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Guitarist DANIEL HO 6pm with Cellist Danna Xue PETER WHITE 7:30pm Guitarist BLAKE AARON 6pm Guitarist PAUL JACKSON JR. 7:30pm Guitarist PEET PROJECT 7pm Budapest Band JAZMIN GHENT 9pm Saxophonist JESSY J 7pm Saxophonist MINDI ABAIR 9pm Saxophonist GINO ROSARIA noon Keyboardist RICHARD ELLIOT 2pm Saxophonist CHRISTIAN DE MESONES 7pm Bassist and Big Band Leader DAMIEN ESCOBAR 9pm Electric Violinist JEFF RYAN noon Saxophonist DAVID BENOIT AND HIS MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS BIG BAND Keyboardist 2pm JUSTIN LEE SCHULTZ 7pm Multi instrumentalist NORMAN BROWN 9pm Guitarist and with HORNS RANDAL CLARK noon Saxophonist LINDSEY WEBSTER/ADAM HAWLEY Singer/Guitarist 2pm CHRIS STANDRING 7pm Guitarist Guitarist LEE RITENOUR & Keyboardist DAVE GRUSIN 9pm ERIC DARIUS noon Saxophonist GREGG ADAMS AND HIS EAST BAY SOUL TRUMPETER with Lots of HORNS 2pm MARK JAIMES 7pm Guitarist DAVE KOZ 9pm Saxophonist PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE OPENING WEEKEND | OCT.13-16 CLOSING WEEKEND | OCT.20-23 THURSDAY EVENING, OUTDOORS, UNPLUGGED UNDER THE STARS Descanso Beach Club • Beach Bar Opens 5pm with Full Beverage and Food Service Enjoy Daylight over Ocean till 7 pm FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, INSIDE HISTORIC 1929 AVALON BALLROOM Wrigley Casino • Doors Open 30 minutes prior to each Session Time 11:30am Afternoon Sessions, 6:30pm Evening Sessions SATURDAY EVENINGS, OUTDOORS, JAZZTRAX AFTER-PARTY Descanso Beach Club • 10:45pm - 1am • Food & Bar Available for Purchase, No Ticket Required THURS. OCT.13 THURS. OCT.20 FRI. OCT.14 FRI. OCT.21 SUN. OCT.16 SUN. OCT.23 SAT. OCT.15 SAT. OCT.22


Back at the end of August I flew back to my 50th High School Reunion in little 40,000 person (or maybe it’s less now) Marion, Indiana. Had my now long living in Wisconsin Wingman, Kent with me for our “what are we doing here” protection. He and I had done 2nd grade on to graduation together. And I think he likes Smooth Jazz … so, I was safe.

Walking into the “main event” Saturday Night Dinner at a Country Club which we could never have afforded to go to as kids. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said, “Where did all these Old People Come From?”

51 years ago (this reunion l year covid postponed), me and all my classmates went forth. Out Into the World to find a career. To find a mate. To find something. A handful stayed right there in our hometown, but most, including me … fled.

And here we all were, back again, briefly, in our hometown. But Now …..On the Other Side of Life. Not that Life is Ending although “that list” gets longer every reunion, but most, but not all, now retired (NOT ME.) Enjoying the Fruits of all that Hard Work, much of it all behind now. Enjoying .. many of them .. their Grandchildren. Boy was that the talk of this 50th reunion, The Grandchildren. Few could comprehend how MY SON was just graduating from college THIS YEAR, age 23. 23 was the age of most of The Grandchildren in our reunion chatter.

There was Joy of still being healthy, for most, or mostly so other than those aches and balance issues at this “later stage.” There was Joy of still following a lifetime of “Interests Found.” And when the weekend was over I was completely Over Nostalgicked. Stopped for one last cold one at a sports bar down by the Mississinewa River, near the old Courthouse Square, literally mere blocks from the still “museumed James Dean” home. A court house square which is finally now turning into shops inside the old bank building and pricey condo’s on the floors above. Finally my little old hometown might be rejuvenating.

I’d say .. we’re doin’ .. pretty good .. pretty darn good. Not just doin’ ‘Decent’ but pretty really darn good. It’s all kind’ve ‘relative’ isn’t it?
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So as I told the 30-ish bartendress I had just come from a Marion High School reunion, she told me how she had graduated from Mississinewa High, just outside town, where James Dean would probably have graduated from if he’d entered life later in time. I did stop at his grave. We would both have been born in the same Hoosier hospital (if Marion General was built in the 1930’s.)

By pure coincidence the bartendress mentioned a name, and I said, “Did you just say Joyce Boyer?” She said, “Yes, that’s my grandmother.” My jaw dropped. No one knew what had happened to Joyce. Hadn’t seen her since our 20th, 30 years ago. “Ya know” I said (when I found my voice,) “Joyce might have been my first girlfriend (for a week or so … or a day or so). Ms. Bartendress then told me her grandmother still lived in town. Should she call her and see if she was still up? I pondered a second then replied. “No, just tell her .. Art Good said Hi.”

An end of Summer Trip “Back in Time” to Indiana. A true and worthwhile Reality Check. Stopping at Mom’s grave last thing leaving town, 62 years gone now. It was time .. as the jetliner’s wheels left the Indiana Earth in Indianapolis I relaxed. Doing the same thing I did 51 years ago at age 17 & 1/2, headed in a plane to Los Angeles. But as the wheels next touched ground at LAX where my son’s apartment is literally around the corner (near the beach … ) as opposed to Landing on that same runway 51 years ago having no clue what lay ahead, where I would end up, what I would end up doing, this time landing, I knew, and I’d have to say, it’s been pretty darn good, just decent at times, but we all did pretty darn good.

We’re all relatively the same age as many of these festival weekend’s performing artists. Ritenour, Benoit, White, Adams ….me, all about the same age. Elliot, Koz, Mindi, Norman, Standring, a slight generation behind us. But amazingly even as the Smoothers have aged and not a lot of youngers have fallen somehow for this genre … the young and very young, continue to creep into the ‘Musicians Smooth Jazz Fold. Damian Escobar, Budapest’s Bad Boys, Jazmin, Lindsey, Adam, and just look at this, 16 year old Justin Lee Schultz. These guys and gals keep our hearts and musical souls YOUNG or feelin’ young. Or just do what I do, rarely look at myself in the mirror. My favorite line this year. “If you didn’t know how old you were, how old would you think you are?”

And what Musical Joy these Musicians and Smooth Jazz have and has brought us over the past 40 years. It was March 8, 1982, 40 YEARS AGO THIS YEAR, that I started a radio program called ‘Lites Out San Diego’ that generated the West Coast version of what we later renamed Smooth Jazz.

On radio it really slowed down by 2011 when the major markets thought 55 years old was too old for their advertisers, but you were already long hooked. And with retirement more of you decided to get Catalina Island off your bucket lists. Hey welcome finally, if this is your first time here. And post Covid, with human beings traveling like never before, Jazz Festivals Popularity has exploded across America last year into this year. Our festival is having 2 of it’s biggest years EVER, all post Covid.

So quit letting that narcism bite infect you. Inflation ain’t fun, but it’s worldwide and it’s tapering. Sure, the gas company’s took full advantage of the cut off of Russian oil and gouged us all Summer. I’m still having trouble “sitting down.” But even California where gas is Always a Buck More a Gallon is now back into the mid $4 range. Hey get a Prius, or a Tesla. And whereas our Hearts Truly go out to Ukraine and the ugliness of what Putin is so immorally doing for no good reason over there, within 2 years we got employment back to pre covid levels. We’ve learned to live with Covid. And thank you all for arriving Vaccinated. As the Musical Joy abounds. You can ask Pandora or Spotify or Apple Music to play just about anything you want. I’ve even finally fallen in love with “Suspicious Minds“ after seeing the movie “Elvis’ of late.

Okay there is a bit of JazzTrax Inflation. I can’t do anything about drink prices. That’s out of my camp. This year we permanently took 85 seats out of our Middle and Ballroom Back Sections to give the “spacing” the Club First 10 Rows have always had. You know with age sometimes comes, well, the need for a bit more spacing from your neighbor. And well, it was time to not have you touching others you don’t normally touch. So we raised prices this year, on just those 2 sections to cover all that and those prices will remain the same going forward into future years.

We hadn’t raised prices in awhile on Club and guess what, some of the Top Performing Artists are getting a little bit greedy and we are anticipating being asked to pay more and some want Much More next year. Plus it’s time to let the younger, still trying to make it Smooth Jazz Artists have an extra couple grand to help them pay the increased costs they now have thanks to .. “inflation.” On Club and Tables we are simply increasing each seat by $5 per concert, just 5 bucks more for each artist you see, or $10 per session, just 10 bucks more per each 2 Act Session. That’s hardly much and will help us a lot in booking the best we can get next year. Thursday Evening Prices won’t change.

This was our 1st year where you could select ‘E-Ticket Print at Home’ or still get your tickets via ‘First Class Mail.’ Please look as you make your orders for next year including on Pre Ticketing and SELECT First Class Mail if you still want physical tickets mailed to you. It’s just an additional $3 per order to mail. Otherwise Print Your Tickets Out by E Ticket at home, but note that YOU make that selection now.

We’re Back .. You’re Here .. for a 35th October .. 26 miles across the sea. You .. YES YOU .. have once again turned Catalina Island into October’s Center of the Smooth Jazz Universe. We’re into the Roaring Smooth Jazz 20’s now. Let’s enjoy. Let’s call it Good. Let’s keep it going. Enjoy your Weekend or Weekend’s of MUSICAL JOY and see if you can spot Ms. Mermaid out there on the ocean cruisin’ around on her VIOLIN BOAT. Smooth Jazz ain’t goin’ nowhere. Not while you and I are still around. And you’ll be happy to hear that my son has full access to the JazzTrax E-Mail Database and bank accounts should I decide to … disappear off to Tahiti with …………. Ms. Mermaid.

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Pat Benter

The leader, keyboardist and composer of the 1990’s band Kilauea. Boy did he take it from there. Turning to Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Daniel now has 6 Grammy’s for his work and total 14 Grammy Nominations in the categories of “Pop Instrumental,” ‘World Music,” and “Hawaiian.” Leading off for Peter White on the beach a 3rd time is reminiscent of when the pair joined us together on our earliest JazzTrax Christ mas Tours early 90’s.

He credits JazzTrax with his Major Stage Solo Debut, 1st appearing on Catalina Island in 1991, one year after being named the JazzTrax Debut Artist of the Year. Also earning JazzTrax Best Album of the Year Honors with not only his debut, ‘Reivellezvous’ in 1990 but also his follow-up 2nd, “Excusezmoi’ in 1991. Course he’d already been on so very many Major Stages world-wide already as sideman with Al Stewart for 20 years. Then Basia on her 1990’s World Tours. Not the guitar on original recording of Stewart’s “Year of the Cat,” but it’s guitar heard thereafter on all it’s tours. Peter co-wrote perhaps Al’s 2nd most popular song,“Time Passages.” He left England with Al Stewart when the band moved to Los Angeles and resides there still, well over 40 years later.

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitarist DANIEL HO with special guest cellist Danna Xue British Guitarist PETER WHITE 6PM 7:30PM THURSDAY EVENING, OCT.13 | UNPLUGGED AT DESCANSO BEACH 2019 • Embroidering Melodies 2019 • Music For Starlux Airlines Next Year 2023 Festival Dates: Opening Weekend October 12-15 / Closing Weekend October 19-22 7


Hungarian and therefore ‘The Bad Boys of Budapest’ which JazzTrax named the Best Album of 2018. In 2020 off their most recent ‘Ups and Downs’ CD having been handed the addition al honor of JazzTrax “Best Song of the Year.” We felt that song “Look Up to the Sky” best represented all the airplanes tor the 1st time taking off all around the world, with the miraculous Vaccine that helped quell Covid. “Look Up to the Sky” help has arrived in that incredulous world period of crisis. This Europe an Band driven by their Lead Singer and Violinist Peter “Peet” Ferencz. You’ll see them playing extensively in Hungary but also across Europe in Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Malta and Switzerland and now at major jazz festivals in America the past decade. They come “The Furthest” to appear on Smooth Jazz Island this Fall.

If things go as planned she’ll soon have the title of Dr. Jazmin Ghent. She is studying hard for that doctorate right now down in Florida where she has continued teaching music in Polk County Florida to elementary students grades K-5 throughout, even as her solo career exploded the past 5 years. 4 albums deep already after her 2015 solo debut. Earning the honor of ‘JazzTrax Best Song of the Year,’ “Get Ready” last year, 2021.

Now also making her 4th Island appearance after her 2017 JazzTrax live stage debut.

Saxophonist JAZMIN GHENT The Bad Boys of Budapest (Hungary)
7PM 9PM FRIDAY EVENING, OCT.14 | INSIDE HISTORIC 1929 AVALON BALLROOM 2021 • Forever Jazz 2020 • Ups And Downs 8 To Keep Same Seats/Tables Next Year, Mail Pre Ticket Order Form Inside Program by Nov. 1st


Last Fall’s “Where Did He Come From Artist” on Catalina Island. Watercolors began playing his song ‘Discovery.’ Art asked to hear the full CD then immediately asked him to come to Avalon. Debut album called ‘Imaginary World,’ but Art tends to call it ‘Jimmy Haslip and Jeff Lorber Find Randal Clark in Salt Lake City’ because that’s pretty much an imaginary world. Jimmy Haslip, Yellowjackets co founder, produced, plays and co-composing. Both Jimmy and Lorber in Randal’s band as he made his JazzTrax Debut Live last Fall. That combination, Randal, Haslip, Lorber having just finished Randal’s 2nd solo album. Jimmy Haslip will again join him on bass on our Island.

Singer WEBSTER with Guitarist HAWLEY 2PM

Both made their separate solo debuts in 2016. Adam being named JazzTrax Debut Artist of that year. Both arriving for their Major Stage Debuts on Catalina Island that October 2016. Both have repeatedly returned, 26 miles across the sea, but now for the 1st time combining their songs and show together.

Lindsey is the 1st vocalist to reach No. #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Charts since Sade in 2010. But Lindsey bested Sade with 4 straight weeks at the Top, with “Fool Me Once.” She is from Woodstock, yep, the real Woodstock, N.Y.

He is Dr. Adam Hawley with a Doctorate in Musical Arts from USC. Having been on guitar with Jenifer Lopez, Natalie Cole, on American Idol before beginning his solo career, like Lindsey, a mere 6 years ago. But Dr. Adam having already amassed NINE #1 radio hits. In 2020 earning the Billboard “Song of the Year,” “To the Top.”

Salt Lake City Saxophonist 2022 • Stargazer • 2021• Song of Year, “To
Risin’ Up Billboard
the Top” 10 2023 Full Weekend Series Tickets & Thurs. Unplugged Go on Sale Tuesday before Thanksgiving
Photo by Tucker Tashjian
“ We’re into the Roaring Smooth Jazz 20’s now. Let’s enjoy. Let’s call it Good. Let’s keep it going. ” —Art Good


With 14 Billboard Top 10 Singles, 7 of which reached No. # l. Almost straight outa the gate with his 2nd solo ‘JazzTrax Album of the Year.’ His 2nd Solo Album, 2000’s, ‘Hip Sway’ named JazzTrax Album of the Year.Then One Decade later HE DID IT AGAIN, earning the 2010 JazzTrax ‘Best Album of the Year’ with ‘Blue Bolero.’ Raised on a farm in England outside Buckinghamshire. Arriving onto the L.A. music scene in 1991. First seen as part of the band SolarSystem, before his solo debut in 1998. His 15th album ‘Simple Things’ released in May, already with a Billboard #1 Hit, “Change the World.”

Photo by Pat Benter
British Guitarist
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Lee 1st came to this festival in 1988, it’s 2nd annual, but this will be at age 88, Dave Grusin’s 1st time on the JazzTrax Live Performance Stage. Dave’s film and television work purely legendary. Beginning in 1962 serving as Music Director of NBC’s ‘Andy Williams Show’ for 6 seasons led him into his television work touching on such shows as “Maude,” “Good Times,”“Dan August,” “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir,” “The Virginian,” “It Takes a Thief,” “The Girl from Uncle,” “The Wild Wild West,” “Gidget.” His was the theme song for “Baretta” and “St. Elsewhere.” His 1st Film Score .. 1967’s ‘Divorce American Style.’ The list of his motion picture music scores…. IS LONG including ’The Graduate,’ ‘Three Days of the Condor,’ ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys,’ ‘On Golden Pond,’ ‘Heaven Can Wait,’ ‘The Firm,’ ‘Tootsie.’ He has a Filmography of about 100 titles including an Oscar for ‘The Milagro Beanfield War.’ Add on 10 Grammy’s plus 5 additional Grammy Nominations.

Dave 1st worked with Lee in 1976 on Lee’s debut album ‘First Course.’ Later doing a complete collaboration album together in 1984, ‘Harlequin,’ which earned them 4 Grammy Nominations and the 1985 Grammy together for the song “Early AM Attitude.” Just so happens that the “G” of The GRP Recording Company is Dave Grusin. Thus Dave signed Lee to GRP as a recording artist in 1985.

But let’s continue on with Dave Grusin’s incredible motion picture soundtracking career. Virtually the Go To Guy for making movie music through the 80’s. Stephen Bishop sang the ever remembered theme song “It Must Be You,” for the movie ‘Tootsie,’ but Dave composed it. Dustin Hoffman the Star.

But Dave also made album music of his own. His 1980 title track to ‘Mountain Dance’ was one of the most played songs of early contemporary jazz. It’s songs and his ‘NiteLines’ follow-up 5 years later along with his ‘Harlequin’ collaboration with Rit were mainstays of the soon to be Smooth Mid 80 beginnings of this genre in cities like San Diego, New York, Atlanta before the format exploded in nearly every major U.S. city in the 90’s. And there would have been MORE individual Grusin albums and MORE individual Grusin songs, maybe even a 2nd Rit/Grusin collaboration except that Dave was so busy doing 2 things. Running the GRP Recording Company discovering so many of the future Stars of Smooth Jazz like Earl Klugh, David Benoit, The Rippingtons, Acoustic Alchemy, Dianne Schuur, Chick Corea, Mi chael Brecker, Spyro Gyra, The Yellowjackets, and more. And soundtracking Hollywood Movie after Hollywood Movie …oh and a 3rd thing. Wanting to have a life on his ranches in Montana and New Mexico.

For Lee ‘Captain Fingers’ Ritenour, it’s been a 5 decade solo career. 45 Albums .. Grammy Winner and 16 Nominations. Thousands of Studio Sessions with legends like Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, B.B. King. Tony Bennett, on George Benson’s “Give Me The Night,” with Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Peggy Lee, Carly Simon, Art Garfunkel, Barbra Streisand, Frankie Valli, Paul Anna, Quincy Jones, on Kenny Loggins “Celebrate Me Home,” Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, even on Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall.”

Lee has “TWISTED” Jobim, Motown, Marley, Wes Montgomery, even Twisted Rit himself. 37 albums in a nearing 50 year solo recording career. Add in Lee’s recording and compositional contributions as an original member of Fourplay with Bob James, Nathan East and Harvey Mason through much of the 90’s.

Lee and Dave have been close friends and musical associates for decades and now, for the 1st time, they come TOGETHER on the JazzTrax Live Performance Stage, on Catalina Island.

Photo by Pat Benter 1985• Dave & Lee’s Grammy Winner 1985 2020 •Dreamcatcher
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Our attention came to this young musician when with just 1 festival slot left to fill this Spring we saw his radio hit “Ride Along” (featuring Judah Sealy) on the Billboard Chart. Stayed Top 15 for a month. Highest was at #12. Seeing his You Tube Links our interest was perked. Where he grew up is part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, but don’t be confused. He’s otherwise not European. The land of the Dutch controls 6 islands still, in the Caribbean. Gino is from Curacao which is the largest of those. Moving to the U.S. to study music in 2003. Started a project called Groove Symphony in 2016. Resides these days in Pensacola FL. Holding an Artist in Residence position at a mega church Debutted in the smooth jazz world just before Covid hit. His Curacao roots all over his tunes.

This marks his 10th Catalina Island appearance where TWICE for his JazzTrax encores he parasailed past the Casino playing his saxophone, in mid-air. He also happens to be a real pilot. Before becoming one of the Top Names in Smooth Jazz, his early sideman years included Natalie Cole, the Yellowjackets, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and the Tower of Power horns section. Solo debut in 1986. His 1999 ‘Chill Factor’ CD stood on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Chart for over 94 weeks!

As recently as THIS Summer, Richard added yet another to his countless list of Number #1 Billboard radio hits when “Move Ahead” reached the top of the charts. Family left Scotland when he was Age 3. Long time Los Angeles before moving to San Diego County and recently from Escondido there, to Rancho Santa Fe. (with a Big Bear cabin …) ROSARIA

Saxophonist RICHARD ELLIOT Keyboardist GINO
NOON 2PM SUNDAY AFTERNOON, OCT.16 | INSIDE HISTORIC 1929 AVALON BALLROOM 2021 • Authentic Life 2019 • Still Waters Run Deep 14 Thanksgiving Week: Listen to JazzTrax Festival Radio Streaming Concerts from Oct. at JazzTrax.com

This festival more than any other is known, for breaking new artists. Many of whom have gone on to incredible solo careers (think Mindi Abair, think Jesse Cook, Jessy J, Peter White, Marc Antoine, even Brian Culbertson). Every year we look for, wait for, and hope for someone to appear whom we had never even heard of when the year began on Jan. 1st. As JazzTrackers arrive each Fall to the Island they’ve expressed they often most look forward to the artist or artists, ‘They Too Had Never Heard of Before.’ A total unknown or unknown until recently. Christian came out of nowhere end of 2021 with a song that featured Bob James on keys. Bob actually wasn’t on the album version, but redone for radio, “Hispanica” shot to the top of the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart. Reaching #1 last Thanksgiving. It’s album “They Call Me The Big NY” released in 2020 JazzTrax didn’t even have until 2022. When we nabbed it and heard it’s really cool latin jazz flavor we reached out to him. He told us that playing Catalina Island had long been on His Personal Bucket List. 10 pieces he’s bringing. Now residing just outside Washington D.C. he still is the Big NY.

He began as a duo “Nuttin’ But Strinz” with his brother Tourie, first playing their violins in NYC subways, getting on thereafter as contestants on “America’s Got Talent.” Actually suffering through a brief homelessness before going Solo in 2012. Damien then broke BIG as an On-Line Sensation somewhere post 2014 after releasing his Debut album and getting incredible social media hits. Already selling out famous theaters like the Wiltern in Hollywood but the smooth jazz world had no clue who he was until his 2017 song “Get Up and Dance” was sent to Smooth Jazz Radio. The song then a few months later appeared on an album called ‘Boundless.’ JazzTrax broke him onto the jazz festival circuit scene Fall of 2018. So overwhelming a response we brought him back for BOTH 2019 October Weekends, something this festival rarely does. This electric violinist, or “Crossover Violin,’from New York City now playing jazz festival stages from Coast to Coast. He’s also the Musical Star on the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross “Driving Action” commercial. Google It !!

Electric Violinist DAMIEN ESCOBAR Bassist and Big Band Leader CHRISTIAN DE MESONES 7PM 9PM SUNDAY EVENING, OCT.16 | INSIDE HISTORIC 1929 AVALON BALLROOM 2020 • Songs From a Breakthrough 2020 • They Call Me Big New York 16 2023 Artist Line-Up Announced after New Year’s. Sign Up for E-Mail Alerts at: JazzTrax.com
KEEP THE PARTY GOING! JAZZTRAX FESTIVAL AFTER PARTY SATURDAY EVENINGS SOON AS FINAL EVENING SHOW ENDS .. 5 MINUTES UP THE BOARDWALK AT DESCANSO BEACH Join us! NO TICKET REQUIRED! DJ spins music for midnight dancing or chillin’ around beach fire pits Food Service Available Full Bar Taxi Service until 12:30am (top of Descanso Beach Lawn) After-Party at Descanso Beach after the last note is played on-Stage SATURDAY NIGHTS 17
Photo by Pat Benter

Long time on the L.A. studio musician scene, now with a 2 decade long solo recording career himself. Current radio single hit, “Dreamland” this Summer gave Blake another Number #1 Bill board Smooth Jazz Radio Hit. A location his Songs have not been a stranger to the past few years. Also a First Call Television and Film guitarist having worked with such shows as Fox “MAD TV.” He was it’s ‘show guitarist” for 14 years. He co-composed it’s theme song with Emmy Winner Greg O’Connor. Other film work on Steven Seagal’s “Half Past Dead 2,” Also shows on ABC, UPN, Comedy Central, and WB.

Los Angeles born, brewed and maintained all the way. Even attended USC there. One of L.A.’s absolute most On Called Session Guitarists with everyone from Michael Jackson (he’s on the albums ‘Thriller,’ ‘Bad,’ ‘Dangerous,) to Whitney Houston, Barry Manilow, Elton John, Chicago, Benson, Jarreau, Luther Vandross, Steely Dan, Dionne Warwick, Carole King, Deniese Williams, Anita Baker, Michael McDonald, Celine Dion, Jeffrey Osborne, Frankie Valli ….and the list goes on & on & on. His television work includes on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “American Idol.” When he tours now it’s usually with the All Star Cast ‘Jazz Funk Soul’ joining up with Jeff Lorber and Everette Harp (having replaced the late Chuck Loeb.)

Guitarist BLAKE AARON Guitarist PAUL JACKSON JR. 6PM 7:30PM THURSDAY EVENING, OCT.20 | UNPLUGGED AT DESCANSO BEACH 2020 • Color and Passion 2021 • ‘More Stories from Stompin’ Willie Part I’ Next Year 2023 Festival Dates: Opening Weekend October 12-15 / Closing Weekend October 19-22 19


Long before being signed to the band on ABC TV’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and even before her debut album ‘Tequilla Moon’ was released in 2007, she appeared as a total unknown for her Major Stage Debut at the 2006 Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival. Her 1st radio single in 2008, “Tequilla Moon,” produced by Smooth Jazz Super Producer Paul Brown went to #1 on the Bill board Smooth Jazz Chart. She’s been in studio with Michael Buble and MORE. On tour with Michael Bolton, and MORE. Has also performed on “American Idol,” and “The Voice.” What’s bringing her back to the JazzTrax Live Performance Stage for the 1st time in well over a decade is her outstanding new album ‘Blue’ that has Jeff Lorber all over it.

2022 • Blue

Not only was her Major Stage Debut on Catalina Island but long before anyone had a clue about her, she and Art Good met in a La Jolla Jazz Club in 1991. He was watching her developing career and invited her to ‘Stage Up’ in a 1994 JazzTrax Sunday Afternoon All Star Jam. She and Rick Braun met there (on the JazzTrax Stage) for the 1st time (and since, many Christmas Tours and Koz Summer Horns Tours together). The Fall of 1994 they spontaneously teamed up at the JazzTrax After Party in the long gone Blue Parrot bar doing “Mustang Sally.” Her professional stints began with John Tesh, Jonathan Butler, BackStreet Boys, Mandy Moore. She actually headlined Catalina Island Fall 2002 BEFORE her GRP Recording Company Debut Record was released in 2003. On it her song about a mexican restaurant called “Lucy’s” in Hollywood which broke most records sticking at No. #1 on the Billboard Charts for 3 months !

2022 • Forever

Saxophonist MINDI ABAIR Saxophonist
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In 2004 his solo debut and it’s tune “Night on the Town” brought Eric to the JazzTrax Island Stage as that year’s “Where Did This Guy Come From Artist.’ By huge demand returning in 2005 and 2006. He’d really stirred up the Smooth Jazz Pot. Attaining his 1st Billboard #1 song, “Goin’ All Out” in 2008 and as he arrived that Fall, 26 miles across the sea, he earned the 2008 ‘JazzTrax Best Live Performance Of The Year Honor.’ Look for his 8th album as he sails west to Avalon. Grew up in Tampa, FL. DARIUS

A product of the San Francisco Bay Area, hometown Daly City, Best known early on for his work with the band Tower of Power where he served as that band’s Music Director and incred ulous horn section Director for a bulk of years. He was right there on their 1st album, ‘East Bay Grease,’ in 1970. His were the horn arrangements on the Grammy Nominated “What Is Hip,” in 1973. Remaining with T.O.P. for 25 years before breaking off in 1995 to go solo but totally scoring it with his creation of his ‘East Bay Soul’ albums and Horns, in 2009. Horns, and more Horns he’s bringing 26 miles across the sea. As a premier Music Arranger, especially with Horns, having turned what he’d created for T.O.P. years ago into something even more ‘musically intelligent’ with his East Bay Soul.

Saxophonist ERIC
Trumpeter GREGG ADAMS & EAST BAY SOUL 2PM 22 2023 Full Weekend Series Tickets & Thurs. Unplugged Go on Sale Tuesday before Thanksgiving
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How many artists make that Solo Debut at age 55? But this ‘forever on tour and in studio guitarist’ with Simply Red did, one Summer ago. Aptly titled ‘Hear At Last.’ Mark had done more than 160 dates with Simply Red, including 2 World Tours. He played on each of Simply Red’s albums through 2019’s ‘Blue Eyed Soul.’ Where he got connected to Smooth Jazz was at London’s jazz club Pizza Express. As guitarist in the house band Smoothers like Rick Braun, Brian Culbertson, Euge Groove, Mindi Abair, Richard Elliot coming across to play would use that house band, including Mark, so as not to have to transport their full bands across the pond. Would have played our island a year ago, but U.S. Customs weren’t Covid ready yet to let Europeans back into the States. Braun and White both on Mark’s debut. Lo and behold off his friendship with British Keyboardist Oli Silk at Pizza Express, he’s bringing Oli to Avalon in his October band. Oli himself has spent time at the Top of the Charts, with 2 Radio Hits over the past 2 years reaching #1 on Billboard including this past April with Oli’s song “Out To Lunch.” Hopefully he’ll bring those as well across on the Boats with Mark.

Time for the Koz Man’s Surprise JazzTrax Appearances to end and his full show to begin. After showing up ‘Outa the Blue’ in 2018, jumping up on stage with Adam Hawley and later that night with Candy Dulfer (not even producer Art Good knew that surprise was coming) and then totally unannounced last fall, 2021. Coming from the back of the ballroom in the middle of a Rick Braun song (art good knew and had arranged that one). Koz appearances on Catalina Island have been as rare as anyone’s. Hard to get, but we got him coming in one of his few, just him and his band concert appearances this entire year … unless you were on board the S.S. Koz in May, through the British Isles. On the Koz Cruise he and his sax seemed to be Everywhere. Almost no performance, and there were zillions of them, ever completed without Dave suddenly popping up for at least one song with each artist. This marks only his 2nd “paid appearance” on the Island .. since the 90’s …having spent most of This Year, other than his cruise, doing shows with Break Out Guitarist Cory Wong, with Barry Manilow as Special Guest, and of course the upcoming Dave Koz Christmas Tour. •

2020 •The 2020 JazzTrax
Hear at Last
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Saxman from the suburbs of East Bay San Francisco, Walnut Creek to be ‘GPS’ exact. On the scene 4 years now but making his 3rd JazzTrax appearance. His 1st radio hit “Up and Up” had broken on Sirius XM’s ‘Watercolors’ and off that we already had Jeff booked as our 2018 “Where Did He Come From Artist?’ when his debut album was released that July. We named him the 2018 ‘JazzTrax Debut Artist of the Year.’ His sophomore album ‘Duality’ arriving in 2021. With it his Billboard Top 5 hit, “Sentimental Soul.”

JazzTrax spotted his music in 1986 with a SpindleTop (who?) release called ‘This Side Up.’ Although David had several previously released but not noticed yet albums. But it broke wide open for him when signed in 1987 with the GRP Recording Company. He had been in Tim Weisberg’s band early 80’s. He’d also gone to college with David Pack, lead singer of Ambrosia who wound up singing some Benoit classics. David honestly was on keys for The Rippingtons when they played their 1st concert ever. Art Good hosted it Summer of ’87 at The Catamaran in San Diego’s Pacific Beach. But by October Benoit was as big as the Ripps and he came to the island not with them, but as HIM. So many classic albums the past 35 years, so many classic songs and hits. Just 3 years ago honored with the ‘JazzTrax Album of the Year’ for 2019’s ‘David Benoit’ and Friends.’ Now with his new 2022 ‘A Midnight Rendezvous’ CD, David brings his entire new Midnight Rendezvous BIG Band Show to the JazzTrax Live Performance Stage. Like 2 saxes, 2 trumpets, trombones and more. A total WOW …

2022 • A Midnight Rendezvous

Saxophonist 2021 • Duality Keyboardist DAVID and his Midnight Rendezvous Big Band
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Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and not that long ago. His debut CD … just 2 years ago, ‘Gruv Kid.’ Dad … who we think will be on guitar in his performance, bought Son … a piano at age 5 … not that long ago, and within months had put his little boy on keys in dad’s touring show which already included his slightly older 9 year old sister, Jamie-Leigh on drums … just 10 years ago. Dad found venues wanted to book The Kids, not just ‘the kids as bandmates.’ And thus it went. Justin and the Whole Family Became The Star. Justin now plays 5 different instruments including the Keytar. He opened for Jonathan Butler there in J.B.s long ago South Africa homeland. Then the family moved from there … and not that long ago, to Detroit ,where Dad/guitarist had found a church music director’s job. Now with the family recently landing again. This time in Durham, North Carolina. Oh, Justin Lee is just turning 16.

As Norman makes his return to Smooth Jazz Island it marks 30 years since his introduction to the recording world with his 1992 debut, ‘Just Between Us,’ on the MoJazz Record Label. Produced by jazz drummer and producer Norman Connors who is credited with discovering Norman. Shreveport Louisiana Born. Kansas City Brewed. Red hot through the 90’s and then in 2000 Warner Bros. Records grabbed him. And HIS Grammy came off that one, produced by legendary (Boney James) producer Paul Brown. “Just Chillin’ for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. After a long stint, including teaching guitar at The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, from which he had himself graduated from. Norman has now been long living in Atlanta, and now Stormin’ Norman returns after a 5 year lapse, 26 miles across the sea. And he’s promised to bring with him a HORNS SECTION. His 2022 release, ‘Let’s Get Away .. to Catalina Island.’ Okay …. we added the last half. •

Guitarist NORMAN BROWN Multi Instrumentalist JUSTIN LEE SCHULTZ 7PM 9PM SUNDAY EVENING, OCT.23 | INSIDE HISTORIC 1929 AVALON BALLROOM 28 JazzTrax Syndicated Radio Show Heard Weekly Since 1985 Streams 24/7 at JazzTrax.com 2020 • Gruv Kid 2022
Let’s Get Away


Descanso Beach


Beach Bar Opens at 5 PM with Full Bar and Food Service

Arrive early, have a drink, enjoy the ocean, spend the entire evening Dinner, Drinks, Music, Ocean...at Descanso Beach Club, 5:00 pm Ballroom

Doors Open 30 minutes before Session Start Time FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY

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Thurs. Opening Act ............ 6 pm

Thurs. Closing Act 7:30 pm

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Right Side Casino Ramps Entrance FRIDAY - 3:00 -9:30pm

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• Casino Mezzanine Level: Restrooms, Marine Room Lounge, Sports Tv’s, JazzTrax Store

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• ALL TABLES WILL BE SOLD OUT. Do not SQUAT on a Table, All are Owned All Weekend.

• There is Re-Admittance to the Session your Ticket is for if you have ticket and are stamped when leaving. Only Exception is if Session is Sold Out and Fire Marshall decrees no Re-Admittance

• By Fire Marshall Decree … do NOT move any chair or table.

• Sat. Night AfterParty at Descanso Beach. No Ticket Required. -Beach Bar with Drinks and Food Service. Begins right after -Evening’s Final Show, till 1 a.m. Taxi Service expected till 12:30 AM but doublecheck -DJ and dancing or just enjoy Beach Fire Pits.

• Dress: ‘Casual’ Afternoons .. ‘Casual Nice’ Evenings

• DayTrippers please note the Catalina Express Late Boat at 11:30 pm Sat & Sun returns ONLY to Long Beach.

-There are No Late Boats after final performance on Thursdays or Fridays.

• For extra Security Precaution, no Backpacks or Luggage is allowed. Hotels and The Mole have LOCKERS

• Please keep Conversations to a Minimum during Performances

• No Flash Photography is allowed during Performances. Smart Phones are allowed but please DO NOT hold iPhone UP in front of those around you except to take quick photo’s or short clips. Absolutely NO long video filming with your phone during performance or security will babysit your phone rest of show. Holding phone up in front of others for long periods is absolutely prohibited.

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• No outside Food or Drink except $25 Wine Corkage Fee. Festival venues have full service bars and food to purchase.

• All Ticket Sales are Final. No Refunds. For Seat Upgrades check with Box Office. Sitting in seat you did not purchase will cause ejection from room.

• This is a NO SMOKING VENUE, at beach and in ballroom. At beach you must leave the venue to smoke.

-In Ballroom a very small restricted area outside on verandah directly behind stage is designated for smoking.

-Outside smoking must NOT drift in those doors or the smoking section will be closed.

-Marijuana Smoking, even in Smoking Section is Strictly Prohibited. If marijuana smoke is detected or drifts into Ballroom, the Smoking Section will be CLOSED.

• French Doors Open or Shut are at Discretion of Tables Nearest Them

• No glass is allowed on outside ballroom verandah. People are walking 6 stories below. No drinks are allowed on Casino Ramps per liability restrictions.

• Use ramps at your own liability. No Alcohol can leave the building.

• Elevator 1st Priority goes to the handicapped and true elderly. There are wheelchairs at box office.

Producer: Art
Production & Stage: Gregg Hudson
“ We’re Back .. You’re Here .. for a 35th October .. 26 miles across the sea. You .. YES YOU .. have once again turned Catalina Island into October’s Center of the Smooth Jazz Universe.” —Art Good

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