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things vegetarian and vegan. Page 41. Packaging pivotal – waste reduction and sustainable solutions.

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Business interruption loss claims to be paid On 15 January 2021, the Supreme Court delivered its judgment in the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) business interruption insurance test case by substantially allowing the FCA’s appeal on behalf of policyholders in completion of the legal process for impacted policies, and meaning that many thousands of policyholders will now have their claims for coronavirus-related business interruption losses paid. Sheldon Mills, executive director, Consumers and Competition at the FCA, commented: “Coronavirus is causing substantial loss and distress to businesses and many are under immense financial strain to stay afloat. This test case involved complex legal issues. Our aim throughout this test case has been to get clarity for as wide a range of parties as possible, as quickly as possible, and this judgment decisively removes many of the roadblocks to claims by policyholders. “We will be working with insurers to ensure that they now move quickly to pay claims that the judgment says should be paid, making interim payments wherever possible. Insurers should also communicate directly and quickly with policyholders who have made claims affected by the judgment to explain next steps. “As we have recognised from the start of this case, tens of thousands of small firms and potentially hundreds 4 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

of thousands of jobs are relying on this. We are grateful to the Supreme Court for delivering the judgment quickly. The speed with which it was reached reflects well on all parties.” Many policyholders whose businesses were affected by the Coronavirus pandemic suffered significant losses, resulting in large numbers of claims under business interruption (BI) policies. Most SME policies are focused on property damage and only have basic cover for BI as a consequence of property damage. But some policies also cover BI from other causes, in particular infectious or notifiable diseases (‘disease clauses’) and prevention of access and public authority closures or restrictions (‘prevention of access clauses’). In some cases, insurers have accepted liability under these policies. In other cases, insurers have disputed liability while policyholders considered that they had cover leading to widespread concern about the lack of clarity and certainty. The FCA’s aim in bringing the test case was to urgently clarify key issues of contractual uncertainty for as many policyholders and insurers as possible. The FCA did this by selecting a representative sample of 21 types of policy issued by eight insurers. The FCA’s role was to put forward policyholders’ arguments

to their best advantage in the public interest. 370,000 policyholders were identified as holding 700 types of policies issued by 60 insurers that may be affected by the outcome of the test case. The High Court’s judgment last September resolved most of the key issues but, because agreement was unable to be reached, insurers and the FCA made ‘leapfrog’ appeals to the Supreme Court (without going to the Court of Appeal first) with the judgment bringing to an end legal arguments under 14 types of policy issued by six insurers, and a substantial number of similar policies in the wider market which will now lead to claims being successful, say the FCA. The test case was not intended to encompass all possible disputes, but to resolve some key contractual uncertainties and ‘causation’ issues to provide clarity for policyholders and insurers and following the High Court’s judgment, insurers decided to pay claims on some policies and the FCA asked insurers to progress claims on other policies that the High Court said provided cover so that they could be settled quickly following the appeals to the Supreme Court. The FCA are now working with insurers so that they rapidly conclude their claims processes on claims that the Supreme Court has said should be paid, providing interim payments wherever possible.


Hospitality job losses hit 660,000 Following the commencement of the third nationwide lockdown, the latest figures from Fourth, a leading global software provider for the hospitality sector, reveal the devastating impact COVID-19 continues to have on hospitality jobs. The latest set of figures indicate that the workforce has shrunk by more than a quarter, compared to the same period last year, they report. However, December saw the fewest job leavers since May, indicating that the continuation of the furlough scheme is helping to protect and preserve a portion of jobs in the marketplace. Their study revealed that there were 660,000 sector job losses over the course of the year and a 28% drop in overall staff headcount compared to December 2019. The hospitality workforce shrunk by 3.5% in December, compared to 4% in November, and the number of hours worked across the sector was 63% lower compared to December 2019. Sector recruitment continues to stagnate, dropping by 43% compared to August-October 2020 levels, they found. Fourth’s data, which has been aggregated from analysis of over 700 companies across the restaurant, pub, bar and QSR sectors, reveals that there were a further 8,591 workers who lost their jobs over the course of December, bringing the total number of sector job losses to roughly 660,000 for the year.

The data also reveals that the workforce shrunk by 28% in December, compared to the same month in 2019. This can be broken down by sector, where pubs experienced the least negative impact with a year-on-year drop in labour of 22%. This is followed by QSRs with a drop of 30%, and the restaurant sector with a 31% drop. The most impacted sector, again, was hotels, where there was a 33% reduction in labour compared to last year. Overall, this is the smallest decline in job losses since May, suggesting that the government’s commitment to extending the furlough scheme until April is protecting some sector jobs, as it is intended to. Despite this, sector recruitment remains at a standstill, with the number of new starters in December (4,736) dropping by 43% compared to the period from August to October, they add. The data indicates that the number of hours worked across the sector dropped by almost two thirds (63%) in December, against the same month the previous year. Despite this significant year-on-year decline, it is still 49% greater than the number of hours worked in November, signifying how the transition from the second national lockdown into the revised tiered system enabled operators to briefly capitalise, where possible, on festive trading. Commenting on the latest figures,

Sebastien Sepierre, managing director – EMEA, Fourth, said: “As we enter a new year, hospitality businesses would typically be reflecting on and celebrating a roaring festive trading period. But due to the pandemic, operators continued to suffer very difficult and challenging times in December, when many businesses were shut or running with severe restrictions, and are now faced with another lengthy period of little or no revenue. “The fact that the number of sector job leavers remained low into December, compared to the spring and summer, is encouraging, as it proves the continued positive impact of the government re-committing to the furlough scheme. It is critical that this kind of top-level financial support remains in place for the sector, including an extension to the business rates and VAT cuts. “We anticipate a tough period ahead but, with the vaccine rollout gathering momentum, the end could soon be in sight. It’s important that hospitality businesses are ready for the lifting of restrictions, whenever that may be, and we look forward to supporting our customers and partners back onto their feet.” Fourth’s information comes from a monthly workforce data report which explores how the industry is navigating the challenges of operating in the current climate.

Grote Company announces move and expansion of European HQ Grote Company, an industrial food slicing and assembly equipment manufacturer, has moved their European office from Wrexham to Deeside effective as 1 December 2020. Their new location accommodates growing staff and manufacturing capabilities, say the firm, including its robotics division. The newly refurbished building is 25,000 square feet – over double the size

of the old location – and features several offices and conference rooms, large manufacturing and assembly spaces, as well as improved demonstration and testing areas, with room for future growth. “We’re truly excited to relocate to this new office, while remaining in North Wales,” said managing director, Paul Jones. “With more than double the square footage, we are now able to

expand our manufacturing – especially robotics which has experienced rapid growth over the last two years – and support our customers through improved testing and demonstration areas. We look forward to welcoming our customers and partners in the new year.” Grote opened the original Wrexham office in 1989 and says that it will continue its investment in the area for years to come. www.sandwich.org.uk February 2021 5


Funding announced to develop IoT, Blockchain and AI-powered digital food supply chain platform The UK sandwich industry is worth £5.6bn and employs over 300,000 people across the country, the market continuing to grow at over 4% each year and meaning that sandwiches are a big business, which is why global IoT solutions provider, IMS Evolve, says that it is delighted to be part of the Digital Sandwich - a consortium of companies that has announced £4 million in funding from the UKRI Manufacturing Made Smarter scheme to enhance the level of traceability of ingredients in the production of commercial, prepackaged sandwiches. Working alongside some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, food industry partners, technology providers, universities, trade and governmental organisations, IMS Evolve are supporting the development of the world’s first ‘Digital Sandwich’ - an open platform designed to digitalise the food supply chain. The project extends the use of advanced IoT, Blockchain and AI technologies to the ready-made food supply to ensure complete trackability and traceability of every ingredient in the supply chain – from primary production to retail. The principles established in developing this new platform are intended to be both scalable to the entire food industry, and adaptable to include other industries with similar resourcing patterns. Matt Raynor, chair of Raynor Foods, one of the UK’s leading sandwich suppliers and Digital Sandwich project lead, said: “The project will open up this new technology to SMEs in the food sector, bringing the benefits of securely sharing information up and down the supply chain to the largest single sector of companies (Food SMEs). This technology will be 6 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

Full details of the project, of which Matt Raynor is the project lead, and the partners involved, can be found at www.digitalsandwich.co.uk.

a massive benefit for the companies concerned and for UK plc.” Recent, well-publicised, health and safety issues have started to undermine confidence in the production of readymade foods, in addition to ongoing concerns about the conditions under which food is produced, point out IMS Evolve. Thus, the ability to use advanced technologies to irrefutably track ingredients in food, from primary production to retail, will be integral to maintaining public trust in the food system and reducing waste, they feel. There is even the potential to extend data sharing to collect consumer behavioural data through, for example, integration with health and diet apps and, in so doing, improve the diet and health of consumers. Raynor Foods Ltd have been helping to supply the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic, and in this latest project will be leading a consortium of developers and industry partners to create this major piece of software allowing food and drinks businesses can

connect online to share valuable data. It is anticipated that this information exchange will increase productivity, improve cashflow, help boost food quality and reduce waste within in the supply chain. Importantly, the platform allows small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), who don’t usually have access to this kind of technology, to benefit, they point out. The final platform will also have potential for application in other sectors including pharmaceutical, aerospace and automotive. Ed Porter, director of IoT Solutions at IMS Evolve, added: “IMS Evolve is delighted to provide the IoT component for a platform that has the potential to completely digitally transform almost any complex supply chain system. This technology is designed to be open to organisations of all sizes across the supply chain, right down to the smallest producer, meaning that anyone can benefit from the increased productivity, food quality and safety and reduction in waste that this project promises to deliver.”


ProAmpac acquires Rapid Action Packaging ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging, has announced that it has acquired Rapid Action Packaging (RAP), a private, UK-based manufacturer of cellulose-based packaging products for fresh prepared and ready-to-eat foods (the terms of the transaction were not disclosed). RAP is a leading designer and manufacturer of sustainable packaging for fresh prepared foods sold at retail, including sandwiches, wraps, chicken tenders and salads. With this acquisition, ProAmpac says that it is expanding its manufacturing capabilities to produce primary packaging for ready-to-eat and fresh prepared foods, broadening its sustainable product offering for retail food markets. Greg Tucker, CEO of ProAmpac, said: “RAP is an excellent addition to the ProAmpac family. We are excited to add RAP’s focus on research and development for fresh prepared food packaging to our portfolio. Together with RAP, we are extending our product reach in food service to now include a ready-to-eat portfolio, and we will continue to bring innovative ideas and products to a growing customer base.” Graham Williams, CEO of RAP, added: “Our two companies are highly complementary, with a collaborative working relationship and a common strength in our research and innovation practices. Together with ProAmpac, we will create stronger solutions for our customers. Our teams are a great cultural fit and we are excited to help ProAmpac serve even more customers in the retail market. I would like to thank

Ludgate for their financial support and strategic guidance positioning RAP for an exciting future with ProAmpac.” Cincinnati-based ProAmpac is owned by Pritzker Private Capital along with management and other co-investors. With the addition of RAP, ProAmpac has 37 sites globally, with nearly 4,800 employees supplying more than 5,000 customers in 90 countries. ProAmpac manufactures flexible packaging for various consumer, healthcare, e-commerce, retail and industrial goods markets. RAP will join the ProAmpac brand and will maintain operations at its manufacturing facilities in Ireland and London. ProAmpac has become a leading global flexible packaging company with a comprehensive product offering, providing creative packaging solutions, industry-leading customer service and award-winning innovation to a diverse global marketplace. Their approach to sustainability – ProActive Sustainability® – provides innovative sustainable flexible packaging products to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, say the company, who point out that they are guided in their work by four core values (integrity, intensity, innovation, and involvement). On news of the acquisition, Ludgate Investments - a leading European, sustainability focused investment company - added that it was pleased to announce the successful exit from one of its portfolio companies, Rapid Action Packaging (RAP) to ProAmpac.

ProVeg and Veg Capital join forces The food awareness organisation ProVeg International and venture capital firm Veg Capital have joined forces to invest in mission-driven food and food-tech start-ups. The partnership has already invested in two alumni companies of the ProVeg Incubator – which claimes to be world’s leading incubator of plant-based and cultured-food start-ups. The latest investment is a funding package of €180,000 EUR for the sugar-free, plantbased desserts startup, Zveetz. Christian Krause and Vishal Kawatra founded Zveetz in Berlin, after battling with personal and family health issues stemming from the overconsumption of sugar. The start-up graduated from the ProVeg Incubator last year. At the end of 2020, ProVeg International and Veg Capital were 8 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

also part of a group of investors that injected funding into another ProVeg Incubator alumni startup – Hooked. The Swedish plant-based seafood company raised $600,000 USD to launch its fish alternatives. Earlier in 2020, ProVeg International also invested in the Israeli startup Remilk. The precision fermentation company raised $11.3 million USD to further develop its alternative dairy products. Sebastian Joy, president of ProVeg International, said: “By investing in innovative and impactful food startups such as Zveetz, Hooked, and Remilk, ProVeg is driving the positive change that our food system desperately needs. Our mission is to reduce the global consumption of animals by 50% by the year 2040. Ensuring consumer access to attractive, affordable, and available

plant-based alternatives is key to achieving that.” Matthew Glover, managing director of Veg Capital and founder of Veganuary, added: “Veg Capital is delighted to partner with ProVeg Incubator. As organisations, we are fully missionaligned in exclusively supporting pioneering companies that are striving to replace animals in the global food system. All of the profits that are made through our collaboration will be donated back to ProVeg – a virtuous circle of positive change for animals and the planet.” The ProVeg Incubator is currently accepting start-up applications to join the upcoming edition of its accelerator programme, which will kick off in April 2021. Interested founders can apply online at provegincubator.com/apply


Amipak continues to invest in the future Amipak says that it has invested over £200,000 in a new high performance Heiber+Schröder tray forming machine, to increase production capacity for its growing range of carton packaging products for the food-to-go, retail and out-of-home sectors. The new Heiber+Schröder CE 1560 tray former is now fully operational at Amipak’s Willesden site, say the firm, and is the latest investment in technology and modernisation of its production facilities totalling over £1.75m. “Investments like this are part of our long-term plan and a statement of intent to grow our business. We aim to meet increased demand for our sustainable cartonboard product range, with a flexible and customer focused approach,” said Amipak director of communications and sustainability, Daniel Schwitzer. “The trays we produce on this new machine are easy for both operators and consumers to

use. They are often made from easily recyclable material and are pulpable or compostable in an industrial facility, which fits well with current consumer expectations.” The new tray forming machine can create up to 36,000 perfectly formed trays per hour and features the latest technology for faster running speeds, quick make-readies and operator ease of use. “The new machine enables us to deliver the shorter lead times, with increased capacity, reliability and flexibility required to meet the fastchanging demands of this sector,” Daniel Schwitzer explained. “It is used to produce food packaging such as our sustainable brown leakproof range, and in addition to reducing waste, creates the opportunity for Amipak to convert more products. “The tray production machine will also be used for the creation of a

foodservice packaging range, which utilises a new material. Trials are underway and we look forward to announcing the introduction of this new product development in early 2021. “Installing new machines has increased our capacity in some areas by around 30% as we prepare to respond to the rapidly growing demands of the food-to-go category. We are proud that we have Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody certification and that we manufacture the majority of our products here in the UK, therefore lowering our carbon footprint as well as that of our customers. These are investments for the future of Amipak, enabling the business to increase stock holding while building on our consistent reputation for flexibility in serving our customers.”

Faerch launch new recycled mono-PET Eco HotPro product range Faerch (www.faerch.com) say that they have taken yet another step in bringing circular packaging solutions into the dairy market, having introduced its new Eco HotPro product family, a new circular mono-PET pot range for hot fill food applications, developed to allow high-temperature sterilisation (HTS). High-temperature sterilisation is an important feature in many dairy categories, they point out, requiring packaging to withstand temperatures of up to 120oC. The new Eco HotPro Pot range is based upon Faerch’s proven and market-leading CPET technology, meeting these requirements whilst still being fully circular. Eco HotPro Pots are made from up to 75% of recycled post-consumer content, not compromising on food safety or any other functional property. After use, they can be recycled to new food grade products of the same quality in an endless number of life cycles. 10 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

Legacy material PP, which has so far been widely used for high-temperature sterilisation in dairy applications, is by no means circular. Like PS, for food safety reasons, PP products need to be made from 100% virgin material. Moreover, they can only be downcycled to non-food applications, contradicting the basic principles of a circular economy. PP and PS are increasingly affected by implemented legislation across Europe to support the transition towards circularity, say Faerch. Like in other countries, PP will be impacted by the plastic packaging tax taking effect by April 2022 in the UK, as it cannot meet the threshold of a minimum of 30% recycled content in direct food contact applications. “We are seeing the key players in the dairy market across Europe taking their responsibility very seriously to move towards more sustainable packaging solutions. With the large volumes

they place into the market and their demanding functional requirements, like high-temperature sterilisation, the transition towards circularity is not an easy task for Dairies,” said Spencer Johnston, CEO of Faerch UK. “We are proud that we can contribute by introducing our Eco HotPro Pot range allowing Dairies to switch to truly circular packaging solutions. Circularity in food packaging is not a distance vision for us, it is reality already today. We manufacture food containers from recycled postconsumer content and recycle them back into food grade material. We do this every day at industrial scale.”

NEWS Leon and Pret partner with Meatless Farm High street food chains Leon and Pret have partnered with the UK’s fastest-growing next generation meat alternative company, Meatless Farm, to expand their plant-based offerings, as 2021 looks set to be the year of ‘ecotarianism’. The launches came in time for Veganuary 2021, the food to go sector having been quick to respond to the changing consumer landscape and both chains having long championed plantbased options. Pret offers a variety of vegan and veggie options for customers and launched Veggie Pret four years ago, whilst at the beginning of last year Leon revealed that 60% of its sales were vegetarian or vegan options and its meat free burgers outsold regular burgers, with sales surging from 41.3% to 56.8%, they report. Pret is launching a meatless version of its best-selling Swedish Meatball Hot Wrap with the updated classic using

plant-based meatballs, red tapenade, chipotle ketchup and topped with a sprinkling of crispy onions. Meatless Farm’s bespoke meatballs use a range of plant proteins to create a meaty, succulent texture and taste. The Meatless Meatball Hot Wrap was available from £4.25 and Pret was so confident in it that they removed the traditional version for a month. Leon’s iconic LOVe burger debuted with an updated recipe featuring a specially developed, grilled and peabased Meatless Farm patty between toasted sourdough burger buns and topped with LEON LOVe Burger Sauce, vegan Carolina mustard mayo, tomatoes, pickles and a slice of goudastyle vegan cheeze. Morten Toft Bech, Meatless Farm’s founder, said: “The awareness of the impact intensively-farmed meat has on climate change is driving an increase in ‘ecotarians’ who eat in a way which minimises impact on the environment,

and this is something that’s going to be an even keener focus in 2021 as climate change action dominates the global agenda. “Consumers are increasingly demanding meat free choices when they are eating out or on the go as plantbased alternatives move from being a specialist option to top-of-menu with demand coming from meat-reducers and the carbon-conscious as much as traditional non-meat eaters. “We work closely with our foodservice partners to help them develop their plant-based offering as demand soars, especially via new delivery platforms and at home offerings. To work with such like-minded brands on iconic menu items at one of the most important times of year for plant-based food is fantastic.”

Sammies Awards winner reveals toastie making secrets! The Jabberwocky have been showcasing local food for years, but in 2020 business vanished due to Coronavirus, so instead, chef, Barny Luxmoore decided to ‘write it all down’ for people to try at home. Last year has been tough for lots of industries, but food businesses have been especially affected, he acknowledges, with the start of 2020 having looked very promising for The Jabberwocky, as their Glastonbury pitch had been confirmed along with spots at all the local favourites: Leamington Peace festival, Art in the Park and the #LeamFoodFest. Then the pandemic came along and all that was gone overnight. Luckily, they feel, however, they had already competed in their heat for the National Sandwich awards, and in June 2020 Barny Luxmoore’s sandwich - the Korean Wrapsody - was chosen as one of the winners (it’s a tortilla filled with bo

sam pork, homemade kimchi, ginger and spring onion sauce and gochujang mayo and won Barny £500 in prize money, as well as a trophy). Great news, but fans still couldn’t eat Jabberwocky toasties, needless to say, and the Jabberwocky couldn’t earn any money. So Barny Luxmoore says that he took advantage of cancelled events, sat down and began working on a project he had started five years ago, but never had time to finish - The Toastie Construction Manual. “It’s a simple toastie recipe book, but each sandwich is illustrated like a car repair handbook with an exploded diagram to walk you through assembly so that a finished toastie fits together properly,” he explains. “Correctly assembled, toasties will yield better ooze, fewer manufacturing issues (when your toastie falls to bits), better

flavour dispersal and the perfect golden brown crust!” The book also contains illustrations to explain any necessary cooking techniques, along with cheats, tips and tricks from the seasoned chef, who, prior to cooking more than 100,000 toasties, spent five years as the head chef of Merchants in Warwick (one of the top three Warwick restaurants on Trip Advisor at the time). The Toastie Construction Manual was written as a guide to toasties for people with no cooking knowledge, as a gift for toastie lovers, and as a cookbook with a difference and is available to buy on Amazon as well as directly from the Jabberwocky website www. thejabberwocky.co.uk/books with copies bought directly from them sent in upcycled, plastic free packaging and delivered on foot where possible, Barny Luxmoore points out. www.sandwich.org.uk February 2021 11

NEWS Award for Northamptonshire Bakers, Food Allied Workers Union Branch In order to recognise and celebrate the contributions of those who live or work in Northamptonshire to the county’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire, the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire and Northamptonshire jointly launched the Unsung Heroes of Northamptonshire initiative. Members of the public have been invited and encouraged to nominate individuals or organisations whom they think deserve recognition with nominees who fulfil the criteria presented on behalf of the people of Northamptonshire with a Rose of Northamptonshire in recognition of their contributions. Bakers, Food Allied Workers Union Branch 357 Greencore have been awarded a Rose of Northamptonshire Award in recognition of the hard work and determination members have shown when faced with the unprecedented threat from the Coronavirus outbreak and in keeping their communities together and those most at risk safe. It has been an immensely challenging period of time for everyone the union acknowledged, and there is still much ahead, but they feel it is right to take this opportunity to display their admiration and appreciation for work that has been done, and continues to be done.

12 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

Brakes duo recognised in New Year Honours List Two key figures from foodservice company, Brakes, have been recognised in the latest New Year’s Honours list for their roles in launching the government’s programme to provide food boxes to the clinically vulnerable during lockdown. Brakes’ supply chain and operations director, Alex Mayfield, and lead solution designer, Ricky Sercombe, were awarded MBEs, recognising their pivotal roles in leading the Brakes team that created and launched a service to support the shielding clinically vulnerable with vital food boxes during the first nationwide lockdown. Working with the government, Brakes, in partnership with Bidfood, conceived and launched the service, delivering the first boxes direct to those who most needed them in only nine days. Brakes was also responsible for food supply to critical institutions such as the NHS and the care sector as they struggled to cope with the difficulties caused by the pandemic, and worked with retailers to provide much needed products to fill empty shelves in the early days of the crisis. Alex Mayfield was instrumental in developing and leading Brakes’ approach to creating this unique service, coordinating supply, procurement, packing and distribution in record time. Ricky Sercombe was integral in ensuring the initial data was collated into a meaningful and workable plan, overcoming issues with its accuracy, consistency and timeliness, working round the clock to ensure that deliveries could be made to the shielded vulnerable population. Hugo Mahoney, CEO at Brakes, said: “The MBEs given to Alex and Ricky reflect the resilience, innovation and resourcefulness of our business in developing and launching a service to support the clinically vulnerable at a time when many of those most in need

Alex Mayfield (top) and Ricky Sercombe.

were unable to access food and essential supplies. “The well-deserved honours are a fantastic recognition of the boundless energy and resourcefulness they displayed in leading their teams at a very challenging time. I’m very proud of how they drew the business together to deliver such a valuable service so quickly, at a time when many supermarkets were displaying empty shelves and were not able to provide delivery slots. “Brakes rose to this challenge as one, and the awards recognise the dedication and commitment from the thousands of drivers, packers, contact centre operators and planners that created and delivered this service from a standing start in days.”

This year we will be celebrating the 26th year of the Sammies Awards and we are delighted to announce the information and award categories. The Awards are an important event in the industry’s calendar and this year it is more important than ever to recognise the hard work, dedication and achievements of all those involved in the British Sandwich & Food to Go industry. The Awards will continue to be supported and will be announced on 6 May 2021 and later in the year, when we can once again bring everyone together, we will be holding the BSA Industry Dinner. This will take place at the Royal Lancaster London on Thursday, 21 October 2021.

lunch! – Independent Retailer Community Award

This year’s award recognises those retailers who have gone out of their way to support their local communities through the pandemic. *

The Soho Sandwich Company – New Product Award

This award recognises development and innovation by suppliers within the industry and looks at both ingredients (not sandwiches and food to go products) and packaging/equipment. *

Flexeserve – New Food to Go Product Award

This award recognises development and innovation for the food to go market by manufacturers and foodservice businesses within the industry. *

Marketing Award

Recognising the importance of marketing, this award is presented to a sandwich/ FTG retailer, manufacturer or supplier who has initiated a successful and innovative campaign to achieve specific strategic goals. *

Millitec – Manufacturer Award

This award recognises the overall contribution made by manufacturers to elevate and grow the industry. This year we invite written entries from manufacturers and particularly ask them to focus on what they have been doing during the pandemic.

Pilgrim’s UK – Chain Retailer Award

This award recognises the work being done by the chains to develop the market in the high street and in particular how they have managed their business during the pandemic. Entrants are encouraged to provide written entries, particularly highlighting how they have managed through the pandemic. The judges will consider this together with data sourced from Kantar, HIM, NPD and Mealtrak.

Greencore – En-Route Retailer Award

Agrial Fresh – Business Development Award

This award recognises business developments that have helped progress the industry. *

Environmental Award

Focusing on travel, from forecourts and service stations to airports and trains. This award recognises the work these businesses are doing to develop and drive this sector. Entrants are encouraged to provide written entries, particularly highlighting how they have managed through the pandemic. The judges will consider this together with data sourced from Kantar, HIM, NPD and Mealtrak.

This award is designed to recognise the work being done at all levels to reduce the sector’s impact on the environment. *

Healthy Eating Award

This award recognises the work being done to provide consumers with new interesting and innovative healthy eating products. *

New Sandwich Award

Open to any sandwich (not a range) this award recognises and encourages good innovation within the sandwich market in both the hot and cold sectors. *

Dawn Farms – Café Retailer Award

This award will recognise the work being done by the café retailers to develop the market in the high street and in particular how they have managed their business during the pandemic. The judges will take into account the entrants submissions detailing what they have been doing during the pandemic together with market data sourced from Kantar, HIM, NPD and Mealtrak.

Around Noon – Multiple Retailer Award

This award recognises those retailers who have done the most to develop their business over the last year and in particular during the pandemic. Entrants are encouraged to provide written entries, particularly highlighting how they have managed through the pandemic. The judges will consider this together with data sourced from Kantar, HIM, NPD and Mealtrak.

The Sandwich & Food To Go Industry Award

This award is in the gift of the BSA Management Committee and is presented to an individual or organisation for outstanding contribution to the industry.


*In these categories, a panel of judges will choose the five best entries from those initially shortlisted and where applicable tasted. The final five will be invited to make a video conference presentation to the judges and members, who will vote on each entry. All judging dates can be found on the website in the award category section.

HOW TO ENTER ProAmpac/Rap – Convenience Retailer Award

This award will recognise the work being done by the convenience retailers to develop the sandwich/FTG market in the high street and in particular how they have managed their business during the pandemic. Entrants are encouraged to provide written entries, particularly highlighting how they have managed their business through the pandemic. The judges will consider this together with data sourced from Kantar, HIM, NPD and Mealtrak.

To enter, simply visit www.thesammies.co.uk or email sammies2021@sandwich.org.uk Closing date for entries is Friday 12 February 2021. Confidentiality: All entries will be treated in strict confidence and all judges will be bound by confidentiality agreements.

ABOUT OUR SPONSORS We are a leading manufacturer of convenience food in the UK and our purpose is to make every day taste better. To help us achieve this we have a model called The Greencore Way, which is built on the differentiators of People at the Core, Great Food, Excellence and Sustainability – The Greencore Way describes both who we are and how we will succeed. We supply all of the major supermarkets in the UK. We also supply convenience and travel retail outlets, discounters, coffee shops, foodservice and other retailers. We have strong market positions in a range of categories including sandwiches, salads, sushi, chilled snacking, chilled ready meals, chilled soups and sauces, chilled quiche, ambient sauces and pickles, and frozen Yorkshire Puddings. In FY20 we manufactured 619m sandwiches and other food to go products, 116m chilled prepared meals, and 264m bottles of cooking sauces, pickles and condiments. We carry out more than 10,000 direct to store deliveries each day. We have 16 world-class manufacturing sites in the UK, with industry-leading technology and supply chain capabilities. We generated revenues of £1.2bn in FY20 and employ approximately 12,200 people. We are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. For further information go to www.greencore.com or follow Greencore on social media.

Lettuce introduce ourselves! Agrial Fresh Produce Wigan is proud to have a long & successful history in the fresh produce industry. We have a passion and pride in everything we do and an approach to business that is centred around transparency and honesty. We work closely with our partners to build long term collaborative relationships, supplying freshly prepared and innovative produce that our customers love, and we are proud of! From Iceberg to Baby leaves, Tomatoes to Slaws, our expert teams lovingly create products to best meet all your sandwich, salad and healthy food to go, needs. With a little help from our farm in Colchester and growers across the UK and Europe, we work tirelessly all year round to ensure that we continue to supply the highest quality produce, whatever the weather.

With over 30 years’ experience in the food-to-go market Around Noon produces high quality chilled, hot and frozen products. Ranges included tiered offerings of sandwiches, wraps, salads, breakfast options, snacks, granola yogurts and natural fruit juices as well as breakfast boxes, hospitality platter options and lunch bags. Around Noon’s comprehensive and innovative foodto-go range includes a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free products. Seasonality is a key focus. Sectors in which we operate include food service contract catering, travel, education and healthcare. Around Noon has expanded in recent years to four manufacturing sites across two locations. Facilities include Around Noon London, based in Slough, UK with Around Noon Head Office, Around Noon Bakery and Around Noon Print located in Newry, Northern Ireland. Around Noon Print is a new label printing operation which allows us flexibility and efficiencies around label stocks. Around Noon Bakery produces a fabulous range of products including traybakes, cakes, pastries, brownies, slices, muffins and scones. Around Noon Bakery won a Great Taste 2019 Award for their ‘Tea Brack’ fruit loaf product. Around Noon is an award-winning food manufacturer and has been listed in The Sunday Times VirginFasttrack 100 in 2017 and again in 2018. Around Noon continues to innovative and drive the food-to-go market.

Flexeserve®, the capabilities are unrivalled. Flexeserve, a brand of The Alan Nuttall Partnership, manufactures industry-leading, award-winning and patented heated displays and hot-holding units, developed from our 50 years of experience in the foodservice industry. Used by major global retailers and independent outlets alike, Flexeserve enables businesses to improve their hot food offer, achieve enhanced food security, reduce waste and sell more. Our Development Chef and culinary team achieve this through our all-encompassing service, Flexeserve Solution®. This encompasses the five key elements of a successful hot food operation: Product, Cook Method, Packaging, Technology and In-store Service. A revolution in hot food-to-go, delivery and takeaway - Flexeserve products are the only hot-holding units capable of true hot-holding by maintaining quality for unrivalled hold times. Our knowledge and understanding of the science of hot-holding and all the key elements of a profitable hot food programme makes Flexeserve the home of true hot-holding.

RAP is a market leader in food-to-go packaging. The company combines technical, creative and commercial expertise to design and manufacture high grade protective and hygienic food packaging for sandwiches, hot products, chilled meats and ready meals. Our award-winning design and technical teams remain at the forefront of innovative, cost effective and environmentally responsible packaging solutions. Offering unrivalled expertise in helping customers reduce waste and increase recyclability, our intelligent design solutions not only help keep products fresher for longer, but also provide valuable branding opportunities to convert at the point of sale. RAP is owned by ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging. With a collaborative working relationship and a common strength in research and innovation practices, RAP continues to remain a pioneer in the industry through the ongoing development of ground-breaking new features that add value for both brands and consumers. For more information, visit rapuk.com.

lunch! - the definitive event for the cafe, coffee shop and food-to-go sector returns to ExCeL London on 23-24 September 2021. This year’s compelling line-up includes two action-packed days of business and networking, product launches and demos, innovation and insights. “Great things are worth waiting for and I have no doubt that lunch! 2021 will be worth the wait!...lunch! will be back bigger, better and even more awesome than before,” says Shereen Ritchie, md of LEON UK. Over 350 suppliers from the biggest brands to smaller start-ups will be showcasing their innovative food, drink, packaging and equipment products covering all aspects of the food-to-go sector. Thanks to the addition of a third free keynote theatre - dedicated solely to serving up world-class ‘Coffee Shop Keynotes’, there will also be even more great content for visitors to enjoy. This year’s lunch! will take place alongside sister shows Casual Dining and Commercial Kitchen. Although the three shows will maintain separate identities and focus, buyers will benefit from a boost in seeing an even greater range of products and innovations. For more information and to register your interest in visiting visit www.lunchshow.co.uk

Established in 1985, Dawn Farms is a B2B company specialising in supplying fully cooked protein (meat and plant based) and ready to eat fermented pepperoni, salami and chorizo sausage products to the world’s leading food brands in QSR and food manufacturing with a particular focus on pizza, ready meals, sandwich and snacking.

Pilgrim’s Pride Ltd. is the new name for Tulip Ltd. We are Britain’s biggest higher welfare pig farmer and producer of sustainably produced quality pork products. A division of Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, our business is part of the second largest food company in the world, whose team farm, process, prepare, package and deliver fresh, frozen and value-added food products for sale in more than 100 countries. We are proud to partner with more than 1,000 UK farmers who share our belief in the highest standards on animal welfare, efficiency, and quality. Our own farming operation is 100% RSPCA Higher Welfare, making us the largest producer of higher welfare pork globally, delivering 25% of pig meat to UK consumers.

The Soho Sandwich Company is a pre-packed sandwich manufacturer based in North London supplying high quality fresh sandwiches, wraps, bagels, panini, toasties, artisan rolls & salads to caterers and a broad spectrum of businesses within the wholesale & retail marketplace. We offer an extensive menu made from the finest ingredients, we do not use obscure chemicals, additives or preservatives and our in-house control procedures ensure that our menu is always of the highest quality. Customers are our main focus and we always emphasize on quality, safety and innovation in our product range with outstanding customer service. We are a SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) and BSA (British Sandwich Association) accredited company.

Millitec are world leaders and pioneers in the design and manufacture of hygienic automation solutions for food processing industries. We cut our teeth producing equipment for the sandwich industry, replacing the industry standard kit with sleek hygienic designs that cut waste, manpower and are efficient to clean. Millitec now offer automation solutions across all food sectors including Food to Go and ready meals, offering servo depositors, multi-head weighing, ultrasonic slicing and cutting and the world’s best production lines. We invest a third of our turnover into R&D, our spend on patents last year was higher than our spend on steel! Our latest products include “igene”, a range of hygienic robots specifically designed and built for the high care food processing industry. They are hygienic, innovative, brimming with Artificial Intelligence with our world-beating machine vision system, mobile and sized to replace a human at 680mm wide; you can literally wheel them up to the line and press go.


DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2021 Registration is now closed for this year’s competition and the sponsors’ products will shortly be making their way to this year’s contestants. The competition, open to all working in the UK sandwich and food to go industry (including those working in sandwich bars, foodservice outlets, retailing and manufacturing), will take place in a new format for 2021. Initially, contestants will be invited to create an innovative new sandwich or food to go product using the sponsorʼs ingredient as the key element, together with any other ingredients of their choice. They will then be asked to submit written recipes together with a photograph of their creation for the initial judging stage.

The winner of each category will win £250. The overall winner will receive a fantastic £2,000. We are therefore delighted to introduce this yearʼs sponsors and the product categories. Mission Foods – Chocolate Flavour Vegan Tortilla Missions new first to market Chocolate flavoured Vegan tortilla has been designed as a dual application product with a unique flavour profile that works in both sweet & savoury dishes. Baked with the finest cocoa powder giving a rich dark colour and indulgent flavour; our new vegan tortilla can add depth and interest to South American inspired plates or replace pastry to create rich, multitextured desserts. Itʼs an amazing taste sensation where the only boundary is your imagination! H. Smith Food Group – Shredded Chicken Breast Our shredded chicken is produced from boneless and skinless whole breasts using just chicken, water and salt only. The product is ready to eat from thaw or can be reheated,

leaving you with an extremely versatile, succulent product. We developed this product specifically for the sandwich and food to go market which can be used for many catering applications – including wraps, salads and ready meals. It is available in a 10kg case, (4 x 2.5kg bags), IQF, is steam cooked breast meat only and ready to eat. It has full traceability from a BRC fully integrated poultry site and ticks every technical box. Norac Foods UK – Brioche Baguette Each of our baguettes are soft and pre-sliced to help make every eating occasion an easy fix. We have baked the traditions of Vienne into our soft French baguettes. Melting in the mouth and just slightly sweet, they remind us of brioche whilst delivering a satisfying bready texture. They are ideal for delicious any time of the day but mostly for mouth-watering sandwiches, let this traditional taste spark your culinary imagination.

Royal Greenland MSC Cooked and Peeled XL Cold Water Prawns Royal Greenland Prawns are a delicacy, with their pink colour and firm, juicy texture. From their origin in the ice-cold and clear waters the delicious prawns are high in protein and low in fat, making them a healthy and nutritious choice. Danish Crown – Pre-Cooked Bacon Our bacon has been dried, beechwood smoked and then cooked so it is ready for every busy chef, it can be used on sandwiches, perfect to add to your Mac and Cheese, spruce up your burger or fill a great pancake filling. It is slightly crispy yet still tender. If used for warm dishes, this bacon can simple be quickly reheated for any hot meal. Our cooked bacon saves you time so you can let your imagination run wild!

Testimonials from some of the 2020 Winners

Real Wrap Company It is fantastic to be recognised for our continuous environmental efforts, particularly our work in reducing our waste impact. Sustainability is an issue embedded into our core company ethics and in the values of everyone at Real Wrap Co. We are working hard to take our efforts further over the coming years and continue to be industry leading with innovative solutions to the eco challenges that food-to-go manufacturing faces. It is a great achievement for the Real Wrap team, and we are all very proud of our hard work. A big thank you to the BSA and the judging panel!

Fresh! Hooray!...Absolutely overwhelmed and honoured to have won such a prestigious award, it makes all our hard work over the past 20 years even more worthwhile. Our trophy shall stand pride of place in the shop for all our loyal customers to see, without whom this award would not have been possible. Many thanks, Gaz and Sam

The Co-op Helen Kerfoot, retail on demand commercial manager at Co-op, said: “We’re proud and honoured to win the Sammie’s ‘Business Development Award’ in 2020. We won this award for bringing food-to-go to eight Live Nation festivals in 2019, selling over 200,000 FTG products to festival-goers. The festivals allowed Co-op to push boundaries and bring innovation to the FTG market, such as compostable packaging as well as vending technology. “Winning this award is recognition for all the hard work, determination and commitment from our teams at the Co-op and once again positions us as market leaders in the FTG market. With our constant commitment to innovation you can be sure to see more Co-op entries to the Sammie’s in the future.”

Dave Graham (Around Noon) “I was very surprised and delighted to have won the Designer of the Year Award in the Applewood ‘Free From’ category in 2020, because the level of competition and quality of products entered were extremely high. I was also very pleased to have been able to present my sandwich in person to the judges just before traveling restrictions were put in place. “During 2019 I became a vegan for six months; from a chef ’s perspective I needed to live the life and get a real passion for the vegan diet which in turn would hopefully give me a creative edge with product development. This worked in my favour, as I won Designer of the Year in the vegan category. “The Sandwich Designer Awards are very well organised, which makes entering and presenting your entries fun and very educational. I look forward to entering again this year and catching up with all the amazing and talented people I met in 2020.”



Nutritics is the global leader in food information and food labelling software, working with restaurants, cafés, food suppliers, nutritionists and caterers in over 175 countries across the world. Nutritics’ market-leading technology assists food businesses of all sizes in meeting industry regulations by providing accurate information that can be shared with consumers. Nutritics is the first compliance technology in the UK to offer a one-system solution to support Natasha’s Law, which includes supplier management, recipe and allergen

analysis and label creation. The software automatically identifies allergen and ingredient information from your supplier foods and recipes, ensuring that any labels you wish to print are fully compliant with food regulations. Nutritics’ range includes LabelMagic, specifically developed to support food outlets to meet the requirements of Natasha’s Law. It has been developed to improve and automate time consuming analysis, enabling food information management to become more efficient and reducing the risk of accidental human error, like incorrect calculations. LabelMagic enables real time sharing of verified food label information from production sites to different locations in a read only format where

labels can then be printed and applied to prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) products. To provide additional support for businesses in their preparation for Natasha’s Law, Nutritics has partnered with other food experts from Manchester Metropolitan University, EuroFIR and the Quadram Institute to set up www.natashas-law.com, a free information and education resource offering practical advice and training webinars. Nutritics’ customers include LEON, Aramark and Danone. Tel: 020 3769 5265 Email: info@nutritics.com www.nutritics.com

NEW PRODUCTS Herald strengthens its business development team Herald has reinforced its business development team with two key appointments, marking a period of substantial growth. Experienced managers, Sarah Warn and Shelley Cruz have joined the manufacturer and importer of high quality disposables with the brief to drive new business and forge new links across all sectors, while supporting the efforts of the current sales team. Both food packaging specialists with an extensive knowledge of the food service industry, the two new business development managers cover customers across the South, Wales and the Midlands for Herald.

Passionate about her work, Sarah Warn has played a part in developing awardwinning, new packaging products over the past two decades and is looking forward to helping Herald’s customers identify the best solutions for their businesses, with Shelley Cruz adding that she is equally enthused to help the packaging expert to take its business to the next level. Call 0208 507 7900 or visit www.heraldplastic. com.

18 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

DTM Print offers a 3-years warranty for its label printer and disc publisher division DTM Print, international OEM and solution provider for speciality printing systems, now offers its customers a warranty period of up to 36 months. As before, all customers will automatically receive a 12-months warranty with their purchase. However, for purchases within the EU (including EFTA countries) they have the option of a free extension to a total of three years. Warranty duration and warranty processing are very important for distributors, resellers and clients. They want to be sure that in the event of a breakdown, faulty devices can be replaced or repaired quickly and easily. Optimally controlled processes and high quality

management at DTM Print ensure effective handling of warranty claims. “Even with very highquality components, warranty claims cannot be completely excluded. Therefore, we decided to offer our partners and customers even more security,” emphasises Andreas Hoffmann, managing director of DTM Print. “Our promise is a voluntary warranty extension which must be clearly distinguished from the legal guarantee period. This is often confused in everyday language.” Call +49 (0) 611 92777-0, or visit dtm-print.eu.


From Verona in northern Italy…

Delicious, responsively sourced vegetable slices ready to use Bring exciting new flavours to your menus with a tasty line of grilled veggies and gastronomic specialities. From plump grilled mushrooms to sweet and spicy mini peppers, there are so many options for you to explore. Full traceability of the supply chain is assured to ensure the best quality products from a company with a long history of suppling the most authentic Italian preserved vegetables, now available for your customers to enjoy.

Also discover the latest range of ready to eat grain, Quinoa, Couscous and rice products now available

Brought to you exclusively by NSF Foods Ltd DISCOVER THE FULL RANGE BY CALLING US TODAY Call 01902 925330, visit nsffoods.com or email info@nsffoods.com NSF Foods Ltd, Deansgate, 62-70 Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton WV1 4TH


BSA SURVEY On 1 October 2021 new rules come into force requiring all catering and food service businesses, including independent sandwich bars and cafés, to provide allergen labelling on any products they make in store and package in advance of being sold. This includes products that are sold from self-service units or anything that is prepacked. The following quick survey is designed to help us, and the Food Standards Agency, understand how we can best help you to comply with these new requirements. If you would like more information, please contact Jim Winship at jim@sandwich.org.uk SANDWICH PACK RECYCLING A new working group has been set up to consider ways for better handling used sandwich packs. The group, which comprises a cross-section of retailers, manufacturers, packaging suppliers and recyclers, is considering how collection points might be set up across the industry with incentives for consumers to take used packs to these locations. A survey of members is to be issued shortly to get feedback on the proposals.

LOCKDOWN RULES Under the new lockdown arrangements, restaurants and takeaways, takeaway of food and non-alcoholic drink can continue to provide takeaway services until 11pm, with delivery of all food and drink permitted to continue after this

time. Unlike under previous restrictions, pubs and restaurants have been banned from selling takeaway alcohol, however it can continue via delivery. The details of the restrictions are set out at https://www. gov.uk/guidance/national-lockdown-stay-at-home LOCKDOWN GRANTS ANNOUNCED With the country back in lockdown, the Chancellor has announced grants to help businesses through, as follows: Business Grants One-off top up grants for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses worth up to £9,000 per property to help businesses through to the Spring £594 million discretionary fund also made available to support other impacted businesses The one-off top-ups will be granted to closed businesses as follows • £4,000 for businesses with a rateable value of £15,000 or under • £6,000 for businesses with a rateable value between £15,000 and £51,000 • £9,000 for businesses with a rateable value of over £51,000 Business support is a devolved policy and therefore the responsibility of the devolved administrations, which will receive additional funding as a result of these announcements in the usual manner: • The Scottish Government will receive £375 million • The Welsh Government will receive £227 million • The Northern Ireland Executive will receive £127 million You can find full details at https://www.gov.uk/government/ news/46-billion-in-new-lockdown-grants-to-supportbusinesses-and-protect-jobs VACCINATION PRIORITIES The Association has made contact with officials at the Department of Health suggesting that key workers in the food industry should be prioritised for vaccinations and suggesting that this might be managed in workplaces such as factories. The department is considering the suggestion.

ASSOCIATION UPDATE GOVERNMENT TO BAN PRODUCT PROMOTIONS AND DISPLAYS New regulations banning the display and promotion of a wide range of products high in fat, salt and sugar are to be introduced from April 2022. Included in the scope of the planned legislation are pre-packaged pizzas, cakes, sweetened and milk-based drinks as well as ice creams and confectionery. The scope of the proposed legislation is broad and will effectively ban retailers from offering multibuy, two-forone and ‘extra free’ promotions on a range of pre-packaged products. While the regulations will apply only to pre-packaged products, foodservice outlets such as cafes and sandwich bars selling prepacked biscuits and cakes will be impacted. They are also to be prevented from offering free refills of sugarsweetened drinks. Retailers are also to be banned from displaying these products within two metres of tills as well as on end of aisles, close to store entrances or at key points on websites, such as entry pages, landing pages and at payment points. Businesses employing fewer than 50 people and those with store areas of below 2000sq ft (185.8 sq m) are to be exempted from the regulations. However, chains and franchises operating under one name are included.

The Association will be responding to the consultation, particularly highlighting the difficulties that some businesses will have in complying with these new rules due to the size and layout of premises. GETTING SUPPORT FOR THE SUPPLY CHAIN A letter has gone to the Chancellor from our Association and others urging the Treasury to provide further support for the suppliers to the foodservice sector and highlighting the fact that many have had no support since the lockdowns started. Many of these suppliers were also caught by substantial stock losses at the start of the current lockdown. We are particularly keen to demonstrate the damage that has been done by providing the Chancellor with examples of businesses at risk from this. If you can help with this, please contact me at jim@ sandwich.org.uk MINUTES Minutes of the latest BSA Management Committee meeting are now available on the Association’s website. These provide an update of activities that the Association is currently involved with. You will find the minutes at https://sandwich.org.uk/ images/attachments/2021/BSAManagementCommitteeMinu tesJanuary2021.pdf

The must-have sandwich and food to go industry magazine

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range and boxes, in a full bowls, chip trays a wide and From bagasse plates, forks and cutlery, Herald offers bles, chip ‘food to go’ disposa of sizes, to wooden biodegradable, quality while meeting customer varied selection of your eco-credentials allowing you to boost ly-friendly choice. mental environ demand for a more


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7900 Call: 0208 507 plastic.com







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Email: sales@herald

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16/04/2020 13:46

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Seaganism – the next big food trend?


The increasing desire on the part of consumers to pursue flexitarian diets is leading to greater demand for seafood on menus, with suppliers themselves focusing on encouraging its sustainable sourcing as well as its health-promoting aspects. SEAGANISM “The food business has gone through a significant transformation over the last few years, driven by consumers who are increasingly prioritising meals that are healthy, sustainably sourced and ethically produced, and the needs to adapt to these new attitudes,” says Mohamed Merali, managing director of Paradise Seafood (www. paradiseseafood.co.uk), a Londonbased fresh and frozen seafood supplier. “While many consumers are not sticking to a strictly plant-based diet, 22 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

their eating preferences are changing due to the new levels of awareness and emerging new food options. Flexitarians are consciously reducing their meat consumption and increasing their plant-based food intake to help the environment and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The number of flexitarians in the UK continues to rise, with recent research suggesting that over 45% of meat eaters are planning to reduce their meat consumption this year. In addition to that, 49% of flexitarians are intending to further reduce meat going forward.

“Following the recent increase in vegan diets, a number of reports now suggest that Seaganism is set to become the next big food trend. Seaganism is a mainly plant-based diet, which includes sustainably sourced seafood, different from a traditional pescatarian diet, as it doesn’t include any dairy products or eggs. “The Waitrose Food & Drink Report, for example, suggested that one of the biggest trends they have seen is ‘seacuterie’, the reimagined charcuterie using seafood instead

COLD-WATER PRAWNS DELIC ATE & FL AVOURFUL The perfect prawns for your prawn cocktail • Wild caught in the North Atlantic • MSC Certified • Single or double frozen • High protein content and naturally low in fat • Great sweet and juicy flavour with a bright pink colour Ideal in cold sandwiches, wraps and salads served with a light mayonnaise or Marie Rose sauce.

Royal Greenland UK, Gateway House, North Wing 2nd Floor, Styal Road, Wythenshawe Manchester, M22 5WY

Linkedin @RoyalGreenlandUK

Twitter @_RoyalGreenland

Instagram royalgreenlanduk

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enquiryuk@royalgreenland.com www.royalgreenland.co.uk



es rv Se

Preparation: 15 minutes

Prawn and Parma ham skewers

Ingredients • 16 large king prawns • 16 slices of courgettes cut lengthwise • 100g Parma ham Marinade • 1 teaspoon of pink peppercorns in a brine • lime juice • chives • extra virgin olive oil • salt • mixed salad for serving

Preparation 1. Marinade: crush the pepper, chop the chives and put them in a bowl with olive oil, lime juice and salt. 2. Peel and devein the prawns, add them to the marinade and leave to rest for two hours in the refrigerator. 3. Drain the prawns from the marinade, wrap them in a courgette slice, then in a slice of Parma ham and thread them in pairs onto small wooden skewers. 4. Heat the grid and grill the skewers turning them and when ready, dress them with a dribble of oil to taste and a pinch of salt if needed. 5. Serve the skewers with mixed salad.

24 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

of meat. The Australian-originated trend which includes pickling, fermenting, smoking or aging seafood, is now making its way to restaurants, where chefs are beginning to add value to fish in ways they have done with meat for many years. “In addition to the health benefits of a plant-based diet, consuming seafood provides a high dose of omega-3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation in the body, acting as a cancer prevention measure, and helping to maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure, plus brain function and vision. Both plantbased foods and seafood have been key elements of UK government guidelines for a healthy diet, with a recommended two portions of fish per week, together with a high intake of plant-based meals. When paired with the health and environmental benefits of a plantbased diet, a seagan diet provides a more flexible option for consumers who are looking for more sustainable and tasty dining options.” TO GO FOR HEAT AT HOME KellyDeli, owners of international sushi franchise Sushi Daily, launched a new hot food range at 22 of its counters across some Waitrose stores, with customers in locations from Greater London to Glasgow and Bracknell able to purchase four new curry and ramen dishes to heat at home. In true Sushi Daily style, say KellyDeli, this food to go range is bursting with flavour and brimming with natural ingredients. Sold chilled, the heat at home menu features a succulent prawn option (Prawn Yakisoba retailing at £8.50); Yakisoba being one of Japan’s best-known street foods. The stir-fry, normally available in chicken or prawn variant, is served on a bed of noodles, dressed with crunchy vegetables, sesame seeds and spring onions, flavoured with a sweet-savoury sauce.

“We are passionate about delivering new and exciting products to our customers to surprise and delight them,” said KellyDeli’s UK managing director, Ian Roberts. “Most of us have been dining out less than we would ordinarily in recent times, for obvious reasons, and now the colder months are here, we wanted to offer our customers something that would provide a comforting alternative to our signature chilled range, but also create a restaurant-quality experience from the safety of their own home. “Health has always been a key driver for us, and this range is no different, but the idea here is that customers can enjoy some no-fuss, guilt-free comfort food which can be picked up during their weekly shop.” Sushi Daily has over 800 counters in 11 countries (www.sushidaily.com), selling freshly handmade sushi in convenient locations and travel hubs across the UK and Europe, including major supermarkets such as Waitrose and Asda. Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur and sushi enthusiast Kelly Choi - who is mentored by internationally renowned Master of Sushi Yamamoto-San - Sushi Daily has a menu that respects tradition while embracing innovation and experimentation. The brand’s sushi artisans are trained to prepare over 100 recipes from scratch. They begin each day with an empty fridge and fill it with the finest fresh ingredients. All fish cutting, vegetable preparation and rice cooking takes place on site with Sushi Daily counters offering an open kitchen experience with a chef on site. The focus is on fresh, natural ingredients, offering a handmade alternative to grab-and-go convenience food. SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES Sector supplier, Young’s Seafood, says that it has been celebrating a major milestone in reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable business practices after meeting all its 2020 targets for packaging reduction, ahead of the self-imposed end of year deadline.

In 2018 Young’s committed to reduce plastic packaging by 10%, whilst significantly cutting its use of paper packaging. This was part of a broader strategy to ensure that 100% of all its packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, say the company, who have now achieved those targets early (successfully removing over 170 tonnes of unnecessary paper packaging and 300 tonnes of plastic packaging in the process). To achieve its targets on plastics, which are linked to the UK’s Plastics Pact, it undertook a review of its entire product range. In addition, Young’s was able to replace 127 tonnes of other plastics with recyclable materials, they report, their success being down to a focused strategy which comprises of five distinct components: Redesign, Remove, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. “We are hugely aware of our responsibility to bring great tasting

Prawn Yakisoba

seafood to the nation’s table in a sustainable way and to reduce our use of packaging is a vital part of this,” said Helen Nickells, head of packaging development at Young’s. “The packaging reduction we have achieved to date has also allowed us to generate additional environmental benefits, including taking 256 lorries of the roads and significantly reducing our carbon footprint. This is not the end of the road by any means, the results to-

date are brilliant, but we must not lose site of the journey ahead.” Young’s Seafood Limited supplies seafood to the hospitality industry offering an extensive portfolio of products through its Young’s Foodservice and Kingfrost brands and through its Fish for Life programme, and says that it is dedicated to doing this in a responsible and sustainable manner that protects the industry and the environment.

Food labelling solutions We are on a roll and colour matters

• • • • •

Set any label shape or size Add customers logos, names and events Allergens (Natasha’s law) Nutrition, ingredients, expiry date, more.. High quality colour print, no ribbon waste




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SHELF LIFE ASSESSED Campden BRI has been looking for partners to help with new research that will aim to revise established standards in order to increase the shelf life of fresh fish and seafood, as this could save producers and retailers millions of pounds in wasted food by extending shelf life by a day or even more. “The research will focus on whether existing standards for assessing shelf life are overly cautious. When it comes to shelf life, fish and seafood are renowned for being highly-perishable, but it’s still quite possible that current rejection thresholds for levels of microorganisms are set unrealistically low, leading to significant wastage and cost. We’ll be undertaking microbiological, chemical and sensory testing to see if reviewing these standards can achieve improved shelf life without compromising product safety,” says Campden BRI microbiologist, Greg Jones, who is leading the project. The scientists have been on the lookout for fish and seafood producers, and retailers, to work with them on the project so that they can undertake investigations and analyses on a comprehensive range of products. In 2011, WRAP estimated that 1.2% of fishery produce was wasted, with the cost to retailers alone of £12 million. Currently, the majority of retailers apply microbiological specifications, as indicators of quality, to the raw seafood (fish, prawns and shellfish) that they source from their suppliers. Feedback from producers suggests that the upper limits in these specifications are currently set too low to take account of the natural levels of microflora (in fish and seafood) and can potentially be exceeded even at the very

26 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

Fish and seafood are renowned for being highly-perishable.

start of shelf life, despite the food being safe and organoleptically acceptable. “This suggests that the natural flora of seafood may already be at a higher level than that permitted by the specifications. If the evidence justifies a review of these specifications, by correlating sensory data with plate counts, the benefits to producers and retailers will be considerable - allowing safe food to be stored for a longer time. Consequently, it will also reduce environmental and financial impacts through reduced waste,” adds Greg Jones. “The project is about to start, we have sorted the contracts for the first lot of people who wanted to be involved and we’re just getting into the practical side of the project. The structure is fairly basic - we take a product into the lab and test it from a microbiological and from a sensory perspective and see which one gives us the first indication of an end of shelf life. The null hypothesis is that microbiology determines the end of life, as this is what is used by some retailers, and it causes problems when sensorially acceptable product has a micro load beyond that specified. “We’re certainly open to new companies joining the

project, subject to their signing the contract and providing the necessary funds.” The research will run for a year, and involves suppliers and retailers from across the fish and seafood sector providing a range of products for testing (any companies wanting to take part in the research should call Greg Jones on 01386 842143, or email him at greg.jones@campdenbri.co.uk). Campden BRI (www.campdenbri. co.uk) has over 2,500 member companies from 80 countries, including all of the top 10 UK retailers, the top 15 global food and drink manufacturers and many of the world’s biggest brands. It provides technical, legislative and scientific support and research consultancy services to the food and drink industry worldwide. It has a comprehensive “farm to fork” range of services covering agri-food production, analysis and testing, processing and manufacturing, safety, training and technical information services. Members and clients also benefit from industry-leading facilities for analysis, product and process development, and sensory and consumer studies, which include a specialist brewing and wine division.

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Sandwich food to go news

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The essential reference guide of manufacturers and suppliers to the sandwich industry – get your company listed!


The Sandwich & Food To Go News Annual Directory will be published in Spring 2021 and distributed to the industry throughout the year. It is mailed to subscribers, BSA and Café LifeTrade Association members and also promoted at trade shows and events throughout the year. These include Lunch Show, Caffe Culture Show and the Designer Awards. New members and subscribers joining during the year also receive a copy. The Directory offers suppliers a great way of marketing and publicising themselves in a cost-effective way. The publication, now in its 24th year, is A5 in size, and contains a comprehensive list of manufacturers, suppliers and services within sectionalised categories to provide an essential LISTIN G PER reference guide. Companies are also indexed at the back.It will also be uploaded onto www.sandwichandfoodtogonews.co.uk CO


Business details to appear in Directory Company Name:.............................................................................................. Address:............................................................................................................ .....................................................Post Code: ................................................. Sales contact: .................................................................................................. Tel :................................................. Fax:.......................................................... email.................................................................................................................. website..............................................................................................................

Product and services listings

Each company can be listed (name, address, telephone number) under one section heading free. Listings under additional section headings cost £5+ VAT each. Please indicate which product/service sections you wish to be included under by ticking the appropriate boxes below: n Bread, Bakery & morning products

n Cabinets, Refrigeration & Coldroom storage n Cakes, biscuits and confectionery products n Cheese and Dairy products

n Cleaning/ Hygiene materials,services and equipment n Clothing, Safety wear & Uniform

n Consultancy/insurance/business services n Distribution and delivery services

n Cold Drinks and Drink making equipment (please specify) n EPOS/ APPS /ORDERING SYSTEMS. (please specify) n Factory equipment and services (please specify) n Hot Beverages and Soups n Ingredients (Please specify)

n Kitchen and catering equipment/accessories/ovens n Labelling and label systems

Entry booking form

I would like to book the following (please tick requirements): 1 Standard Free Entry - includes company name and address entry under one section Additional Product Listings - please tick extra product listings if required (first listing is free)

Cost Req’d Free n £5 + VAT


Bold Entry includes both name and address in bold lettering Bold entry with Logo appears above name and address


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£50 + VAT 1st entry £10 + VAT for each


Editorial up to 100 words of editorial about your company to appear in the company listing. Picture & Editorial up to 100 words of editorial Mini Editorial up to 30 words Full Page Editorial logo, picture, bold listing and up to 250 words


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Directory Advertising Rates Front and Back Cover (Wraparound)* Or Front Cover* Or Back Cover* Inside Front Cover* Inside Back Cover* Full Page* Half Page* New Products section (half page landscape):

additional entry

press release for new products to include circa 100 words and picture *Includes one free entry in bold with logo and editorial. All advertisements payable 30 days from publication.


n Mayonnaise, sauces, pickles & relishes

I declare that the information given on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I hereby confirm my order to be listed as indicated in The Sandwich & Food To Go News Annual Directory. Orders under £75 must be accompanied by payment. Cheques should be made payable to J&M Group Ltd. Alternatively, if you wish to pay by Credit Card, please enter your details below

n Refrigeration and transport refrigeration

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n Sandwich manufacturers and distributors

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n Wholesalers

Please return this form, with the appropriate remittance to: Sandwich and Food to Go News Directory, Association House, 18c Moor Street, Chepstow NP16 5DB

Whilst we make every effort to contact and include all suppliers that would like to be listed, in order to guarantee a listing we ask that you kindly return this form to the contact address below or email paul@jandmgroup.co.uk or call 01291 636342. Failure to apply may result in your details not being included.

For all enquiries contact Tel: 01291 636342 / e-mail: paul@jandmgroup.co.uk Sandwich and Food to Go News Directory, Association House, 18c Moor Street, Chepstow NP16 5DB



To ensure inclusion please complete and return this form before the deadline of February 22nd 2021.


What makes Listeria such a dangerous and difficult foodborne pathogen? How can food get contaminated with Listeria? Unlike many other pathogenic bacteria, Listeria has the ability to grow at the typical refrigeration temperatures seen in food manufacturing (0-5°C) and therefore is adept at colonising equipment used in food manufacturing environments, especially if that environment is typically cold and wet. For this reason, Listeria contamination can be caused by either contaminated raw materials or by direct contamination from the manufacturing environment itself. How common is foodborne Listeria? Listeria is responsible for a relatively low number of foodborne incidents every year compared to Campylobacter and Salmonella, but those small number of infections are responsible for a disproportionally large number of fatalities, which is why there is such a strong legislative programme to control this organism. Can other Listeria species be pathogenic? Of the twenty known species, only Listeria monocytogenes is normally considered to be a human pathogen. Some medical journals have described cases of Listeriosis where Listeria ivanovii has been detected from the patients’ blood cultures suggesting that it is the causative organism, but the evidence linking other species of Listeria with illness is not conclusive. All of the legislation surrounding Listeria applies to the detection of Listeria monocytogenes only. 28 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

ALS Laboratories (UK) Ltd (www.als-testing.co.uk) is one of the UK’s leading providers of food and drink testing services. With six accredited laboratories located across the country, they offer a comprehensive range of high quality, analytical testing services, including microbiological, nutritional, vitamins and minerals, pesticides and contaminants, allergens and speciation. They also provide clients with a wide range of consultancy services and technical support on food safety, labelling requirements, allergens management and sensory testing. To launch a series of advisory articles, Andy Muirhead (pictured), ALS company microbiologist, discusses Listeria. What is Listeriosis? Listeriosis primarily affects people with weakened immune systems, pregnant women, the very young and the elderly. It’s rare for people with healthy immune systems to become ill with a Listeria infection. Listeriosis is not a classical food poisoning illness,

but a severe infection in which the organism can infect the bloodstream (causing sepsis), the brain (causing meningitis or encephalitis), the foetus in pregnant women (causing miscarriage or stillbirth), as well as other parts of the body, including bones, joints, and sites in the chest and abdomen. Symptoms of the non-invasive form of the illness include fever and flu like symptoms such as fatigue and muscle aches, but if the organism is able to penetrate the body’s internal barriers such as the blood/brain or placental barrier then life threatening symptoms of meningitis and miscarriage can occur. How does Listeria manage to penetrate these internal barriers? Listeria monocytogenes can produce two specific proteins (an adhesion protein and an invasion protein) which enables it to first attach to the host’s intestinal epithelial cells and then penetrate the cell membrane, gaining entry into the bloodstream where it can repeat the process in other parts of the body. In this way the organism can cause infections in the brain and the unborn foetus. Why does it take so long for symptoms to appear? Compared to other classical foodborne illnesses caused by Salmonella, Campylobacter and E coli, where symptoms usually occur 48/72 hours following consumption of the contaminated foodstuff, people with invasive Listeriosis typically report


symptoms starting one to four weeks after eating the contaminated food, and some people have reported symptoms starting as late as 70 days after exposure. This is because the organism has to first establish itself in the intestine, then cross the intestinal barrier, travel around the body and cross the other internal barriers before symptoms will manifest

themselves. All the while the organism is battling against the host’s immune system, which is why it is rare for people with fully functioning immune systems to succumb to the illness. Because the time taken to develop symptoms (known as the incubation period) is so long, this makes epidemiological investigation of the cause of the illness difficult as people will invariably struggle to remember what they ate so long ago and so accurately pinpoint the source of the infection. What are biofilms, and how do they help Listeria colonise food contact surfaces? Like many other bacteria, Listeria can produce an extracellular mucoid substance which allows it to stick to surfaces and also provides a protective barrier from the action of sanitisers. However, Listeria can produce a lot of this substance, which along with

its ability to grow at refrigeration temperatures allows this organism to grow within harbourage points in food manufacturing sites which are difficult to access and clean. In summary, why is Listeria different to other foodborne pathogens? Because of its unique properties such as the ability to grow at refrigeration temperatures, the production of biofilms which enable it to colonise food contact surfaces and evade the action of sanitisers, the production of proteins which enable it to penetrate through the hosts internal barriers, the long incubation period which makes tracing the source of infection difficult, and the fact that it can infect vulnerable individuals with a low infective dose, all makes Listeria monocytogenes a very dangerous pathogen which is incredibly difficult to control and eradiate within a food manufacturing environment.


Join the Plant-based Protein Revolution Evolving. Growing. Everchanging. Plant-based protein versatility is boundless, much like the capabilities and support successful processors find with Urschel. Rely on Urschel, a dynamic worldwide company, founded in 1910, to deliver plant-based protein reduction solutions. As The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology, Urschel provides unsurpassed reduction expertise to evolve, grow, and change with your product line needs, keeping your operation running at its best. Explore Urschel slicing, dicing, pureeing, milling, or granulating.



Best Selling provider of industrial cutting machinery throughout the world.

® The Global Leader in Foodof Cutting Set-up a free test-cut yourTechnology product:

URSCHEL INTERNATIONAL LTD. international@urschel.com +44 116-263-4321 www.urschel.com

® Urschel, Urschel logo symbol, and The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology are registered trademarks of Urschel Laboratories, Inc. U.S.A.

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Hot Deli Deluxe Helping your business deliver restaurant quality food to your customer’s door... Our table ready packaging is made of high quality microwaveable material that helps keep food warm and secure with leak proof, stackable lids. The range is available in a premium grey base and a high clarity clear PP lid for great product visibility. Suitable for use in the microwave and freezer, ideal for the takeaway or delivery market. UK made using renewable energy offers a secure supply chain, whilst also supporting your sustainability goals.

For more information please contact your Account Manager or email ukely@faerch.com, alternatively contact the Customer Service team on 01353 740990.


250cc Hot Deli Deluxe Lid 159mm x 127mm x 27mm

375cc Hot Deli Deluxe Lid 159mm x 127mm x 27mm

450cc Hot Deli Deluxe Lid 227mm x 177mm x 27mm

250cc Hot Deli Deluxe Base 159mm x127mm x 33mm

375cc Hot Deli Deluxe Base 159mm x 127mm x 44mm

450cc Hot Deli Deluxe Base 227mm x 177mm x 28mm

650cc Hot Deli Deluxe Lid 227mm x 177mm x 27mm

1000cc Hot Deli Deluxe Lid 227mm x 177mm x 27mm

2 Cavity Hot Deli Deluxe Lid 227mm x 177mm x 27mm

650cc Hot Deli Deluxe Base 227mm x 177mm x 37mm

1000cc Hot Deli Deluxe Base 227mm x 177mm x 49mm

2 Cavity Hot Deli Deluxe Base 227mm x 177mm x 50mm



3 Cavity Hot Deli Deluxe Lid 227mm x 177mm x 27mm

Round Hot Deli Deluxe Lid 190mm x 190mm x 16.5mm

Round Hot Deli Deluxe Lid 190mm x 190mm x 16.5mm

3 Cavity Hot Deli Deluxe Base 227mm x 177mm x 53mm

650cc Hot Deli Deluxe Round Bowl 190mm x 190mm x 39mm

1000cc Hot Deli Deluxe Round Bowl 190mm x 190mm x 57mm


Faerch Group


food to go

The start of a new year traditionally sees greater interest in, and uptake of, vegan and vegetarian ingredients and eating habits, particularly in the wake of the promotion of Veganuary. CONTINUING INNOVATION Developing new and innovative products for its served B2B market has been at the heart of Dawn Farms for 35 years, report the firm, and with the increasing number of consumers looking for better meat-free options from their favourite food and QSR brands, they were inspired to create their Plant Deli plant-based protein product range (main picture, www.

32 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

plantdeli.ie). Big on taste, the range is high in protein, low in fat and free from artificial colours and flavours, with quality being assured by the signature Dawn Farms Food Plus food safety and quality system. “It has been a busy 12 months with over 30 launches in our target markets of food service (QSR) and food manufacturing in the UK and Europe, and the Plant Deli products

have shown their versatility and adaptability as they meet customer needs for elevated meat-free taste experiences which in turn delight their consumers,” says Dawn Farms’ head of business development, John McGrath. Using the latest plant-based technology designed to have the taste and mouthfeel of genuine muscle meats, the Plant Deli chik’n strips, for example, are 100% plantbased, high in protein with layers of large interconnected fibrous structures that delivers the firm and meaty bite that consumers expect from a plant based alternative. They are very versatile and are currently available in three popular flavours - a signature roast chicken, a spicy buffalo and the tempting tikka option. The latest addition to the company’s Plant Deli range – Chilli Sin Carne – is a versatile topping, which, together with their black turtle beans is a winner on tacos, ready meals, and as a pour over on chips, Dawn Farms propose.


50mm and above logo White

Primary without strapline


A range of great tasting plant-based sandwich fillings – Roast Chik’n Strips, No-Meat Balls, Black Beans, Chorizo, Buffalo Chik’n Strips, Chik’n Tikka Strips and more.


ELEVATED MEAT-FREE EXPERIENCES If you’re looking to cater for consumers looking to eat less meat and add more diversity to their diets, our Plant Deli range really delivers.

Please email info@plantdeli.ie for further details.


VEGETARIAN All Plant Deli products are designed for their customers – namely, in-store application in QSR or to perform as the topping on a cook at home sandwich or pizza product, each one having been robustly tested in the Dawn Farms Science & Innovation Centre to ensure a consistent taste and performance with every serving, point out the company. The range is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is fully ready to eat (RTE). All ingredients are also sustainably sourced using nonGMO ingredients. Commenting on the fast growth of plant proteins, Sooyoun Seo R&D manager at the company says: “The trend is towards cleaner and tastier products with fewer ingredients, which is exactly how we envisaged Plant Deli. The increased consumer demand for sustainable and goodfor-you options in both meat and no-meat products means that we can aggressively invest in R&D capabilities to deliver the most delicious, nutritious, and sustainable plantbased proteins. “Our R&D platforms are designed to accelerate next-generation product development and include projects such as a virtual development lab, fermented ingredients for health and flavour, functional foods, rapid sensory analysis and prediction, and sustainability metric for food products. Plant-based products in the development pipeline for our served markets include bacon, tuna, beef strips, chicken nuggets, and chorizo.”

going on to point out “sign-ups for the Veganuary campaign – where people eat vegan for the month of January – hit record highs in 2020, with over 400,000 signing up.” The Veganuary sign-up figure for 2021 was estimated at an incredible 500,000, with a quarter of the participants (125,000) being from the UK. A shift in attitude towards a more mindful way of eating and perhaps spurred on as a result of lockdown weight gain, has prompted many to address their diets and nutritional needs. A series of online reports from the Foodpeople highlights trends and changes during the Covid19 period (the Foodpeople - online report Cuisine in the Covid Era, July 2020). Charles Banks, director and cofounder, the Foodpeople says: “This is the era of Conscience Cuisine, we’re already entering an era that will be dictated by environmental concerns and mindful eating. This era of conscience consumption will impact the global cuisines’ framework, age old techniques like fire cooking and bread making are already being revived and coming to the fore. Both environmental and personal health are at the top of the agenda too and

thus cuisines that lend themselves well to healthy, fresh plant-based eating are likely to thrive.” Eurilait (www.eurilait.co.uk), offers an extensive range of dairy goods to provide menu options for a variety of sectors and levels within the food industry, namely retail, foodservice and industrial and says that it is keen to share its passion for premium cheeses and dairy produce by providing great quality options for all dietary requirements; whether that’s for meat eaters, flexitarians, vegetarians or vegans. Currently, their range features a selection of Halloumi and grilling cheese to meet the overwhelming popularity for hot eating cheese – the surge in vegetarianism and flexitarianism has seen cheese as a main meal component soar, with Halloumi being a particular favourite, they observe. Halloumi is also a great choice for hot eating sandwiches and for grilling and the barbecue, they suggest. The firm texture and high melting point mean it can be grilled, or fried yet keep its shape, whilst attaining an appetising, goldenbrown, caramelised exterior – perfect for a delicious takeaway vegetarian burger, kebab or even a side of halloumi fries.

HEALTHIER EATING The reasons behind choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet are many - improved health, to combat food intolerances, concerns over the impact of food production on our environment or questions regarding sustainability, to name but a few. According to the Vegan Society “vegans and vegetarians look set to make up a quarter of the British population in 2025 and flexitarians just under half of all UK consumers”,

34 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk






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All Missio




At Mission Foods we create delicious, authentic and on-trend products Our product range is perfect for deliveries, meeting the demands of fast-paced consumers Our tortillas, flatbreads and tortilla chips make the perfect canvas for inspired chefs to create brilliant menus. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, our portfolio provides the perfect base for any dish!

Visit MissionFoodservice.co.uk for more information Follow us on: 8947_3 - Mission - S&FTGN - FP Ad.indd 1


@Mission Foodservice UK 18/01/2021 14:33

VEGETARIAN Eurilait offers a premium quality Halloumi selection, including authentic recipe Cypriot Halloumi, firm textured Mature Halloumi (ideal for grating onto pasta dishes), Grilling Cheese and a range of precision cut Halloumi slices, crumb, cubes, batons and the much in demand, Halloumi Fries. These formats can help operators save time, improve portion control and reduce waste.

“Recognising the rise in demand for superior quality vegan products, Eurilait has increased its range of plant-based choices to aid caterers, enabling them to offer inclusive menu options as the popularity of vegan diets reaches new heights,” says Rocky Page, food service & industrial controller, Eurilait Ltd. “We supply an excellent plantbased selection which excel in

Who’s taking the veg pledge? The UK has no shortage of people making the transition to becoming vegan, report www.saveonenergy. com/uk, who claim that there has been a 62% increase in veganism over the past 12 months, and who also wanted to find out which UK city is the most vegan-friendly. To find out, they considered several criteria and created an index accordingly. To create the study’s veganfriendly index, they looked at the following categories - vegan-friendly restaurants, organic health food shops, vegan supplement stores and total ‘vegan’ monthly search volumes (per 1,000 population). Firstly, to find the amount of vegan-friendly restaurants in the UK cities chosen, they used the tool Finder.com. To find the health/organic food shops, they used two tools - Google maps and Mapdevelopers.com. This same method was also used to track the number of ‘supplement stores’. They also used Ahrefs.com to find ‘vegan’ related monthly search volumes per city, which were calculated to find each total per 1,000 population. After calculating all criteria, they then put these in numerical order and ranked them from one to 30. Totalling the scores for all criteria, the final scores were calculated. Bristol is the most vegan-friendly city in the whole of the UK, they discovered. With an overall score

36 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

of 133, it has 197 vegan-friendly restaurants, 18 organic health food shops, 14 supplement stores, 2,350 monthly ‘vegan’ searches, and came in at number one when looking at the searches per 1,000 of their local population at 3.43. Contrary to what you may believe, England’s capital is not the most vegan-friendly city. London claims second place via their index, with a final score of 120. It may be high for vegan-friendly restaurants (286) and organic/health food shops (19), but for the supplement stores, London has just 48 compared to Bristol (the number of people searching the word ‘vegan’ maxes out in London with a massive 24,520 searches, they found). If you’re in Scotland and wondering which city is best for vegans, SaveOnEnergy can reveal Edinburgh places as the third most veganfriendly area - with a total score of 113. It has 185 veganfriendly restaurants - as well as 16 organic or health food shops, and in terms of Google searches, there were 1,630 Google searches containing keywords ‘vegan’. Coming in last place is Bradford with a total score of 19. The number of vegan restaurants in Bradford

product performance and are made from the very best ethically sourced ingredients. The quality, flavour and texture of plant-based dairy replacements has really improved in recent years, and our customers can now choose from delicious ‘cheddar’, ‘gouda’, ‘feta’ and ‘flavoured cream cheeses’ as well as some excellent sauces, such as truffle sauce, ‘cheese’ sauce and fondue to name but a few.”

totals 129, sixth from the bottom of the list. When it comes to organic and health food shops, Bradford places at the bottom of the list with only 10. Bradford also had the penultimate result when looking at search volumes, with a total number of just 310 a month. In second to last place with a total score of 39 is the city of Southampton, so if you’re travelling to the south coast of England, and have these specific dietary restrictions, Southampton may be the best city to avoid, feel the researchers. With only 88 vegan or restaurants, it is also placed bottom of the list for having the vegan-friendly restaurants.

VEGETARIAN MORE APPEALING “Vegan and plant-based options have been growing in popularity for some time – the number of vegans quadrupled from 2014 to 2019 and vegans and vegetarians are set to make up 25% of the population by 2025 and flexitarians just under 50%, according to the Vegan Society,” reports Gordon Lauder, MD of frozen food distributor, Central Foods (www.centralfoods.co.uk). “Recent events may well have accelerated the trend for plant-based food. According to Mintel, a quarter of young British millennials say that the coronavirus pandemic has made a vegan diet more appealing, while the survey also revealed that since the start of the pandemic a vegan diet was proving more attractive to around 12% of Brits, rising to more than 20% of Londoners. “A number of other statistics about the benefits of vegan friendly food – released as part of Veganuary – have also provided food for thought about vegan options. For example, a survey carried out by Kantar for Veganuary revealed that eating vegan can save both money and time. Vegan households spend 8% less per grocery trip than the same-sized, non-vegan household and plant-based meals take one third less time to prepare than meat or fish-based meals. This is all raising the profile of vegan and vegetarian options, leading in turn to increased demand. “It’s the younger generations who are driving the vegan trend and they are key food-to-go customers of the future, as well as of today, so demand for plant-based options certainly looks here to stay.” Alongside these trends, Central Foods points out that it has been expanding its range of vegan options for food service professionals in recent years in response to the increase in demand by offering vegan items across the whole menu (including breads, food to go options and sandwich filling ideas) to help

make it easier for sandwich and food to go operators and hospitality outlets to cater for their customers with dietary requirements. “Recently introduced to the Central Foods vegan range are the KaterVeg! vegan meatballs made with seasoned textured soya protein which make a great-tasting sandwich and food to go option for vegan diners when teamed with a vegan friendly sub roll or pizza base, both of which are available from Central Foods,” adds Gordon Lauder. “One of the secrets of success to offering vegan options is to provide items that are so delicious they’ll also appeal to all customers, not just those with dietary requirements.” GROWING SELECTION According to recent Mintel data, the meat-free market is set to have an estimated value of £1.1bn by 2024, observe Mission Foods (www. missionfoodservice.co.uk), who are well known for their vegan tortilla products, and with high interest in becoming vegan and the demand for plant-based meals on the rise overall, operators need to tap into this trend in order to keep up with consumer needs, they advise. “To provide fresh and exciting plant-based meals, operators need

to have access to a versatile range of products and ingredients to provide consumers with a selection of options to choose from. Mission Foods supports operators who are looking to expand and update their current menus by supplying veganfriendly alternatives. Research shows that 93% of plant-based meals are eaten by non-vegans (Kantar Worldpanel data), so having exciting meat-free alternatives is crucial,” says the firm’s business development chef, Kim Hartley. “All Mission Tortillas and Tortilla Chips have been created to be suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets, providing operators and chefs with a diverse and flexible foundation for the creation of tasty plant-based menus. With an in-depth range of Plain, Bar-Marked and Flavoured Tortillas, there’s a product to suit any recipe or meal adaptation. With options such as Beetroot & Chia, Tomato & Chilli and Spinach Wheat Flour Tortillas readily available, you have the opportunity to enhance your dishes with additional flavours and vibrant colours, alongside the more traditional plain tortilla options. “At Mission, we understand that different outlets and channels require a range of solutions, which

www.sandwich.org.uk February 2021 37


RECIPE Ingredients • Mission Beetroot & Chia Wrap • 25g finely shredded red cabbage • 30g roast sweet potato • 12g spinach leaves • 10g sweetcorn kernels • 25g grated carrot • 35g coriander pesto

EAT THE RAINBOW BEETROOT & CHIA WRAP is why our tortillas are available in a variety of sizes and formats. From frozen to long-life ambient products, low salt, low fat and flavoured options, Mission has a tortilla solution perfect for a range of outlets and applications. Whether you’re looking to create a brand new vegan menu option or simply updating an existing offering, you need to have authentic vegan-friendly ingredients that you can count on.”

NEW LAUNCHES Taco Bell has partnered with Gold&Green Pulled Oats® (www. goldandgreenfoods.com/uk) to launch a brand new, plantbased range in all 53 Taco Bell UK restaurants, the new veggie offering being ideal for those looking to go meat-free, or meat-lovers looking 38 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

for something new and tasty to kick start their year. The Mexican-inspired restaurant is extending its offering to meet the growing demand for meat-less meals. Healthy and packed with protein (100g of Pulled Oats contains 30g protein versis 20.2g in 1oog chicken) - and fibre – Gold&Green’s plant-based protein Pulled Oats is a mix of oats, peas and fava beans. It has a succulent texture that absorbs flavour, as well as seasoning, making it perfect for tasty Tacos and works as a meat-free alternative to the seasoned beef or grilled chicken. The Gold&Green Pulled Oats meat-free option is also available in any build on the Taco Bell menu – from burritos and quesadillas to the iconic Crunchwrap SupremeTM – so each meal can be personalised for the diner. Plus, starting at £1.29, it’s one of the most affordable plantbased options around helping make meat-free accessible to all, feel the company. “At Gold&Green we believe that plant-based food should be for everyone, be they vegetarian, flexitarian or meat-lovers,” said Simon Solway, country manager, OOH/

Method • Spread coriander pesto onto the Beetroot & Chia Wrap. • Add in the brightly coloured vegetables. • Roll up in a burrito style and enjoy!

Retail UK and IRE, Gold&Green Foods. “We’re delighted that Taco Bell has chosen to incorporate Pulled Oats into their iconic menu, and hope fans will love their oaty goodness from January and beyond!” Country Choice has announced a whole raft of new additions to its range of vegan handheld savouries, hot and chilled food to go, and confectionery. A handheld 175g steak-less bake, 175g chicken-lessbake, 283g steak-less pasty, and an 80g vegan croissant join the existing range, which includes a vegan sausage roll, sweet potato and coconut patty, and Moroccan style bean bake, all of which have proved to be extremely popular. Also joining the portfolio are a selection of vegan meal components including a plant-based Cumberland sausage, spicy bean burger and Quorn vegan fishless fingers – all perfect for popping into a Scotch morning roll to create a tasty on the go snack. The new selection of chilled meal components is extremely comprehensive, feel the firm, and includes the following fillings - Kimchi Rainbow Grain Salad,

VEGETARIAN Lebanese Style Freekeh Salad, Mexican Style Turtle Bean & Quinoa Salad, Vegan Coronation Chickpea, and Vegan Egg-less Mayo, along with a range of other handy ingredients including plain tortilla wraps, Violife cheese, Branston sandwich pickle, gourmet salad mix, cucumber, red onions, traffic light peppers and tomatoes. To help retailers merchandise the products Country Choice is also able to supply an extensive range of packaging options including a salad box with window, Vegware PLA deli round clear containers with lids, Kraft long tortilla wrap & film and sandwich wedge packs.

VEGETARIAN CONDIMENTS With more and more consumers seeking out vegan and vegetarian options when eating on the go, this is becoming less about adding a couple of token non-meat alternatives, and more about giving consumers a direct alternative to

Veganuary retail round-up Just a few days into January and this year’s Veganuary cohort was already the biggest since the pledge began in 2014, the campaign’s organisers reported (www.veganuary.com), with more than 500,000 people having signed up for the 31-day vegan challenge (surpassing 2020’s total of 400,000). But perhaps a bigger landmark in this year’s campaign was the involvement of Britain’s major supermarkets in promoting Veganuary and even advocating the reasons to try a vegan diet. Aldi had a Veganuary webpage that not only highlighted its plantbased products but also set out the main reasons to try vegan: namely, caring for animals, staying healthy, being greener and more sustainability. It also featured dozens of vegan recipes, tips on vegan swaps and a link to the Veganuary website. Asda also had a dedicated Veganuary webpage that explained what a vegan diet is and also highlighted three of the reasons to try vegan - better for the environment, it could improve your health and it’s delicious! It also featured their top vegan product picks and encouraged people to sign-up for Veganuary with a link to Veganuary’s website. Tesco launched its first Veganuary TV and radio ads and also had a dedicated Veganuary webpage with recipes, product highlights and tips on making vegan swaps. Marks and Spencer released its first Veganuary TV and radio ads and produced a 31-day Veganuary meal plan with ideas for making plantbased eating exciting every day of the month. Morrisons launched a £25 Veganuary Essentials box ‘filled with much-loved vegan favourites to help give your January a kickstart!’. It also had a dedicated Veganuary shopping page on its website featuring all its plant-based products. Waitrose and Iceland also had dedicated Veganuary shopping pages on their website to help customers find plant-based products easily.

traditional meat-based options whilst keeping the same flavour profiles, including firm favourites such as burgers and pulled pork, feel sector supplier Creative Foods (www. creativefoods.co.uk), and who also emphasise the importance of being able to offer vegetarian condiments too. “Think BBQ pulled jackfruit in a rich and smoky BBQ sauce – perfect hot or cold in a veggie burger, bao bun, wrap, or on a jacket potato,” suggests Nigel Parkes, Creative Foods’ commercial operations director. “Vegan and vegetarian condiments, such as our awardwinning Oasis Vegan Mayo Oasis Vegan Mayo (winner, Free From Ambient Savoury Category, Foodservice Quality Food Awards 2018) - should not be neglected, either. This smooth and creamy vegan mayonnaise alternative is not only delicious on its own, but also allows customers to add a ‘twist’ by combining it with other ingredients to create vegan starters or side dishes, like vegan slaw, or black olive, smashed avocado, sundried tomato, or pesto mayo dips. “Those foodservice operators, retailers, or sandwich makers who are in search of premium quality, ready-made, vegetarian sandwich fillings, sauces, dressings, salads, chutneys, pickles, and salsas, need look no further than our Love Fresh range which is produced at our BRC certified Calder Foods facility. This range features over 30 product lines, available in a wide variety of different pack sizes, and boasts over a dozen slaw or salad options, with a variety of global flavours and base formats including potato, beets, pasta, couscous, and rice.” More Oasis Mayonnaise recipe inspiration can be found at https://www. sandwichandfoodtogonews. co.uk/index.php/recipes. www.sandwich.org.uk February 2021 39

VEGETARIAN Mediterranean food supplier, Dina Foods, reports that it has attained Vegan Society registration for its savoury products, including its falafel and houmous ranges. The achievement follows a six-month programme of rigorous reviews of ingredients and production processes, say the company, with their technical team working closely with all direct suppliers and third-party suppliers to satisfy the Vegan Society’s auditing criteria. Dina Foods managing director, Suheil Haddad, also reports that during the COVID-19 pandemic growing demand for plant-based food was apparent among consumers. “Seeking this registration with the Vegan Society felt like a natural step to take to convey to the wider food community that Dina Foods was in step with these trends,” he says. Dina Foods has food safety certification for BRC and IFS Higher Level. Manufacturing of plant-based products was already segregated at its savoury production facilities, and

a couple of ingredient replacements were needed to ensure they were suitable for the vegan diet, Mr. Haddad adds. Dina Foods’ Lebanese, Sweet Potato, Green Pea, Beetroot Falafel, Beetroot Houmous, Babaganoush, Lebanese traditional aubergine salad Rahib, Vine Leaves, Potato Kibbe, Spinach Fatayer, Vegetable Sambousek and Pumpkin Kibbe can all now display the Vegan Society logo.

Vegan drinks “According to the Vegan Society, the number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2019. At the same time, up to a third of all people are looking for vegan and vegetarian options as part of a move to a healthier diet and lifestyle,” confirms Christopher Banks, chief executive of Crafted® Drinks (www.crafteddrinks. co.uk/foodservice). “With statistics like this, there’s no question that adding vegan and vegetarian options to a food to go menu is a wise move for caterers. However, it’s not just vegan and vegetarian foods that venues should be offering if they truly want to satisfy consumers, but drinks too.” Specifically designed to satisfy soaring demand for healthy, vegan options on the move, Crafted’s convenient, Vegan Society approved range of 330ml juice drinks offer a solution for customer-conscious caterers. Simply blended with expertly sourced fruits and water, these juice drinks combine unique and great tasting combinations of fruit, and also count as one of your five-aday and are available in Mango & Passion Fruit, Blueberry & Blackberry and Still Cloudy Lemonade variants.

40 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

The company says that it is also continuing to review the potential of Vegan Society registration for its artisan bakery and confectionery ranges. For now, however, they say that they are focusing on telling current and prospective clients about the availability of a selection of Lebanese savoury products, recognised by the Vegan Society as being suitable for the vegan diet.


P I V O TA L The drive to reduce waste via the use of sustainable packaging solutions for sandwiches and food to go is becoming increasingly paramount as suppliers and operators alike seek to meet upcoming new regulations as well as demonstrate their eco-friendly credentials to customers.

RECOGNITION Towards the end of last year, Cartonboard Pack of the Year was awarded to the European packaging manufacturer Coveris in the UK’s flagship industry competition, the UK Packaging Awards. Recognising innovation and advancement, 2020’s Cartonboard Pack of the Year went to Coveris’s RecyclaLite sandwich skillet. The innovative RecyclaLite skillet is super lightweight, characterised by its design for easy and efficient recycling, 40% plastic reduction and sustainable FSC cartonboard sourcing. Minimising the environmental impact of the pack and product throughout its full lifecycle, RecyclaLite signifies a major development in laminated board packaging, say the firm. RecyclaLite delivers a 40% film liner reduction lowering plastic content to only 5.5% (far in advance of OPRL 2020 and 2023 recycling rules) and meaning that RecyclaLite is therefore eligible to feature the recognisable OPRL

‘Recycle’ logo encouraging consumer recycling, and currently the only sandwich skillet that meets OPRL’s ‘no lost value’ criteria claim the company. Its peelable film enables easy separation of the liner from cartonboard through a reduction in the adhesive weight applied, designed to maximise board fibre recovery during recycling. The development of RecyclaLite has been achieved with no compromise to protective, functional or presentation benefits and

validated to ensure operational efficiency during manufacture and packing, point out Coveris, and Marks & Spencer is the first retailer to switch its sandwich packaging

PACKAGING to Recyclalite in collaboration with Greencore, as part of its plan to support customers to reduce and recycle packaging. Every Marks & Spencer sandwich now features on-pack messaging to engage customers on the new packaging and encourage them to recycle. Dennis Patterson, Coveris Labels & Board BU President said: “RecyclaLite is a significant advancement in lined board packaging and we are really proud to be awarded Cartonboard Pack of the Year for this achievement. Its development follows collaboration with the supply chain and recycling facilities in our mission to create sustainable and easily recyclable packaging that delivers

maximum benefit. The launch of RecyclaLite further highlights the success of partnership between Coveris, Greencore and M&S in leading sustainable packaging innovation for food on the move.” Paul Willgoss, director of technology for M&S Food, commented: “We are the market leader in food on the move so as we reduce plastic and support customers to recycle, we have a particularly important role to play with our sandwich packaging. Working with Coveris and Greencore, we’ve created an industry-first pack with 40% less plastic that protects the sandwich quality our customers know and trust. This innovative

solution enables us to go faster and further with our customers to remove unnecessary plastic – because we know our actions today will help protect our planet tomorrow.” Greg Hunn, technical director at Greencore Northampton added: “It was great to be able to support M&S as our strategic customer in their journey in this area. RecyclaLite is a step forward and I’m delighted Greencore has collaborated as part of a three-way partnership with Coveris and M&S to deliver this product.” In a successful year for the packaging manufacturer, Coveris was also awarded Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year in the UK Packaging Awards

Business for Nature’s Call to Action Packaging company, Colpac, reports that it has joined a growing list of over 600 organisations and forwardthinking businesses as part of Business for Nature’s Call to Action, calling on governments around the world to do more to reverse nature loss over the next ten years. While there is a growing focus to ‘build back better’ as part of the Covid-19 recovery process, nature and the need for resilient ecosystems has not played a strong enough role in these discussions, it is felt. To kick start a decade of change for the environment and put nature loss firmly on the political agenda, Business for Nature launched their Call to Action at the UN Biodiversity Summit in September last year. This saw businesses come together to lobby political leaders to put nature at the heart of a green recovery and demonstrate the power of business as a force for environmental action. Sustainability and environmental awareness are central to Colpac’s business practices and values, say the firm. As a business and as a supplier to the food service and retail industries, Colpac designs and manufactures an extensive range of recyclable and compostable food packaging products that are both functional and sustainable, responding to a wide range of environmental concerns. Sustainable sourcing and forging strong links with local wildlife and nature organisations and initiatives have played a vital role in Colpac’s ambition to mitigate its impact on nature, they add, whilst meeting customer demand for environmentally friendly packaging.

“As a business, we have a big role to play in reversing nature loss, but one company can only do so much to make sure we operate within nature’s limit. Collective action to achieve real policy change is essential and, by working collaboratively, we can create one, powerful business voice. We are delighted to add our name to Business for Nature’s Call to Action,” says Talia Goldman, Colpac’s sustainability officer. With over half of the world’s total GDP - $44 trillion of economic value - moderately or highly exposed to risk from the impacts of nature loss, it is impossible to ignore Business for Nature’s overriding message: Nature is Everyone’s Business. Whilst there is still a lot of work to do, the protection, restoration, and sustainable use of natural resources needs to be at the heart of business practices, feel the group (find out more about the Call to Action at http://bit.ly/BfNCTA).

42 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk


Innovation and sustainability in food on the move

CARTONBOARD PACK OF THE YEAR RecyclaLite • Designed for recyclability • Compliant with 2020 and 2023 OPRL recycling rules meeting ‘no lost value’ criteria • 40% plastic film reduction • FSC sustainably sourced board • No compromise to product protection and shelf life benefits

Reshaping food on the move

hello@coveris.com www.coveris.com

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15/01/2021 10:20

PACKAGING for its recycled, recyclable Duralite R shrink film packaging. Marking progression in the development of sustainable plastics for a circular economy, Duralite R is manufactured with up to 100% recycled content and delivers a carbon footprint reduction of up to 54%.

NEW ADDITIONS Quality disposables manufacturer and supplier, Herald (www. heraldplastic.com), says that it has launched three new packaging products to meet increased demand from the catering and food to go sectors as the market for take outs increases. The products consist of 8oz, 12oz and 16oz kraft and white, lined, paper soup cups with lids, small, medium and large paper, recyclable chicken boxes, and 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz and 20oz PET smoothie cups with flat, domed or domed with hole for a straw lids. Competitively priced, feel the company, all three lines have already earned themselves a loyal customer base and Herald is expecting sales to increase going into 2021. Managing director of Herald, Yogesh Patel notes that his products have had a widening appeal in the last 12 months as the market changed due to lockdown, and said: “Our main task, in response to the last year, has been to react swiftly, anticipating demand and making

44 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

sure that customers could access the widest choice of goods. As a result, we have added a significant number of products to the full range, developing new lines and increasing the amount of stock available.” Other new products in their line up include a wider selection of single, double and triple wall cups and a choice of eco sip lids made from CPLA, a renewable material created from plants. These lids complement Herald’s 8oz, 12oz and 16oz hot paper cups, which have long been a market favourite based on quality and price. The company has also recently expanded its sustainable offering, adding to its range of bagasse items to include square, round and rectangle plates, in varying sizes, along with bowls and hot boxes, chip trays, burger boxes, noodle boxes and other lunch boxes – all of which are in great demand. As part of its mission to help food brand owners and retailers create a circular economy society, towards the end of 2020, world-renowned paper manufacturer Arjowiggins launched Sylvicta – a groundbreaking new sustainable alternative to plastics in packaging, claim the company.

Sylvicta is a translucent, functional barrier paper that has been proven to preserve the quality of food and cosmetics just as well as conventional plastics – all the while ensuring limited impact on the environment, they point out. Testament to its unique sustainable properties, the pioneering paper is fully recyclable, compostable, marine degradable and made from renewable raw materials. Sylvicta’s distinct advantage is its very high barrier to oxygen – the leading cause of food spoilage – which means it can help reduce food waste by prolonging shelf life during the transportation, retail and consumer phases of the value chain. Through precision fibre refining, Arjowiggins’ experienced R&D teams have developed this unique translucent paper with a natural bonding, without the need of any harmful chemicals, and the result is a paper with a barrier to oxygen, aroma, mineral oils and fatty foodstuffs, they report. Additionally, Arjowiggins says that it is working continuously with food brand owners and packaging converters to open up an endless array of applications — from windows in packaging to make the









A Greener Alternative with our eco-friendly products. Give your customers a quality, eco-friendly alternative with Herald’s full range of greener products. From double wall hot cups to plates, bowls, chip trays and boxes, Herald offers a wide and varied selection of biodegradable, quality ‘food to go’ disposables in a full range of sizes. Boost your eco-credentials and meet customer demand for a more environmentally-friendly choice.

Tel: 0208 507 7900 Email: sales@heraldplastic.com www.heraldplastic.com

To advertise please call Paul Steer on 01291 636342 February 2021 45



PACKAGING content visible, pouches for dry fruits, bags for salads, and flowpacks for chocolate bars, all the way through to metallised versions of Sylvicta for butter or margarine packaging. Answering the market’s need for sustainable alternatives to single-use packaging and flexible laminates with Sylvicta, food brands can reduce or even eradicate the use of plastics in their packaging, they propose – a good solution for creating a globally sustainable, circular economy as it can integrate into existing recycling schemes, they add. “Despite the ongoing movement towards more sustainable packaging, plastics still remain a popular choice for food brand owners, largely for practical reasons. Until now, most of the existing offer, mainly in single-use packaging, use unrecyclable, multi-layered laminates incorporating plastics or aluminium foil,” explains Christophe Jordan, managing director of the Translucent Papers division at Arjowiggins (sylvicta.arjowiggins.com). “The good news is retailers looking for a fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper packaging need look no further than Sylvicta – the product is simply revolutionary. It can help to create the circular economy society we all desire.” When running through conventional converting lines, Sylvicta offers limitless creative possibilities too. It can be foilstamped, glued, embossed, printed in offset, gravure, and flexography, metallised, or coated with heat or cold-sealable materials. Sylvicta is also FSC and PEFC-certified, produced on a site that’s ISO 14001-compliant, and is carbonoffset through the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme. Consumer preferences are driving the use of more sustainable packaging - 52% of European consumers have switched a brand or product because of

46 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

environmental concerns about how it is packed, according to a study conducted by ProCarton, so there is clearly, a growing demand for safe, sustainable, plastic-free and recyclable packaging alternatives to serve and store food, observe Metsä Board, who launched a pioneering plastic-free eco-barrier paperboard with medium barrier properties for grease and moisture resistance (MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB – designed to meet the food industry’s needs for sustainable packaging). “Globally, brand owners and companies are looking for greener packaging solutions. Many companies have publicly made commitments to abandon nonrecyclable plastic packaging by 2025. Also, the EU directive banning certain single-use plastic items increases the requirements for recyclability, which further increases the demand for materials like our new eco-barrier paperboard,” says Matt Terry, technical services director, Metsä Board. “The food sector requires barrier solutions that are easy and convenient to recycle, made from mono material, plastic free, compostable and fluoro chemical free. The demands upon the barrier can also be extremely varied in the food sector and currently there is no one perfect solution. There are also many specialist applications that require complex solutions. Some of these we have solved by considering the packaging design in conjunction with the use of our eco-barrier board. Others we have solved with the application of additional coating technologies to further enhance the present barrier properties. “At Metsä Board we have been at the forefront in the optimisation and lightweighting of paperboards. This evolutionary process will no doubt continue but some of the drivers are likely to shift. The current legislative requirements and environmental goals will change, and we will need to adapt to reflect

those requirements. Metsä Board is continually looking at how we can improve our performance and products to offer better and sustainable solutions to our customers.” MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB has a medium barrier for grease and moisture resistance and is suitable for various end-uses in food and non-food applications that demand barrier properties, including fast food items such as fries, donuts and fried nuggets as well as confectionery and fresh items such as salads, breads and cakes. And, as it is safe for direct food contact and is free from fluoro chemicals with high brightness and a smooth surface providing excellent printability, it already addresses the present trends the markets require, they emphasise. From a sustainable perspective it is available with PEFC™ or with FSC© and home compostable certifications, as well as being plastic free and therefore easy to recycle. “We have had many companies realise the potential of MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB including several global brand owners. One has replaced black PE in chocolate confectionary packs whilst another is moving their frozen range of vegetarian product packages from PE to MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB. In addition,several leading fast food outlets are using our eco board for salads, clam shells and chip scoops,” adds Matt Terry.


Ec eth s Packaging company, Sovereign Partners Ltd, feel that they have been ahead of the curve in the UK in their particular drive to source and offer sustainable, ecofriendly packaging solutions. “We are - and have been even before it was ‘fashionable’ - very passionate about the sustainability of the packaging we sell,” says Sovereign Partners Ltd’s (www.e-2go.net) founder and chairman, Barbara Feldman. “We have introduced so many eco-friendly items over the past quarter of a century, including wooden stirrers (yep, we were the first to import these - from the USA back then), wooden cutlery (again we were the first, and these were originally made in Germany) and in more recent times a plastic free sip thru lid for coffee cups made from bagasse (that was about five years ago and almost no-one was interested!), and now our PLA and PE free coffee cup, which is the first to be both locally recyclable (along with your newspapers etc) and home compostable (we have the reports backing this up). “We started in business in the UK around 27 years ago - when Costa Coffee still used styrene cups and the coffee to go culture was just emerging, and we were the first full range distributors in Europe for the famous Solo Cup Company in Chicago. “This took us to the States regularly and we brought various products on the market there to the UK - Coffee Clutch® cup sleeves, Wooden Stirrers, Wooden Cutlery, Napkins made from 100% recycled fibres, Foldpak® food cartons and bagasse sip through lids to name a few. Being pioneers has its downsides too as we are usually well ahead of the curve, but it is always a great compliment to see others copy our ideas once we make them popular!” The past year or two has seen a big move away from plastic, especially plastics, and board with plastic liners, which are difficult to recycle, observe the company. Disposable coffee cups, whether PLA or PE lined, need to be collected in and transported to energy guzzling specialist composting or recycling plants. New coatings are now emerging which are 100% plastic free and their new Goodlife® Bio Cup, for instance, will compost rapidly and naturally even on landfill (showing zero impact of earthworm activity which is a key test of compostability) and can be recycled locally with standard paper and board waste. This is a huge breakthrough, feel the firm, particularly when the market is about to face additional penalties for plastic content (though the exact rules have yet to

be finalised). Re-usable packaging will only ever make up a small percentage, so it is vital that businesses come up with more sustainable solutions and this is happening rapidly now, confirm Sovereign. PLA which used to sound good being a “plant plastic”, can now be seen to have very little value from an environmental perspective, they feel, and so these new coatings will rapidly replace PLA lined coffee cups as a truly compostable - and recycalble – option. “We have been primarily leaders bringing new concepts to the industry - for example Costa Coffee was our first customer for the wooden stirrers. They just liked the idea as it was what the upmarket American coffee shops were using at that time. Plastic stirrers were not an issue twenty years ago! Today we don’t sell any wooden stirrers, rather now recommend bamboo stirrers which are made from fast growing grass rather than trees,” Barbara Feldman adds. “We have famously supplied EAT almost since its inception until it sold to Pret and ceased trading last March, and almost weekly we were required to provide packaging solutions for new food items. They were the first to pack their salads in board containers which we had made for them locally in the UK. “Venus is an interesting customer for us, as they own several operations on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall and have always been very environmentally conscious. They were the first company to use our Bagasse sip-through lids when we introduced these to the UK around five years ago and the first to order the new Bio Cups cups. There is limited recycling available in this part of the UK, so being able to recycle locally was a real benefit. Another has been Cunard who have composting on board and these were being composted with their food waste. “We believe that we are also the only company in Europe to be able to offer small runs of bespoke ribbing designs on these Bio cups, which is something we will be promoting in 2021. For example, if you sell pretzels you can have pretzels embossed all over the cup outer sleeve, or coffee beans, whatever the customer wants! Minimum order is only 100,000 cups. We also supply around 70 distributors throughout UK including Bidfood and Brakes, and in total sell in around 20 countries.” www.sandwich.org.uk February 2021 47

HFSS measures challenged Draconian new measures to tackle obesity are being proposed by the government, including a ban on all advertising of products considered high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) both on TV and online, report the BSA (British Sandwich and Food to Go Association). ADVERTISING BANS This consultation, launched in December, was followed over the Christmas period by an announcement that by April 2022 all displays of similar pre-packaged products are to be barred from displays within two metres of doorways, queues or till areas. There is also to be a ban on multibuy offers, such as two for one. While sites with store areas of less than 2000 square feet (185.8 sq. metres) and with less than 50 employees are excluded from the scope of the new legislation on location and promotions, those operating under a symbol or franchise brand are likely to be affected by some of the requirements. These new rules arise from a consultation issued in January 2019 and are now to become law, with businesses only given the opportunity to comment on the wording of the proposed legislation. Although many independent cafés and sandwich bars will escape these new rules due to their size, the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association has argued that only trading areas should be included in assessing store sizes and not areas where customers sit. It has also questioned whether banning products from some stores and not others is either fair in highly competitive markets or likely to be effective in tackling the obesity crisis.

48 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

FURTHER MEASURES? While it is a fait accompli that this new legislation is being introduced, the consultation on advertising and online advertising proposes taking this much further with a blanket ban on all advertising of HFSS products on TV before 9pm and across online channels at any time. While the ban on TV advertising is likely to largely affect major brands, the online ban could have much wider implications across the sandwich and food to go sector as it effectively proposes to stop operators from promoting their products to any consumers without them first opting in. In a sector that relies heavily on social media, including emails, as a key mechanism for communicating with potential customers – and particularly for keeping consumers up to date with changing menus, specials etc. – this could have wide implications for businesses of all sizes in the sector. Those who do not have an obvious high street presence would be particularly hard hit. Such a ban would also make it extremely difficult for those opening new businesses or sites to establish a customer base if they first have to get consumers to ‘opt in’ to receiving information.

RESPONSE The Association has responded robustly to the consultation, questioning the basis of the proposals in tackling obesity. BSA director Jim Winship said: “These proposals are completely disproportionate and the banning of online promotion, in particular, will create extremely challenging trading conditions for many businesses resulting in business failures and job losses. Small businesses, and particularly those off high street locations, will be particularly hard hit. “Although these proposals purport to be aimed at children, they go well beyond this. “We fundamentally question this whole approach to tackling obesity. Indeed, we have repeatedly suggested to the government that to achieve real change the priority must be to firstly convince consumers to manage their diets through education and also to provide the information they need to make reasoned choices when they purchase products. This has worked with both smoking and drink driving. “There is little evidence that taxes and bans work in the long term. While people may initially respond, all the evidence suggests that this does not last. Reality is that people find ways round these things. “Psychologists point out that whenever people believe their freedom has been threatened, they enter into a reactance motivational state and take measures to regain their freedom. Indeed, they will often respond by then overindulging. “While we support the need to tackle the obesity crisis, we do not believe that this is the right way to go about it.”


Navigating the national lockdown Luigi Pannozzo, director of outdoor shelter specialists Gazeboshop, looks at how market traders can keep their spaces safe in order to still be able to trade. NEW REQUIREMENTS On Monday, 11 January 2021, London’s Borough Market became the first outdoor space in the UK to legally enforce masks. Both customers and traders risk facing a £50 fine if they do not wear a face covering around the stalls. The steps taken by Borough Market’s landlords highlight the fact that simply encouraging mask-wearing and social distancing may not be going far enough. Market organisers across the country are facing this dilemma and some have even decided not to organise markets during the lockdown rather than taking the risk of worsening the spread. The decision to close markets can have a devastating impact on the thousands of small food and drink businesses who rely on outdoor events to stay afloat. Independent food stalls, small coffee retailers and self-employed bakers would all see a major revenue stream disappear. With this in mind, how can market traders keep their spaces safe while still facilitating trade during the pandemic? Take orders in advance to limit faceto-face interactions The best way to maximise social distancing while still encouraging sales is by taking orders in advance and arranging for customers to arrive at different times. It stands to reason that market traders should try to limit the number of people browsing their goods at one time, especially if people are not wearing masks. Taking orders over the phone or through a website is the best way to ensure that business can continue in the face of lockdown restrictions. Not only will it keep those behind the market stall safe, it will also instil

confidence in the customer that they will be safe to buy from the trader on a regular basis. Consider offering delivery services Alongside taking orders for collection, businesses who rely on food/farmers markets should also consider offering local delivery. Many markets rely on the custom of people in the surrounding neighbourhood and being able to deliver straight to their home or office is a great way to keep revenue coming in. Market traders can set minimum order amounts for delivery and even offer bulk deals as a further incentive. With many offices remaining closed for the time being and people remaining in their homes over lunch, offering to deliver hot food and beverages could be a great way to maintain business until offices open again. Work closely with local councils to maintain social distancing guidelines The responsibility of ensuring that social distancing guidelines are followed ultimately falls with local government officials. Local authorities are currently working to build a network of council officials and volunteers who can help businesses manage queues and remind people to wear a face covering when necessary. Food market traders should be in close contact with local authorities to help create market spaces that are safe for them to work in. These officials can help ensure that queues do not become too long and that people do not begin crowding around the stall. Traders can help keep the outdoor spaces safe by making sure that social distancing guidelines are clearly signposted in and around the stalls, and that customers have hand hygiene facilities nearby at all times. If this is not

the case, the local authorities should be made aware as soon as possible. Make your goods as visible as possible for passers-by Food and drink stalls can be both responsible and marketing-savvy by using their stalls to showcase products in a clear and engaging way. Make sure to maximise the space in the stall by creating attractive displays that can catch the attention of people who may simply be walking by. • Invest in table-mounted step displays to show off as many products as possible. • Write labels in large, bold letters to help people read what you have on offer before walking over. • If possible, acquire a printed trade gazebo with your logo on to help customers recognise your brand. You could also print key marketing messages, such as your most popular products. By showcasing goods in this way, market traders will be able to help customers make a decision about what they want, rather than having to spend time trying to read what is on offer. This will consequently reduce the likelihood of crowds gathering around stalls. IN CONCLUSION Food markets must be made a safe place for food and drink businesses to engage and sell with their customers. By allowing customers to order in advance or have the food delivered to them, market traders can help supplement the lost footfall due to the pandemic. Moreover, traders can help maintain social distancing guidelines while also encouraging sales by working closely with local authorities and by making their goods as visible as possible. www.sandwich.org.uk February 2021 49


BREXIT: Where are we now, and what does the Free Trade Agreement mean for food supply? Mike Meek (pictured), procurement director at allmanhall (https://allmanhall.co.uk/), a family run, independently owned food procurement expert, has been providing commentary and analysis on Brexit and the impact of possible outcomes for the past few years. He is also on the University of Warwick Advisory Committee to the government regarding food supply. Now a Free Trade Agreement has been struck with the EU, he considers what this will likely mean for food supply chains.

Background Established in 2006, allmanhall has been providing food procurement and supply chain management, combined with hands-on catering and nutrition advice. They provide full management of the foodservice and catering-related supply chain with clients enjoying essential food cost savings as a result of allmanhall’s supplier negotiations. In addition to procurement support, allmanhall provides foodservice consultancy, including nutrition and dietetics support, headed up by allmanhall’s registered dietitian. Working across a range of sectors, they have become particularly well established in the independent education and care sectors, as well as working with a number of contract caterers and other catering-related businesses. KEY DEVELOPMENTS Firstly, let’s look at some key headlines and developments, and where we are as of January 2021. 31 December 2020: the EU and UK reached a post Brexit agreement, 50 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

officially called the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). The rules of the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union no longer apply to the UK, except for Northern Ireland.

UK and EU continue to have 100% tariff liberalisation, meaning no tariffs or quotas between UK and EU where goods meet relevant rules of origin. The Rules of Origin chapter ensures that only ‘originating’ goods benefit from tariff free, liberalised market access. This brings potential tariffs when importing or exporting goods that have been manufactured in the UK or EU but have multiple ingredients which may include some imported from elsewhere. In most respects the UK will trade with the EU on the same terms as any other non-member country. This means new border controls for people, goods and animals and new documentation and certification.

BREXIT Incorrect paperwork has a significant impact on mixed loads, where hauliers are moving goods for multiple customers on one vehicle (Groupage). All items must have the correct paperwork and any errors stop, or delay, the whole load. The costs of freight transport have increased with spot rates for cross channel haulage reaching 6 Euro/KM for a full truckload compared to usual price of 1.50 Euro to 3 Euro KM. Border disruption and red tape has a disproportionate impact upon short shelf-life goods and industries, such as fresh produce and fish. The TCA provides a framework for future fishing and the UK has departed from the Common Fisheries Policy. UK fishers will have an uplift in quota to 25% of the value of EU catch in UK waters phased over five years, at which point mutual access will be negotiated.

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) believes that red tape and border checks will add £3bn to food importers costs or around 8%. Northern Ireland has been forced to localise supply chains to avoid new customs obligations under the Northern Ireland protocol. Supermarkets in Northern Ireland have been forced to remove hundreds of product lines to avoid gap on shelves, and some retailers are reported to have suspended deliveries to Northern Ireland. Not all EU third country trade deals rolled over to the UK, leading to tariff impacts on some items such as tuna, cocoa, and bananas. The Road Haulage Association report that 20% of vehicles are being delayed due to incorrect paperwork.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It is a positive outcome for producers and consumers alike that a Free Trade Agreement has been struck with the EU prior to the end of the Transition Period. A no-deal scenario has been averted and tariffs and quotas will not be enacted. However, the frictionless cross border trade with the EU, that the UK was used to, is no more. There are significant changes for imports and exports, and this may bring challenge and disruption. For Agrifood and food and drink, these changes include phytosanitary controls and labelling amongst others, but a key challenge to the interconnected supply chain are the ‘rules of origin’ clauses. These, in essence, mean that for the EU to use the UK as a hub, as it does currently, tariffs would have to be applied on importing back into the EU. This

will therefore have a significant impact on the current food supply chain network. There has been a lull of volume at the Dover-Calais crossing since the deal was agreed - circa 50% of normal volumes in January. It is expected to increase over the coming weeks. In the meantime, there are four key things foodservice and catering operations should consider. Stocking up – increasing stock levels of ambient and frozen products may alleviate any initial challenges on fresh produce from the EU. Using frozen veg and tinned fruit may need to be an option. Using a higher proportion of UK product – this should reduce the chance of border disruption. However, do be aware that constituent ingredients used in UK food manufacture may be impacted. Being flexible around your offering - be prepared to order own-label instead of branded goods where availability issues or cost increases occur. There may be a need to be flexible on the quality of fresh produce. You can also increase your order lead time. For example, it is not recommended to order day 1 for delivery on day 2 for use on day 2. Operational flexibility is key. Supply disruption may cause increased product substitutions, so it is imperative that your Allergen Management processes and best practice are followed. Communicating – ensure that you are regularly talking to your suppliers and advising your consumers and wider stakeholders to ensure that supply challenges are understood. With the added level of disruption and change in delivery days and routes due to Covid-19 and the January-February (or longer) lockdown, this need for communication is vital.

www.sandwich.org.uk February 2021 51

Food to go trend predictions for 2021

During 2020, food to go retailers and specialists alike had to rethink every element of their food to go offering to adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, report sector analysts, the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IDG), who are also well placed to take note of developments abroad. INNOVATION This has led to a period of intense innovation as businesses seek to develop propositions that can survive the short-term unpredictability of changing restrictions and win in the long term as the repercussions on lifestyles and habits are realised. This balance is reflected in the trends we believe will drive food to go in 2021 and beyond. OUR TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2021 These are the trends we believe will underpin investment and development by food to go retailers, operators and manufacturers during 2021. 52 February 2021 www.sandwich.org.uk

SUBURBAN SHIFT Following the office worker and commuter food to go customer, as work from home guidance during the pandemic sets the scene for a longer-term shift. Suburban customers will have different routines, motivations and needs to commuter and office worker customers. New models based on variations on mission mix, channel mix, footfall flow, range, pricing, service and in-store environment will be needed. Convenience stores are wellplaced at the heart of communities to benefit from this shift, leading to opportunities to partner up with food to specialists to share

overheads. Competition for the best partners could intensify during the year. Leading the way are Pret who have ‘ripped up the rule book’ in order to take their brand to more people, and Kroger with their instore, ‘ghost’ kitchens. Starbucks have also launched their new co-working spaces. DELIVERING VALUE - PROFITABLY This trend is all about balancing the competing factors of attracting financially stretched food to go consumers whilst improving business financial health. In 2021, more food to go missions are likely to be discretionary versus

FUTURE OUTLOOK core as some consumers cut back on food to go lunches, drinks and snacks as they move around less, work more from home, or to save money. This will lead to more and new ways to make food to go affordable through the mechanics of promotions, meal deals, pack size changes and product reformulation. At the same time, food to go businesses (particularly those operators hardest hit by lockdowns) need to protect margin so will focus on all levers to improve efficiency. This could have far reaching implications for format, staff, service and back-of-house operations, including the increased use of technology to deliver efficiency (see our full report for examples of how this could play out). Leading the way here are Morrison’s with their Market Kitchen. FROM OMNICHANNEL TO UNIFIED COMMERCE After fast-tracking digital development during the pandemic, food to go businesses will need to focus on how to offer a seamless brand experience to customers – across all channels. The pandemic has caused many more food to go businesses to become omnichannel, i.e. serving customers in multiple ways - in store, click and collect through an app, via third party delivery companies or as a retail product. Unified commerce relies on seamlessly connecting customer data and product data through all these channels. This connected commerce approach allows for more personalised customer experiences, better forecasting and operational planning and higher customer satisfaction. However, food to go businesses will have to overcome barriers such as disconnected internal systems and the use of partners (e.g. delivery companies) who don’t share data. Leading the way here is MacDonald’s with its new growth strategy.

FORMAT DIVERSITY Food to go retailers and operators will seek to adapt stores to serve consumers with new and different priorities during, and post-, COVID-19. This will lead to more diversity in format strategy under one brand umbrella and more formats with specific roles (e.g. digital only, dark kitchen, vending, experience-led) operating as a network and balancing cost, service and brand experience. Leading the way here are the food vending stores at FamilyMart in Thailand, vended heated meals by Carrefour in Poland, automated robot vending trucks by KFC in China (more examples can be found in our The food to go store of the future report). REBALANCING OF POWER The pandemic has not affected all food to go businesses equally, leading to

shifts in the balance of relationships and who has the ability to take advantage of opportunities. We’ve already seen retailers around the world taking aggressive action to retain out of home spend gained during the pandemic by upweighting their foodservice offer, including food to go. Generally, retailers have performed well financially during the crisis whilst the impact on many foodservice businesses has been severe. As the ability to invest in new developments favours retailers we expect to see more partnerships between retail and food to go specialists as both seek to adapt to meet changing consumer needs. Leading the way here is Jumbo who have announced a partnership with Vermaat Groep for La Place and Sainsbury’s exclusive partnership with Leon, as well the Patisserie Valerie deal.

WEBINARS Recently (3pm, 27 January 2021), a webinar - Food to Go Trends to Watch in 2021 – free BSA member presentation was hosted by the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IDG). In this session, IGD shared details of the trends they believe will underpin investment and development by food to go retailers, operators and manufacturers during 2021. A link to this event was emailed to all BSA members, and an additional link featuring a recording of the event can be found on the BSA web site (www.sandwich.org.uk). A future webinar is also planned for 25 February 2021 to cover IGD’s broader OOH research and thinking (you can register to attend by emailing jim@sandwich.org.uk).

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SEARA MEATS BV 2nd Floor, Building 1, Imperial Place, Maxwell Road, Borehamwood WD6 1JN Contact: Valeri Zhekov Tel: 0044 2035358857 valeri.zhekov@seara.com.br www.seara.com.br

SMITHFIELD FOODS LTD. Norfolk Tower, 48-52 Surrey Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3PA Tel: 01603 252454 contact@smithfieldfoods.co.uk www.smithfieldfoods.co.uk SNOWBIRD FOODS Wharf Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 4TD Contact: Helen Swan Tel: 0208 805 9222 Fax: 0208 804 9303 helen.swan@snowbirdfoods.co.uk www.snowbirdfoods.co.uk THE INGREDIENTS FACTORY Unit 2-3 Hamilton Road Ind Estate,160 Hamilton Road, London SE27 9SF Tel: 0208 670 6701 Fax: 0208 670 9676 Contact: Tim Marcuson tim@theingredientsfactory.com www.theingredientsfactory.com

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LINKED ASSOCIATION LOCAL AUTHORITY CATERING ASSOCIATIONS LACA Administration Bourne House, Horsell Park, Woking, Surrey GU21 4LY Tel: 01483766777 Fax: 01483751991 admin@laca.co.uk

THE BRITISH SANDWICH AND FOOD TO GO ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE The following are elected members of the British Sandwich and Food to Go Association Management Committee CHAIRMAN

Dan Silverston, Soho Sandwich Company (Producer) THE COMMITTEE

Robert Potts, Greencore (Producer) – Vice-chair Samantha Brett, Waitrose (Retail) Hannah Pearson, Subway (Sandwich bar chain) Simon Parton, Compass (Catering) Ben Newby, Freshfayre (Supplier) Neil Wood, Woods (Independent Sandwich Bar) David Winter, Street Eats (Producer) Anthony Minto, Ginsters (Van Sales) Peter Mayley, La Baguetterie (Independent Sandwich Bar)

TRI-STAR PACKAGING SUPPLIES LTD Tri-Star House, Unit 4, The Arena, Mollison Avenue, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 7NL Contact: Alex Noake Tel: 0208 4439100 Fax: 0208 4439101 info@tri-star.co.uk www.tri-star.co.uk

These suppliers are members of The British Sandwich Association and subject to its rules, codes of conduct and accreditation. While the Association cannot guarantee the products supplied by those listed, it does make every effort to ensure that the companies are reputable and offer quality products and services.

Martin Beaver, RAP (Supplier) Amy James, Greggs (Baker) Marc Faulkner, Denton’s Deli (Caterer) Cathal McDonnell, DeliLites (Producer) SECRETARIAT Jim Winship, Director

Classifieds International Sandwich Manufacturers SIGMA BAKERIES PO Box 56567, 3308 Limassol, Cyprus Contact: Georgios Georgiou Tel: +357 25 878678 Fax: +357 25 346131 info@sigmabakeries.com www.sigmabakeries.com SUBWAY Chaston House, Mill Court,Hinton Way, Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire CB22 5LD Contact: Georg Buhrkohl Tel: 01223 550820 www.subway.co.uk TAMARIND FOODS SPRL Brixtonlaan 2c, Zaventem, Brussels 1930, Belgium Tel: +32 2 731 6977 Fax: +32 2 731 6978 fteichmann@tamarindfoods.be Contact: Frederic Teichmann

Product Listing


Tamarind Foods SANDWICH FILLINGS (prepared) Sigma Bakeries Ltd SPECIALITY BREADS Sigma Bakeries Ltd

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The British Sandwich and Food To Go Association aims to ensure the best market conditions for our industry. From lobbying Government to organising British Sandwich Week, we aim to provide the best environment for you to trade in, plus a wide range of benefits. This all comes with membership: Facing the Brexit staffing challenge – Our business needs good people. We are lobbying to ensure Brexit does not lead to the door shutting on the people we need to keep going. Reducing Energy and Telecoms costs – Our specialist advisor will shop around to get you the very best deals – and it’s free! Insurance with Free Membership – Our specialist insurers offer really keen prices for shop and business insurance – and independent retailers can get free membership if they use them. KPMG Accounting offer – Members can take advantage of a three months free accounting offer from leading accountants KPMG. Training – Our discounted on-line hygiene training is focused and saves you money and time. Assured Guidance – Members following our Assured Advice are protected from enforcement challenges. Free Advice – From legal to technical advice, our members have free access to experts. Buying ingredients or equipment from abroad? Our agreement with Cornhill offers exceptionally keen exchange rates. Business rates and financial help – We have teamed up with a specialist business finance consultancy who provide members with advice on everything from business rates to raising finance. Cutting Fuel bills – Members can enjoy savings of up to 5p per litre on diesel & petrol, and up to 10p per litre at motorway pumps, with a free no-obligation fuel card. London hotel discounts – Save money when staying in London using the unique Association booking code with Grange Hotels.



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