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Fat Loss Success Stories & Testimonials "My Goal Was To Be a "Hot Mamma At 40," And I Think I've Achieved That. I lost 23 Kg's and 12.5% Body Fat!" "I am a 40 year old mom from South Africa. I have 3 children, aged 11, 6 and 4. My weight before was 85kg’s my body fat was 36.5%, size 40. I was fat and miserable, and my family life and my relationship were suffering. I was not able to do anything with my kids, and I was tired and constantly irritated. I've always counted calories, but this just wasn't working for me anymore. Someone my husband knows had done the Burn The Fat programme and it had changed his life, so I decided to do it too. I lost 15kg’s within 8 months and kept it off. In the last 3 months, because of my training and desire to be "hot at 40," I've taken this to a new level. Tom taught me how to control my carb intake and I have lost another 8kg’s in this time and am preparing for my first competition, in the bikini or figure division. My current weight is 62.5kg’s, size 33 and my body fat is 24% (with calipers), and dropping. My goal was to be a ‘hot’ 40 year old Mamma, and I think I have achieved that and I am very proud of myself, as are my family and friends. Thank you Tom, for all your dedication to helping people." -

Bonnie VanNiekerk


"I Was 40, Fat and Frumpy. Now I'm a 40 and Fit Figure Athlete! I Weigh 106 Pounds and I Wear a Size 0!" "One day, I came across a picture of me… and I barely recognized myself! At 5' 1", and150 pounds I had to face the fact that I was 40 and Fat. I had no idea I had "let myself go" so much. So I decided to make some changes. Somehow, I happened upon Burn The Fat and ordered. It was the best money I ever spent. Today, I am 106 pounds, and I wear a size 0 (zero!) I am a personal trainer helping other

women achieve their goals. I am a mom that can keep up with my kids. My selfconfidence has soared. I actually competed in two figure competitions this year something I never would have dreamed possible before! -

Aida Miodus


Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it all boils down to: How bad do you want it? Is it a priority for you to lose fat? Do you yearn to be fit and show the world your new body? Have you suppressed yourself throughout your life by missing the pool parties, boating trips, playing outdoor basketball, shopping at the malls, and even going on dates and dinner parties because you feel overweight? If so, then I can help you. I just want you to answer this one simple question honestly: How bad do you want to be a lean, mean, fitness machine? If you didn’t hesitate and you're still reading, I assume you want it BAD!!!! Trust me, I felt the same way you do now when I was 333 pounds and so fat that the only store I could really shop at was “Big and Tall.” My life was falling apart and I felt my weight was a main problem. I was embarrassed to go out with my wife and kids because I was so proud of them for what they are that I felt that I would embarrass them because I was so obese and disgusting. At my heaviest around November of 2001 I weighted a whopping 333 pounds at an unknown body fat, wore size 48” pants, and 6’1” tall. One night, I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest and I had an "awakening." I vowed to lose my weight to at least the point where I felt my life wasn’t in jeopardy. I gave up soda pop, cigarettes, pizza, and fast foods like McDonalds. I still neglected to exercise with the exception of weekly basketball. By August of 2002 I reached a new low of 260 pounds, with tight size 36” waist, but I hit a plateau that I wasn’t able to break. I continued to hold this weight until about July of 2004. I slowly began to regain my weight until Christmas Day of 2004 when I reached a large 288 pounds again and my pants size was back to a very tight 40” waist. Once again, I vowed to stop the madness and lose the fat! I busted my butt on the stair master and weight machine but still couldn’t get past 277 by March 5th of 2005. Then I found Tom venuto and his Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Program. On 8/26/05 ,after 25 weeks on the BFFM program, I weighed 207 pounds @ 16.4% and I was committed to reaching my goal of single digit body fat! From September through November of 2005 I tried to maintain my weight and not be so strict on my food. I'll admit I was nervous to see if I would have to stay on this type of an eating plan for my entire life. I didn't have to! I had done the meal planning, calorie calculations and food ratios so much that I was able to eat using my head and not the computer program I initially used to balance the nutrient ratios. This also gave my skin some time to "CATCH UP" with all my weight loss. It seemed to work because I was much less strict with my diet and since I kept excercising and lifting

weights, I gaining muscle. I have to admit, it was fun to snub the people who thought it would be impossible for me to maintan my weight. That was the begining of what I call Fat los "Session #2." On December 1st 2005, I was at 212# at 14.6 % body fat. It felt great and I was able to run 20 miles without a problem, but I still wasn't satisfied. So I went back to being more strict with my food but still not using the computer to track my food ratios just my progress. The results were AWESOME again! I hit 197# - 199# several times. On 3/30/2006 I hit 200 pounds and 7.67% Body fat! Man it feels great. People keep asking my when I'm going to stop. I just tell them "When I can see ALL my abs!" or sometimes I'll tell them "I'll let you know when I'm done." Below are the staggering and amazing results I have achieved. Please see the below charts and graphs of my progress as measured by Mike Ogorek on the Friday of each week. The far right point on each chart are my short term goals I have working to. These charts where not begun until BFFM so I have no accurate information before when I was at 333 pounds.

I have lost 30.05% body fat, 85 pounds of fat, and gained 7.46 pounds of muscle just since I have been tracking the numbers! I look amazing compared to what I used to. Before March 1st 2005 I couldn't have run to the refrigerator, but now I can run 20 miles without a lot of difficulty.

I have many people everyday ask me what my secret is. I tell them the same thing - I use Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat Feed - Feed the Muscle program and it all boils down to "How bad do you want it?" In my opinion, there is no secret pill, there is no magic drink, there is no surgery that will make you lose fat and keep it off. You must change your lifestyle!!! If you want it bad enough it will happen, and after a few weeks it will become easier by the day. After every compliment, and after every time that stranger gives you an extra look or smile, you will know that this is what you have always wanted to be. There is no better sense of accomplishment then the personal success you will achieve using Tom's Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Program. By using his information there is nothing you can't do in terms of your level of physical fitness. His book is the greatest tool I think you will ever find in your quest to become physically fit. The plan also allows you to customize the program to your own needs and goals. For those who want to lose a few pounds, to the extreme goal that I had, it WILL help you. Since about the 4th week on the program, I constantly got questioned and complimented on my change in my life. But it wasn't easy to get started. I strongly suggest you complete the goal section of the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle program to help you get started. Your food selection choices are endless and I want to tell you that I eat MORE food now than I have ever eaten before even when I was 333 pounds. I now know what the proper foods and nutrient levels I need for my body to react how ever I want it to. As you can see from the above charts I have had a few stumbling blocks and plateaus that I have had to break through and the this program will give you the tools that you will need to break through your plateaus. How bad do you want it? I wanted it so bad I could taste it, feel it, see it, and believed it. I wanted to be lean as quickly as possible. But I also have a beautiful wife and three wonderfull children that I adore with all my heart and I work 5-7 days a week, drive one hour to and from work, and help coach football and softball. If I can find the time that so can you. This program will not only help you reach your goals it teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle! You can achieve any goal whether it is a 150+ pound loss or just 10 pounds. Remember, the magic pill, potion, drink, or surgery that will KEEP the weight off doesn't exist. If you want it bad enough then please open your opportunities to a new body and life through the BFFM program. I can't speak for Tom in anyway but I can say I am a very successful student of his Burn the Fat - Feed the Muscle program and the results are here for everyone to see. The decision is totally yours and you are 100% responsible for your actions and choices. Make them good ones and good luck. Mike Ogorek Chicago, IL CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Dear Tom, I’m going to keep this as brief as possible because I know you’re a busy man and get tons of these – so here goes... In a nutshell, your Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book has changed my life!!!! I’m 39 years old, have been fat all my life and have done all the wrong things and a constant has been starvation to the point of passing out. I wouldn’t even lick a postage stamp because I was obsessed, desperate, and crazy, and didn’t want to add to my calorie count. My “wake-up” call for me was when this past February 2006, I was banging into doorways – misjudging the width of the doorway thinking I could get through but found myself hitting the edges. At first I didn’t think much of it but it kept happening so I bought a scale. I weighed 276 lbs. (I’m 5’7” btw) This was the biggest I have ever been and my heart just sank. I prayed about this and asked the Lord to lead me in a direction that would help me get this weight off. I was so distraught over this and I didn’t know what to do so I asked for His help. Immediately afterwards I did a search for weight loss online and read some of the returns, then I saw the BFFM link. It was the first link I clicked on and I read it. I knew that this is what I needed. I felt excitement and hope. I thought that maybe I was going to get an education on how to do this the right way and perhaps finally break that cycle. I bought it in March and read it (reread certain sections before starting) and I officially started in May. Your book has taught me so much, it’s unbelievable!!!! Your book exposed my faulty thinking and corrected my misconceptions of which there were many. You have given me invaluable knowledge that I will carry with me for the rest of my life! There is something else I noticed after being on the program for almost 5 months and I hope I can explain this well without minimizing the value of what you taught me. There is valuable information which you gave in your book – these are things that can be learned. Basically anyone can learn this if they buy the book (or any book for that matter). But what I noticed is that my thinking has actually changed – it’s like I’ve been rewired or something. If and when I fall off the wagon, I get right back on. I no longer get discouraged and throw in the towel as I’ve done every single time I cheated before. Also, I WANT to exercise! I want to work hard and sweat. I never wanted to do that before. How you think or what you believe can not be taught like a regular academic lesson. It is not something you learn but something you realize, which changes your actions and lif t l hi h i t k it f l! I’ t tl h th h dt

me but my perspective has been changed and I KNOW I will succeed this time. Back to the exercise briefly. I said I WANTED to exercise…well this is what I did after buying your book…. I created a series of floor exercises focusing on my abdominals. I started walking but I wanted to burn more calories so... I bought an elliptical machine. (which I use every other day increasing my mileage) I bought Billy Blank’s Boot Camp Elite. I got a cook book and weighted bands which I use when not on elliptical I joined a forum for fat chicks which gives support, inspiration, and information. So far I have lost 26 lbs. and shrunk two sizes and I’m on my way to being a healthy chicky. :) This email is as brief as I know how to be and yet there’s so much more to say. Your book has changed my life. I know that sounds like a cliché but it is absolutely true! I will be forever thankful and grateful to you! Many thanks and blessings, Carol DeAngerlino

CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Tom! Tom, I wanted to tell you how much your program has done for me. I am a 47 year old male who has undergone 2 liver transplants over the last 4 years. The various complications that resulted - too many to list - along with the many medications required to ward off organ rejection, had helped me gain an inordinate amount of weight. Every diet and exercise program recommended by the various diet experts provided me with only a modicum of success. It was not until I came upon your program that I finally started to see consistent, significant results that continue to this day. Additionally, the weight loss has increased not only my energy levels but my self esteem. using your program alone, I have lost 69 lbs and have amazed my physicians. I told them about your book and hoped they might consider advising other similarly situated patients to sign-up with your course. I certainly tell everyone who asks me about my continuing weight loss that your book has (positively) changed my life. Th k





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sustainable weight loss, muscle gain and healthy living, but those of us with medical issues with seemingly no where to turn! Brian Harrington USA CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

I got the Burn The Fat book about three months ago. I had already astonished my friends with my weight loss a year ago. I lost 65 pounds at age 53, while my son was gone overseas in Kuwait. I met my goal when he was home on leave and boy did I shock him because I lost all the weight since he left to go overseas. I went from 240 to 176 in about 7 months. I was quite happy with the weight I was, but I still had that abdominal pooch and apparently I still had considerable bodyfat (28%) due to my age (or so I thought it was age) . I wanted to see if I could get rid of the remaining fat and beef up the muscle a little bit. Then I came across your book. Your book explained how it could be done. In three months so far I've lost about 8% more body fat! I can measure it, that caliper test actually showed that I went down from about 28% to 20%. But then again, I really didn't need to measure to know that my body had been changing dramatically. You could see it. I was never an athlete, I didn't go out for sports but now I have a body that looks like I must have been out for sports all my life. I've got veins sticking out on my arms where I never have before. You talked about setting goals and how important that is to fuel motivation for any kind of body transformation. I agree with that 100%. That mindset helped me get that first 65 pounds off. Your book explained how to get that last body fat off. Thanks for making it a mission to help people of all kinds and that you are not just for bodybuilders. I might also add I have gotten hooked on running again which is my primary cardio activity, in addition to swimming and biking, I am now training to try for a my first marathon a year from now at age 55. Thanks again for your wonderful book! Paull Thomas USA CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Dear Tom, Aft

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less than the skinniest of my friends and family and yet, while they packed away burgers, fries, pizza and ice cream, I could eat a carrot and gain 500 pounds. I purchased your book after trying to research for myself on the internet how I should be eating. All I can say is Thank You for doing all of that research for me. You have answered every one of the questions I have ever had from being insulin resistant (which I am) to being in starvation mode (which a dietician told me I was). I have written my goals and keep them on 3x5 index cards in my purse along with a picture of myself at 135 pounds taped to the back. I look at them every chance I get, especially before I eat a meal to keep me on track. So far in just over four weeks time I have dropped 14 pounds. Now I only have ten pounds to lose in order to reach my 90 day goal. I have been doing low impact aerobics and weight training and on days when I am exhausted from work, I do pilates so I am at least doing some kind of work out (and they aren't easy, either). Tom, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your book has been a God-send. Please keep up the fantastic work and I'll do the same. Stephanie Everett Milton, Pennsylvania CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

After spending hundreds of dollars on books, magazines powders, pills, protein bars (candy), I too thought that the BFFM was expensive and seem a bit too good to be true, but I bought it anyway. All I can say now is that I have saved ten times more than the Ebook cost me just in saving money from not needing to buy all of the crap powders and pills that really did nothing for me. After buying the book, I went from 23% body fat to 12% body fat within 12 months and now I am about to see my abs for the first time. Seriously, do yourself a favour, buy the book, and thats the LAST book you will ever need to buy on fat loss. All you have to do is what Tom says and I guarantee you it works. And, no Tom doesn't know me or pay me anything for saying this!!!!!!!! There are no easy ways out, do the cardio, feed the muscle, burn the fat - read the book - IT WORKS!!!! Paul Hunter Adelaide, South Australia CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Hi Tom! I've purchased quite a bit of equipment over the past year, but Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (BFFM) has truly been the single most important tool I've ever used to realize my personal fitness goals. It's very much like a friendly (and easy to understand) technical manual for the human body. It sure is easier to fix what you don't like about your body once you understand how it works. There's a lot about your program that's counter-intuitive (for example, it SEEMS like you should be able to lose fat by skipping meals), so I was thrilled to finally get my hands on the information in your book. About a year ago I was 235lbs (5'10 and something over 25% body fat with a very formidable spare tire) and finally just decided I had to do something about it to be able to live with myself. I began working out with some of the "as seen on tv" machines and gimmicks. While I had some VERY limited success, it wasn't until months later that I discovered your book and started getting some real results that I know will last (because I've made this a lifestyle, not a quick fix). Today I'm 180 (roughly 17% or so body fat) and still dropping fat. (dropping faster than ever now that I'm finally getting around to doing the cardio thing like I should have been doing the whole time) Anyway, once I'm under double digit body fat, I'll send you the whole story. Thank you again for BFFM! Glenn P. USA CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

In August of 2005 I was nudging 15 stone (210lbs) and at a height of 5'8" and aged 45 I was the wrong shape. I had trained seriously in the 1980's and even entered a local show placing 5th in a class of 17 beginners. But years of 60 hour weeks working and travelling abroad (as an Automotive deisgn engineer) had taken their toll. After seeing photo's from a recent holiday which did not fit with the mental picture I still had of myself, I decided to get back to the gym. I am currently working at Bentley Motors, and they have a gym which I began to use at lunchtimes in August of 2005. At b

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BFFM until January 2006. Since then I have used this excellent publication to clean up my diet, (which is now better that when I trained in the 1980's, all tuna, egg whites and water to get ripped) and my physique has literally transformed. I now weigh 177lbs ( a loss of 33lbs) have 17" arms and wear 32" waist trousers. My bodyfat is less than 15%. My goal is that by August of this year I will have the "Brad Pitt in fight club" abs, as well a single digit body fat %. I train to suit my work situation in that I work out Monday to Friday lunchtimes on the weights, working one bodypart each day, and then do 3 or 4 sessions on the treadmill on Mon, Wed and Saturday evening. Thanks for a great book and a genuinely informative website. All the best, Karl Worthington Tamworth, GB CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Hi Tom ! I just had to share this with you. You said in your book that it's hard to gain muscle while burning fat. I've been following your recommendations for 4 weeks now, and incredibly, I'm doing it! I take all weight and measures every Saturday morning (early now, since I don't even skip weekend breakfasts anymore !), and for the fourth week straight I've lost fat and gained lean body mass (LBM). The total in these four weeks is -5.2 Kgs fat mass and +2.7 Kgs LBM, of which -1.2 Kgs and +0.6 Kgs was just this past week. At the same time, I now fit into a pair of jeans size 38 (european size, not inches, idea what the American equivalent is), which I haven't fit in for years. The Salvation Army must love me these days, all the big clothes are placed in their recouperation dumpsters, bag upon bag of clothes. I've liberated 12 clothes hangers and two shelves full of oversized clothing since New Years. And I'm not through yet ! I feel great, light inside (bodily that is), light headed with pleasure at the success; I'm SO sorry I can't give you a hug over the e-mail system! But believe me, I'm sending you a "mental hug" which is heartfelt ! If you're ever in Norway, look me up! Sarah Cecile N


Having genetically inherited mild hypertension from my father, it has been a constant source of frustration for me for years that no matter what I seemed to do, I could never get a consistent reading of "normal". Despite my other fitness stats being "off the scale" like those of a pro.(not blowing my own trumpet, it's just a fact). I've just come out of hospital following a left knee arthroscopy and must have had my pressure checked at least 7 times in less than 24 hours, the results varied from "fine" to "lovely!" I firmly believe that this is down to the diet and training regime that I have followed since purchasing "Burn the Fat". Additionally, the hospital physio said that I would have a speedy recovery period, due to the good condition of my quads and hams - again I think due to the training I've been doing on this program. I want to thank you Tom for giving me the blueprint that made this possible and at 40 (almost) years of age I have lower B.P. than I had at 30. Rest assured I now keep a close eye on all your fitness websites for hints and tips. I hope this story helps illustrate that there are vital benefits to "Burn the Fat" other than just a better looking body. With heartfelt thanks(literally!), Tony McGuire Larbert, UK CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Hi Tom, From the bottom of my Heart I thankyou for your nutritional and fitness guidance. BFFM has helped me on my journey towards strength, courage and empowerment. I have struggled with my weight and have fallen many times in the hands of diet programs. I have suceeded at the programs but eventually went back to old eating patterns and the weight crept back on. Thank the Lord for the honesty and integrity you bring to your program. I will never have wonder about the truth again, "what to eat and when to eat" will never be questioned because now I know. At the start of my journey I weighed 137lbs and I am only 4feet 10inches. I now weigh 118lbs, I feel stronger and leaner and im not finished with the weight loss. My focus is weight loss,but it isn't the reason I keep at it. My training program gives me strength and d f li f li h t d th t' h I k it ! I t d

breath this lifestyle. Benita Gormley Langley CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled and relieved now that I've read your book. I've been on Weight Watchers for the past 6 years and came to the realization late last year that it totally ruined my metabolism. I was maintaining my weight on a mere 1200 calories, forcing my body to lose weight only if I slashed my calories to somewhere between 950 and 1100 calories a day. I am what you would consider a skinny fat person. When I weighed 122 lbs last year, I had my body fat measured and was shocked when I was told that my body fat was 31% ! I've barely been on your program for 6 days and already lost 2lbs and 1" off of my waist and another inch off of my hips. I cried because I was so relieved and knew that this was the answer. This time, I'm going all the way. I know that I'll be able to reach my goal of having a lean body for the first time in my life. Thank you so much! Shantel Maratea Valley Stream, NY CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Hi Tom: This is not a completed sucess yet, but it is a progress report. I bought your ebook because I thought it was a workout book. Litle did I know it was primarily a nutrition book. I read through it and applied it and it is working for me! In the short time that I have used it I have already LOST 40 POUNDS. I gave my self til January 1 2007 to lose 70 pounds I think I will make it by April (not bad for an "old man huh?") I cant thank you enough for turning my life around!!!!!!!!! sigmund Penkunas Arkansas CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Although I never had a weight problem, I also never had a clue about nutrition. I ate i l l ( ti f tt t) d h d t f t di l l th th t

caused me to wonder if I was pre-diabetic. I found through Tom's book that I simply ate the "wrong" foods, and at the wrong times. Now I feel solid, and as a 747 pilot, I feel that my energy reserves are now where they should be. I got so motivated from this, in fact, I also began an on-line degree studying nutrition. Neer Berchik Hong Kong CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Five years ago, I weighed 279 lbs on a 5' 9" frame. i was a fat slob!!! I tried Xenical... The guy that invented that stuff should be drowned in a bathtub of cheap whiskey! There is no love, happiness or long term success in a pill! The only thing that Xenical will do for you is give you hours of work cleaning your car seat when that hideous stuff kicks in! The solution? Well... don't eat that chocolate cake, push aside the ice cream and get off your fat butt and eat right, drink plenty of water and exercise. If I can lose the weight, you can too You would also be very wise to get Tom's BURN THE FAT e-book for guidance, as he has it together! Life is a zero sum game. Stop the excuses, sweat, and claim the success! Sid Rubinfeld middle village, NY CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Tom, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have completely turned around my life. I had been an overweight child ever since I was 8. Over the years my weight ballooned up to 250 at the age of 15! I finally came to the point in my life where I was sick and tired of looking at myself in the mirror and decided it was time for a change in my lifestyle. While I was searching for a solution I came across your site. I quickly subscribed to your newsletter and purchased your e-book.

I started your diet in October of 2004 and over the course of a year I lost 80 lbs! I went from 250 to 170. My shirt size as gone from a 2XL to a L and my waist has gone from 40'' to 32''. I am now 16 and now that I have lost the fat that was on my body I am starting a program to gain more muscle. I don't think I ever would have lost my weight if it weren't for you. I used to look at diets on TV and wonder if they would work for me. After reading your book and following your program, I believe weight watchers and Jenny craig, or Dr. Bernstein would of never worked for me. Their programs set a standard of what everyone should do regardless of their body type. Your nutritional program really engages people as an individual. I have learned it is not about a "diet," it is about a lifestyle and thanks to you I now have a healthy one. Thanks again Tom. PS: I hope you also consider writing an e-book on gaining muscle. Sean Molinaro Burlington CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Your Burn the Fat e-book helped me so much, I can't even tell you how much... A year ago I weighed 350 pounds and I have diabetes. My blood presure was 260/180. my resting heart rate was 120. I was a stroke waiting to happen. I have to admit, my doctor put me on meridia, an appetite supressant. That started me on my weight loss, but it didn't keep it going. After two months I hit a plateau. I bought a Bowflex, and it helped, but then I found your book, and the weight loss increased exponentially. I have followed your plan and have lost over 100 lbs! I need to loose about 30 more lbs, but with your plan I am totaly stoked because I know I will achieve my ultimate goals. I would like to get to about 7% body fat, and about 220 lbs, and I am sure I eventually will achieve that goal. Now, my fat percent is at 12%. I never thought I would achieve that goal, but I have. I still have a roll around my middle but will keep going until I see my abs! I owe most of my success to you and your book. My doctor suggested that I have gastric bypass surgery, but I had a cousin that died from it and decided to never go that route. The pills helped, but not as much as your book and diet plan and exercise plan. I have gained so much muscle, that I've had to go up in shirt size from large to extra l b f h t It h ll M t 17 i h I till

have fat to lose, but not much. My shirts have become loose at the belly, and tight at the chest, and I love it. I was a size 52 in Jeans, but i am at 36 now. I was at 3X in shirts but went to Large. Now up to XL, because of muscle growth. I truly love it. I love you. You are my HERO. Thank you so much! I still have a ways to go, but I am determined to finish with great success. Again, thank you! Your friend and admirer, Charles Archer USA CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

I have struggled with yo-yo dieting for years. I would gain weight and then burn it off by running - which is how we learned to lose weight in the Marine Corps. Unfortunately, I didn't know anything about proper nutrition. I would cut way back on my calorie intake, but still eat the same bad foods. So I would lose the weight (along with a good chunk of lean body mass), only to gain it back as soon as I stopped running. When I started Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (BFFM) in January 2005, I weighed 317 pounds. I adapted my eating habits to foods that burn fat - with a particular emphasis on the BFFM "Top Twelve" best foods. I started regular cardio and weight lifting. As of Dec. 1, I have lost 91 pounds of fat. The weight training has enabled me to hold on to my LBM while losing fat. As a result I'm about 20 lbs. heavier now than I was the last time I was able to wear 34" waist jeans. At this rate, I should reach 10% BF at 207 pounds. My plan is to continue "cutting" fat on the BFFM plan until I reach 10% BF, then begin a 12-18 week bulk. I'll then cut down to the high single digits and go from there. As such, I don't consider this a "success story" yet, since I am still very much a "work in progress". Still, 91 pounds of fat gone forever is a pretty cool thing! Thanks, Tom, for writing such a clear, effective, "no BS" book. It has equiped me to avoid the yo-yo effect and stay "on course" to a heathy lifestyle. Oh, and by the way... I turned forty this year. So if anyone out there is thinking that you are "too old" to experience significant results on the BFFM plan - think again Ch i B



Dear Tom, I just bought your book a couple of days ago and I must say : AWESOME ! I can't stop reading it. By far the most complete fat loss material I have ever read. Your writing style is very open-minded and you leave enough space for personal development on the program. I appreciate very much your attitude: you do not create a hype or position yourself as a "guru" but I must say : you really are one ! With Kind Regards, Bart Hungenaert Brugge, Belgium CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Tom. I have not sent you a success story because I have not reached my goals yet. But after thinking about it I realized I am already a true BURN THE FAT success because I have totally changed my lifestyle, my health, and my attitudes about life. As I look at the wall in front of my computer at home I see in bold print your lists of best foods and foods to never eat. I see my daily goals for this week, I see my 2-1-06 goals, my 5-1-06 goals, and my new ultimate goal. You have totally changed the way I live my life for the better. I've had a long journey toward fitness: I am 67 years old. I suffered severve rib, collar bone and lung injuries at age 65 in a dirt bike accident. Ater several surguries, morphine and alcohol addictions, a long recovery and severe depression I found myself @ 66 in bad health, bad mood, and 270 pounds. Because of the financial burdens from what happened, my lifestyle, my secure retirement was on shaky ground. I decided to go back to work and at my age and condition the only job I could find was as a night custodian at a Vo-tech school. I had spent my life working in the oilfield and farming where the type of work alone kept me in what I thought was reasonal shape. On the new job, just bending over to pick-up trash was an effort. Something had to be done or I was going to the rocking chair.

A close friend was using BFL and suggested I try it. It wasn't working for him so I started looking online for something I could believe in. Thank the Lord I found BURN THE FAT. It made complete sense to me and I jumped in with both feet. I joined a gym for the first time in my life, I started reading labels, I started counting and logging calories, and most important to me was I started setting goals. Today I weigh 178.2, I'm 6'1", BF in mid-teens, I were size 32-34 jeans,(down from 44's damn that was expensive), I'm so lean I can see veins everywhere, I outwork everyone on staff at work, my Dr. is totally amazed at my bloodwork, and I feel better than I have ever felt about myself. My marriage of 37 years was on rocky ground as you could imagine . It is solid again. My wife noticed what I was doing and jumped in. She has lost over 60# and looks good again. The people at work ask about your program and I tell them how to get your book. Thanks Tom!!!!!!! Robert Kincaid Mulhall, Oklahoma CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Tom, your book was exactly what I needed. I reached my goal a month earlier, and now I am going on for my goal #2. You are an inspiration and you made me a better woman, wife and mom. I have more energy then ever, I look and am healthy and my doctor even said "Wow!" Thank you Tom. I will recommend your book to everyone that has been yo yo dieting like me. Katja Story USA CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

I purchased your book a few months back and although I admit I had some doubts as to its true worth, I reasoned that if I could get out of it even a small amount of valuable information I'd consider the investment worthwhile. Well, to say that I was surprised by what I found inside its pages is the understatement of century. Tom, your book is an absolute jewel worth more than three times the price I paid for it. There isn't a single page in it where I didn't find a piece of information that I couldn't use. As if that wasn't enough, your newsletter e-mails continue to enlighten and educate. I am i t fi ld d h b i l di t f th h lf t I

a professional cyclist for eight years in my native Spain and I'm not a newcomer to the rigors of physical training. I recenly got a certification as a personal trainer just for the heck of it and have set up in my house a pretty complete gym where even a hardcore bodybuilder could go through a workout and not miss anything. Now that I have added your book to my arsenal of "equipment" I can say that I don't need anything else except, of course, your much appreciated e-mails. Thanks for your contribution to those of us who are seeking information that has meaning and substance. Keep up the good work.I wish you the best of health and much happiness in your life. P.S. I forgot to mention that following your instructions, I was able to drop seven stubborn pounds of fat that had been tormenting me for the last five years. My body fat is now at 8% and can once again see my "six pack".Thanks again, Tom. Jose Luis Miami, FL CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

I have been working out properly for about 3 years, but still, I always had too much body fat. I was hovering around 18%, with most of the fat confined to my gut. I was strong, but never quite looked how I wanted. After getting on the diet described in Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, I made my first real commitment to losing body fat and now after 6 months I am at 6% body fat, 156lbs with a GREAT 6-PACK, and no loss in strength or muscle mass. EXCELLENT! Giles Smith Witshire, UK CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

One morming 2 1/2 years ago I got on the scale and almost fainted when I realized I was weighing 270 lbs! It hit me like a hammer! How could I possible have become this fat over the years? My size 42 jeans were tight - and I looked like a walross! At age 45 I was dangerously overweight and a prime candiadte for cardio vascular health problems! I tl h d t tb ki t h d t i h !M ti b f I h d tt t d

to lose weight by dieting, always gaining back the pounds I painfully lost. Thus I needed a new approach! Armed with the motivation to get on a body renovation mission I started researching the Internet for a method that would allow me to get back and stay in shape. Soon enough I realized that what I needed was to loose fat not just simply weight. The parameter to look after was Body Fat not BMI. Eventualy I stumbeld accros the BFL philosophy which at the beginning sounded promising. Soon enough though, I realized that, like many other programs, this one was also designed to promote and sell expensive suplements and shakes. Although the BFL program helped me to get back into the discipline of exercising regularly I needed a more scientific, natural approach that DID NOT promote the consumption of "miracle" suplements and shakes. Since my goal was to burn fat and eventualy regain muscle, this is how I ran into BFFM. I must addmit that given my previous experience with some of these so called "revolutionary" programs, I initialy was sceptic about BFFM. Still I wanted to find out what I was about and subscribed to the newsletter to further evaluate Tom's philosophy on burning fat and feeding the muscle. Soon enough I was hooked! This was the right, non-bs approach for me - so I went ahead and bought and downloaded Tom's book. Today I must say that it has been one of my best investments ever! By using every piece of advice contained in his book and bonus reports I was able to completely change my lifestyle. I combined Tom's book with personal motivation and spiritual literature to also nurture the sprit, mind and heart (to completely "sharpen my saw"), and combined all of these ingredients into one single custom made program which I baptised "Lean & Strong", to give it a personal feel and touch and keep me motivated. Tom's book and advice along with regular exercise and a reasonable nutritional program and a healthy lifestyle, have so far help me to burn almost 16 % of bodyfat (from 23% to currently 7% and going) and reduce my weight by 100 lbs (from 270 to currently 170)! Today, at almost 47, I am more toned than I was in my 20's. I am finally able to see my abs for the first time in my life; I look, feel and perform 15 years younger (and my wife loves it). I exercise between 3 and 6 times per week with at least 3 cardio sessions and 3 4 strength workouts. My aerobic threshold has risen by 10 points since I started and I truely feel "lean and strong". My nutrition contains almost exclusivley what Tom calls "Grade A and B foods"and my beloved beer has become an ocacional delicacy instead of a regular drink. My friends are astonished with my transformation and are now seeking more and more advice from me, to the point that I have been asked to lecture on "my method". All of this th k t BFFM hi h ti t b "h lth bibl " l ith ll th th

incredible resources Tom has been publishing in his follow up newsletters lately. Although at the end of the day success depends on your own comittment to the mission you have stated to acomplish, I must truly say that BFFM provided me with the no nonsense approach to a healthy lifestyle without having to resort to the myriad of useless and expensive miracle drugs, pills, suplements, formulas, shakes and fad diet programs promoted by so called gurus. My "lean & stong" mission is not over yet and hopefully soon I will be able to report that I have reached my bodyfat goal of peaking at 3%, then continue feeding the"growing and hungry" muscle! Erik Steinberg Costa Rica CLICK HERE TO ORDER! For a long time, I always thought of myself as just a "big framed guy." I always wore extra large shirts and big coats. But finally, in March of 2005, when my weight hit 235 lbs, I decided I had had enough. That's when I went searching on the net for something to help me lose weight. Somehow, I came across and I was blown away by all the testimonials, so I decided to give it a shot. Well as I write this, it is now December 2005 and I have dropped from 235 lbs to 175 lbs! My body fat dropped from above 25% down to about 14%. I was in 42-30 dress pants and now I'm fitting comfortably in 34-30. do the math, thats a big change! I am also in 32-30 jeans across the board (even Levi's regular fit). I am even going to have to get my high school class ring, that was sized for me in the eleventh grade, taken down so it wont fall of my hand. The best change of all is that my self confidence, which was non-existent before, is now through the roof. I can't thank you enough Tom, for this change I have made in my appearance and my life. David Miller Pearl,MS CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Dear Tom: Hey I had to tell you my story about using your Burn The Fat Feed The muscle (BFFM) program. I felt that I owe it to you. I'm 28 and I have been working out on regular basis since I was 16. In the beginning I was a weak, skinny, fatty teenager, and with a lot of determination and will power over the years, I developed a nice body shape compared to regular guys around me. The thing is that even though I was in "nice" shape, I never got to the point where I looked awesome like the guys in the fitness magazines. There was always that damn fat layer around my stomach that didn't let me reach the "WOW" point when you look yourself in the mirror (and other people look at you). No matter how many crunches and ab exercises I did, it just wouldn't disappear and I never had anything beyond an ordinary look. I have read a lot on the internet about training and nutrition and thought that I knew a lot about bodybuilding and related topics. I always stayed around 186 lbs over the years with good eating habits, but I didn't understand why I didn't have the abs the way I wanted or the great shape in general. Then for year and a half I didn't train at all due to school and professional life. Even though I kept eating as clean and healthy as possible, my body fat went up and I hit 203lbs at my heaviest. Two weeks after starting the gym again, I was searching online for fat burning pills and I found your website. Well, at first, I thought you were just another clown that used steroids and decided put up a website telling people what they wanted to hear just to sell your book. As skeptical as I was, I bought it anyway because I said to myself, "I've blown more money than this on useless stuff, but what if this is the real dea? I'm just going to give it a shot and find out for myself whether its a scam. As soon as I started reading, you immediately got my attention. After finishing the book, I was in shock! It was awesome to know that anyone, no matter what their body type or starting point, could get in shape with this information. There is no excuse why if you follow the guidelines you won't get in shape, maybe the best shape of your life. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is my fitness bible now. I discovered that I knew some of the things you talked about , but I still wasn't using them because I didn't understand the concept behind it and why it was important to do it. I think that is one of the most important things I learned from your book - the WHY behind the what to do. I also learned a lot of new information that I now apply in my life and is giving me the results that I always wanted. I was telling a friend about your program and I explained it in a funny way what your book was doing for me so that they could realate to it and understand it: I said that getting the body of your dreams is like getting the car of your dreams (mine is a Ferrari). Burn Th F t F d Th M l i lik tti th t b t th t hi i ll th

parts and you have to build it from scratch. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is the manual that shows you how to put it all together. It takes time and there's no magic pill you can take to get that car built without work. It takes time but if you follow the guidelines in the manual, and stick to the plan, you are guaranteed to get that Ferrari built. Like I always say, "Everything in life has a price and if you want it you have to pay for it, there is no shortcut." In this case, like you said it is simple but not easy, but at least there is a way. I am proof. I'm 6' tall and in four months, I went from 203lbs with 15% BF to 182lbs and 9% BF... and that's just so far. My ultimate goal is to get to around 195 lbs with 5% BF, and I have no doubt in my mind that following BFFM I will get there, it just a matter of time and doing the right thing. I know you recommend other books besides BFFM, but I think yours is the best. Thank you very much for creating BFFM - it changed my life. Feel free to use this message in your testimonials Tom. God bless you man. P.S. : A word of advise to all those who already has the ebook, do all the things the way Tom says to do them, according to your goals, be patient, and don't forget to use cardio on empty stomach in the morning as your secret weapon - I found that it really makes a huge difference. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. I'm from Venezuela and now living in the U.S.A. for the last 3 years. ;) Johann Vivas Springfield CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Tom, Let me take just a minute to thank you for your book. My work keeps me pretty sedentary during the day and, at 46, I found myself with high blood pressure, problems with stress, and about 30 pounds of extra fat. I was coming off the low carb diet merry go round of quick weight loss followed by quicker regain, and had started popular Diet program when I saw a comparison review of diet / fitness plans that touted your Burn The Fat as a superior plan. I was seeing progress after about three weeks, but the oversimplification factor of the program I was on was bothering me. I found it difficult to keep track of exactly how well I was doing on the diet side, so, although I could see some improvement in muscle tone and size, I wasn't seeing any weight loss or visual decrease in body fat. Y

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realize that I needed to get past the gimmicks, dig in, and work seriously on planning a program that is optimized for me and would take me through the long haul. I just completed my 10th week on your program, and am very pleased with progress. I put together some spreadsheets to track and calculate all the stats. Here are current results compared to starting stats: START: Weight: 201 lbs Resting Heart Rate: 78 Blood Pressure: 145/92 Percent Body Fat: 22.2% Lean body mass: 156.4 lbs basal metabolic rate: 1905.9 cal/day AFTER 10 WEEKS: Body weight: 189.6 lbs Resting heart rate: 58 bpm Blood pressure: 132/80 Percent body fat: 12.7% Lean body mass: 165.5 lbs Basal metabolic rate: 1995.3 cal/day It's pretty dramatic. As you can see, I've lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 9 pounds of muscle, for a net loss of about 11 pounds (an avg of -1.04 lbs/wk). I couldn't be happier! Dan (last name withheld by request) Marietta, GA CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Dear Tom Perhaps you would like to hear my story from the UK. I am aged 72 and was originally weighing in at about 240 lbs and am 5ft 9ins. In October 2004 I started dieting by cutting my calorie intake and went down to 218 lbs and stayed there on a plateau up to about March 2005. I then bought your book, took it all in, did all the calculations on BMI and body fat % by also downloading "Weight by date Pro" and without working out (just using your nutrition plan), took off another 23 lbs. I am still taking in the same number of calories but am now having 5+ meals a day all of which are high protein - and the lbs are still coming off, BUT I am now working out three times a week. Last week I went up 1 lb which must be muscle because I have a ti l i d fi i f b t 5/6000 l i k d I d 't thi k it b

anything else. I still have another 28 lbs to lose to hit my goal weight of 165, but my Body Mass Index (BMI) has already shifted from 32 to 23! It is sufficient to say I now look and feel great, look years younger and am very active. You have completely turned my life around and my friends can't believe it - so I am now your greatest fan here. Your book of 14 years of experience in dieting and bodybuilding beats them all! Thank you. David Stone UK CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Thank you for being truly a professional in your approach to educating your readers on diet and exercise. I have read most all the mainstream books on the market on nutrition as a former collegiate athlete and triathlete. Books like, "The Zone", "The Zone Made Simple" along with all the high and low carb diet books on the market and I must say your materials far exceed anything I have purchased before. And I have purchased a lot! The information you provide has proven to be accurate and verifiable as well as easy to read and simple to follow. Had I discovered your information first I could have saved myself a lot of money through the years. As a pastor of a Christian church I find myself dealing with the dietary struggles of men and women, young and old like never before. Your programs have become the basis for a new ministry I am beginning to assist many in our church family and community who struggle in the area's of exercise and nutrition. The ministry is called "Spirit, Soul, and Body" as the focus is from the inside out... and is based on the concept you have taught me... Proper nutrition, cardio training, and resistance training equal results... Your techniques work because of that premise... Inside... out. I just want you to know I recommend your site to many people and I wish you nothing but the best. Thanks again Tom... keep up the great work you are doing. You are helping to make a difference... one life at a time! Mike Ostheimer Calvary Chapel Westbrook, Bakersfield CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Dear Tom,

Let me just add my testimonial to your method along with the thousands of satisfied clients on your program. If followed with diligence there is NO WAY it won't work. I actually purchased your book after I had been on a weight training/fitness programme for about 5 months. I was doing all the right stuff already. During that time I lost 15% body fat. I've had people see me and not recognise me, even though nobody could call me "fat" to start with. Thing is, that my body fat was literally disguising my true shape, which turned out to be pretty good. I stand about 5'11'' tall and have progressed, to quote Krista Scott-Dixon, from "gym dork" to "gym diva". During the first 3 months I followed the advice of a personal trainer who pretty much put me on the BFL diet, though the training side differed considerably. Although I got stunning results up to the end of the 3rd month, when I felt that I was starting to stand still in the "gaining lean body mass" department. This was when I started researching everything like a maniac. I purchased several publications and read and read. All of them stated pretty much the same thing based on the latest research. I wasn't consuming enough carbs for my bodytype (am lucky enough to be predominantly mesomorph) and I was just terrified of gaining back bodyfat that I lost so couldn't take the leap. Your e-book was a total confirmation that I could do that, PROVIDED it was done the right way. I have since then grown bigger, visibly so and in all the right places, and gained no bodyfat. I even stopped taking any supplementation (like creatine, methoxy, GLA and glutamine) and made great progress nevertheless! Also, now that I was monitoring my food intake for the right balance, I realised that the expensive supplementation I was doing with whey protein was also unnecessary. I now only take the required grams when my work day is so hectic that I do not have the time for cooking "regular" food. Your e-book is the natural way, and that's what appealed to me. Also, the principle of hard work, coupled with PATIENCE, is what pays off - and you do not make empty promises of overnight success. I am hooked on weight training for life, though I still hate to call myself a "bodybuilder" I admit, there's that stigma, and I'm a woman. Also, I don't compete either, and have no intention of doing so! I have also met too many bodybuilders (not just the couch potatoes!) that want those overnight results. They dose up on the steroids, don't train or eat right - and suffer the consequences. Finally, there is one very important aspect in which your book stands out amongst those I've read. You do NOT use a general one-size-fits-all approach, taking into account that t b di d th d fi iti d d i diff tb d t

provide me with invaluable insight. Colleen Van Rooyen Netherlands CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Hey Tom, At the end of "Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle" (BFFM), you mention that you're interested in hearing how your readers fare after taking action for a few months, so I thought I'd send you my story as a sort of thanks for the benefits I've enjoyed. I feel almost like the start of my story is a bit unusual because of how ordinary it was. I experienced no moment of catharsis that turned my life around from tragedy into triumph; I had (and still have) a job I enjoy, great friends and family, and the intermittent date. I was, in short, doing fine. However, a couple little cracks in my picture started appearing, in the form of minor health issues. I lacked energy, to the point where I couldn't enjoy a day trip with friends or a girl; I had recurring insomnia, which made everything more difficult, and last summer I had to start taking medication for high blood pressure (at age 25). In the fall, I started making a real effort to get regular exercise for the first time in my life, and the insomnia and listlessness went away. However, months went by, 2005 rolled in, and I still had a spare tire around my middle and a bottle of blood pressure pills next to my bed. The medication started to bug me more and more - it felt like I was handicapped somehow, and had to ask someone's permission just to be a normal person. One day in January, I asked my doctor what the prognosis was for getting off this accursed drug, and he said that it was generally not possible, and that I would probably have to take it for the rest of my life. This unlocked a kind of resolve that I haven't had since high school, when I was trying to get into a good college. Little did my doctor know - being told that my goal was "impossible" woke up my natural tendency towards righteous defiance, and from there on, I bent every bit of time, resources, money, thought and willpower I had into my health. I soon realized that determination is great, but you need direction too, and I still didn't know why my time at the gym wasn't resulting in dramatic change. So I got a personal trainer and started going through every book I could find on health, fitness and hypertension; this is where your ebook, "BFFM" came in. Like many other readers, I'm sure, I liked it because it wasn't a thinly-veiled front for a supplement company, because the ideas made basic common sense, and also because of its emphasis on explaining why, in addition to what. Finally, in one of the chapters, you made the comment that "long and difficult doesn't sell." Well, it certainly sold me - I knew all along that it would be long and difficult, and I wanted direction, not sugarcoating. My personal trainer, though very helpful with weight-training technique, proved inexperienced with nutrition and overall strategy, so "BFFM," along with my

hypertension resources (which agreed with your advice to a surprising degree), became the foundation of my plan and a key reference that I found myself going back to a number of times. On their combined information, I completely threw out my entire concept of eating and nutrition (and most of the food in my kitchen as well!) and started over from scratch. Whole grains, less fat, fruits and vegetables, six meals a day, extra vitamins, more fish, paying attention to calories, the whole nine yards. I told myself: this is not a diet. This is my life now. Despite the fact that I had tried to make the leap to excellent fitness a couple times before, with no success, this time it felt completely different, because I had the last magical piece - direction. It didn't feel like my latest side project; it felt inevitable, like my built-up frustration with my health issues finally had an outlet. As I went along, I started to realize that I had a number of other bottled-up frustrations from my past feeling embarrassed that I failed the grade-school pull-up test, having the girls overwhelmingly favor the athletes in high school and college - that were all related to being out of shape. The more miles I ran, or pounds I lifted, the more my past fed my feeling of defiance, and it became a bottomless source of motivation. Now it seems like a long time since that doctor's appointment, but in reality it's been only about five months. In that time I've lost 25 pounds, shaved my body fat down to 13% (from 22%), and gotten stronger in the process. My pants started falling off, and I had to buy all new ones (and a couple months later, I had to replace those as well). I realized that I had been wearing XL shirts to play down my spare tire, and to my great satisfaction, those are gone too now, in favor of more stylish, close-fitting fare. My newfound athleticism actually became somewhat of a conversation topic among the girls at work, and people everywhere started commenting that I looked more fit (even people in my apartment building who I barely knew!) And, finally, the icing on the cake: two weeks ago, I was able to step down my blood pressure medication, and then stop altogether. As I'm writing these words, my home BP monitor says I'm at 123/78. In a small but significant way, I feel like a whole person again. Having slimmed down to this point, now it's time for "phase 2," as I call it - building muscle, strength, and a commanding physical presence. Recovering from being behind, I decided, will only be the beginning. Now I get to think about how I want to explore my potential, and the possibilities are very exciting. How interesting it is that even now, people say I always looked fine before even as they talk about how much I've improved. This has taught me that there's a vast difference between "fine" and "great." It's the difference between complacency and success. So: thank you. After more than 20 years of fitness frustration, your book was the last piece of the puzzle. This change has redefined the basic way I view myself, and lends an aura of satisfaction to almost everything I do in my day. Here's to a bright future Dave Weeder USA CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Hi Tom, About a year and a half ago I had just finished completely renovating a 40 year old home my wife and I had purchased. When we decided to buy the house, it was in terrible disrepair, we figured we would move in and work together to fix it up room by room over time. Once the papers were signed and everything approved we found out that my wife was pregnant with our first child. After reviewing the condition of the house we decided that it was unfit for an expecting mom. So my wife and I moved into my parents house and I began the long task of gutting the house and rebuilding it from scratch by myself. After eight months of hard work we were able to move in. Although I had never been in great shape, I was a hard worker and had lots of determination when it came to manual labor, but my health had always been on the back burner. At the time we moved in, I was at an all time high of 198 pounds, and it was mostly fat!! I am 5' 10" and for the first time in my life my 34" waist pants were starting to get a little too tight. My diet had been about 2 meals a day, primarily macaroni and cheese, frozen food, take out and beer. After a long night of drinking, I woke up with chest pains, a severe headache, low self esteem and fear that I would not be the dad I could be to my soon to be born baby. I decided that day that my life was going to change. After doing some research on the internet, I landed on your Burn The Fat.Com web site and decided that I would - despite being skeptical - order your book and give it a shot. Well ... all I can say is wow! You clarified everything, and I was able to take control of my diet and my workout plans. I work out at home so I didn't have much inspiration around me. Your book filled that gap very well, I might add!! The results: I have gone from 198 pounds at around 27% body fat to 155 pounds and 8% body fat. I've since been adding on lean muscle. I have been able to maintain that weight and body fat % by eating well, lifting weights and doing regular cardio based on all the information I got from your Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Book. Thanks for your great book, and for inspiring me to reach further than I ever thought I could. Joel Barrette Ottowa, Ontario Canada CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

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HIGHLY skeptical of your program. "Too good to be true, most likely is" kept ringing through my mind every time I went back and considered buying your e-book. Even a close friend of mine advised me not to buy into your book. He said the web-site sounded like "hype condemning hype" and that I could probably find the information I was looking for, for free online, if I looked hard enough. So I started looking online, for the information that your web page promised would be in the book. I'll tell you what I found. I found lots of web pages that offered free advice, I found lots of personal web pages or message boards that not only offered false information, in some cases offered advise that was either counterproductive to burning fat and building muscle, but in some cases was FLAT OUT misinformation that was actually DANGEROUS if you followed it! Then there were the "free information" websites that linked you to a "Diet Program" website that charged you insane fees to be part of the same message board system that included the false information that I have already mentioned above! That's not even including the "miracle fat loss" web pages filled with ads for this fat burner or that one. Again and again, I came back to your website, considering. I had read your Free reports, and was impressed. You really did seem to be offering what I was spending hours looking for: Real information. I was looking for a real plan to set up healthy eating habits, the "how's," "why's" and "what abouts" of a plan to eat real food, for a better life. Your book delivers. The "Menu Template" on page 237 is worth the $39. I paid for the book! It makes it so simple that it was amazing to me that I didn't think of it myself! What your book has helped me understand, and put into practice, is that much like the performance of a car on Regular fuel vs. Premium fuel, what I eat has a HUGE effect on my mood, energy level, and overall well being. Using the tips and information in your book has helped me greatly. I can work out longer because I have the right fuel. And I am already seeing better results because I have a clear goal in mind and am putting the information in your book to use. I want to thank you for writing this book. I have even encouraged my "Doubting Thomas" friend to order it and read it too. To have so much real information in one tight package is an unbelievable value. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of this great tool to transforming themselves into the fat burning machine we all were meant to be! PS feel free to share this, I want everyone to know what a great value you are offering! Kaellie Cunningham Novato, CA CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Tom, I wanted to make sure that you knew that the fifty some bucks (after canadian currency conversion) I paid for your book is a very cheap price to pay for all that you gave through your book and important newsletters. You've made a difference in many many lives across the globe and that's an amazing feat. I have the same objective through the health club I will be opening and wish to promote your book and your way of training and eating. I'm 5'4" tall and six months ago I was 130 lbs 21% body fat, and I had been stuck that weight and BF% forever!!! Since I started your program it took me just three months to drop to 112 lbs 17%, and I haven't even trained like I should! I've maintained that weight loss and body fat percentage to this day! Thank God for you Tom! Keep up the GREAT work and I intend to beat 14% by August 1st! I have that goal programmed it in my head... Thanks a million again and let me know how you I can help promote you and BFFM here in Canada! Janette Joly Canada CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

By following the program described in your book, i have achieved a net weight loss of 50lbs in about 7 months. I've tried numerous other diets before but they never worked. What you teach really does work. I'm lean and i'm cut. Everyday when i wake up in the morning and look in the mirrior, I wonder to myself, "How did I get into this wonderful body?" Thank you for everything. James Hsu Arcadia, CA CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

About Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Coach, Tom Venuto Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert, natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder, nutrition researcher and author. His #1 best-selling diet e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models. Tom has written hundreds of articles and been featured in IRONMAN, Natural Bodybuilding, Muscular Development, Men's Exercise, Men's Fitness, First for Women, The Wall Street Journal and Oprah Magazine. To get more information about Tom's e-book about natural fat loss, visit the home page at: Burn The Fat

Fat Loss Success Stories & Testimonials  

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Fat Loss Success Stories & Testimonials  

burn belly fat,burn the fat,burn the fat feed the muscle,burning fat,diet program,easy weight loss,exercise,fat burner,fat burning cardio,fa...