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Kindles are all the rage with the ability to download your favorite books and read them almost anywhere you go. They are perfect for travel, and also ideal for the book-work who just doesn't have enough shelves to hold all of her favorite books. Not only can you read your favorite novels on the Kindle, but you can even surf the Internet in areas that have Wi-Fi available. Like it or not, as cool of a device as it is, your Kindle is designed in such a manner that it really needs a cover or a case with decent protection. If you are a proud owner of a Kindle, then you need some type of protection to keep it from getting scratched, dropped or too much dust on or inside of it. There are a variety of kindle cases and covers for you to choose from. They are made out of a variety of fabrics, leathers and other unique materials. One type of kindle case is made with moleskin and has micro-suede lining. There are 4 doublestitched corner elastic bands to help hold the kindle in its place. Another type of case is created with saddle-back leather and also has a stand for propping it up too. While others come in a variety of colors such as apple green, flower designs, brown leather, black and coffee brown. Another fun design of a kindle case is the BUILT reversible kindle cover with bowery stripe. If you turn it inside out, it has a scuba blue color. This specific case has been designed for the 6 inch display and has an hourglass shape. It is also machine washable. It starts out at $34. Most of the leather bound cases range in prices from $40-$60. Although, for those on a tight budget, you can check out the BoxWave Sienna Leather Vertical Flip case for just $8.95 at Amazon. These cases are ideal and perfect for providing the most protection and safety for your kindle. Last but obviously not the least is the Amazon very own Kindle case with a built-in retractable light. The light is built-in into the cover which can be retracted easily to provide the needed source of light when reading at night. If you are the type of enjoy reading by the bed, this Kindle lighted leather cover may just be the perfect cover for your Kindle... and one that would NOT distract your partner late into the evening.

If you want to extend the life-time of your kindle, then providing it with a protective case could be worth the investment. Visit our e-store and indulge yourself with a full range of Kindle cases and cover. From casual to extravagant, there'll always be one that will suit your style and budget.

If you are still on the fence about buying a cover for your Kindle, here are our top picks for the best Kindle covers and cases to help you decide which one best fits your personality!

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==== ==== For the best source of Amazon Kindle products and reviews visi: ==== ====

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