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40 1974 - 2014 2014 1974


1974 VS. 2014 ‘HOT’ THEN & NOW





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“the only source of knowledge is experience� Albert Einstein

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Contents Years Of Creating 6 40 Legacies

From The 10 Letter Mayor Of Mississauga From The 14 Letter Mayor Of Vaughan From The 18 Letter Mayor Of Brampton

20 Growing Up Townwood 25 How Homes Have Changed and evolved over 40 years

29 Customization

The customization advantage

34 Our Decor Centre No two homes are alike

38 Firsts

A series of industry firsts

39 Looking To The Future The shape of things to come

41 Thank You

to our cherished partners & associates

43 Three Generations Meet the Pelligrino family

48 Giving Back

Townwood’s charity involvement

Times They Are 51 The A Changing

59 Tony’s Favourite Recipe 61 Greater Toronto 40 years of progress

67 Four Decades, one brick at a time

75 GTA Events

Summer/Fall 2014

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Townwood’s legacy is one of integrity, client first priorities and building high quality homes, not just houses.


   

40 Years of Creating



hen you have built more than 10,000 new homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area over the past 40 years, it's hard to recall specifics from each community you’ve created. But like most people, I remember my first time. Yes, I was scared. I had decided to give up a nice weekly pay cheque with Kodak Canada, where I was helping build their new film processing plant in Brampton, to become an entrepreneur as a home builder.

I was commuting each morning to Brampton from Toronto. I knew Kodak's new plant would soon hire 400 new employees, and that got me thinking that those new employees would be looking to buy homes near their place of work. The semi-rural areas of Brampton and northern Mississauga didn't offer much variety back then.

With my brothers Giovanni and Carmen and three other partners, we bought 32 lots in Mississauga and ventured into the home building industry. Today, Townwood is one of the GTA's most prominent builders of new home communities. I am so pleased that in the 40 years since that gamble, I've still been able to use my mechanical engineering skills. I think that’s what helps make us one of Ontario's most innovative builders. It’s one of the best rewards in having changed careers. At Townwood, we are not just selling bricks and lumber. I still get to experiment with new technologies and with materials to apply innovative new functions and appealing looks to our homes.

Tony Guglietti, Founder and President



     


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   

118 Healey Road, Bolton, Ontario. L7E 5B2 Telephone: (905) 951-3900 Fax: (905) 951-3901 TOLL FREE: 1-800-371-5344 visit us at

Mr.Tony Guglietti – Townwood Homes. On behalf of Joe and Mike Guglietti and our staff at GAP Waste Management Inc., we wish you and your employees the best as you celebrate 40 years of business and wish you many more years of success. We join countless other companies in extending our congratulations for achieving this milestone. We have been proudly supplying your company with disposal and demolition services for the past 12 years and look forward to servicing Townwood Homes for many more years to come. Servicing the community for 25 years and providing fast, efficient and reliable service in disposal and demolition. We service the Industrial – Commercial – Residential and Construction market.

Congratulations to Townwood Homes on your 40th Anniversary.



   


   

Growing Up Townwood Y

ou could sit in the back seat of the hot car and listen to Tony's favourite Julio Iglesias tape yet again, or you could get out and explore the new homes Dad was building and listen to his crusty comments as he scrutinized the workmanship carried out during the week.

That was the Sunday morning ritual for the three young Guglietti children who now help operate Townwood Homes, one of Ontario's most prolific new home builders. Tony Guglietti was a young man launching his new home building company 40 years ago, and that meant many long workdays. His young children, Paul, Nadia and Angela, tried to stay awake each night so they could see their father before falling off to sleep – and before he fell asleep eating supper at the kitchen table. Weekends were precious to Germana and Tony and their little kids when he was still a salaried mechanical engineer working for Kodak Canada, and they were determined to maintain that tradition with Daddy's new job of building homes. So when Tony headed out on Sunday morning to monitor what his work crews had achieved during the week, the kids and their mom came along too.



As they grew older, the Guglietti kids grew from playful spectators on the housing sites to responsible workers, sweeping sawdust out of homes, picking up continued on page 22 20


Growing up Townwood continued from page 23 discarded pieces of lumber and forgotten bags of nails – learning the business from the buried footings on up.

Julia, now 14 and Lola 13, will both be helping out this summer at Townwood’s headquarters in Vaughan. Tony has six grandchildren, but not all are yet ready to lace up their construction boots. They don't come small enough for Baby Antonio. He's turning 9 months old when Townwood turns 40 in June 2014. Each of the three children spouts off humorous stories about Growing Up Townwood. Nadia remembers helping her dad get his coats and sweaters on and off after he broke his shoulder. On a Saturday tour, he picked up a large piece of plywood to help tidy the site. Tony knows now you shouldn't do that in a high wind. And his kids learned from that experience, too, but without the pain.

Tony & Nadia

Today Paul, Angela and Nadia's husband, Marcello, are executives at Townwood trying to relieve their father's workload of building hundreds of new homes each year.

Tony, Lola, Julia and Marcello Messersi

Children, left to right: Nadia, Angela, Paul Adults, left to right: Germana's mother - Angela Alfenore, Germana's sister -Manuella Alfenore (Affrunti), Tony, Germana, Tony's father - Vincenzo Guglietti, Tony's mother - Anna

Marcello, now a Townwood vice-president, was an entrepreneur when he married Nadia and the Townwood world. Learning the land development business for him included following Tony down a 20metre sewer ladder to walk through a high, concrete pipe – still pristine - to understand how a site gets serviced for water and sewer. Marcello had one question after the underground tour. “Doesn't he ever get tired?”

Tony has expanded Townwood into being a developer of raw land for building communities. The third generation – granddaughters Julia and Lola – have walked hand-in-hand with their grandfather through fields and brush, over fences, stumps and streams, into and out of ravines trying to envision the new community he somehow already sees before them.

Tony and Germana - newly married

Germana was a teenage cashier at a car wash when she met Tony. “He brought his car through seven times on the day I first saw him,” she laughs. On June 14th Tony and Germana will quietly celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary – and they aren't saying where. Julia and Tony, battling injustice

continued on page 31 21

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 

350 Market Drive, Milton, Ontario L9T 5A4

(905) 693-4889

  


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How homes have changed

An interesting perspective from Ken Viljoen, renowned architect


wo-career parents and single parents working outside the home have had a significant impact

on the design of new homes, says one of Ontario's leading architects. And, mostly it shows in the kitchens, says longtime Townwood associate Ken Viljoen, founder of Viljoen Architect Inc., now VA3 Design Inc. “Today, kitchen designs are open-concept, so that they flow into the other rooms of the house. This suits busy families’ lifestyles. When the cook in the family finally gets home, they don't want to be isolated from the rest of family when in the kitchen preparing dinner,” Ken says. That was just one of the interesting tidbits that emerged from eavesdropping on two veteran home creators as they sat over coffee and reminisced about their 40 years together watching changes come and go in Ontario's housing industry. Townwood founder and president, Tony Guglietti, has always been hands on throughout the design process for the homes his company builds. Viljoen graduated with a degree in Architectural Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand in his native South Africa,


launched his firm in 1976. The two have collaborated on Townwood's designs for nearly 40 years. Ontario's Greenbelt, created in 2005, permanently protects more than 1.8 million acres that wrap around the Golden Horseshoe. It is the world's largest greenbelt, and has had a profound impact on lot sizes in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. “When you isolate nearly 2 million acres of raw land in the middle of one of the fastest-growing regions in North America, it puts pressure on lot sizes elsewhere, and lot sizes also dictate house designs,” Ken says. Both men said the average subdivision lot was 50 feet by 120 feet when they ventured into the house building industry. Today, there are efficient building lots that are just 14 feet wide. These veterans also agreed that the consumer has become much more knowledgeable about the housing industry since Townwood was launched. And, Guglietti says that in line with the fabric of our multicultural society, the average consumer today comes in a wide variety of ethnicities.

and has a Master’s in Urban Design from the University

Viljoen says immigration has had the biggest overall

of Toronto. He immigrated to Canada in 1965 and

influence on Ontario's new home industry over the


and evolved over 40 years

“Home design is ever-evolving to meet current homebuyers priorities, budgets and lifestyles.” past 40 years and has been dictating design changes,

important ability to recognize and reject shallow

too. He laughs at the suggestion that architects

trends are important to a designer and to a builder's

dictate design trends. “Good design is stimulated by

success,” Ken says.

the market. When you see changes in design trends and what appears to be nostalgia – such as Craftsman and Victorian designs and even "the New Urbanism"

Flipping building lots onto their side so that they are wider and not as deep – often referred to as wideshallow – has often been associated with another big home builder, but the configuration was an idea originated with developer Fred De Gasperis, a partner with Guglietti in launching Townwood. “Fred saw the wide-shallow lot being used in Florida and introduced it to the Toronto market,” Tony says. Viljoen says the wide-shallow lot has served to diminish the garage as the most prominent feature in the front facade of subdivision homes. “With a wider lot, you can set the garage back deeper into the house, so it's not protruding out front as much. “I rarely see a car parked in a garage. They're used more for storage and workshops,” he adds.

Architect, Ken Viljoen, was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Greater Toronto Home Builders’ Association.

There is quite a list of Toronto home designers with their own firms who got their start working in Viljoen's

found in some suburban neighbourhoods, it's a result

North Toronto office on Wilson Avenue. After nearly

of the consumers' continuing search for security,

40 years, Viljoen stepped away from his drafting table

comfort and value.

late last year, but still goes into the office one or two

Knowing the pulse of the consumer, anticipating what

days a week to be available as the sage in the corner

will sell two, or even three years out, and the equally

for the VA3 Design team.


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Some achievements speak for themselves. Congratulations Townwood.


       

40th Ann. Mag. Production file_Layout 1 14-06-10 1:02 PM Page 28




[ Most other builders don’t give you the customization advantage ]


aced with a future confined to a wheelchair didn’t stop a Townwood home buyer from achieving his

dream of owning a home that would accommodate his needs. Townwood had just reintroduced bungalows to production housing, which brought this family to our door. The family found it would have proven too costly and inefficient to convert their current home to one that was properly accessible. When it came to Tony Guglietti adjusting the design of one of his homes to better suit a wheelchair, it was a trip back to his first love, mechanical engineering. He graduated from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in 1965. In an Oakville bungalow, Tony and his design team reworked the original plans to give each room an extra-wide doorway to accommodate a wheelchair and the homeowner’s knuckles. A closet in the master bedroom swapped locations with the ensuite bathroom to allow easy access. A larger shower stall to accommodate a wheelchair was installed in the ensuite, and a pocket door replaced the swinging door to the bathroom. Other doors were reversed to swing to the client's preference rather than require him to adjust. The family room floor was raised to meet the level with the rest of the main floor to eliminate a step and remove any little ridges separating floor finishes in the house. Carpeting, which swallows wheels, was replaced with non-skid ceramic tile and hardwood flooring. Leverstyle door handles replaced round door knobs. Even an interior wall was removed to create a more open-concept design in the home and eliminate a hairpin curve. Architect Ken Viljoen and Ingrid McCallum, then a Townwood sales agent – today she is the company's sales and marketing manager - worked closely with the family to redesign the bungalow to its best efficiency for a wheelchair. Sinks and light switches were lowered. The man’s wife isn’t handicapped, but says she enjoys the lower switches, too, and suspects most other people would as well.

continued on page 31 30


Customization continued from page 30

Growing up Townwood continued from page 21

Germana and Tony

Germana had just as critical an eye as Tony when the young family explored the Townwood homes under construction on Sunday mornings. “I always looked at the baseboards and the trim. We visited other builders’ sites as well, and I always wanted our homes to have higher baseboards and nicer trim,” says Germana. A concrete wheelchair ramp with footings 1.2 metres (4 feet) deep leads to the front door, and there's a ramp for the rear deck off the family room, plus another between the garage and the home. Townwood isn't a custom home builder, but nor are the company’s designs cookie-cutter. "We like the challenge of being innovative, just as we had to be for this client and his family. Being flexible to meet the desires of your customers is simply good business," he says. Townwood has built elevators into two-storey designs as well. Paul and Tony

Townwood goes out of its way to adjust its home plans for the special needs of its purchasers. “At Townwood, we appreciate and understand the desire to make a house a home. We know that different families can have different requirements, and we will always do our best to accommodate them,” says Marcello Messersi, vice-president of construction. “At customer requests, we have combined bedrooms, added an ensuite to other bedrooms, moved door openings and rearranged main floorplans to accommodate aging parents. We do our best to help them where space and structure will allow these changes. We have even been known to incorporate some requests into our standard plans.”


Paul is now 44, married to his wife Marianna and the father of little Antonio and five-year-old Giorgia, and is also a Townwood vice-president. He was 11 when he went to work summers at Townwood's Gates of Maple housing project in Vaughan, only a few blocks from the family home. At 20, he came to work full time and got to leave his mark on all of Townwood's projects. Angela was 14 when she started on weekends in Townwood's offices. Today, she is taking a few years off to be at home with her husband Adam and their children, Massimo and Emma. She will return soon to resume heading up the large Decor Centre attached to the company headquarters.


Townwood Homes has been a benchmark in the construction industry since its inception. We at Rockford Tile would like to congratulate Tony Guglietti and Townwood Homes on 40 years of making peoples dreams come true.

• Ceramic, Porcelain & Stone • Marble & Granite Manufacturing

1087 Alness Street, North York, Ontario M3J-2J1 Tel: (416) 663-6317 Fax: (416) 663-4158





Personal 33

   

the Decor Centre


nterior decorator Leigh-Ann Del Rio has managed décor centres for more than half a dozen new home

builders over the years and has noted two significant facts: Men (whether married or single) are speaking up and are now more interested and active in choosing the finishing features for their new homes; and Townwood's standard finishes are equivalent to or better than many builders’ upgrades. “I've been in this business quite a while, I have seen a lot of decorating trends come and go, and one that is on the increase is the involvement and motivation of men in the process,” says Leigh-Ann. “In the past, men would often arrive at their Colour Selection appointment with their wives, other female friends or family members, grab a coffee and go sit in the corner. I would work with the women to make the selections. They would then show the men the colours, materials and fixtures and say, 'What do you think of this?' and they would simply respond, ‘Okay’.” Today, they are actively involved and enjoying the process. At the Townwood Décor Centre, situated next door to the company's head office, there are a lot of decisions to be made. That's because there is such a wide variety of selections. “I've worked directly in the décor centres of large home builders and visited many more, and I can confidently state that Townwood is one of the most generous when it comes to the high level of standards,” Leigh-Ann says. Not only does she visit the décor centres of other home builders, but Leigh-Ann also does a lot of prowling through warehouses and product display centres for suppliers – the people who design and create bathroom faucets, floor finishes, wall tiles, paints, lighting fixtures, door knobs, toilets, etc. “I like to see what they currently have on the market, but I also like to talk with the designers about what's coming down the pike, and what future products

continued on page 35 34


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they're working on,” Leigh-Ann says. “In 1988, Townwood decided to expand and consolidate our selection of features and finishes in one locale to make the experience easier for our homeowners,” says Townwood Sales and Marketing Manager Ingrid McCallum. Tony Guglietti's youngest daughter Angela managed the Décor Centre for a number of years, but is currently managing her two young children at home, before returning to the job next year.



                    


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   

Firsts Townwood has been at the forefront of many industry firsts. ast June, Vaughan Fire and Rescue trucks

safety precaution, these luxury townhomes will have

attended a Townwood Homes Sales Office to

heat detectors installed in the garage, as well as the

extinguish one side of a burning trailer, which

ceiling-mounted sprinklers. Phase 1 of the community

contained a bedroom vignette that been set on fire

is also home to the first use of permeable pavers and

within the parking lot. When the trucks arrived, they

solar-ready detached homes.


were met by Tony Guglietti and Vaughan's Acting Fire Chief Larry Bentley, and the fire was put out. The crews then ignited the second side of the trailer, which was equipped with sprinklers to show the crowd gathered how quickly a small fire can turn into a blaze, and demonstrate the speed and effectiveness of sprinkler systems at extinguishing them. Townwood is the first production new home builder in Ontario to include a residential sprinkler system as a standard feature in the new homes at its Mackenzie Ridge Terraces community on Dufferin Street, just south of Major Mackenzie Drive. As a further public

Throughout his homebuilding career, Tony has taken great joy in pushing the envelope with a long list of “Firsts” that the company has brought to market. That’s why Townwood Homes is blessed with a reputation within the housing industry and the consumer world alike as one of Ontario's most innovative home builders. Starting in the 1970s, Townwood was the first to introduce “Link” designs (semis joined at ground level) in the Erin Mills neighbourhood of Mississauga, providing more affordability for first-time buyers.

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   

Looking To The Future ownwood Homes’ Always The Leader philosophy

On the horizon is the largest endeavour Townwood

serves as a solid foundation for the company’s

has ever undertaken. This major master-planned,

future endeavours. The company’s next generation of

mixed-use, live/work community will redefine East

home-building professionals has joined Tony Guglietti

Brampton for years to come. The neighbourhood,

to further the vision he had 40 years ago. Townwood

now in the early stages of development encompasses

is well positioned to carry this legacy on through

10 acres at McVean Drive and Queen Street East - one

the 21st Century because of its extensive land

of the primary intensification areas identified in

holdings throughout the Greater Toronto Area

Ontario’s Places to Grow Act, as well as within the City

from Georgetown to East Gwillimbury, including

of Brampton’s Strategic Plan.


Caledon, Vaughan, Brampton and Richmond Hill.

Townwood is designing the upcoming community with sensitivity to the character of its surroundings,



Artist’s concept

through the use of harmonious architecture and

suites, new commercial and retail opportunities, plus

appropriate density. As with all Townwood communi-

a hotel. The result will be a model of master planning

ties, the neighbourhood will set the bar for excellence

in a highly visible community that will become the

in the area.

eastern gateway to the City of Brampton.

The vision for these lands is to create a unique mixed-

This exciting major development is the culmination of

use development that will become a landmark within

Townwood Homes’ many strengths, including the

the City’s urban fabric and a benchmark for integrated

combined experience and expertise of Tony Guglietti,

site planning and high-quality architectural and land-

Paul Guglietti, Marcello Messersi and the rest of the

scape design. When complete, the community will

Townwood team – all of whom are looking forward to

encompass over 1 million square feet of built

a bright future!

infrastructure, with approximately 750 condominium 40





believe that to succeed one needs the full support of Family, Partners and Associates. People that you can count on in all aspects of life, people that inspire you, people that will always have your back. In my life I have been fortunate enough to have had just that. When I first started Townwood Homes there was myself, my brothers Giovanni and Carmen and Fred, Angelo and Tony De Gasperis. Our partnership was second-to-none. Having all grown up in Italy together, I have always thought of the De Gasperises as my brothers as well, today we are still friends who respect each other and enjoy each other’s company. Our closeness stems from the past and from knowing where we came from. We have never lost sight of that. Since then, Townwood Homes has flourished and grown into one of the most respected builders in the industry. Over the last four decades I have had the privilege of working with a multitude of Partners and Associates, all of whom are leaders in their field. Their expertise and dedication has made Townwood what you see before you in 2014. I would not be where I am today without the bond I have with everyone around me. For that I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the staff, trades and associates I have worked with, come in contact with and formed long and lasting relationships with.

Tony Guglietti, Founder and President



Paul Guglietti, Fred De Gasperis & Tony Guglietti

Tony & Fred De Gasperis

Angelo, Tony & Fred De Gasperis

Left to right: Tony & Germana Guglietti, Connie & Giovanni Guglietti, Anna Guglietti, Carmen & Vicky Guglietti, Josie & Bennedetto Antonini, Rita & Mario Baldassara

Micheal Guglietti, Carmen Guglietti, Steven Guglietti

Giovanni Guglietti

Tony & Giovanni Guglietti 42


Three generations



One builder A

Meet the Pellegrino family good paint job covers up a lot of flaws. Robert Pellegrino has been painting new homes

in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 35 years, but he couldn't remember painting over many flaws in Townwood's homes. So, when it came time for Pellegrino to buy his first new home, he thought about all those great homes he painted and chose a Townwood home in Mississauga's Woods of Erin Mills. Robert and his three children operate Erindale Painting & Decorating. As the Pellegrino children matured and married, they, too wanted their own homes. And they, too, opted to buy from Tony Guglietti at Townwood Homes. The Pellegrino family has purchased seven Townwood homes. Son Johnny lives in the new Riverstone community in Brampton. He and his wife, Syvan, have purchased two Townwood homes to keep up with their growing family. They also have three children. Daughter Adele has purchased two Townwood Homes. She and her husband, Mark, and their two children live just around the corner from her brother Johnny. Adele doesn't paint, but she handles sales and marketing for Erindale Painting & Decorating. Son Joe lives in Mississauga, and he and his wife, Joanna, have purchased a Townwood home. They are the parents of Robert Junior. Grandfather






Townwood homes and still lives in the first one he bought 28 years ago in Woods of Erin Mills. His wife, Angela, is a renowned cook, and the kitchen is a very important room in her life. She said the kitchen was her big draw to their Townwood home, and of course was aware of her husband's knowledge about most new home builders in the GTA. Angela has passed on her passion for cooking and baking to her daughter Adele and her two daughtersin-law, and that's why kitchens played a key role in their decisions to buy Townwood homes. But, when it comes to decorating their own homes, all the Pellegrino women turn to the best eye in the business – Robert Pellegrino. “My dad is an amazing interior decorator,” says Adele. “Every finishing touch in my home was his selection.”



Firsts continued from page 38 Upscale Woodbridge during the mid-1980s saw

enclosed room off the main kitchen with high-

Townwood introduce Marley Tile Roofs at Weston

speed ventilation and a special cook top for cooking

Downs. Three years later, Bayview Hill saw Ontario's

with a wok.

first ‘bunk bed’ for cars. To increase the capacity of a two-car garage, Townwood offered a car hoist, so one car could be parked above another within the same space.

variety of finishes as a first for production housing in Ontario, such as Corian countertops, and Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances as standard features. Townwood

In the late 1980s, Townwood introduced the Design

also used low-e glass casements windows long before

Studio concept for low-rise housing. This meant

others and was an early adopter of vinyl windows.

Townwood homeowners were the first to select from

The company embraced Energy Star before it was

a wealth of standard finishes and upgrade options all

mandatory, and used eco-friendly Hardie Board, as

in a single location.

well as blanket-wrapped basements before it was a

Affordable Quattroplex Townhomes introduced in

Building Code requirement, and continues to do so.

1991 in the Springdale area of Brampton provided the

Tony’s imagination is always considering new

appearance of large executive homes increasing

ideas that will keep Townwood the leader in

curb appeal. And, in 1992 when affordability and

innovative housing.

single-level living were on the top of many people’s must-have list, Townwood brought back duplex designs at Springdale, and bungalow designs back to production housing at Rosewood Manors in Oakville.


From the 1990s onward, Townwood has introduced a

One very cold winter day, he ventured out to a wind-whipped farm field in order to have Ontario Hydro technicians tell him about the energy-producing capacity of a 20-storey wind generator. He

Recognizing the influence of immigration on the

was thinking, why not cut out the middle man

demographics of the buying public, in the mid-1990s

and someday have a subdivision generate its

Townwood opted to include Wok kitchens, an

own electricity?

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40th Anniversary Commitment



iving back has been part of Tony Guglietti's philosophy even before he and his partners first launched Townwood Homes. As the customers kept coming, the family of Townwood homeowners grew, the company prospered, and Tony has kept finding ways to give back to the communities he has been creating and beyond. The Guglietti family and Townwood Homes have been Villa Charities supporters since the company’s earliest days. In 1971, The Italian Canadian Benevolent Corporation (known as Villa Charities Inc. since 1995) was created by a group of Italian-speaking businessmen to build a home that would provide services for the elderly of their own heritage. Villa Colombo at Lawrence Avenue West and Dufferin Street became a reality in 1976, with support from people across Ontario and from all levels of government. Today, Villa Charities provides a broad range of accommodations and cultural, educational, athletic and social activities to an ever-growing multicultural community of all ages and backgrounds. One of the most successful Canadian philanthropic organizations, Villa Charities’ goal of each endeavour is to enrich lives with a culturally sensitive interpretation that will serve society today and in the future. Many medical centres have been able to obtain much-needed technology, build new wings and add highly qualified professional staff because of donations from Townwood Homes. University Health Network (Toronto General Hospital; Toronto Western Hospital; Princess Margaret Cancer Centre; Toronto Rehabilitation Institute) have also been favourite charities for Townwood donations and fundraising programs.

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Also familiar with Townwood's generosity are: Wellspring Chinguacousy, a cancer support centre located in a residential neighbourhood in Brampton; Mount Sinai Hospital; William Osler Health System Foundation, a regional referral centre with two fullservice hospitals – Brampton Civic Hospital and Etobicoke General Hospital; Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health, which will provide residents of Brampton and surrounding communities with easy access to a wide variety of traditional and alternative health care services, slated to open in 2015-2016; and Mackenzie Health, which will enhance services at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital and undertake building of the future Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital.

for the next 10 years across all of its communities to the local Hospital Foundations. Currently, Townwood is building new homes in Brampton, Vaughan, Thornhill, and soon in South Bolton.

And there'll be more! In honour of the company’s 40th Anniversary and because of an abiding concern for homeowner welfare and the betterment of the communities in which Townwood builds, Tony has just announced that the company will donate $100 for every home it sells Kick off to the Jeff Healy Golf Classic in support of CNIB


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THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING How life has changed in the last 40 years; a candid comparison of life between 1974 and 2014 1974 was a milestone in so many ways…. • Hank Aaron passes Babe Ruth’s all time home run record of 714 • Swedish pop group ABBA wins the Eurovision Song contest with “Waterloo”, the song shoots to number 1 in the charts, and silver platform boots become all the rage • The Philadelphia Flyers defeat the Boston Bruins to become the first new team since the 1967 NHL expansion to win the Stanley Cup • The Rubik’s Cube is invented by a Hungarian architecture professor Erno Rubik, causing headaches for the entire planet • The Post-it Note was invented, improving communication around the world • Bell Bottom jeans were the ultimate in high fashion (and zero taste) • Muhammad Ali wins the famous RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE against George Foreman in Zaire 51

• Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game is released and kids go wild • Celebrities born in 1974 include; Christian Bale, Steve Nash, Eva Mendes, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz, Cee Lo Green, Alanis Morisette, Amy Adams, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pronger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Seacrest and Derek Jeter • Soviet Ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov defects in Toronto • The RCMP allow female members for the first time • Tim Horton’s founder, NHL star, dies • West Germany defeats The Netherlands in the World Cup • Tony Guglietti founds Townwood Homes. Four decades have passed since then, and Townwood is now a distinguished leader in the Ontario home building industry, and a legacy in its own right.


 Madonna, then and now. After 40 years, she is still one of the worlds hottest music and style icons. Its seems like every few years she reinvents herself.

Computers, then and now. You just try saving a 2 gigabyte file on your ‘Apple 2’ with its 4 KB of RAM back in ‘74, see how far that gets you.

40 years have seen big changes in American politics. Remember Nixon and Watergate. He’d leave office in disgrace. Now there’s the first black president in US history. After he’s elected he sends 60,000 more troups to Afghanistan and is still awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

TVs, then and now. Remember having to get out of your seat to change the channel? Neither do I, I got my little brother to do it. Now we have “smart TVs” that combine cable TV and the internet, all in high definition.

Forty years ago we were part of the hippy generation. Now 40 years on, we have hipsters and fashionistas.



Maple Leafs, then and now. In 1974 the Leafs were 7 years passed winning their most recent Stanley Cup. Now in 2014 the wait has become a 47 year drought. Yet fans have still not given up hope.

Cell Phones, then and now. Remember how big those 1974 cell phones were. It was like carting around a jumbo piece of Samsonite luggage. Now they are as light as a feather and triple up as a phone, camera and computer.

Bruce Springsteen’s debut album “Greetings from Asbury Park” was released in 1974. After numerous hit albums he has released his newest album “High Hopes”. He is the poster child of talent, determination and staying true to his roots.

In 1974 a Big Mac cost only $.65. Today the same burger is just under $5.00. McDonald’s continually serves its flagship burger from one generation to the next and next.

The father claims he said “Fuddle Duddle” in the 70’s. His son says the “F” word in 2014. Proving the old adage that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“All in the family” and now “Modern family”. Four decades after the classic Archie and Edith, we still find humour in family challenges and antics.



Congratulations to Tony and Townwood Homes from all of us at Central Glass & Mirror

    

    

   



Congratulations Townwood on your 40th anniversary! Congrats Tony and everyone at Townwood on this great milestone. We feel privileged to have shared these 40 years with you and wish you every continued success for the future. Best wishes, Elio Antonel & Fernando Campea

Many congratulations from the team at RTG Systems. Wishing Townwood Homes many more years of excellence and continued success.

  




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    

 58


Another Townwood tradition for 40 years. Tony’s favourite recipe by Germana, his wife. Preparation: In a bowl separately crush tomatoes, In a large sauce pan or a pasta pot, heat the oil over medium heat. Add the garlic, tomatoes, and fresh basil Bring the mixture to a boil Reduce the heat and simmer until the tomatoes lose their rawness – about 20-25 minutes Add the white wine and season with salt and pepper Add the red pepper and cayenne pepper to taste

Mussels Marinara (Cozze alla Marinara) Recipe for 6 This is a great recipe for cozze alla marinara that is fairly easy to make and delicious over spaghetti, linguine, or angel hair pasta. The fresh mussels are cooked in a garlic and tomato and white wine sauce and seasoned with red pepper for a little bit of heat.

Increase the heat to medium high and simmer until thickened about 15-20 minutes. Add the mussels, cover and cook until they open, 5-10 minutes. Garnish with fresh chopped parsley and serve over pasta, or with a side of bruschetta for dipping in the sauce. “Buon Appetito”

To prepare the fresh (not frozen) mussels for cooking, sort through them and throw out any that are open when tapped. Be sure to rinse and swirl mussels in a basin of cold water to rinse out any debris trapped inside them, but don’t let them soak too long or you will lose the natural sea flavour. With a brush, scrub the outsides well under running water and pry off any barnacles with the back of a knife. Twist or cut off any beards of hair-like tufts and rinse again, keeping the mussels cold until ready to use.

Ingredients: 8 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 4-6 cloves of garlic, minced 4 cups of peeled tomatoes, my preference is “Paese Mio” 3/4 cup dry white wine Salt to taste 25 grams fresh basil (tear leaves instead of chopping them) Freshly ground pepper to taste Pinch of red pepper flakes Pinch of cayenne pepper 3 lbs. fresh mussels (in the shell) Fresh parsley, chopped for garnish Cooked pasta, or bruschetta, for serving 59

~Germana Guglietti~


Congratulations on 40 years of excellence.

         

391 Edgeley Blvd., Concord, Ontario, L4K 4L5 Tel: (905) 669-6310



    40 years of growth  

1974 marked an new era for Toronto. The CN Tower shown to the left was under construction and the financial core was in its infancy.



 40 years of progress T

he name Olga was associated with opera singing when Tony Guglietti starting building

new homes in northern Mississauga in 1974. Two years later, everybody knew Olga as the huge helicopter that lifted the last pieces onto the CN Tower. When Townwood began building homes, it was in the Meadowvale area of Mississauga, and the company

very first game. Yes, there have been a few changes in our town since Tony launched Townwood Homes. The biggest change has likely been the growth in population. Look at Peel Region. In 1974 the population was 334,753. Today it is 1,350,097.

took its name from Townwood Court. The concrete

The Greater Toronto Area is still the fastest growing

stump of the CN Tower had then just surpassed the

area in North America, says Toronto architect and

second tower at the TD Centre, to become Toronto's

town planner Ken Greenberg. The GTA population is

tallest structure. First Canadian Place and Commerce

forecast by Ontario's Ministry of Finance to grow by

Court had yet to be built.

44 per cent to 9.2 million from today's 6.4 million over

When Townwood opened its first sales office, it was still three years before Doug Ault would hit two home runs in the midst of a snowstorm to lead the Toronto Blue Jays over the Chicago White Sox in their

the next 24 years. Toronto itself will see its current population of 2.79 climb during the same period by 24 per cent to 3.4 million. Nearly half the GTA's population was born outside continued on page 63 62


Greater Toronto continued from page 62 Canada. Immigration has been the biggest influence

to start a new life in the world's finest country. Toronto

on density growth in our neighbourhoods. You can

and its suburbs have been welcoming more than

hear 140 languages spoken on Toronto's streets.

55,000 new Canadians every year for decades.

Mississauga Square One - Then

There's still lots of open territory in Halton Region and

The Greater Golden Horseshoe – including the GTA

that's why the province predicts Halton will

– currently generates 60 per cent of Ontario's jobs and

see growth of greater than 67 per cent, the highest re-

will see 80 per cent of the province's population

gional rate in the province.

growth over the next 24 years. Efficient transportation

It'll all be tied together by a huge transit infrastructure. Metrolinx proposes to spend $50 billion over the next 25 years expanding rail transit throughout the GTA. Owning a home is very important to immigrants arriving in the GTA from the other side of the globe


Mississauga - Now

in that region will be one of the great challenges of the future Ontario is home to the four busiest border crossings in NAFTA – Windsor, Erie, Niagara and Sarnia.

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 1970s








Past and present communities include: Upper Thornhill Estates • Glenburnie • MacKenzie Ridge • Greensborough • Autumn Grove • Forest Hill on Bayview • Forest Hill Towns • Gates of Maple • Gates of Countryside • Jefferson Forest • King’s College • Laurelwood • Meadows • Simcoe Landing • Springdale • Streetsville Glen • Stargate Woods • Stonehaven • Forest Glen • Weston Downs • Woods of Erin Mills • Cameron Downs • Cedarwood • Credit Mills • Foxtail Ridge • Gardens of Mississauga • King Knoll Residences • Mullet Creek • Parklands of Milliken • Promontory Homes



one brick at a time 1990s








• Pine Orchard Village • Ravines of Peel Village • Rosewood Manors • Stonehaven • Trapper Crescent • Powderhorn Crescent • Folkway • Farrier Mews and Court • Arbour Green • Forest Glen • Amberwood • Brampton Green • Brampton Meadows • Bayview Glen • Bayview Lower Village • Bayview Hill • The Bayview Hunt Club • Bayview Woods • Aurora Grove • Riverstone Golf & Country Club • MacKenzie Ridge Terraces, Vaughan • The Neighbourhoods of Mount Pleasant, Brampton • Upper West Side, Vaughan • Marigold in Castlemore, East Brampton Coming soon: South Bolton



                            

  

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Congratulations Tony and Townwood Homes on a spectacular achievement


144 Romina Drive, Concord, Ontario L4K 4Z7 (905) 738-0390



from the heart

          





CELE GTA Events: Summer/Fall 2014 Some of Mississauga’s special events 2014 to mark on your calendar:

Amacon Mississauga Rotary Ribfest

This year, the City of Mississauga will be marking its 40th anniversary. Everyone is encouraged to join in activities that honour the past and celebrate this milestone.

Port Credit’s Busker Fest

The year-long celebration begin with an interactive exhibit: The City of Mississauga, 1974 to 2014: 40 years, 40 sagas, presented by the Museums of Mississauga. The exhibit commemorates the incorporation of the City of Mississauga on January 1st 1974. It features photographs , artifacts and the ability to learn more through an interactive website. To learn more about the exhibit, which will be moving to different venues throughout the year, -visit the website or call 905-615-4860. Also, please visit the “Storify page”. This is where the City of Mississauga will be collecting and curating a selection of great images, videos and memories of our great city over the last 40 years. They will be putting out calls for new content from the public on a regular basis. All you need to do is post content on your facebook or twitter using the hashtag #sauga40 and the best pictures will be added to the Storify stream. On the Verandah Outdoor Summer Concert Series June 6th – August 29th Benares Historic House 1507 Clarkson Road N. Ontario L5J 2W8. June, July and August at 7.30 pm

July 17th 2014 – July 20th 2014, Celebration Square

August 15th 2014 – August 17th 2014 Port Credit Memorial Park

Some of Toronto’s special events 2014 to mark on your calendar: Harbourfront Centre celebrates 40 years of capturing the spirit of Canada’s most creative city. With 4,000 events this year alone, check out the amazing list of things to see and do here. The Toronto Zoo marks its 40th anniversary in 2014, with its two recent arrivals from China, there will be lots to celebrate! Canada Day Celebrate Canada’s 147th birthday at Mel Lastman Square, Tuesday July 1st 2014 Sunday Serenades The best in swing, big band and jazz at Mel Lastman Square. July 6th- August 17th 2014 Fresh Wednesdays Noon-hour concerts and the Farmers’ Market at Nathan Phillips Square. July 9th – August 27, 2014 Tasty Thursdays Live world music and food from the grill at Nathan Phillips Square. July 10th – August 28th 2014

throughout the summer. “Paint the Town Red” July 1st 2014 Canada Day Celebration and Parade at Port Credit Memorial Park Canada Day Celebration July 1st 2014 - 4:00pm – 10.30 pm Celebration Square


Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto’s free all-night contemporary art event. Saturday October 4th 2014 Cavalcade of Lights Glittering holiday lights, music and fireworks at Nathan Phillips Square. Saturday, November 29th 2014


BRAT A E AT Brampton special events 2014 to mark on your calendar: Carabram Brampton’s Multicultural Festival. July 11, 12, 14, 2014 Tour the world through Carabram. Experience the rich culture, food, crafts, drink and entertainment of the diverse ethnic communities of Brampton. Purchase your passport to tour the world. Classic Cars and Legendary Stars July 19th - 21st, 2014 Classic cars and legendary stars take over downtown Brampton every year for a fun-filled weekend of food and live entertainment, featuring tribute artists performing your favourite classic hits. The Brampton Global Jazz and Blues Festival August 1114, 2014. Downtown Brampton is transformed into a hotbed of rhythm, improvisation, harmony and sophistication at this annual jazz and blues festival. Brampton Fall Fair September 11 & 12, 2014 Brampton Fairgrounds 12942 Heart Lake Rd, Caledon. An event for the whole family! Activities include: demolition derby, Campbell’s midway, horse shows, dog shows, baby shows, agricultural education area, vendors, livestock shows and antique and classic car shows. 905-843-0210 Brampton Farmer’s Market Saturdays, June – October Main St and Queen St, downtown Brampton. Main Street, between Theatre Lane and John Street is turned into a vibrant outdoor festival marketplace. Visitors gather to buy the freshest local Ontario produce, preserves and baked goods from more than 40 vendors. Enjoy live entertainment and “Art in the Open” in Garden Square, beside the market. Brampton Downtown Christmas Market November, Main St and Queen St. Enjoy the sites and sounds of Christmas in Brampton’s downtown. Browse through the festive gift offerings, enjoy live music and explore the historic downtown. 905 874 2936

Victorian Christmas Open House Historic Bovaird House, 563 Bovaird Dr. E. Decked out in Victorian finery, the museum heralds Christmas with its Open House and Craft Sale. Enjoy mugs of mulled cider beside the blazing fire. New Year’s Eve December 31st Main St. and Queen St., downtown Brampton Free, family friendly outdoor concert and New Year’s celebration. Fireworks at 9 pm and Midnight. VIP passes available.

Vaughan special events 2014 to mark on your calendar: City of Vaughan Concerts in the Park June 11th - August 6th, 2014 This year marks the 20th anniversary of Concerts in the Park series featuring free professional concerts on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm. Vaughan Mayor’s Gala 2014 Tuesday, June 24th Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua, P.C., Mayor.The 2014 Gala, themed “The Next Chapter” will be held at the Paramount Conference and Event Venue located at 222 Rowntree Dairy Road in Vaughan. The event begins at 6:00pm followed by dinner and live entertainment. This year’s gala will be headlined by Juno Award winner and 2014 co-host Serena Ryder. Mayor’s Golf Classic July 8th, 2014 in Vaughan The Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua Annual Charity Golf Classic is an annual event in support of not-for-profit and community organizations that need our help to fulfill their important and vital role of providing much needed services to our citizens. It will be held at Copper Creek Golf Club located at 11191 Highway #27 in Vaughan. In addition to a round of golf at one of Canada’s top golf courses, the event features a number of on-course activities including hole-in-one competitions, closest to the pin and longest drive, and a million dollar shootout, as well as a gourmet dinner and silent auction.



Every great success story is based on the importance of each and every specialist

Congratulations Tony, 40 great years and award winning work.

Your commitment to the community is an inspiration to all.

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 

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Congratulating Townwood Homes on 40 Years of quality home building.


Congratulations. May you continue to flourish for years to come.

 

Wishing you continued success on your 40th anniversary.

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Congratulations on your 40th anniversary in the Building Industry.

Congratulations to Townwood Home and here’s to another 40 years!

  Congratulations on a wonderful achievement 5285 Solar Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 5B8 Tel: (905) 625-9500



 

 

Many congratulations on 40 years Tony!

   

What an achievement! Congratulations Townwood

64 Jardin Drive, Unit 1C, Concord, Ontario L4K 3P3 Tel: 416.987.6592 Fax: 905.669.8037

  

   

  

Congratulations on your terrific and tireless 40 years

   23 Haas Road, Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 3A1 Tel: (416) 745-2724 Fax: (416) 745-1375 79


We appreciate and are proud of being a part of the Townwood Homes Team Ciraco has been servicing Builders and Developers with custom picture framing & display services for over 35 years

Congratulation to Tony Guglietti's well deserved 40th anniversary of Townwood's success.

188 Corstate Avenue, Vaughan, Ontario L4K 4X2 Tel: (905) 669-5415 Fax: (905) 669-5918


 

Congratulations to Townwood Homes on 40 Years of building fine homes



it’s all about the experience Congratulations Townwood on 40 years of leading the way

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 Congratulations Townwood! You’re looking absolutely fabulous at 40. Thank you for making us part of your team.

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The Townwood Legacy 40th Anniversary  

A celebration of 40 years of building for Townwood Homes and a tribute to the people that made Townwood a great Success!

The Townwood Legacy 40th Anniversary  

A celebration of 40 years of building for Townwood Homes and a tribute to the people that made Townwood a great Success!