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ake Pizza is a new title sharing an exciting collection of pizza recipes from across the industry. Make Pizza has been inspired, in part, by the Pizza Chef of the Year Competition which takes place annually alongside the prestigious PAPA Awards. In the competition, chefs from across the UK compete to create the best pizza showcasing flavour, taste, design and innovation. Make Pizza shares some of our favourite recipes from the finalists as well as other exciting ideas from our commercial sponsors.



Check out Pizza Chef of the Year, Roberto Mannocchi’s delicious Dolce Sorpresa; Dawn Farms’ Chorizo Matador Pizza and Qualitops’ Italian Tricolore Meatball Pizza as well as many others. We hope you enjoy these recipes and if you are feeling creative then maybe you will be inspired to enter the next Pizza Chef of the Year Competition. Please contact sandra@ for more information about the PAPA Awards and the Pizza Chef of the Year competition.

The chilli and fennel pork mince makes delicious meatballs which create a tasty pizza topping alongside red onions and peppers on a rich creamy mozzarella base. A touch of sea salt and lots of basil add delicious flavour. Pizza Name: Chilli & Fennel Porkballs in Spicy Tomato Sauce By Elly Day Ingredients: • 454g Sam Browne Foods Chilli and Fennel Pork Mince • 12 Chilli & Fennel Porkballs • 67g Thinly sliced Red Onion • 16 Thinly sliced strips of red pepper • A pinch Dried Thyme • 114g Sauce • 10g Maggi Chili Sauce • 325g Grated Cheddar & Mozz • Half Chilli



Method: 1. Roll out the dough 2. Spread spicy tomato sauce evenly over the base 3. Place 12 part cooked porkballs over the base. Place thinly cut red onions between and around the balls 4. Place thinly cut strips of red pepper around the balls 5. Cover with grated cheddar & mozz cheese 6. Cut a chilli in half for decoration and position in the centre of the pizza Chef’s Secret Meatballs - If the mince has been frozen make sure you squeeze any additional moisture out before combining with the rest of the ingredients.The size of the balls should be smaller than a walnut and need to be sprayed with oil to give them a nice brown colour when cooked on the pizza.

Pizza Name: Filetto di Margherita By Roberto Mannochi Ingredients: • 280g Whitworth Bros Aquila Flour Traditional Margherita Style Pizza • 80g San Marzano dell’agro Sarnese Nocerino DOP • 120G Fiordilatte • 40g Basil • 40g Parmigiano Reggiano “Mucche Rosse 24 mesi” • 10g EVO 100% Italiano BIO



A sourdough pizza base made with Whitworth Bros Aquila Pizza Flour, San Marzano tomato topping, fior di latte, Parmigiano, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil. Method: 1. Spread cheese 2. Spread Tomatoes 3. Top with basil and Extra Virgin Olive oil 4. Cook the pizza 5. Add fresh basil leaves

A delicious mix of Parmesan cheese and butternut squash make this pizza a creamy taste sensation. Other ingredients like sage, smoked scamorza and fresh red chilli work by complementing the creamy mozzarella. Pizza Name: Zucca By Andrea Balzano Ingredients: •• 80g Ornua Mozzarella Cheese •• 60g Smoked scamorza •• 6 leaves Deep fried sage •• 120g diced butternut squash •• 5g salt •• 20g grated parmesan •• 15g sliced fresh red chilli



Method: 1. Cook butternut squash in the oven 2. Grate the smoked scamorza or dice 3. Put 10 gr of grated parmesan inside a microwave for 10” then leave it cool down, do it twice 4. Put the cooked butternut squash into a food processor with salt and blend until creamy 5. Stretch pizza base 6. Deep fry the sage 7. Cut fresh chilli 8. Spread the butternut squash cream on the base 9. Top with mozzarella, smoked scamorza 10. Cook in the oven at 400C 11. Garnish with fresh chilli, fried sage and crispy parmesan.

Coconut charcoal gives this pizza a distinctive look and taste. Deliciously topped with tomato sauce and hand-torn mozzarella. Pizza Name: The Charcoal Margherita By Manuel Giacometti Ingredients: • 290g Whitworth Bros Aquila Flour Traditional Margherita Style Pizza • 20g Fior Di Latte • 15g Grated Parmesan • Burrata 150g • 80g Tomato Sauce • 5g Basil • 15g Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Method: 1. Open the Pizza Dough on a well floured surface 2. Ladle the pizza sauce around the base, keeping about 1cm from the edge 3. Scatter the mozzarella and Parmesan on to the pizza 4. Cook in pizza oven at 326”C for 3-4 minutes 5. Once cooked remove pizza from the oven. 6. Garnish with Basil Leaves, Olive Oil, Burrata Chef’s Secret Let the dough prove for 36 hours

Pizza Name: Ventre del Diavolo By Roberto Mannochi Ingredients: • 70g Tulip SuperTops Ventricina Salami • 80 San marzano dell’Agro Sarnese DOP • 40g ‘Nduja • 60g Burrata • 3g Lampong Black Pepper • 10g 100% Italian BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil



A good pizza base provides the perfect foundation for this pizza and the ingredients like nduja and burrata perfectly complement the ventricina salami. Method: 1. Spread the sauce on the pizza base 2. Add the ventricina salami 3. Cook in oven 4. Top with burrata 5. Top with basil leaves 6. Top with black pepper and EVO

Caramelised onions and fresh pink grapefruit perfectly complement the Sam Browne Foods chilli and fennel pork mince in this delicious pizza. Pizza Name: Pork in a garden By Ciro Vitiello Ingredients: • 120g Sam Browne Foods Chilli and Fennel Pork Mince • 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce • Caramelised onion • 3 wedges Pink grapefruit • 100g mozzarella



Method: 1. Stretch pizza 2. Add tomato sauce 3. Add pork mince 4. Add caramelised onions 5. Cook in the oven 6. Once cooked add pink grapefruit and serve Chef’s Secret Add grapefruit at the end in order to avoid extra liquids from the fruit.

Marco’s pizza has a great combination of ingredients. The aubergine pesto blends well with the mozzarella fior di latte and Gorgonzola dolce whilst the sour tatse of the radicchio and spice of the salami present a perfect contrast. Pizza Name: Spicy Rose By Marco Fuso Ingredients: • 50g Tulip SuperTops Ventricina Salami • 60g Aubergine Pesto • 80g Mozzarella fior di latte • 30g Gorgonzola dolce • 20g Radicchio (red chicory) • 15g after cooking Fresh Radicchio (red chicory)



Method: 1. Stretching pizza dough 2. Spread the aubergine pesto 3. Add mozzarella 4. Add gorgonzola 5. Add first 20 g of radicchio 6. After cooking, add 15g of fresh radicchio 7. Create a Rose with two ventricina and place it in the middle of the pizza 8. More tiny sliced ventricina is added around the pizza


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A thin crust pizza and creamy mozzarella mousse perfectly complement the Supertops Ventricina salami which is dehydrated before topping this delicious pizza. Pizza Name: Ventriloqua By Ciro Vitiello Ingredients: •• 6 slices of dehydrated Tulip SuperTops Ventricina Salami •• 1 tablespoon of Tomato sauce •• 120g Mozzarella mousse •• 6 slices of Roasted peppers •• 1 teaspoon of fresh parsley •• 1 basil leaf



Method: 1. Stretch pizza 2. Add tomato sauce 3. Add roasted peppers 4. Cook in the oven 5. Once cooked add mozzarella mousse 6. Add pieces of dehydrated ventricina 7. Add parsley 8. Add basil leaf Chef’s Secret The mousse MUST be added once the pizza is ready in order to have the contrast of hot and cold and retain its freshness.


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