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JCNO Meeting Fall 2012 October 29th, 2012 Table of Contents Meeting Documents: Agenda Meeting Minutes

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Group Reports: Sid CJS JAVA JETAA Momiji

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Group Event Ads: Canadian Multicultural Council CJS Japanese Gospel Church JAVA Toronto Buddhist Temple

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JCNO Meeting Fall 2012 Meeting Documents

THE COMMUNITY NETWORK JAPANESE & CANADIAN COMMUNITY NETWORK MEETING Monday October 29th, 2012 AGENDA “Working Together to Benefit the Community at Large ” 1.

Welcome • Introduction of Guests & Representatives

Sharon Marubashi


Approve minutes from Monday July 23rd, 2012

Mark Payne


Update reports • Japan 3/11 Earthquake • JCCC Foundation Japan Earthquake Relief Fund • Multicultural Council-Asians in Ontario • Hiroshima/Nagasaki • Scotiabank Marathon for Yee Hong Foundation • CN Tower Climb for United Way

Tetsuya Yoshimoto Shari Hosaki Sid Ikeda Sid Ikeda Sid Ikeda Sid Ikeda

Organization reports • Consul General’s Office • Canada Japan Society • Church Organizations • Centennial Japanese United Church • Japanese Gospel Church • Toronto Buddhist Church • Community Policing • Hamilton Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre • Japanese Social Services • JAVA • JET Alumni Association • JETRO • Momiji Health Care Society • NAJC – Toronto/Hamilton Chapter • NJCA • Shinki-kai • Shokokai • The Japan Foundation • The Japan Society • Kenjin-kai • JCCC • News Media • Additional Organization Report

Tetsuya Yoshimoto Mark Payne Pastor Sato Kaz Shikaze Haruo Sato Larry Suyama Jane Wilcox Mitchell Kawasaki Takeo Maekawa Naoe Yamazaki Chris Draenos Oishi Pam Waintraub Ken Noma Yuka Takizawa James Matsumoto Yosh Ito Takashi Ishida John Craig/Ben Ciprietti Dorothy Tanaka Marty Kobayashi Representatives Representatives

New Business: • Prepare for Election 2013





5. 6.

JCNO Meeting 20121029

12-11-05 9:20 PM

In attendance: Pam Waintraub Momiji Health Care Society Yosh Ito Shokokai Tomofumi Fujii Toronto Buddhist Temple Haruo Sato Renrakukai, Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto, Japanese Chrisitan Church Organization Roger Hill Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto James Matsumoto Shinkikai Bob Tanaka NAJC Toronto Kaz Shikaze Japanese Centennial Church, Momiji Chris Draenos JETAA Toronto Naoe Yamazaki Japanese Visitors Association (JAVA) Sid Ikeda Yasuyuki Koyano Consulate General of Japan Tetsuya Yoshimoto Consulate General of Japan Marty Kobayashi Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Nikkei Voice Mark Payne Canada Japan Society Sharon Marubashi Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Previous Meeting Minutes: Mark makes a motion to approve the minutes Sid seconds Passes unanimously with one abstention Earthquake Update: Consulate •

Tetsuya gives his appreciation but notes that there is no news


The JCCC will make an announcement at the Road to Asia Festival regarding the money the JCCC raised for 3/11 disaster relief. He notes that the biggest hurdle of changing the JCCC Foundation’s bylaws in order to donate to external organizations. The funds will be donated to a medical university in Fukushima.


Sid notes that the KCCA raised funds for 3/11 disaster relief

Group Reports: Sid’s Report: (please see attached report) • • •

Potluck dinner fundraiser on 11/24 Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemoration 08/09 Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation participated in the Scotiabank Marathon for Charities

• • •

YHCWF will hold their major fundraiser, the Dragon Ball, on 2013/02/09 Many participated in the CN Tower Climb under the JCCC mantle Emperor’s Birthday Celebration 11/23

Renrakukai: •

Haruo Sato will forward details

Japanese Gospel Church: • •

December 23rd Worship Biker Yoshi also gave a speech at the JGC

Centennial-Japanese United Church: •

Had a Bazaar on Saturday 10/13 with a bake sale, rummage sale, etc

Tetsuya asks whether all info is available in one central place. He is informed by the Chair and Secretaries that it is not. Toronto Buddhist Church: (please see attached report) •

Rebranding to “Temple” rather than “Church” (please change name on JCNO docs to “Temple” from now on)

• • •

11/05 Speech from Bishop Grant Ikuta “from hell to the pure land” Mochitsuki 12/29 Year-end Bell Ringing 12/31 will be held at the Temple since Ontario Place is closed

Hatsumode event with chanting 01/01

In 1977, the Japan Community presented a bell to the Ontario Government, but with project changes, this bell may be disposed of by the government, so we have to raise awareness

Toronto Police Services: (please see Sid’s attached report) • •

Sid in lieu of Staff Superintendant Jane Wilcox Toronto Police Services are looking to hire more bilinguals, and asks for help to get Japanese/English speaking candidates to apply

All GTA police services are more and more intergrated, and they celebrated the appointment of their first female Chief of Police in Peel Region

Hamilton JCCC: • •

Sid in lieu of Mitchell Kawasaki Will soon hold an AGM 11/18, which is traditionally very well-attended

Mark to follow-up with JSS for a report


JAVA: (please see attached report)


• • •

16 events in the last 4 months Job Search Seminar 07/07 to help Japanese Nihongo Dake Dinner 2 times

• •

Omikoshi Parade in connection with Japanese Consulate Hamilton JCCC Japan Day participation explaining and enjoying Japanese traditional toys

• •

Pub Night location will be changed to Chou Izakaya Halloween Party fundraiser

Dating Culture Seminar 11/17 talking about how to avoid relationship problems

Housing Seminar 12/13 talking about how to rent safely

(please see attached report)

JETAA: (please see attached report) •

New JET departure send-off held in conjunction with the Japanese Consulate

Returning JETs Welcome Reception 10/26, 19 returnees at the Consul General’s home

• •

Returners conference scheduled for 11/10 Cosmic Cosplay Bowling 10/28 15-20 participants approx.

• •

Planning a new speakers series event AGM in January

JETRO: not present •

Sid suggests reaching out to JETRO to determine whether JCNO should reengage with them or remove them from the JCNO list

Sid to follow up

Momiji Health Care Society: (please see attached report) • •

Volunteer Appreciation Day 10/28; over 200 attendees Commemoration Day 11/17 marking milestones of Momiji establishment

NAJC: • •

Now has the Vancouver bulletin, a monthly publication. Youth Gala slated for September 21st 2013 at the JCCC in conjunction with the Seniors Gala

NJCA: not present •

Mark to follow up

Shinkikai: •

The Shinkikai Scholarship of $30K was given to 4 orphan students in Miyagi last year

This year, the Shinkikai Scholarship will go towards helping orphan students come to Toronto

150 people in conjunction with the Forest Hill Rotary Club held an event at James’ home to raise money for the scholarship fund

Horse Race 11/07 with Shinkikai & FHRC. A social event, not a fundraiser. $47 per person

Issuikai social mixer at Bar Chiaki every month on the first Wednesday of the month

Regular seminars in the Hiroko Barall Room of the JCCC on topics such as real estate

Shokokai: •

Seminars and Support for Japanese nationals working in Canada for Japanese companies

Polled members to determine needs: Children’s education, driving, & OHIP were the biggest needs

• •

Shokokai held an OHIP explanatory meeting in October More than 50% of members live outside Toronto, so seminars downtown are difficult to attend for many. Therefore Shokokai film their seminars and show the videos to those who can’t make it downtown

• •

Roughly 40 annual events New Years Party 01/25

Japan Foundation: • • •

Close of Ceramic Exhibition 10/27; more than 500 attended New Exhibition of Photographs of Kiso: Nakasendo travel route of Edo Japanese & Canadian Writers Exhibition in conjuction with the International Authors Festival

New Arrivals Book list available; JFT has a large Japanese-related library, including 2012 Japan Foundation Award Winner Haruki Murakami’s works

Japanese Language Proficiency Test info sessions ongoing, as well as study materials in the JFT library

The Japan Society: •

Sid on behalf of John Craig

Key Note Speech by Ambassador Kaoru Ishikawa on 11/15 at Davis LLP

Kenjinkai: not present JCCC:

(please see attached report)

Issei Day in honor of immigrants held

3rd annual Ishizue Award Dinner to honor community pillars, including the JCNO’s own James Matsumoto & his wife Chako Setoyama

Road to Asia Festival 11/02 & /03 in celebration

• • • •

11/28 Chris Hope’s film Hatsumi’s DVD launch party and screening Parking lot repairs have been completed Commemoration plaque sale of at $500/name, capped at 1000 names JCCC’s Black Tie New Years Eve Party hosted by Sid and Marie Ikeda

Media: Waiwaiwide: Marty Kobayashi •

Regrets to announce that the due to different broadcasting priorities, waiwaiwide has been cancelled o Kaz Shikaze notes that something called Nikkei TV is on TV on Tuesday mornings

New Business: •

None today

Next Meeting: January 28th Meeting Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by Marty Seconded by Pam Passes unanimously

JCNO Meeting Fall 2012 Group Reports

Monday October 29th, 2012

Sid Ikeda’s Report to the JCNO Sharon Marubashi Chairman Canadian Multicultural Council-Asians in Ontario • Took part in a 5KM. Walk for Korean Cultural Centre Association (KCCA) Toronto Run for Peace. Raised funds to give our appreciation for the large donations we received for Japan Earthquake 3-11. • Year end Potluck Dinner will be held on Saturday November 24th at Chinese Cultural Centre. Would like to invite JNCO to join and witness one of the largest gatherings of Asian Organization. Will send Flier Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemoration August 9th, 2012 • Continue to be involved with Hiroshima Day Coalition committee. We are very committed to abolish nuclear weapons and promote Peace. • Next year we hope Peace Garden will be resurrected at the new location in Nathan Phillips Square. Plan to have our commemoration on site. Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation • Joined the Scotiabank Marathon for Charities - Walked to raise funds for Yee Hong Foundation. We have 25 Beds for Japanese Seniors at the Scarborough location. We do our best to give support. • Dragon Ball is the Major Fund Raising Event for Yee Hong Foundation. Will be held at the Metro Convention Centre on Saturday February 9th, 2013. Will need support to purchase a Table or two. • Toyota Dealership has donated a Lexus car for the Raffle Draw. CN Tower Climb for United Way Toronto Sunday October 21st, 2012 • On behalf of JCCC - Eleven enthusiastic participants climbed CN Tower to raise funds for United Way. Report on behalf of The Japan Society • Ambassador Cup Golf Tournament was held at Glen Abbey on Thursday August 9th, 2012. We had two four some from JC Community. It was a great success. • His Excellency Kaoru Ishikawa Ambassador of Japan to Canada will be the Key Note Speaker on Thursday November 15th at Noon – Davis LLP. 60th fl. First Canadian Place Police Department

Staff Superintendent Jane Wilcox will not be able to attend meeting tonight due to previous commitment. • Attended meeting with Chief Bill Blair on Police Community Consultative Committee at Rogers Centre. • Attended swearing in Ceremony for first woman Police Chief at Peel County • JC Community will be involved with Toronto, Markham & Peel Police Department. Working together to bring safety into our neighborhood. • Job opportunities - Police Department is in the process of hiring new recruits. They are looking for more Asian prospect to join Police Force. With respect and appreciation! Sid Ikeda

Japanese Canadian Network Organization Quarterly Report Organization: Submitter: Web Presence:

Canada Japan Society Director Mark Payne on behalf of President Ken Bole, @cndjpnsociety

Upcoming Events Event Name Date & Time Bonenkai 12/06 6pm start Small Business Networking Night “Daylight Savings”: Reel Asian Film Festival Sponsorship Ichi Moku Kai

Past Events Event Name Last Movie Night Craft Beer Night Ichi Moku Kai

Location Izakaya Sushi House Manpuku

Cost $15 members/students; $20 non-members $10 members; $15 non-members

Description The CJS’ legendary year-end party; buffet dinner and door prizes

11/08 5:30 start

Innis College Cinema

$9 with CJS promo code available at ($12 regularly)

Please see for film details

1st Thursday of every month from 6pm


Free for members; $5 for nonmembers

Conversation, food, drink, and networking. Often featuring speakers or live music

11/22 6pm start

Date & Time 08/24 09/27

Boat Cruise

1st Thursday of every month 9/29

Hajjjoween Party


Location NFB Granite Brewery Manpuku

Attendees 75 45

Pioneer Cruises Annex Wreckroom




Great food and speeches from successful entrepreneurs, followed by a networking and conversation

Description The CJS’ final film night at the NFB after 7+ years A new CJS event. Microbrewery beer tasting in a casual but educational environment Conversation, food, drink, and networking. Often featuring speakers or live music Drinks and dancing on a 4-hour tour of the Toronto harbor. . All proceeds to JCCC Japan Earthquake Relief Fund Drinks, dancing, and costumes. All proceeds to JCCC Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

JAVA Toronto Event Report – 20120702 JAVA Toronto (the JApanese Visitors Association of Toronto) is a volunteer organization that provides information and social support to Japanese-language speakers visiting & living in the Toronto area. Founded by JSS in 2000, JAVA focuses on providing support to people who are living in Toronto on Working Holiday and Student Visas.! !

News: JAVA now has red, black, & white t-shirts for sale at $15. On sale at all JAVA events. Recent Activities: Title Date Reception of Award 3/9 from the Consulate JAVA Tax Return 3/14 Seminar JAVA vs JCSA: 3/24 Laser Tag

# of Attendees 30 30 35

Details Acceptance of an award of appreciation for 2011 Tohoku disaster fundraising efforts A Japanese-language workshop on how to file taxes in Ontario JAVA enjoyed team building with staff & members of UofT’s Japan-Canada Student Association A fashion show fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity Japan A JAVA fundraiser featuring musical & comedic performances Co-Chair introduced JAVA’s activities to Japanese new to Toronto A potluck picnic at High Park

JapanAid’sIro Fundraiser JAVA’s Artist’s Night CJS’s Toronto Survival Seminar Spring Picnic w/ JETAA & JCSA Moteki! @ TJFF w/ CJS JET PDO skit & workshop Semi-Annual General Meeting Job Serch Seminar










Pub Night


JAVA co-sponsors a film at the inaugural Toronto Japanese Film Festival JAVA teaches the departing JET participants about how to get the most out Japanese culture and day-to-day life JAVA elections and semi-annual reports, followed by a BBQ at Mark Hirowatari san’s house Aprox 15 Lecturer Jack Wang at U of T OISE room At Alio. Tatsu san’s farewell stage organized by Daisuke san

Nihongo Dake Dinner



JET PDO uchiage JAVA monthly meeting JET Farewell Girls Day Pub Night JAVA monthly

7/28 7/29

4 6

8/3 8/11 8/10 8/26

3 6

6/24 7/02 7/07

At Ichiban Sushi(collagexSpadina) Good to have Jpananese new comers and new/alternate JETs At Koyoi(Wellesely station) At Hoson’s Condo for the last time Park Hyatt Rooftop At Pearl Harbor Harbor front At Alio

meeting Pub Night OMIKOSHI JAVA Staff NOMIKAI Hamilton Japan Day Housing Seminar Boat Cruise Pub Night Nihongo Dake Dinner Hajjjoween Pub Night Artist Night

9/14 9/16 9/22 9/23 9/29 9/29 10/13 10/20 10/28 11/9 11/24

20 15 10

At Alio Harbor Front Center At Chou IZAKAYA Hamilton Lecturer Chie san at U of T OISE room Start at 7pm closing at Alio At Chou Izakaya 6:30pm organized by Emily @Wreck Room (794 Bathurust St.) 8:30pm, advance $5,door $10 Opening at Chou Izakaya U of T heart house organized by Akhil

Japanese Canadian Network Organization Quarterly Report Organization: Submitter: Web Presence Upcoming Events Event Name Career & Returner’s Conference Reel Asian Film Festival Screening Speaker Series AGM Past Events Event Name JET Departure Ceremony Early Returner’s Dinner JET Welcome Back Reception Cosmic Cosplay Bowling

JETAA Toronto Chris Draenos

Date & Time Sat Nov 10 11 – 5

Location Japan Foundation

Cost Free

Sat Nov 10 8:15 pm

The Royal


Late Nov & Jan Jan 2013





Date Fri Aug 3

Location Park Hyatt

Description Hosted by the Consulate-General, sent off the departing JETs

Sun Sept 30

Chou Izakaya ConsulGeneral’s Residence Bowlerama Newtonbrook Plaza

Attendees 35 JETs 10 JETAA 10 JETS 10 JETAA 19 JETs 10 JETAA 15

Enjoying Halloween & Bowling together

Fri Oct 26 Sun Oct 28

608 College St @ Clinton

Description Open to returning JETs and JETAA members who are looking to transition into a different career. Focuses on issues related to returning/readjusting to Canada and starting a career. JETAA Toronto is sponsoring Wolf Children at Reel Asian Film Festival. An opportunity to explore an aspect of Japanese culture by a local expert Elect new executive committee

Informal welcome back to JETs who returned to Canada recently Hosted by the Consulate-General, official welcome back reception

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Report from Momiji Health Care Society Pam Waintraub, Chair What’s been happening: • Annual General Meeting Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 o Retiring Board members Ann Ashley and Art Ito o New Board member Michael Doi What’s coming: • Momiji Volunteer Appreciation Event October 28th, 2012 o Dinner & entertainment to show appreciation for our more than 800 volunteers, hosted by Board and staff. • Momiji Health Care Society Gala Celebration Event – November 17th, 2012 o To mark two milestones – its 35th year of excellence in service to seniors and the 20th anniversary of the opening of the award-winning Momiji Seniors Centre. Join us for a special evening of dinner, entertainment including the Nagata Shachu taiko drummers, Shimoda Family Recorder Quarter and the Shin Nihon Buyo-Kozakura-ryu Dance Group; a silent auction and other festive activities. Proceeds from the evening will support Momiji’s continued important work

JCNO Meeting Fall 2012 Group Ads for Upcoming Events

CMC Asian Food & Cultural Festival Presented by: Canadian Multicultural Council Asians in Ontario

Date: Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time: 6:00pm—11:00pm Location: Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto 5183 Sheppard Ave. East, Scarborough, ON.

Come Join Our Year-End Pot Luck & Ethnic Fashion Fesvies With Great Cultural Performances Delicious Asian Food And much, much more! Free Admission with Pot-Luck & Ethnic Are Information & Registration: Mali Phiphat 905-660-5093 Bessie Terzi 905-799-5739 Henry Lee 416-618-0966 Sid Ikeda 416-452-9765 Joe Chen 416-708-2723

 Free/入場無料  Parking Free/無料駐車場有  Child-Care available /託児所有り

Place/場所 トロント日系福音教会 Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto

301 Silver Star Blvd. Scarborough 416-335-5428

Sponsored by/主催

Toronto Nikkei Inter-Church Council トロント日系教会連絡会 1



Buddhist Education Public Lecture

Does the  concept  of  “Hell”  exist  in  Buddhism? Is  the  “Pure  Land”  the  equivalent  of  “Heaven”? Are these really Buddhist concepts?


Bishop Grant Ikuta

Toronto Buddhist Temple Sheppard Ave W Downs view

Fire Station

Wilson Ave


Bathurst St

Willson Heights

Allen Rd

Bishop of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada

JCNO Toronto Fall Meeting 20121029  

Agenda, Minutes, Reports, and Event Ads for the organizations of Toronto's Japan Canada Network of Organizations

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