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To secure a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship in the field of Communication. EXPERIENCE

July 2012 – Present Corona, CA Placement consultant/On-Site Supervisor Manage over 100 employees, recruit potential canidates for the client, process payroll weekly, turn in daily reports to the client, establish training and orientations to all employees. Everify certified, I-9 certified, OSHA certified, experience with Ultrastaff, Outlook, Avionte and Jantek July 2011 – July 2012 Corona, CA Medical Assistant Assist the doctor to patients, managed doctors notes, taking pictures of patients wounds, provide service to patients, hands on with assisting patients wounds, permitting shots and drawing blood. Faxing medical papers, write down clear notes of doctors duties, having the knowledge of medical terminology, answering phones and communicating with clients 1* EDUCATION


California Baptist University Riverside, Ca B.A. Communication 2011 Riverside County of Edcucation Certified Medical Assistant 2007-2010 Riverside Community College Asocciates in Social and Behavioral studies – 2010


Asocciates in Math and Science– 2010

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Janice Sims

January 26, 2014 Mrs. Maile Carpenter Editor in Chief Food Network Magazine 300 West 57th Street, 35th Floor New York, NY 10019 Dear Mrs. Maile, Your Food Network Magazine brings passion, fun, and personalities around food to the table. What I love is how Food Network Magazine appeals to food lovers and Food Network fans of all ages. I know that I can offer first hand experience in famous restaurants in Southern California and where foodie’s must eat next. I know that I can bring your magazine a whole new recipe of ideas. I think its time to tell the world where they should chow down next. This article will be about famous restaurants that I will experience. I will discuss why the restaurant is famous and what are the must haves on the menu. This article will be Reviews of my personal experience. I will also interview a couple of customers who have been at the restaurant more than once and what brings them back. I will be targeting all ages, as I know you look for that as well. I would love to place this article under new restaurants section. This will expand your section of what new restaurants I have experienced. This will be great for your publication because it’ll give viewers an exciting food adventure to places where our input matters. I know I would be a perfect addition to your article. It is my passion to try well-known restaurants and taste the love these restaurants put in to their customers. I have an eye, taste and smell for this and know that my experience in writing reviews will do all the explaining for me. Over the last 8 years I have been researching, interviewing and blogging about my experiences. I have written reviews for many restaurants were they have been published in their local newspaper. I hope you will find me as a perfect addition. One thing that brings people together is the love for food. Thanks you again, for your consideration I look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely, Janice Sims Buzz Piece Easy to access top 10 food places where ever you travel in California through your phone. I want to target my users of my website and blog to have easy access through an App you

download. It is quick, easy and simple to use. Everyone likes to eat good food and sometimes don’t know where to go especially in an area your not familiar with. This app can be downloaded through any IPhone and Android. The App will use your location and that will display the top ten famous food places in your area. This will be based off of famous places that everyone will say “must go to” spots. My research and personal experiences, as well as others will determine the top 10. We see food channels traveling to find good places, we see the internet displaying articles of great spots, but what you need is information on food joints when your hungry and on the road. This App will offer the top ten places according to your location. It will also tell you why these places are so famous and why you need to experience them. Once you click on the food place of choice it will display the menu and pictures of their food. It will give you the prices and you can like pictures just like an instagram. It will also give a description of the history behind it and well as the type of food. The app will be updated monthly with new pictures and possibly the top ten food places may change. You can also tag people who are there with you or get their attention to go and try the place out. There will also be an email where you can reach me if you think you found a place that is worthy of getting on the top 10. Your input is extremely important afterall; this app was design for you. I hope that I can spread my knowledge and be able to see everyone enjoy good food. Food is what brings people together.

Meet the Author Hello my name is Janice and I have a passion for food. Food has always been my comfort as well as my desire to try new things. I use to love to watch the food channel and see what places I

would love to go and try. I wanted to travel the United Sates and try all kinds of food. I currently live in southern California and can tell you all the best places to try. It’s my passion to help you find great food that is to die for. Ever since I received my license when I turned 18, I would Google great food spots to try out. I would take my friends and family on food adventures almost every weekend. I wanted people to experience great food because I loved the experience. Over a course of time I started to write blogs of the places I would go and try. Soon I build a website and it took off. Now I am going to expand my food experiences by building a App for everyone to use. I am currently a student at Cal Baptist University and will be graduating with a degree in communications. I have always had a passion for communications and love learning ways to communicate my personal passions. I always thought its important to put yourself out their through media. Media is the now and future of communications so its crucial to stay on top of the media. I use to work for a staffing company where I created proposals and new ways to spread the name of the company. I also have a passion for creative writing and love to write short stories and poems. I have a lot of filled notebooks of poems and small stories that I kept ever since I was in middle school. My dream is to write a children’s book and hopefully get it published. I also want to travel the United States and go to famous food places and talk about my experience to expand my passion to my followers.

Blog 1 The place I am going to blog about this week is Earl Sandwiches. Earl Sandwiches are known as the worlds greatest hot sandwiches. Since 1762 Earl made the original sandwich. They have locations all across the United States and some Franchise’s are international. When I first tried Earls was in Las Vegas because that was the closes one. It was heaven in my mouth. Everyone always told me “if you’re going to Vegas you need to have Earl’s Sandwiches”. The first and only California location is Downtown Disney in Anaheim. It recently opened up less than 2 years

ago. This week I decided to go to Earl’s Sandwiches in Downtown Disney. I try to get something new each time I go. This time I got the chipotle chicken avocado sandwich and the Tomato soup. The sandwiches there are so flavorful and melt in your mouth delicious. They will beat Subway, Quizzoes, Togos, Jersey Mikes and any other sandwich spot. They don’t call themselves world’s best sandwiches for nothing. I also have to point out that the best tomato basil soup I have ever had was at Earls. Everything there is so fresh and worth the trip to Anaheim. It’s also cheap and affordable so you can take your family there and not have to spend a fortune. You can go on their website at and view their menu. You will not be disappointed at what they have to offer. Blog 2 One of the places I went to this week was Sprinkles Cupcake’s. If you love cupcakes this place is a must. The originally Sprinkles was opened in Beverly Hills in 2005 and it was the first cupcake bakery. Since then Sprinkles has twelve locations nationwide. There are so many different flavors to choose from. One of the favorites is red velvet and that was the one I decided to get. The bread part was moist and flavorful. The frosting was vanilla and went perfect with the bread portion. It was literally the best cupcake I had ever eaten. Everyone in line thought so too. I went to the Newport location and next door they had sprinkles ice cream. You can have the option to have a cupcake and ice cream in one. Don’t get discourage if this place is closed when you go. They have a cupcake ATM machine outside of the Beverly Hills store. They also have little cupcake’s treats to buy for your precious dogs as well. I was really impressed of how good a cupcake can truly taste. Sprinkles Cupcakes is very well known and you will see a line coming out the door most of the time. Check out and look for a location nearest to you. Blog #3 One of the restaurants that I went this week was The Boiling Crab. If you love seafood then this place is a must. I do have to warn you if you do attempt to eat at The Boiling Crab, please go during the week and make sure to bring your appetite. During the weekends you are looking at 2 1/2 to 3 hour wait for a table. It doesn't matter what Boiling Crab you go to on the weekends it will always be a long wait. Once you do get seated the waitress/waiter will place a bib around your neck. This place has no silver wear or plates. Your food comes in a bag and you eat with your hands. The way the menu is set up is by steps. First you pick what kind of seafood you would like. There is Crab, lobster, claims, scallops, shrimp and crawfish. Then you decided what flavor you want. Then the last step is how spicy you want it. Everything is ordered by pounds. I ordered one pound of the shrimp, which was only 10 dollars. Then I decided to get the whole shebang, which means all the flavors. Lastly I decided to get medium spiciness. The shrimp is very popular there especially because it’s affordable. You can also choose sides to eat with your seafood. They have Cajun fries, rice, corn, fried calamari, etc. I decided to get the corn and the Cajun fires. They bring the fries out in a basket and place the corn in the bag with the shrimp. I am not going to lie this meal will be extremely messy but it is unbelievable good and satisfying. There are several locations you can go to and they are listed on the website This place is very famous due to the amazing seafood and the amount of food you get for a great price. I went with a friend and got two pounds of shrimp, fries, corn, and drinks all for 30 bucks. If you are in the mood for seafood then go and try out The Boiling Crab.

Blog #4 One of the places I decided to go to this week is 85 Degree Bakery. This place is very popular. 85-Degree Bakery is located in the United States, China, Taiwan and Australia. In the United States 85-Degree Bakery is only located in California. 85 Degree Bakery serves coffee, tea, cakes and bread. I am a big fan of bread so I went to the bread section and got the famous Japanese Brioche bread. I absolutely loved it. It was fluffy and sweet but not too sweet. Then I went to the pastry section and got the famous strawberry Tiramisu. It was light and refreshing. I was able to eat the whole thing and not feel like I was on sugar overload. Finally I had the famous 85degree coffee, which was to die for. It was very flavorful and went perfect with the strawberry tiramisu. The great thing was there was no bitter aftertaste of the coffee. There are definitely lots to choose from and would take more than one stop to have a full experience at 85degree Bakery. If you want to go and experience this famous bakery go on their website and head over to the nearest location at .

My Reflection

My Freelancing experience was frustrating at first. I used the website to create a freelance account. It took me a while to get familiar with the website and see what the website had to offer. After I signed up and created a profile, the website suggests some available jobs

based off of the skills you have. There are thousand of jobs displayed for you to view and you have the option to apply to any of them. You give your proposal to the jobs you are interested in. I gave a proposal to a company in Singapore called Masterpiece. This is an art tile painting business that is looking for tag line and slogans for the valentine day season coming up. I think that I could bring the company creative ideas because I have experience in creative writing and poetry. This freelance assignment is a new experience for me. I honestly didn’t know there were websites that actually do this. This is a great way to start making extra cash and later something that can be considered full time. As our textbook states freelancing isn’t for everyone. Going through this experience has taught me that freelancing isn’t my path in life, but it is good to obtain knowledge about it. I wouldn’t want to convince companies everyday why they should choose me to fulfill assignments. This experience has opened my eyes to a freelancing lifestyle and what other options are out there for me. This assignment is a great way to have hands on experience to Freelancing. What is interesting about this website is that it gives you options for job seekers to search for opportunities around the world. All you have to do is hope and pray that the companies choose you for assignments.

My Reflection I used the website and wrote a proposal for a person who needed photo editing for three pictures on his website. I placed a bid for 300 and created a query letter stating why he should consider me for this job. I find it interesting what people are willing to pay for simple

jobs. I made an account with Elance that last time when did the freelance assignment. This time I was more familiar with the Website and how to utilize myself. I liked on find work and went down the list of different job that are available. I came across this position and thought it would be an interesting job for me. I personally like photography and editing photos. It has always been my hobby and thought this would be a perfect fit for me. In my query letter I wrote three paragraphs. The first paragraph I tried to grasp the client’s attention. The second paragraph I discussed about my self and what I can offer. The last paragraph I discussed is why the client should consider me. I have learned a lot through this experience. I am learning more about freelancing and finding how to present my self. I am finding that it is hard to freelance your skills and find a way to try to convince the client to hire you. I think my query letter was better this time then it was last time around. It’s a process to familiarize your self with the freelance lifestyle. Freelancing isn’t the path I want to take but I feel it’s important to understand freelancing so it opens doors to new opportunities. This could be a great way for me to find a person to do a special job for me. There are a lot of talented people out there and it’s your job to stand out from the rest. What makes you a good freelancer is the effort you decide to put in.

My portfolio  
My portfolio  

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