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How To Find The Best Laptop

Best Laptop Reviews

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When buying a laptop, just like any other consumer item, you should consider where and how you will be using it. If you are going for mobility, then size and weight is your priority but if you are a gamer on the go, then you also need to add memory and graphics to the mix. Check these specs out when buying a laptop but first, know what they mean.

Battery life

This will determine how long you can work without an electric socket around. The battery life varies depending on the amount of tasks a laptop is doing. Another aspect of laptop battery that you should check on best laptop reviews is its rate of depreciation in performance.

Weight and size of the Laptop

The portability of the many sizes of laptops is what separates it from the desktop pc and this is one of the major factors that you should consider. The many different types of laptops; netbooks, notebooks, etc., vary in size so you have a lot of sizes to choose from. The weight must be minimized because they that’s what hurts you back and the screen size should be maximized to prevent eye strain.


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The processor is the biggest determinant of a laptop’s speed. Look at the sticker on what type of processor a laptop has on the lower right part of the keyboard. You could research online about the performance of these processors but generally speaking, the processors in very small laptops like netbooks are intel Atom and larger laptops have stronger processors.

The Many Types of Memory

The laptop’s performance is also affected by the ROM and the RAM which increases the need to maximize these specs. If you are a gamer, you should consider the discreet graphics memory which is a separate graphics memory in the best laptops which is required in any game.

Built in optical drives

If you don’t really use the CD drives, you can go for the smaller netbooks. Desktop alternative laptops have this built is so it should be good for installation through CD’s.

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