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Hi! My name is Jeanette Cutajar and I’m a Maltese designer, born on the 29th of December 1991. Since I was little, I always felt that creative arts are a great part of my life. Many artists from the Art Nouveau/Art Deco period inspired me along the way, some of whom are Alphonse Mucha and William Morris. The majority of my artwork is incorporated within this style added with a contemporary feel. My creativity is featured in a unique style, be it collages, illustrations and illusions. My main aspirations are to interact with people using various methods and evolving technologies. My ultimate satisfaction is when I accomplish an artistic project where art, design and computer programming are merged together. I particularly enjoy undertaking design work. My goal is to customize to the specifications and wishes of my clients. Through my work I always keep in mind that the end product must transpire into being highly professional, productive, and positive.

I feel that I am steadily growing artistically and further refining my designs. As an artist I always remain open minded to diverse ideologies whilst keeping true to my principles and values

I consider myself artistic and posses a visual technical accuracy. On initiating a project I go through a brainstorming mode with the assistance of various form of research, which collectively inspire me in the focus and conclusion of the final project. I am an interactive, social and intuitive person who comprehends and complies to people’s wishes who find difficulty in expressing themselves visually. In many instances I have always managed to work under pressure and accomplish projects, which challenge me with a tight schedule.

Deer is powerful and feisty, cautious, adventurous, and protective. Deer has great individuality, calling for people to trust their instincts and trust themselves.

Lion represents courage, supreme power, nobility and pride. Lion is a symbol of courage, strength, generosity and mercy.

“Our identities have no bodies, so, unlike you, we cannot obtain order by physical coercion. We believe that from ethics, enlightened self-interest, and the commonweal, our governance will emerge.� John Perry Barlow

“I think history is inextricably linked to identity. If you don’t know your history, if you don’t know your family, who are you?” Mary Piphler

REBOLT “Rebolt” was a collaborative project with Matthew Dalli where we had to create the visual branding and identity for a fictitious company to promote our brand. Rebolt is a company that strives to revolutionize products for people who love taking risks, go-getters, live on the edge of life and love trying new things. At Rebolt we take pride in giving our consumers eco-friendly products, which would help them on their various adventures and journeys. We’ve built our principals, products and applications for Rock Climbers of all ages. However, this doesn’t mean that our products are restricted for that particular audience only. Various products can be used in different situations and other hobbies. Products: - Energy Drink (Refresh) - Energy Bar x3 different flavours (Restart) - Bag of delicious Mixed Nuts (Reload)

SAKURA Sakura is a Cosmetic line where I had to create various packaging designs for my Final Major Project during a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design course. Sakura is a company mainly inspired from Chinese flowers. From there I created different patterns of various forms and sizes. I’ve built these products for women all over the world. These products can also be bought as separate gifts or as a whole package for their loved ones. Products: - Perfume - Talc Powder - Foam Bath - Shower Gel - Body Lotion

ebolt yourself

Our main goal was to create an eco-friendly, energy bar packaging design, that includes an easy opening package for the client by using the perforation method. Perforations are used to allow easy separation of two sections of the material. Once the slit comes off, the client can immediately enjoy a small treat for boosting up their metabolism, before or during their adventure. We named this product Restart because an energy bar in the morning is esssential. Restart = Reboot yourself.

Our last product is a packaging design for mixed nuts and dried fruit. We wanted to use this type of food because nuts give you energy and protein which are necessary for high-risk adventures and journeys. Protein is required by the body for the growth, maintenance and repair of all cells. We named this product Reload because this is the last phase were one can boost up for more energy. Perforation is again used for this packaging design as it allows easy separation of two sections of the material. To close the package again after it’s been used, we thought of the Plastic Zip System which will be found inside the package. We used this method simply because it’s easy and quick to use.

We aim to: - Connect various people with different backgrounds but with the same passion - Think differently than others to provide innovative products and applications - Take care of the environment by using both recycled and organic materials - Provide our consumers new experiences during their leisure time - Produce user-friendly applications and interfaces - Listen, Create and Provide

The tone of voice that we use for our visual identity is something which invigorates the viewers and clients to achieve their goals no matter what the cost. At Rebolt we constantly research how we can give top products for our customers and go beyond any obstacles. We like making our clients feel that there is always something great to accomplish.

Refresh is our main product of the company. It is the 2nd phase of regenerating yourself since it is an energy drink. The primary packaging is made out of 100% recycable polythene which can also be used multiple times by filling the bag with our liquid. This product doesn’t only requench oneself but it replenishes one’s body. Thanks to the material and design, the customer can drink in any situation, regardless of the sport.

Thw whole package of Rebolt The Rebolt Logo is a unique name intending to aspire energy, challenge, perseverance, concentration, motivation, strength and power. This symbol will be given a highly visual significance on all the products. At Rebolt, we create products which are innovative, fresh and 100% recycable. With various research being put to our product development and materials, we strive to give our customers the maximum benefits from our products.


Thw whole package of Sakura Cosmetics The Sakura Logo is a unique name intending to aspire elegance, femininity, and allure. This symbol will be given a highly visual significance on all the products. At Sakura, we create products which are sweet, fresh andproduced for all woman around the world.

Dogs Trust We basically had to create anything where we had to advertise the campaign’s message. In this case I created three posters including three different messages. -Adopt me -Microchip me -Neuter me I drew multiple pictures of dogs using a pencil, pen and paper. Once I was satisfied with what I created, I scanned the drawing and edited later on Adobe Photoshop CS6. Underneath each poster I also added a quote not just to make it more interesting but also to be readable. It took me a while to finish but at the end I succeeded.

The Randy Raccoon We had to produce a story for children and out of the story we had to portray it as a 2D design Comic. I researched on Human Anatomy, other inspirations including what type of style, tempo etc... For this comic I created two characters, which are, the Randy Raccoon himself and the old man. This story is based on a raccoon that steals coffee from people’s homes since he is addicted to it. Adobe Illustrator CS6 was used together with the graphics tablet, which helped me produce this funny comic. This comic was intended for all ages.

Odyssey Project Odyssey was an Exhibition, which was held at the end of the scholastic year 2013 at MCAST Art and Design. The whole class comprising of 27 students took part in this project. The class was grouped into departments i.e. Management, 3D Design, 2D Design and Programming. For this exhibition an interactive game, holograms, and self-portfolios were created. For this project I chose to participate in the 2D Department since I feel I am more confident in creating and sketching characters. My colleagues and myself had to create three different types of characters, which are the two guards and the villain. I was chosen to sketch and create the villain, produce its orthographics and finally finalize it for the 3D Department. Software used was Adobe Illustrator CS6 and the graphics tablet to create the orthographics. Adobe Photoshop CS6 assisted me in finishing and perfecting the end product.

Me Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole

Tel: 21 421 500 Mobile:(+356) 79 62 22 62



Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole

Tel: 21 421 500 Mobile:(+356) 79 62 22 62

Neuter Me

We try to stimulate people's hearts, and get them to open up to animals in need.

Tel: 21 421 500 Mobile:(+356) 79 62 22 62














Here I sketched other different characters for the villain with each incorporated unique style.

I found no difficulty in creating the first character drawings, although one particular character was found to be quite challenging to finalize. The techniques used were with pencil and paper. Once I finished the character and was satisfied with the sketches, I continued with the next process. I traced the villain repeatedly in many versions and forms. These same sketches were traced with a black pen; this assisted me in adjusting the character’s shape from multiple sides. This also helped me in placing specific details of the character. This simple method was found to be vital for the attainment of 3D modeling.

On hindsight, I came to the conclusion that this particular project was rather challenging, as yet very satisfying. On creating the main character, the villain, I felt that I succeeded on portraying the character’s image according to the requests, ideas and specifications decided by the whole team.

DR. KLOWN In Malta a group of well-trained volunteers have launched a Clown Doctors service at Mater Dei Hospital, aiming to raise a smile among the young patients. The service based on an idea from the film Patch Adams, where laughter is the best medicine. Therefore from this section I had to produce two different three-dimensional characters. The main character is called Dr. Achoo and the sick boy is also created to complete the story. The Design and whole being of this character had to be created by this given description of Dr. Achoo:

“Dr Ah Choo was brought up in the old village of Yin Gil in Sumatra but spent most of his childhood and life in the forest nearby. As one can imagine, Dr Ah Choo adores animals! He has many animals as friends and owns a dog called Sneezy, a bird called Squeaky and a monkey called Meany. One small glitch in this Dr Ah Choo IS ALLERGIC TO ANIMALS!!!! He can’t do without animals as much as he can’t do without his sneezes! So watch out for his sneezes while talking to him! But don’t worry about that - Dr Ah Choo is a master in hygiene! He is so clean that he can even make his hankies disappear!! Probably yours too!! He also has a lot of animal balloon friends which he is happy to exchange with a smile from kids or by just telling him your name - but be careful ... he is a disaster with names so be ready to repeat it twice or Ah Choo times if need be...Watch out for his crazy hats!!!!!!”

For this unit I had to come up with a story for a comic. The story had to be direct, bringing up innovative ideas was a vital for this assignment; therefore without a story no comic could be created. Creating a story was difficult to achieve because I could not decide whether I should do it as a comedy sketch or a more advanced serious sketch. Finally I decided to do comedy. Children need humour, thus it will surely grasp their attention and provide them with critical thinking.

This part of the assignment was easy to accomplish. The main problem I had was in finalizing the main character itself. On creating many different styles, I finally got the character I wanted. While producing the storyboard the layout was laid out according to the space provided. The viewer will find it simple to leaf through scene by scene.

Adobe Illustrator was used mostly for creating the whole design of the characters in 2D. Adobe Photoshop was of great help in producing and editing the characters and finishing off the final scenes, including background and props.

During this assignment, I was greatly inspired by Caricatures and by a known vector artist, Ron Leischman. I started sketching facial features and facial expressions to practice and started producing them for my comic. From there I developed other styles, which I integrated together.


Autodesk Maya was the main source to producing all the characters, props, and background. Adobe After Effects helped me to produce a “turntable� for the character, so it could rotate round to show front, side and back.

Sick Boy

HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT WEBSITE On this unit, I had to create a website including a Home, About, Portfolio, Games and Contact Page. - The “Home” page section was simple and straightforward to create. I added a short animation i.e. A flying bird. - The “About me” page contains a small biography about myself including my Curriculum Vitae. On clicking the “here” blue text, the document is automatically downloaded in the user’s files. - In the “Portfolio” section a Photo Gallery of my work and Videos are included. - The “Games” section contains a “Bouncing Ball”, JavaScript Game called “Catch the Fly” and a Clock JavaApplet. - Finally in the “Contact” page a form is made available where one can enter his/her details, concerns and comments. The user can easily contact me through this website.

On the whole the website came out how I wanted it to be. Creating games such as “Bouncing ball” and “Flies Game”, HTML5 helped me to produce them. JavaScript on the other hand was a huge help when creating functions. CSS3 helped me throughout the positioning of the game or filling the colour of a canvas. In conclusion, I was very pleased with the outcome of this website. I highly recommend the use of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. They are excellent devices in assisting the production of the desired webpages and further extending their functionality.

BRITISH INTERNATIONAL ATHLETE WEBSITE I created the design for Mr. James Gibson’s website who is a British professional swimmer in the UK. Included is the design of his Business Cards.

Menu Bar


Small Bird Animation

Image shown on all pages

Home Page Banner

About Me Banner Menu Bar

Picture of me

Small description about myself Image shown on all pages

James Gibson Business Cards (Two Variations)


James gibson






James Gibson British International Athlete

COLOUR “Colour” was a collaboration project with Matthew Dalli and Vittorio Emmanuele Camilleri where we had to create a stop motion animation. During this Unit, my colleagues and myself had to produce a minimum of a two-minute video/animation. As a group we had great teamwork, we planned everything before so this helped us to have time to update our sketchbooks regularly and have some spare time to finalize our video animation. We had quite a variety of ideas that we came up with where we ended up adding them all to one huge main idea. The main idea was simple to create a Stop Motion/Sticky Note Animation on colour. Our animation on the whole was a success, although we encountered teething problems throughout this experience. While preparing and setting up our props and lights, it took us eight long hours to finish. Apart from that we had to decide whether it was best to draw a Grid on the wall to guide us throughout the process. The whole making of the video took us in total around 5 whole days to finish. A stop motion animation isn’t as easy as one might behave, it’s not just a click of a button and that’s it. Every time a sticky note is added on the wall a picture/photo must be taken. We used around 1500 sticky notes.

CHILD SAFETY ON THE ROAD I had to come up with a story for our animation. The story had to be direct because bringing up innovative ideas was a very important part for this assignment, in other words, no story, no animation. Bringing up a story was difficult to achieve because I couldn’t decide whether I should do it a comedy sketch or a more advanced serious sketch. At the end of the day I decided to do comedy. This is because children love comedy, and won’t get bored watching the animation. Comedy attracts children’s attention. During this assignment, I was greatly inspired by Caricatures and by a known vector artist, Ron Leischman. I started sketching facial features and facial expressions to practice and got used of producing them for my animation. From there I started to develop other styles whilst merging them together.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my friends, Matthew Dalli, Vittorio Emmanuele Camilleri, and Gary Bugeja for their support and assistance through out the opus of this portfolio. I also wish to thank all those who made the completion of this course in BTEC HND Interactive Media possible, especially to all my tutors and my family who have patiently supported me through out my years of study.

Jeanette Cutajar- MY PORTFOLIO  
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