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TENT RENTALS FRAME TENTS Our frame tents are available in a wide range of widths: 10’, 20’, 30’, and 40’ increments for length or width. Since these tents have a frame construction with no center poles, they will easily span an area or an object.

PARTY TIME OFFERS TWO DISTINCT TYPES OF TENTS TO FULFILL YOUR PARTY NEEDS. Frame Tents: Frame tents are easy, affordable options for everyday events and for special occasions like graduation festivities and backyard barbecues. Genesis Tents: The simple grace and beauty of these tents will make any event memorable. Treat your guests to the splendor of these elegant structures.

ELEGANCE MADE EASY. Choose from a wide variety of tent accessories such as Apollo lights, fans, solid and windowed sidewalls, and chandeliers.

GENESIS TENTS Genesis Tents (Rope and Pole) extend to 30’, 40’, 60’, and 80’. They can be added to together to make infinite lengths and widths. With their elegantly sloped roof lines, they require little or no decoration.

We specialize in event planning and will create a convenient package to meet all of your needs. The possibilities are simply endless.














1: 20'x20' Frame Tent


1: 40'x60' Genesis Tent


1: 40'x100' Genesis Tent


1: 80'x120' Genesis Tent


4: 8’ Banquet Tables


10: 60” Round Tables


30: 60” Round Tables


65: 60” Round Tables


40: Standard Folding Chairs


100: Standard Folding Chairs


300: Standard Folding Chairs


500: Standard Folding Chairs 12: 8’ Banquet Tables

1: 48” Round Cake Table

4: 8’ Banquet Tables




1: 16'x12' Stage, 16” Height

3: 8’ Banquet Tables

1: 16'x12’ Stage, 16” Height



›› ››

1: Bar Table


2: Bar Table


1: 12'x9' Oak Dance Floor


10: Cocktail Tables


20: Cocktail Tables


1:16'x8’ Stage, 16” Height


4: 36” Tables


1: PA System


1: 12'x9' Dance Floor



Customize your seating arrangements for your event and guests, by selecting from multiple table styles, sizes, shapes, and configurations. Choose the combination that best complements your guests, the décor, and your food offerings. Our tables vary from tall 28” cocktail tables to 60” round tables to 8’ banquet tables.

Choose the seating that perfectly fits the theme of your event and suits your budget. In order to ensure that the style and quantity of chairs that work best for you are available for your event, we do recommend that all seating reservations be placed at least one month in advance.

CHAIRS Our most popular folding chairs are available in both white leg and chrome leg styles and, although they are lightweight for your convenience, they are extremely sturdy.

WHITE ROSIN For an even more elegant look, we offer white resin chairs perfect for a garden party feel for all of your outdoor occasions. These faux-wooden chairs add their own charm to the atmosphere and offer comfort with their flexible material, arm rests, and wide seats.

8’ Banquet

Seating for 8 Seating for 10

60” Round Seating for 8

36” Square Seating for 2

60” Round Seating for 6

36” Tall Round Cocktail

30” Serpentine Buffet

Seating for 2 or 2 standing

48” Round Seating for 6

48” Round Seating for 4



Come to the place with all of your party essentials under one roof and make it easy on yourself to plan an event of any size ….with everything you need to set your tables with the look you want.

PAPER TABLEWARE A heavy paper dish assortment is available for purchase in an array of regular and seasonal colors including dinner plates, dessert plates, and cups.

PLASTIC TABLEWARE Plastic dinner and dessert plates are available for purchase in several colors, including seasonal colors.

CHINA TABLEWARE China is available for a more eloquent dining experience. Featuring Diplomat, a china pattern in ivory with gold rims, we have a variety of sizes of plates, bowls, serving bowls, salt and pepper, cream and sugar, and snacking sets. The perfect flatware to accent the china is our elegant Château stainless with salad and dinner forks, steak and table knives, and table and soup spoons.

PLASTIC FLATWARE Our assortment of flatware, in a large range of colors, accompanies any of our dinnerware options. To complement your choice of flatware, we recommend utilizing plastic plates, bowls, and cups in similar colors which we offer for purchase at a low cost. Forks, soup spoons, iced-tea spoons, and knives are available in white, clear, “silver”, and other select colors.

Whether your event is formal or casual, your table coverings will set the tone. We recommend using a consistent color, style, and fabric throughout to create a graceful flow. You may choose from linen or plastic table coverings, as well as linen or paper napkins.

PLASTIC TABLE COVERINGS We have 28 colors to choose from for round and banquet-style tables or, for a more informal look or more flexibility, 100’ plastic rolls are also available for purchase in a large selection of colors. For a more refined style, we offer peel and stick plastic table skirts to match or complement the plastic table covers in an assortment of colors and sizes.

LINEN TABLE COVERINGS Any occasion can be dressed up with our collection of linens without the need to spend excessive amounts of money by utilizing our rental option. Make your event even more sophisticated with linen tablecloths in white, ivory, or a selection of other colors in a variety of table sizes. To add even more elegance, consider adding linen table skirts and full table drapes.

LINEN NAPKINS To supplement our charming linen tablecloths, we offer linen napkins for rent in a selection of colors.

SOLID & PRINTED NAPKINS Solid-colored napkins in a variety of shades and sizes will complement your table coverings and table-top decorations. For a more unique style, consider printed napkins in a wide array of colors, custom designs, and sizes to add the finishing touch for your table setting.


BEVERAGE SERVICE Make sure you have the glasses, cups, and service pieces for the beverages on your menu.

FOOD SERVING EQUIPMENT GLASSES Specialty glassware will add sparkle to your event. Consider margarita and martini glasses, brandy inhalers, champagne and wine glasses, water goblets, plain or teardrop punch cups, and high-

Make any event with food, whether it’s a small get-together with family and friends, or a large banquet, easier on you by choosing from our large array of serving equipment in stainless steel or in sterling silver.

SERVING PIECES Choose the right serving pieces for your menu whether it be serving trays, tongs, spoons, bowls, syrup pitchers, or a even a 6’ salad bar base.

ball glasses. To display your food and keep it fresh, an array of chaffing dishes, stock pots, roasters, covered cake pans, and bread baskets are a must.

BEVERAGE AND BAR EQUIPMENT For beverage service designed to impress, choose cups, pitchers, wine carafes, coolers, champagne buckets, and a portable bar.

PUNCH BOWLS AND FOUNTAINS Jazz up your event by adding an aluminum punch fountain or one of a variety of glass, stainless, or acrylic punch bowls complete with a ladle for easy serving.

COFFEE SERVICE For hot beverages, such as coffee, choose a 5-gallon thermo-vat, coffee makers or pots, thermal coffee servers, a silver coffee urn with a tray, or a gold coffee service.


TABLE DECOR RECREATION AND CONCESSION For outdoor events, dunk tanks offer a fun opportunity to enjoy the weather or entice your guests with a popcorn popper or snow cone machine.

STAGING AND FLOORING Set up a stage in a variety of sizes, heights, and configurations for a DJ, a band, or a formal presentation. Customize with steps and skirting. Keep your guests partying on an oak dance floor or add some flair with the striking black and white checkerboard design.

CENTER PIECES Any occasion can be brightened with the addition of the perfect center pieces. Mix and match them to create and enhance your theme.

JARS Put together a truly unique centerpiece from an array of round or square jars decorated with colored rocks, candy, candles, water, or flowers.

FLOWERS Select bud vases, glass rose bowls, or glass vases to fill with your favorite flowers.

CANDLES Party entertainment comes in many forms, and it is the primary method of keeping guests involved in your party. Games are popular options to keep those of all ages entertained. The game option will usually vary depending on the guests at your party. Lastly, entertainment can be hired for your party. There are bands, clowns, magicians, and petting zoos. Hired entertainment is a great way to help keep the overall theme of your party consistent.

LIGHTING EQUIPMENT Light up the room or dance floor with our large inventory of strobe, black, street, or par lights.

COSTUME RENTALS For your costume needs, choose from over 100 rental costumes or one of the many costumes available for purchase. Please call for more details on our large inventory of costumes suitable for any event or season.

AUDIO AND VISUAL EQUIPMENT Look professional with movie screens, microphones, PA systems, and podiums to ensure that none of your attendees miss a single detail of your presentation.

CASINO & GAMBLING EQUIPMENT For your gambling pleasure, choose from multiple games to keep your guests entertained such as a wheel of fortune, roulette, horse race, over/under, and money wheels. Or add some table games for even more variety: black jack, beat the dealer, bingo, raffles, and craps.

Set the mood with low cost star candle holders, brass lamps, tapered candle holders, or hurricane lamps.

PLACE CARD HOLDERS Place card holders and gold chargers will make it a cinch to organize a seated event.


We specialize in party supplies and rentals to make your next event look its best. Our store has a wide variety of items to help you celebrate weddings, graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries. Some of the more popular items include: balloons, disposable paper products, candles, centerpieces, and wedding invitations. Additional items to rent include tents, lights, staging, chairs, and glassware.

For more information or questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. 515.233.4067 • 1.800.738.4067 • 302 SOUTH 3RD STREET • AMES, IA 50010 Monday-Friday 8 am to 6 pm - Saturday 8 am to 4 pm

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