able to provide significant financial support to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation of approximately $300,000 a year for all their statewide projects. They

At the Wisconsin Lions Annual Meeting held at this year’s MD27 State Convention, the Lions Pride Endowment Fund Vice President, David Carl and President Wayne Heiman presented our first check of the year for $100,000 to WLF President, Mary Vrieze and WLF Executive Director, Evett Hartivg.

will still need Clubs to continue their annual donations. Lions Pride would like to thank all the clubs, individual

Lions and non-lions alike for all they did to support us and aid us in achieving our ultimate goal.


WisconsinLion 9 Wisconsin

27-A1 NEWS

EDITOR: Patti Hurtgen | 600 W Blackhawk Dr. Apt 4 | Fort Atkinson,WI 53538 | 414-525-1962 |

THE SOUTH MILWAUKEE LIONS CLUB c ollected $3,132 along with 60 jars of peanut butter for their Peanut Butter Challenge, which was donated to Human Concerns in May.

BEAUTY IS DIRT DEEP The Fort Atkinson Lions Club cleanup crew was back in action in May after a year long COVID 19 break. Shoulders and adjacent ditches west of Fort Atkinson were scoured for trash along the on ramps and off-ramps at the Highways 12 and 26 interchange and from the inter-change west on Highway 12 to the intersection with Highway C. The group of 10 Lions netted 7 very full bags of trash. Lion Dean Hanke (at right) took the project lead and supplied the reflective vests and post-cleanup refreshments.

THE SOUTH MILWAUKEE LIONS fi lled 18 shred containers during their community’s Earth Day event on April 24. They also collected eyeglasses, cell phones, and hearing aids. The money earned from aluminum can donations were donated to Human Concerns.

FRANKLIN CITY BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT HELD SATURDAY MAY 22ND – Working with District Manager Travis Thorson and his team at Waste Management, we were able to help clean up a good section of HWY 36 North and South in the City of Franklin. Beautiful day for a project like this. Thanks to all our volunteers. We are looking forward to a continued relationship in the future once we all recover!

Over Three Centuries of Service The Fort Atkinson Lions Club has been in existence since 1930. The club has a long history of involvement in the community including its annual Smelt Fry, Corn and Chicken Dinner, and its concession stand at Ralph Park softball games. The club supports local projects, as well as broader projects like used eyeglasses recycling, cancer research, diabetes awareness, hearing aid recycling, environmental enhancements, and the Wisconsin Lions Camp, as well as other less publicized activities. At the April 26th meeting, Lion Don Drew, the District Governor for Lions Club International District 27-A1, presented chevrons (pins) to Lions with milestone years of membership and service. Over 320 years of service from just these 10 individuals. Seven have served as the Fort Atkinson Lions Club President.

President Russ Turk, Pete Newell (45 years), Gary Moen (25 years), Lions District Governor Don Drew, Dr. Frank Baird (55 years), and Lee Jahnke (55 years) were honored for their longtime service as Lions.

Lions Rick James (45 years); Gordon “Chip” Day (45 years); Wes Gordon (15 years); Jeff Woods (15 years) and Kim Grunow (25 years) with their pins for milestone membership in Lions Club International.

10 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

THE FORT ATKINSON LIONS CLUB m embers work at the six local parks weed eating, pulling weeds, planting shrubs, trimming bushes, and putting down new bark mulch at their spring meeting. Afterward, members went to the outdoor park where they were treated to a steak dinner. Three members manned the grill, some brought desserts and others handled all the sides and fixings. The weather was ideal and this meeting was the largest in attendance for the year, with 50 members present for the final meeting of the 2020-2021 club year.

27-A1 DISTRICT GOVERNOR: Larry Redlin | 414-758-6888


I want to start this new Lionistic year by saying how excited I am to be District Governor of the great 27-A1 along with my partner in service, Lion Patti. I would like to thank PDG Lion Don Drew and his partner in service, Cindy, for doing such a great job being Governor in a most difficult time in Lion history and throughout the world. As I watched PDG Don this past year, he displayed what true devotion to Lions means. Again, thank you Lion Don and Cindy. It seems like yesterday I was a Lion thinking about being Governor and now here I am. Boy, that time went fast! The 27-A1 District Cabinet for the 2021-2022 year is full of strong leaders, eager and willing to serve this district and their communities. The moto "WE SERVE" is music to their ears. Thank you everyone on the District 27-A1 Cabinet for serving, not for me, but with me this year. It seems like the challenges surrounding Covid-19 that we have faced this past year are starting to ease a bit. As I am visiting clubs, I am seeing more in-person meetings. It is a great feeling to visit with other Lions and listen to how excited they are to be able to plan service events for the upcoming year. One of the most noticeable traits is how clubs are now planning events with Safety First on their list of To Do Tasks. What a great learning experience this past year has brought to Lions. I think all Lions should stand up and shout a Roarrrrrrrrr! Here we are again and WE SERVE. Get out there and do those service and fundraising events and show the world how Lions serve, and do so with safety in mind. Please be sure to put all your upcoming events, articles, and pictures on the website. Let’s fill the calendar! I see nothing but great things for Lions and the world this coming year. These are exciting times and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to serve as Governor for District 27-A1. First event of the year: District 27-A1 Golf Outing on Thursday, July 15th hosted by the Fort Atkinson Lions Club. It’s not too early: 2022 District 27-A1 Convention on January 7th and 8th at the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva. For more information on these activities and all events, please visit the district calendar on website. I hope all clubs enter their upcoming events on the calendar. This website will become a “One Stop Shopping Spot” for you to meet Cabinet Members, and review by-laws and forms. Take a few minutes to browse the website for many other useful tools. Thanks again for allowing me to serve as Governor of District 27-A1.

Wisconsin Lions Centennial Tree Honors of Cheryl Stedman On May 1 the Jefferson Lions Club had the honor and privilege of planting a Wisconsin Lions Centennial tree in memory of club member Cheryl Stedman. At the time of her death, Lion Cheryl was serving as President of the Jefferson Lions Club and zone chair. The tree is located in Crawfish River Park in Jefferson and a commemorative plaque was placed at the base of the tree. Steve Zambo of Salty Earth Pictures in Fort Atkinson was also on hand to capture the event as part of our Wisconsin Lions Centennial video project.

East Troy Lions Club 4th of July Festival July 1-3

Graydon Amusement Park, East Troy • BELLA CAIN (R), Mount Olive (F), Dirty Boogie Band followed by The Love Monkeys (S) at the East Troy Beer Tent • Williams Bay Lions Pancake Day July 3

District Golf Outing July 15

Koshkonong Mounds Country Club, Fort Atkinson • Hosted by the Fort Atkinson Lions • Cash hole-in-one prizes on four par-3 holes • $90/person by June 25, $360/ foursome. After June 25, $100/person, $400/foursome. • Chair Trish Jonas • and

Oak Creek Lions Annual Golf Outing - August 5th Western Lakes Golf Club, Pewaukee

Williams Bay Lions Corn & Brat Festival - August 13-16 Edgewater Park, Williams Bay • Fireworks August 14th

Labor Day Weekend LionsFest 2021 September 3-6 American Legion Post 434, Oak Creek • Hosted by Oak Creek Lions • Bands/events:

District Camporee September 10-12

Richard Bong State Recreation Area, Kansasville • Hosted by the Waterford Lions • Service project and potluck dinner • Reserve by July 4: Lion Cindy Lotzer:

East Troy Car Show 2021 September 18

• Hosted by East Troy Lions • Rossmiller Sports Complex, East Troy

East Troy Lions Fall Fest October 1-2

• October 1 Entertainment: BELLA CAIN


WisconsinLion 11 Wisconsin

27-A2 NEWS

EDITOR: Diane Lechner | 725 Forest Ave. | Fond du Lac, WI 54935 | 920-210-8691 |

Thank You


Brownsville Lions President Ron Rose accepting the his 30 year chevron from Zone Chair Bill Thome.

District Governor Elect Bob Gosewehr delivering 3500 used glasses to Rosholt from the Thiensville-Mequon Lions Club. Great job by eye glass collection chair Lion Kase Kasemodel and Debra Maurer.

Sri Vasudevan was awarded the Melvin Jones Fellow award and a progressive Melvin Jones pin by LCI Second Vice President Brian Sheehan at the MD27 State convention in Green Bay.

COLUMBUS LIONS CLUB M elvin Jones Fellowship to Lions Betty Klug and Jack Sanderson

JUNEAU LION’S CLUB M ember Mike Zillmer was presented with a Birch-Sturm Fellowship

12 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

Hello Fellow Lions. At this time I would like to say “Thank you” to all the Lions who sent cards, emails, and called during my medical absence from doing my duties as 27A2 Governor this year. I am mending and continuing treatment. I appreciate all your support and look forward to visiting your clubs in the future. I also wish to thank my District team for stepping up in my place to ensure that all the needs of the District were met. The team covered the District Convention, met with clubs and installed new members and will be installing new officers for the 2021-2022 year. Many of our District clubs are beginning to hold in person meetings now that more people are getting the COVID-19 shot. We have lost some members due to COVID-19 but are working to encourage them to return as well as recruit new members. New Lions can bring a host of fresh ideas for continuing a current project or starting something new. Overall, the future looks good for our District. One of the goals still to be attained is to make sure all clubs are making the required reports to Lions International in a timely fashion. These reports are a vital way for everyone to know how we as an organization are doing each month in reaching our membership goals, fundraising opportunities, hours of service and new project ideas. This year we will be celebrating our Lions International 100th Anniversary at the State Convention in Green Bay. The celebration will continue throughout the year. We should strive to make this the best year in Lions history. Remember our motto is “We Serve” and Kindness matters to us all. I would like to introduce you to DGE Robert Grosewher. Robert was born in Port Washington WI in the Town of Saukville. After high school he attended UW Platteville, graduating in 1973 and was a member of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. Robert and his wife of 46 years have six daughters and twelve grandchildren. He has lived in Mequon since 1976. After 35 years he retired as Golf Course Superintendent. He has been a member of the Thiensville/Mequon Lions for 44 years and has held many officer positions. He is currently an eye tissue transporter for his club and District Cabinet Vision Chairperson. He has been awarded the Melvin Jones, Melvin Jones Progressive and Knight of Sight Awards. He received an International Certificate of Appreciation in 2018. He has participated in WWLI, ALLI, and USA/Canada Forums.

THERESA LIONS CLUB n June 8th, District O Governor Jack Schark installed the new officers of the Theresa Lions. President Lion Rob Bowe, 1st Vice-president Lion Mike Bodden, Lion Craig Kuehn, Lion Keith Pike, Lion Larry Eulers and Lion Lee Reklau. Past President Lion Sue Doers preparing to pass on the gavel.

27-A2 DISTRICT GOVERNOR: Bob Gosewehr | 262-242-9506 / 414-531-5374


Writing this in May, when places are starting to open up and we feel more comfortable moving around in our Communities, it is hard to envision our New Year starting July 1, 2021. Excitement is in the air with anticipation of Clubs moving forward and planning our activities that we missed out on last year. It is time to embrace Lionism like we never have before! It is time to come together to help each other out, help our communities and beyond. There is strength in numbers and if one of our Clubs needs help, we can all answer when possible. Communication is the key to any successful relationship and that holds true for our District and Clubs. My message to each and every one of you is that Your District is here to help. Whether you need a Governor (1st Vice or 2nd Vice ) to come to your Club for an Officer Induction or just a visit, or you need help with learning more about Peace Posters, Diabetes, Stuff the Bus, Vision Screening or Hearing, eye glasses collection, how to start up and support a Leo Club, the District has informed Lions available to help you. The District’s Facebook page is available to post news about your upcoming events or to check out other Lion events you can support. Check out our District website for information and news. The website has places to request Governor (1st Vice and 2nd Vice) visits, visions screening machines and much more. No one should be out on an island. If you need help, we are here to answer your call.

Grafton Lions 75th Anniversary Saturday, August 21 Country Inn & Suites by Radisson 350 E Seven Hills Rd, Port Washington • Cost - $25 per person • Social Hour - 4:30pm • Dinner - 6pm • Program - 7pm • Celebration - 8pm • Please RSVP by August 1, 2021

THERESA LIONS – May brought about 2 community events - Our Annual Roadside pick up where the efficient Lions got 8 bags of trash off our stretch of Hwy 28 and on the 22nd, the Brat Fry Fundraiser at the Theresa Mart Shell station. Coming up in August, the Theresa Lions will be having their 45th Annual Tractor pull. Join us for a day of fun at Fireman Park on Hwy 28 in Theresa.

THE HARTFORD LIONS CLUB h eld its Charter Night on April 11, 1939 at the Schwartz Ballroom. There were 19 charter members. We celebrated our 82 Anniversary at the Perc Place in Hartford. We remember our past so we can imagine our future. This picture is from our April meeting. Current members total are 52 and growing. CLAY SHOOT AT MILFORD HILLS Pictured are PCC Chuck Steinmetz, 2VDGE Kim Steinmetz, PDG/Wisconsin Endorsed Candidate Lee Vrieze PDG Jay Nesseth, PDG Pat Hart.

34th Annual Newburg Lions Car Show Sunday, August 15 Fireman’s Park, Newburg

• Raffles, beverages and food • Coffee and donuts at 7am • Come see the cars of yesteryears line up along the beautiful Milwaukee River

40th Annual Theresa Lions Tractor Pull Saturday, August 28

Fireman’s Park on Hwy 28 in Theresa, WI

CLYMAN LIONS CLUB P resident Steve Lehmann and Club Treasurer Nancy Basol awarding a scholarship to Natilie Vecker

THE WAUWATOSA LIONS CLUB received the Salvation Army “Doing the Most Good” award in December for their shared venture – Tosa for Tots. They were also grateful for the collaboration despite COVID.

THE COLUMBUS LIONS CLUB i nducted three new members (left to right) new member Lion Josh Grubb, Lion Secretary/sponsor Crystal Long, new member Rich Luey, President Deb Freeman/ sponsor, 1VDGE Bert Freeman and new member Leslie Badua.


WisconsinLion 13 Wisconsin

27-B1 NEWS EDITOR: Mike Roberts

| and Fred Gebhart |


I want to thank all of the Lions from District B1 for allowing me to serve as your District Governor for this year of 2021-2022. It was back in 2006 when I truly became a Lion by helping a family out during a difficult time through a small but very impactful conversation which changed not only their lives but mine as well. This moment was truly when I became a Lion and whether you are new to Lions or if you have been with our organization for many years, I ask you to think about when you became a Lion and why you still remain a Lion. Over the past 100 years our great Lions of Wisconsin have been through times of disaster, community crisis, helping feed the hungry, providing the opportunity for an individual to see again and most importantly, providing service when a need presents itself by simply giving our time to help someone you may never know. Many people may not know, I am visually impaired and by having supportive relationships is the main reason why I am able to be successful in life. Hellen Keller once said,

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This message remains in my heart all of the time because I may still be able to accomplish something if I work on it by myself but when all of us work on something together, not only will we get more done, but we will also build more relationships, more friendships and stronger communities. Therefore I have chosen my theme to be “Teamwork.” Assembling the proper teams throughout our District will provide a united front and we, as Lions, will do so much more. Over the past couple months, all of us have begun assembling our teams. One may ask, now we have our teams, what do we do? To have direction, we need to build a vision. When I look at our horizon, the vision I see is promoting healthy clubs providing impactful service. There is a reason why our clubs exist in their respective communities because there was a need and we, as Lions, are there to help. Building teams, not only in our club but within our communities as well. There may be projects we can partner with other organizations and

together we can accomplish so much more. It may be as simple as inviting other organizations to our meetings so they can learn more about who we are and how we can help each other. For example, I live in the Sheboygan area and there is an organization, Meals on Wheels, and many of our local members help deliver food which has created a wonderful relationship and together both organizations have been able to serve more of our community and this service project only costs time and what is received in return is providing impactful service to our community. I look forward to serving with you, building long term relationships and memories of making a difference when lending a helping hand. Many times I will say to my friends, you do not need sight to have vision and what I see for the future for the B1 District is comforting to know you are helping someone you may never meet but know from the bottom of their heart, they say Thank you. It is a great time to be a Lion.


Over 20 years ago, the Plymouth Lions Club began a Reading Machine program by purchasing their first machine to loan to a local citizen with a low-vision ailment. Over the last 20+ years, the club’s fleet of machines had grown to over 25 machines with another ten machines being used for spare parts. Lions Jason Covaleski and Mike Dimig co-chair the program. In 2020, the club wanted to upgrade their machines and began searching for a new partner which led them to Adaptive Information Systems (AIS). AIS is a Wisconsin-based distributor for Humanware who manufactures a variety of equipment for lowvision and blindness. The list price of the Humanware Prodigy-20 was $1,595, but president, Roger Behm worked with Plymouth to get the cost below $900 for an order of 10 or more machines.

Like most clubs last year, fundraising events were devastated by the pandemic so they had to think differently. Expanding their reach to the other 13 Clubs in their Zone, they decided to give crowd-funding a try with the help of Their campaign was able to raise $15,000+ which included a generous corporate match of $7,500 from Masters Gallery Foods, a long-time advocate of the Plymouth Lions Club and allowed them to order 40 machines for themselves and 5 other clubs. They hosted a “pick up party” in February and invited the other five clubs to pick up their orders and get some training and sharing of best practices. We’re excited to see the success of this program spread throughout District 27-B1 and beyond. At the time of article, an additional order of 35-45 machines are being placed, spearheaded by District Governor

14 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

Plymouth Lion Jason Covaleski (bright blue jacket) and Plymouth Lion Mike Dimig (Harley Davidson jacket) provided training to clubs from Sheboygan Falls, Town of Sheboygan, Cleveland, Random Lake, and Appleton. District Governor Tom Wendt is in the background. Tom Wendt. The Plymouth Lions will again host another “pick up party” and hope to expand even further in the future.

For more information about the Plymouth Lions Club and their Reading Machine program, visit

27-B1 DISTRICT GOVERNOR: BJ Blahnik | 920-980-6317

WAYMORR LIONS CLUB will be hosting their summer Music in the Park from 6-8pm at Brown County WayMorr Park (3832 Park Road in Greenleaf ). Free music and ice cream along with food to purchase from the local youth sports group. Bring your own chairs and sit back and relax. Wed, June 16 - Green Bay Picklers Wed, July 14 - CRS Wed, August 11 - Bent Grass

WAYMORR LIONS CLUB hosted their annual children Easter Egg Hunt at Brown County WayMorr Park on Saturday, April 3. Over 360 children all under the age of 10 years old enjoyed hunting for eggs throughout the park with their family and friends. They then each received a treat bag that might contain a prize or a winner of a bigger prize. So many big and happy smiling faces that morning! THE STOCKBRIDGE LIONS conducted their annual community road side clean up on April 21. A total of 8 members and a number of family members partook in the clean up of 9 miles in and out of the community roads.

THE STOCKBRIDGE LIONS worked to assemble and launch multiple piers into Lions Lake on April 24. This is the only lake in Wisconsin that the is not controlled by the DNR. The task takes about 4 hours starting at 8 o’clock to be completed. Many stories have come out of this with people getting wet and dealing with icy conditions. This spring marks 14 years that the Stockbridge Lions have ventured to our Lions Camp for the spring and fall workdays.

Tree and Bench Dedication Ceremony Husky Hands and Heart Leo Club participated in a Tree and Bench Dedication Ceremony

As part of the Lions International Environment Improvement Project that plants one million trees worldwide, the New Holstein Lions planted their own tree and the local Leo’s club donated one of the benches they received from Representing the local club were, Trex for collecting plastic the past 2 years, and placed it next to the tree. Present at Heritage Hill State Park in Green left to right, Cami Guelig, Leah Bay, were representatives from Lions International, the 10 Steffen, Annika Damkot and Wisconsin District Governors, and other state and local Lion Abby Voss. representatives. Thanks to the local businesses, schools and individuals, this project has kept 15,000 lbs. of plastic out of the landfills and has provided 11 benches to date around New Holstein and Green Bay.

THE 30TH ANNUAL BEER FEST IN CHILTON w as a go on Sunday with the support of the Chilton Lions and fire department. There were 17 micro breweries taking part in the event. The Chilton Lions handled the entry tickets and handed out a beer mugs to everyone coming in. They shared the duties of parking the buses and vehicles with the fire department.

Lions handling the entries (left to right): Lions Jim, Dick, Mel with grandson Tyler, and Greg


WisconsinLion 15 Wisconsin

27-B2 NEWS

EDITOR: Stephanie Schlag | 920-217-8554 |

Greenville Lions Club 33rd Annual Catfish Races July 9-10

THE PESHTIGO LION’S CLUB – A myriad of fish species make their way annually to the Peshtigo dam during their annual spawning runs. Members of the Peshtigo Lion’s Club held a food booth fundraiser near the fish and river viewing platform below the dam and raised $3,600. This was the first major fundraiser that the Club held due to COVID and it was an excellent way to replenish the Club’s dwindling funds for donations. Pictured from left to right are Lions Paul McClain, Cathy Bartels, Rhonda McClain, Tom Gryzwa, and Ed Dory manning the grill. The Club anticipates conducting this highly successful food booth on a yearly basis. Photo by Rhonda McClain.

PESHTIGO LIONS CLUB – On May 19th, five members of the Peshtigo Lions Club worked in the rainy conditions to help the Salvation Army with distribution of food for over 300 families, located in Menominee at the old K-Mart parking lot. Pictured from left to right are Lions Dale Edlebeck, Terry Gardon, Paul McClain, Rhonda McClain, and Joshua Stansbury.

NIAGARA LIONS CLUB t reasurer Dan Decker is shown being presented with the Lions’ International President’s Award by District 27B2 First Vice President Gary Johnston. The award was made on behalf of Past District Governor Marcia Knapp in appreciation of Decker’s service as District Treasurer and his many other contributions to the Lionism. The presentation was made on April 20.

THE PESHTIGO LION’S CLUB osted a food booth at Lee’s h Family Foods on Saturday, May 1st, for the start of fishing season. Pictured from left to right are Lions Cathy Bartels, Ty Doemel, Brian Thielen, and Paul McClain. Other volunteers not pictured were Lions Lee Mylener, cook Rhonda McClain, Tom Gryzwa, Dale Lange, Dale Edlbeck, Jeff Orear, Jim Tress, and Rick Thill. The Club would like to acknowledge the Moose Lodge for their donation of onions and Lee Mylener for providing the venue for this event. The club truly appreciates the continued support of our community. Photo by Rhonda McClain.

16 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

NIAGARA LION’S CLUB – Lions 27 B2 First District Governor Gary Johnston is shown presenting Niagara Lion Gerald Kallenbach with the Grand Master Key Award from Lions International. Kallenbach was recognized for having sponsored 50 new members over the years. He joined the Lions in 1985 and has served for years as an officer of the Niagara Lions in multiple offices while also serving as a zone and regional chairman for the District Lions as well. Kallenbach is the first and only Niagara Lion thus far to receive this distinguished award representative of his outstanding service to the Lions and the Niagara community.

• Supporting about 27 area non-profit organizations • Free family activities and local music on Friday night • Rocking with Great White, 38 Special, and Styx on Saturday

Brussels Lions Belgian Days 60th Anniversary Friday, July 9, 6-11pm Saturday, July 10, 8am-11pm Sunday, July 11, 8am-4:30pm Brussels Town Park • Free entry & live band “The Third Wheels” Friday night • $2 entry into the park Sat. & Sun. includes raffle entry • Live music, plenty of food and beverages, kid’s baseball tournament, Cooyah (card game) tournament, cornhole tournament • 1, 2 & 4 mile run/walk Saturday • Sunday parade at 10:30am • See the club’s e-clubhouse site for more details or search “Brussels Wisconsin Lions Club”.

Laona Lions Community Soup Special Centennial Event Saturday, August 7 Silver Lake Beach, Laona • Celebrating 100 years of the Community Soup - learn how this gathering started and what’s changed throughout the years • Games, entertainment and many other fun events throughout the day • Starts with the Souper Run at 9am.

Class of 2021 Lions Scholarship recipients included from left to right Haley Allred who received the Russ & Carol Sauld Memorial Lions Scholarship, Ty Colenso who received the Roy Eggen Memorial Lions Scholarship, Charles Swanson recipient of the Dwayne Smith Memorial auld Lions Scholarship, and Julia Brown who received the Kerry Grippen auld Lions Scholarship.

On May 27th, The Peshtigo Lions Club made a $750 donation to the Peshtigo Volunteer Club for the SEED program (students eat every day).Pictured are Alexis Kehoe and Lion Ty Doemel.

27-B2 DISTRICT GOVERNOR: Gary Johnston | 715-938-3207

Get to Know Our New DG Lions’ Peace Poster Winners Announced BY DISTRICT GOVERNOR GARY JOHNSTON

Hi 27B2 Lions, I want to begin by telling you a little about myself. I have been a member of the Wausaukee Lions Club for the past 14 years. I have served as president for two terms, totaling 5 years, and served on the board of directors before becoming president. I have served as Zone Chair for the past three years. Beginning July 1st, I will begin to serve as your District Governor. I am looking forward to meeting with you and visiting your club. Please contact me to set up a club visit for this coming year. The past year has been challenging for Lions and we had to make changes to adapt in our meetings, fundraisers, and service projects in our communities to continue to stay active. I know that some clubs have not met for a long period of time and I hope that will change and continue to improve. Please mark your calendar on November 5 & 6 for this year’s convention in Green Bay at the the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center. I have been working with the Howard Suamico Lions to prepare for this upcoming event and it is shaping up to be a wonderful convention. Have a great year everyone.

Seymour Lions Hold 9-Pin Tournament / Bluma Family Fundraiser The Seymour Lions held their annual 9-Pin Bowling Tournament on the weekend of March 5th and 6th at Wally’s Seymour Bowl in Seymour. High scores for the tournament were: • Team Score: 1st – 3,767; 2nd – 3,741 • Men’s Individual: 1st – 873; 2nd – 815 • Women’s Individual: 1st – 839; 2nd – 792 This was a great fundraising event that supports the club’s efforts to continue to help serve the Seymour community. Coinciding with the 9-Pin Tournament, the Seymour Lions Club had a Matching Funds Campaign to support the family of Lydia Bluma. Lydia is the 3-year-old daughter of Brett and Beth Bluma who is at St. Louis Children’s Hospital awaiting a lung and heart transplant. After receiving donations from bowlers and patrons, approximately $1600 was raised to help the family with medical bills and travel expenses. The Seymour Lions want to thank the community for continuing to support our cause. Note: after the submission of this article, Lydia passed away while awaiting organ transplants. The Seymour Lions Club asks to keep Lydia and her family in your prayers.


Winners of the Niagara Lions 2021 Peace Poster contest were announced in April 2021. First place winner Ina Holt was awarded $100, second place winner Sienna LaRock $50, and 3rd place winner Lily Aho $25. Lion and teacher Maryellen Wagener coordinated the contest, along with Lions Terry Youren and Dan Decker. After the presentation of the awards, the Lions provided a pizza party in honor of the recipients and all participants. Scott Schwedersky’s Uptown Lanes provided the pizzas.

(left to right) First place winner Ina Holt, second place winner Sienna LaRock, 3rd place winner Lily Aho, Lion judge Ann Brasure, Lion and teacher Maryellen Wagener, Lion Terry Youren and Lion Dan Decker.

Laona Lions 30th Annual Trap Shoot The Laona Lions Club held their 30th annual Trap Shoot on Sunday May 30,2021 at Padus Gun Club, Wabeno. It was cloudy and a little rainy which didn't dampen the day for all to enjoy the shoot. The Lions served great burgers, brats and hot dogs. Plus a lot of sweet treats and beverages. The raffle drawing was held at 5pm. It was wonderful to see everyone come out to support the Laona Lions Club. We appreciated the community coming together for a little fun.

Lion Adam Connor and Lion John Novak checking the shooting list.

Lions Bob and grilling great food.

Lion Jim Ambrosius keeping score.


WisconsinLion 17 Wisconsin

27-C1 NEWS

EDITOR: Brad Behrens | 5180 N 60th Ave. | Wausau, WI 54401 | 715-323-8033 |


Lions and Leos of District 27-C1, I am proud and honored to be serving you as your District Governor for this Lions year 2021-2022. With all the bumps in the road; I want to thank IPDG John for his outstanding year during these trying times. My theme for the year is “The Opportunity to Service All”. I know the last year has been challenging for all of us and I can only hope that things are getting back to a near normal. The goal for this year is to see if we can have a plus membership in each club, to help clubs resume meeting in person, continue their fundraising, and service activities. The International Convention will be virtual this year due to the effects of the pandemic. I am sad to say that going in person will be missed, I will be attending the convention virtually in order to bring back the news from our International President to our district. We are glad that all clubs have been keeping up with their service projects and are taking new approaches to help their communities in need. We all serve from the heart, and do not forget to support all Lion causes: in your Community, District, State or international. My partner in service, PDG Mike and I look forward to visiting all clubs within our district. Please invite us to visit your club and let me know how I can help your club achieve its goals this year. We will be having the District Convention on October 8th & 9th 2021, at Dales Weston Lanes. The committee is hard at work planning this convention so that it will have something for everyone. I want to thank all the members of this district that have stepped up to be on my Cabinet. I have a few spots left to fill, if anyone would like to serve, please let me know. Our first Cabinet meeting will August 1st, 2021, at Lisa Lakeside in Hatley on Cty Rd Y. Any Lion in this great district, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time 715-574-1323 and my email is

Lake DuBay Lions Summerfest Friday, July 16 and Saturday, July 17, 2021

The 40th annual Lake DuBay Lions Summerfest fundraising event featuring great food, beverages, beer, and wine coolers. Bingo 6:30-10pm Fri. & Sat., games, merchandise raffles, and live music bands at the Lake DuBay Lions park, Knowlton (1 mile south of Hwy 34, on Cty Rd DB) On Friday night are the GRAY KATZ band plays from 7-11pm and on Saturday night the COPPER BOX band plays from 8-11pm. On Saturday, breakfast is served from 8-10am and at 8am, our community rummage sale starts. Chicken dinners will be served at 5pm. The money raffle drawing ($5000 in cash prizes) will be at 10pm on Saturday. Free admission and open to the public. Friday: 5pm to midnight, Saturday: 8am to midnight. For further information, visit our clubs

BEVENT LIONS CLUB h eaded by Lion Ralph build ramp for VFW member attached are the pictures of it.

LAKE MASON LIONS CLUB – On April 10, 2021 the Club was given an award for outstanding Community service by the Briggsville American Legion Post 329 at their annual Chili Supper. Presenting the award was the Post Commander Luke Burnaman.

18 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

27-C1 DISTRICT GOVERNOR: Linda Carter | 715-359-3059

District Pin

MARSHFIELD LIONS – Members and their families help clean up the roadway in conjunction with “Earth Day”. Our club takes care of cleaning a section of roadway just south of Marshfield in the Spring and Fall.

Single and Double Rooms: Reserve for one night at $94 per night plus tax or for two nights at $85 per night plus tax.

NEKOOSA LIONS – Lion’s Jason Dhein and Terry Whitmore presented Assumption High School graduate, Kendall Schmidt, with the Nekoosa Lions Club Service Learning Award Scholarship. Kendall has helped the Nekoosa Lions Club over the past years with Sportsmen Night, Bingo, Fish Fry and their Brat & Hamburger cookouts. She has also been involved in the community helping with Neighborhood table, senior meals and fundraising for cancer research.


WisconsinLion 19 Wisconsin

27-C2 NEWS

EDITOR: Cherie Sanderson | 5844 Birchwood Ln. | Boulder Junction, WI 54512 | 715-892-0761 |

C2 Convention a Great Success! The C-2 convention held on April 16 & 17, 2021 at The Waters of Minocqua Hotel in Minocqua, Wisconsin was a great success! Over 170 Lions registered for this event, which included 21 clubs from our district, five District Governors, four Past International Directors and many other Lions officers. Greg Krug, PDG and District Eye Greg Krug, PDG and District The Keynote Speaker was PID Gwen White from North Carolina. Bank Director (left), and DG Bob Eye Bank Director (left), and DG MD27 Childhood Cancer Chair Lion Sri Vasudevan presented an update Bertch (right) present the Knight Bob Bertch (right) present the on the Wisconsin Lions latest effort in raising funds for a Lions Clubs of Sight Fellowship award to June Knight of Sight Fellowship award International Foundation $100,000 matching grant to help us purchase a Brunnell (center) of the Mercer to Laura Bertch (center) of the Flow Cytometer which will be placed at Wisconsin Children’s Hospital. Lions. Boulder Junction Lions. District A1 DGE B.J. Blahnik spoke about the Leader Dog program. Actress Jessica Michna did a wonderful job in her portrayal of Helen Keller. We also had CC Geri Schlender who did officer training for club officers. During the convention several Lions received awards for their service. PDG Mary Ann Gretenhardt, Chuck Mc Cory, and Laura Bertch all received Certificates of Appreciation from the PID Gwen White - the 4th Highest Award for Lions. DG Bob Bertch also awarded Mercer Lion June Brunnell and Boulder Junction Lion Laura Bertch The Knight of Sight Fellowship Award. Lion Judy Hatz from the Merrill Lions Club was successfully elected to be the next Governor of C-2, Lion Patty Krug from the Whittlesey Lions was elected to be WLF Director for next 3 years, and the Merrill Lions were elected to be next year’s Convention Host Club. It was a great convention to conclude the District conventions for this Lions Year!


It is hard for me to believe that I am now your District Governor for MD27-C2 and it makes me very proud to be able “to serve” in new ways. This past year, I have learned a lot from my training which included learning about myself. I am ready to begin this new Lion year with you. I am looking forward to meeting with your club to begin our service journey together. I am here to help you when you need me. With this refreshing summer weather, we have an opportunity to get out in our respective communities and plan fundraising events and service projects, both old and new. Our motto is “We Serve” and if we have learned anything from the past year, it is, “do not be afraid to try something new”! Let’s start the new Lion year strong! Please share your best practices on events and fundraisers with me so that I can share with our district as a whole. If it works for one club, it may work for another. Please email or call me with ideas. My vision for the district is to help clubs grow in many ways… membership, increased activities, and events…healthy clubs that deliver impactful service. I am looking ahead to new things (events, ideas for service) that will happen during this new Lions’ year. My goals are to engage and retain current members through helping clubs with fun ideas and sharing ideas on club activities fundraisers. Encouraging member involvement in fun club activities will continue our positive membership growth by attracting new members into our clubs. Members = Service. Every member affects 50 lives through their service. My final goal is to strengthen and grow leadership and training opportunities in our district to make their jobs easier. I am here to help you when you need me. I will be contacting you for club visits, but if you want to set up a club visit earlier or contact me, please send an email to or call me at 715-218-0226.

20 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

THE ST. GERMAIN LIONS CLUB held their Annual Meeting including installation of officers in May. Upcoming events and fund raising efforts include the Walk in the Woods Art Festival, Independence Day Celebration & Raffle, Map Ad Sales, Gun Raffle, and Meat Raffle.

DG Bob Bertch installing Directors (L to R) Doug Kaltenbach, Craig Callies, Jack Wiggin and Keith Slizewski

DG Bob Bertch congratulating our soon-to-be Past President, Rod Ingram – a 50 year member of Lions International

DG Bob Bertch installing new member, Eric Eade, sponsored by our Secretary, Stan Rakowski

DG Bob Bertch installing incoming President, Jerry Verseman

27-C2 DISTRICT GOVERNOR: Judy Hatz | 715-218-0226

THE IRON RIVER LIONS CLUB warded a $1,500 scholarship to a Adam Thompson and a $1,500 scholarship to Morgan Evans. Adam plans to attend UW Stout and Morgan plans to attend NTC.

THE BOULDER JUNCTION LIONS CLUB presented a $500 donation to the RichardsonMichaud American Legion Post 451. Funds will be used to purchase, replace and maintain the American flags that are displayed on the town’s light poles. Post 451 provides the flags and accessories at no cost to the town. (left to right) Commander James Hamilton; Finance Officer Dennis Reuss; and District Governor/Boulder Junction Lions President Bob Bertch.

THE RHINELANDER LIONS e check presented is the latest Th in about $3,500 of donations the Lions have given to the Rhinelander Historical Complex to restore and preserve the train in Pioneer Park. “The Lions Club, as everyone knows, is a storied organization in Rhinelander’s history. They’ve been contributing to non-profits and other projects across the community for decades” said Kerry Bloedorn, the director of the Pioneer Park Historical Complex. (left to right) Dick Garrow, Kerry Bloedorn, and Don Fredrickson.

Washburn Lion’s Bob Ungrodt Memorial 2-Person Best Ball Golf Outing Saturday, July 24, 2021 Lake Superior View Golf Course • 9am shotgun start • $40 per person includes 9 holes of golf plus cart, men’s and women’s Hole Prizes • $100 prize for first place team, lunch and door prizes • Sign up your team by calling the golf course at 715-373-1100

Iron River Lions Club Annual Blueberry Festival July 24-25,

THE MANITOWISH WATERS LIONS CLUB p resented Lion John Hilbert with the Melvin Jones Fellowship at the Annual Awards Dinner on May 20. Club Director John Hanson, presented Hilbert with this highest form of recognition to acknowledge an individual’s dedication to humanitarian service.

Lions throughout our District helped with spring clean up - a mission to keep our environment and community clean! Bottles, cans, car parts and more were removed from the ditches and the trash bags piled up. Six members of the Washburn Lions volunteered to clean up a two-mile stretch of highway and several members of the Eagle River Lions Club cleaned up Highway 17 in Eagle River.

CABLE AND AREA LIONS resident, Adrian Wydeven (left), P awarding a $1,500 scholarship to three graduating seniors from Drummond High School. They are very active in supporting their school district and provide scholarships every year.

• Kiddie Tractor Pull • Pie Eating Contest • Sunday Mass and Parade • Rides, concessions arts, crafts, games, raffle, blueberry pie, music, entertainment, and fireworks.

THE ANNUAL MEMORIAL DAY SERVICE was held at the Veteran’s Memorial Wall in St. Germain on Sunday, May 30. The Club provides new flags and arranges speakers and music. Opening and closing remarks were offered by Lion Keith Slizewski, the Invocation and Benediction were given by Rev William Wendorf of Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church and the keynote address was by State Representative, Rob Swearingen. The American Flag along with military flags were raised to the National Anthem and the songs of each of the branches played by Larry Dunst. The POW/MIA flag was raised with the POW/MIA toast by Andy Falkenstern. The Memorial Wreath was placed by Representative Swearingen and Town Board member, Jim Swenson.

21st Annual Golf Tournament Thursday, August 26 Trout Lake Golf Club Shotgun start at 9am • Sponsored by the Boulder Junction Lions Club and Manitowish Waters Lions Club • 4 person team scramble with 3 flights • A donation of $75 per golfer includes golf, cart, food and prizes • A non-playing spouse or guest can join for $10 • The Hole-in-One prize is a 2021 Chevy Equinox from Marthaler of Minocqua! Plus, many other hole prizes. • All proceeds will be donated to the Camp Manitowish Local Youth Campership and Camp Jorn Child Care. • For more information, call the Golf Course at 715-385-2189 or John Hanson at 715-543-2438 • Sign up sheets also available at the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce, the Manitowish Waters Chamber of Commerce and Northern Highland Sports.


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27-D1 NEWS

EDITOR: Mike Vraniak | 5329 Reiner Rd. | Madison WI 53718 | 608-444-5611 |

THE LANCASTER LIONS CLUB s taffed a brat/ pulled pork sandwich food stand during the Lancaster city-wide garage sale this past May. Club members serving the food are (from left) Juanita Caley, Jane Lewis, Kim Veech, Richard Turner, Stacy Martin, Bev Doll, Andy Richards and Rod Slaght. The club would like to thanks all those who supported their fundraiser.

THE LAKE WISCONSIN LIONS h eld another successful food drive at the Town Hall in Lodi. They braved the cold, wind, and rain to help distribute 36 pallets of food to those in need!

THE MILTON LIONS r ecently planted a few plants around the Goodrich Square Welcome Sign to welcome visitors to Milton, Wisconsin. It was perfect weather for a quick service project and afterwards the Lions shared a meal together at a local pizza and sub shop. THE LANCASTER LIONS CLUB p articipated in their annual Spring highway cleanup on Monday, April 26 and Wednesday, April 28. Pictured are the Wednesday participants (left to right) Ruth Rupnow, Lynn Knutson, Virgil Schneider and Chanaka Mendis.

THE FENNIMORE LIONS treated the residents and staff at the Devine Rehabilitation and Nursing center to some delicious Vesperman Farms Ice Cream.

LIONS CELEBRATE SYTTENDE MAI IN STOUGHTON w ith a food stand and a Lions float in the parade. The Norwegian Independence Day (Syttende Mai) occurs every May 17th. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the parade was a drive/walk by. Over 500 cars, and a lot of walkers with their children came through the park where the units were on display. Lion Scott Grover (in the Lions suit) was a big hit with everyone, especially the young children. PDG John Elvekrog and Lion Mike Niedfeldt handed out candy.

22 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

THE DEFOREST WINDSOR LIONS CLUB held their annual Sandbox Fill in May. This is one of the Clubs favorite annual service projects they do for their community. Nine Lions and one Leo helped fill 14 sandboxes of all shapes and sizes, including two at local childcare centers. Sand was donated along with a dump truck and driver and a caravan of Lions followed to each of the locations to deliver the sand. The Lions worked but still had lots of laughs while participating in their service project. Most importantly they served the community and made many children very happy!

27-D1 DISTRICT GOVERNOR: Bill Clausius | 608-698-1683


Thank you for the service you all provide to your communities. I have been engaged in two tasks to prepare for my Lionistic year. I have received training from LCI virtually since the in-person training was cancelled. My group of Lions reside in many countries around the world and all of us face similar challenges in overseeing our Districts. It demonstrates that Lions are a worldwide organization. I also have received training from the Wisconsin Lions leaders with my group of District Governors who I will serve with as the new Council of Governors. During the past few months, I have worked with my Executive Team on goals and action plans for the year. Some of the goals reflect LCI needs, continuation of goals from the previous year and new goals. The first major goal is reinvigorating our Clubs following the pandemic. Many clubs cancelled service projects and fundraisers and reduced membership meetings. Still, others stopped meeting. And many clubs met virtually using Zoom or other applications. The virtual meetings kept the interest in Lions going but we will help Clubs get back on their feet and restore their operations. This will be a slow transition, but the effort will be worthwhile. Other goals include continuing training in the Guiding Lions program and of Club officers. We plan on starting a new Lions Club, enhancing our Diabetes program and training club membership chairs with an emphasis on orienting new Lions about the international organization. I am optimistic about a great year for Lions and I thank you for your support!

THE POTOSI LIONS d onated a Buddy Bench to local Potosi Elementary School in memory of Lion Frank Straka. A Buddy Bench, sometimes called a friendship bench, is a way to foster inclusion and reduce loneliness among children. Buddy Benches have been successfully used throughout the world in a number of countries to help children find friends. If a child sits on the bench, they are saying to other children that they are looking for a friend. If they see someone sitting on the bench then they can reach out to make a new friend.

LION JIM HELMUELLER OF THE PARDEEVILLE LIONS recently presented a check for $1000 to Dr. Kathy Dole at the St Vincent DePaul Free Medical Clinic in Portage. Lions Larry and Glenda Day stand next to Dr. Dole along with clinic volunteers. The clinic, open Wednesday mornings and staffed by doctors, nurses, and volunteers, offers free medical services to anyone seeking healthcare. The Club has been able to respond financially to the clinic and seven other local organizations. They have made donations to the Free Clinic, Renewal Unlimited (housing, head start), Columbia County Care Center Activity Fund, River Haven (homeless shelter), Pregnancy Resource Center, UW Carbone Kid’s Cancer Fund, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin, and Divine Savior Pediatric Therapy Department.

THE TOKEN CREEK LIONS h ad a very successful day at their annual May Brat and Hot Dog Sale. Many customers commented on how happy they were to see these kinds of activities returning to the community after a long COVID-19 year. All brats and hot dogs were sold out. Pictured cooking brats are Lions Keith Malson and Bryan Addison.


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27-D2 NEWS

Loretta Ewelt | 525 Avon Road #10 | Sparta, WI 54656 | 608-269-3062 |

The Final Round-up of the D2 Lioness Clubs The Sparta American Legion was the host venue for the final round-up of the District D2 Lioness Clubs. The Lioness clubs began in District 27D2 in 1976. As a tribute to the Lioness Clubs of District 27D2, the Lioness contributed to Wisconsin Lions Foundation and will have a plaque on the Wall of Honor at Lions Camp. Lioness Marilyn Beall was the MC for the convention. The clubs were formed into the District 35 years ago. There were other Lioness Clubs which had been formed before the organization of the District Lioness. Coulee Region Lioness and Norwalk clubs were two of the first Lioness Clubs. Norwalk recently observed 43 years of service. There had been 18 Lioness Clubs originally in the D2 District. Lioness Patty Overturf presented a short history of the district followed by clubs relating how the club influenced them for the better and how they will miss the group. They also shared projects that meant the most to them as they served their communities. Many of the Lioness have joined their sponsoring Lions Clubs. They will continue to do many of the projects they have done as Lioness. What a great way to share their talents and projects and continue their legacy.

Left: Lioness Patty Overturf, Center: Lioness Elaine Quast, Lion Brian Overturf, and Lioness Bev Lisney. Right: Jan Bruder Lion/Lioness Brian Overturf presented Knight of Sight fellowship Awards to Sparta Lioness Bev Lisney and Lioness Elaine Quast. Spencer Clearly, Sojourner’s Journey Men’s House director and member of Truckers Against Human Trafficking, spoke on Sojourner’s Journey homes for men and women located in Sparta. He spoke at length about being aware of suspicious activity and the internet sites that are of great danger to children. Jan Bruder spoke briefly on Brighter Tomorrows, a free confidential no records service for those in difficult situations at home. As often was the case, the Lioness had an uplifting meeting with the finale being “The Great Drawings” for the door prizes. The shelf was filled with wonder prizes that could be won. District 27D2 was proud to have the Lioness as part of our district. Thank you for your years of service.

24 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

Saint Joseph Ridge Lions Club Scholarship Winners This year the Saint Joseph Ridge Lions Club presented two $500 scholarships to area students. Both of the recipients have logged hundreds of volunteer hours before the pandemic limited their activities Besides being a top-notch student at LaCrosse Central High School, Ava Krause has volunteered at her church, Firecracker 5 Mile and the La Crosse Marathon, the Wild Life Federation, Red Cross Blood Drives, Special Olympics and the Polar Plunge and more. Ava plans to attend the UW-La Crosse to become a special education and adaptive physical education teacher. Dustin Heitkamp, a student at Bangor High School, was also selected as a scholarship recipient. He has volunteered at his church, the Salvation Army Food Pantry, La Crosse County Dairy Breakfast, June Dairy Days, The La Crosse County Fair and has been the Bangor/West Salem FFA Community Garden manager in West Salem. Dustin plans to begin his education at Western Technical College and transfer to the UW-River Falls to obtain a degree in Agronomy and Agri-Science.

Bangor Lions Drive-thru Pancake Breakfast On April 18th the Bangor Lions held their annual pancake breakfast. Because of COVID-19 restrictions this year, the Lions were unable to use the Bangor school auditorium to serve their supporters. So the club organized a drive-thru breakfast at the Bangor Veterans Park. The club decided to keep the contents of each plate simple so it included a good portion of pancakes, their famous sausage patties, syrup, butter and flatware to allow for faster service. Using the knowledge gained by putting on multiple drive-thru pork chop sandwich sales, the club was able to make the pancake breakfast a huge success. Thanks to the generosity of Bangor and surrounding area supporters - many contributing more than the price of a breakfast plate - the Bangor Lions were able to raise funds to continue their support of their community projects.

27-D2 DISTRICT GOVERNOR: Dave Strudthoff | 608-457-2455


A few months ago I injured myself shoveling snow and had to go to physical therapy to regain the range of motion in my arm. That experience reminded me of the paradox of physical therapy and why we do it: 1) It always hurts; 2) It’s never convenient; and 3) you can’t skip steps. But knowing all the difficulties associated with physical therapy, we still do it religiously. Why? To get back to the life we had before getting injured. Lions Clubs without exception have all been injured as a result of the past 14 months due to the pandemic. Every club in the MD 27 will be searching for ways to get their club’s lives back. LCI has provided us with a simple tool like a physical therapy plan, to help clubs determine if they are well again. The Club Excellence Award has been around for years and has largely been ignored. Today, we look at this award and its four essential steps as a means of saving our clubs and of convincing members that, to have a truly healthy club, one must flourish in all facets of club responsibility. There is more to this Club Excellence Award than a patch and a metal for your club president: it’s a plan toward wellness. Clubs that commit to acquiring the Club Excellence Award commit to increasing membership, expanding service to its community, completing mandatory reports, training its members, and communicating to their communities about their success. Past Club Excellence Award recipients have all said that, at times, it hurts to look at themselves and find solutions to long-term problems. They found that it was never convenient to host events that may require extra time and attention. Finally, they couldn’t skip any part of the Club Excellence Award process; 27-D2 MEMBERSHIP every part had to be completed in HONOR ROLL its entirety before submitting an March 2021 Barre Co-Ed +6 application. Ithaca +5 Zone, Region, and District Achievement awards also exist, but Norwalk +4 New Lisbon +3 they are all based on one thing: St. Joseph’s Ridge +3 ”The Success of Local Clubs.” Zone La Farge +2 and Region Chairpersons have all Stoddard +2 been made aware that we can only Boaz +1 succeed if our clubs succeed. This Camp Douglas +1 necessarily won’t be all fun and Desoto Area +1 rewarding. Sometimes it’s just plain Elroy +1 old-fashioned hard work. But Lions +1 have never been known for taking Lake Delton Prairie Du Chien +1 the easy way out of any situation Richland Center +1 and this pandemic recovery will be no different. We are all up to the 27-D2 CLUB REPORTS challenge and will do whatever it HONOR ROLL takes to get our clubs’ lives back. March 2021 We are Servant Leaders and will not 100% Complete allow this pandemic to undermine 27-D2 Club Reports Honor Roll our clubs’ livelihoods. Like the Prairie Du Chien vaccine, we Lions will work to Richland Center eradicate any lasting effects of the Soldiers Grove past 14 months. Hillsboro

NEW GAYS MILLS LIONS CLUB fficers installed Monday night o were Amel Oppriecht, president; R.B. Lourie, E.S. Gorman and John Moses, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd vice presidents respectively; William Carroll, secretary-treasurer; Byron Curley, Lion tamer; Donald Beardmore, tall twister; and Frank Halloran, Vincent Hayes, Marvin Chellevold and Dr. R.W. Friedell, directors. The installing officer was John Young; Soldiers Grove, zone chairman.

TOMAH LIONS CLUB contributed to the Space Camp conducted by the Deke Slayton Museum in Sparta. Two Space Camps are held each summer teaching attendees about rockets and how the program has changed since we first landed on the moon. Mark Lee will be a featured speaker this year. Lee is an astronaut residing in Viroqua and still active in the space program.

MISHICOT LIONS r eceived a $2,000 donation from the Jones family for high school senior scholarships for the next 4 years.

MISHICOT LIONS – had a great turn out May 15th. We sold 300 brats and 300 hamburgers in 3 1/2 hours!

THE SAUK PRAIRIE LIONS CLUB elcomed guest Nancy Walch w who shared her experience with losing her vision due to a severe case of shingles behind her eye. Walsh experienced three cornea transplants since Sept of 2019 and is still healing from the third. She thanked the Lions Clubs for their part! When eyes are donated, the corneas are transported, by relays with other Lions Club members to where the transport will occur.


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27-E1 NEWS

EDITOR: Barb Dulmes | 8038 223rd St. | Cadott, WI 54727 | 715-289-5280 or 715-829-4090 |


Another Lion year has come and gone, and what an unusual, yet interesting one it was. I’ve completed my many months of training, and am ready to represent district 27-E1 as your 2021-2022 District Governor. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, let’s set our sights on getting back up to speed on meaningful service and giving back to our communities. In Green Bay, at the 2021 Wisconsin MD27 Lions State Convention, we celebrated 100 years of service, and began planning for the next 100 years. We had the opportunity to attend interesting and informative break –out sessions on topics such as scams that target our elderly, childhood cancer initiatives, fundraising during a pandemic, and service beyond our own clubs - just to mention a few. One exciting development: our district now has a First Vice District Governor Lion Brian Dulmes from Cadott will follow me and represent all of you in the 2022-2023 year as District Governor. I’m looking forward to all of us working alongside Brian to make our district even stronger. Over the next many months, I am excited about visiting the clubs in our district and meeting people that share the same passion as I do – serving, practicing kindness, and having fun doing it. I want to hear about your successful endeavors as well as problems or concerns that you might be having. I’d like to encourage you to bring forward your ideas for moving your club ahead, and am excited to help you reach those goals, and keep your members inspired and engaged. Supporting you is what I’m most looking forward to. I’d ask the zone chairs to let me know when your zone meetings are, and I’ll try my best to attend those as well. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your District Governor, and let’s make the next year the best ever!

Lake Holcombe and Cornell hold Governor’s Night On Wednesday, May 19th, the Lake Holcombe Lions hosted the Cornell Lions Governor’s Night. District Governor Steve Jensen and wife WLF Director Lion Jeanne were our honored guests. It was a busy evening as Governor Steve and Jeanne brought us messages from International and WLF. The Lake Holcombe Club welcomed 7 new members. Governor Steve inducted the 5 new members who were present. They are pictured Left to Right: Carrie Ably, Aubrey Meddaugh, Charlie Ably, District Governor Steve Jensen, Mitch Shackleton, April Shackleton, Shaun Fleming and Sara Fleming. Lions Carrie and Charlie Ably sponsored these new members. Two other new members, Anthony Strzok and Evan Swanson were unable to attend the installation. Several awards were presented. Governor Steve installed the 21-22 officers for both clubs comparing each office to a candy bar and presenting the bar to the officer.

Jim Falls Lions Uses Cans for Kids Project to Support School

Clear Lake Lions Provide Vision Screening

Lion Chris Anderson of the Jim Falls Lions presented a check for $2000 to PTO president Stacey Bunkelman and Principal Jennifer Sarauer of the Jim Falls Elementary School. This money was raised from our Cans for Kids Project.

The Clear Lake Lions conducted vision screening at the Clear Lake Elementary School on April 21 and 23.

26 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

(left to right) Diane Blanchard, Vicky Burns, Lion Cheryl Paulson

Lion President Cheryl Paulson presenting $500 check for the Clear Lake Library to Library Director Christine LaFond

27-E1 DISTRICT GOVERNOR: Bill Anderson | 218-349-8374

Cadott Lions Have a Busy Month presented with a certificate and a glass. Seniors were also given a yellow rose, and a survival bag. Pictured are honor students and club members as they listen to Rae Anne’s presentation.

Planting Trees The Cadott Lions delivered trees to the fourth graders in Cadott and the Catholic School in Boyd. Pictured is Lion Gary King with a class after receiving their trees. The club has recently received thank notes from the students. The students report that they have planted their trees and water them every day. Some of the trees have been named, the club looks forward to hearing about the status of the trees in the future.

Honor Students Recognized The Cadott Lions recognized the honor students in Cadott with a banquet held at the school forest. Honor students heard alumni Rae Anne (Buss) Ho Fung, a licensed psychologist speak about trauma, growth through adversity, resilience, social support, hard work and gratitude. She also reminded the students of the importance of community and friendship. Students were

Spooner Trego Lions Enjoy the New Pavilion Pictured are the Spooner Trego Lions attending their first meeting in the new Railroad Park Pavilion. The club donated $5,000 to build the 38x48 picnic center for the area. In addition to the donation to the Railroad Park, the Lions helped over 100 families at Christmas. They made Christmas a little brighter for 200 children by providing gifts and food. The Spooner Trego Lions also served by providing 27 families with a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Lions cook for the Junior/ Senior High School Students Recently the Cadott Lions helped the Junior Senior High School by cooking 200 hamburgers and 500 hot dogs for their awards morning at the school. The Lions will continue to have brat stands during the summer.

Nine-Hole Golf Tournament

An Afternoon of BINGO Senior Citizens in Cadott enjoy the afternoon of BINGO sponsored by the Lions. Twenty games are played with a snack break at half time. One of the popular prizes are the gnomes made by Lion Julie Nielsen.

A new event held by the Cadott Lions was a Nine-Hole Golf Tournament. The event started at 4:00 on Thursday, May 20. There were 18 teams that participated. A chicken dinner was served following golf. Of course there were raffles and 50-50 drawings. The rain held off and a good time was had by all participants.

Lions of District 27-E1 are Recognized at State Convention Several Lions from our district received presidential recognition for their leadership as Lions. The Friday Night social at the State Convention was the Roaring 20’s.

Lake Wissota Lions Shows Act of Kindness The Lake Wissota Lions completed their 13th Blood Drive on the 1st of April. This was a very successful drive for the club. There were 44 pints of blood collected. The Lake Wissota Lions hold three drives each year, usually in January, April, and September. The 13 drives have collected 412 pints of blood for the Red Cross. Where there is a need there is a Lion. What Act of Kindness is your club showing?

Pictured are Lion Brian Dulmes, PDG Larry Bradley, 2nd International Vice President Brian Sheehan, Lion Bill Anderson and Lion Jeanne Jensen at the District 27-E1 caucus.

Pictured are members of the Cadott Lions enjoying the evening activities, Lion Doreen Mrotek, Lion Brian Dulmes, Lion Barb Dulmes, and Lion Sue Shakal.


WisconsinLion 27 Wisconsin


PDG Ronda Bierbrauer |

Small Town Big Heart Although Roberts is a small town, it has a big heart when it comes to community and friends. When Lion Glenn Hall let the Roberts Lions club board members know that Tuffy & Mary Ellen Johnson were in dire need of a wheelchair ramp, it was a go right away. What an amazing offer to be a great service project for the club. The board agreed to fund the project, however, as it turned out, Roberts Lions personally funded most of the project from their own pockets!

A quote from Roberts Lions Club Facebook:

“Seeing what your club did makes me proud to say I’m from Roberts” – Justin Johnson

Next, it was time to find someone with the skills and the time to put a plan together and make it happen. Lion David Lindquist agreed to head up the project and Lion Dick Reese put the plans together. Working side by side with David as he guided club members through the project. David had precut a lot of the lumber beforehand saving a lot of time. The ramp was started around 8:30am and by 3:30pm it was ready to use. A little finish work will be completed in the coming weeks. A BIG Thank you to all the Roberts Lions Club members who donated to the project and a BIG thank you to the Lions who built it- David Lindquist, Dick Reese, Glenn Hall, Dan Helmueller, Mike Odden, Ron Duffe, Chuck Pizzi, & Geno Hanson.


One simple gesture, one simple example, and one small bag can make all the difference for a child in the hospital. Whether they are there for a hour or for days, our mission as Lions was to help distract children from the reason they are in the hospital. To give them things to do, make, and play. To put a smile on their face. Hence the smile bag was formed. Through many donations from individual Lions and Lions Clubs we were able to fill 250 gallon size ziploc bags with a pair of socks, crayons, a pencil, a pen, stickers, a scribble pad, a pencil pouch, a glue stick, a deck of playing cards, small toys, and a smile balloon. 250 homemade cards with envelopes are being designed by Lions to go with each bag with a simple note saying ”To add a smile to your day. Lions of MD27-E2.” On May 1, 2021, a small group of Lions, PID Connie LeCleir-Meyer, PDG Tom LeCleir, Lions Anita LeCleir, PDG Pat Furey, Lion Jared Fuery, Childhood Cancer District Chair Laurie Klinkhammer, and John Clark (son of PID Connie) met at DG Ronda’s home and packed all 250 bags. Then, on May 23, DG Ronda and her granddaughter Rylie prepared the bags for delivery to 5 Hospitals in Wisconsin. To all of you who gave, we say thank you. To all the children we serve, we say “Smile.” A Smile can say a thousand words.

28 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

The Ellsworth Lions Club donates $500 each year to the Pierce County Food Pantry. This year they also put together Easter Baskets to be given out to families with children. This project was shared along with other organizations and was much appreciated by the pantry and families.

27-E2 DISTRICT GOVERNOR: Tom Redbird | 715-533-4794


Greetings Lions of MD27-E2! What does this year have in store for us? One thing for sure is change. BY DISTRICT GOVERNOR TOM REDBIRD

Throughout this pandemic we have seen multiple things change. The way we have learned to continue to provide service to our communities. The way we meet and communicate with our fellow Lions. The way we continue to adjust our fundraising efforts. I commend all of you for the steadfast commitment to changing the way we serve. Moving forward, we will continue to adjust how we do things and how we serve our communities. We have more tools in our toolbox now that we have had to learn new ways to serve during these trying times. Some clubs have struggled with not knowing what to do and how to move forward. You are not alone, we have other clubs in the same situation throughout the multiple district. Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to have a positive year. We will provide you with training and Guiding Lions to help you in your clubs. We will be working on officer training that is spread out in our district so that we can get all of our club officers properly trained. I encourage all our district officers to take advantage of this opportunity so that we may bring new ideas back to our clubs and help them move forward. Each club has the opportunity to change and learn how to provide a new level of service to their communities. Together we can work the problems we face. Together we can come up with a plan. Together we can build up our clubs and communities. Together we can be the change that is needed. Together we can move our lions and communities of MD27-E2 Onward.

Introducing … Collector’s Corner! BY LION REID MEYER, ELLSWORTH LIONS CLUB

If you attended the Wisconsin Lions State Convention in Green Bay, hopefully you were able to visit the Centennial Memorabilia Display, where a wide variety of items were displayed to showcase our Multiple District 27’s rich Lions history! Friendship banners, International Director campaign ball caps and posters, Lions pins and buttons, Club charters, District albums containing articles–photos–programs– promotional materials, old Wisconsin Lions magazines, and historical photos (including one from Melvin Jones “wishing all the luck in the world” to Clarence Sturm) – it was all there for the viewing pleasure! What better way to keep the Lions memorabilia theme going than to establish this column, where various collectibles and memorabilia will be showcased. Each article will focus on a particular theme, such as collecting Lions pins and buttons, campaign and/or convention items and anything else you might have an interest in hearing more about! Keep an eye out and if there is a topic or theme of interest, please let me know at Happy Collecting!

AUGUSTA LIONS WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Five Generations of Lions! Great Great Grandfather Virgil Dickinsen signed the Original Charter in 1939, Great Grandfather Dale Dickinsen was a lifelong member, Grandfather Robert Row 1: Jeanie Nugent, DG Ronda Bierbrauer, Jaidan Nugent Nugent joined Augusta Lions 1976, Row 2: Robert Nugent, Brian moved, and is now transferring back Strauch, Brent Dickinsen (member since 1976), Grandmother Debra (Dickinsen) Nugent was a member in other clubs (Now Deceased), Mother Jeanie Nugent has is now transferring to Augusta. (member since 2016), and Daughter Jaidan Nugent became a Lion on April 28, 2021

New Members of the Augusta Lions Club (l to r): Jaidan Nugent (with sponsor Brent Dickinsen) will be a fifth generation Lion, Mandi Raether (with sponsor Kathy Francel), and Trish Buttke (with sponsor Brian Abley).

The Augusta Lions held their annual District Governor’s night where the following awards were presented and 3 new members were inducted.

Melvin Jones Award Dayle Sell

Augusta Lion of the Year Brian Strauch

Knight of Sight Award Tammy Raeder

Augusta Lions Pride Award Robert and Carol Peuse


WisconsinLion 29 Wisconsin

In Memory / In Honor of…


LION RICH SCHULTE from the Oconomowoc Lions has passed. We will always remember Lion Rich as a true dedicated Lion, but for most of us, we remember Lion Rich as the “Cash Man” at the district convention (as he was in charge of the financials). I can’t even tell you how many years it was, I think he might have been a permanent fixture at the convention!....Lol LEONARD PATRICK QUINN age 83, of Green Lake, WI passed away on Sunday, June 13, 2021 at Waupun Memorial Hospital after a long battle with heart disease and diabetes.

Amerhart Donald H. Huth and Vivian R. Huth Revovable Living Trust James Westphal Keryl and Denver Shilts Scott and Maureen Martin Charles Keifenheim Presque Isle Lions Club


LIONS EYE BANK DONATIONS MEMORIALS KIT THOMPSON Cross Plains Lions Club RON KALSCHEUR Cross Plains Lions Club AL SAVINA Gerard and Mary Louise Neugent Frank and Cathy Pugliese Karen Knorr Diane Neugent Chris and Elizabeth Portman Patricia Tomski Raymond Portman Andrew Savina Karen Knorr Elizabeth Wagner Jack and Carole Berg Anonymous (Janet Mashek) MIKE KEARNS Jerry and Trudy Wille JANEY KIMPTON Kimpton Family LISA YOUNG BORKOWSKI Dr. Lynn Rusy and David Brabson Beth and Theodore VerKuilen Charles Reitzner Chris Behringer James Vespalec KEN KOBS Julie Hastreiter BILL STUBBE Kathy Halfman and Roger Stubbe "MY DONOR" Nancy Harstvedt JEFF HAND Steven and Jean Groene SUZANNE MOUSEL Daniel and Sally Gaeu Dick and Mary Hauser Jerry and Trudy Wille

HONORARIUMS Rebecca Bartow, MD Julie Hastreiter "Donor Family" Julie Hastreiter

PRIVATE DONATIONS Clark Pettersen Anonymous (Donald and Carol Bastianello) Ann Boerson Alan and Nancy Rhode

RICHARD BENDER Kaukauna Lions ALFRED BROCHTRUP Kaukauna Lions BERNADINE DITTER Arthur Smoot BERNADINE DITTER Arthur Smoot RON DREW CC Geri & PDG Steven Schlender GLEN GARDNER Viroqua Lionettes PDG WILLIAM JAJEWSKI Lion Doreen Mrotek Christine Voigt SUZANNE MOUSEL PCC Sam & Carolyn Kochel Lion Doreen Mrotek PDG Delores & Lion Ken LaFaive PDG Jim & Lion Pauline Schiferl ARDIS NICHOLAUS Hartford Lions BETTY REESE Lion Mary Jo Abler MARSHA SPARKS Iola Lions MARY LOU STANLEY PDG Delores & Lion Ken LaFaive

HONORARIUMS CHARLES KOLB Michele Birschbach Matthew & Stephanie Harms Larry & Cindy Huhn Timothy & Wendy Schueler Mark & Cheryl Wurtz Friends of Charlie Kolb Cleveland Bank


MEMORIALS ART BECKMARK Larry & Diane Blahauvietz HOWARD BESTUL Kathleen Bestul & Family SARA BLANCHARD Berlin-Hamburg Lions Club FRED BROCHTRUP Kaukauna Lions/Lioness Club GLEN CHRISTMAN Union Grove Lions Club

30 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

RONALD “RON” F. DREW Children’s Wisconsin David & Tracy De Angelis James E. Gilboy PDG Dave & Darlene Hempel Jennifer Klar William Pallaske PDG Greg & Kate Pryor William Radonski Patricia & Larry Redlin Tamra Rockenbach Roger & Janice Rustad Kelly & Greg Sachse DANIEL DUX William & Winnifred Urban DIANNE FRANZ Mc Caslin Lioness Club MARY DONNA FROH Michael Bendt Gerald Bley Port Washington Lions Club Donald Roller Claude Zimmerman GLENN GARDNER Viroqua Lions Club LOU HAAS Gwen Carey Family & Friends Brian & Sue Gantner Christopher Haas Elizabeth Haas Linda Haas Stephen Haas Richard Martin Fred Peterson Christine Romang Town of Texas Lions Club Richard Weik DAN HANKE Marilyn Beall Big Bend-Vernon Lions Club MICHAEL J. HANRAHAN Coleman-Pound Lions Club PDG WILLIAM “BILL” JAJEWSKI Gary & Elaine Colton Ron & Rose Ligman Dale Schroeder PDG Bernie & Colene Stuttgen GARY JUSTESON Karen Justeson & Family MARY KAYSER Andrea Yenter RONALD KEACH Roche-A-Cri Lions Club GARY KORGER Jerry & Judie Zais MARY LINDELL Darlington Lions Club LESLIE LOWTHER Andrea Yenter JANICE MAU Grand Chute Lions Club JEROME MISCHO Mr. & Mrs. E. Mischo MR. & MRS. RAYMOND MISCHO Mr. & Mrs. E. Mischo BETTY MOSGALLER Richfield Lions Club

SUZANNE “SUE” MOUSEL 27-E1 District Lions Club PCC Robert & Dianne Bayerl* PDG Larry & Diane Blahauvietz PDG Larry & Doris Bradley PDG Dick Helbach PDG Dave & Darlene Hempel DG Steven & WLF Director Jeanne Jensen PDG Dennis, Judeen & Kate Knott PCC Gary Solum PDG Virgil & Rita Thompson Jerry & Judie Zais ORRIN NUMERDORE Beaver Dam Lions Club JOEL C. OLSON Kathy Olson PETER PAISER Paul & Joan Schmid EILEEN PICKETT Darlington Lions Club PAT PETTIT Fond Du Lac Lioness Club PAUL HANSON SATTERLUND David & Margaret Duxbury & Family KEITH SEAMAN Thorp Lions Club THOMAS J. SHALLOW David & Tracy De Angelis JANICE SKOMSKI Richfield Lions Club DAVID STEELE Augusta Lions Club Giles & Bunny Turner ELMER STROHSCHINE Mc Caslin Lions Club DIANE TULLY Manawa Lions Club JOHN J. ULLMER Bob & Jan Gracyalny Pulaski Lions Club George Woodbridge JOYCE VOIGT Berlin-Hamburg Lions Club JAMES WEISENBERGER Ladysmith Lions Club VADRIAN ZAGAR Scott Heins Renee Logee Sonja Moll Jessica Stanmeyer Andrea Yenter FRAN ZEPCZYK Ashland Lions Club HENRY ZIBROWSKI Mary & David Cooley Andrea Yenter



SURGE IN MEMBERSHIP? A s restrictions are being relaxed in many Wisconsin counties, several Lions Clubs are both inducting new officers along with new members. People are joining Lions in groups. Pictured is District Governor Bill Clausius (27-D1) who recently inducted eight new members to the New Glarus Lions Club. More members are being added to this Club thanks to their leadership. VERN JUNEAU Melvin Jones Fellowship Cudahy (A1)

BETTY KLUG & JACK SANDERSON Melvin Jones Fellowships Columbus (A2)

SRI VASUDEVAN Melvin Jones Fellowship (A2)

JOHN HILBERT Melvin Jones Fellowship Manitowish Waters (C2)

DALE HUSTAD Melvin Jones Fellowship New Glarus (D1)

RON SCHAAF Melvin Jones Fellowship New Glarus (D1)

ROBERT GAMACHE Birch-Sturm Fellowship Lake Holcombe (E1)

LAURA BERTCH Knight of Sight Award Boulter Junction (C2)

LEBW QUILT A fter 2 years, a block quilt was presented at the State Convention to Stacie Troha, CEO of the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin. The quilt was a combination of blocks from across the state. The blocks were quilted, painted and pieced by Lions and non-Lions as they viewed life after a sight correction. The blocks were put together by PDG Gwen Nelson. The quilt will be hung at LEBW and may be taken to events across Wisconsin at later dates.

SANDI LESMEISTER Melvin Jones Fellowship Lake Holcombe (E1)

JUNE BRUNNELL Knight of Sight Award Mercer Lions (C2)

DAYLE SELL Melvin Jones Fellowship Augusta (E2)

ELAINE QUAST& BEV LISNEY Knight of Sight Awards Sparta (D2)

MIKE ZILLMER Birch-Sturm Fellowship Juneau (A2)

TAMMY RAEDER Knight of Sight Award Augusta (E2)


BILL CLAUSIUS Ray Hempel Fellowship Sun Prairie (D1)

WisconsinLion 31 Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired Announces Excellence Award Recipients Dolph and DeVriend Doris Dolph and Sally DeVriend have been named recipients of the Community Volunteer Service Award. They are being recognized for exceptional service in promoting childhood vision screenings through the Waukesha Lions Club. Both retired nurses, Dolph of Waukesha and DeVriend of Pewaukee launched and operated a vision screening program for children in elementary and preschool. In its ten years, this effort has reached thousands of students with screenings that provided information necessary for corrective intervention and prevented negative effects of not seeing well as they grow and learn.

Lake Wisconsin Lions Club The Lake Wisconsin Lions Club has been named recipient of the

2021 Community Giving Award. The club, and its member Peggy Ford, is being recognized for its generosity in making financial gifts to the Council as well as other organizations focused on saving sight or helping people live well with vision loss. The Lake Wisconsin Lions raise funds through the annual Eskimo Open, a golf experience on ice that draws 200 to 300 people yearly. Ford promoted the Council’s mission, values and activities and encouraged the Club to make financial gifts to the Council.

Rhonda Staats Receives Excellence Award Rhonda Staats has been named recipient of the 2021 Lifetime Service Award. The La Crosse resident is being recognized for more than 20 years of service to

the Council Board of Directors and her deep commitment to the dignity and empowerment of people who live with vision loss in Wisconsin. In addition to her involvement on the Council board, Rhonda serves as secretary of the Statutory Council on Blindness and has been appointed to the executive team of the Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities. Staats is a member of the La Crosse Lions Club, formerly serving as its president, and is a past member of the La Crosse Human Rights Commission.

Craig Thompson Receives Excellence Award Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Designee Craig Thompson has been named recipient of the

2021 Public Policy Award. He is being recognized for bringing forward the needs of non-drivers throughout the state as part of the transportation planning process. Thompson established the Wisconsin Non-Drivers’ Advisory Council, attends its meetings and remains open to additional transportation conversations that impact people with vision loss.

The mission of the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired is to promote the dignity and empowerment of the people in Wisconsin who live with vision loss by providing services, advocating legislation, and educating the general public.

Congratulations Scholarship Winners! Through its scholarship program, the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired is committed to advancing the educational and professional goals of students who live with low vision and blindness. The scholarship program started nearly 30 years ago and has awarded hundreds of scholarships amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.

Saree Behm Early Childhood Special Education

Grace Caine Instrumental Music Education

Ellie Thompson Special Education

Lindsey Fritz Nursing

Kaitlyn Hippe Chinese and Spanish

Brandon Klas Business Management

Luka Santin Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation

George Tuttle Health Care Administration

Joe Tuttle Agriculture Education

Shayna Wederath Psychology

32 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2021

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