Jeff Webb Varsity Brands

Memphis, TN, United States

Jeff Webb Varsity Brands is the founder and president of the International Cheer Union (ICU), the cheerleading world governing body. The organization was recognized as the world governing body for the sport in 2016. Also known simply as Cheer, the International Cheer Union was established in 2004 by Webb. Founder Jeff became the organization's president three years later in 2007, having previously been involved with the National Cheerleaders Association and the Universal Cheerleading Association. Jeff is the founder and president of Cheer, a nonprofit serving more than 7.5 million athletes worldwide. The organization is a proud member of the Association for International Sports for All member, and the International Cheer Union is registered as a nonprofit international governing entity. Its purpose and mission are to advance the sport of cheerleading. Webb is the senior news editor of the website Human Events. Human Events is a long-time Washington, D.C.-based news and analysis outlet. It takes its name from the first sentence of the United States Declaration of Independence. Webb joined Human Events as its senior news editor in 2020 after a successful career as an entrepreneur, author, and business leader.