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Annual Fund Donors & Dollars for Alumni Interest Groups and Other Affinity Organizations Frequent, Consistent, Meaningful communication to grow your annual fund and position you for long-term health or major fundraising

Visit Call 1.800.598.4050 We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

Connect, Engage and Inspire Your Donors Connecting with your members and donors is more challenging than ever. They’re bombarded with messages from so many directions. In today’s oversaturated environment, not only do you need to get their attention, y­ ou need to engage and inspire them to become involved in a more meaningful way. Affinity Connection provides a proven, integrated platform for success – merging 40+ years of industry experience, a best-in-class technology infrastructure, and a passion for engaging members and donors through compelling marketing and communications. Our unique cultivation process includes advanced research and database mining that identifies who your supporters are and how we can motivate them to become lifelong contributors. We utilize this insight to deliver a more meaningful and personalized experience. From innovation to insight to engagement, Affinity Connection excels at building stronger organizations—and that’s why so many of our clients have been with us for more than 25 years. Our personalized service meets you right where you are, whether you’re kicking off annual giving or building up to a capital campaign. We are eager to bring our expertise to your organization to help you position for long-term health and success. That’s the Affinity Connection difference!

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> Content Development


Database Management Combines industry-leading

> Secured Database Storage > Ongoing Database Updates and Cleaning


> Standard Reports > Custom reports


> Standard Reporting > Custom Reporting


> Monthly Email Marketing > Email Solicitation > Website > Announcement or Event Promotion > Email Address Acquisition


> Direct Mail Fundraising Appeal Letters > Lapsed Donor Fundraising Letter


> Direct Mail Newsletters and Brochures > Direct mail Announcement or Event Promotion


software, DonorPerfect , with our team of experts to help build, clean and maintain your database. TM

Donation Processing Fast, secure and accurate processing of gifts and acknowledgements. Reporting See the results of your work with easy to understand reports tailored to your organization.

Website services Multi-channel, results-driven direct marketing programs built on frequency, consistency and meaning, designed to drive donors and dollars.

Appeals Highly-personalized and effective direct marketing sends targeted messages to specific audience segments.

Print Communications Meaningful engaging content packaged in

professional and eye-catching print newsletters, invitations, brochures and postcards.

Market Research Facilitate ongoing dialogue with donors, volunteers and the others who have a stake in your organization.

Success Read some success stories of how we helped drive fundraising results and inspire members.


> Donor and Member Surveys > Stakeholder Audit


> Success Stories


Our Philosophy Successful donor relations is as simple as committing to frequent, consistent and meaningful communications and measuring your results along the way. #1 Focus on your donors

Engage and involve them, perform services they care about and provide benefits for belonging to your organization.

#2 Keep good data

Collect everything you can and invest in resources to keep information accurate and current. It’s the foundation to successful donor relations.

#4 Tell your story

#5 Be frequent and consistent

#7 Stick to it Just like a wellness program, adherence is key to long-term success. It sounds simple, but it’s the hardest part. Set incremental goals and make an effort to really understand the true metrics behind donor relations.

#8 Focus on your donors No, this is not a typo, it’s that important. When your donors feel close to your cause they will give generously. Strangers do not make extraordinary gifts.

Use words and photos to engage ­­­your donors and prospective donors enriching the value your organization has for them.

Whether successes or setbacks, communicate often and regularly to become a part of your donors’ lives all the time, not just when you need money.

#3 Personalize your communication

Leverage your data and establish meaningful relationships using letters and emails personalized to the individual.

#6 Engage your donors

Not just with their dollars and time. They also appreciate opportunities to contribute their ideas to your goals and vision for the future, which could result in a better investment with you.

The key is creating effective content that captures and engages donors. Imagine the stories that could be told around a campfire. Now imagine collecting them all – experiences, memories and photos. More than just a documentation of your history, this rich content, presented properly, is a powerful tool to inspire and motivate your donors.

Being a catalyst to collect and package content from your donors and your key stakeholders is part of the role we play in creating effective communications. To be effective, your website, newsletters and appeal mailings have to be more than informative; they have to be engaging.

We are in the engagement business when it comes to communicating to your donors. Capturing their attention and inspiring them to become an active donor to your community is our primary goal.

Think of your website as the hub of your community—the virtual campfire where donors can gather to share information. Our team acts as a catalyst to stoke the fire and spur interaction, always keeping your donors’ wants and interests top of mind.

When working with you, a content specialist will keep each project on message, developing key points from the point of view of your members and donors to achieve the most engaging communication and optimal results.

1 / our philosophy

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Database Management

Your database is your organization’s most critical asset and the foundation of your communication and fundraising efforts. We can help you make the most of it. WE WILL:

Affinity Connection uses premier database software to manage contact information, gift history, contact logs and more. The robust reporting tools allow ongoing analysis of your solicitation efforts, helping you cultivate your best donors and establish a culture of giving that supports your annual fund or major fundraising efforts.

Save your organization time & money with ongoing database updates. > Become more effective at fundraising with an accurate database of your current and potential donors.


Maintain the most current information on all of the people in your database, including contact information and giving history


Create giving categories that are proven to increase the size of gifts


Analyze giving history and trends to help maximize campaign effectiveness and areas for improvement


Continually update your database with donor and prospect contact information


Provide reports that will show database health, donor trends and communication results


Save money on mailing costs by keeping data clean

> Affinity Connection combines industryleading software, DonorPerfect, with our team of experts to help build, maintain and maximize your database.

database management / 2

PRODUCTS & PRICING Secure Database Storage > Maintenance of all donor, prospect, organization and volunteer information > Consolidation of information in one secure, robust software system > Secure storage of all donor, prospect, volunteer and partner records, including name, address, phone, email, grad and initiation years (if applicable), employment information, full giving history, etc. > Two standard reports available per month, at your request, chosen from the following: – Full database report of contact information for everyone in your database, including gift history – Donor and gift listings (up to 5 years) – Current year honor roll – Giving trend analysis

If you provide your data to us in a clean excel file, the above fees apply. If you don’t have an excel file available, we’ll discuss how we can help or the next steps to getting started.” You can make updates to your database anytime! If only a few updates need to be made at once, you can simply include that information in the body of an email and send it to your designated account manager. For instance, if you need to update someone’s email address or need us to add someone to your database, just send an email with that information. To submit multiple contact information or donations updates, please send them to your account manager in a clean excel file. Multiple individual record updates not in excel will be billed at $0.16 per update ($25 minimum). For more information, see the FAQ section to the right.

Ongoing Database Updates & Cleaning

Crosscheck of Mailing List

> Participation in USPS National Change of Address processing

> Have a parent or partner organization? We will compare your records with theirs. We can also check against a purchased mailing list.

> Updates to individual records with return or forward information

> We will assist in procuring the parent/partner list or assist in purchasing a mailing list > Provide a report of all changes as well as an updated list of all information after changes have been made Only accepted/released list format is Excel.

Each time we do a mailing, we will run your mailing list through the NCOA to pick up any address updates that have been recorded with the USPS within the last 48 months. We will update your database with any updates that are found as part of your monthly database fee. We also recommend that our clients request address service on their mailings to keep their database as clean and up to date as possible. With address service, there are three possible outcomes: 1. Mail is delivered successfully and confirms that the recipient’s address is valid

3 / database management

2. Mail is returned to the sender as undeliverable and that recipient is marked as having an invalid mailing address 3. Recipient’s address was incorrect, but the USPS had a forwarding address and mailed it to the correct address; postcard sent to sender with the forwarding address and we update the database with that new address Each time you do a mailing, your database will get cleaner and cleaner. Therefore, charges for address service will also decrease and you will save money on printing and postage costs by not sending to bad addresses.

FAQs How does Affinity Connection store and maintain my organization’s records? We use DonorPerfect Software, flexible and comprehensive constituent relationship management software, which allows us to offer you an enterprise level solution. We serve over 200 customers and thus gain great economies of scale. Affinity adds the value-add of the mail processing, reporting, or customer service that is included in your monthly charge with Affinity Connection! Who owns my database? You do! If you would like to view your database, you can request it from your account manager at any time with no additional cost. Affinity Connection WILL NOT sell, rent or trade your database to anyone, nor ever use your list in any way for our own purposes. How do I submit contact information or donation updates? We will provide you with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that allows us to quickly and cost-effectively add new information to your database. You can also submit updates via mail or over the phone, but there is a charge for updates submitted in formats other than the provided Excel spreadsheet. Affinity Connection will also update contact information that is submitted via appeals, website updates and other mailings. Updates provided this way are included in your monthly fee. How can my donors or members update their contact information? Your stakeholders can submit updates with your mailings, anytime on the web, via email, or over the phone during regular business hours.

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Donation Processing

Seamless, fast and secure to instill donor confidence and trust.

Our third-party donation processing partner is a fully bonded and insured lock box and caging facility, and provides fast, secure and accurate recording and processing of gifts received through U.S. mail or online, by check or credit card, depending on your preference.

No-worry donation management, plus quick and secure processing. > Never worry about who is handling your incoming checks via mail. All donations are processed through a licensed, bonded, lock box caging operation. Should you want to process credit cards, we can help you establish a PCI compliant system to do so. > Most gifts are processed within 72 hours of receipt and deposits to your bank account occur weekly. > Optional gift acknowledgments are sent within two weeks of donation receipt and can be customized/personalized based upon your needs.

> Our staff has online access to view images of all checks, data updates, and other correspondence received through the mail allowing us to quickly answer any questions you may have about individual donations. > You will regularly receive donations reporting enabling you to reconcile transactions and make personal contact with donors as you wish.


4 Fast gift processing 4 Timely gift acknowledgements 4 One place for gift receipt 4 Regular donation reporting 4 Prompt updates to your database

> If your organization has an Affinity Connection website, your donors will see their names on the appropriate Honor Rolls within days of making their donation!

donation processing / 4

FAQs How do you process our contributions within 72 hours? Working with an industry leader in mail processing, and by using individually coded scanlines through a processing center, we can quickly and efficiently sort, open, record, earmark, and deposit funds within 72 hours. That means that your donors have their contributions processed quickly (and can be thanked and recognized quickly), and your organization receives the funds within one week of the donation being received/processed. How do scanlines work? Scanlines allow us to quickly track each piece of mail by the organization ID, member ID, and even by a specific fund that the donation is earmarked for – with 100% accuracy. This is the same system used by major credit card processors to track applicants.

Donation Management & Processing > Opening, recording, and processing all incoming mail > Processing of all gifts via mail and web > A toll-free, donations hotline available 9:00 am – 4:00 pm EST for clients who are not considered non-profit > Donation tracking of all gifts from all sources

> Donations are processed within 72 hours (most within 48 hours) and deposited to your bank account at the end of each week > Your organization’s name is reflected on a donor’s bank statement if you choose to use a credit card payment gateway > Weekly and monthly donation summaries are distributed to your organization leadership



Affinity can help you set up a payment gateway to process credit cards via mail and/or internet. Affinity charges set up fees for PayPal and Intuit Virtual terminals. All other charges for processing credit cards are billed directly from the gateway to the client. Affinity can also assist in setting up a merchant account to process credit cards through US Bank. All charges relating to US Bank accounts are charged directly to the client. Your organization will incur a $99 application fee.

Affinity has a dedicated phone line to accept credit card donations for clients who are not a non-profit entity. Donations taken over this phone line are assessed a charge invoiced to the client at $3 plus the current credit card interchange rate and are invoiced monthly.

5 / donations processing

How long does it take to get a donation or contact information report? The average turnaround time is 5 business days when you request a report. Who do I contact if I have questions about my service? You will be given an experienced Account Manager who is an accessible “one-stop-shop” for anything you need. This service is included in your monthly fee.

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Reporting Affinity Connection offers the key to positive fundraising results...

Data that is easy to access and easy to analyze. Your data is the foundation of your organization, but without proper reporting you can’t use it. We make it easy to understand your giving trends and opportunities by constantly analyzing your data and providing straightforward reports.

Standard Reports > All contact information (including lost and deceased, if needed) > Donor & Gift Listing (up to 5 years) > Current Year Honor Roll > Giving Trend Analysis (up to 10 years of history)

Custom Reporting and  Reports from Other Programs Have custom reporting needs? Have complex data analysis needs? Don’t store your data with us, but want a custom report? We can help! > We provide custom reporting that ranges from a simple database analysis to complex reports used to brief your organization’s board or high level officers. We analyze giving trends, mailing results, website trends, or anything else that you need. > Each custom report is handled on an individual basis so the price depends on the complexity of the request. Please call us today for a quote and we’d be happy to discuss the specifics of your project.

Summaries, monthly and quarterly reports, and everything in between. Donation summaries are distributed to your organization leadership weekly and monthly showing a listing of donors, donation amounts to specific funds, and donor contact information. Monthly Google Analytics reports provide reporting on top pages, number of visits, time on site, and other useful information to track communication efficacy*.

Quarterly Flash Reports provide an overview of your database statistics, annual giving results, top donors, and project history, and website statistics*. Additionally, you may choose to receive two standard reports per month at no additional charge.

reporting / 6

Websites & Email Marketing

Grow your community online with our interactive tools.


Affinity Connection’s online and electronic communications are designed to engage donors and members and support your fundraising efforts and other activities. Your website, social media, email marketing, blogs, donations and directories work together to easily connect with your donors and members across platforms.

An easy-to-use website manager with powerful features that get results. > Quickly and easily edit and update your website (no technical skills required). > Don’t have time to post content? Our packaged offering includes ongoing, regular updates to keep your website content fresh and meaningful.

7 / website services


Offer professionally designed web templates that are easy to use


Integrate all of your electronic communications channels


Guarantee secure online giving and password protected content where you need it

4 4

Engage users in contributing content Train you on the content management system

> Integrate your website with your social media accounts, taking your online presence to the next level. > Continually update member info. > Make donating easy.

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Website Services Features: > Robust platform that includes: integrated email marketing, donation processing, searchable online database > Secure, password-protected online community > Private, password-protected searchable directory > Updatable profiles for members’ contact and bio information > User-generated content capability for uploading photos and personal news updates > Secure online giving available > Automatically updated Honor Roll of Donors > Administrator tools available for your use: – Upload content

– Generate reports

– Send email marketing to members

– Update member information

Website Set-up > Includes content acquisition and posting, database sync, template design and email announcement to membership

Two Levels of Service Your DIY Website > Seamlessly send and track unlimited email marketing campaigns to members > Initial one-hour training session included in the set-up cost > Upload and monitor content and member information > Generate usage reports to refine and hone your marketing

Managed Services with Monthly eLetters > Custom content development and layout into professionally designed template

Website Metrics

> Fresh, member-focused content, updated monthly tied to monthly email newsletter generation

> Monthly report including traffic:

> Marketing, brand management and consulting

– Tracking of visits to individual pages

> Monthly updates to events and news sections

– Analysis of top content that visitors are viewing and time spent on individual pages

> Packaging and posting member-generated content as it is gathered by our experienced content team

– Utilization of metrics to enhance website content

> 12 professionally designed monthly eLetters (see page 10 for details)

– Sources overview, detailed visitors statistics, content overview & more

website services / 8

Website Templates Four professionally designed website templates to choose from!




Prestige 9 / website services

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Email Marketing Services Include: > Frequent and consistent marketing through a monthly email schedule

> One-to-one data driven copy, targeting based on donor history, age range, etc.

> HTML template to drive readers back to your robust website platform

> Bounceback tracking > Marketing analytics to measure results

Monthly Email Newsletters > Monthly eletters are included with the Managed Services option and can also be purchased a la carte.

> Procurement and packaging of usergenerated content

> Designed to cultivate donors throughout the year to support annual fund solicitations

> Personalized messaging, including individual recipients’ current contact information with prompt to update

> Creative briefing to develop 12-month editorial calendar

> Effective targeting and segmentation

> Development of meaningful messages, copywriting/editing and image collection

> Produced on a professionally designed template

> Extensive tracking and reporting tools

Single Email Newsletters > Development of meaningful messages, copywriting/editing and image collection > Procurement and packaging of usergenerated content

> Effective targeting and segmentation > Extensive tracking and reporting tools > Produced on a professionally designed template

> Personalized messaging, including individual recipients’ current contact information with prompt to update

Email Solicitation > HTML email in professional layout > One-to-one data driven copy, targeting based on donor history, age range, etc. > Linked to website platform > Online donations processing

Email Acquisition Program > Data crosschecks with University, National, or a sister database for new email addresses > Two rounds of personalized emails from individual members, segmented by decade to highlight those members for whom we do not have an email address on file > Updated and well promoted email “lost” lists > Implementation of an Email Submission Contest with a prize (pass-through cost we would identify with you) for the most submissions or involvement > Tie-in to a Facebook Group page

website services / 10

Fundraising Appeals

When you need support, every word counts and one size never fits all. Personalization means real results.

Direct Mail Fundraising Letter

ALL PACKAGES INCLUDE: Affinity Connection’s team of content development specialists works with you to craft highly-personalized appeal letters with targeted messages to specific audience segments based on donor level, geography, age range or other key characteristics.

We make direct mail fundraising simple and affordable for your organization. > We’ll design and write your letter using our 40+ years of fundraising expertise. > Affinity Connection oversees the mailing and coordination of all details ensuring you receive the best service and rates.

11 / appeals


Variable imaging to include personalized photos & images


Personalized response device to capture donation information and updates


Personalized mailing envelope

> We’ll carefully analyze and make recommendations on how to more effectively reach your target audience as well as appeal to new potential donors.

Contact us to get started at


How Affinity Connection improves your results...

One-to-one relationships through direct marketing. Your donor and member data is the key to unlocking a personalized appeal that results in a successful response. Affinity Connection’s professionals put it all together, resulting in an appeal that grabs the reader’s attention and results in increased engagement and support.

Variable Design vs. Customized Design Variable Design Variable data printing allows you to use highlevel personalization – which increases the effectiveness of your appeal – without breaking your budget. We mail your letter with other clients’ letters, which saves you money because you benefit from the economies of scale by participating in a larger print run. Timelines are critical, so we’ll take care of project managing your letter from start to finish. In addition to basic personalization like name and gift amount, you can send letters customized to donor segments or other targets within your database.

Customized Design Full customization is also available for appeal letters, including copy and design, along with a flexible timeline for mailing. A dedicated project manager will work closely with you to guarantee your maximum satisfaction on your appeal. Variable 8.5x14 Full Color Appeal Letter with Tear-off Remittance Form

appeals / 12

Fundraising Appeals


Direct Mail Fundraising Letters


> Copywriting to meet your objectives and incorporate your donor point of view, with segmentation for donor groups > Development of personalized text and collection of targeted photos for individual personalization based on donation history > Customized with organization logo/ crest, photo, giving levels and additional information, events, website address or other information > Project and deadline management from initiation through distribution > Two-sided layout, including personalized response form populated with individual donor bio and contact information, with prompts to make necessary updates – 1-, 2- or Full-Color layout – Formats available: A. 8.5 x 11 letter with enclosed remittance form, and #10 mailing and #9 reply envelopes B. 8.5 x 14 letter with tear-off remittance form, and #10 mailing and #9 reply envelopes C. Self-mailer letter with attached tearoff remittance form and response envelope Note: Minimum lead time of 8 weeks after final approval

...Deck after

Dear Brother <Last name>: These are truly exciting times for Alabama Alpha Mu!

We have completed a significant construction project and the results make a huge difference. If you are in the area, stop by and have a look for yourself. Here are some of the big improvements: • • • • •

Extensive runoff issues from a neighboring property have been corrected. A retaining wall has been added along the property boundary. We’ve completely renovated and enlarged the parking lot. The lake has been dredged and silt removed, and a new sea wall was added. A brand new dock/deck was built for the brothers to enjoy.


Parking lot before and after paving.


D. 8.5 x 14 letter with tear-off remittance form, #10 with showcase window and #9 envelopes > NCOA check, CASS certification, labeling, sorting and mailing

This vital project corrected serious problems impacting the functionality of our property, which is why we had to move forward. The House Corporation funded this first phase of construction, which cost approximately $500,000, primarily through an equity line of credit. This is a huge first step, yet more work must be done as soon as possible, such as renovation of the dorms. In order to move forward with additional projects, we must retire the debt incurred for the construction. Your donation to the House Corporation’s building fund is desperately needed so that we can continue improvements to the house and grounds.

Our chapter has made great strides over the past several years. Under the leadership of outgoing House Corporation President Chip Cleveland, this vital project became a reality; we implemented a drug testing policy (a first for any Auburn fraternity); and we also established rapport and a level of trust with the chapter, which has helped it thrive. In January, I took over as House Corporation President. Two new members have beenPRSRT addedSTD to the House Corporation: Josh Hall ’95 and Tipper Tipton ’95, who both U.S. POSTAGE reside in Montgomery. They join Treasurer Matthew Murphy ’06, Bobby Poundstone ’95, John Bricken ’96, Clint Wilson ’02, Stephen McRae ’96, PAID Chip Cleveland ’93 and Sam Winter ’04. We all look forward toState continuing the progress of our chapter. College, Pa. Permit No. 2



As you probably know, many of the other fraternities on campus have built new houses in recent years. Improvements to our property are essential to attracting high-quality pledges to our chapter. With that said, we will have to either replace or make significant improvements to the house and dorms in the near future. The House Corporation has not aggressively targeted alumni for donations in the recent past, which is why I challenge each brother of Alabama Alpha Mu to contribute to this fund in some manner. With approximately 1500 brothers on the alumni roster, out the recent property renovations a contribution of $500 per alum would retire all debt and provide for operating capital toward the needs of the house and dorms. Understanding that andeveryone’s improvements personal situation isinside! different, I ask that you give what you can. Please take a few moments to fill out the enclosed donation form and return it to us. If you prefer, you can donate online via PayPal from our website at PLACE STAMP HERE

Phi Alpha, George Parker ’94


Deck before…. now inside! the deck looks like Check out what

P.S. Flip this page to see a list of our lifetime donors who have supported Alabama Alpha Mu in the past. We are counting on support from all brothers this year - whether you’re renewing your gift or supporting us for the first time - as we continue with exciting improvements for the future of SAE at Auburn! Detach and return lower portion in envelope provided


SigmA AlphA EpSilon Add My Name to the Honor Roll in 2012-13! AubuRn Alumni RElAtionS pRocESSing cEntER Please accept my contribution of: ❑ $5,000+ ❑ $1,000 - 4,999.99 ❑ $500 - 999.99 ❑ $250 - 499.99 ❑ $100 - 249.99 ❑ Up to $99 ❑ Other amount $_____________ p.o. box 7007 AlbERt lEA, mn 56007-8007 Total amount $_____________ 139AF0101 I would like to make my donation:

❑ By check. My check is enclosed, payable to Alabama Alpha Mu Fraternal Association. ❑ Via the donation hotline. Call 800-975-6699 to make your credit card contribution over the phone. ❑ By credit card through the mail. Please charge my: ❑ MasterCard ❑ Visa Account # ________________________________________ Expiration Date ______________CVV __________________

Gifts to the annual fund are not tax deductible.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Auburn

Alumni Relations Processing Center P.O. Box 7007 Albert Lea, MN 56007-8007

(3-digit number on the back of your credit card)

Signature ________________________________________

13 / appeals

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D Are you in the top <X>%?

Barcode <First Name> <Address> <City>, <State> <Zip>

Dear <First Name>, Give back. These two simple words hold a lot of power. Every year, the commitment you and other alumni make to follow through on these words has a big impact on <informal fraternity name>’s existence at <informal school name> and on our alumni organization. It is part of the mission of <alumni association> to offer an alumni experience that offers opportunities for connections to brothers from all eras along with a less tangible connection that honors the values and experiences we all share. To do this, we rely on voluntary participation from our alumni every year. You answered the call during our most recent fiscal year, which ended (date). Just one contribution is all we seek during the year, and I thank you for being among the dedicated group of alumni who respond, some with more than one gift. Overall, our donor participation usually falls between (range of percentage of donors)%. That means more than X% have chosen not to participate. We are working hard to overcome the objections of this sizable portion of our brotherhood to move them into our loyal group of contributors. I hope the wish list to the right, which details our specific goals as we kick off our 2013-14 giving year, will help advance our mission and our participation level. I am grateful that I can count on you to remain among the brothers on the enclosed Honor Roll in the spirit of giving back to the organization that gave so much to us. As you know, making a gift toward these <projects, events and activities> is all it takes. Our fundraising goal to fulfill the items on our wish list is $<XXX>. I’m confident we can achieve this thanks to your help and by growing our number of donors. The more support we have from alumni like you, the more we can do to advance our mission. You can give back today, as you have generously in previous years, to our annual fund for the current fiscal year which began <date>. You know the drill, you can return the form below with your 2013-14 gift, or donate online at <URL>. <Closing>, <Signer>

Wishlist The board has used this study as a guide to determine the most pressing needs. As funds have been raised, we have been able to:

• replace every single window,

• replace all of the shutters

• remove the old dishwasher and replace it with a commercial sink.

• Remove the glass block, install a new structural supports and install new glass block

• Replace porch railings to code

• Replace porch stairs, repair slab edge and repaint

• Replace porch roof and provide new gutters and conductors

• Replace the French doors from the living room to the porch, from the downstairs dining room to the parking lot and the interior doors to the bar

P.S. <Custom PS with fall event info and/or shout out for new site>

YES! I want to support the <2012-2013> Annual Fund. q <HR_CAT_2> q <HR_CAT_5> q <HR_CAT_8>

q <HR_CAT_3> q <HR_CAT_6> q <HR_CAT_9>

My check is enclosed $__________, payable to <PAYABLE>. Or call our toll-free Donation Hotline 1-800-975-6699 Please charge my: q Mastercard

We are upgiving <Chapter>’s giving our 2011-2012 With thewrapping end of our year comes theyear, end and of anI noticed era. Theyou old aren’t houseon is gone, but a new Honor chapter lies Roll ofOur Donors. Our Honor Roll recognizes thewho brothers stand up to difference forstand ahead. Honor Roll recognizes the brothers believewho in the future of make Delta aZeta and who <informal name>.and Did you forget to make your gift this year? up to make client a difference ensure our success. Your annual fund gift is your vote for the future of our <alumni program/organization>; a vote We missed your Please take advantage of this last chance to add and yourtoname to our of confidence to gift helpthis us keep connected with your <alumni> <brothers> pay the Honor Rollclient as your vote of confidence in the for future of our chapter. We’ve missed your participation <informal name> experience forward future generation. in these initiatives so far this year. We are also looking for more alumni to get involved as volunteers, and need 20-30 brothers to serve as As leaders we approach endThese of ourclass giving yearwill on keep <xxx>, are striving updated to get <x>% of ourgoing members the of theirtheeras. agents thewebrotherhood on what’s on with to contribute to theeras annual fund. <Rightand now, weweb havesite. tooThe fewtime members carryingisthe burden but of will brothers from their in our newsletter our commitment minimal, keeping our program alive, we really need program your continued Theconnections more participation we make a major impact on our so alumni relations and on support.> your personal with those have, thePlease more contact enhancements we’ll able to make to your alumnihoncho” experience. I hope you’ll join brothers. me if you arebeinterested in being the “head for your class or era. the ranks of brothers who are committed to keeping the <chapter> legacy alive this year. Stand future ofclient Lambda Chi with with your your renewed renewed gift gift today. today. II look Standup upand andmake makeaadifference differencefor forthe <informal name> forward to adding your name our to 2011-12 HonorHonor Roll ofRoll Donors. look forward to adding your to name our 2011-12 of Donors. Yours in ZAX, <Closing>,

Renew Your Support!

Client Name TitleSherman Rich <Client Phone>, <Client Email> President, Delta Zeta Alumni Association

Thank you for your last gift of $50.00 Thank you for your last in 10/25/2010! Can gift you of give$<last gift amount> in$100.00 <last gift this year>! year? Can you give $<suggested gift> this year? P.S. <I welcome your questions, suggestions or feedback on our program. Feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you for your renewed support!> P.S. I welcome your questions, suggestions or feedback on our program. Feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you for your support! <P.P.S. As a reminder, therenewed annual fund is a separate fundraising initiative from the <campaign name> capital campaign. This letter reflects only those records and donations made to the annual fund.> Please update your info and stay connected.

Over Please

Yes! I want to renew my gift this year.

Total Amount of Contribution: $_____

Robert E. Lee Leadership Circle ($1,000+) qo Delta Zeta Founders' Club ($500+) For God & Women Society ($500-$999.99) qo Cross & Crescent Society ($250-$499.99) Crimson & Old Gold Club ($250-$499.99) qo Purple, Green & Gold Society ($100-$249.99) The 1865 Society ($186.50-$249.99) qo The Triangle Support ($50-$99.99) Crimson Rose & Magnolia Blossom Club ($100-$186.49) qo Annual Dues ($25)

I would like to pay: q By check. Enclose your check payable to: Alumni Association of Delta Zeta of LCA q By credit card. Either fill out the form below, pay online at or call 800-975-6699.

o 801 Techwood Drive Society ($80.10-$99.99) o Alpha Sigma Supporter ($50-$80.09) o Other (Up to $49.99)

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Lapsed Donor Fundraising Letter > Targets past donors who have not yet made a gift in the current year > One-to-one data driven copy, targeting based on last gift date and amount, etc. > Unique format/layout to increase open and response rates > Donor’s last gift amount and last gift date imported into the copy

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Print Communications

Studies repeatedly prove that good old-fashioned direct mail is still an effective and essential marketing channel.

WE WILL: procure and develop 4 Research, content generated by your staff, volunteers and donors to craft meaningful content that draws readers in an editorial calendar to 4 Develop establish timetables for content development, without the last minute rush

Affinity Connection makes your print newsletters, invitations, brochures and postcards look professional and eye-catching. Our team excels in project management and production of your communications components, allowing your staff and volunteers to stay focused on your mission-critical activities.

Effective communications at affordable prices. > Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s consumer demands quality. Affinity Connection delivers professional results.

4 Handle layouts and graphic design you a variety of attractive print 4 Give options that fit your budget print production, labeling 4 Manage and mailing in less time than your staff or volunteers copywriting for your mailing? 4 Need Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll do that too! Just ask for it to be included in your quote.

> We do the heavy lifting of putting together great print communications that drive donors and dollars!

> Because we work with so many clients, we save on printing costs. When we save, you save.

15 / print

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Print Newsletter > Four-page*, 1-Color, 2-Color, or Full-Color newsletter with 1/3 mailing panel > Project and deadline management from initiation through distribution > Content development : – Identify communications goals through Q&A – Complete creative brief and project outline, including article priority list, key points of each article, word counts, photograph list and mock-up layout, to ensure goals will be met through content development – Secure and copy edit all content with use of custom images** – Ensure that content supports solicitation efforts (showcasing how donations are used, profiling donors and volunteers, acknowledging current donors and addressing lapsed donors) > Encourage contact information updates > Secure all accompanying photographs > Professional layout in newsletter template > Proofing and print production * Six or more pages available at an additional cost. ** Copywriting services also available. Newsletters can be mailed as self-mailers or could be mailed with an appeal or solicitation form in a #10 mailing envelope.

Direct Mail Postcards > Postcard 4.25 x 5.5 or 5 x 7 > Double-postcard with tear-off reply for survey or address updates

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Market Research

Communicating more effectively with your stakeholders is at the heart of all we do.

WE WILL: a dialogue with your 4 Create community of stakeholders

Having an ongoing dialogue with donors, volunteers, and others you reach is a critical piece of the direct marketing puzzle that is often overlooked. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to incorporate the priorities of your donors and first-hand accounts of how your organization is making a difference.

Gain stakeholder points of view to inject your campaigns with a more meaningful message. > We identify your organizationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s key stakeholders > We listen and immerse ourselves in your stakeholder interests, needs and expectations

a captivating story and 4 Develop audience-specific message your existing database 4 Evaluate to identify opportunities a full marketing 4 Conduct communications analysis findings, recommendations 4 Present and a plan for success

> We customize a process for membership engagement and community building success just for your organization based on results of the stakeholder audit

> We derive quantitative and qualitative data from stakeholders

17 / market research

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Stakeholder Audit Helping non-profit and membership-based organizations communicate more effectively with all stakeholders is at the heart of what we do. Stakeholders include donors, members, volunteers, business partners and any other group that has a vested interest in your success.

Electronic Survey

To achieve maximum effectiveness, Affinity Connection engages organizations in a strategic process known as a Stakeholder Audit.

> Collection and analysis of results

This research-based audit creates a dialogue with your community of stakeholders to help identify gaps or inconsistencies in perceptions about your group. We also gain a better understanding of the needs and expectations of your membership. From this, Affinity Connection can create a captivating story and audience-specific message points that will become the cornerstone of your marketing communications plan.

> 10-15 questions emailed to your members to gauge areas of interest, meaningful content, donor insights, etc. > Report on results and recommendations

Stakeholder Audit > We identify through survey your organizationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s key stakeholders

Affinity Connection will also make an evaluation of your existing database. This involves looking at the database on a deeper level to identify opportunities for highly-targeted, personalized direct marketing, as well as opportunities to identify brand ambassadors and the best prospective customers and donors.

> We listen and immerse ourselves in your stakeholder interests, needs and expectations

Finally, we conduct a full marketing communications analysis of all print and online marketing efforts, public relations, and collateral materials directed to these audiences within the last 12 months.

> We customize a process for engagement and community building success just for your organization based on results of the stakeholder audit

> We derive quantitative and qualitative data from stakeholders

The end result is a solid plan and project timeline that is strategically designed to better engage your members and create a community of lifelong supporters.

To learn more, call us. A friendly Affinity Connection professional will be happy to answer your questions and share how a Stakeholder Audit may benefit your organization.

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Success Success Story: Catholic High School Learns Donor-Centered Messages Drive Fundraising Results

In 12 months, Bishop Carroll more than doubled its annual fund working with Affinity Connection.

When Bishop Carroll Catholic High School became independent from the Altoona-Johnstown Catholic Diocese, the school needed to increase its level of support through various fundraising channels, including its alumni. While a newsletter and annual campaign were in place, the results had plateaued and donors were not being cultivated for long-term support. The school’s leadership—both the board of trustees and the administrators—was not aligned in its vision for the school, and had lost touch with the points of view of key stakeholders, such as alumni, donors, corporate supporters, parents, local feeder schools, and local Catholic parishes. The development staff believed there was a shortage of meaningful information available to reach these groups on a frequent and consistent basis. In order to develop the most effective messaging to their key audiences, Affinity Connection helped Bishop Carroll implement a stakeholder audit. The audit was designed to uncover perceptions and create a dialogue with Bishop Carroll’s stakeholder. The responses provided the foundation necessary for an effective communications program that addresses Bishop Carroll’s strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome its challenges. To overcome the unique concerns of specific stakeholder groups, Affinity recommended that Bishop Carroll implement a direct mail campaign that included customized letters to each segment or group within its community and a quarterly newsletter. By doing so, Bishop Carroll was able to more effectively engage and impact Bishop Carroll and its students, and heighten their sense of affinity toward the school. As Bishop Carroll continues to grow stronger bonds between the school and its alumni and corporate donors, Affinity Connection is helping the school develop a website to facilitate a frequent, consistent, and meaningful outreach program. This new online community leverages the new message platform and provides ongoing email marketing capability to continue the dialogue between the institution and its alumni, friends and families. The website was designed to give users a ‘friction-free’ experience, whether they are searching the alumni directory, registering for an event or class reunion, updating contact information, or simply viewing photos and reading news. Bishop Carroll Catholic High School has more than doubled its annual fund, grown support from corporate donors, and is preparing for a capital campaign.

19 / success

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Success Story: Gamma Alpha of Sigma Nu – A Leader Who Inspires Others to Pay it Forward Sigma Nu’s capital campaign “Building the Future...Today” is a prime example of the importance of having solid leadership at the helm of any major fundraising effort. Over the past five years, this chapter raised more than $3.3M in pledged donations—drawing participation from more than 1/3 of its brotherhood. That represents a five-fold increase in total donor participation as compared to the six-year span leading up to the capital campaign. Donor participation in the annual fund also increased 50 percent*, even while the capital campaign was running, suggesting a renewed interest from lapsed donors and previous non-givers. This chapter’s revitalization began with one man’s vision and gift. Gary Jones is a man of principal—and his profound sense of brotherhood has inspired many members to give back. In 2005, he served as both President of the chapter’s alumni association and chairman for Sigma Nu’s capital campaign. While the campaign funds were targeted to rebuild the fraternity house, Gary’s vision was far more grand. He believed, “this is actually NOT about building a fraternity house...this is about building character.” Before embarking on a capital campaign, Sigma Nu spent years laying the foundation with its annual giving program. Consistent relationship-building programs were the norm—the website, database updates, monthly emails, newsletters, annual appeal letters, special events—were designed to cultivate a community of givers. With this foundation in place, Gary was ready to take giving to the next level.

In the past five years, Gamma Alpha Chapter of Sigma Nu has raised over $3.3M in pledged donations from more than 1/3 of its brotherhood.

Gary elected a top-down strategy during the capital campaign’s initial quiet phase. He recruited major gifts from the inner circle of men who led the alumni association. The network of ‘friend-raising’ grew with tremendous momentum, one brother at a time, until Gary surpassed his original $2M goal. To Gary, Sigma Nu’s capital campaign was more about building a legacy. For many men, the experience of a fraternity empowered them with the ability to work together more efficiently, to negotiate, and to get things done. Gary wanted to capture these stories of success and leverage them to raise more money when the campaign officially launched. Sigma Nu’s communications plan included a series of alumni profiles highlighting how the experience of brotherhood impacted the lives of so many men. Prior to that, Sigma Nu’s Speaker Series encouraged successful alumni to return to campus to provide inspiration and positive role models for the young actives. Activities and communications were in sync—all designed to 1) promote a heritage of leadership and 2) encourage all members to donate as a means to continue this legacy as “builders of men”. With these success stories, the Sigma Nu leadership team was able to harness a renewed passion for the benefits of brotherhood and to compel its fellow brothers to pay it forward. More than 85% of its $3.34M in pledged contributions.

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Fundraising products with communications strategies built-in, what a great idea! Utilize Affinity Connection’s expertise in building one-to-one relationships and meaningful dialogue with donors through content acquisition and development, and data-driven direct marketing to drive database enhancements and annual giving participation.

By implementing our strategic approach to friend-raising, you’ll receive the following benefits: > A responsive, proactive organization which assumes responsibility from moving from ideas to execution > Professional printed communications, with highly customizable content and imagery; the variability and personalization you’ll now enjoy can significantly increase donor response and average gift totals > Excellent reporting that is timely and insightful > Credit Card donations processing > Personalized data such as Honor Rolls of Donors, which can be used on future appeals and your website to recognize contributors > Easy access to your data – your database remains YOUR property at all times – Affinity Connection never trades, sells, shares, or rents your data Samples shown left: Direct Mail Fundraising Letter

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