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INTRODUCING NUVOLA: From the expertise of MULINO CAPUTO, the perfect flour for creating AIRY and fragrant CRUSTS.

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Welcome The wider hospitality sector has been enjoying a much-awaited period of re-opening in recent weeks, even though an uncertain outlook remains until staffing issues can be resolved and any ongoing effects of the response to Covid assessed, although throughout it all, pizza delivery and takeaway has continued to perform. Judging of this year’s PAPA Awards will take place this month and next (turn to page 18 to find out how you can join the audience for this, online), with the finals of the very popular Pizza Chef of the Year Competition set to take place at the forthcoming European Pizza & Pasta Show.


4 The Burnt Chef Project finds a third set to return soon. 5 Signs of a shift in consumer behaviour. 6 A ‘perfect storm’ this Christmas? 8 Lupa Foods appoints Julian Key as commercial director. 10 Eurostar Commodities announce huge investment in facilities.

30 European Pizza & Pasta Show. FEATURES 32 Passionate about pizza – advice and developments. 40 In praise of tomatoes – the iconic Italian staple. ARTICLES 28 New locations, and new opportunities – interview with Papa John’s Amit Pancholi.

16 Association Update.

38 What is the outlook for future food inflation? Insight from allmanhall.

18 PAPA Awards 2021.



44 Index of suppliers.

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September 2021


The Burnt Chef Project finds a third set to return soon The Burnt Chef Project rolled out a hospitality survey to explore issues around staffing within the hospitality sector, looking to ascertain why people had left the industry within the last 12 months. The vast majority of the 2,143 UK based respondents (84%) are still working within the industry, they found - 45% of them were chefs and most (75%) had been furloughed during the pandemic. 40% of respondents also reported having struggled with their mental health over the past 12 months. The survey, which was launched in June and rolled out via Peopleful and Umbrella Insights, found that nearly a third of those not currently working within the sector are planning to return within the year, with 10% in the next six months. However, there are challenges the industry faces which are impacting those who work within it and must be addressed before the industry can become a sustainable career choice for many, they feel. Work-life balance was the most frequently mentioned barrier to working in the sector and most-commonly cited reason for leaving. Sadly, hospitality doesn’t currently come highly recommended, with one in five planning on leaving in the next 12 months and around a third (37%) is on the fence. When asked what changes would improve recruitment and retention in hospitality, the majority said, “feeling valued’. Unsociable and unpredictable hours - which are inherent in the

The Burnt Chef Project is a non-profit organisation for the hospitality industry. It builds the capability of owners, line managers and employees by providing training to enhance the awareness of mental health and provide supportive skills to management teams to open conversation and support to those who are experiencing ill mental health. Their powerful suite of tools and services include the Burnt Chef Journal Podcast, the Burnt Chef Support Service, the Burnt Chef Academy, the Burnt Chef Training Courses, the Burnt Chef Merchandise and the Burnt Chef Diagnostic Tool By providing these services they challenge the stigma of mental health whilst beginning to create a culture of care and compassion which will improve recruitment opportunities whilst also reducing the turnover rates and paving the way to a healthier and sustainable industry. For anyone looking for advice, or wishing to implement mental health training within their organisation, contact for details.


trade - were a barrier to one in five, whilst salary and stressful working environments were also frequently cited barriers (one third). Only 4% of those asked highlighted job security as a concern. The Burnt Chef Project Ambassador, Benjamin Souza-Morse, owner of The Salutation Inn said: “Things have to change to ensure the survival of the industry, sadly it’s all too often seen as normal practice to work 80 hours a week with no respite. It’s not feasible for people to work all hours under the sun and still perform to the best of their abilities, we wouldn’t expect other industries to work two weeks in one. “I am constantly adapting my business to try and meet its commercial needs but more importantly the needs of our team. We look closely at maximum hours, consecutive days off, weekends off, competitive pay rates, free staff food, staff trips. These are just some of the things which attract and retain staff and we will be working closely with the Burnt Chef Project to ensure that we are an employer of choice, who focus on the mental health and well-being of our staff. If businesses recognised the needs of their team, the whole sector could produce a better balanced, desirable profession to work in.” Not surprisingly, 40% of respondents had struggled with their mental health over the past 12 months, with around one in six reporting it has been “not good”. General managers are seemingly those finding the pressures impacting their mental health the most with 42% reporting a decline in the overall level of mental well-being since re-opening. However, 60% of individuals report feeling “okay” or “better” about working in the industry, showing there is a large proportion of the workforce keen to stay. Kris Hall, founder of the Burnt Chef Project said: “We’re seeing it all over the media, and we’re hearing it first-hand in the trade. The industry is facing a severe employment crisis right now, but what our survey has shown is that there is a way out of this. Hospitality 2.0 if you like, whereby we support our employees and give them a sustainable career choice. “There are achievable, mid-term solutions which can be implemented within the workplace to put the industry on the path to success. Training for managers to understand effective communication, performance reviews to encourage and inspire, and mental health awareness training to understand stress and its impact on team members. “Yes, we’re facing a challenge, but we’re also faced with a huge opportunity to make a better environment within the industry. The impact of COVID-19 has been detrimental to the industry, but now is the time to knuckle down and invest in the business and primarily the people who are working in it. We are already working on innovative tools, resources and support services to aid businesses in tackling some of the issues raised from our data”. September 2021


Signs of a shift in consumer behaviour Despite restrictions on indoor service lifting following ‘freedom day’, deliveries and takeaways are set to maintain a significant share of restaurant and pub groups’ operations, the latest CGA & Slerp Hospitality at Home Tracker has revealed (CGA is an on premise measurement, insight and research consultancy and Slerp is an online ordering solution and digital growth platform for the hospitality industry). Their latest report shows sales in July were 206% higher than in July 2019—a drop on the growth in June (225%) and May (273%), following the return of indoor service in June and ‘freedom day’ in July. Although the lifting of all restrictions across hospitality has led to an increase in eating out, delivery has maintained its 20.5% share month-on-month while takeaway sales (defined as being collected from an outlet by the customer, including Click & Collect and Drive-Thru) declined by 1.3%. This correlates with the significant growth in delivery sales compared to 2019, which in July was nearly three times higher than takeaways, they observe. In total, delivery and takeaways accounted for over a third of restaurant and pub groups’ sales in July. “As consumers returned to eating and drinking out following restrictions lifting, growth has naturally begun to slow in delivery and takeaway sales. However, it’s clear that consumer behaviours have shifted and hospitality at home will remain an important consideration,” said Karl Chessell, CGA’s business unit director - hospitality operators and food, EMEA. “Understanding the balance between out-of-home and at-home preferences will be key to shaping sales and marketing strategies for all brands, as consumers continue to embrace the delivery and takeaway trend.” “Hospitality at home remains key for our sector and it shows with online delivery market share remaining at 20.5%. With the multiple challenges facing the sector as it reopens, it is now

needing more than ever a focused approach to delivery as an incremental business stream,” said JP Then, founder of Slerp. “It’s exciting to see businesses starting to hire dedicated online ordering experts and create exclusive online offerings to continue to power growth. This is especially key for marketing to consumers during the upcoming seasonal period.” The CGA & Slerp Hospitality at Home Tracker is a leading source of data and insight for the delivery and takeaway market, providing monthly reports on the value and volume of sales, with year-on-year comparisons and splits between food and drink revenue. It offers a benchmark by which brands can measure their performance, and participants receive detailed data in return for their contributions. CGA’s partners on the Tracker are Azzurri Group, BrewDog plc, Burger King UK, Cote Restaurants, Gaucho Grill, Giggling Squid, Honest Burgers, Nando’s Restaurants, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut UK, Prezzo, Rosa’s Thai, TGI Fridays UK, The Restaurant Group, Tortilla, Wagamama and YO! Sushi (anyone interested in joining the Tracker should contact Karen Bantoft at karen.

Hospitality sector business investment halved Business investment in the hospitality industry was found to have halved during Q1 on an annual basis, analysis of the latest ONS data by business tax relief specialists, Catax, has revealed. Business investment by hotels and restaurants collapsed 52% (£702m), falling from £1.4bn in Q1 2020 to £649 between January and March, they reported. This was a 27.7% fall on the previous quarter and a long way off the sector’s all-time high of £2.2bn in Q4 1997, they claim.

It was also dramatically worse than the performance of UK industry as a whole, they observed. UK business posted a 16.9% annual fall in business investment across all sectors in the first quarter, dropping an estimated 10.7% on a quarterly basis to sit 17.3% below pre-pandemic levels (Q4 2019), according to ONS data. By comparison, UK GDP shrank 1.6% in the first quarter, down 6.1% year on year and 8.8% below pre-pandemic levels at the end of 2019, according to ONS data.

Mark Tighe, CEO of business tax relief consultancy Catax, said: “The hospitality industry hasn’t been out of the news over the past 18 months as the sector’s woes have closely tracked the nation’s fitful attempts to rid itself of Covid restrictions. The end is now finally in sight and, with it, the sector should see the back of such dramatic variations in its levels of business investment. A long-awaited recovery is well on the way.” 5


A ‘perfect storm’ this Christmas? A toxic combination of the current HGV driver shortage crisis, post-Brexit immigration rules, an unprecedented increase in demand for transport due to a change in shopping habits, and the recent ‘pingdemic’, is steering the industry towards a potential ‘perfect storm’ this Christmas, says Emma Verkaik, membership & marketing Director of the BCMPA, the Association for Contract Manufacturing, Packing, Fulfilment & Logistics. The requirement for fulfilment services continues to grow across a wide array of sectors, including clothing, electrical, personal care, healthcare, and entertainment, and whilst BCMPA members are coping well with it, it is proving to be much more difficult to guarantee delivery on time, or sometimes even at all. As one member commented: “90% of my problems today are based not on the operational side of getting the orders and boxes out of the door, but on deliveries; we work hard to provide efficient, reliable, quick turnaround of stock, only to find it misses the delivery window due to transport challenges.”

It is estimated by the Road Haulage Association that Britain is already short of around 60,000 lorry drivers. This deficit has been further increased by the effects of the recent ‘Pingdemic’, with remaining driving staff being forced to self-isolate (in the week to 21 July alone, the number of self-isolation alerts sent by the NHS Covid-19 app in England and Wales rose by 70,000 to a new record of 689,313). A recent demand to the government from the UK Warehousing Association for logistics staff to be exempted from the need for self-isolation if ‘pinged’ was an indication of how far reaching and disruptive the current ‘pingdemic’ is becoming. The BCMPA has called on industry and government to extend the exemption from self-isolation to workers in the contract packing and fulfilment industry as the impact of these driver shortages has been felt in very real terms across the wider economy. BCMPA members fear that if a rapid, effective solution is not found, the expected further spike in demand for delivery services during retail events such as Black Friday and a post Covid Christmas could prove to be a

tipping point, with empty shelves in store and patchy D2C delivery. An undoubted further consequence of this shortage is that, in addition to the difficulties and delays experienced, costs will rise too, as large supermarket chains seek to secure their own deliveries by increasing drivers’ salaries. As an example, during July, Tesco began offering a £1,000 joining bonus for HGV lorry drivers, putting further pressure on hauliers’ costs as they attempt to retain or recruit drivers. This will inevitably lead to wage rises, costs which the industry will be unlikely to continue to be able to absorb, leading to higher on-shelf prices. The deep-seated nature of the problem is making it difficult to see an easy – or quick – fix. Yet in many instances, a quick fix is imperative, due to the perishable, or time-dependent nature of some commodities and the enormous hole in supply. A real sense exists amongst BCMPA members that, without fast, decisive, and wide-ranging action Christmas is in trouble, and government, industry and all interested parties need to act now to make sure it is not effectively cancelled.

Chicago Town launch new meat feast takeaway pizza The frozen pizza brand, Chicago Town, is adding a brand new, all meat pizza offering to its highly popular Stuffed Crust Takeaway range. Chicago Town Tomato Stuffed Crust Takeaway Magnificent Meat Feast Pizza has arrived in the frozen aisle and will provide both pizza and meat lovers alike with a cheesy, extra meatylicious pizza, say the brand. So meat lovers can rejoice – the new pizza is fully loaded with cheese and topped with four different meats including pepperoni, ham, fennel sausage and even meatballs. 6

Built on Chicago Town’s unique rising Takeaway dough and oozing Tomato Stuffed Crust, the new pizza, which gets its name from The Magnificent Mile in Chicago, promises the ultimate meat extravaganza, claim the brand and is an indulgent treat to be shared with the whole family on pizza night, or any night of the week. Rachel Bradshaw, marketing manager for Chicago Town said: “We wanted to give our customers a truly meaty pizza which is loaded with toppings and full

of flavour. Our Takeaway pizza range is the nation’s favourite frozen pizza, so we created a pizza which went the extra mile for both meat and pizza lovers and provides a whole new flavour experience. “Multiple Meat pizza had the largest spend increase in the past year versus sales against all other flavour variants, so we knew there was customer demand for a new fully loaded meat pizza – and this is one not to be missed.” The new pizza is available nationwide in Tesco, Iceland, Ocado and Amazon and joins the existing Stuffed Crust Takeaway range which is worth £60.8 m and has a 13.3% share of the frozen pizza market, report the company. September 2021


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Lupa Foods appoints Julian Key as commercial director Strengthening its board ahead of ambitious growth plans, say the company, UK-based Lupa Foods has appointed Julian Key as commercial director, and with over 30 years’ food industry leadership experience, he is well placed to help establish Lupa Foods as a leading UK provider of global food ingredients, feel the firm. Lupa Foods was formed in 2018 following the merger of two highly regarded businesses: Compleat Food Network and Italian food specialist Donatantonio. Both had generations of knowledge and experience in sourcing and supplying the very best ingredients from around the world. From pasta to pulses, soy sauce to sunflower oil, Lupa Foods’ impeccable product range includes grocery, dairy, meat and fish.

With its goal to be the essential partner to the food industry for quality ingredients, Lupa Foods says that it continually delivers a stream of on-trend ideas for manufacturing, foodservice, wholesale, restaurants and retail - an award-winning and experienced team helping to ensure quality, cutting edge product development. Previously head of commercial at Oscar Mayer, Julian Key has spent decades developing high performing commercial teams and accelerating customer growth, including all major UK retailers and many high profile business to business organisations. Julian Key commented: “I’m delighted to join Lupa Foods as commercial director. It’s an exciting time for the business – just years from the merger – and I’m

looking forward to building on this milestone for Lupa and our customers. The potential to develop the global food ingredients market is huge. Lupa Foods has a customer-first culture, which fits well with my proven collaborative approach to growing mutually beneficial business relationships.”

Lupa Foods’ chairman Peter Crystal (left) and newly appointed commercial director, Julian Key (right).

Masterclass campaign to promote Italian food Global dairy producer, Lactalis Professional UK & Ireland has enlisted high-profile Italian chef, Giancarlo Caldesi, to host a series of online masterclasses alongside its development chef, Mark Bradford. The masterclasses feature the Galbani® Professional cheese portfolio, with recipes and culinary tips delivered as part of the From One Chef To Another campaign activations. The masterclass campaign, Caldesi Cooks Galbani, is aimed at helping pub and restaurant chefs champion the art of Italian cuisine and inspire them to create crowd-pleasing dishes which add an Italian flair to their menus. It sees the two chefs join forces to present four unique masterclasses, each focusing on a different Galbani Professional product - mozzarella, ricotta, Dolcelatte® or mascarpone, with recipes that showcase the quality and versatility of the ingredients, by demonstrating easyto-create yet profitable menu solutions perfectly suited for pub and restaurant environments. 8

Caldesi Cooks Galbani will be supported by a social media campaign to inspire chefs to share their own unique take on each dish via Instagram using the Instagram handle #caldesicooksgalbani. Italian dishes present an opportunity for operators to capitalise on the cuisine’s ongoing popularity among consumers. Italian cuisine took the top spot from a choice of 34 national cuisines in an international YouGov study with an average popularity score of 84% across all the nations surveyed, rising to 91% among British consumers (Smith, M.

(2019) Italian Cuisine is World’s Most Popular. Heloise Le Norcy-Trott, group category and marketing director at Lactalis UK & Ireland commented: “Italian cuisine remains a firm favourite with diners. Galbani Professional helps chefs to cater for this demand by using our versatile and high-quality product solutions across their menus. In our series of Italian masterclasses, Caldesi and Bradford inspire chefs to add their own creative touches and demonstrate how easy it is to create profitable dishes that really appeal to customers.” Chefs will be directed to the Lactalis Professional web site to register and watch each masterclass. They will also have a chance to win one of six places at a professional skills workshop with Giancarlo Caldesi at his central London cookery school, La Cucina Caldesi. A new pasta range, which was first created for the UK government’s Coronavirus Food Parcel Scheme during the first lockdown in 2020, is now available to stockists. September 2021

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Eurostar Commodities announce huge investment in facilities UK-based ingredients supplier, Eurostar Commodities, has announced a significant investment in clean-label production facilities at its Yorkshire headquarters. The new state-of-the-art facility will house a dedicated allergen-free and clean-label production plant to supply volume to UK industry and represents a considerable investment of more than £600,000, report the company. Eurostar Commodities will increase its range of own-label premium gluten free and clean label flours, and will also supply a rapidly expanding manufacturing market, they have revealed. The move comes in response to a global trend in consumer demand for clean label products and Eurostar Commodities will also become the only clean label gluten free chapati flour manufacturer

in the UK, they claim (the global clean label ingredients market size was valued at $38.8 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach $64.1 billion by 2026, growing at 6.8% from 2019 to 2026 according to Allied Market Research data). Jason Bull, director, Eurostar Commodities said: “We have been developing gluten free and clean label products for the last five years. We have been watching this market grow in quality and expand in consumer interest. We are delighted to be able to champion this global trend. We believe that we can make a positive impact on UK industry driving clean label forward, helping people to make good choices around their health and wellbeing. Gluten free and allergen free is here to stay, people deserve the very best high-quality foods, and we are here to help them.”

Clean label refers to creating a product using fewer and more easily recognised natural and wholesome ingredients - ingredients you can pronounce, ingredients that are non-GM (genetically modified) and ingredients that do not contain artificial colours, gums, additives, preservatives, or E numbers, say Eurostar Commodities, whose new facilities will focus on health and wellness to create products of which they are proud. Eurostar’s gluten free chapati flour offers a workable dough, and produces soft and flexible chapatis that smell, feel, and taste just like the real thing. Other products will include gluten-free, clean-label, plain and self-raising flours, pizza flour, tortilla wrap flour, flat-bread flour for home cooking and for industry. Further new launches of branded ranges of products are planned for 2022.

Estom launches Properoni Estom, a supplier of some of the finest pepperoni to the UK’s leading pizza restaurants since 1968, has launched Properoni® – pepperoni made properly, say the company, and the first truly premium, contemporary pepperoni brand which aims to bring the quality and flavour of the absolute best tasting pepperoni home. Available in Original and Hot Paprika flavours, Properoni’s 80g packs have an RRP of £2.99 and are available online and specialist retailers, helping to bring premium quality to a category previously dominated by low quality, commoditised own label offerings, say the company, as well as providing the consumer with a brand backed by experience, passion, and an authentic history. The key differentiating feature of Properoni is its taste profile – highly regarded by many experts, chefs, and customers alike – and stemming from 10

the quality of its ingredients and a timehonoured production processes (no preservatives are used and Properoni is free of nitrites, nitrates, and any additives). Whilst Properoni works perfectly on a pizza, its versatility and quality elevate any dish – in pasta, stews, risottos, salads, sandwiches and more due to its smoky aroma. It doesn’t need to be cooked and can be enjoyed straight from the pack as a snack or served on a charcuterie board. Tom Horvath Neumann, founder of Properoni, said: “Pepperoni is the nation’s favourite pizza topping but we consistently heard that consumers wanted a premium product they could enjoy at home, away from the pizzeria. Properoni delivers this in every respect. I am delighted to see the genuine excitement this product is bringing into homes and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.” September 2021


Mareno creates 2-in-1 Plancha

Heinz Professional Mayo is available in 5l and 10l pails, with a one-month shelf life from opening.

Kraft Heinz launches new Professional Mayo Kraft Heinz has launched Heinz new Professional Mayo for chefs, the perfect solution to even more culinary needs, say the brand. Retaining its consistency during frying, grilling and baking, while providing the same great flavour for blending and chilling, Heinz all-new Professional Mayo is ideal for use in a range of recipes to suit pubs, restaurants and casual dining, carrying subtle or strong flavours during blending and chilling and retaining its smooth texture in dishes that require frying, grilling or baking. Chefs can use Heinz Professional Mayo in coleslaws, sauces and sushi as well as comfort classics like fritters and pizza. Ready to rock - direct from the shelves - it binds hot or cold

ingredients, blending flavours with ease. Asmita Singh, marketing lead, UK foodservice at Kraft Heinz said: “Mayonnaise can be a chef’s secret ingredient to enhance dishes behind the scenes, not just as a dipping sauce but as a highly versatile ingredient. “We polled chefs to find out what they wanted from a mayonnaise, and used this insight to create one product to meet their needs - Heinz Professional Mayonnaise. Consistent food quality and operational simplicity are more important than ever. This new product delivers on delicious creamy flavour while providing much soughtafter versatility across a variety of applications (and temperatures!).”

The newly launched Mareno ‘Star 110’ 2-in-1 plancha is perfect for both direct and indirect cooking, say its creators. With four independent heating zones for differentiated cooking, each controlled by its own thermostat, the plancha is ideal for à la carte operations where the chef needs high production capacity and situations where there is a need to quickly move pots without lifting them. Thanks to its completely flat surface, the chef can easily use it for cooking with a number of small sauce pots simultaneously, something that is much harder to do on a gas range with pan supports. The chrome hotplate - which is the best solution for avoiding taste transmission - maintains heat and reduces heat loss, both of which deliver significant energy savings. It is also very easy to switch from indirect to direct cooking and viceversa, and a proper multi-function unit. The maximum temperature on each of the 4kW zones is 350°C - more than enough for cooking with pots – and this means that temperature in the kitchen is lowered, along with energy consumption. There is no drawer to collect water/grease after cleaning the plate, instead there are two drain holes, one front, one back, which allow any water/grease to be discharged into a container below. The 900mm wide plancha also comes with a wide drain channel that can be filled up for cooking/ cleaning. Available with either a pass through cabinet or electric oven under, list prices for the Mareno ‘Star 110’ 2-in-1 pancha start at £8000.



Pizza Hut expands partnership with Beyond Meat New pasta brand launch

Roc Co Brands is offering it new Pasta Per Tutti (“pasta for everyone”), whose range consists of three classics: penne, fusilli, spaghetti, and costs £1.09 – £1.19 per 500g retail pack. Entrepreneur Aldo Chiappetta created the business during a time when pasta was extremely hard to come by. When the food parcel scheme finished, he realised that he wanted to make good quality, affordable pasta available to everyone, out of which the brand was born. The iconic tubular-shaped penne pairs well with any thick pasta sauce or can be used in a pasta bake or a pasta salad, the company advise, and the corkscrew-like fusilli will suit numerous pasta recipes, whilst cylindrical spaghetti is ideal with a creamy carbonara or a spaghetti Bolognese, they suggest. Importantly, Aldo Chiappetta is also keen to give back to the charities who helped him when his family were in need eight years ago. For every bag of pasta sold, Roc Co Brands are donating 5% of the profits to the NHS Charities Together, Evelina London Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities UK (in 2012, each charity played a crucial role enabling the survival of his son, Rocco, after he was born with several serious medical conditions). “We will never ever be able to truly thank these three charities for everything they have done for my son and our family. Roc Co Brands range of pasta is our way of saying thank you and raising awareness of these great charities,” said Aldo Chiappetta. 12

Following a successful trial last year, Pizza Hut Delivery has added Beyond Meat® as a permanent feature on the menu to meet the growing consumer demand for more diverse protein options. The range of three new Beyond Meat toppings, Beyond Italian Style Sausage™, Beyond Beef® Crumbles and Beyond Pork™ Crumbles, are the perfect meat-free option sure to satisfy even the biggest of carnivores, feel the brand, having been launched exclusively at Delivery Huts nationwide. Consumer trends and tastes are always changing and with meat-free options trading well throughout lockdowns, Pizza Hut observe, and who way that they are proud to partner with Beyond Meat to bring increased choice and expanded vegetarian offerings to its menus. Pizza Hut Delivery continues to grow, with recent data showing the double-digit growth the brand saw during lockdowns in 2020 has continued throughout 2021. Beyond Meat pizzas were trialled at select stores in 2020 and resulted in positive feedback with encouraging product performance. Pizzas and sides now available for delivery and collection on a permanent basis include the Beyond Italian Style Sausage Supreme (meat-free Beyond Italian Style Sausage, mozzarella cheese, mixed peppers, mushrooms

and red onions), Beyond Three-Meat Three Cheese (meat-Free Beyond Italian Style Sausage, Beyond Pork Crumbles, Beyond Beef Crumbles, mushrooms, triple cheese blend and red onions), Beyond Beef Sizzler (meatfree Beyond Beef Crumbles, mozzarella cheese, red onion, jalapeños and green chillies) and Beyond Italian Style Sausage Tear & Share Topper (mozzarella cheese and garlic folded pizza bread, topped with meat-free Beyond Italian style Sausage, and cut into strips for easy sharing). This launch is part of a larger, global strategic partnership between Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat and builds upon previous announcements in the US, Canada, Belgium and Puerto Rico, Pizza Hut having also partnered with Beyond Meat for their leading expertise in plant-based protein and their ability to attract a younger consumer base, including Gen-Z and millennial consumers, they add. Amelia Riba, chief brand officer at Pizza Hut said: “Last year we were the first pizza chain to bring Beyond Meat toppings to the UK, and we’re delighted to introduce them across the country this year. We are proud to always bring delicious new innovations right to our customers, and by partnering with Beyond Meat we are offering more flexitarian and meatfree options without sacrificing any flavour.”

September 2021


PizzaExpress dishes up industryleading digital innovation PizzaExpress has now launched the first elements of what they say is a multi-faceted new digital innovation strategy that will bolster customer experience in restaurants and online and strengthen the brand for the future. Among the industry-leading innovations are a Customer Support Virtual Assistant known as PeterBot, improvements to its signature Piccolo Corner, and pay at table functionality alongside a digital menu – all designed to increase PizzaExpress’s ability to offer customers great service in restaurants, online and wherever they need it. PizzaExpress says that it is the first casual dining brand to offer a bot specifically for customer support that operates separately from its booking and ordering technologies. Named after PizzaExpress’s legendary founder Peter Boizot, PeterBot has been designed to support customers on their digital journey wherever they need it. With the ability to answer a wide range of questions and enquiries, PeterBot ensures that customers have access to all the latest information, whilst also learning from all the questions it receives. A customer support virtual assistant instantly updates FAQs and PeterBot is fully integrated with the brand’s CRM technology so customers can message its customer service team if necessary. In the first month of its launch PeterBot successfully answered almost 11,000

queries, becoming an integral ‘member’ of the PizzaExpress team and ensuring customers are supported 24/7. PizzaExpress has also developed Extra Bite, its online content platform that enables customers to enjoy the full PizzaExpress experience when dining at home via its delivery and retail range. Featuring a range of content from curated music playlists to family games, recipe ideas and conversation starters, Extra Bite goes the extra mile to offer additional value to customer with exclusive competitions, rewards, and prizes with partners including Coke and Peroni. At-home customers can easily access the Extra Bite platform by scanning a simple QR code on the delivery packaging and on the box of Cook at Home retail pizzas. Delivering creative and fun experiences for younger diners has always been a key focus for PizzaExpress, so it has developed a digital version of its famous Piccolo packs. The Piccolo Corner platform gives families everywhere the opportunity to enjoy interactive games such as Word Searches, Crosswords, and an interactive piano to engage children. Downloadable activities from crafts to recipes and restaurant role play are also available, leading the site to become an instant hit. Thousands of families have enjoyed the content at home and in restaurants - Piccolo Pack QR codes are included on tables for families to access

the content as they wait for their meals, as well as the packaging of retail pizza boxes. The ability to pay at table using the PizzaExpress app has rapidly become very popular in restaurants, they report, as it helps customers to enjoy the perfect combination of the personal service of the PizzaExpress front of house team alongside the convenience and speed of mobile ordering and payment. Developed alongside the digital menu, the cashless payment system is accessible via a QR code and allows customers to click through and select their favourites, before placing their order and making payment. Zoe Bowley, managing director at PizzaExpress, commented: “PizzaExpress has been a lead innovator for decades. Ever since Peter Boizot brought the first authentic pizza oven to London in 1965, we’ve relied on quick thinking, strong ideas and an ability to introduce new concepts and technology quickly to give our customers a great experience. We are immensely proud of the speed at which our latest digital innovation plans have come to fruition and are very pleased with customers’ reaction to each one. We’re always looking for new ways that we can use technology to help our customers and support our teams in delivering high levels of service and enjoyment.”

Pizza Italiana arrives in London Following a hugely successful soft launch period, Piazza Italiana is now officially open. Housed in a grade II listed building - the former home of British Linen Bank - on Threadneedle Street, the restaurant’s combination of traditional Italian cuisine and spectacular surroundings has already attracted a loyal following. Originally launched in the historical district of Moscow and then over the Baltic Sea to the Old Town of Riga, Piazza Italiana

has now been brought to these shores by Victor Ravdive, whose Resto-Rātors brand has launched multiple international food and drink concepts. Victor Ravdive has collaborated with the brand’s original founder, Sicilian-born maestro Remo Mazzucato, to create Piazza Italiana’s culinary offering. Remo Mazzucato has drawn on over 50 years’ experience to devise a superlative menu, based on classic recipes from all over Italy that are focused on authenticity

and seasonal ingredients. Although many of these dishes change according to the time of year, certain offerings remain constant, among them signatures such as Sea Bass Carpaccio, Ravioli King Crab, Ossobuco, Gorgonzola Carpaccio and Tagliolini Al Tartufo. 13


Share a Slice donate over 13,000 pizzas to those in need South-London based pizzeria, Share A Slice, is a social enterprise restaurant, aiming to combat hunger suffered as a result of growing poverty across London. For each of their delicious pizzas purchased, Share A Slice donate one to those in need via their charity partners and weekly food drives. They have now donated over 13,000 pizzas to those in need including those affected by homelessness, and to NHS workers or tube and supermarket staff during the pandemic Share A Slice pride themselves on their authentic Neapolitan pizzas, using only the freshest of ingredients imported weekly from Italy, transporting your tastebuds to sunny Naples. Share A Slice was founded by Raj and Sandeep, following their extensive training in Naples, where they learnt to make high-quality, authentic pizzas under the watchful eye of Master Pizzaiolo, Enzo Coccia at Pizzeria La Notizia. Founders Raj and Sandeep said: “At Share A Slice, we think everyone deserves to have access to a hot meal, which is why our one for one model is at the very core of our brand ethos. Living in a pandemic for the past year has hit vulnerable groups hardest and stressed the importance of giving back to the local community. Buy a delicious pizza for yourself and give one to someone in need at the same time, it’s a win-win situation!” The dynamic duo set up the philanthropic pizzeria following

a conversation with a homeless man outside Old Street which highlighted the need for more sources of warm food for the community. This inspired their one for one model, donating one of their mouth-watering pizzas for each one purchased at either of their locations. Whether you’re looking to tuck into something tasty whilst surveying the city atop the famous Bussey building or down at Pop Brixton with your mates, Share A Slice have got you covered at their South London branches, and by buying a delicious pizza for yourself, customers are ensuring someone who really needs it receives a hot meal at no extra cost.

Karen Betts appointed FDF chief executive Karen Betts is to be the new chief executive of the Food & Drink Federation, the FDF has announced, having led the Scottish Whisky Association since 2017. A lawyer by background, Karen Betts previously had a two-decade career in the Foreign Office and Diplomatic Service, latterly as HM Ambassador to Morocco, and will succeed Ian Wright, who steps down at the end of 2021 after seven years in the role. Announcing the appointment, FDF president Jon Woods said: “Karen Betts has an outstanding track record of achievement representing both our country, and one of our most important and valuable industries. This is a time of unprecedented change and opportunity for the food and drink industry. As we 14

emerge from the challenges of Brexit and Covid-19, Karen will bring great understanding of, and experience in, working closely with governments and some of the world’s biggest consumer goods companies. She has spent the last four years speaking for an industry with deep provenance and a range of businesses of all sizes determined that they, too, should be heard. “In the last seven years, FDF has entrenched its position as the leading representative organisation for food and drink manufacturing. Membership has grown five-fold to almost a thousand companies. FDF’s unique mix of advisory services and advocacy, and the unparalleled expertise of its staff, offer a great platform for further dynamic growth.

We are confident that Karen is the person to lead the FDF into an exciting and successful future.” Karen Betts added: “I am delighted to have been appointed as the Food and Drink Federation’s new chief executive, to represent the huge range of companies that keep food on our tables and make up UK’s largest manufacturing industry. These are rapidly changing times, with challenges and opportunities for the industry to grasp in everything from addressing climate change, to skills and livelihoods, and healthy diets. I am looking forward to working with the FDF’s members, the FDF team, with government and other organisations as we find the best answers to these questions for all involved.” September 2021


Sveba Dahlen P-Series is back in black! Leading Swedish manufacturer Sveba Dahlen has added a new Beyond Black line to its popular P-Series of electric pizza ovens. The new Beyond Black pizza oven is both eye-catching and functional, say the company, and is made of black stainless steel with an anti-fingerprint coating which is exceptionally easy to clean and protects the surface from grease stains and dirt. The exclusive Beyond Black design is available with one, two or three decks and can accommodate up to 18 pizzas at once (P603). In addition, its excellent cleaning properties and stylish design, the Beyond Black line boasts the same features and baking results as all P-Series pizza ovens from Sveba Dahlen. The efficient heating system of the P-Series incorporates high performance heating elements and two temperature sensors which ensure that heat is distributed quickly and evenly to reach the right temperature, whilst the thick pizza stones retain heat throughout the baking. If the oven is needed in a hurry, the Turbo start function automatically

heats up the oven quickly to the set temperature. The P-Series is also superbly insulated, retaining heat inside the oven to enhance energy efficiency and create a more comfortable working environment. In addition, the ergonomic design means the P-Series Beyond Black is easy to use and can improve workflows. Its solid, robust and compression-sprung door includes bead-blasted stainless steel handles which are cool to the touch. Commenting on the new addition to the Sveba Dahlen P-Series, Steve Morris, sales director at Jestic Foodservice Solutions said: “Sveba Dahlen’s P-Series has been a popular pizza oven choice with operators for a number of years thanks to its performance, energy efficiency and quick and even heat distribution. The new P-Series Beyond Black line looks stunning and will make a real design statement in any restaurant – plus with its easy to clean coating it offers both style and practicality.” The P-Series Beyond Black can achieve baking temperatures up to 350°C and includes pizza stones, two pull-out

shelves, a digital panel which makes the oven both energy efficient and easy to use, plus robust legs with lockable wheels make it easy to move for cleaning. An optional energy saving timer can be set for when there is less to do in the restaurant, whilst a programmable weekly timer with start and stop settings allows you to plan your week so you can arrive to an already heated oven.

Seggiano helps bring back the Christmas cheer Seggiano, a brand that sources and develops the very best specialist Italian food, working with top artisanal producers who use clean ingredients and traditional methods, has announced its festive food line up for 2021. The collection includes genuine artisan panettone cakes with clean label ingredients, including new for 2021, an award-winning Chocolate Panettone which joins favourites Classic, Chestnut, Limoncello, Bonci (soused in sweet wine) and Mini Vin Santo cakes - available in Classic and Chocolate. There’s also Baked Calabrian Fig Ball, Panforte (the medieval speciality of Siena, in a choice of Traditional,

Chocolate and Fig & Walnut flavour), Chocolate Fig Salame (a pairing of figs, fruit, nuts and chocolate to serve with dessert or coffee at the end of a festive meal) and Chocolate Covered Fruits (handmade dolcetti featuring local fruits and nuts dipped in premium dark chocolate and available in Chocolate Rum Figs, Chocolate Cherry Figs and Chocolate Candied Clementines). David Harrison, Seggiano co-founder said: “Christmas 2020 was a muted affair because of the pandemic’s dramatic impact on the traditional family seasonal celebrations. This year, we want to help retailers bring back the festive spirit and support the growing consumer trend

for discovering exciting, superb quality food experiences - both for the customer themselves as well as a gift for their loved ones.” 15


Association update

‘Treat yourself’

to a pizza campaign planned A national publicity campaign to support pizza sales is to be launched by the Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA) in November. Built around a national publicity campaign, Pizza Week (November 22-28 2021) is about celebrating pizza as one of Britain’s favourite foods and creating an environment where individual businesses can build their own promotional activity to suit their brands and markets. There’s no cost involved in taking part and the logo for the week is free to download from the PAPA website ( There is also a presentation about the week on the website. Focusing on a ‘treat yourself’ theme, the campaign will encourage consumers to treat family and friends to a pizza as well as promote the industry as an exciting place to work, offering great career opportunities. It will 16

also highlight the versatility of pizza, offering something for all tastes. The Association has appointed a PR agency, Pretzel, to orchestrate the campaign, which is expected to reach out to over 30 million consumers. A special website is also being launched for consumers and media to support the week.

“Through this intensive media campaign covering TV, radio, print and online media our aim is to create an environment where pizzas are top of mind with consumers and thus help to drive sales through the industry,” said PAPA director, Jim Winship. “We hope to get the whole industry behind this initiative and create a real buzz around pizza.”

3,==$ :((.

1' 7+ 129 September 2021

Headline Sponsors


The Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Industry Awards are underway, and the entries are being whittled down to the shortlists from which the judges will select their winners. JOIN US FOR THE JUDGING

In several categories, there will be live, online sessions where the shortlisted entries will make presentations to and answer questions from the panel of judges. These sessions are open for anyone to join the audience so please drop in and hear what the best in the industry have to say. The PAPA Community Award


7th September 2021

Innovation & Business Development Award


9th September 2021

New Ingredient Award Manufactured Pasta Product Award


5th October 2021

Manufactured Pizza Product Award


7th October 2021

Links to each judging session will be posted on the awards website at #papaindustryawards #pizzachef2021

Innovation & Business Development Award Recognises innovation across the industry, from technical to new product development (excluding ingredients), that offer real benefits to the sector.

PAPA Community Award Awarded to a business or individual judged to have gone the extra mile to help people in their community during lockdown.

PAPA Industry Award This lifetime achievement award is presented to an individual, company or organisation considered deserving of recognition for their outstanding contribution to the industry.

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

Italian Restaurant Award

Pizza Restaurant Award

Independent Pizza Delivery Award

This award aims to recognise those who have done the most to keep their businesses going through lockdown.

This award aims to recognise those who have done the most to keep their businesses going through lockdown.

This award aims to recognise the UK’s best independent delivery operators (with up to five stores).

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

23-24 SEPTEMBER 2021

Small Chain Pizza Delivery Award This award aims to give recognition to the small chains (businesses with between five to 20 stores) in the pizza delivery sector. Sponsored by

Pizza Delivery Chain Award

Frozen Pizza Multiple Retailer Award

This award aims to identify those pizza delivery chains with 20+ stores that are doing the most to drive the market.

For multiple retailers actively driving the frozen pizza sector over the last year and in particular during the pandemic.

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

Convenience Store Pizza Award For retailers actively driving pizza sales (frozen and chilled) in the convenience sector and in particular how they managed their business during the pandemic Sponsored by

Chilled Pizza Multiple Retailer Award

Pasta Retailer Award

For multiple retailers actively driving the chilled pizza sector over the last year and in particular during the pandemic.

This award recognises those retailers actively driving sales of pasta, whether fresh, frozen or dry.

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

European Pizza & Pasta Show

Manufactured Pizza Product Award This award aims to identify the best new manufactured pizza products (frozen or chilled) launched in the last year. Awarded in two categories: Everyday and Premium. Sponsored by

Manufactured Pasta Product Award

New Ingredient Award

This award aims to find the best new pasta product launched in the last year and includes frozen, fresh and dry products.

Open to any new ingredient this award aims to give recognition to those products which are the most innovative and of the most value to the industry.

Sponsored by

Sponsored by


The full awards shortlists will be published in early October and the winners of each award, alongside the winner of the Pizza Chef of the Year Competition, will be revealed at the PAPA Industry Awards Dinner, hosted by celebrity chef, Theo Randall.

This year’s event takes place on 11th November 2021 at the Royal Lancaster London Lancaster Terrace, London W2 2TY

WWW.PAPAINDUSTRYAWARDS.CO.UK #papaindustryawards #pizzachef2021

INTRODUCING OUR NDUJA SAUSAGE Notoriously spicy, this fiery little spreadable sausage is our secret ingredient for adding flavour, spice and smoke to your pizza, sandwich or ready meal. Soft, indulgent, meaty and now in an easy to use and portion IQF format.

FEATURES Developed and cooked to perform in QSR/Fast Casual sectors All products are fully cooked and suitable for hot/cold applications Sandwich Fillings, Pizza Toppings, Tex Mex Innovative and on trend selection, serving the world’s most loved food brands

BENEFITS Produced under the Dawn Farms Food Plus+ brand protection programme IQF frozen to seal in freshness and reduce food waste





Ready to Order, Ready To Eat with local distribution network in place




Contact Silbury for more information: South Region: | 07795 697759 North Region: | 07557 737330


AT THE ROYAL LANCASTER LONDON This year’s PAPA Awards dinner is back and bigger than ever. Join us to celebrate the winners of the awards and the winner of Pizza Chef of the Year 2021 Chef, Theo Randall


Comedian, Jo Caulfield

sponsored by

The European Pizza & Pasta Show

To book a table please contact

THE SEARCH FOR BRITAIN’S BEST PIZZA CHEF CONTINUES We’ve been inundated with entries for the Pizza Chef of the Year competition. Not only is there quantity, but also quality and the sponsors are finding it a real challenge to decide who to put through to the finals. The details of the finalists in each category are published on the PAPA Industry Awards website at as soon as the announcement is made. A huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to enter and submit recipes. If we could, we’d put you all through and just have a huge pizza party!

JOIN US AT THE LIVE FINALS What a treat it will be to return to live competition when the finals take place on 18th October 2021 at the European Pizza & Pasta Show. The demonstration kitchen has ample room for you to come and see the chefs in action and to taste their incredible creations. Judges Theo Randall, Enzo Oliveri, Marco Fuso, Michael Eyre and Michele Pascarella will be on hand to delve deep into the creative mind of each of the contenders so you can be sure there’ll be some tips and tricks uncovered!

WINNERS The category winners will be announced at the show and the overall winner will be revealed by head judge Theo Randall at the PAPA Industry Awards Dinner on 11th November 2021 at the Royal Lancaster, London.



Our blend of cheese perfectly combined for pizzas

Our Strong Pizza Flour provides stability and resilience to the making and baking of the pizza bases.



Precooked-Quick-Frozen. Bacon is salted, cooked, smoked and cut into julienne strips

Create a pan pizza using the flat bread Roman style tray

Pizza ovens for the finals kindly provided by Jestic. Induction hobs and pans kindly provided by MCS CookTek F O O D S E R V I C E S O LU T I O N S


Casual Dining returns This year’s Casual Dining show will be taking place on 23 and 24 September 2021 at London ExCel (, and alongside the lunch! show and Commercial Kitchen. WORLD-CLASS SPEAKER LINE-UP The organisers of Casual Dining, widely received by many as the definitive restaurant, pub and bar event, have a world-class keynote speaker line-up for their comeback show. The seminars take place alongside the event across three Keynote Theatres (sponsored by Yumpingo), and will offer trade attendees exceptional access to industry leaders and experts. The award-winning trade show has announced the welcome return of industry leader Peter Borg-Neal, chief executive of Oakman Group, which was recently named by Alix Partners as the UK’s fastest growing pub business. Peter BorgNeal said recently that: “Casual Dining has very quickly become a must visit event in the industry calendar. As well as learning about new innovations on the supply side it provides a great networking opportunity and some hugely informative debates and speaker sessions.” 26

Also returning to the show are Nick Collins, who in only six years as CEO of Loungers has overseen the group’s expansion from 56 to 166 sites across the UK, and Zoe Bowley, managing director, Pizza Express. A regular at the show, Zoe Bowley commented in the countdown to the event that “the sheer scale of Casual Dining and seeing our industry brought together in one place always reminds me that this an industry that people can join and thrive in. It reflects how big and great we are and, particularly post-COVID, it demonstrates how our industry will be a force for good in the future.” Casual Dining has also confirmed a ream of fantastic first-time speakers too who will be gracing the stages this year, including Chris Miller (founder & CEO, White Rabbit Projects), Darrel Connell (partner, Imbiba), Duncan McEwan (executive development chef, The Big

Table Group), Laura Morris (co-owner director, Yard & Coop), Paul Barham (founder and director, Red Engine – Flight Club and Electric Shuffle), Rob Pitcher (CEO, Revolution Bars Group), Steve Wilkins (founder, Little Gems Country Dining TV), Charlie McVeigh (founder, Bunker Projects) and Winston Matthews (commercial director, Busaba). As in previous years, the show is being supported by UKHospitality, whose CEO Katie Nicholls will be leading an exclusive session providing an overview of the government strategies needed to help the sector recover and grow. The organisers have also confirmed an array of compelling panel sessions, including the first ever Casual Dining Investors Panel, looking behind the scenes at how some of the most talked about brands are funded. The panel will feature Charlie McVeigh (founder, September 2021

PREVIEW Bunker Projects), Chris Miller (founder & CEO, White Rabbit Projects) and Darrel Connell (partner, Imbiba). Other panels bringing together industry leaders, experts and chefs include Menu Innovation for Multi-Site Restaurants Panel, featuring Steven Mangleshot (global executive chef & brand ambassador, Wagamama), Winston Matthews (commercial director, Busaba) and Duncan McEwan (executive development chef, The Big Table Group). At the ‘new for 2021’ Pub & Bar Keynote Theatre, sponsored by Yumpingo, the Pub Leaders Panel will feature Simon Bunn (managing director, Brewhouse and Kitchen), Joycelyn Neve (managing director, Oakman Group) and Anthony Pender (co-founder, The Yummy Pub Co.) whose discussion will cover business rates, staffing, wages, Brexit, rooms and surviving the pandemic. Other panels will also focus on key business areas and innovations – operations, marketing, going global and the next big thing. FUTURE OUTLOOK Reflecting the challenges and innovations of the post-COVID landscape, Peter Backman will be presenting a session on delivery and virtual brands. Attendees will also be able to gain invaluable market insights from KAM Media, The NPD Group, CGA, Peach 20/20 and FutureFoodservice, whose Founder Simon Stenning recently described the show as “an absolute must attend for all stakeholders across restaurants, pubs and fast food, as it is the place to see, share, hear and meet all of the most important trends and people leading the way in which consumers eat out.” Event manager, Eva Ellis, commented: “With this year’s show there is a real sense of coming together and celebrating the innovations that have emerged from a challenging 18 months. The calibre of this year’s Keynote Speaker line-up (not to mention the exhibitors and buyers!) really reflects just how passionate and resilient this sector is.” Other speakers include Brian Trollip (managing director, Dishoom),

Laura Harper-Hinton (co-founder, Caravan), Mark Derry (executive chairman, Brasserie Bar Co.), Mark Selby (co-founder & CEO, Wahaca), Mark Wogan (creative director, Homeslice), Seamus O’Donnell (culinary director, The Alchemist), Simon Potts (CEO, The Alchemist), Simon Wilkinson (CEO, Famously Proper Ltd), Steve Holmes (CEO, Azzurri Group), Susan Chappell (divisional director, Mitchells & Butlers), Toby Harris (CEO, State of Play Hospitality (Bounce)) and Tom

Barton (co-founder - director of food, innovation & sustainability, Honest Burgers). Casual Dining is being described by many as a critical event for the industry, with Steve Holmes, CEO, Azzurri Group calling it “the most important Casual Dining show yet”, and Steven Mangleshot, Executive Chef, Wagamama adding: “We need to get together, find innovation and support each other more than ever. See you at Casual Dining 2021.”

Casual Dining takes place on 23-24 September 2021 at ExCeL London and is co-located with lunch! and Commercial Kitchen. Registration is free and strictly for members of the trade only. For further information and to register for a free trade ticket, please visit and use priority code VCD1. Alternatively, use direct link: 27

NEW locations and NEW opportunities INTERVIEW

Pizza Pasta & Italian Food magazine put some questions to Papa John’s new UK director of business development, Amit Pancholi (pictured), who was formerly head of property for a large multi-brand franchise group – overseeing a portfolio which included Domino’s, Zaza and Tim Hortons stores. Before that he managed Domino’s estate portfolio for the UK and Ireland for three years. Previously, he also worked in estate management for leading household names including Holland & Barrett and Boots. What particular insight from your retail/property background will you bring to Papa John’s in your new role? I’ve worked in QSR retail and property for around 15 years, for a variety of organisations including direct competitors. Inevitably, I’ve seen the challenges faced on a daily basis and now bring the knowledge I’ve gained forwards for the benefit of Papa John’s and our franchisees to help them grow their business. My experience also means I can work with new and existing franchisees to help them find the very best retail locations for store openings. What’s the ‘right type’ of site for Papa John’s right now, and why? We are looking for opportunities to open new 28

stores to bring Papa John’s to all the major cities and towns in the UK. Central locations offer more brand presence but in larger towns we are dividing trade zones into more compact areas, so we maintain our quick delivery times as the popularity of our pizza continues to grow. Papa John’s has recently launched in locations from Daventry to Ely to Totton this year, with many more stores set to open in newly defined, more compact territories before the end of 2021. However, it’s more about being where our customers are and creating the most convenience for them. For example, we have recently introduced the option for delivery to selected outdoor locations around the UK. Customers visiting the park or the beach, can now find the closest delivery spot to their

location and order as normal and meeting their Papa John’s driver there. We aim to ensure our customers can have fun and really make the most of the occasion by enjoying their favourite pizza at the same time. How has the pizza delivery and takeaway sector changed in recent times due to the response to Covid? There has been a change in mindset recently. Previously, around 60% of our orders were delivered and 40% in-store take out. Now, that’s shifted to a ratio of around 80/20 delivery verses take out. Until consumer confidence resumes, this is likely to remain this way for a while. This shift in consumer behaviour also means we are seeing some other QSR firms changing the way they operate. Many are working

more closely with aggregators, and this has had a knockon effect where some have decided to move to smaller, more economical retail outlets. Have big chains like Papa John’s acquired sites from small, perhaps struggling, independent operator sites in recent times? (if so, is this trend likely to continue?) Very sadly some smaller independent operators have left the market freeing up sites, but competition to secure the best retail units is coming from new directions now. This includes new competitors or established firms downsizing because there is less takeaway footfall. Finding the best locations is the result of careful analysis of household counts and the general location assessment to ensure a store is viable. Opening a successful store September 2021

INTERVIEW However, the supply of real estate by its very nature is always limited. There has always been competition for the very best sites and there still is. To secure these locations, we need to be there first. Therefore, we have a dedicated property acquisition team and we work hard at building relationships with developers and agents. We are fortunate the landlords now recognise the Papa John’s brand and reputation are keen to work with us.

is about finding the best location, a great building and creating an unparalleled customer experience through correct fit-out and branding. It’s a complex mix of ingredients which requires expertise to find a suitable property in a competitive marketplace, the need to deal with legal arrangements and planning permission plus the management of the project for the refit and construction of the retail unit. There have been some changes in the market but these challenges always remain the same. Following on from the previous question, how have these changes affected the sourcing, and type, of sites Papa John’s are currently looking for? Not settling for second best is key. This is particularly so when it comes to selecting retail sites. It’s far better to pay a little more for rent on a premium site than go for cheaper rent and accept a poorer site. Papa John’s sells a premium product, and our approach reflects this in our choice of location, service, and the overall quality in everything we do.

In terms of new store locations and openings, what developments can we expect to see taking place at Papa John’s in the near future? As well as new store openings in more compact trade zones we are now working with new partners with an existing customer base. These are leisure venues, sports stadiums, holiday resorts and recently even a hugely successful pub! We can offer flexible franchise opportunities for suitable partners who are looking to add a new revenue stream and provide a top quality, branded hot food offering to their customers at the same time.

Increasing our partnerships with leisure venues to extend our reach in these nontraditional locations means many more people can enjoy the treat of Papa John’s at home, on holiday or wherever suits them. This may mean partners investing in a full Papa John’s store which can deliver to both a venue’s visitors plus local community residents, or adding branded mobile delivery units serving customers at several sites on a holiday resort, for example. It’s interesting how many people taste Papa John’s for the first time while on holiday, so we are now looking to grow in more locations closer to home and when customers are out and about too, ensuring they can have fun plus their favourite pizza treat wherever they are. Have you found that franchisees have new/ different requests or expectations of a franchisor like Papa John’s compared to previous years? (if so, what?) I think franchisees always want an honest relationship with their franchisor. They take a leap of faith on their journey with us, and we have

a responsibility to help them future-proof their businesses. I know they may be looking for a store of a certain size today, but we need to consider what that store will look like in five years from now. Therefore, I’m invested in finding the right locations and size of stores for franchisees as I know this means they will be able to satisfy more customers and generate higher sales and be ready to accommodate the future growth their businesses. At the same time, the more convenience we can create for our valued customers, the more revenue can be generated, resulting in a better outcome for both parties, and better results for Papa John’s. It’s about creating a win-win-win situation for all. I also think it’s about developing great working relationships with franchisees. This is a people business and it’s got to be fun! I like to think I’m approachable and listen, taking on board what’s being said to respond to any challenges being faced. By communicating well and working closely together I firmly believe we can create a winning outcome. 29


The European Pizza & Pasta Show 9-10 November 2016 Olympia London

European Pizza and Pasta Show

The European Pizza and Pasta Show is celebrating five years, and will take place at Olympia, London, on the 18 and 19 October 2021 ( CELEBRATING FIVE YEARS Visitors will be able to celebrate the old, the new, the best and the tastiest, say the show’s organisers; namely, the one and only pizza! Organised in association with the UK’s PAPA (the Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association,, and with the support of Visit Britain, the event has become a leading business to business meeting of what has become one of the largest UK food and beverage industry segments – pizza, pasta and Italian food. Visited by 4,000 key buyers, the event showcases the latest products and technology for restaurants, pubs, cafés, takeaways, dark and shared kitchens, hotels, catering companies, as well as wholesalers, supermarkets, grocery stores and delicatessen from across the UK and Europe. 30

September 2021

PREVIEW “This is a very positive show, with more pizza makers attending this year. The show is a good meeting point for those in the industry - an excellent platform for launching new products,” said Antimo Caputo, MD of Naples-based flour company, Antimo Caputo srl. This year’s show is being sponsored by Molino Caputo, GI Metal, Jestic, PeppaCo, SaltWell and Petra Srl, and will be aiming to unite the industry and market by delivering two days of excitement and innovation on stage with the best chefs on hand to show us how through the making of the dough, to how to achieve the best taste when it comes to cooking one of the oldest pies known to mankind! PIZZA CHEF SHOWCASE “With so much competition, the industry’s chefs and developers are always keen to find the next big thing. British Baker visited the European Pizza and Pasta Show to find out what’s hot in pizza, and as the late Freddie Mercury once sang ‘I want it all, and I want it now’. That’s pretty much how Brits feel when it comes to pizza. Luckily, the industry is responding!” said British Baker’s Amy North when reflecting on the event’s prominence. Challenging the norms of today, the European Pizza and Pasta Show has become an integral showcase for invention and origination - a stage for many world-leading chefs to bring their expertise and skills in support of the industry. From cooking master classes to the European Pizza Championship, and the hotly-contested, PAPA Pizza Chef of the Year Final, the event will setting out to bring together industry leaders across some 20 sessions to discuss the present and the future of our industry.

AJMAL MUSHTAQ The 2021 edition’s headline speaker will be Ajmal Mushtaq, considered by many to be the UK’s leading authority on the takeaway sector. He writes for many of the UK’s leading trade magazines and has become a regular ‘feature’ on television news for his expert views. Ajmal Mushtaq is the director of Boss Pizza – a pizza company that has ambitious national expansion plans. He is also the owner of the biggest takeaway operation in Britain and has featured in BBC2’s Best of British takeaways, on BBC 1 and in Channel 4 ‘s Dispatches and many more. 31


Passionate about pizza After a disrupted year and a half for hospitality, the artisan appeal of pizza to consumers, coupled with its portable, takeaway credentials has offered opportunity during testing times, in turn receiving more interest from the sector at large in the products and skills required to make it. PIZZA ACADEMY Due to open this month, and demonstrating the increased desire to learn much more about the artisan nature of pizza and the skills required to perfect it, will be Eurostar Commodities’ Pizza Academy. The company, who supply a range of Italian ingredients to the restaurant and foodservice sector, not least the well known Grandi Molini range of flours, plan a Pizza Academy of Excellence that will take the form of a dedicated pizza kitchen and demonstration area with state-of-the-art equipment. 32

To be hosted at Eurostar House at the company’s Yorkshire HQ, special monthly educational events with the very best professional pizza chefs in attendance from the UK, Italy and USA are planned in order to showcase new ingredients alongside educational demonstrations on how to use them. In addition, and in recognition of the demand for gluten-free, a dedicated programme of events will also be undertaken to help pioneer excellence in gluten free pizza, add Eurostar. There will also be a live development kitchen for manufacturers and retailers

in which they will be able to develop their own exclusive products, and a programme of consumer-focused events and courses to teach people how to make pizza at home like a professional. “We are so excited to be creating a beautiful, technically advanced space to create pizza and develop new products, and are looking forward to welcoming pizza experts from around the world, and those who want to improve and learn new techniques,” says Jason Bull, director, Eurostar Commodities. September 2021



of Excellence Welcoming

pizza experts from around the world to our beautiful technically advanced space, developing new products & learning new techniques.

Full kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment. Pro chefs from UK, Italy and USA. New ingredients, education, demos, pioneering excellence in gluten free technical development for manufacturers and retailers, all hosted at our Yorkshire HQ. OCTOBER





Superior pizza flours from


Grandi Molini Italiani Top quality Italian ‘00’ wheat flours, ideal for all types of pizza. The soft wheat makes an easily digestible pizza base, with a crispy and substantial golden crust. A popular choice amongst professional pizza chefs.


PIZZA FLOUR ALSO AVAILABLE Our Della Terra gluten free pizza flour creates an authentic, light and tasty pizza base! Made from a blend of naturally gluten free ingredients.


Contact Andrew Emery 01291 636334

Eurostar Commodities Ltd, Birds Royd Lane, Brighouse HD6 1NG 01484 320516




IN THE SPOTLIGHT Enzo Oliveri (pictured), a PAPA competition judge and recent recipient of an award that has seen him elected a fellow of the International Institute of Hotel Management in recognition of exemplary services and contribution to the profession of hospitality, does a lot of work worldwide mentoring young talent in the hospitality industry in order to keep the industry interesting for the future, he says, as well as helping to develop the right skills for the new generation. His advice for competitors taking part in this year’s Pizza Chef Competition, and the other chef competitions to be hosted at the upcoming European Pizza & Pasta Show, focuses on knowing your product and ingredients, as well as showing passion for what you do in the process. 1. To be passionate with your creation each dish reflects you! 2. Study more, as you can learn from other professionals, different techniques and ethical ways, but be inventive and innovative without forgetting the roots and the base of cooking. 3. Travel and see different cultures and habits, and learn the history of their cooking and how to use new ingredients. 4. We have a duty to think healthy, and take into consideration allergens and food safety. 5. As I judge a lot of competitions, my advice is always to give your best 34

shot and don’t underestimate the competitors (just be the best!). 6. Hospitality means to be hospitable, and this is the name of our Industry. If you look worldwide, our industry is enormous and keeps on growing, so the need for outstanding professionals is great, and you can achieve it. In my career, I have had a lot of students, and a lot of them have reached the goal. From head chef in outstanding hotels to managers and to the top of F&B, and many of them restaurant owners. I wish all of you good luck for the competition and for the future (the future is yours!). WHOLESOME DEVELOPMENT In what is being claimed to be a major innovation for the pizza sector, Salubre – a new healthy pizza base with almost a quarter less calories (22% less) than a standard pizza base - is the result of significant research and technical development carried out by the team at the Homemade Pizza Club. Salubre means wholesome in Italian and could be something of a game-changer in the pizza industry by allowing people to eat a full-sized pizza, with toppings of their choosing, but with several significant health and

nutrition benefits in the pizza base itself. Previously, healthier option pizza has been achieved with less or lowcalorie toppings or smaller pizza, its creators point out, but Salubre will turn this on its head by offering a healthier base that aids digestion too. Compared to a standard pizza base, a Salubre pizza base offers 22% less calories, 20% less sodium and 14% more protein, but is double the fibre of a regular pizza base. It is made from a combination of UK milled, vitamin enriched wheat flour and spent barley grains (spent grains being the leftover grains from the brewing process and a highly nutritious food source, both high in fibre and protein). Increased fibre and protein intake has been proven to be an effective way to reduce overall calorie intake, and to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and of becoming obese. James Sturdy, founder of the Homemade Pizza Club that will be serving up the new type of pizza base as part of its retail-focused pizza kits that have become popular with consumers, said: “We are excited to launch the new Salubre pizza base and are on a mission to help make pizza part of a balanced diet. We believe there is an alternative to some of the

September 2021

There are many reasons to own a Fat Pizza but my biggest one is that I do not want to have to compete with one in my area!



1. Pioneering use of technology to automate and receive feedback from all operations within the store

More stores opened by end 2021


2. Weekly store sales up to £30k 3. Call Centre systems enable simplified processes within each store 4. Pure Digital marketing (we haven’t printed a menu in years!) 5. Its not just pizza - Milkshakes, Gourmet Burgers, Gelato Ice Cream all to make us the one stop takeaway

6. A focus on the environment and sustainability in everything that we do 7. We Can... • Open a Delivery Only Kitchen • Open a New Traditional Takeaway

Scan the code

Email: @thefatpizza


PIZZA sugary and fatty takeaway pizzas and unhealthy supermarket options that means you can still enjoy pizza the way you like it whilst also achieving an overall balanced diet. “Rich and full of flavour, the spent grains that are used to make the Salubre pizza base come from a Yorkshire brewery, not only reducing food miles but also using a product that otherwise goes to waste. So, the Salubre pizza is not only better for you, but better for the environment!” THE RIGHT WOOD The Euros and UK heatwave may well have helped to encourage both outdoor and indoor wood-fuelled pizza oven purchases at hospitality venues across the country this summer, but in a food-serving environment it is also very important to ensure that you use the right wood for the task in hand. Fuel can be the forgotten ‘ingredient’ within al fresco menus, feel sector supplier, Logs Direct (www., and yet having the

right wood, or charcoal when it comes to barbecuing, and which works with the chef’s intentions and doesn’t keep customers waiting too long, is one major step towards the generation of superb reviews for outdoor-cooked dishes. Even if the diner probably never realises that, you should, emphasise the firm. Quality is the secret to delivering great food cooked with a real flame or hot coals and, the company scanning and touring the globe to source the best restaurant cooking solutions, as well as investing in its own product development. Leonardo, for example, is the company’s super-efficient, 100% compressed beech wood briquette. It is the carefully perfected ‘descendant’ of other free-from, easy-to-store boxed briquettes, created with pizza oven owners in mind, say Logs Direct. With no additives, glues or noxious chemicals, it’s ideal for those making food safety a top priority. Meanwhile, reduced oven ‘roll’ due to an oxygen-

flow-friendly six-sided design, plus an under-8% moisture content, helps to ensure that this Smoke Control Areacompliant log also combusts well by generating long-lasting embers to help keep the oven temperature up, but practically no ash, ensuring ovens stay clean. Match this food-safe wood up with a their paraffin-free, eco-firelighter that is made from wood strips and wool soaked in clean candle and beeswaxes, and your food will taste a treat, claim Logs Direct. Slimline, dense beech logs to suit even compact ovens are available in the form of ‘Piccolo’. Extra-dry and dense, these logs have a great heat output and burn hot and long – with very little ash again, report the company. Meanwhile, regular kiln dried beech logs have been launched by popular demand at Logs Direct, so you can create pizza just as authentically as any Italian chef. Alternatively, their popular kiln dried alder logs are ready to cook whenever you are, add the firm.

New range Food preparation equipment specialist, Metcalfe Catering (www.metcalfecatering. com), reports that it has agreed a new manufacturing partnership for production of its portfolio of mixers, with a new MP range of planetary mixers now available and of potential interest to pizza makers needing to prepare higher volumes of dough. “The old models served us really well, but the time had come for the entire range to be updated and the relative quiet created by the shutdown of hospitality gave us the ideal opportunity to do that,” says Metcalfe’s managing director, Neil Richards. “As part of that process, we have found a new manufacturing partner capable of taking our mixers onto the next level and further enhancing Metcalfe’s reputation as a supplier of premium quality food preparation equipment.” The new MP range has every type of usage covered, with models ranging in 36

size from the countertop 7l MP7, to the 60l MP60. Built to Metcalfe’s exacting specification, say the company, all models have heat treated hardened steel alloy gears, abrasion resistant transmission design, efficient powerful motors, high torque transmission for heavy loads and long-lasting lubricant for smooth gearbox operation. In addition, each model comes with bowl, beater, whisk, and dough hook. The MP20, MP30, MP40 and MP60 models feature an attachment hub and, in the case of the MP30, MP40 and MP60, an integrated timer. As a result of the new specification, Metcalfe says that it is now able to offer a three-year warranty on all seven mixers in the MP range with the aim of giving end users years of trouble-free use and dealers a stress-free experience (list prices range from £881 for the MP7 to £7855 for the MP60). September 2021

PIZZA STORIES IS ABOUT RECIPES AND INSPIRATION Which flour should be used for a gourmet pizza dough?



What is the outlook for future food


Mike Meek, procurement director at allmanhall, an independently owned food procurement expert, examines whether a rise in food prices is inevitable. HOW USEFUL IS CPI (CONSUMER PRICES INDEX) DATA TO PREDICT INFLATION? It is quite customary for organisations to want to measure the change in prices over time. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) monthly inflation and pricing release of CPI data is often the principal index of choice. It is the official measure of household inflation, and it is easy to access and requires little expertise to distribute. CPI food data is very useful, but not when used in isolation. It is a backwardlooking index that measures historic price movements via a weighted household basket of retail goods. Determining to what extent retail prices have changed over the past year may not help those that need to budget for the future. WHAT IS THE OUTLOOK FOR FUTURE FOOD PRICES? Global food prices A good place to start is to examine what is happening to global food prices as these have the greatest pull-on UK food prices. • Global food prices have been steadily climbing over the past 12 months (FAO Food Price Index +33.9% higher than prior year). • Global food prices are significantly higher in real terms than those in both 2018 and 2019. We can in this instance rule out ‘base effects’ distortion as price indexes are well above pre-pandemic levels. • All five key commodity groups have increased significantly on a global level. 38

These are vegetables oils, cereals, dairy, meat, and sugar. • 2021 global food prices are nearing those of 2011, which still represents the 60-year high. • Global shipping costs are at a ten year high fuelled by Chinese demand for iron ore, a key ingredient of steel. This impacts food prices as 60% of global food miles are attributed to sea freight. • Broad based industry wide inflationary pressures across ingredients, packaging, transportation, and labour are more likely to lead to foodservice cost increases. The active management of food wholesalers, product ranges, brand management and adopting a category management approach will help to offset impacts. WHAT PRICE CHANGES ARE UK FOOD MANUFACTURERS EXPERIENCING? May ONS Producer Price Index showed significant increases in the prices that UK food manufacturers are paying for their inbound raw materials, leading them to pass on price increases via a rise in outbound goods (these are prices passed on to retailers and wholesalers). • Inbound cost increases (costs to food manufacturers) - 12-month home food materials increase of +9% - 1-month increase of 3.7% • Outbound cost increases (costs from manufacturers to retailers and wholesalers) - 12-month rate of 3.1% - 1-month rise of 0.7%

It takes time for changes in food commodity prices to feed through the supply chain to caterers, typically three to six months. Changes in food commodity prices do not pass through in full, as consumer food prices include the shipping costs of primary food commodities, the processing, marketing, and packaging of food, and final distribution costs such as transport costs.

WILL THE UK LABOUR SHORTAGE OF DRIVERS AND PICKERS IMPACT FUTURE PRICES? It certainly has the potential to drive up costs if the shortage is sustained for a prolonged period. A shortage of 60,000 drivers has the potential to push up wages and in turn goods prices. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that foodservice distributors and manufacturers September 2021


are having to increase salary packages to retain existing drivers and to recruit new ones. Driver salaries are not the only costs incurred; supply disruption to inbound deliveries also adds cost to manufacturers, wholesalers, and caterers alike. UK hospitality demand also has the potential to exacerbate labour shortages and service disruption. OpenTable data, for example, has shown that seated diners walk-ins and reservations are 20% higher than the prepandemic corresponding period in 2019. WHERE ELSE CAN WE FIND SIGNS OF POTENTIAL FOOD INFLATION? With global food manufacturers’ annual input prices rising by 26%, it is useful to check what our industry membership bodies, and globally listed food companies are reporting. Many well-known food companies have posted warnings to investors about future food inflation including Kraft Heinz, Mondelez, Nestle, Unilever, Kellogg, General Mills, Campbell Soup, Coca Cola and Hain Celestial. Unilever has stated that it is experiencing the highest levels of food inflation “in about a decade.” Nestle CEO Mark Schneider said: “From

what we can see now, inflation is very much a 2021 and, to some aspect, also a 2022 phenomenon. This is a very volatile environment right now with very low visibility, lots of surprises happening, and again, we will take pricing action, and we have taken some pricing actions already.” Bidcorp are reporting a “number of macro challenges” are starting to emerge such as “inflation and labour shortages” which are representative of the broader based challenges facing organisations operating in the UK. Bidcorp continue to state: “We are seeing large increases in the price of vehicles and mechanical handling equipment (and a total lack of availability), construction costs are escalating quickly. All of this will likely lead to wage inflation. We are also unbelievably facing a labour shortage in many markets where the recovery has been quick and sharp, particularly in driver and warehouse roles.” Sysco, the owners of Brakes, whilst not specifying inflation within its International

Division, reported via its third quarter 2021 results that it had experienced 3.5% product cost inflation in the US. Ian Wright CEO of the Food and Drink Federation has also flagged a potential domino effect of staff shortages upon the industry, with shortages in farm pickers, drivers, abattoir workers, manufacturer process operatives and the hospitality sector. These shortages appear to be structural which could create “a war for workers that can only have one consequence for everybody, an increase in prices” and he is expecting “mid-single digits” inflation across the whole food basket, adding that some commodities “have already had double digit rises.” Price increase mitigation and managing food inflation can be possible, with the help of an expert food procurement partner such as ourselves, who work collaboratively to identify cost improvement opportunities through targeted category and range management, and leverage supply relationships, as well as using expert insight, such as those demonstrated here, to deliver better procurement outcomes. This is a challenging time in all aspects of catering and foodservice and everything points to seeing prices rise, and inflation to reach a decade high, or more. Some of this will be manageable and mitigatable; some will be inherent and unavoidable, even with expert support. The industry needs to pull together and stay informed and aware to ensure we’re prepared and able to cope with what the coming period may bring.

About allmanhall Established in 2006, allmanhall ( is an independent, family owned and managed business providing expert food procurement and supply chain management, combined with hands-on catering and nutrition advice. 39


In praise of

tomatoes CONSTANT DEMAND Global tomato consumption is forecast to reach 51 million tons by 2026, with an estimated 80% consumed as fresh produce and 20% as processed and canned tomatoes. However, tomatoes were not always well loved and were slow to catch on in Europe and the rest of the world, as co-founder of specialist ingredients supplier, Seggiano, Peri Eagleton reminds us. “The tomato’s first appearance in European literature was in an herbal written in 1544 by Mattioli - an Italian physician and botanist - who suggested that a new type of melanzana, or aubergine, had been brought to Italy that was red or golden when mature. However, it wasn’t until ten years later that tomatoes were named in print by Mattioli as pomo d’oro, or ‘golden apple’. The original Central American Nahuatl name, ‘tomatotl’, appeared in print 40 years later,” says Peri Eagleton. And are they fruits or vegetables? “Tomatoes are technically a fruit but considered a vegetable by nutritionists,” Peri Eagleton continues. “Many people thought tomatoes were poisonous when they first appeared in Europe, and in general, they were initially grown more as ornamental plants than 40

as food. It is possible that early varieties of the tomato contained large quantities of solanine, the ‘nightshade’ alkaloid that makes green potatoes poisonous. “The poison fear persists up until this day, possibly inspiring the 1978 spoof horror movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, even though commercially grown tomatoes these days contain very tiny amounts of solanine, most of it replaced by much larger quantities of tomatine, a relatively benign alkaloid, which studies have shown binds to cholesterol in the digestive tract, and passes through the body without being absorbed into the bloodstream. “In fact, it is thought that the health benefits of tomatoes are one of the drivers in the steady market increase in tomato consumption worldwide.” HEALTH PROMOTING Further studies have found that purified tomatine, for example, seems to stimulate the immune system in desirable ways. The fibre, potassium, vitamin C and choline content in tomatoes all support heart health. Tomatoes also contain other protective mechanisms, such as anticlotting and anti-inflammatory functions, making them a big friend of the circulatory system. “Lycopene is the best known antioxidant polyphenol component in tomatoes; it gives tomatoes their rich red colour and is thought to have the highest antioxidant activity of all the carotenoids,” explains Peri Eagleton. “Most of our lycopene consumption comes from tomatoes and it is abundant in cooked, tinned and processed tomatoes as well as fresh. Lycopene has been linked with cancer prevention (particularly prostate cancer) in several studies, as well as benefits for other conditions, including

As we are reminded here, tomatoes remain a crucial, if not iconic and health-promoting, ingredient of Italian cuisine used in a variety of popular formats and recipes, but as ever subject to the weather and challenging market conditions. cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, suninduced skin damage and dementia.” Tomatoes also contain all four major carotenoids - alpha- and beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene. These carotenoids have individual benefits, but also interact to provide health benefits as a group. Interestingly, when tomatoes are eaten along with extra virgin olive oil, the body’s absorption of these carotenoids in tomatoes can increase by two to 15 times, according to a study from Ohio State University.

TASTE Of course, another key driver of the global love of tomatoes is their delicious sweetness. “At Seggiano, we were surprised to discover in blind tests that a quality extra virgin oil rounded the tomato flavours and made our pasta sauces taste sweeter, compared to sauces made with generic industrial extra virgin olive oil,” reports Peri Eagleton. “The sauce sector accounts for the largest market share and in 2018, about 12 million tons of sauces were consumed globally and the world’s obsession with Italian food must be playing a part in the emerging growth. September 2021


020 8424 9483 Showroom at 7 St Kilda’s Road, Harrow, London, HA1 1QD


Price pressures “The situation is not really getting back to the normality because of the lack of raw material, especially the iron to produce the empty tins,” reports Philip Bull, MD, Eurostar Commodities, who supply a range of Italian tomato products to the UK market. “Much of the iron comes from additional EU countries, and so the cost of freight does not help. On the other side, China is using a lot of iron, and also decided to implement a taxation for the exportation of its iron. For all these reasons, the prices of the empty tins has increased consistently. “Another problem is that the factories had to order a big percentage of tins between January and March 2021 – right in the middle of the pandemic. Therefore, it was not easy for them to decide the quantity of tins to order for their catering sizes, and the likely quantity required for retail sizes. For this reason, it is felt by many that the availability of catering product will not match the demand, and that this situation is likely to last until the end of closures of restaurants in response to Covid. “Concerning the availability of tomatoes… Until now, it seems that there will be sufficient quantity available even if - due to the extraordinary hot weather in Southern Italy of the last few weeks – right at this moment many tomatoes are getting ripe all in the same time period. Therefore, there could well be a lack in the next weeks. However, currently the situation in Southern Italy is a bit unclear because the factories are not able to process all of the tomatoes, and so in some weeks there could well be a lack of tomatoes. In northern Italy, a percentage of tomatoes were reportedly destroyed due to the hailstorms and the cold of the last weeks.” 42

“Tomato dishes likely found their way into Italian culture through Spanish recipes in the 18th century and in the 1800’s Naples became the birthplace of two outstanding Italian culinary icons, pizza and pasta al pomodoro. “At Seggiano, we often sing the praises of Italian innovation in food production, but Italians are great agriculturalists, so the wildly rich and diverse agricultural terrain of Italy has also nurtured a great variety of specialist tomatoes and ways of preserving and enjoying them.” In Campania, for example, the unique Vesuvian piennolo tomato variety is preserved over winter by hanging in aerated bunches. San Marzano tomatoes, also grown on the volcanic soil of Vesuvius, are the go-to canned tomato and a successful pizza chain uses both these provenance varieties which hits the sweet spot for consumers looking for genuine quality. Independents and specialist shops in the UK also host an increasing variety of provenance and high quality sauces, which are ever popular in the ongoing Covid work-at-home environment, note Seggiano, with consumers having been eating at home more. Sicily is widely regarded as the home of cherry tomatoes – namely, Pachino, datterini, grappolato - which are all enjoyed for their sweetness, or high Brix levels. The deep red of these sun ripened tomatoes are also associated with optimum lycopene antioxidant presence. Typically, these are dried or used in sauces, passatas and salsas. Passata di pomodoro, or sieved tomato, is an essential Italian kitchen staple, historically bottled in high summer for use in the winter months. Passata is typically used as a pasta sauce base. Tomato salsa also differs from passata in that its sugars and flavours are concentrated by cooking. “Apart from our single estate Passata - made from a Tuscan variety tomato - all Seggiano sauces are made in Sicily, but as one would expect for a good pasta sauce, the organic tomatoes are sourced from Campania,” says Peri Eagleton.

of deliciously different but authentic Italian pasta sauces. Already loved by Italians, this was the first time such sauces became available in the UK. Cirio Rustic Ragus are perfect for both a last-minute supper and special occasion, being made from pure rustic passata with a full-bodied texture thanks to the delicious 100% Italian tomatoes, say the brand, and in combination with the carefully selected 100% Italian meats and wine, and the delicate taste of extra virgin olive oil. Indeed, their intense flavour is arguably reminiscent of the traditional Italian recipes that are associated with being homemade, but at the same time featuring all the Italian know-how and quality of tomato and sauce specialist, Cirio. Supplied in small glass jars, the sauces come in an authentic range of recipes including Ragu Rustico (prepared with 100% Italian beef, pork and white wine, as well as onions, celery, carrot, extra virgin olive oil and Cirio tomatoes), Ragu di Montagna (created with 100% Italian sausages and sushrooms. ‘Ragu from the Mountain’ is made with celery, onion, garlic and white wine and is the perfect winter sauce for pasta) and Pancetta del Casale (Farmhouse Pancetta is an exclusive recipe with 100% Italian pork belly, grilled peppers and mushroom that is in keeping with Campagnola cuisine, say Cirio). All the sauces – which are available in Ocado – are totally delicious, so simple and quick to use and all come with the assurance of provenance and quality ingredients. At RRP £2.00 the little glass jars are the ideal store cupboard staple.

HOMEMADE TASTE Earlier this year, Cirio – the producer of Italy’s perhaps most famous brand of tomatoes - launched a totally new range September 2021

index registered suppliers The following businesses are members of The Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA) and subject to its rules and guidelines. While the Association cannot guarantee the products and services supplied by those listed, it does believe that those listed are reputable and is confident in recommending them. The Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association, Association House, 18c Moor Street, Chepstow NP16 5DB Telephone: 01291 636335 or email

999 Pizza Toppings (UK) Ltd. Unit 6, Teakcroft, Fairview Industrial Park, Marsh Way, Rainham, Essex RM13 8UH Contact: Homayoun Aminnia Tel: 01708 558885 Fax: 01708 555022 ADM Milling UK Ltd. Hyatt Place, 50-60 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1SW Contact: Laura Passingham Tel: 01277 262525 Allied Mills Ltd. Sunblest Flour Mill, Port of Tilbury, Tilbury, Essex RM18 7JR Contact: Chris Brown Tel: 01375 363100 Fax: 01375 363199 American Pan UK 6 - 8 Seddon Place, Stanley Industrial Estate, Skelmersdale, Lancashire WN8 8EB Contact: Mark Picconi Tel: 0161 504 1176

Booker Wholesale Equity House, Irthlingborough Road, Wellingborough, NN8 1LT Contact: Andy Milne 07587 886315

C.Carnevale Ltd Carnevale House, Blundell St, London N7 9BN Contact: Mr C Carnevale Tel: 0207 607 8777 Fax: 0207 607 8774

Continental Quattro Stagioni Trafalgar Mills, Leeds Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD2 1YY Contact: Mr Roberto Giacobbi Tel: 01484 538333 Conveni Willige Laagt 2, 5757 PZ Liessel The Netherlands Contact Noel Reidy Tel; +44 7903 526 457 +31 (0) 493 348 700

Cooktek c/o MCS Technical Products Ltd MCS Technical Products, Building 2, Westmead Industrial Estate, Westmead Drive, Swindon, Wiltshire SN5 7YT Contact: Steve Snow Tel: 01793 538308 Fax: 01793 522324 Dairy Partners Ltd Brunel Way, Stroud Water Business Park, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 3SX Contact: Will Bennett Tel: 01453 828890

Danish Crown – Topping Bommen 9, Thorning DK-8620 Kjellerup, Denmark Contact: Kevin Peacock Tel: 07790 988121

Dawn Farm Foods Lodge Way, Lodge Farm Industrial Estate, Northampton NN5 7US Contact: John McGrath Tel: 01604 583421 Fax: 01604 587392

Eurilait Ltd Leighton Lane Industrial Estate, Leighton Lane, Evercreech BA4 6LQ Contact: Andrew Ford Tel: 01749 838108

Euro Catering Equipment Ltd. Unit 4 Egerton Close, Daventry, Northamptonshire NN11 8PE Contact: Steve Lane Tel: 01455 559969 Fax: 01455 559979 Freiberger UK Ltd Broadgate House, Westlode Street, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE11 2AF Contact: Andrew Thorne Tel: 01775 767655 01775 767656

Futura Foods UK Ltd. The Priory, Long Street, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 4HR Contact: Jo Carter Tel: 01666 890500 Fax: 01666 890522

Glanbia Cheese Ltd 4 Royal Mews, Gadbrook Park, Rudheath, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 7UD Contact: Lynne Utting Tel: 01606 810900 Fax: 01606 48680 Ingredient Solutions Ltd. Boherbue, Mallow, County Cork, Ireland Contact: Gary Davies Tel: +353 29 76981 Insurance Protector Group B1 Custom House, The Waterfront, Level Street, Brierley Hill DY5 1XH Tel: 0800 488 0013 IPR Events London Ltd. The Plaza, 535 Kings Road, London SW10 0SZ Contact: Stanislava Blagoeva Tel: 0207 352 4356


Jestic Units 3+4, Dana Industrial Estate, Transfesa Road, Paddock Wood, Kent TN12 6UU Tel: 01892 831 960 Email: Ltd. Imperial Place (IP4), Maxwell Road, Borehamwood WD6 1JN Contact: Paul Griffith Tel: 0208 7362001 Kerry Kerry Global Technology & Innovation Centre, Millenium Park, Naas, County Kildare, Ireland Contact: Gillian Raftery Tel: +353 87 948 4353

index registered suppliers La Cimbali UK Ltd Centennial Park, 280 Centennial Avenue, Elstree, Borehamwood WD6 3ST Contact: Daniel.Clarke Tel: 020 8238 7100/07967 183494 Leathams PLC 227-255, Ilderton Road, London, SE15 1NS Contact: Mr James Faulkner Tel 0207 6354026 / Fax 0207 6354017 Lupa Foods Ltd. Suite A31, Elstree Tower, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1SD Contact: Sales Tel: 0208 2362222 Makfa JSC Vspolny Lane, Building 5, Construction 1, Office 1, Moscow 123001, Russia Contact: Elena Karmanova Tel: +7 351 255 97 16 (ext 2416) Nutritics 22c Town Centre Mall Main Street, Swords Co Dublin, Ireland Tel: 020 3769 5265 Email:

Ornua Ingredients Europe Hazel Park, Dymock Road, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2JQ Contact: Alan Mackie Tel: 01531 631300 Pan’Artisan Unit 25-26 Holmbush Industrial Estate, Holmbush Way, Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 9FQ Contact: Charlotte Kilduff Tel: 01730 811490

Papaya Crown Lane,Tinwell, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 3UF Tel:01780 758560 E-mail Web

Pizza Plus Foodservice Light Industrial Estate, Liverpool Road, Walmer Bridge, Preston PR4 5HY Tel: 01772 610415 Fax: 01772 617610 Contact: Chris Smith

Qualitops (UK) Ltd Simon Scotland Road, Hardwick Industrial Estate, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 4JF Contact: Lea Hall Tel: 01553 772 522 Riva Foods 32 Copenhagen Road, Hull HU7 0XQ Contact: Andrew Hargrave Tel: 01482 837285 Fax: 01482 824323

Stateside Foods Ltd 31 – 34 Great Bank Road, Wingate Industrial Park, Westhoughton, Bolton BL5 3XU Contact: Ian Kent Tel: 01942 841200 Fax: 01942 841201 Whitworth Bros Limited Victoria Mills, Wellingborough Northants NN8 2DT Contact: Gayle Hunter Tel: 01933 441000 Fax: 01933 222523

We also produce a alal range of H products

We re Manufactu a zz hargioni pi toppings


Tel: 0161 702 8447


index of products BEVERAGES




Carnevale Ltd.

Pizza Accessories


Pizza Plus Foodservice

Carnevale Ltd. Mineral Water Carnevale Ltd. Soft Drinks


Bakery Ovens Chefsrange Baking Pans


Fruit & Vegetables


Olive Oil

Carnevale Ltd.


Leathams PLC


Garlic Spreads & Mixes

Lupa Foods

999 Pizza Toppings (UK) Ltd.

Riva Foods

Carnevale Ltd.

Stateside Foods Ltd. Pasta Sauces

Pizza Making Systems &

American Pan UK





Danish Crown


Pasta (Dry)

Dawn Farm Foods


Coffee Machines

Carnevale Ltd.

Cooktek (MCS Technical

La Cimbali UK



Continental Quattro

Continental Quattro



Stagioni Ltd.

Stagioni Ltd.

Pizza Ovens

Drinks Systems

Leathams PLC

Carnevale Ltd.

Carnevale Ltd.


La Cimbali UK

Lupa Foods



Pizza Plus Foodservice


Carnevale Ltd. Wine, Spirits & Liqueurs



Makfa JSC


Prepared Pasta Meals

Canned Tomatoes

Leathams PLC

Products) Jestic

Pizza Plus Foodservice

Holding Ovens

Pizza Bases & Crusts Pizza Plus Foodservice

(UK) Ltd.

Allied Mills


Carnevale Ltd.

Durum Semolina

Dairy Partners Ltd.

Allied Mills

Eurilait Ltd.

Carnevale Ltd. Flour

Cooktek (MCS Technical

Stateside Foods Ltd.

Prepared Pizza (Chilled) Conveni

Lupa Foods Passata Lupa Foods SunBlush© Tomatoes

Stateside Foods Ltd.

Leathams PLC Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Preparation Counters


Freiberger UK Ltd.

Carnevale Ltd.



Pizza Plus Foodservice

Leathams PLC


Carnevale Ltd.

Stateside Foods Ltd.

Lupa Foods


Chefsrange MEAT

Carnevale Ltd.


Ornua Ingredients Europe

Whitworth Bros. Limited

Dawn Farm Foods Ltd.

Stateside Foods Ltd.



Allied Mills

Leathams PLC Beef

The Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association is the trade body representing the UK pizza, pasta and Italian Food Association. The Association is given direction by a Management Committee comprising:

Leathams PLC


PIZZA DELIVERY OPERATORS Chain Chain ± Papa John (Julian Durrant) Independent Geoff Parsons, Basilico

Futura Foods UK Ltd.


Chicken & Other Poultry

Keith Griffiths, Yum

Leathams PLC

Allied Mills

Leathams PLC



Futura Foods UK Ltd.

Freiberger UK Ltd.

Prepared Pizza (Frozen)

Allied Mills

Eurilait Ltd.



Pan' Artisan

Dairy Partners Ltd.



Pan' Artisan

Induction Cooking &

Carnevale Ltd.

Stateside Foods Ltd.


Dough Balls

Cooktek (MCS Technical


Lupa Foods

Pizza Plus Foodservice



Leathams PLC

Lupa Foods


Other Fish & Seafood

ADM Milling UK Ltd.


Leathams PLC


999 Pizza Toppings

Ingredient Solutions

Stateside Foods Ltd.




Glanbia Cheese Ltd.

Qualitops (UK) Ltd

Pizza Sauces



Futura Foods UK Ltd.

Pizza Plus Foodservice

Leathams PLC

Carnevale Ltd.


(Bread & Cakes)

Dawn Farm Foods Ltd.


Allied Mills

Foods Ltd. Stateside Foods Ltd.



Leathams PLC

AGGREGATOR Stephen Glass (Just Eat)


Glanbia Cheese Ltd.


Italian Meat & Sausages

Stateside (Ian Kent ± substitute


Booker Wholesale

Maurice Abboudi Richard Harrow

Dawn Farm Foods Ltd.

Phil Goodall)

Continental Quattro

Lupa Foods


Eurilait Ltd. Futura Foods UK Ltd.

Stagioni Ltd.

Pancetta Carnevale Ltd.


Danish Crown


Cheese Ornua (Richard Thorpe) Glanbia (Jessica Earith)


Stateside Foods Ltd.

SOLUTIONS Online Ordering Solutions Ltd.

FRUIT & VEGETABLES Chargrilled Vegetables

Qualitops (UK) Ltd Pepperoni


Carnevale Ltd.

Chilled - Vacancy

Danish Crown

Frozen - Vacancy

Dawn Farm Foods Ltd.

Carnevale Ltd.

GCL Food Ingredients.



Qualitops (UK) Ltd


Heated Pizza Delivery

Leathams PLC


Rupi Zani (Pizza Express)

Bag Systems

Lupa Foods

Cooktek (MCS Technical



Insurance Protector Group


Carnevale Ltd. Danish Crown Dawn Farm Foods Ltd. Qualitops (UK) Ltd

Independent Sunny Chhina, The Fat Pizza

Pizza Base Pan Artisan (David Jones) Meat Dawn Farm Foods (Jon Watkin Flour Whitworths (Gayle Hunter) Equipment Jestic (Steve Morris) Speciality Ingredients Leathams (James Faulkner)




The Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association aims to ensure the best market conditions for our industry. From lobbying government to its organisation of the prestigious Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Awards, we aim to provide the best environment for you to trade in plus a wide range of benefits. Facing the staffing challenge – Our business needs good people. We are lobbying to ensure Brexit does not lead to the door shutting on the people we need to keep going. Reducing Energy and Telecoms costs – Our specialist advisor will shop around to get you the very best deals – and it’s free! Insurance with Free Membership – Our specialist insurers offer really keen prices for shop and business insurance – and independent retailers can get free membership if they use them. KPMG Accounting offer – Members can take advantage of a three months free accounting offer from leading accountants KPMG. Training – Our discounted on-line hygiene training is focused and saves you money and time. Assured Guidance – Members following our Assured Advice are protected from enforcement challenges. Free Advice – From legal to technical advice, our members have free access to experts. Buying ingredients or equipment from abroad? Our agreement with Cornhill offers exceptionally keen exchange rates. Business rates and financial help – We have teamed up with a specialist business finance consultancy who provide members advice on everything from business rates to raising finance. Cutting Fuel bills – Members can enjoy savings of up to 5p per litre on diesel & petrol, and up to 10p per litre at motorway pumps, with a free no-obligation fuel card. London hotel discounts – Save money when staying in London using the unique Association booking code with Grange Hotels.

It all comes with membership Plus you get free password access to

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