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Jeff Speer 702.528.4868 jeff @ Graphic Design • Photography • Web Design

Publication Layout & Design National Trade/Luxury Magazine Responsible for all design-related aspects of Spectra from concept, design & layout of the cover, inside spreads, and ads to pre-press production, proofing, and in many instances, photography.

Below: the only stock art used was the moon and the inset cover image in the bottom right.

A Publication of the


Sidebar: Through the Seasons Each season was represented using my photography in the design (butterfly, Red Rock, leaves, New Year’s decorations, etc.)

Fall Edition 2007

A Publication of the


Fall 2006

© Jeff Speer

Also: AGS & GIA — Partners at Symposium WDC Conflict Diamonds — Education Campaign Make Your Holiday Sales Sparkle

Prometheus and Rockefeller Center © RCPI Landmark Properties, L.L.C

Publication Layout & Design Cover Design Responsible for all aspects of the cover design for a regional Italian-American newspaper including concept, layout, design, photography, photo illustration, and pre-press production/proofing.

Publication Layout: Spreads

mArketing update

Make the Connection — Megan Meinerding, VP Client Services, Fruchtman Marketing

At press time, the new and improved American Gem Society Web site had received 102,101 visitors, with 82,616 of those visits falling into the unique category. (A unique visitor is a person with his or her unique IP address who spends time on a site within a 24-hour period.) What makes a unique visitor unique or special? In marketing-speak, the excitement generated by unique visitors is due to the cost-per-acquisition to attract them. In non-marketing-speak, it is the amount spent by the American Gem Society in developing and

promoting the Web site to capture each individual consumer. A customer. A prospect. A person looking for a credible, educated, and trusted resource or source to turn to as he or she begins a jewelry purchase. Customers. Prospects. Consumers. Seeking reliable information. All looking for you. With the testing phase of the Web site ending, the hiccups, bugs, and missteps associated with a major web overhaul and launch also are diminishing. The content and usability of the site will grow richer in the coming months, as will traffic to the site. As the site traffic increases, you are invited to Seize the Advantage of this powerful marketing tool and member benefit.

Link your Web Site to Linking your Web site to adds importance to your site in the eyes of search engines, particularly Google, and helps your site rank higher with them. Linking your site is easy. Visit the Link Your Site to Ours page under Member Tools in the Member Only section of Follow the simple instructions and promote the advantage of American Gem Society membership while improving search engine positions for your site and Take the time to put this new interactive tool to work for you. Seize the Advantage of your American Gem Society membership today!

How? Populate and update your Member Profile. It’s simple. Access your account through the Members Only section of the Web site and click the Manage My Account link. Follow the prompts to enter information in the following categories: email, Web site address, map link, short and long description, then upload your logo.

102,101 visitors. 82,616 unique visitors. Over 856,577 pages viewed, with the average visitor spending two minutes or more per visit.

Reminders Grassroots Advertising

Entering this information provides a robust user experience and provides you with an opportunity to tell a story and form a relationship with your prospective customer. Once your information has been added, it can be accessed from the Find a Jeweler/Appraiser results page to give consumers a more detailed look at you.

The deadline for 2006 advertising usage is December 31, 2006. To receive reimbursement, all invoices and tear sheets must be received at the American Gem Society headquarters by January 31, 2007.

Supplier, sustaining, and affiliate members — be sure to update your Member Profile, too. This information is important as we add to the Locate Supplier Member database. Soon, retail members will be able to locate supplier, sustaining, and affiliate members through a keyword search as, for example, loose diamonds. Search terms will be established through your updated Member Profile. Put this tool to work for you today and update your profile online at

Richard T. Liddicoat Journalism Awards

This is a gentle reminder for all Grassroots Co-op participants:

Unused advertising funds cannot roll over into 2007. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Grassroots participation, please contact Geri Jeter at 702.255.6500 extension 1029. TM

Early Notice — Nominations Due by April 30 TM

The entry deadline for the 2007 Richard T. Liddicoat Journalism awards is April 30, 2007. The awards were developed to honor journalists who have made exceptional contributions to the understanding of gemology, as well as to the AGS ideals of ethics, education, and consumer protection. Further details and entry forms will be distributed soon by fax and email. For questions, please contact Geri Jeter at or 702.255.6500 extension 1029.

If you have any questions regarding your Member Profile, please contact the Marketing Communications Department at 866.805.6500 extension 1015.


Spectra Winter 2006

Spectra Winter 2006


Newsletters / Brochures / Email


Corporate Communications Layout and design of MGM Mirage newsletters and email template (opposite). 16 pages, 4/4

Employee of the Year!


The stage was set and the blue carpet was rolled out for the VIPs, also known as the Employee of the Year nominees. The annual event was held at B.B. King’s Blues Club on March 4. Guests walked the blue carpet in their Rock n’ Roll Chic attire and entered the venue to enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and the B.B. King’s All Star House Band.

February 2010




Come out and support the Voice Foundation on Saturday, March 13! The 2nd Annual 5K/ 1 Mile Voice Walk-A-Thon is almost here. Bring your family and join us for games, contests, live entertainment, face painting, activities for the kids and much more!





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Chairman and CEO of MGM MIRAGE Jim Murren congratulated everyone before giving his inspirational speech. Nominees enjoyed VIP seating for the special guests and entertainment, which included comedian Frank Caliendo.


Find th BloMiroagedemploe hero in Yo dyee u from various dep ris v artments cam — holiday sea e

Be a he

Nominees arrived in style by limo where photographers were eagerly waiting to take their pictures. After arriving at B.B. King’s, nominees were given VIP treatment throughout the entire event.




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e together this

son to give som e much needed

d ddothe pte holiday cheer fam Mirage’s theme to this is “Share Spirit honor of the na ilie s.of Voice” te to our disin blo 7 year trib p.m.and ution took pla oGif d ot nred, inteam Mowhite th18, ce on December Olympic games. Show your by wearing blue wh e spirit ndayand ere H um who ilies rec 14 ansix showcar Resfam eiv, M chs29 edargift o ur s up tha ds, sto and don’t forget your sporty gear – like sweatbands, track suits and knee fr t ce inc o cki lud m s ngs for thei and even a Ch Training 7 a.ed for one m. bikes, gift r appo ristmasRby ooe.m. Ev tre socks! Let’s go all out fr and the gold over the inother properties ee win tm ad en er ul t fare ab yone t will re Adopt-A courtesy raising the most money. -FP am ceive a ily oThe f Lake Convention oard any m Where: vouche ROGRAM M d C Services, idday si r Advertising eaand ru ghtseein isketi es!ngWal Sammy Davis Jr. Plaza at In orde Pre-register at Employee Services and purchase wristbands at a discounted Mar g cr r kto uise ins are to provide gifts do dep naartm 110for te$5 , yoent s children. Lorenzi Park also It’s for price poun one of um e tog of the $10 adults for Raffle ethertickets and activity ds welsuc uscam h t aneand an ilies be co d . because we real “W no tattfam he m adotpte althy, at e. oo in th ha d ized tickets will also be available prior to the event day at Employee Services ilyd this that the holiday nate last 12 ve adofam year least 17 overwh s are eabo Assistant Directo elming fee ut givimngonnot ths.receiviblood in the las years ol r of and can be purchased using payroll deduction, cash or check. ConvenPltion ng,” said t eight w d, weigh at le ling to see easeSer bevices Jenn Siytouched by the ast eeks or Hia the n. gesture shown fam beverage sure to “I re dr was ilies ce ink plen deeply whive end the by som s or a y receive ty offor e of donated include alc our At the event, will w cost $15 adults $5 for children. wat a healtwristbands d, a Nin ber . It issand hy, hear ohol staf s.”erItem ithf inmem tendo DSi not 24 hour gro their gifts,” said cery ty supplies. “The (i.e. dr, ive giftmeal be s of your advisable to dr s, jack Employee best giftThe registration fee includes lunch. All money raised during the event will foreets r’s licen card was a gam school donatio ink caffe youand e con the da se sole co , our Director of et give in me in an n.Ser n by c. y. ated directly benefit the Voice Foundation. ). C Don’t fo the 12ooyea Adverti r-ol kies s rg sing, Traci Preus,” Coo et rdin of d be sure tovice anddson to eaato beve said Siy-Hian. t r Melissa rages w have a If you ha ill be valid ID Case Please note that property booths are unable to accept cash, but you may ve stro rved . “Th Thanks to the eyugare thro please ca questions abou all following dep ho ut so grateful t donor artmentlls Em purchase tickets prior to the event or at the entrance. forplpro holiday for the el oy igi vidi ee ng bility or and you can see a ic Serv families: Slots,VIP brig hap to sche eshtatand how much they Services, Conven Advertising, Ani extenspy dule an page 2 tion Services, Mar Continued io mal Care, Pub ap in n 7503on following keting, lic Area, Securit tm . appporec and Front Des t, ryth y, LOVE Wardro iateeneve k. ing. be, Finance Time: Registration is at 8:30 a.m. Walk begins at 10 a.m.


Top 8 Reason s

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MARCH 2010 EOY Special Edition.indd 1


to don

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lood! You will get free juice an It’s easy d cookies and conv . en drive an ient – it ywhere takes les 3. It’s or deal somethi with traffi s then one ho ng you ur and yo c. is still no can spar u don’t e – mos t enough have to 4. Yo t people to go ar u will w have bloo ound. alk a little 5. Yo d to sp taller aft u will be are yet erwards helping there – close to to yo u will fe enPMsure 2/19/10 3:55 you may el good that bloo need it. but man about yo d is ther Most pe y do. urself. e when 6. Bl ople do you or ood is so n’t th someone ink they mething 7. Yo ’ll ever money u will be need bl can’t bu someone ood, y. Only a father, ’s hero one pers a brothe – you m on can r, or a sis ay give up to th giv e a te to newborn ree lives r anothe another. 8. It’s r chance , a child with just , a mothe the right at0 life one dona 1/19/1 4:46 . In PMfac r or thing to tion. t, you m do. ay help save 1. 2.

Time: Mond ay 7 a.m , March 29, 201 . t 0 Where o 7 p.m. : Hum an Reso urces Trai ning Ro om

Fin HERO d the in you !




1:04 AM

The American Gem Society is a non-profit trade association of fine jewelry professionals dedicated to setting, maintaining and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional behavior through education, accreditation, recertification of its membership, gemological standards and gemological research. The Society is committed to providing educational products to inform and protect the consumer and to contributing to the betterment of the trade by creating industry standards to protect the jewelry-buying public and the fine jewelry industry as a whole.

O UR V ALUES The core values of the American Gem Society are: • Consumer Protection • Education • Ethics/Integrity

• Leadership • High Standards

OUR VISION Increase the reputation and visibility of the professional standards and accreditations of AGS members within their communities in order to create a positive and profitable business environment. Provide increased consumer awareness by developing and providing educational presentations and materials to be offered by the membership in their communities, resulting in an enhanced reputation for the entire industry. Establish and maintain membership and recertification standards to build the credibility of AGS and other organizations that utilize professional titles to the benefit of the whole industry through increased consumer trust. Benefit the industry as a whole by: • • • •

Email eNews blast designed with the look and feel of the company website.

Creating better informed consumers Maintaining a collaborative environment of mutual respect Maintaining a dedicated board Developing involved member volunteers

3/15/10 3:13 PM

Annual Report, printed 4/4 as a foldout booklet, 7.5"x12".

Rack card brochure with photo illustration, 4/4.

Theme for the Employee of the Year was repeatable in email communications and the newsletter. Also transferred to VIP lanyards, signage, posters, and invitations.


L3 SERIES GRAPHITE SHAFT L3 Stands for Low Weight, Low Torque and Less Dispersion


Continuous Flex Design


Our shafts are designed with “continuous flex design”, beginning right below the grip and continuing all the way down the shaft. This continuous design allows a more consistent unleashing of power as your swing moves through the impact zone, providing a true and continuous energy load throughout the shaft, resulting in higher club head speed, and assuring optimum boring trajectory. When you bend the shaft, you will notice a consistent bow from the butt to the tip. The feel of the shaft is impossible to explain, you just have to swing it to experience it. We have found that a player of touring pro caliber can hit any of the flexes of the shaft and maintain accuracy, a feature unheard of in the golf industry until now.




* * *

Our unique pressure cavity molded manufacturing process results in a perfect shaft EVERY TIME. Traditional shaft makers bake untreated graphite by hanging unprocessed shafts in open air ovens, resulting in inconsistent curing and uneven wall thickness and strength. These graphite shafts must be sanded and shaved (often by hand) to try to achieve proper shape Ltd. and flex.


* * *

Shaftec Each Ltd., of our shafts are individually cavity 5465 Desert Pointe molded. TheDrive specifically designed press reguheat and pressure to exact standards to Las Vegas,lates Nevada 89118 create consistent torque and flex. As a result, 702-876-2626 our shafts do not need to be sanded to perfect 702-876-3087 weight or FAX flex and our intricate lay-up process


Tri-fold brochure with placed 3D model art, 4/4.

predetermines the shaft’s low torque. We have complete control over weight, flex and torque. Our manufacturing process provides the assurance that, for the first time, graphite shafts can be purchased in a set and will be totally MATCHED. The reason you do not see tour pros use graphite in their irons, is that they cannot achieve consistency from iron to iron. In a driver it is not as important, because you are not hitting to precise distances. Shaftec shafts give you the consistency, up until now only available in steel shafts, with the feel and performance of graphite.

Our unique design ensures each shaft to have the even circumference for a uniform grip feel in both hands. Even pressure in the hands and grip assures identical performance and hand action with each club in your bag. We all know how difficult it is to match grips when you are applying the grips to the shorter irons that have so much taper from the butt. In fact, it is impossible to match a set of clubs using shafts that have a continuous taper. We produce the only set of perfectly matched graphite iron shafts available. In addition, the design eliminates the need for tip cutting resulting in unparalleled consistency and optimum trajectory, distance and dispersion, as well as ease and accuracy of assembly. In fact, tip cutting voids the manufacturers warranty as it changes the shaft’s impeccable dynamics.

. Ltd




SHAFTEC’S INNOVATIVE PROCESS MAKES ALL SUPERIOR MATERIALS OTHERS We’re the only Shaft company that OBSOLETE! incorporates the same premium grade graphite materials utilized in the aerospace industry. Absolutely no foreign materials (such as boron, fabric or hybor) are infused into the manufacturing process. Any time you put foreign material into a shaft, it results in a change for the worst of the shafts’ natural performance characteristics.


We cryogenically treat each shaft to -319˚F in a computer-controlled atmosphere; realigning molecules into perfect molecular patterns.


THE L3 SERIES SHAFT SPECIFICATION SHEET • Lifetime Warranty on defects in workmanship and material. • 28 inch parallel* butt section, 24 inch on the irons • 5 inch parallel* tip section. • Length: Woods 47” - Irons 41”. • Weight: Woods 69-72 grams. Irons 58-60 grams. • Torque: Woods 2.2 to 2.4 Irons 2.0 to 2.2 • Flex Ranges L**** Senior L*** Regular L** Firm L* Stiff L X-Stiff * Parallel butt and tip sections are the length of the shaft in which the walls remain parallel. “WHY NOT GIVE US A TRY AND DRIVE YOUR CLUB WITH THE FINEST ENGINE AVAILABLE.” “NOTICE THAT WEIGHT AND TORQUE ARE MAINTAINED IN ALL FLEXES.

Magazine & Newspaper Ads Advertisements published in magazines, newspapers, newsletters, programs, and tabloids.

Let It Snow

Holiday Wishes

Holiday Ads 05-06

Designed holiday promotional ad slicks and provided working files to members for use in their own branding.

Image-Building Advertising Co-op Program Images are on CD-ROM Size: 5" x 7" or customizable Format: .ai, .pdf, .eps, .jpg, or tif Please see the READ ME file on the CD for more information concerning file types






Wise men give the finest gifts...


MAKE (--Insert Name Here--) YOUR LITTLE HELPER

Image-Building Advertising Co-op Program

Dreaming of a WhiteChristmas


AGS Holiday Ads 03







Honda West guarantees that it will beat any other dealer’s advertised price on a new vehicle with the same model number, M.S.R.P., and equipment in Honda West’s stock by at least $500 or you get $5000. You must take delivery today. Just bring in to Honda West a current, original ad from a Las Vegas Publication before you buy your new vehicle. If a Honda West Sales Manager informs you in writing that we cannot beat the other dealer’s advertised price by $500, and you buy the vehicle from the other dealer at the advertised price within 3 days, we will give you $5000. You must provide proof of purchase. We reserve the right to authenticate the other dealer’s advertised price. This offer excludes leases and dealers and positively ends this weekend. Actual vehicles may vary from illustration. DLR #023996

STK # 23244-23454-23456

STK # 22847-23184-23011



* Must be ‘97 or older Honda, .15 per mile deducted for wear + tear, subtract any reconditioning or repairs needed. Not available on advertised cars. Plus destination, tax, title, doc fee, VTR and dealer installed accessories.

New Trattoria Now Open!

While we grow into our new place, your favorite deli and menu items are still available at our Tropicana East store. Watch for our new Westside Deli coming soon.

. Let Siena Deli Cater Your Next Event! . Visit us on the web: & Siena Deli — An authentic Italian market with hard-to-find items imported from Italy and the area’s largest variety of Italian specialties, including fresh-baked breads, homemade pastas, and imported cheeses and meats. Enjoy our signature dish, Cavatelli with Homemade Sausage! And save room for dessert. Try our cannoli, tiramisú, and crème brûlée.

Join Owner/Chef Giancarlo and be a part of this true Las Vegas tradition! 25+ Years!

Top left: thank you ad for those who helped support a children's charity auction. Bottom left: full-page newspaper ad for the Review-Journal. Bottom right: Promotional ad for Las Vegas Athletic Club. Top right: fullpage newspaper ad designed and photographed for Siena Deli.

9500 W. Sahara . Las Vegas, NV 89117 2250 E. Tropicana @ Eastern . Suite 20

. .

pen Now O Side! West on the

702.360.3358 . (formerly Bertolini’s) Las Vegas, NV 89119 . 702.736.8424

Logo Design & Corporate Identity


“J e w e l O f T h e S u i t e L i f e”

Logo Design & Corporate Identity Corporate Identity; 2c Responsible for all aspects of branding from concept, design & layout to pre-press production.

Corporate Identity; 2c + Embossed Logos Responsible for all aspects of this project from concept, design & layout to pre-press production. Also handled all account services including invoicing/billing.

408 East Gowan Road North Las Vegas, NV 89032

NV AB 24517 • AZ 162673/162674/ROC170211 • UT 248540-5501 ID 13613-AAA-1-3 • WA MMC****990DA • OR 125105

Campaign Layout & Design

Peers — Industry Leaders — Speakers

National Conferences & Trade Shows Created complete promotional campaigns for prestigious annual conferences and ceremonies. Pieces included: • • • • • • • • • •

Direct Mail Materials Invitations & RSVPs Registration Catalogs Forms and Flyers Promotional Items On-site Guides & Schedules Fashion Show Programs Audio/Visual Materials Signage, Banners & Maps Online Registration Portals

CONCLAVE Registration Catalog April 9-12, 2008 Seattle, Washington

The SEVENTH Annual

Circle of Distinction


Registration Catalog with Course Schedules, Maps, Advertisements, Speaker Bios, Keynote/Special Program Notes, and Sponsor Information. 40 pages, 4/4

Join us in honoring our industry’s outstanding individuals.

Lifetime Achievement Award Triple Zero Awards Richard T. Liddicoat Journalism Awards TM

T he R ainbow R oom 65 th F loor 30 R ockefeller P laza

Dinner Tribute Book & Invitation New York City New York

Online Registration

Peers — Industry Leaders — Speakers

Available NOW!

of the technical, “ ...a nice balance emotional, and inspirational aspects of our business.

Promotional Poster

Save the Date Mailer: 8 pages with fold-out back cover, 4/4.

ICA International Gem Show Dubai Limitless skies, Colorful Opportunities

ICA International Gem Show Dubai Limitless skies, Colorful Opportunities

Save the Date!

Connect with the true sources of colored gemstones

October 13-15, 2008

October 13-15, 2008

Al Bustan Rotana Hotel Dubai Save the Date.indd 1

5/26/08 5:15:13 PM

Al Bustan Rotana Hotel

Save the Date Postcard, 4/4. Over 100 of the World’s Most Prominent Gemstone Merchants From 46 ICA Member Countries Under One Luxurious Roof

Organized by

Under the Patronage of

Photography Photos have appeared in local and national publications, including Stage Directions, Dance, Nevada Wellness Magazine, Las Vegas Life, Las Vegas Weekly, La Voce, and Las Vegas Sun. Sports covered includes NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide & Camping World Truck Series; NCAA Division I basketball, baseball, and volleyball; short-track and off-road/desert racing; and a wide-variety of high school sports. Official Photographer for Green Valley High School Theater & GVHS Volleyball (currently), Nevada Ballet Theatre (2008-10), and La Voce Publishing Co. (2008-10).

Web Design Speer Photography & Design Owner, Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Webmaster. Site includes photo portfolio at:

Green Valley High School Women’s Volleyball Team Photographer, Webmaster, and JV Coach responsible for all aspects of the Gator Volleyball website including content, layout, design, updates, and maintenance.

Media Central Productions

Auto Body Group

AGS Advanced Instruments

Jennaleigh’s Bridal

Speer Design Studio

Admart Inc.

NV Assoc. of Teacher Educators

702.528.4868 jeff @

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