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• Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle: Corporate Finance

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a skilled business broker who says that finance is one of the most important aspects of buying and selling businesses. There are typically three categories of finance, Corporate, Personal, and Public. Corporate finance specifically deals with things like the sources of funding and what is called capital structure of corporations, as well as involves the actions of CEO’s and their methodologies and strategies that will ultimately dictate the value of the business according to the shareholders and the marketplace. In essence, corporate financed is different from that of managerial finance, a category that focuses more of the fiscal managing of a business, rather than just the corporate aspect. The main distinctions in corporate finance are the applications of financial problems from all areas of the business, not just the managerial ones. What corporate finance works with mostly is often about profitability and sustainability issues measured against risk assessment and market saturation. They do not only analyze these issues, but attempt to maximize a business’s wealth and value in the stock market by making power plays and moves. This usually includes allocating capital resources, or profits of the business, towards three different areas. The first area is called capital budgeting, where in which the owners and managers of the company have to choose which projects they will undertake to improve the business by deciding which one of the most efficient and most necessary at the time. The use of capital budgeting includes utilizing different evaluation and analyzation techniques in order to come up with a sustainable plan for business and overall

improvement of the company. Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle says that corporate finance and all of the techniques involved within it are necessary for a business if they ever want to become well-established. Corporate finance primarily focuses on three different areas. The first was capital budgeting, which was previously explained. The second is about the sources of capital, which involves how each investment made in the company will be funded. Investment capital is a way to provide currency through sources such as shareholders, equities, or creditors. Essentially it is about receiving initial investment money in order to get the business to the level of self-sustained growth, the goal of any real business. This kind of short-term capital is usually obtained by lenders or investors and can involve an interest return rate or a share of the company’s overall earnings. The third area of study is the dividend policy, which requires the owners and managers to figure out if they have any excess capital at the end of the year that can be utilized for future investments within the company. So instead of using stock holders and creditors, the business can invest in itself so that it can continue to grow and sustain that growth for an extended period of time. This is the value of corporate finance. It is a vital part of any business operation that will allow you to manage your financial situation and plan an adequate strategy in order to continue to grow as a business to a viable future.

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Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a professional business broker that has learned over the years just how important it is for businesses to adapt. H...

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