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My first idea for the 1 Min short film is to use slow motion and capture the effects of impact, for example… • Smashing a sugar glass bottle over someone’s head • Splash water over someone • Smash any other breakable objects, which would not harm the actor(s)

I found out that the teachers were not too fond of the idea so a different photo inspired me, which is from the Wade Brothers. It is a photo of Lloyd Mayweather,

which is a cruiserweight-boxing champion. A really bright light is shining behind him, which creates a high contrast; soft feel to the photo. I then thought that I could do a short film, which is inspired by one photo of Mayweather. I am still skeptical about copying it to the fullest with the light shining behind him; many thought that the background being black would be plain and less imaginative. So I’ve decided to build my photo into an illegal street club. I don’t think and feel that Street fights are always at night so I’ve decided to film in broad day light which turned out very well because the time of day was not too bright and not too dark, it had a dull but bright tone so it made the clips looks reasonable.

NARRATIVE Two fighters (both have different fighting styles) are preparing for a street fight. They both contrast from each other as one is black and the other is mix-raced (both blending in as black vs. white). Not only that the colours contrast but also the fighters fighting style also contrast as the black fighter is a true street fighter (urban stance and personality) whilst the mix raced one is more professional and knows how to train and react. As they get ready for the fight, they end up looking at each other, eye to eye. Then the fight begins. (Inspiration from the two photos below which I’ve merged together to make my final product)

(Rest of the photos is researchable locations, which could have been used)

The last two photos show the location that I filmed

DV3440 - Moving Images 1 Min development  

This is my journal work for my 1 min Mise-en-Scene film which includes visual research alongside the development and thoughts

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