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Jason Dvorin

Dallas, Texas, United States

Jason Dvorin, a Texas native, has achieved great success in his 32-year career in the oil and gas industry. He was the youngest self-sponsoring broker-dealer in FINRA and is particularly adept at business development and logistics management. As a talented executive, Jason Dvorin has extensive experience operating in the oil and gas industry as well as the aerospace industry. From working with his father in his youth and assisting on oil and gas jobs to his current role in aerospace, Jason has always abided by the mentality that "one cannot wait around for something to die; you must go out and kill it!" Jason Dvorin joined the team of KSV as the Managing Director, overseeing the company's business development. With his background in multiple fields, such as petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, and oil & gas, he was able to make his mark in this industry. Jason is always excited by new challenges and pulls inspiration from industry drivers who change and push the boundaries of human limitations. To learn more about Jason Dvorin, check out his website for additional information!


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