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Calling all campers! The JCC has you covered this summer!




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Holiday Hours Monday, April 10 5am-5:30pm* Erev Passover Tuesday, April 11 Closed Passover


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Thursday, April 6, 5-6:30pm Come enjoy a pasta party at our place! Performances and story time with the cast of TYKEs Goodnight Moon. Food provided by Harvest Eatery. Dairy free, gluten free, and nut aware options available by advance request. For more information, contact Joy Getnick. $5/person; Children 2 and under are free.

The mission of the JCC is to strengthen Jewish identity and promote Jewish continuity through all stages of life. This is accomplished in an environment that provides opportunities for meaningful cultural enrichment, physical well being and social, educational and recreational experiences for individuals and families.

member profile

Ilana Griffo

Where did you grow up? Where do you currently reside? Born and raised in Rochester! Tell me when you first got involved/connected/became a member at the JCC. I went to nursery school and summer camps at the JCC growing up. My dad was on the Board of Directors when I was really young, so I feel like I grew up at the J! Even my grandparents are members!

What do you do for a living? I run a design studio called Sugar and Type. I work with clients to design branding and marketing materials, and I illustrate for editorial design. My product shop has organization tools like notepads and planners that encourage people to stay organized and inspired.

Rochester. My husband and I love meeting them for hikes with our dogs, or Sunday night dinners. What is your favorite part about the J? The people! I love seeing all the familiar faces, and everyone working together. The new renovations are definitely the cherry on top!

Tell us about your family. I’m so fortunate to have so many of my family members here in



What is your favorite group fitness class? Kitchen Sink with Coach D! It’s so hard, but always a good time! What are you most passionate about? Personally? Professionally? I’m really passionate about creativity, which often translates to problem solving or story telling through design. I love working with my clients to bring their vision to life - it’s a great challenge to interpret their project onto paper. Personally - spending time with those I love, especially outdoors! What might (someone) be surprised to know about you? ​​ There’s a creepy crawler that I’m terrified of. I’m not going to even say its name because I’m too afraid someone will bring one near me!​ In one word, how would you describe the J? Welcoming! I love that it’s family focused, and that there’s so many activities to do there - from the PlayGym to SUP Yoga!

Ilana and her husband Greg of three years.

SPLISH SPLASH!! Don’t miss the re-opening of the JCC’s Outdoor Splash Pool! 6


JCC 585.461.2000

OPENS Memorial Day Weekend

Motivational Message Motivational Message Inhale the Positive, Exhale the Negative Written by: Heidi Kaufman, Accounts Payable/Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

ABC’s of Yoga I teach this in my yoga classes. I practice it in my life. But let’s take a step back. If I asked you to write a list of 5 things that enhance your life, and then 5 things that you would like to let go of, what would they be? When your thoughts go “unchecked,” do they drift towards optimism or pessimism? The glass half full vs half empty… opportunity vs. obstacle… good luck vs. hard work… We hear these saying all the time, but when did you last take the time to consider your viewpoint and how it is impacting your assumptions, your interactions with others, your life? This story about perspective and literally “exhaling the negative” came from a situation I had both seen and participated in before. And maybe you, too, have experienced something similar firsthand or witnessed. But this time the ending wasn’t what I expected. I had just finished teaching a kids yoga class when a mother approached me. “You’ll never



A few times a day, stop what you are doing. Put down your phone. Turn away from the computer or TV.

Take 10 slow breaths, paying attention to, and counting, each inhale and exhale.

Notice, without judgment, what thoughts are running through your mind. Are they helping you or holding you back? Make a conscious decision to think about something positive. An intention. An aspiration. Something you are proud of. Something you are grateful for.

CALM CONNECT CHANGE CELEBRATE CALM Notice if you feel calmer when you just focus on your breath. CONNECT with yourself. We turn inward in order to be more authentic and empathetic when we turn outward. CHANGE if this is what is called for. CELEBRATE the unique person that you are.




believe what happened!” she said. “It was a rough day. The kids weren’t listening to me, so I started raising my voice. I didn’t even notice what I was doing. Then Sophie said that we needed to ‘stop and take a yoga breath! We did just that, and everyone calmed down. It was amazing! I can’t believe it was Sophie who guided us away from our usual meltdown.” After hearing this story, I became even more certain of something: our ability to slow down, observe our own thoughts and behaviors, and change directions, if needed, can be taught. To practice living more mindfully, you can try something I call the ABC’s of yoga (see chart on page 7).

Although they are not always as overt as the “stop and breathe!” my student said to her mother, we are given opportunities for mindfulness each and every day.

effect. When Sophie remembered this lesson of “Inhale the positive, Exhale the negative,” she not only helped to shift her mother’s behavior in the moment, but their experience was passed along as a triumphant lesson for me, and now, hopefully, a thought provoking story for you.

Are you noticing the cues? The added benefit of this practice is that changing our own perspective often has a ripple

Look what’s coming up... Happy Hour with Live Music!

Tour de Cure Join Team JCC Rochester!

Thursday, February 23, 5-6:30pm and Thursday, May 4 FREE 5-5:30 for singles 60+ 5:30-6:30pm Open to all Have a complimentary glass of wine and snacks while listening to live music. Ken Columbo from Rochester’s Liar’s Moon will be on the piano. Come out for an evening of fun and to meet someone new. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler.

Saturday, June 10 Help fight diabetes register here. All team members who raise $200 will receive a team cycling jersey. For more information, contact Eke Aiono.



JCC 585.461.2000

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday Night Live is back once again! Saturday, March 18, 5-8:30pm Ages 5-12 Parents have a few hours to yourselves! Drop your children off for swimming in our new Bobry Family Pool, dinner and watching the movie Trolls with other kids! Pre-registration is required. To register call 461-2000 or visit For more information, contact Carolyn Whitbeck. Space is limited. Kosher pizza available upon request. $25/child Members: $15/child


Mazel Tov to the Honorees! Judaic Gifts & Books CD's & DVD's Artisan-Crafted Religious Items 83 Warrington Dr. Rochester, NY 14618

Tel.(585) 461– 1521 Cell (585) 414-8726

The JCC is HIRING Visit our website for full and part-time job opportunities at the JCC.

CHILDCARE, CAMP STAFF, LIFEGUARDS & MORE HOURS Monday - Thursday HOURS 6:30am - 8pm | 461-2000, ext. 474 Serving a delectable array of freshly made wholesome and healthy juices, smoothies, coffee drinks, and food choices. Grab something and take a seat or take it to go!

Monday - Thursday Friday 6:30am - 8pm 6:30 - 2pm Friday 6:30am-5pm Saturday Saturday & Sunday Closed 8am-8pm Sunday 8am - 8pm

Certified kosher through the BVK (Buffalo Vaad HaKashrus).



CHOCOLATE Four Reasons why chocolate is a healthy treat

Written by, Reeca Rothbaum Chocolate is one of the most beloved treats of all time and it’s actually very good for you! In order to reap the healthy benefits however, seek to purchase raw and preferably organic chocolate. Raw chocolate is really cacao, which is the seed within a fruit of the cacao tree. This seed is actually a superfood. Superfoods possess a high level of nutrition, boost the immune system, provide all of our protein, vitamin and mineral requirements, contain medicinal properties, and carry a host of other benefits. More specifically, raw cacao contains the most amount of antioxidant of any food in the world – even more than red wine, blueberries or acai.



JCC 585.461.2000

Certified Holistic Health Coach: CNE, CTNC

1 GLOWING SKIN The high levels of antioxidants found in cacao beans (which is turned into chocolate bars and other chocolate treats) can protect skin from sun damage, improve circulation to the skin and increase hydration and smoothness. The higher the percentage of cacao in a chocolate treat, the more antioxidant power it has. Look for chocolate bars that are 70% or higher in cacao (better yet, look for bars that contain 70% raw cacao and contain organic ingredients). Limit yourself to about 100 calories per day since chocolate is a high calorie food.

2 ELEVATED MOOD Chocolate contains high levels of tryptophan - the precursor to serotonin which is the hormone responsible for making you feel happy. Chocolate is a natural mood enhancer. It also contains the neurochemical, phenylethylamine, which in combination with tryptophan, create feelings of attraction and excitement. Tryptophan is destroyed by heat, therefore consuming raw chocolate is best for mood enhancement.


HEALTHY HEART One square of dark chocolate, 70% cacao or higher, contains more phenols (an antioxidant) than a glass of red wine. Phenols assist in keeping bad fats from clogging arteries. Chocolate also contains the chemical theobromine which helps to dilate the cardiovascular system, making it easier for the heart to function properly.

4 EXERCISE PERFORMANCE According to a study conducted at Kingston University, dark chocolate can boost athletic performance. The study demonstrated cyclists who ate dark chocolate prior to performing a number of cycling exercise tests, used less oxygen when cycling at a moderate pace and were able to bike a longer distance in a two minute timed trial.

Chocolate is sensitive to temperature and humidity levels. It will absorb aromas from food nearby so store separately from other foods in glass containers where the temperature falls between 59-63° F. Glass mason jars are a good option.

When heated and/or cooked with milk and sugar, cacao loses its health benefits.

WAYS IN WHICH TO USE CACAO Blend raw cacao nibs, beans or powder into your favorite smoothie. If using powder, beans or nibs, use 1 Tbsp. per quart of beverage. Sprinkle raw cacao on your morning oatmeal or fruit of choice Make your own trail mix. Use raw cacao nibs or beans, gogi berries, hemp seeds, mulberries, raw nuts and seeds for an amazingly healthy snack

For chocolate to be of great benefit, one must eat raw, preferably organic chocolate.

BEST CACAO PRODUCTS to look for RAW CACAO NIBS RAW CACAO POWDER Not to be confused with cocoa powder such as Hershey’s Cocoa Powder. This is processed at a very high heat and stripped of many beneficial minerals. CACAO BEANS with or with out skin TRAIL MIX WITH RAW CACAO For full benefits, make sure all the ingredients are raw do not contain any added oils RAW CACAO chocolate bars SUPERFOOD CONTAINING CACAO

Sources: Kingston University. “Eating dark chocolate

Telpner, Meghan. Therapeutic Foods. Academy of Culinary

Wolfe, David. Superfoods. Berkeley, North Atlantic

as a daily snack could help boost athletic

Nutrition, Module 10. July 2016. Web. 6 January 2017.

Books, 2009.

performance.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily,

Vanderhaeghe, Lorna R., M.S., and Alvin Pettle, MD. A

Wu, Jessica, M.D. Feed Your Face. New York, St.

19 April 2016. <

Smart Woman’s Guide to Hormones. Burnaby, Lorna

Martin’s Press, 2011.


Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions, Inc, 2011.



Fitness 2

JCC Highlights 1


5 1. JCC Annual Gala January 21, 2017-Record Year! 2. K-12 Basketball Program 3. Executive Director, Arnie Sohinki; Young Leadership Award Honoree, Josh Weinstein; JCC Board of Directors President, Richard Gray 4. TYKEs J-Cation Camp USA 5. Family Hanukkah Dinner 6. PJ Library Splash Party 7. Camp Sisol Winter Early Bird Event at Markus Park 8. Cast of The Hit Makers: Love and War







Pick up a complimentary Rememberance Candle at Brighton Memorial Chapel.

Rochester’s Jewish Funeral Home


3325 Winton Road S., Rochester NY 14623 •

See why Brighton Memorial Chapel is Establishing a New Tradition.

Proven Performance with...


Call 585-389-1029 Cell: 585-230-1187







JCC 585.461.2000

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga

American Red Cross Lifeguarding Course

Classes start March 8 Wednesday, 9:30am or Saturday, 10:30am (6 week course) SUP Yoga is for those that are looking to challenge themselves on the water. No experience in yoga or paddle boarding is necessary to gain the benefits of SUP Yoga. For more information, contact Robert West. $20/class Member: $10/class

February 25-26 March 18-19 April 22-23, May 20-21 Saturday and Sunday, 9-4pm Get a head start on summer and certify as an American Red Cross Lifeguard. This 2-day course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to pass the test and become a lifeguard. Find out how you can become a JCC lifeguard when you complete certification. Certain requirements must be met before you can begin the course. For more information, contact Robert West. $280 Member: $200

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) HIIT Classes start March 6, Monday or Friday, 12pm (6 week course) Squats, push-ups and crunches will never feel the same again. Be the first to try our new program designed for those that are looking to challenge themselves on the water. No experience in paddleboarding is necessary. For more information, contact Robert West. $20/class Member: $10/class

International Folk Dancing Mondays, 8-10pm Improve your brain muscle strength, coordination and stamina with music from every corner of the globe. Line dancing, couples dancing (no partner needed), circle dances and more will be taught by local experts. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. $8 Member: $7

Ballroom Dancing New Session starts April 12 Wednesdays, 6pm Learn the Foxtrot, Salsa, Merengue and more. Have fun and exercise at the same time. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great social skill; it improves posture, good health, increases confidence and reduces stress. No partner? No problem! Group class is a great way to meet friends. Instructor: Alexandra Roth For more information, contact Val Redmond. $100 Member: $80

Israeli Dance for Everyone Sundays, 6:30-7pm: Beginner Lessons 7-9pm: Open dancing and Instruction Dance Studio No registration required. Just drop in and dance! Instructor: Max Steiner For more information, contact Joy Getnick. $6 Member: Free



ROC Boxing Joins Us at the JCC this March Mondays, 6pm Thursdays, 12pm Fridays, 9am Saturdays, 12:45pm The JCC is proud to announce ROC Boxing classes! Be prepared to feel exhilarated, improve your strength, and self confidence! Join an incredibly diverse group of people who come together to get strong and have fun! Register here for 4 week classes. For more information, contact Val Redmond.


Initial Weigh In and Kick-off: Sunday, March 5, 1pm Final weigh In and awards: Sunday, April 2, 1pm Get fit and lose weight! One month to a new you! Join our kick-off party to learn about your month long fitness journey. Work with our certified trainers and instructors to build your fitness and lose weight. Earn points for attendance, participation and percentage of weight lost. Complete a fitness assessment test to see your physical improvments at the end of the month. All participants who complete the challenge will receive a t-shirt. For more information, contact Val Redmond. Members Only: $150


2017 Mission Fit Possible

Skating 101 Monday, March 6-April 24 6-6:50pm Wednesday, March 8–April 26 6-6:50pm Saturday, March 11-April 29 8-8:50am Saturday March 11-April 29 9-9:50am Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex Ages 3+ This 8-week entry level program is for anyone looking to play hockey, figure skate, or wanting to master the skill of ice skating. Rental skates provided with classes divided among age and skill levels. Instructor: Bill Gray’s Iceplex Professional Staff For more information, contact Brian Dengler $125 Member: $115




BARRE • SWING DANCE • TAI CHI WERQ ® • STATIONS • BALANCE FUSION AND MORE ARE FREE WITH MEMBERSHIP! Check our schedules and descriptions at For more information, contact Val Redmond.



JCC 585.461.2000

Annual Indoor Triathlon

Krav Maga

Core Skills Clinic

Sunday, March 26, 8:30am-12pm Ages 12+ Challenge yourself! Great way to â&#x20AC;&#x153;triâ&#x20AC;? a triatholon with all three disciplines of swim, bike and run. Each is 15 minutes with 5 minute transitions. T-shirts, goodie bag and certificate of participation for all. For more information, contact Val Redmond. Individual $35 Team: $75 +$10 registering after 3/23

Monday, 6-7pm and 7-8pm Grades 5+ Learn how to defend yourself and protect your home and family. Practice the techniques developed by the Israel Defense Force. Come join or observe a class in a comfortable learning environment. Instructor: Ron Finstuen For more information, contact Brian Dengler 5-class pass $85 Member: $65

Wednesday, February 15 and March 8, 10am-12pm Ages 18 + This clinic focuses on safety, ready position, etiquette, continental grip, player positioning, split and cross stepping, serving, dinking, and game play with point to point analysis for all skill levels. Instructor: Jenn Murphy and Jackie Ebner $35 Member: $25

JCC Masters Swim Team Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-7:45am Ages 18+ MASTERS The Masters Swim Team is designed to develop stroke efficiency and swimmer endurance. Ideal for those wishing to continue squad swimming, improve stroke technique and those training for triathlons. US Masters Coach: Rob West For more information, contact Robert West for swim class placement. $50 Member: $ 30/month

MOVEIT Group Training This training is exclusive to the JCC. Push the boundaries and escape your limits! MoveIt provides functional training solutions, moving through 6 exercise zones. For more information, contact Val Redmond. Unlimited Monthly Access: $42 Drop-in: $8

Strokes and Strategies Friday, February 17, Friday, February 24, Wednesday, March 8, Friday, March 17, Friday, March 24, 10am-12pm Ages 18 + Focus on strokes-ground, volley, overhead, lob, drive, 3rd shot, dinking and drop shot selection as well as lateral moving and partner shadowing. Game play with point to point analysis for all skill levels. Instructor: Jenn Murphy and Jackie Ebner $35 Member: $25

Kitchen Strategies & Techniques Wednesday, February 22, Friday, March 10, Wednesday, March 22, 10am-12pm Ages 18 + This clinic focuses on 3rd shot, working to the kitchen, dinking, blocking, drop shots, when to lob, partner-shadowing, communication, and set up. Game play with point to point analysis for all skill levels. Instructor: Jenn Murphy and Jackie Ebner $35 Member: $25 For more information, contact Brian Dengler




DID YOU KNOW? You may be eligible for a SilverSneakers or Silver & Fit membership?

SilverSneakers® The JCC is a provider for the Healthways SilverSneakers® fitness program. To receive your free JCC membership, present your Healthways SilverSneakers® card and your health insurance card at the time of joining. SilverSneakers® members must scan their key tag each time they visit the JCC. Your JCC membership includes participation in any of our group fitness classes, which are free with membership. Contact your health insurance carrier for eligibility information or by calling toll-free 888-423-4632. Check our schedule at monthly for updated class days and times.

SilverSneakers® Classic Monday & Thursday, 11am

SilverSneakers® Circuit Tuesday & Friday, 11am

SilverSneakers® Yoga Tuesday & Thursday, 12pm

Silver&Fit® Silver & Fit provides eligible members with no-cost or low-cost fitness memberships and older adult-oriented group exercises classes through arrangements with certain health plans. Silver & Fit® is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc.; a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporation. To join the JCC, bring your health insurance card to the JCC Main Desk and compete a membership application. You can pay the $25 annual membership fee for 2017 by calling the American Specialty Health Fitness at 1-877-427-4788 or go online at Silver&Fit® members must scan their key tag each time they visit the JCC. Your membership includes participation in any of our group fitness classes, which are free with membership. Check our schedule at monthly for updated class days and times.

Silver&Fit® Experience Sunday, 11am

Zumba® Gold Wednesday, 11am



JCC 585.461.2000

SPECIALIZED FITNESS Stretching the Limits Parkinson’s Class A group exercise class for individuals with varying stages of Parkinson’s disease. • Improve flexibility of the lower back and hip flexors, posture, balance. • Increase body awareness. • Build strength and flexibility to get up from a chair or the floor. Functional exercises are included. • Exercise modifications to meet individual needs. • Focus on what you can do in a positive setting.

Stretching the Limits Intermediate

Stretching the Limits Advanced

Starts March 20 Monday and Wednesday, 3-4pm Tuesday and Thursday, 3-4pm 8 weeks ( no class April 11) For those who are mobile and can move around with limited assistance. Classes will include functional exercises such as getting up and down from the chair at the hand rail and gait training. $100 (subsidies available upon request)

Starts March 20, Monday and Wednesday 12-1pm 8 weeks For those who are mobile and can move around without assistance. Classes will include functional exercises such as getting up and down from the floor and gait training. This class incorporates quicker movements and is faster paced. $100 (subsidies available upon request)

Music, Mindfulness and Motion Tuesday and Thursday February 28-April 6 1-1:55pm FREE May 2-June 15 1-1:55pm Dance Studio This program, with the generous support from the Konar Family Foundation, provides people in the early to mid stages of dementia with a caregiver, an opportunity to exercise with others in a safe and nurturing environment while under the supervision of certified personal trainers. For more information, contact Kathy Mulvehill or Carm Heidt. Pre-registration and a brief assessment are required before beginning this program. Free for Participant and Caregiver

New participants are welcome to join a class at anytime during the session upon completing an evaluation for placement in the appropriate level. To schedule an evaluation and/or request a subsidy, contact Val Redmond.



Fitness Youth and



JCC 585.461.2000

Teens Winter Youth Fitness Schedule

TRX for Tweens

Class Session 1: March 13-April 28 Registration (no class April 11, 14, 17-21) Opens Session 2: May 1-June 16 Monday, (no class May 29) February 20 Class requirements: Pre-registration, sneakers, comfortable clothing, appropriate age. For more information on any Youth Fitness class, contact Carolyn Whitbeck.

Mondays, 4:30-5:15pm, Session 1: March 13-April 24 (no class April 17) Session 2: May 1-June 12 (no class May 29) Grades 4-6, Ages 9-12 The TRX® Suspension Training’s effectiveness and versatility as the ultimate body weight exercise tool is now geared towards you, the tweens! Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Session 1: $60 Member: $40 Session 2: $65 Member: $45

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Class TRX® for Tweens Youth Karate Pre-K/K Gym Class

Time 4:30-5:20pm 4:30-5:30pm 2-2:30pm

Run Club Recess! Pre-K/K Gym Class F.I.T. Females Pre-K/K Gym Class Table Tennis

4:30-5:20pm 4:30-5:20pm 2-3:30am 4:30-5:20pm 10-10:30am 4:30-5:20pm


Youth Pickleball

Youth Karate

Saturdays, February 25 March 11, March 25, 3-5pm Ages 10-17 Learn the basic rules, serving and scorekeeping. For more information, contact Brian Dengler. Instructor: Jenn Murphy and Jackie Ebner $35 Member: $25

Mondays, 4:30-5:30pm, Session 1: March 13-April 24 (no class April 17) Session 2: May 1-June 12 (no class May 29) Grades K-6, Ages 6-12 Learn intelligent training techniques emphasizing selfdefense, fitness, self-control, and development of character. Instructor: Martial Arts America Session 1: $80 Member: $60 Session 2: $90 Member: $70

Kindergarten Physical Fitness Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2-2:30pm Session 1: March 14-April 27 (no class April 11, 14, 18, 20) Session 2: May 2-June 15 FREE

Fridays, 10-10:30am Session 1: March 17-April 28, (No class April 14, 21) Session 2: May 5-June16 Ages 5-6 Encourage healthy eating habits and a positive attitude through fun and play. Activities are designed to get children engaged in non-competitive interactive games and sports with emphasis on flexibility, confidence and emotional well-being to build stronger bodies and minds. Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Session 1: $60 Member: Free Session 2: $65 Member: Free



Baseball & Softball Skills Clinic Sundays, March 12, 26 and April 2, 9 (no class March 19) Gymnasium Grades K-2, 1:45-2:45pm Grades 3-6, 3-4pm Join us in learning how to hit, throw, and catch correctly with getting proper instruction, feedback and practice at our Youth Baseball & Softball Clinic. You will hit, run, throw, and catch your way to becoming a better all around player. Each player will be given a pre and post skills test assessment to meet selfimprovement goals. Instructor: Anthony Fazzary For more information, contact Anthony Fazzary. $70 Member: $40



JCC 585.461.2000


Fantastic Fitness

Sundays, March 12-April 23 (no class April 16) Grades K-2, 1:30-2:30pm Grades 3-6, 2:45-3:45pm An Olympic sport which has gained considerable popularity in the US. At both recreational and competitive levels fencing develops speed, endurance, and excellent overall conditioning. It requires quick thinking and discipline and can be enjoyed by men, women, and children of all ages. Instructor: Jean-Raynaud LaoKan (fencing degree from French Coaching School; fencing coach at Back Alley Fencing) For more information, contact Anthony Fazzary. $80 Member: $50

Mondays, Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays, 1-1:45pm Session 1: March 13-April 28 (no class April 14, 17-21) Session 2: May 1-June 16 (No class May 26, 29) Ages 3-5* Toddlers will move, stretch and build an active lifestyle from activities such as follow the leader and basic sports fundamentals. Wolk parents, for more information please contact the Wolk Center Main Office. Monday Instructor: Dave Rogachefsky Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck *Children must be potty trained. For more information, contact Carolyn Whitbeck. Session 1: $80 Member: $60 Session 2: $90 Member: $70



Wednesdays 4:30-5:20pm, Session 1: March 15-April 26 (no class April 19) Session 2: May 3-June 14 Grades K-2, Ages 5-8 Have some extra energy after a full day of school? Come to the gym for a collection of high energy activities! Tag games, Exerwall games, relay races; the sky’s the limit! Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Session 1: $60 Member: Free Session 2: $65 Member: Free

JCC Jaws Swim Team

Table Tennis

Entry Level: Starts Wednesday, March 15, 4:45-5:30pm Advanced Level: Starts Thursday, March 16, 4:45-5:30pm Pool JUNIOR S Ages 7+ This swim team is designed to develop stroke efficiency and swimmer endurance. Swimmers will focus on the four strokes, flip turns and competitive starts. US Masters Coach: Rob West For more information, contact Robert West. $215 Member: $132

Fridays, 4:30-5:20pm Session 1: March 17-April 28 (no class April 14, 21) Session 2: May 5-June 16 Grades 1-6, Ages 6-12 Learn the rules and strategies behind this fast paced game. Develop serve, backhand, forehand, and volley techniques. Instructor: Iosif Moscovici Session 1: $60 Member: Free Session 2: $65 Member: Free

Run Club Tuesdays, 4:30-5:20pm Session 1: March 14-April 25 (no class April 11-18) Session 2: May 2-June 13 Grades 3-6, Ages 8-12 Back by popular demand! How many miles can you run in 7 weeks? Come learn the basics of becoming a better distance runner, including strength, stretching, and conditioning, and find out! Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Session 1: $60 Member: $40 Session 2: $65 Member: $45

F.I.T. Females Thursdays, 4:30-5:20pm Session 1: March FREE 16-April 27 (no class April 20) Session 2: May 4-June 15 Grades 3-6, Ages 8-12 We’ve switched the program and added more exciting elements just for you girls! Explore a variety of exercise (running, strength training, yoga, TRX®) as well as find and follow individual path to their health and fitness potential. Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck For more information, contact Carolyn Whitbeck. Session 1: $60 Member: $40 Session 2: $65 Member: $45

Sports Specific Coaching Just learning the game and want to sharpen your skills? Looking for the fundamental skills of the game? If you are motivated, Coach Anthony will support you in becoming a better player and athlete! For more information, contact Anthony Fazzary. $30/individual $20/group of 2+



One-Day Soccer Skills Clinic

Flag Football

Tennis Development

Sunday, March 26 Grades K-3, 1:45-3:15pm Grades 3-6, 3:15-4:45pm Gymnasium Come to the JCC and Learn from the best! Coach Gabi, professional soccer coach and former Rochester Rhino player, will teach you all the fundamentals of the game of soccer. It’s a one day soccer clinic full of skill building and strategies, combined with fun soccer games! Let’s get the ball rolling. Instructor: Gabi Sandkowski For more information, contact Anthony Fazzary $50 Member: $25

Sundays, April 30-June 11 (no class on May 28) Grades 3-5, 12:15pm-1:30pm Grades 6-8, 1:30-3pm Show all your football moves every Sunday. Bring your friends! Various awards will be given at the end of the season. Instructor: Anthony Fazzary and Sports Staff For more information, contact Anthony Fazzary. $80 Member: $50

Tuesdays, May 2-June 6 4:30-5:30pm (Ages 4-8) Thursdays, May 4-June 8 4:30-5:30pm (Ages 9-12) The youth tennis program is designed to teach beginners and intermediate levels how to swing with proper technique. Our goal is to create a fun and active class that excites your child about the game of tennis. All players will be given a skills test at the beginning and completion of class as we strive for improvement. Instructor: Jordan Zenaty – Certified USTA Tennis Pro and additional Sports Staff. For more information, contact Anthony Fazzary. $80 Member: $50

Soccer with Anthony Thursdays, April 6-May 18 (no class April 27) Grades K-2 Show your skills and learn new ones so that you can become a better soccer player. Each soccer player will be given a pre and post skills test assessment to meet self-improvement goals. Instructor: Anthony Fazzary and Sports Staff For more information, contact Anthony Fazzary. $80 Member: $50



JCC 585.461.2000

Sole Dance: Dancing Through Yoga Poses Thursdays, May 4-June 8 5:30-6:15pm, Ages 4-8 Aud B Free movement dancing starts with the sole (of your foot, that is). Kids will explore through movement, yoga poses and music to reconnect to their roots. No dance experience necessary. Instructor: Erin Moriah R. Wafer – Certified Yoga Instructor For more information, contact Anthony Fazzary. $80 Member: $50

CALLING ALL CAMPERS The JCC’s got your summer covered! July 5– August 25, 2017 AT THE JCC J-SPORT ACADEMY • Grades K– 6 Real training for the up and coming athlete. Learn from the Pros! I CAN CODE • Grades 3– 8 Learn 21st century programming skills and enjoy a great tech experience combined with outdoor activities. TYKEs’ SENIOR ACADEMY • Grades 7+ For kids interested in gaining on-stage theatre experience with more advanced singing, acting, and dance training. J-CATION HOBBY CAMP • Grades K– 6 Campers will choose a different area of interest every day; sports, drama, art or adventure. AT MARKUS PARK KIDSPORT AT CAMP SISOL • Grades 3– 6 This week-long sessions teaches campers basic skills focused on that week’s sport. KIDSTAGE AT CAMP SISOL • Grades 3– 6 Fun-filled summer camp adventure plus an exciting theater experience. CAMP SISOL • Grades K– 6 Vibrant well-rounded traditional camp experience with specialty camp options focused on nature and the outdoors. For more information, contact Jessica DiSalvo.




for our little and not so little members!









The PiT









In Zone































For all holiday hours, visit

The PiT FREE afterschool destination exclusively for youth and teens, ages 11-16. Have fun, socialize and refuel. PlayGym FREE to JCC Family Members ages 2-10. Children under age 4 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or sibling in the 7th grade + who will remain with the child in the PlayGym area and on the structure at all times. Children ages 4-10 must be signed in and out by an adult remaining in the JCC.

In Zone FREE to JCC members ages 6-11. Interactive, state of the art fitness equipment just for kids. SitterService FREE to our JCC Family Members 6 weeks to 4 yrs of age. Two hour time limit and ratios observed. 26


JCC 585.461.2000

“Living at the Summit is like being on a cruise ship! There is always something to do.” —Summit Resident Pour yourself a cup, join the conversation and experience the relaxed lifestyle you want, without the burden of maintenance and repairs. The Summit at Brighton offers first-class retirement living in a relaxed, friendly environment with a focus on wellness. At Rochester’s one and only Life Care community, you’ll also have the financial peace of mind that comes from taking care of your own future today.

Call (585) 442-4500 or visit E XC E P T I O N A L A M E N I T I E S

2000 Summit Circle Drive Rochester, NY 14618

an affiliate of Jewish Senior Life


Children &



JCC 585.461.2000

Families Family Fun Yoga Wednesdays, March 15-April 19, 5:45-6:30pm, Aud B Ages 1-6 Families come join the fun– yoga for you and your young! Let your child yoga dance, wiggle, giggle, hop, skip & sing! It all begins at the sound of the singing bowl, ding! Wiggle and giggle with your little yogi as we explore breathing techniques and yoga postures through stories, rhymes and music. Instructor: Erin Moriah R. Wafer – Certified Yoga Instructor For more information, contact Anthony Fazzary. $80 Member $50

Model Matzah Bakery: An Annual Tradition! March 21-28; Public Sessions on Sunday, March 26, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm Aud A The Model Matzah Bakery, a program of Chabad Lubavitch of Rochester, proudly hosted by the JCC for over 35 years, returns! To arrange a private tour or reserve your spot on March 26 please call Rabbi Vogel at 271-0330. For more information, contact Joy Getnick.

Celebrate with us Birthday Parties!

Plan your child’s next Birthday Party here at the JCC! Let our staff entertain your kids and run the party for you. We have many packages to choose from! Pool parties including Movie in the Pool, Mini Ark, PlayGym, InZone, Bounce House, Reptiles, Magicians and a 70 ft Obstacle Course Bounce House! For more information, contact Shelby Dodds. Bar and Bat Mitzvah Parties In addition to children’s birthday parties, the JCC is a great place to host your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration. We will work with you to create a unique event that your family will remember forever! Activities may include cocktail hour, dinner, swimming, movies, power point presentations, sport games, DJ, dancing and much more! For more information, contact Amy Exton.



Wednesdays, March 1 and March 8, (will return again in July!) 9:30-10:30am A chic meet for mod moms and their tots ages 0-3 yrs (dads and caregivers welcome too!). At Babyccino, we venture into a place where parenthood and childhood happily intersect in a warm Jewish atmosphere. It’s an hour filled with music, rhythm, sensory exploration, giggles and bonding. $10/class Co-sponsored by: Pittsford Chabad, PJ Library



Learn to Ice Skate Tuesdays, March 7-April 25 1-1:30pm: Lesson 1:30-2pm: Free skate/practice Ages 3-5 Join us at Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex. Skating is a great way to keep young kids active during the winter. Tots are taught through fun and games about learning to fall and get up, skating forward and backwards, gliding and stopping. Guardians encouraged to participate with free rental skates. Instructor: Bill Gray’s Iceplex Professional Staff For more information, contact Brian Dengler. $125 Member: $115

Talking to Your School Aged Children about Post-Election Worries, anti-Semitism and other Hate Speech FREE Sunday, April 2, 2pm At the JCC This important discussion will offer you useful ideas on how to have these difficult conversations with your children. While attending the workshop drop your school aged children off for a special PJ Library program focusing on collaborative games and a “Kindness Project.” RSVP to Facilitator: Jennie Schaff, PhD Co-sponsored by PJ Library and The Resource Place

Conscious Parenting The Gut-Brain Connection: Anxiety and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in Children and Teens Monday, March 6, 6:30pm Many children and teens experience anxiety and IBS. As parents we are frequently at a loss for how to help our children. This workshop will help parents understand the symptoms of anxiety and IBS, explore the Gut-Brain connection and include practical solutions to help our children and teens thrive! Free babysitting available. Facilitator: Dr. Zendi Moldenhauer, PhD, NPP, PNP, RN For more information, contact Michele Ruda. $30 Member: $20



JCC 585.461.2000

Thursday, March 16, FREE 10-11:30am Learn the basics of Conscious Parenting including what is/isn’t the difference between traditional and conscious parenting, how mindfulness fits in and how to speak to your child to facilitate connection. Participants will leave with actionable information and a new perspective on the hardest job they’ll ever love. Facilitated by: Emily Rittenberg, MA, Family Educator, Owner Nurture: Family Education and Guidance Free babysitting available. To reserve your spot for this workshop contact Michele Ruda. Space is limited.

Home School Activity Days Thursdays, 10am-2pm Ages 5-15 Experience a variety of activities, from physical education classes with our Youth Fitness Coordinator, to free swim at the pool, science experiments, photography, cooking and more! Our community building approach encourages students to work on social skills, teambuilding and independence while having fun and learning! For more information, contact Lori Ball. $20/day Member: $15/day

Spring Break J-Cation Camp April 14-21, 7am-6pm Grades K-6 Looking for spring break fun? Then the JCC J-Cation camp is the place for you. Spring J-Cation Camp will feature TYKEs activities, sports/fitness, fine arts, I Can Code Club (see below) and a field trip! With a wide range of choices over the course of the week, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s something for every child to enjoy. Each vacation camp day offers a new theme or activity. Be sure to pack a vegetarian lunch and a swim suit and towel! For more information, contact Jessica DiSalvo. Pre-registration is required. $70/day Member: $60/day

Mindfulness for Kids

Tuesdays, April 25-May 30, 4-5pm Ages 8-12 Kids will learn how to use mindfulness to relax, interact with others, and cope with everyday stress through activities like meditation, yoga, deep breathing, mindful eating, listening and art projects. Facilitated by: Kara Juszczak, LCSW, Co-owner Tree of Hope Counseling. For more information, contact Michele Ruda. $80 Member: $70


I Can Code Club Grades 3-8 Offered as part of J-Cation Camp. Coding is the new literacy. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also lots of fun. Let your out of school activities lead you to the future! Our programming platforms enhance logical thinking, problem solving, math, physics, art and music. Try interactive computer programming with focused curriculum and personalized tracking. Students are mentored by qualified coding instructors.



Gesher Participants: $60


TYKEs PRESENTS Goodnight Moon

Mondays, 4-5:30 pm March 13-May 22 Hart Theater Ages 8+ Students will gain confidence while having a blast in this new comedy class. We’ll play theatre games with an emphasis on improvising using written dialogue. On the last day of class we’ll perform a 20-minute live improv comedy show for parents and friends! A great way to have fun while building self-confidence, reading skills, poise, quickthinking and articulation. For more information, contact Freyda Schneider. $175 Member: $150

April 1-9 Hart Theater Ages 3+ Based on one of the most famous and highly acclaimed children’s books ever written, Goodnight Moon is a truly timeless theatre experience the whole family will adore. Join us for Bunny’s imaginative detours on the way to dreamland, with stops along the way for singing, dancing and plenty of comedy. In this lively and intimate production, audiences will revel with Bunny in the fun of jumping cows, dancing bears and a room that springs to life as scenic elements transform into living characters. To purchase tickets visit For more information, contact Freyda Schneider. $16 Member: $15

Improv FUN-damentals with a Twist Thursdays, 4-5 pm March 16-May 25 Hart Theater Ages 5-8 A new twist on our Improv FUN-damentals class, this class incorporates music into our fun, developmentally appropriate improvisational theatre games and exercises. We’ll keep kids active and moving to the music on stage as they develop confidence and creative thinking. This program takes place in a supportive, nopressure environment that boosts self-esteem. No prior experience needed. For more information, contact Freyda Schneider. $175 Member: $150 32


JCC 585.461.2000

BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL ( and everything in between ) Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year will open April 1, 2017! For more information, visit our website or contact Marisa Garber.

Gesher, the Hebrew word for bridge, is here to bridge home with school, and the individual with the community. Whether it’s before your child gets on the bus or after they’ve spent a day at school, the talented Gesher staff are here to help with transitions and to provide a variety of enriching activities in a relaxed, fun, safe environment. Rooted in the universal values of respect, kindness to others and community, we explore these elements through a Jewish lens. Our students gain independence in a structured framework that emphasizes social skills, sharing and cooperation. We capitalize on all that the JCC’s amazing facilities offer. From swim lessons and free swim to sports and fitness to arts and drama on the stage, Gesher is your bridge! Grades K-6 Busing provided from the Brighton and Rush Henrietta school districts!



Personalized care before school. Children finish homework, bring breakfast, play games and chat with friends and staff. Staff bring the children to their buses.

Gesher provides informal educational opportunities through offerings such as performing arts, cooking, athletics, homework help, youth fitness, swim lessons and more! We strive to assist in increasing independence in a structured framework and a safe environment that emphasizes social skills, sharing and cooperation.

KINDERCREW Kindercrew is an enriching wraparound program, designed to complement the skills learned in traditional half day kindergarten. Taught by a NYS certified teacher, the students are guided through academics and social skills in a fun, playful environment that emphasizes community, cooperation and independence.

SNOW DAYS, SUPERINTENDENTS’ CONFERENCE DAYS, HALF DAYS No school? No problem! Gesher follows the Brighton school calendar, and is open for programming on Superintendents’ conference days, school breaks and snow days! What better way to spend your time off from school than at Gesher, with a day full of your favorite activities! Registration limited to current Gesher participants. For more information, visit our website or contact, Marisa Garber.



JUMP IN THE POOL! JCC Swim Lessons REGISTRATION OPENS Monday, February 27 Member Registration Opens: Februray 20 Lessons run March 14-June 4 (12 weeks) (no class April 11, 18, 19, 20 and 23) $193 Member: $110 For more information, contact Robert West. Please understand that due to instructor/student ratios we cannot offer makeup lessons for missed classes. If the Aquatics Department cancels classes for any reason, a makeup date will be added.

JCC is home of the American Red Cross swim lessons.



JCC 585.461.2000 585.461.2000

Visit our Website for our schedule of open swim times

Classes for kids of all ages and skill levels. CLASS Tiny Tots and Parent 10 months-2 years

Advance Tiny Tots and Parents



Become comfortable in the water through water games, blowing bubbles, kicking and beginner floating. Class size: min 4 swimmers, max 12

Sunday, 10-10:30am Wednesday, 10-10:30am

For the older baby or pre-schooler and parent. Become comfortable in the water, beginning kicking, floating, blowing bubbles, arm stroke and safety. Class size: min 4, max 12

Sunday, 10:30-11am Wednesday, 10:30-11am

Water and class adaptation, kicking, floating, jumping in, and putting the face in the water. Child must be at least 4. Class size: min 3 swimmers, max 4

Sunday, 10-10:30am, 10:30-11am or 11-11:30am Tuesday, 4-4:30pm or 5-5:30pm Wednesday, 4-4:30pm or 4:30-5pm Thursday, 4-4:30pm or 4:30-5pm

For the child who is comfortable in the water, but needs to work on basic swimming skills. Students will be introduced to the front and back crawl, floating safety and rescue skills. Class size: min 3 swimmers, max 4

Sunday, 10-10:30am, 10:30-11am, 11-11:30am or 11:30-12pm Tuesday, 4-4:30pm, 5-5:30pm or 4:30-5pm Wednesday, 4-4:30pm or 5-5:30pm Thursday, 4-4:30pm, 4:30-5pm or 5-5:30pm

Students will be taught elementary backstroke, rotary breathing, front and back crawl development, safety, survival and rescue skills. Class size: min 3 swimmers, max 5

Sunday, 10:30-11am, 11-11:30am or 11:30am-12pm Tuesday, 4-4:30pm, 4:30-5pm or 5-5:30pm Wednesday, 4-4:30pm or 4:30-5pm or 5-5:30pm Thursday, 4-4:30pm, 4:30-5pm or 5-5:30pm

For the child with good front and back crawl for 10 yards. Course will review already learned strokes, introduce sidestroke and breast stroke kick, safety and rescue skills. Class size: min 4 swimmers, max 6

Sunday, 11:30am-12pm Tuesday, 5-5:30pm Wednesday, 5-5:30pm Thursday, 5-5:30pm

Coordinate and refine the key strokes. Butterfly, open turns and feet first surface dives are introduced. Class size: min 4 swimmers, max 6

Sunday, 11:30am-12pm Wednesday, 4:30-5pm

3-4 years

Level 1 4-5 years

Level 2 4-7 years

Level 3 6+ years Pre-requisite: Level 2

Level 4 6+ years Pre-requisite: Level 3

Level 5 7+ years Pre-requisite: Level 4



Private/Semi Private Swim Lessons Pool Lesson times and days are at your convenience. Anyone can learn to swim, or enjoy lessons to improve your current abilities. We offer oneon-one instruction for adults and children or semi private lessons designed for 2-4 participants.

Private Lessons 1 Lesson $50 Member: $30 3 Lessons $145 Member: $87 5 Lessons $234 Member: $140 10 Lessons $450 Member: $270

Semi Private Lessons 1 Lesson $60 Member: $35 3 Lessons $174 Member: $102 5 Lessons $280 Member: $164 10 Lessons $540 Member: $315 For more information, contact Robert West.



JCC 585.461.2000

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Call Barb Conklin, Membership Director at ext. 216 or stop by the JCC Main Desk.






JCC 585.461.2000

PURIM Purim Food Drive! One of the four mitzvot (commandments) associated with Purim is to give food to the needy. Fulfill this mitzvah by contributing to our Brighton Food Cupboard food drive! Barrel located by the auditoriums throughout the month of March. Purim BINGO Party and Holiday Lunch Monday, March 6, 12-1:30pm Aud A Come celebrate the upcoming holiday of Purim as we enjoy a tasty lunch and test our luck at BINGO with guest BINGO caller John Golden. Advanced registration required. All are welcome. Menu: minestrone soup, wraps, sides, hamentaschen, drinks, special dietary needs accommodated by request. For more information contact Joy Getnick. $11 Member: $8

Conversational Yiddish Wednesday, March 8, FREE 10:15-11am Yiddish Culture Center Sholem Aleykem! Welcome! Join Rabbi Dovid Mochkin as we kvell, kibbitz, and kvetch with friends old and new. Facilitator: Rabbi Dovid Mochkin For more information, contact Joy Getnick.

The Joy and Oy of Yiddish: Language, Literature, and Culture Room 2 Come explore the humor and beauty of this quintessential Jewish language. Instructor: Deborah Rothman For more information, contact Joy Getnick. Beginner Class Please contact Joy Getnick if interested in joining a beginner class. Date and time TBD based on participant availability. Intermediate and Advanced Tuesdays, March 28-June 6 (no class April 11 & 18) 10:30am-12:30pm $120 Member: $90

Finding Home: Shine the Light â&#x20AC;&#x201C; A Glass Art FREE Exhibition March 23 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; April 1 The JCC is proud to participate in this multi-arts event to shine the light on refugee displacement and the challenges of finding home. The glass exhibition and sale will include works by internationally renowned glass artists, including a featured piece (not for sale) called Todesmarche Revisisted by Laura Donefer. Todesmarche Revisited honors those who perished and were displaced during the Holocaust.

Opening Night Presentation by Artist Laura FREE Donefer Thursday, March 23 Patron Viewing, 5-6pm General Opening, 6-8:30pm Artist Talk, 6:15pm An opening night talk and conversation with Todesmarche Revisited artist Laura Donefer. Limited Seating. Advanced registration required Full exhibition hours and information about additional special events available at For more information, contact Joy Getnick.



Rethinking American Responses to the Holocaust Monday, April 24, 12pm FREE Aud A United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) historian and archivist Rebecca Erbelding, PhD, will present her research on the War Refugee Board and a rethinking of American responses to the Holocaust. Feel free to bring your lunch or pre-order from the JCC’s Harvest Café. For more information, contact Joy Getnick. Co-sponsored with CHAI at the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester

Learn to Read Hebrew in Just FOUR Weeks Wednesdays April 26-May 17, 10-11am Yiddish Culture Center Ever feel lost at the services because you can’t follow Hebrew? Planning on visiting Israel and want to read the street signs? Want to study the Torah in its original language? Then this proven course is for you! Flash cards (for you to keep) provided and included. Instructor: Rabbi Dovid Mochkin For more information contact, Rabbi Dovid Mochkin at 585-271-0330 or Joy Getnick. Participants may register through the JCC or Chabad Lubavitch of Rochester Hebrew. $36



JCC 585.461.2000

Congregatings: A Community Brown-Bag Lunch & Learn Series for Adults FREE The JCC is pleased to be participating in a newly expanded community brown-bag lunch and learn series for adults. This group, an outgrowth of the “TBKers” from Temple B’rith Kodesh, meets monthly for engaging conversations and presentations on a great variety of topics. All are welcome.

The April “Congregatings” meeting will take place at the JCC. Information is below. Full program calendar available at

How Doctors Think Ethically: A Brown-Bag Lunchtime Presentation & Conversation Thursday, April 27 12-1pm FREE Aud A Join Professor Bernard Sussman, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Medical Humanities; Division of Palliative Care, Medical Humanities and Bioethics, and General Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center for a conversation about medical ethics in practice. Dr. Sussman will address how the Hippocratic tradition and modern bioethics influence medical decision making at the borders of life and death. Elements of ethically and medically sound shared decision making will be explored. For more information, contact Joy Getnick.

Inside the Six-Day War: Myths and Facts

FREE Tuesday, May 16, 7pm Hart Theater Ralph Nurnberger, Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University, has 40 years of senior-level experience working in and with the U.S. government on issues related to foreign policy and the Middle East. In this presentation he will uncover the roots of the Six-Day War and reveal little-known events leading up to it. For more information, contact Joy Getnick.

Co-sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester as part of Israel 2017: The Series.

Caring for a Parent/Loved One Support Group FREE Wednesdays, March 22 May 17, 1:15pm Get the support you need to help care for your aging loved one. Registration is required 48 hours prior to a group meeting. To register contact Michele Ruda. Facilitator: Dee Schwartz, LMSW, Jewish Family Service

AARP Safe Drivers 2- Day Class March 6, 8; April 3, 5; May 15, 17, 9-12pm Earn discounts on your auto insurance with the New York State-approved driver safety course. Payment must be made by check to AARP on the first day of class. Instructor: Pincus Cohen For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. AARP Member: $20 Non AARP Member: $25

Anti-Scam & Identity Security Thursday, March 9, 12pm A free workshop to FREE help consumers spot scams and avoid fraud. Learn how to protect yourself and those around you. Contact Carrie Dengler to reserve your spot. Facilitator: Lifespan

Bridge Instruction Thursdays, March 2-April 9 9:30-11:30 Beginner to intermediate bridge instruction. Learn the basics and more to enjoy this ageless game. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Instructor: Roger Woodin $60 Member: $55

Mah Jong Instruction


Wednesdays, March 8-29 10-12pm Join others as you learn the basics in this four week class taught by a master teacher. Class limited to 4-5 participants. Instructor: June Rapowitz $65 Member: $55

Discover the Art of Amigurumi

Maj Day at the J! Wednesday, April 26 10:30am-3:30pm Auds Join us for a fun-filled, casual day of Maj and lunch! Register by April 18 as an individual or group and bring your maj set if you have one. Full lunch will be provided by the Harvest Eatery. All levels of play are welcome! $30 Member: $25 For more information, contact Carrie Dengler.

Tuesdays, March 7-April 4 5:30-7:00pm Ages 12+ Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. Learn the basic crochet stitches to make 2 of these cute and fun little creatures. Supplies will be provided. Instructor: Bethany Mack For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. $55 Member: $50

INTERFAITH Purim Workshop


Sunday, March 5 9:30am Join other interfaith couples as we learn about Purim, the story recorded in the Book of Esther. For more information or to register, contact Michele Ruda. Free babysitting is available.

Passover Workshop FREE Sunday, April 2, 9:30am Join other interfaith couples as we learn about Passover, the story of the Exodus. We will also discuss the Passover/ Easter dilemma. For more information or to register, contact Michele Ruda. Free babysitting is available.






JCC 585.461.2000


A Path of Inquiry, A Meditation Program Fridays, March 3-April 7, 2-3pm Based on the book by Pema Chodron, Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living, we will introduce the Lojong method, or â&#x20AC;&#x153;mind training.â&#x20AC;? This method is organized around seven points that contain fiftynine slogans that are designed to shake-up our habitual ways of thinking, perceiving and responding. This workshop is designed for those who have little to some experience with meditation. The book will be provided and is included in the cost. Facilitator: Gary Updyke, M.A. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. $60 Member: $50

Mental Exercises

Joints in Motion

Tuesday, March 14 2pm-3:30pm Novelty and challenge are important in keeping mentally sharp and this class will get those brain cells firing with non-competitive activities and exercises designed to work the brain in new ways. Facilitator: Emily Krohn, LCSW-R, CDP, Owner Connection Compass, Certified Super Noggin Instructor For more information, contact Michele Ruda. $20 Member: $16

Tuesday, 11am Pool Joints in Motion is a gentle movement class designed for those with Arthritis pain and mobility issues. Taught by a certified instructor, this class is perfect for those that are looking to ease pain and begin working out again in a weightless environment. For more information, contact Robert West $50/month Member: $30/ month

Healthy Habits for Life Remembering Names and Faces Tuesday, May 9, 2-3:30pm Slips in memory are a natural part of the aging process, but there is good news you may not know. It is possible to grow new brain cells as we age. What is memory? Learn different types of memory as well as specific memory techniques to help remember names and faces. Facilitator: Emily Krohn, LCSW-R, CDP, Owner Connection Compass, Certified Super Noggin Instructor For more information, contact Michele Ruda. $20 Member: $16

Tuesday, May 2, 1pm Learn healthy habits that can actually change your life right now and for the future. Tips will focus on healthy eating, disease prevention, stress reduction and more! Facilitator: Adrienne Markus, AADP Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach For more information, contact Michele Ruda. $20 Member: $15



Vegetarian Cooking for the Meat Eater


Tuesday, March 7, 12pm Would you like to eat a more plant-based diet but still have meat eaters at home? Learn how to cook delicious dishes that will satisfy all food preferences while sticking to a vegetarian menu. Cooking demonstration and samples included. Facilitator: Adrienne Markus, AADP Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach $20 Member: $15 For more information, contact Michele Ruda.

GVPT: Genesee Valley Physical Therapy March : Low Back April: Core May: Aquatic PT Join us monthly for physical therapy related lectures and screenings with certified licensed physical therapist of GVPT. Located on the lower level of the JCC. For more information contact, Sarah Lipinski. Lectures: Free Screenings: $5 (must register)

A Fireside Chat with GVPT Mondays 4:30-5:30pm and Thursdays 12-1pm Fireside Lounge Do you have questions about body aches, pains or physical therapy? Join Sarah Lipinski, MSPT for a question and answer. For more information contact, Sarah Lipinski.

CHIP: Complete Health Improvement Program Begins March 14 An intensive lifestyle medicine intervention program that focuses on whole-person health. Learn how to cook healthy, plant-based foods, increase physical activity and manage stress. Register now and learn more about what's included in the 18 sessions. Facilitated by: Ted D. Barnett, MD; Founder & Medical Director $1390 Member: $1170



JCC 585.461.2000


GREEN! Written by: Adrienne Markus AADP Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Consultant Research suggests that as the seasons change, our bodies adapt and crave foods that align with that specific time of year. Winter foods are designed to keep us warm, well fed, and, perhaps, may add on a few extra pounds. As spring arrives, so do green vegetables. These greens help to unburden our digestive system with vegetables such as asparagus, artichokes, and spinach. Your body goes through significant changes as the season evolves, and a shift in eating habits is the perfect way to shed the layers that may be weighing you down. Create new habits, try new recipes, and give your body a short break from foods that may be promoting inflammation,

bloating or weight gain. Take time to refocus your diet around simple foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains. For some, trying a plant-based program for few days could be an eye opening experience. We are often in a rut and tend to eat the same things over and over again. Life is hectic and many people simply do not stop to consider new recipes for dinner. But personal growth occurs the most when we break out of that box, try something new, and go outside of our comfort zone. That’s why a short jumpstart program can be a great way to propel us to a healthier lifestyle. It gives us a

chance to pause and reflect on how we are feeding ourselves. We get exposed to new recipes, select different vegetables, try a new way of cooking or maybe even start cooking from scratch. Re-set your eating habits with a focus on eating whole, plantbased foods, and learn how to feed your body what it really needs. Why plant-based? A preponderance of evidence suggests plant-based diets can help prevent and even reverse some of the top killer diseases in the Western world (such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease) and can be more effective than medication and surgery.1 If you are thinking this might be something you’d like to try or would like to discuss if it is right for you, please contact me at I would be happy to schedule a FREE consultation for you to learn more. When we meet, we can discuss your health and wellness goals.

1 Greger, Michael, MD. “Http://” Nutrition Facts. Dr. Michael Greger, 15 Jan. 2017. Web.



Cultural Arts



JCC 585.461.2000


Monday, March 6, 2pm

Sunday, March 19, 10am



St. John’s Brickstone, 1325 Elmwood Ave., 14620

with author Judy Batalion underwritten by


JCC Hart Theater

with author Liane Kupferberg Carter underwritten by

Member: $8

FREE admission

July 7-19, 2017 presented with

$18 per person. Call 271-5690 or visit to RSVP

Sunday, March 5, 6:30pm JCC Auditoriums


ALL FESTIVAL PASSES are on sale now! This summer’s film schedule will be available in late May.

77-19 19 9 20 19 7 7--1 2017 17 7 7 1 1 0 2 20

Visit for details. $185

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Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston Story and Book by Peter Stone THE FLICK March 4–19 WINNER! 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Drama WINNER! 2013 OBIE Award for Playwriting


03/04 03/05 03/09 03/11 03/12 03/16 03/18 03/19

8 pm 2 pm* 7 pm 8 pm 2 pm 7 pm** 8 pm 2 pm

Three underpaid employees of a run-down movie theater tear tickets, clean up popcorn and attend to one of the few remaining 35 mm film projectors in usage. Their tiny battles and not-so-tiny heartbreaks play out in the empty aisles, becoming more gripping than the lackluster, second-run movies on the screen. With keen insight and a finely tuned comic eye, The Flick is a hilarious and heart-rending plea for authenticity in a fast-changing world. A must-see for movie lovers. Directed by David Runzo Promotional Partners: WXXI and The Little Theatre Sponsored by The Elaine P. and Richard U. Wilson Foundation $26 MEMBERS: $24 STUDENTS: $20


TITANIC the Musical Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston Story and Book by Peter Stone May 6–21 WINNER! 5 Tony Awards including Best Musical, Best Book and Best Score

05/06 05/07 05/11 05/13 05/14 05/18 05/20 05/20 05/21

8 pm 2 pm 7 pm 8 pm 2 pm* 7 pm** 2 pm 8 pm 2 pm

From the emboldened owner and builder who believed their ship was “unsinkable” to the emigrants in steerage hoping for a better life in America, the epic and everyday stories of the people on the legendary RMS Titanic are played out in this hauntingly gorgeous musical. Directed by Ralph Meranto and Esther Winter Musical Direction by Casey Filiaci Sponsored by Dawn and Jacquesz”l Lipson

*Live Open Captioned **ASL Interpreted

$29 MEMBERS: $27 STUDENTS: $20

Sunday June 11 From the Composers of HAMILTON and NEXT TO NORMAL

40th Anniversary Brunch Celebrate Our History 2017-18 Season Preview Entertainment from CenterStage Performers Tribute to CenterStage Founder Herb Katz on his 80th Birthday Catering by JCC’s Harvest Eatery

Music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tom Kitt Book by Jeff Whitty Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Amanda Green Inspired by the motion picture, BRING IT ON, released by Universal Pictures and written by Jessica Bendingere

(Kashrut Observed)

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PERFORMANCES: JULY 15-23 • AUDITIONS: MAY 30 & 31 • (585) 461-2000 48


JCC 585.461.2000

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