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Design Workshop

Masterplan of Recreation and Education Park Kolam Retensi Kacang Pedang

Pangkalpinang Government in Cooperation with

SAPPK ITB and University of Florida Pangkalpinang, 22 February 2016 to 3 March 2016

Pangkalpinang • • • •

The capital of Bangka Belitung Province Area : 118.408 km2 Population : 328.167 people District Area : 7 District – Taman Sari, Rangkui, Pangkalbalam, Gabek, Bukit Intan, Girimaya and Gerunggang

Kacang Pedang

Pangkalpinang issues – Prone to flooding : • • • •

Concave topography of Pangkalpinang Diminishing capacity of retention ponds, such as Kacang Pedang High tides Unusually heavy rains

– Limited Green Public Space • The regulation of Green Public Space in city in Indonesia is about 30% of the area of each city

– Transition from Tin Mining to Tourism

Site Context -


8 6

9 7 10



1 2


Information : 1.

2. 3. 4. 5.

Jend. Sudirman Street Ahmad Yani Street Masjid Street Mentok Street Pahlawan 12 Bridge

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Legend : Pahlawan 12 Street Inspeksi Street Moh. Toyib Street KH. Abdurrahman Siddik Street Kurma Street

Primery Road Secondary Road Acces to Site

Site Context –

tourism destination




7 4





2 4


Destinations 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Bangka Botanical Garden Shen Mu Miaw Temple Wilhelmina Park Tin Museum Dutch Cemetery


6. 7. 8. 9.

Girimaya Hill Tanjung Bunga Beach Pasir Padi Beach Tuatunu Urban Forest 7

Site Context –



Kacang Pedang


Sudirman Street

1. Water flows From Bukit Mengkol to Kacang Pedang then Rangkui River and finally to the Sea 2. During High Tide, water flows from the sea to Rangkui River and finally to Kacang Pedang


Teluk Bayur

0m 500m



Site Analysis and Issues of Kacang Pedang • • • • •

First Capacity : 6.240.000 m3 Capacity now : only 50% from the first capacity Water Flows : Water flows from Mengkol mount to the Sea When High Tide, water flows from the Sea to the city Water flows from public housing on north and south of the Retention Pond Water Debit : Water full on Rainy Season and All Dry on Dry Season Area : Reclamation 11 Ha, Goverment Housing 16 Ha and Retention Pond 78 Ha

Goverment Housing Area Kacang Pedang Retention Pond

– – – – –

Prone to flooding Sedimentation Low volume during Dry season Polluted water source Unfertile/Implantable soil

– – – – –

Reclamation Area

Damaged wetland Steep slope and erosion Lack of design and maintenance People living along lake Abandoned gov. housing

– – – –

Dilapidated infrastructure Lack of utilities and facilities Lack of waste management Land-use regulation

Precedents –

wenying lake

Natural area Precedent

– Retention Pond that also function as a recreation area – Make wetlands to filtrate the water and have an aesthetic function

Precedents –

brooklyn bridge park

– Retention Pond that also function as a recreation area – Pedestrian walk on the water edge – Waterfront area that can bring through people to have activities there like sitting, playing, enjoy the view, eat and drink, etc

Urban area Precedent

Landscape Design – plants WETLANDS

Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), Teratai (Nymphaea lotus), Bakau (Rhizopora sp.), Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus), Selada Air (Pistia Stratiotes), Alangalang air (Scirpus lacustris), Bambu Air (Equisetum hyemale)


Angsana (Pterocarpus indiscus), Sengon (Albizzia falcata), Lamtoro (Leucaena glauca), Trembesi (Samanea saman)


Tanjung (Mimushop elengi), Mahoni (Sweitenia mahogani), Ketapang (Terminalia Catappa)

Landscape Design – plants FLOWER TREES

Kenanga (Cananga odorata), Cempaka (Michellia campacha), Tabebuiya (Tabebiya christanta), Flamboyan (Delonix regia)


Jeruk Kunci (Citrus aurantifolia), Cempedak (Artocarpus integer), Kelubi (Eleiodoxa conferta)

LOCAL TREES Rukam (Flacourtia rukam),Nasi-Nasi (Syzigium zeylanicum, Eugenia zeylanica, Eugenia spicat),Keramunting/Keraduduk (Ochthocharis bornensis BI),Nagasari (Palaquium rostratum), Pelawan Wood (Tristaniopsis merguensis grif), Meranti Rawa Wood (Shorea pauciflora King), Ramin (Gonystylus bancanus),Rotan

Master Plan

5 3 4

1 2

1. Wetlands - Make wetland to filtrate the water 2. Return into earlier capacity - Use the sedimentation to make islands - The islands function not only for recreation but to make water flows slowly - Make terrace for water filtration

3. Reclamation water flow - Make water flow when the dry season 4. Water Gate - Make the water gate to prevent water from the sea during hight tigh 5. Bio-swale - Make Bio-swale to slow down water flows from public housing

The LAKE –

issues and solutions

Issues • • • • • •

Prone to flooding Sedimentation Low volume during dry season Polluted water source People living along lake Damaged wetland

Solutions • • • • • • •

Add sedimentation and trash trap off- and on-site Remove sedimentation or use as infill and building material Increase wall height Add planted terracing Aerate water Augment soil Prepare maintenance plan

The LAKE – • • •

12 Marching Heroes Park

Landscape architecture approach New Cultural Identity for Kacang Pedang (12 heroes) Water Management + Cultural Identity = New Green Public Space Sulaiman Saimin Island Romantic Park Hangout, Wedding

Saman Samin Island

Community Farming Urban Farming, market Plaza

Adam Cholik Island

Sporty Field Flying Fox, Futsal, Playgorund, Jogging Track

Salim Adok Island

Hide and Seek Playing Slide, Hangout, Dock

Challenge Game Labyrinth, Dock

Reach to the Sky Wall Climbing, Cafe, Hooch Path in the Air Tree House, Hooch

Memorial Park Soldier Information, Military Visualization

Abdul Majid Gambang Island

Suardi Marsam Island

Apip Adi Island

Saman Tholib Island

Karto Saleh Island Racing Area Skate Board, remote control area

Ali Samid Island

Harbour and Beach Dock, Boat Rental, Cafe

Komar Island

Semarang Cultural Park Viewing Deck, Dock, Pendopo

Jamher Island

Friendship Island Hangout, Deck

The LAKE – •


Digging sediment soil for more capacity of water and use the sedimentation to make islands Make water filtration by wetlands and terrace












Section A-A’ Legend A. B.

Upland Area Island

C. D.

Pahlawan 12 Bridge Public Housing


More capacity of water


Saman Samin Island

a Farmer who againts VOC and died at the battle field

market plaza urban farming



Saman Samin Island is an island than have urban farming area. Its grows veggies and fruits. Beside that there is a market plaza to held community bazaar. There’s a dock to see view to Kacang Pedang Lake especially wetlands area. There’s a playground to for kids who wait their parents while they’re farm.

Sulaiman Saimin Island

a Quiet and Motivated soldier, who died right before marrying his beloved





This island theme was a romantic Island tribut to Sulaiman Saimin because he died before get married. This island is full of flowers, and designed to be a romantic place for a couples and provides also a spot for wedding photograph and the wedding reception could be added as a routine event here. The last one was a Garden Party, this should be fun and will attract many visitors for sure.

Abdul Majid Gambang Island a Brave soldier, who died at the battle field

laby r


Doc k

Abdul Majid Gambang Island have a challenge game in the middle of the island, that is a Labyrith. The main goal of the Labyrinth is a Pinang Garden that contain different varieties of Pinang Tree. Beside that there is a dock too so people can enjoy the view of Kacang Pedang Lake.

Abdul Saman Tholib Island a soldier of Bangka who died againts VOC.


Military visuals

This island supposed to be a memorial island, so the visitors could find a gallery, miniatures, and replicas that will tell them about the history during the war. The first impression you’ll find in this island was quiet and calm. The quietness is what a memorial place should be, to give more peace and calmness to everyone’s heart.

Adam Cholik Island

a soldier of Bangka who died againts VOC.


Flying fox

l fi a s t u F


nd u o r g Play

rack Running T

Adam Cholik Island theme is sporty field. In this island there are futsal field, running track and playground as a facilities for sport. There’s a flying fox to exercise courage and dock to enjoy view to the lake.

Salim Adok Island

a soldier of Bangka who died againts VOC.

Food stand

slid e


Salim Adok Island concept is hide and seek. There are 3 pathways but just one path is the right to go to the slide so People have to seek the right way. There’s a deck for boat rental too so people can go around the lake by boat.

Komar Island

a soldier from Semarang that transfer to Bangka to help againts VOC

Pendo po Utama Sittin g


Food Court


Gazeb o

Viewing Deck

Komar Island is represent cultural in Semarang, Central Java. The building named is Pendopo with traditional roof form. The Main Pendopo function is like hall and the others is for food court. There are several gazebo, two viewing decks to enjoy view over the lake and a dock to enjoy view near the water.

Jamher Island

a kind guy who’s very loyal to his friends and sacrifice himself for their good

Food Court

ng wi Vie De ck

Fountain of Friendship

Jamher Island theme is Friendship because Jamher is very loyal friend. There’s a fountain in the middle of the island that represent a friendship and also function as micro climate control. There are viewing deck and coffee shop so people can enjoy the view and atmosphere at Kacang Pedang Lake.

Karto Saleh Island

is a driver who died when he’ll picking up everyone from the battle field

Boom Bo om car

Remote C ontrol Court

rea A e t a k S

In Karto Saleh Island there’s a boom-boom car arena to represent Karto Saleh as a driver. Beside that there are RC arena and skate park area too. With this fasilities can facilitated hobbies of kids in Pangkalpinang.

Ali Samid Island

worker at the Port in Banka and died in battle against VOC


huts Floating Market

Boat R ental


Ali Samid Island is represent beach that have sand as the land cover and several huts to rest and enjoy the view. The cafe represent harbor’s building that have a viewing tower. There’s a pier , floating market on the edge of the island that sells food in the boat and boat rental so people can go around inside the lake.

Suardi Marsam Island

a soldier who never gives up and climbs to reach the sky

Wall Climbing

High Gazebo


Suardi Marsam Island concept is reach to the sky so there is wall climbing that represent it. The wallclimbing have three level that for childreen, for beginner and for expert. Beside that there are several high gazebo so people can rest there and see the view of Kacang Pedang Lake. Then there’s a cafe that sells food and drink for everyone.

Apip Adi Island

is the Sniper who fought and died on a tree.

u Tree Ho


e air Path in th

Apip Adi Island is represent Apip Adi that died on cempedak tree. So the island is about activity on the tree. The visitors can walk in the air by pathways and can enjoy the view over the lake up there. Beside that, they can go to the tree house to rest or to enjoy the view while they rest.

The LAKE –

Bridge : Day and Night Scene

The LAKE –

Multi-functional trail and connection to island


issues and solutions and master plan

Issues • • • • • • • •

Steep slope and erosion Abandoned Gov. housing Dilapidated infrastructure Lack of utilities and facilities Lack of waste management Lack of design and maintenance Implantable soil Polluted water source








Solutions • • • • • • • • •

Terrace the slope Redevelop Gov. housing Rehabilitate infrastructure Install utilities and facilities Redesign stormwater and waste management systems Design and manage landscape Re-establish topsoil Collect rainwater and filter water Create/enforce mix-use zone

Legend A B C D E F

Bio-swale Represent Hill People Represent Malay People Represent Chinesse People Represent Sea People Parking Area and multifunction area


• Camping ground with nature theme in the middle of the forest • The villas theme represent 4 Ethnic of Pangkalpinang



issues and solutions and master plan

Issues • • •

Prone to flooding Polluted water source Lack of design and maintenance


Solutions • •

Re-establish topsoil Redesign stormwater and waste management systems Terracing or raising level of square Create/enforce mix-use zone

• •

Legend A B C D E F

Viewing Deck Water Garden Plaza Mix-use Amphitheatre Flyer




• • • • •


Green Amphitheatre Plaza with a fountain Playground for kids Pedestrian between Trees Open Space for Community Bazzar when Ramadhan month

Rangkui River

• Dredging the river to make a deeper river • Make some node on Rangkui River Edge

• • • • • •

Rabita Akbari Sitompul 28915001 Alecia Artita Midori 28915003 Dennis Octaviano 28915004 Primaningtyas Kusuma Cintami 28915005 Roberto Gede Bagus M 28915006 Teuku Moehammad Hasriza 28915007

• Dr. Firmansyah, ST. MT. • Agus Soeriaatmadja, MLA

Thank You

Design Workshop Master Plan of Recreation and Wetland/Reservoir Restoration Kacang Pedang  

Joint Studio with UF and ITB for Design Workshop Master Plan of Recreation and Wetland/Reservoir Restoration Kacang Pedang

Design Workshop Master Plan of Recreation and Wetland/Reservoir Restoration Kacang Pedang  

Joint Studio with UF and ITB for Design Workshop Master Plan of Recreation and Wetland/Reservoir Restoration Kacang Pedang