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JCC Fall/Winter Hours Sunday: 7 am-6 pm Mon-Thu: 5:30 am-10 pm* Friday: 5:30 am-5 pm Saturday: 7 am-4 pm

*Pool and Fitness room close 30 minutes prior to building closing.

Visit for holiday schedule 1

Shelley Gans, JCC Director

Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven 360 Amity Road Woodbridge, CT 06525 The JCC is a subsidiary of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven


adult Fitness

ages 13+

The Skinny on Weight Loss

Largest Loser

Instructor: Pam Hutchinson, MS Exercise Science, ACE Health Coach

Meet once per week for weight loss instruction, meal planning, behavior modification, exercise prescription for efficient fat loss, and motivation to succeed. Mon, 1/13-2/17, 10-11am, $99m/$149nm, FT2250 Mon, 1/13-2/17, 6-7 pm, $99m/$149nm, FT2350 Private counseling available by appointment. Six 30 min. sessions/$239

Krav Maga

Instructor: Beth Lopez

Easy to learn style of self defense that offers a great workout for men and women. Krav Maga™ is used by the Israeli Defense Forces. More: Beth (203) 589-4701. Tue, 5:30-7:30pm, ongoing, Dance Studio II

Classes for the Mobility Impaired

Instructor: Regine Bence, MS, Exercise Science, ACE Advanced Health Fitness Specialist

Designed to give mobility-impaired people (including those in wheelchairs) the opportunity to engage in muscle conditioning and strengthening exercises in a safe environment under the instruction of a qualified fitness professional. Sponsored by the National MS Society, More: Susan x265. Tue/Thu, 11:15 am-12 pm, Ongoing, Free to members/$5nm per class


Men’s 18+ Basketball League

Fun, competitive men’s basketball league for all levels and abilities to participate. Certified high school officials. Call Allan Greenberg at x252 for availability. Games begin 12/5. No play 12/26. Thu, 6:30-10 pm, $75m/$150nm, PE1550

Men’s 35+ Basketball League

Fun, competitive men’s basketball league for all levels and abilities to participate. Certified high school officials. Call Allan Greenberg at x252 for availability. Games begin 12/4. Wed, 6:30-10 pm, Games begin 12/4. $75m/$150nm, PE1551 No play 12/25, 1/1

Next ten week competition begins March 2, 2014.

Based on the TV show Biggest Loser, our ‘Largest Loser’ contest is a fun, competitive challenge that encourages participants to lose weight and improve their health. Program includes team workouts, fitness competitions, group workshops with a registered dietitian, weight management coach and a lifestyle couselor. Participants will be expected to meet with their trainers 3 days per week.Prizes awarded to the man and woman with the highest percentage weight loss and the winning team. Applications available Jan. 5th – online or at the JCC fitness desk. Sarah Fisher, last year’s female Members and non- winner, lost more than 100 pounds since the contest. members are welcome. Private interviews will include a medical and weight management history and review of your fitness goals and lifestyle. Participants will be notified within one week if they are eligible to compete. $399m / $479nm, 10 week JCC membership included. More: Susan x265

New to Exercise?

Get started on your weight loss goals with a foundational fitness group training program. Small groups work out once a week with a trainer. Weekly weigh-ins and lifestyle coaching included. An excellent way to prepare for our Largest Loser contest. Wed, 1/22-2/26, 6 weeks, 6-7 am or 6-7 pm, $99m/$149nm


group exercise

ages 13+

Always FREE to Members. Schedule at control desk or Sculpt / Muscle Pump A total body muscle conditioning workout using a variety of props such as light weights, bars, tubing, stability balls, etc. Designed for all levels.

Functional Fitness Strengthen, stretch and balancewith a focus on stability training and functional movements using bosu, balls, etc.

Power Circuit Resistance training & cardio circuits for total body conditioning working multiple muscles at one time and push your heart rate.

Yoga Basics Hatha yoga combines physical postures with breath awareness for complete wellness.

Power Circuit Express 45 minutes

Pain Free Yoga A series of stretches and functionally based exercises for postural alignment, designed to keep the body pain free!

Muscle Mania Muscle conditioning / resistance training exercises designed to sculpt and define the body. Barre Sculpt Total body conditioning class at the ballet barre and the mat - designed to empower the smaller muscle groups for a muscular endurance workout – a longer, leaner body is the result! Strong Sculpt Functional full body muscle conditioning with a focus on core strength. Zumba Fun, easy to follow latin / international style dance! Zumba Gold Basic style, lower impact Zumba!

Yogafit™ A fitness style of hatha yoga!

Pilates An acclaimed exercise and conditioning program that focuses on the core, which connects strength, flexibility and breath. Pilates Sculpt Combination of pilates method training with total body muscle conditioning. Express Core & Stretch 45 minutes of abds, back and trunk exercises, foam rolling for myofacial release and deep stretching for flexibility.

NIA A blend of martial arts, healing arts and dance arts, Zumba Toning Zumba dance routines using 1 lb. toning sticks. using whole body, expressive and grounded movement to deliver a beautiful movement class with cardiovascuBox & Sculpt Martial arts, style cardio workout using lar conditioning. boxing drills with muscle strengthening intervals. Mobility Impaired Classes Mobility-impaired people 50 / 50 Fusion First half cardio conditioning using light of all ages (including those in wheelchairs) have the weights / second half core, foam rolling and stretch! opportunity to engage in muscle conditioning and strength exercises in a safe environment. Silver Sneakers™ A variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activity Spinning® The best indoor cycling program available for daily living skills. with state-of-the-art stadium design spin studio! Spinning: 45 minutes, Super Spin: 60 minutes Sign up available at the control desk 30 minutes prior to each class. Sign up in person to reserve a bike. Class limited to 18 participants.


personal training

Our professional staff of personal trainers carry degrees in exercise science and human performance and are CPR/ AED Certified. For personal training rates and packages call Susan at x265.

Intro to Personal Training

Get started without a big commitment. Experience how personal training can make a difference in your fitness program. New clients only. Four (50 min.) personal training sessions only $216. JCC members only.

Boot Camp & Small Group Training Instructors: Vince, Greg, Jess

Boot Camp: Intense drills and endurance training designed to make you stronger and leaner! Fight Camp: Metabolic conditioning, resistance training, and mixed martial arts drills. Fight camp will increase muscular endurance, test your cardiovascular abilities and get you fighting fit! HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. Boost fat-burning, cardiovascular fitness and athletic capacity using short bursts of aerobic drills with periods of recovery! HELL: Hard, Extreme, Loud, and Loaded with motivation! Discover your inner athlete with this extreme Boot Camp style workout! TRX FUSION: Suspension Training for total body fusion – core function, muscular strength and endurance! More: Jess x266. 12 sessions: $180 ($15/session), Drop-in rate: $20/class BEST VALUE: 24 sessions: $345 ($14/session) Advanced billing only with auto-renewal

TRX Suspension Training

Suspension Training uses two straps and your own body weight to work multiple muscles at once to give you an edge over traditional strength training. Develops core and total body strength - great for all fitness levels. Small group training sessions are forming now, six participants per group. More: Jess, x266. Meets once per week / four weeks: $65 members only BEST VALUE: 12 sessions/$180

Aquatic Therapy Training see page 7 Postural Alignment Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief Instructor: Alan Franzi, Certified PAS Specialist, trained by the EgoscueÂŽ Clinic

A non-medical therapeutic process involving functionally based exercises and stretches designed to work with the deeper causes of musculoskeletal pain. More: Susan x265.

Health Spa

Private adult spa with whirlpool, sauna, steam room, and personal lockers. Other amenities include TV lounge, coffee, towel service, private showers, grooming bar and hairdryers. Members only. Spa Fee: $33/Month.

Massage Tara Eden Aksoy, Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage has been scientifically proven to be therapeutic on many levels. Our massage therapists can incorporate swedish massage, accupressure, myofacial release, reflexology, reiki, and stretching. Call (203) 249-2977 to schedule an appointment. Try a chair massage: Sundays 9:30-11:30 am. $1/min. 1 hour: $65m/$70nm 30 min: $45m/$50nm

Blood Pressure Screening

JCC members are welcome to have their blood pressure checked in the fitness room. Free.



all ages

Parent/Child Swim Program

Designed to meet the needs of infants and toddlers, 6-42 months. Explore water adjustment, body awareness, coordination and safety through games, songs and repetition. Children must wear swim diapers. No disposables please!

Infant/Toddler Water Class Instructor: Syndi Garay

Parent/adult accompaniment required. Children must wear swim diapers. Ages 6 months-3½ years. Sun, 1/5-3/16, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 11:30am-12pm, AQ2100 12:30-1pm, AQ2101 No class 2/16 Mon, 1/6-3/17, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 11-11:30am, AQ2200 No class 2/17 Tue, 1/7-3/18, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 11-11:30am, AQ2300 No class 2/18

Post-Toddler Water Class Instructor: Syndi Garay

For graduates of our infant & toddler classes. Call x237 for placement. Ages 3-3½ years. Tue, 1/7-3/18, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 11:30am-12pm, AQ2301 No class 2/18

Private Swim Lessons for Children (half-hour)

Call x270 to arrange convenient time. $38m/$55nm

Youth and Teen

The JCC Aquatics Program is based on the principles established by the American Red Cross: Each skill builds on vital skills mastered in previous levels. We separate swimmers by ability so the children can learn in a relaxed, non-competitive environment. Schedule may change to accommodate demand. If you have placement questions, please contact Amy Kemler at x270.

Level 1 Swim Lessons

Water exploration for a child who needs assistance in the water (device or instructor). Must be completely independent for at least 10 feet to move into level 2. Ages 31/2 +. Sun, 1/5-3/16, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 11:30am-12:00pm, AQ2102 12:00-12:30pm, AQ2103 12:30-1pm, AQ2104 1:00-1:30pm, AQ2105 No class 2/16 Tue, 1/7-3/18, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 3:45-4:15pm, AQ2302 4:15-4:45pm, AQ2303 4:45-5:15pm, AQ2304 No class 2/18 Thu, 1/9-3/20, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 3:45-4:15pm, AQ2500 4:15-4:45pm, AQ2501 4:45-5:15pm, AQ2502 No class 2/20

Level 2 Swim Lessons

Learn the crawl stroke. Completely independent swimmers only. Must complete at least half lap of crawl stroke to move to level 3. Ages 31/2+. Sun, 1/5-3/16, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 12-12:30 pm, AQ2106 12:30-1pm, AQ2107 1-1:30 pm, AQ2108 No class 2/16 Tue, 1/7-3/18, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 3:45-4:15 pm, AQ2305 4:15-4:45 pm, AQ2306 4:45-5:15 pm, AQ2307 No class 2/18 Thu, 1/9-3/20, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 3:45-4:15 pm, AQ2503 4:15-4:45 pm, AQ2504 4:45-5:15 pm, AQ2505 No class 2/20


Level 3 + Swim Lessons

Must have completed level 2. Learn elementary backstroke and treading water. Must do full lap of complete crawl stroke, elementary back stroke and back stroke to enter level 4. Ages 5+. Sun, 1/5-3/16, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 11:30am-12 pm, AQ2109 No class 2/16 Tue, 1/7-3/18, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 4:15-4:45 pm, AQ2308 No class 2/18 Thu, 1/9-3/20, 10 weeks, $118m/$177nm 4:45-5:15 pm, AQ2506 No class 2/20

Blue Marlins Swim Team Head Coach: Mike Solati

Learn to increase speed and efficiency in the water, developing strength and endurance for competition. The season will be filled with funand exciting meets and other events. Open to swimmers ages 6-18. Up to four practices/week. September–mid-March. Contact Mike Solati for placement at White Group (ages 5-8): $400m/$500nm* Blue Group (ages 7-11): $450/$550nm* Pre-Seniors (ages 9-14): $500m/$600nm* Seniors (ages 12+): $500m/$600nm* Masters (ages 18+): $500m/$600nm* *Fees will be prorated based on start date.


Adult Water Aerobics

Instructors: Deb Forselius, Sheila Schrier

Resistance movements and aerobic activity in the water! Ongoing. 45 minutes. Free to JCC members. Mon, 9:00 am, Yoga/Tai Chi Style, with Deb Forselius Mon, 4:30 pm, Latino Dance Style, with Deb Forselius Tue, 9:00 am, Water Aerobics, with Sheila Schrier Wed, 9:00 am, Combo shallow/deep, with Deb Forselius Wed, 5:00 pm, Combo shallow/deep, with Deb Forselius Thu, 9:00 am, Water Aerobics, with Sheila Schrier Fri, 9:00 am, Latino Dance Style, with Deb Forselius

Aquatic Therapy Training Instructor: Deb Forselius

Ideal for pre- and post-surgical patients and those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, prenatal, orthopedic, and back pain. More: Deb Forselius x257

JCC Aqua Care

Instructor: Deb Forselius

Small group setting. Utilizing resistance movements, balance, strength and conditioning. Class will be modified based on ability and needs. 11 weeks. Tue & Thu, 10-10:45 am, 12/12-3/13, $210m/$320nm, AQ2350 No class 12/24, 26, 31

early childhood infant-age 5 Dance

Little Scientists

Instructor: Christine Gambardella

Instructor: Little Scientists, Inc.

An interactive preschool science program featuring hands-on learning. Explore the magic of the ocean, bubbles, volcanoes, and more. Ages 3½-5. No class 1/20, 2/17 Mon, 1:15-2 pm, 1/6-3/24, 10 weeks, $230m/$260nm, EC2200

New! Krazy Kool LEGO® Instructor: Nichole Wells

Does your child love LEGO®s? Come build and explore! Working in groups, we will build exciting creations like movie theaters and carnivals and beaches while emphasizing team work, negotiating skills, public speaking, and effective communication and sharing. Boys and girls are welcome to join in on the Krazy Kool Fun! Ages 4-6. Mon, 4-5 pm, 1/6-3/10,$160m/$180nm, FM2201 No class 1/20, 2/17

Creative Dance I

A pre-ballet and tap class designed to engage our tiny dancers in the art of movement through fun warm-up exercises, musical games, energetic patterns across the floor, and small dance combinations. No performance. Ballet and tap shoes required. Age 3. Tue, 2-2:45pm, 1/7-5/13, $199m/$349nm, DN1300

Creative Dance II

Concentration on memory, dancing our favorite steps in patterns and practicing teamwork as we create our recital piece! Ballet and tap shoes required. Ages 4+. Year-long class in progress–limited space available. *Fee will be pro-rated. Tue, 3-3:45pm, 10/1-May, $399m/$499nm*, DN1301


Pee Wee Sports Instuctors: Debra Kirschner and Syndi Garay

Free Jewish books for children six months to eight years of age. PJ Library is a Jewish Family Engagement program implemented on a local level throughout North America. PJ mails free, high-quality Jewish children’s literature and music to families across the continent on a monthly basis.

Introduction to a variety of sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, and T-Ball. Includes recreational activities like bean bag games and parachute play to develop hand-eye coordination and flexibility. Ages 3½-5. Gym. No class 2/19 Wed, 1-1:45 pm, 1/8-3/19, 10 weeks, $140m/$210nm, PE2400

Tiny Tots Tennis Instuctors: Debra Kirschner and Syndi Garay

Introduction to tennis for children, emphasizing fun. Ages 3½-5. No class 2/20 Thu, 1-1:30pm, 1/9-3/20, 10 weeks, $140m/$210nm, PE2510 Thu, 1:40-2:10pm, 1/9-3/20, 10 weeks, $140m/$210nm, PE2511

To enroll: > children > PJ Library

Free Hebrew books Implemented on a local level throughout the United States, Sifriyat Pijama B’America (SP-BA), is a Hebrew-based Jewish literacy and family engagement program inspired by PJ Library and Sifriyat Pijama, our free children’s book program in Israel.

To enroll: online-registration


Young Families New! Happy Tree-aversary!

A celebration of the trees in honor of Jewish Arbor Day! This program treats your family to a multi-faceted look at the importance of living “green.” Parents enjoy the fruit and veggie tapas bar while kids engage in a slew of fun and interesting environmentally-geared projects! Please pre-register: Laura LJ Ross, (203) 387-2424 x317. Sun, 2-4 pm, 1/19, JCC Vine Auditorium, $5m/$7nm Free/kids 3 and under

New! Mother’s Circle

Shabbat Friends

Information Session: Thu, 6 pm, 12/12, Free

Location: JCC Family Center, Free

Sponsored by The Jewish Outreach Institute that provides the over 200,000 women who were not raised Jewish the support they need to raise their Jewish children. Join facilitator, mother and life coach, Jade Maoz on this beautiful and important journey. RSVP to Laura LJ Ross, (203) 387-2424 x317. Adults only.

Fridays, 11-11:45 am Children and families meet different Shabbat Friends from the community who share their special connection to Judaism through stories, songs, puppet shows, music, and explorative play. Connect with other families at Shabbat Friends.

New! Bagels and Books

Sifriyat Pijama Events

Sun, 5-7:30pm, 1/12, 2/9, 4/6, 3/9, 5/11, Free

Sifriyat Pijama is brought to you through PJ Library and is Hebrew-based Jewish Literacy and Family Engagement Program.

Once a month, pre-school aged children have the opportunity to attend Bagels and Books an interactive storytime, and sing-along. Please pre-register: Laura LJ Ross (203) 387-2424 x 317.

Want to have fun with your toddler AND expose them to Hebrew? Join a featured guest who will lead us in a Hebrew Storytime and activity.

Friday, 11-11:45 am, 2/23, location: TBA, Free


Yeladim Early Learning Center of the

JCC offers quality programs in a supportive, nurturing environment that promotes the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of young children. Our curriculum encourages experimentation, problem solving, logical thinking and cooperative learning. We strive to help our children develop social skills and a positive self-concept. Yeladim is fully licensed by the State of Connecticut. Yeladim accepts children into the program regardless of religion, race or ethnic origin. Financial aid available. More: visit or call Lynn Bullard, (203) 397-7415.

Infant-Toddler and Pre-School Programs

A 12-month program for ages 3 months to 5 years. Hours: Monday-Friday from 7:30 am-5:30 pm. Choose three to five full days. Part-day options available for pre-schoolers . • Child-centered, developmentally-based programs • Dynamic learning environment • Excellent teacher-child ratio • Experienced staff with early childhood background • Swim program for 4 year olds

Nitzanim Kindergarten

Serving children from 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 years old.

The Painted Pomegranate (POM) and Babysitting Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:45 am-1pm Tues/Thurs: 5 pm-7:30 pm Sat-Sun: 8:45-11:45 am

Babysitting (members only) 1 child $5/hour 2 siblings $8/hour 3 siblings $10/hour

BEST VALUE! Unlimited Pom Pass $50/mo, $25 sibling

Stay n’ Play $5m/$10nm per family per day Open-ended play time. All ages welcome with parent. POM Art Classes

Drop off your child for up to 3 hours to explore our many creative stations in the Painted Pomegranate. Includes free play, private art time with an instructor and a take home art project. All ages. Call x389 to preregister. Fees: 1 hour add’l hours 1 child $10m/$12nm $8m/$9/nm 2 siblings $15m/$17nm $10m/$11nm 3 siblings + $18m/$21nm $14m.$15nm

Playgroups Hourly rates apply Invite your playgroup parents to a morning or afternoon meet-up in the POM. While we entertain and engage the children, parents can relax and connect in the café or at our art center tables. Make your reservations today! Reservations required. More: (203) 387-2522 x389. Please note: Parent must remain on the JCC campus.

Hours: 7:30am-5:30pm. Five full-day or half-day (9am-1pm) options available. • Combined whole-language/phonics approach to literacy • Integrated curriculum including math, science, social studies, literacy and creative arts • Weekly swim and yoga programs • Additional enrichment programs available • Excellent teacher-child ratio • Head teacher honored by the CT. Assoc. for the Education of Young Children as “Teacher of the Year”

Learn more about our

Nitzamin Kindergarten

at our Open House - Sunday, Jan. 5 10

youth ages 5-13 Enrichment Classes

Neighborhood Music School (NMS)

New Haven’s prestigious downtown music school offers private music instruction at the JCC. Ages 5 to adult. Tues. piano, Thur. - violin. Register: (203) 624-5189

Brownie Girl Scouts

Grade 2. Field trips, nature, science, and the arts. Earn participation patches. Fees paid directly to Girl Scouts. More: contact Alternate Thursdays, 4:15-5 pm

New! Fancy Nails Instructor: Kari McInerney

Enjoy some girl time and explore many different manicure and pedicure designs. Ages 5+. Mon, 4:15-5 pm, 1/6-3/10, 8 weeks, $40m/$50nm, FM2200 No class 1/20, 2/17

New! Gimp 101

Instructor: Kari McInerney

For the beginner and the master gimper. Come learn and create the many different stitches of gimp. Ages 5+. Wed, 4:15-5 pm, 1/8-3/5, 8 weeks, $50m/$60nm, FM2400 No class 2/19

New! Looming Bands

Enjoy the art of looming in a fun engaging way. Learn new patterns and increase your creativity! Tue, 4:15-5 pm, 1/7-3/11, 8 weeks, $50m/$60nm, FM2300

New! Krazy Kool LEGOÂŽ Advanced Instructor: Nichole Wells

We will build exciting creations like sports arenas, space stations and energy plants while emphasizing team work, negotiating skills, public speaking, and effective communication and sharing. Boys and girls are welcome to join in on the Krazy Kool Fun! Ages 7-9. Mon, 5:15-6:15 pm, 1/6-3/10,$160m/$180nm, FM2202 No class 1/20, 2/17


Sports JDP Racquetball for Youth and Teens Instructor: Syndi Garay

Learn fundamentals and the rules of the game. Placement based on age and ability. Racquetball Courts. Call x237 for evaluation. Ages 7-15. Mon-Thu afternoons, 8 weeks, $100m/$150nm

New! Tumbling

This is a beginner class that will teach the basic fundamentals of tumbling. Students will work on basic progressions: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, handstand drills, cartwheels and round offs. Ages 5+. Thu, 4-5 pm, 1/9-3/13, 8 weeks, $80m/$100nm, PE2500 No class 1/23, 2/20


Martial art classes are great way for building self-confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

Beginning Karate Instructors: Glennis Orloff & Ken Buckley

White and orange belt students learn self discipline and physical fitness with other beginning students. Ages 6+. NOTE: Children younger than 6 may be able to participate in our Begining Karate class upon approval of the instructor. More: Barbara x250. Thu, 4:30-5:30pm, 1/9-3/20, 10 weeks, $140m/$210nm, PE2501 No class 2/20

Intermediate/Advanced Karate Instructors: Glennis Orloff & Ken Buckley

Blue through black belts learn more advanced techniques as well as developing their sparring skills while continuing to build their physical fitness. Thu, 5:30-6:30pm, 1/9-3/20, 10 weeks, $140m/$210nm, PE2502 No class 2/20


Instructor: Christine Gambardella

Ballet & Tap

Training includes positions of the feet and body, placement, barre exercises, progressions across the floor, and center floor combinations. Emphasis on the natural line of the body. Tap concentrates on rhythm, tempo, beats, and accent while improving motor skills. Recital Performance; ballet and tap shoes required.

Ballet & Tap 1

Basics of formal ballet with the emphasis on correct placement of the body. Year-end performance. Age 5. Mon, 4:10-4:55 pm, 9/30-May, $399m/$499nm*, DN1200

Ballet & Tap 2

Designed to further the knowledge of basic ballet placement and terminology. Emphasis on flexibility, fluidity and musicality. Year-end performance. Ages 6-7. Mon, 5-5:45 pm, 9/30-May, $399m/$499nm*, DN1201

Ballet & Tap 3

Designed to improve barre techniques, learn small adagios in the center floor and concentrate on personal quality of movement. Year-end performance. Ages 7-8. Wed, 5-5:45 pm, 10/2-May, $399m/$499nm*, DN1402

Ballet & Tap 4

Must have completed 3 years of ballet and tap. Designed to nurture a growing dancer through complex patterns at the barre and across the floor in both ballet and tap. Expanding knowledge and creativity through more elaborate choreography! Year-end performance. Ages 8-10.

Lenny Margolis

Youth Basketball

The JCC’s proud basketball tradition dates back to the 1940s and is today one of the largest programs of any JCC in the nation. We emphasize skill development, team play, sportsmanship and fun. Sunday afternoons beginning December 8 through March.

Iddy Biddy Basketball

Sun, 1-1:45 pm, 12/8-2/28, Grades 1-2, $75m/$85nm, PE1103

Boys Basketball

Sun, 2-3:15 pm, 12/8-March, Grades 2-4, $75m/$85nm, PE1104 Sun, 3:15-4:30 pm, 12/8-March, Grades 5-7, $75m/$85nm, PE1105

Girls Basketball

Co-sponsored with Bethany & Woodbridge Recreation Departments. Sun, 2-3:15 pm, 12/2-March, Grades 2-4, $75m and Bethany/Woodbridge residents /$85nm, PE1106

Wed, 4-5 pm, 10/2-May, $425m/$525nm*, DN1401

Sun, 3:15-4:30 pm, 12/2-March, Grades 5-7, $75m and Bethany/Woodbridge residents /$85nm, PE1107


Optional Practice Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm Center School Gym, Woodbridge

Kids Rock!

High-energy class will include a jazz warm-up, elements of yoga for strength, balance and flexibility, and a hip-hop combination each week! Recital performance. Black jazz shoes required. Ages 7-10. Tue, 5-5:45 pm, 10/1-May, $399m/$499nm*, DN1302

Teen Beat

Yoga stretches, Zumba warm-up techniques and class combinations to top 40 radio artists. Choreography content will explore all styles including lyrical, jazz and hiphop. Ages 12+. 10 weeks. Wed, 5:45-6:30pm, 10/2-12/18, $165m/$199nm*, DN1403 *Dance – Full-year class culminating in an optional, low-key recital in May 18, 2014. Enrollment based on availablility. Fee will be pro-rated based on start date. More: Barbara x250.




New! Get AMPT!

Athletic, Muscular, PH(f)itness, Training for teens 45 minute sessions include: Core, flexibility, injury prevention, muscular endurance and strength training, life style coaching. Grades 7+. Groups forming this winter. More: Jess, x266.

JCC AfterSchool

Grades K-8 • School dismissal through 6pm The JCC AfterSchool Program offers a kaleidoscope of creative, fun, stimulating activities.

Alex LaGase: BS in Health Science and Physical Education, Alex is experienced working with a younger clientele. Specialized workouts include cardio-fitness, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Chris Pelosi: BS in Athletic Training /Sports Medicine from Quinnipiac University, Chris is experienced in rehab, injury prevention and youth training. He believes proper training is essential to enhance performance in competitive events while maintaining a healthy lifestyle free from injury.

We offer licensed quality care for children in grades K-8 with transportation provided from more than 15 area schools. In the JCC AfterSchool Program we celebrate various Jewish holidays and customs through arts & crafts, singing and games.

JDP Racquetball for Youth and Teen

We offer a kosher snack, swimming (Wednesday and Friday), arts and crafts, gym, cooking, supervised homework time, and more. The AfterSchool program will also bring your child to and from any JCC enrichment class that they sign up for.

Mon-Thu afternoons, 8 weeks, $100m/$150nm

The JCC also offers a quality, licensed program for Bethany Community School students. Kids Klub, designed for and located at the Bethany Community School, includes before and after school care.

Vacation Program • 9am-4pm

The JCC provides care during most school vacations. Children grades K-8 participate in fun, specially-programmed events such as ceramics, arts and crafts, concerts, and more. Swim, gym and playscape included. The JCC Vacation Program runs 9am-4pm, extended care is available from 7-9am and 4-6pm for an additional $10m/nm ($6 Afterschool/Kids Klub) per time slot.

Instructor: Syndi Garay

Learn fundamentals and the rules of the game. Placement based on age and ability. Racquetball Courts. Call x237 for evaluation. Ages 7-15.

Rick Wallace High School Basketball

In-house intramural league. End-of-season tournament. All games officiated. Form own team or sign up individually. Free play for registered players December 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. League games begin 1/6/14. More: Allan Greenberg x252. Mon, 12/2-mid March, $80m/$130nm, PE1200


Join other teens for educational programming, community services, leadership training, and exploring your Jewish identity. More: Josh Cohen, or (203) 389-2127. Boys & Girls,Thu, 7-9pm, JCC

December Vacation: 12/23, 12/26, 12/27, 12/30, 12/31* *No pm care available 12/31. Thu 1/6 January Vacation Day (New Haven Schools) Mon 1/20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Mon-Fri 2/17-2/21 February Vacation Tue 3/28 Vacation Program More: Kari, (203) 387-2522 x236,


March of the Living | April 24 - May 8, 2014

The March of the Living is a two-week experiential journey for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. Join thousands of Jewish teens from around the world as we travel to Poland and Israel for an educational experience that honors and celebrates your Jewish past, present and future. For more information contact, Sima Broza at

adults ages15+ Conversational Spanish Instructor: Jill Savitt, M.A.

Have fun and make new friends while speaking another language! Time and level determined by demand. More: Barbara x250 Mon, 2/3-4/7, $160m/$180nm

Topics in Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) Instructor: Rabbi Benjamin Scolnic, Ph.D.

Study and discuss interesting and difficult portions of the Bible. Must pre-register, Barbara x250. Mon, 12-1pm, 1/6-4/7, 14 weeks, $100m/$125nm, JL2250

Talmud Study Instructor: Ynon Wygoda

In-depth study of the Talmud in the original Hebrew with translation. Some knowledge of Hebrew helpful. Sun, 8:15-9:15 am, Ongoing, JL1150

Reading Volunteers Needed

Jewish Coalition for Literacy, a nondenominational program, seeks volunteers to read, converse and enjoy learning with a child in local public schools for one hour per week. You determine day of week, hour of day and grade level of child. No previous experience required. All are welcome. More: Brenda Brenner, (203) 387-2424 x308 or bbrenner@

He Who Laughs • Workshop Production

By Ian Cohen Directed by Reuven Russell A modern retelling of the sacrifice of Isaac. The run will include interfaith post-show panels discussing the theological and sociological themes of the play. Made possible by a grant from the Connecticut Humanities Fund. The Off-Broadway Theater, 41 Broadway, New Haven. $25, $12 senior/students. Tickets at Sat, 12/14, 7:30 pm • Sun, 12/15, 2 & 7 pm • Mon, 12/16, 7:30 pm

Fires in the Mirror

By Anna Deavere Smith Directed by Jesse Freedman In this legendary exploration of the aftermath of the 1991 Crown Heights Riots, one woman plays twenty-six of the incident’s African-American and Jewish survivors, in a discussion of race, faith, and community. The Off-Broadway Theater, 41 Broadway, New Haven. $25. Tickets at Sun 1/12, 7 pm

The Jewish Plays Project Second Annual New Haven Playwriting Contest

Directed by David Winitsky A showcase of new Jewish work in which the audience votes on which play gets a full New York workshop. Come help choose the next great Jewish play! JCC Vine Auditorium. $18. Tickets at Sun, 2/16, 7 pm

The Last Seder (Community Production!) By Jennifer Maisel Directed by Dana Sachs A dysfunctional family reunion as four daughters return for the final Passover celebration in their childhood home. Starring members of the Greater New Haven community. Email for audition info! JCC Vine Auditorium. $18. Tickets at Thu, 3/6, 8 pm • Sun, 3/9, 2 and 7 pm • Mon, 3/10, 8 pm

A Taste of Honey

An exciting and unparalleled social, cultural and educational experience. Participants choose from over 45 different courses designed to stimulate participants of all Judaic backgrounds. Sat, 1/25, 7-11 pm



Enjoy the benefits of being a JCC member

Spa Add-On • $33/Month

Membership Rates Adult 30+ Couple Family* Single Parent** Young Adult 13-25 Senior 65+ Senior Couple

$44/mo. $71/mo. $79/mo. $53/mo. $27/mo. $41/mo. $62/mo.

*Family - Couples living together as life partners with children up to age 18 must show valid I.D. **Single Parent- is someone who is legally separated or divorced and maintaining separate households, and their children up to age 18

JCC membership is a prerequisite –not available to supporting members.

Sauna • Whirlpool • Steam room Spacious TV lounge Private locker rooms Personal locker Bathing suit dryers Hanging space for bathrobes

Friends of the Center Membership

Fitness Center • Unlimited Group Exercise including Zumba and Spinning • Swimming Pool water workout classes • Racquetball Basketball Courts • General Locker Rooms Members Only Programs • Program Discounts Discounted tickets to cultural events • Discounts at Local Vendors Adult $200/year Senior Assoc. $90/year Senior Assoc. Couple $150 year discount on social and cultural programs only. Does not include Health and Fitness.

Guests are welcome and must be accompanied by a JCC member. Contact the control desk or membership office for passes. Any individual may have guest privileges up to three times within a year. Fees: Youth (3-12) / $5 • Individual / $10 • Family / $20 • Adult Spa / $15


Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven Membership Application Member 1

Member 2

*Name:_ ___________________________________________________________

Male  Female * Birthdate:

Marital Status:

 

_ _ /_ _/_ _

*Name:_ ___________________________________________________________

Single  Married  Separated  Divorced

Male  Female * Birthdate:

Marital Status:

Widowed  Life Partners

 

_ _ /_ _/_ _

Single  Married  Separated  Divorced Widowed  Life Partners

*Home Address:_____________________________________________________

*Home Address:_____________________________________________________

*City_ ______________________________ State___________ Zip___________

*City_ ______________________________ State___________ Zip___________

*Home Telephone:__________________________ Cell:______________________

*Home Telephone:__________________________ Cell:______________________

Emergency Contact_ _________________________________________________

Emergency Contact_ _________________________________________________

: _____________________________________

: _____________________________________



Occupation:_ _______________________________________________________

Occupation:_ _______________________________________________________

Business Telephone: ( )_ _________________________________________

Business Telephone: ( )_ _________________________________________

Optional: (Information for statistical purposes only)

Optional: (Information for statistical purposes only)

Religion:  Other  Jewish Synagogue:_ ___________________________

Religion:  Other  Jewish Synagogue:_ ___________________________

Referred by: Name___________________________________________________

Referred by: Name___________________________________________________

*Required Fields

Family Membership Children (Up to age 18 or 22 if full-time student. Valid student I.D. required.) First Name

Initial Last Name

(M/F) Birthdate (M/D/Y) Religious Affiliation

_ _ /_ _/_ _ _ _ /_ _/_ _ _ _ /_ _/_ _ _ _ /_ _/_ _

e-mail ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

How did you hear about the JCC? Direct Mail

E-mail Former Member Friend/Family Shalom New Haven Medical Referral Radio TV Newspaper Website Other______________________________________________________________

Electronic Fund Transfer Agreement

This agreement is to authorize the Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven to deduct my membership fees directly from the credit card or bank account listed below on the first of each Month. My bank statement will serve as receipt for the payment. Should any pre-authorized payment not be honored by the bank or credit card company, it is understood that the payment has not been made and I am responsible for making the payment directly to the JCC.

Checking/Savings Account Information Name on Account:__________________________________________________ _ Full Name of Bank___________________________________________ NSA Routing Number_ ______________________________________________ _ Monthly Amt. $______________________________________________ Account Number___________________________________________________ _

Credit Card Information Card Holder’s Name:__________________________________________________ Monthly Amount $_________________________________________ r Amex r Discover r MC r Visa 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Acct. #__________________________________________________________

Exp. Date_ _________________

Payment by electronic funds transfer or a credit card payment is a continuous membership plan. I understand that my membership will remain ongoing unless I give the JCC 30 days written notice. The JCC may at its discretion adjust the monthly rate it charges for my membership. I understand that I will receive notice prior to any changes. Should an EFT payment not be honored by my bank for any reason, I understand that I will submit payment by check or credit card within 30 days and add to it a $30 service charge. I understand that after three unpaid EFT or credit card payments, the JCC will immediately terminate my JCC privileges until I have brought all unpaid balances up to date. Any balance resulting from failure to fulfill a payment may be subject to interest charges.

I understand my membership is not transferable. I understand the JCC is not responsible for any injuries I may receive on the JCC premises. I give permission for photographs and video taken for the JCC to be used in publications and publicity. I understand I must carry and present a JCC ID when using some JCC facilities. I am aware that facility hours are subject to change without notice. Applicant’s Signature ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date______________________________________________________ *Co-Applicant’s Signature_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Date _ ____________________________________________________ *Parent Signature required for children under 18 years of age.


Main Number: (203) 387-2522 Membership: (203) 387-2522 x223 Fax: (203) 387-1818 e-mail:

Transportation The CT Transit B/JCC/Whalley Avenue bus makes 18 stops at the JCC, For details, call (203) 624-0151.

website: Location

No one is denied the opportunity to apply for JCC membership because of inability to pay. To ask about financial aid, contact our membership office at (203) 387-2522 x223.

Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven 360 Amity Road, Woodbridge, CT 06525 (203) 387-2522 • fax (203) 387-1818 • email:


Take exit 59 off the Merritt Parkway (Rte 15). At end of ramp, turn left onto Rte 69. Take first left (at light) onto Lucy St. At light, take right onto Amity Rd. Go to 2nd light. Turn left into JCC Campus.

Refund Policy

Fees for classes that we cancel due to inadequate enrollment will be refunded in full. We try to provide make-up classes for cancelled sessions. No refunds or credits for missed classes.


The JCC building and pool are wheelchair accessible.

Inclement Weather

Call (203) 387-2522 or tune to WTNH Channel 8 for information on closings. For safety, the pool will close temporarily if an electrical storm is directly overhead.

Kashrut Policy

All food served at or brought into the JCC must be strictly kosher.


Guests are welcome and must be accompanied by a JCC member. Contact the Membership Office for passes and prices. x223 Babysitting The JCC offers drop-in babysitting for children 3 Months-6 years old. You must be onsite to use this service. Call x227 for hours and fees.

Jewish Community Library

Books, DVDs, CDs, and periodicals on Jewish subjects for adults and children of all ages. Open to the entire community. Call x330 for seasonal hours.


Financial Assistance

Volunteer Opportunities Volunteers play a key role at the JCC. If you would like to join one of our committees, please call Shelley at (203) 387-2522 x206. JCC Board of Directors Bob Felice, President Marc Wortman, Vice President Paul Portnoy, Treasurer Steve Miller, Past President Board Members: Fred Ginsberg Suzanne Santos Jessica Halprin Betsy Schulman Randy Harrison David Sirowich Sharon Hasbani Jeffrey Sklarz Scott Hurwitz Alyson Tischler Julie Katz Rebecca Tishkoff John Lichtman Judi Young Sherry Rothman Camp Lay Chair: Sherry Rothman Advises on policies and plans programs. Fitness Lay Chair: Bob Felice Addresses issues pertaining to the fitness room, health and physical education areas. Cultural Arts Lay Chair: Doron Ben-Atar Planning and strategizing for arts and culture. Yeladim Parent/Teacher Committee Fundraising Lay Chair: Marty Halprin Social Lay Chair: Shana Ross Teacher Representative: Elizabeth Manzi Goals are family events and fundraising. Yom Hashoah Lay Chair: Harry Rosenberg Plans Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration and educational opportunities.

registration Online

Begins 12/9. Most classes are available for online registration. Follow the instructions on our website

By Mail or Fax

Mail registration and payment to JCC of Greater New Haven, 360 Amity Rd., Woodbridge, CT 06525 or Fax registration with credit card information to (203) 387-1818

In Person

Beginning 12/9, Registrar’s Office, 9:30am-3:30pm or drop off with payment at the Reception Desk. Pay by cash, checks, Visa, MC, AMEX, and Discover Full or secured payment required at time of registration. Non-member registration begins 12/12 (non-member registration received before 12/12 will be placed on waiting list)

 JCC member*

 Non-member

Name_ ______________________________________________  M


Address_________________________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip________________________________________________________ Email_ _______________________________ Home Phone ____________________________________________________ Cell Phone_ _______________________________

Participant 1 Name_ _______________________________________________Birthdate_ _______________________________ Code





___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Participant 2 Name_ _______________________________________________Birthdate_ _______________________________ Code





___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________


 Check

 Card # ____________________________________________

Exp. Date_ _______________

Signature_________________________________________ Date _______________ Total Due_ ______________ *To be eligible for a member fee, your membership must be current throughout the duration of the class.


JCC Winter Program Guide  
JCC Winter Program Guide